i started sweating profusely

anonymous asked:

So I've been having my boyfriend give me my B12 shots for the past year and this weekend he was away so I thought I'd try it myself. I watched a few videos but started to feel sick in the stomach watching the injection so I put on some music to calm down haha. Anyway I sat down and gave myself the injection but as I was almost done I started to sweat profusely. Next thing I knew I woke up on the floor covered in vomit and sweat. I don't know why I fainted and I'm scared to do it again! Help?

Yep harden up 😆

dan: phil lester???? no omg what a loser i don’t- *trips* *hundreds of images of phil fall out of pockets* fuck wait no – i – these arent mine *starts picking them up frantically while sweating profusely* i’m holding these for a friend i swea r *thousands of images scatter across the floor* no fucK i swear i’m not lyiNG ju s t fuck wait i ca n eXPLAIN