i started rewatching season 1

Legends S1 rewatch!

So, I want to start a thing. Maybe I”ll just be doing it myself. Maybe not! Either way, this could be fun.

The second season of Legends of Tomorrow had its merits, but it was missing a lot for me and, I know, for others. A massive part of that was the absence of Leonard Snart, of course (and CaptainCanary), but I just really enjoyed the dynamic and story of S1 better.

So, I’m going to start a Legends season 1 rewatch. One episode a week throughout the summer, and I’m going to blog about each episode as I watch. And after watching each one, I’m going to write a “missing scene” from that episode. (Because it’s me, it’s likely to be CaptainCanary. But who knows?)

I’m going to start this week with episode one. (Hopefully tonight, but within the next few days at least.) Then the second sometime from June 5 to 11. Then the third sometime from June 12 to 18. Etc. I figure that gives more flexibility if anyone else wants to do this as well.

What say you, Legends fandom?


[SPOILER ALERT] Since Starmyu (High School Star Musical) Season 2 had finished airing… I went and rewatched Season 1, OVAs 1 & 2, before starting Season 2! Glad I did cuz everything just flowed right through :) Here are snapshots of Hoshitani’s admiration of being on stage with the mysterious ‘High Schooler’ (aka Otori-senpai!) from the very first episode of season 1 to the very last episode of season 2. ;3 Basically his journey to reaching his dream and basically the story/plot of Starmyu xD….


OMG. I think it’s time to die and write a long post ¿? Ok, no. But I just reached 4k followers and I’m…. ¿¿¿¿¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!????

I’m surprised. No lie. When I made this sideblog I just was supposed to reblog random anime gifs/fanarts I saw on my dashboard to not put it in my main blog (which is mostly to kpop, mainly my fav one). I remember I reblogged some Seiya x Usagi fanarts (Sailor Moon) and then some gifs from Naruto and other anime.

I don’t remember what I did first, one of the Naruto comics or a Naruto gifset, but it was just a simple sideblog until the Boruto The Movie came out and I posted a comic about Papasuke saving Sarada that had 6k notes. I NEVER IN MY LIVE GOT TOO MANY NOTES. Like… what’s going on? I shared some comics I made for fun and I only showed to a friend and I started to get followers so somehow I felt like I needed to continue posting my silly drawings with my special sense of humor.

After that I started to post gifs from the snk season 1 after to rewatch it for the 3rd time, when I started to read the manga and suddenly I ended with a mix of those animemangas.

I met awesome people here from both fandoms who I love with all my heart and I even remember followers that aren’t mutuals but are often in my notifications or sending me stuff! I really appreciate every single one of you!

I don’t know how to show appreciation for reaching too many followers, because I suck at making those follow forever or congrats pictures and I’m poor to hold a kind of giveaway or something, so I just can share this kind of post.

I talk too much and I share stupid things all the time (plus complaining about me blabla) and I spam you with my face often but you are always there being so kind and cool! ;u;

Thanks for the love and support, for the kind messages and everything, for liking my art the way it is, my comics, my gifs, my aesthetic, etc and my english! ¿?

I feel like Leonardo Di Caprio winning the oscar aoindjuhnbhyafdytsftds.

I LOVE YOU ALL! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


——– david. staring at the man in front of her with a worried smile and brows furrowed makes her hesitate in holding his hand. glancing around at the woods in front of the toll bridge, paranoia creeps into her mind like when trying to remember something important but being unable to understand why it was important. the night has fallen before them, darkness covering everything within sight and somehow it seems like they are still vulnerable to being caught.   we need to be careful, regina is being suspicious. it’s bad enough that what we are doing is not right.   // @agonygiven

I just did a whirl-wind rewatch of a few twin peaks episodes (meaning I skipped through scenes to find the ones I wanted) for a gifset I’m working on and can I just say how much I fucking love this show?


30 Day MFU Meme
Day 22 – Defining character moment - Napoleon Solo

It took me ages to actually understand it and make this post.

When I was watching the show for the first time, all I could see was Illya Kuryakin. I’m sure, everyone can see why :) But then I was rewatching season 1 and I started noticing these little moments, and eventually Napoleon became my favourite character. What’s happening here?

Napoleon tries to make everyone feel better about their lives.

It’s especially apparent in early episodes, when he did most of the talking and had to interact with everyone personally. When the show became one about two agents, there came more action, more rescuing each other, more flirting, more… I’m getting distracted.

Hm, anyway. The way Napoleon interacts with different people who are only a small part of his life, is very important to me. Most people he shares time with feel better after they meet him. Except for villains. Especially those who threaten Illya personally. And the contrast is very important. Some villains who threaten only Napoleon himself, leave him cool and even willing to understand them. But there are other cases…

Anyway, it’s a subject for another post.

Napoleon tries to make people feel better. In a genuine way. It’s important.

I recently finished rewatching season 4 of Orphan Black, then, because that show consumes my life, I started rewatching season 1, and I can’t get over how different Sarah looks. Sarah to me is so defined by her messy mane of hair and her awesome punk wardrobe, neither of which she has in the first season. It’s like seeing Cosima without her dreds of something. 

wickershire  asked:

One for the writing meme!!!

HA! Unsurprisingly, I have multiple WIPs at the moment :////

1) narry road trip hiatus fic for the married in vegas fic fest. it’s actually so close to being finished and i just need to get my finger out. ~13k.

2) multi-pairing Styles Anatomy au just because i started to rewatch grey’s anatomy from season 1 and i now know what Harry looks like in scrubs. it has a vague plot, mostly just tequila and ill-advised bed partners. i know too little about the medical profession. 

3) narry pretend boyfriends in miami circa christmas 2015. stuck dead in the water but i’ve had the fic post sitting in my drafts on tumblr and i feel like i should finish it. it’s got a title and everything and that’s normally my last step. i keep going back to it and changing a line here or there but i feel like too much has passed to write ~~canon fic. ~8k

3.5) this is the same reason that i’ve basically abandoned the post-zayn leaving zarriall la verse but it’s 50k so sometimes i dip in to try and salvage it. (rip.)

4) coastal hiatus fic where niall buys an old house in the west of ireland when his album flops. just an excuse to have him being battered by rain. inspired by the blurb of the sea, the sea by iris murdoch (because that’s about as far as i got when reading it) and an old parochial house that was for sale in the arse of nowhere.

5) various codas for my naylorry ww2 fic from different povs at different points including a 30k sequel that is indulgent to the point where it probably ruins the first part if i post it. 

lost in your sleeve (1/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: The first official chapter! Sorry it took a while. Moving is a pain. But here’s chapter 1, and the next chapter is partly written and it’s all basically sketched out in my head so hopefully the next update won’t take quite so long. Recommended listening is still: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Shout out to swallowedsong, again, for always responding ‘sure!’ when I ask if she wants to look over something for me, and for generally being encouraging and enthusiastic.) 


Wanna catch up? prologue

chapter 1.



            Regina used to walk him to school everyday. She’d hold his hand as they went, her grip tightening when people would pass by, fake smiles on their faces as they greeted her, an equally forced smile on her own. She was a very powerful woman, his adoptive mother. Important. The kind of important that never forgets itself—that demands that no one else forget it, either. The kind that doesn’t make many friends. She’d hold onto his hand as they walked and as he got older he wondered if she did it for his sake or her own. Who really needed that anchor?

            Maybe it was both of them.

            Emma walked him to school, too, but she kept her distance a bit, only reaching for him to cross the street.

            “I guess you’re probably too old for this, huh?” she’d said once as they walked, her hand soft and unsure around his.

            “I don’t mind,” he’d said, squeezing her hand and smiling.

            She’d smiled back, ruffled his hair before he ran off and into the building, and when he glanced back as he reached the door she was still there, still smiling, still watching him.

            Truthfully, he didn’t need either of them to walk him to school.  He just—

            He just liked it when they did.

            His first Monday at Barrie he walks alone to the dining hall. Sits alone for breakfast, and makes his way by himself to his first class.

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Jane the Virgin and cheating the narrative

I’ve been mulling this over since the season 2 finale, and I realize I’m still angry at a show that I really love, so it’s time to start writing it out. This post will obviously contain all the spoilers for JTV through season 2. You have been warned.

Seriously. SPOILERS.

When the finale aired, I found that I was annoyed. Not disappointed in the way that I had expected (since I had begun worrying that the writers might do something to block Jane’s wedding), but because the two last-minute twists seemed… not very thrilling. Or rather… not jaw-dropping. This was to be expected - season 1 ended with a tremendous and utterly shocking cliffhanger, and it was obvious that season 2 would try for the same effect. The moment the wedding was carried out, it was obvious: something was going to happen to Michael before the wedding night. What other drama could they spin, right? Then the Susanna twist also sort of made itself obvious, the moment the Tuscaloosa smoking gun was introduced. “So she’ll play a role in Michael’s downfall,” I thought and… well.

The finale was frustrating, but I wasn’t yet angry. The anger came over the next few days.

Jane was happy, I thought to myself as I washed the dishes. Jane was finally getting what she’d always wanted, I mused in the shower. Jane had gotten her dream wedding to her dream man and was having this snatched away for the sake of drama, I grumbled as I paid my bills. And Luisa! Luisa had been promised a healthy relationship, with someone who prioritized her mental health above any romance, I seethed as I sat at work. 

I began to wonder if there had been a false narrative at play. And then I began to wonder if I was so angry at the finale just because of shipping preferences. So I tried not to think about the finale angrily anymore.

Then I started rewatching season 2.

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