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Of Dazai and the Old Boss – An Analysis Report

Wordcount: 1.374.

So ever since I started reading the manga, there was always one character I always wondered about; the Old Boss, or the boss that came before Mori. Sure he seemed like an unimportant side character in the way he’s presented, but I have reasons to believe he’s more than that.

First, let’s compile what we know about him.

1.     He was ruthless even when he’s not bedridden and paranoid, as was said by Kouyou whose lover was killed because she tried to escape the Mafia with him.

And again when Tanizaki tried to kill Mori but was stopped by Kouyou, saying that if Mori died, the Mafia would return to its ‘wretched ways’. We can say with complete confidence that Mori’s way is so much ‘kinder’ than the old boss.

2.       He was bedridden with illness that also made him paranoid of attacks. This is not the case before the illness strike because Hirotsu mentioned he become like that after the illness. If Mori hadn’t stopped him by slicing his throat, he would have burnt Yokohama down.

4.       Wait that’s it? Yep. All we knew about him was in that episode and that chapter. But what we know about him was profound.

First let’s look at this scene:

Notice how Hirotsu mentioned Dazai specifically? Here’s the original panel for that scene:

In this, we can confidently say that Hirotsu singled out Dazai about how was the one who should’ve been most not alright with the development. The words used for it ‘Dazai –kun mo rikai suru tokoro de attarou‘  implies this. It hints that Dazai should’ve been resentful to Mori because he killed the Old Boss. But against all odds, he understood why Mori did what he did.

Then there’s this scene.

It really bothered me and when I looked deeper this is what cemented my conclusion of Dazai and the Old Boss’ connection. So as we could see in this scene, Mori killed the Old Boss and had Dazai become the sole witness. Now this premise has many problems.

1. Other than Mori, who was a doctor so obviously he was to take care of the sick, notice that Dazai was the only one in the room. Now this is strange. He was the only one who was by the Old Boss’ side, all alone in the room with the vulnerable, sick man when there’s no doctor to hover on the bedside. This in and of itself is a proof of their bond. If they weren’t well-known to have it, then all the Mafia would be suspicious to the fact that he’s accompanying the boss when he’s the most vulnerable.

On top of that he was entrusted with the Boss’ security as he was in the room with Mori who might or might not harm him (spoiler, he harmed the boss.) so he was supposed to be the one to care the most about the Old Boss’ wellbeing.

2.       As we know from the light novel, Odasaku mentioned that Dazai was considered to become an Executive at 16. In this scene he was only 14 and at that point of time, he had enough sway in the Organization that he can be the sole witness to the boss’ will and everyone just—nods and go along with it, making Mori the new boss despite them should be having Five Executive that would have fought for the seat. Why?

3.       In this case, Dazai cannot be adopted and raised by Mori as the fandom believed. If he was Mori’s and he became the sole witness everyone would call bull on it because he’d be perceived as Mori’s accomplice in taking out the Old Boss. They’d be executed and one of the upper echelon would take the throne themselves.

This would only work if the Port Mafia to believe that he couldn’t harm the boss and wouldn’t let harm come to him.

But what about this picture, you ask? Well, Mori did have a connection with Dazai too seing how Dazai got the coat he wore from before he was 14 to 18 from him. That’s a good 4 years wearing the same thing. I think this was actually the same case with Chuuya not appearing in the Dark Era; the plot has yet to be told to the readers and kept secret.

And then there’s the possibility that they knew each other because of Dazai’s wounds. If the Old Boss is as ruthless as Kouyou made him out to be, it won’t be far-fetched to say he’s the one resposible for Dazai’s numerous injuries and was frequently sent to Mori, the doctor, to get treatment.

Summary:  the Organization needs to know Dazai well and for some reason connect him with not only being close enough to the Old Boss for it not be strange for him to be all alone in the room with him and having enough credibility that he can’t possibly lie about the Old Boss’ last will. On top of that, he needs some reason to be the one ‘most not alright with it’ in a personal sense.

So what would make this credible? What could make this work? It would be if by doing so he was giving up his rights to the throne.

Here cometh my conclusion: Dazai was the Old Boss’ son and the rightful heir to the Port Mafia. If he was one, it won’t be strange for him to have credibility as 14-year old kid claiming to be the sole witness to a boss of The Mafia’s biggest bad that made a city doctor its next Boss.  More than that, it would be natural for him to spend time alone in the Boss’ bedside when he was sick and vulnerable.

No, I won’t be dropping Darth Vader’s ‘I am your father’ bomb here, despite it being extremely tempting. How many father and child bound by blood have you seen in BSD? That’s right, none. No reason to break the pattern now.

But what is prevalent? Adopting orphans. Hell, it was dropped by Odasaku in his last moment as one of Dazai’s driving force. In fact, most of the main cast are either adopted orphans or have adopted an orphan. (Fukuzawa & Ranpo, Kunikida & Rokuzo, Akutagawa/Atsushi and Dazai, need I go on?)

Here’s my verdict: Dazai was the heir to the Port Mafia because he was the Old Boss’ adopted. When the Old Boss died, everyone in the Mafia who knew about it, thought that he couldn’t possibly lie because by doing so he’d be defacing the Old Boss and giving away his rights to the throne. This gave him the ultimate credibility and thus allowing Mori to become the next King.

Most of all, this also solve the mystery of Mori’s behavior. Why drive Dazai away when he’s 18, when Mori could’ve killed him or make him go away before? He made the preparation to drive Dazai away two years beforehand when Dazai was 16, a good two years after becoming boss. The answer was because this will reveal his play to his subordinate. In the light novel Odasaku mentioned about Mori’s fearsome reputation for being ruthless and clever as hell. And this is the key; reputation.

If Mori killed Dazai before he got a secure standing in the Mafia, he would be accused to be killing the Old Boss and taking down his heir. Everyone would be on the scent of blood like sharks, especially in a place as cruel as the Mafia. So he got himself a reputation, backed by people loyal to him (Chuuya, Kouyou and, in an extent, Ace who was loyal only to money) and when he was sure that he has shown what he could and would do to the whole Mafia and the world, he cut off Dazai because he was no longer needed and now poses only threat.

By exiling the Prince, he would be able to hog the throne for himself since the older members would not be rallying behind Dazai to retake his rights. Truly a long-running plan befitting of him.

But hey, that’s just a theory. A BSD theory. Aaaand cut.


I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

✨ Fic Rec List ✨

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(And please be sure to check out all the writers/blogs below, because they’re all amazing and talented, and have many more wonderful stories listed on their own master lists. I seriously respect them all so much 💕)

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(I’ll try and remember to update this list periodically~)

Okay now that I’m on the subject I’m gonna rant about it.

I’ll preface this with that I love Voltron. I love it so much. I think it’s a super fun and clever show and that Tumblr has placed such ridiculous expectations on it in some aspects that it’s no wonder people are somewhat disappointed. I think this was a great season and I had a fun time watching it. But that being said…

Voltron treated a lot of its characters like tropes this season.

I’m going to fall back on an old quote from Alex Hirsch to start this because it really spoke to me when I first read it.

The important bit here? “I try not to pigeonhole these characters into “ONE TYPE.” They lose their humanity if you do that.”

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance all got shoved into tropes this season. Lance and Hunk’s treatments seem particularly worse just because they were shoved into “comic relief” tropes, but Pidge wasn’t treated too great either. Just look at what each of them does this season:

Pidge: Techno Babble. Boy, does she do a lot of it. There’s some sort of problem? Well, Pidge is SMURT, send her! And make sure she talks about it quickly and unintelligibly to show the audience that she’s so smart. Make sure someone, usually Lance, replies with an “IN ENGLISH?

This trope exists to establish one character is smart and it CAN be effective… But not if you’ve pre established that the others are smart too. Hunk is the mechanic. Hunk is not an idiot. He should be able to follow at least a few of Pidge’s ramblings. Hell, most of them were super easy to follow! (Especially the hypothesis one, that was completely unnecessary). See this post for discussion on how easy it would be to fix this trope from the Hunk/Lance side of the equation.

It’s honestly not even fair to Pidge to reduce her down to that. More on this in a bit.

Lance: Flirting and dumb jokes. I don’t even have to link to a trope because they’re that basic. Lance (when he has screen time this season) is basically going to be the one to make a pass at a woman when he doesn’t have to or to make an irreverent comment the whole team just looks at him for. 

Sure, it can be funny. Sure, you’ve written his character to be such. But this can’t be the ONLY ASPECT YOU SHOW THE AUDIENCE. Give them good moments outside of that “one time they do something cool to show the audience he isn’t a complete idiot.” I’ll get back to Lance in a minute.

Hunk: Food jokes. This poor guy. 90% of the time in this season, someone will say something and Hunk will relate it to food and mention how hungry he is. Not mentioning the harm of giving the fat character the food trope, let’s just go with the idea that it’s a part of his character. Fine. But there are still right and wrong ways to pull this off and the irony here is that Voltron does both in the span of a single season. 
Right: Baking cookies to calm down and clear your mind. Taking over the mall food court to make people happy. Both of these things are positive uses of Hunk’s canonical love of food that make sense in the situation and even add to his character. Neither are played strictly for laughs.
Wrong: “What are you guys thinking about?” “Zarko-” “CALZONES. What? I’m hungry.” (The OTHER irony is Voltron has pulled off this interrupting with irreverent stuff well with Hunk before with the whole sporks thing. That pulled it off SO MUCH BETTER and was honestly one of the funniest things in season one. This was so forced and so stupidly written)

I think the reason Voltron falls into this is because its main cast is HUGE. Seven characters total. Six if we don’t count Coran, because honestly I don’t see him getting a character arc at any point (which I can accept because seven is just too many characters to give equal attention to). But still. Six. For comparison? The original main cast of Gravity Falls was three. Steven Universe started with four. 

You know the whole “modern cartoons season one is fun times and season two is ENTER THE APOCALYPSE”? There’s an important reason for that. You need time to develop your characters. You need time to give them moments to shine and let the audience get to know them. That way, when plot stuff happens, they all have reasons to act the way they do. Voltron season one was IMMEDIATELY overly plot heavy, and the characters suffered for it.

The way Voltron chooses to show us its characters strengths and flaws is through character arcs. Pidge goes through one in season one where we find out about her past and her motivations. It was great! Created a three-dimensional character! Hunk has one in season one where he discovers what it really means to fight and why they’re all out here. He wants to protect the Balmerans more than anyone else and sees why Voltron is needed. Great writing! 

Yet the writers seem to have forgotten this! There’s no point to a character arc unless you keep that growth and have the characters act on it from that point on. Take my other main complaint with this season: how Galra Keith was treated. It was built up amazingly and had a fantastic episode for its reveal.

And then… nothing. We didn’t see Keith react to it much, we didn’t see him tell the team (and man, that would have been a GREAT scene), and I’m afraid it’s just going to be written off next season as a plot point. Is he going to have trouble accepting it? Is he going to want to talk to the others about it every now and then? Is Hunk joking about it really helping him normalize it for himself? Or are the writers just going to make it “okay now Keith can open doors and shit?” I hope with the reveal of Altean Haggar we’re going to get some cool parallels and character moments, but I don’t know.

Point being, Voltron writes these great arcs but then re-tropes their characters when they’re done with them, which is sloppy writing. It’s mainly because there are so many characters that it’s tough to give them all great moments in every episode. Which I get it! I get that you can’t let them all shine every episode! Occasionally someone should step back and be a bit more trope-ish for the sake of keeping a good flow in an episode. But not all the time, and certainly not because that character has already had a complete character arc and “had their moment.” 

Lance is heavily hinted at getting an arc next season about his self-doubt, which will be amazing. But this isn’t enough. The show must remember its character growth and keep it with the characters. 

Characters are more than just their most prominent trait.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you're taking request or not, but I love your HP killugon AU! Its so interesting! I was wondering if you'd write something where either Killua or Gon accidentally makes/drinks a truth potion?

I’m sorry this is so late ^^; I really like the way this turned out though, so I hope you do too!

Harry Potter au! :D Killua and Gon are in their sixth year here, its towards the end of the school year though

Other killugon Harry Potter au drabbles: one (also sixth year) & two (third year) & three (end of fifth year)

(in case you were wondering, Killua and Gon start dating sometime during their sixth year. But that’s a story for another time ^-^)

(continuation to this drabble can be read here)

“…you drank…a truth potion?” Killua asked incredulously.

“Yep!” Gon said with a beam.

Killua raised both eyebrows. Of course. Only Gon would be stupid enough to drink a truth potion on purpose and then proceed to brag about it. How Gon passed his O.W.L.s was a mystery to him.

“I’m not sure if I believe you,” Killua said and Gon’s face fell. “I mean, you could just be saying that you drank a truth potion, right? Plus there’s the fact that you blurt out whatever comes to mind anyway- I probably couldn’t tell if you drank a truth potion because you’d act the exact same. Truth potions would be useless on you.”

Gon puffed out his cheeks. He leaned forward on the Ravenclaw bench, where he and Killua were currently sitting on sideways so they could face each other directly, and said, “Ask me a question, then! One you don’t think I would answer if I didn’t have a truth potion.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah! That’s the only way you’ll believe me.”

Killua didn’t get why it was so essential for him to believe Gon, but whatever. Gon was weird even in normal circumstances. Killua was just glad that the Great Hall was only half full at this time in the afternoon. It would be so embarrassing if anyone else heard the ridiculousness of this conversation.

“Okay.” Killua inched forward too, close enough Gon that their noses brushed. “Then tell me, Gon: who stole my Risky Dice that I won last year in that duelling competition?”

Gon’s eyes bulged and Killua smirked. There. That hadn’t been hard. Now all he had to do was watch the obvious struggle going on in Gon’s expression. It was kind of funny the way Gon’s face was turning purple with the effort to hold back the truth-

“Okay, it was me!” Gon burst out. “I did it! You were getting too addicted to the Dice and I- OW, Killua!”

Killua had hit him over the head with his Herbology textbook.

“Do you know how long I wanted that thing?!” Killua hissed, hands curling into claws. “It took me weeks to find someone willing enough to give it up!”

“I’m sorry,” Gon whined. “I won’t do it again, I promise!”

Killua scowled. That wasn’t nearly good enough of an apology. Who knew when he’d find another Risky Dice?! And there was no point in getting Gon to tell him where he’d put it, either; Gon would’ve sold it or thrown the thing in the Forbidden Forrest or some other bullshit place like that so Killua couldn’t get his hands on it again. Damnit.

Gon was still looking at him, lower lip trembling pitifully. Something in Killua’s chest twisted at the sight.

He sighed heavily. “Stop doing that stupid puppy-dog pouting thing. I swear I won’t hit you again, okay? Why would you even let me ask you something like that if you’re on a truth potion?”

Gon brightened instantly. “You believe me, now?”

“Uh. Well, I know you wouldn’t confess to me that easily if you weren’t on a truth potion, so…I guess, yeah. I believe you. Why do you ca-”

“Because!” The Slythern snatched Killua’s hands and squeezed them tightly, smiling at Killua like he was the most precious thing in the entire world. “I have something to tell you!”

Warmth exploded in Killua’s cheeks. He would never get used to this, no matter how long they’d been dating.

He let out a long breath. “Okay. So tell me, then, and-”

“Killua,” Gon said softly, eyes shining like melted gold. “Killua, I love you.”

All thought in Killua’s brain vanished. His heartbeat suddenly catapulted into overdrive as all available blood abruptly rushed to his face. Killua was left utterly  speechless; he just gaped dumbly at his boyfriend like an idiot while a weightless kind of euphoria washed over him.

Had he heard that right? Had Gon really just said he loved him?!

“You never believe me when I tell you that,” Gon said, sounding a little sheepish. He glanced down at their interlocked hands and affectionately rubbed his thumb against Killua’s index finger. “You always have this really skeptic expression on your face. So I figured if I drank a truth potion and said it after, that you would have to believe me then!”

Killua shut his mouth and swallowed thickly. 

“You…you drank a truth potion just to tell me that you l-love me?”

Gon nodded. “Yeah.”

“That’s. That’s so stupid!” Killua exploded. “Only an idiot would do something like that! What if you had weird side effects to the potion?! What if you were tricked and what you drank wasn’t a truth potion at all?! You didn’t have to go so far to-”

“I did, though!” Gon said stubbornly. He tugged on Killua’s hands and Killua yelped when he nearly fell forward into Gon’s chest.

Soft fingers grasped his chin. Killua’s heart stuttered as he found himself gazing into Gon’s gentle and beautiful eyes.

“I wanted you to know the truth, Killua,” Gon said and the soft way he spoke Killua’s name made something inside his chest shudder. “So the risk was worth it. I had to tell you that I loved you, not just because you’re my best friend but also because you’re beautiful and smart and funny and deserve everything that’s good in life.”

Killua struggled to inhale. Gon’s breath brushed against his lips and Kilua’s head swam.

Gon said plainly, “I love you. And now, after this, I won’t need a truth potion to prove it.”

Then he kissed Killua’s lips and Killua melted into Gon’s arms.

(continuation here)


On August 8th, 2016, exactly 3 months ago today, I got a major jaw surgery from my underbite.

A little backstory for those who may not know, around 9 years old, i started developing a severe underbite. My orthodontists saw the signs of the severity and tried everything to prevent me from necessitating a surgery to correct it. In the past Eleven frickin Years, I’ve had expanders, bands, headgear, invisalign, and braces taken off and on again more times than i care to count, to try and prevent this major surgery. However, my bone growth is a mean and stubborn bitch so the surgery had to be done.

Now getting the surgery done is a whole other fuckfest. Did you know: my surgery was delayed. Not once. Not twice. But 6 fucking times. Due to reasons like my bones were still growing, or they forgot to extract a tooth, or insurance wouldn’t accept my shit. Ive unnecessarily taken off time from school and work for surgeries that never came. So it made my life a fucking mess.

Then one day, after i came back from 10 day vacation break with a friend who was visiting from Utah, my family and i get a call from my jaw reconstruction surgeon and he says that the surgery was set and ready to go.
That following Monday.

*cue silent slapstick comedy montage of me running around and getting Pre-Operational appointments done within 3-4 days*

Then August 8th came. 11 years of pain and squabbling finally came to a head and the bullshit was over. I didnt have to skip school or get my hopes let down anymore. This was it. Then, finally, I went under.

Woke up the next day with a new (SWOLLEN AF) face, and now this is me 3 months later. I can say, honestly, I wasnt sure if I liked my new face at first. At times it felt like i made a mistake from how miserable i felt while recovering, but i can confidently say, im happier than ive been in a very long time. Not just because i have a new face but the process really changed me. But that story is gonna be saved for a different post. (Particularly one about my progress photos!💞)

Im telling you guys because ive had tumblr for about 6 years now, and this blue paged hell feels like a part of me. As cheesy and shitty as that is, its true. So i just wanted to celebrate this milestone with you guys. Thank you for making me laugh and sticking with me through this nonsense. I cant wait to show how much more i can grow.

Fun fact: The second to last photo is from August 8th. And the last one is from today, November 8th.

TL;DR: i was nasty before. Then a nice white man broke my fucking jaw, and now im still nasty but i look a little better. #NewJawWhoDis

Fic Rec Days, Day 1

Discworld recs

We Must Tend our Garden, by DesdemonaKaylose.

This is a really beautifully written Small Gods fic, very thoughtful and delicate and wonderfully characterised.

Modern Love, by Penknife.

I think of this fic as a fandom classic; it’s central to how I think of Discfic, and central to what I think Discfic should be, ie, following Pterry in pushing for inclusion in all its forms.

Trouser Legs, by bookhobbit.

I can’t not mention this. Quite aside from it being wonderful and heartwarming and soft, it, ah, it started things. Started me down my very own trouserleg of time, if you will.

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit recs

One Single Sunlit Day More, by feverishsea.

I don’t actually remember much about this fic, because I read it forever ago, but I was a) moved to comment back in the days when i had So Much social anxiety over commenting, and b) bookmarked it, and c) added ‘utterly perfect’ to the bookmark.

Elves in Love, by Evandar.

ELVES. DWARVES. Need I say more. This is a lovely, gorgeously written sequence of fics on elf/dwarf romances, some canon, some canon. (Legolas/Gimli is canon you cannot take this from me).


[Old artwork from several months ago.]

I wanted to bring in another OC, Cerys.

She’s 22 years old and she can a bit strict regarding rules and authority. She’s also good at reading body gestures and emotions, which Rein hates a lot, but she sees right though him anyway lmao. Cerys has been sheltered most of her life and always had a clear distinction of what she could and couldn’t do, but with every experience she encounters and everyone she meets, she becomes more open-minded. It wasn’t until she was assign to work with Rein and was exposed to his unpredictable and unconventional work attitude and brash personality that she begins to unwind. Her and Rein are not actually in an official relationship, but they do rely on each other a lot to keep one another balanced.

How did you get into BNHA?

I started reading BNHA on May 19th. Man, let me tell you I caught up at a very stressful time within the manga. There were 91 chapters out at the time. I read 45 chapters that day then the other 46 the next day. All for One and All Might were just beginning their battle. And so began my anxiety for the next month. 

I’d spend every morning on the way to class talking about All Might with my brother. How cool he was and that he was my favorite hero. I told him about how All Might was in a pinch and that he was fighting one of the most powerful guys in the series. My brother was convinced that All Might was going to die, but I kept saying he was going to live. With each chapter that came out, I explained what was going on to my brother.

I was so nervous I succumbed to reading spoilers before the chapters came out. That was my mistake. I read fake spoilers that showed All Might’s death. It was horrible and honestly it felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. My brother was sympathetic when I told him about what I’d read. I said “He can’t die! I just spent all this time getting to know him! He’s All Might damn it!” I considered dropping the series right then and there because my favorite character was about to be killed off and I honestly didn’t know if I could take it. 

Luckily the spoilers turned out to be fake and here I am today 6 months later. 

Anyway that’s the story of how I got into BNHA, I’d love to hear yours! (still trying to get my brother to read it. He still hears all about it though haha)

This is my fan art for the 10th anniversary of Gene Luen Yang’s incredible graphic novel “American Born Chinese.” I started working with Gene on the Avatar books before I read this work of his. Its reputation preceded it (it deservedly won just about ALL the awards), and I had already gotten to know Gene and his writing by the time I picked it up—or so I thought. ABC’s structure threw me off at first. It was really challenging. Abrasive. Discordant. This wasn’t the story I had imagined and built up in my head from all of my friends’ and colleagues’ rave reviews. Halfway through I wasn’t sure I liked it. I wondered, “How is he going to tie all of this together?” And then BAM. He did. And the story and message were all the more powerful for taking me somewhere I wasn’t expecting to go. For challenging my expectations. How could I have presumed to know Gene’s story? And why would I have wanted him to tell it to me in a way that was comfortable and familiar to me? Powerful art and storytelling SHOULD challenge the audience. They should come from a specific point of view. Bravo, Gene!

long distance clexa writing eachother letters …sometimes pages long because clarke finds herself with a lot to say and lexa loves hearing about everything no matter how small…and clarke always ends up crying when she reads lexa’s letters because they are always so sweet and supportive and she misses her gf……..and the poor messenger is so run down because FOR GODS SAKE’S PLEASE WRITE LESS LETTERS I HAVE TO TRAVEL LIKE TWO DAYS EACH WAY EVERY TIME IT CANT BE THAT IMPORTANT….and people start catching on and are like….clarke you got another letter…and flowers…..and a new coat……and more flowers….and another note…..gee…wonder who its from…..and they are INSEPARABLE when they get to actually visit one another…..and sometimes lexa will send someone just to go down and check on clarke and make sure things are ok and that she’s well and wow just long distance clexa


Namie: For 500 followers, Izaya decided it would be a good idea to start a cult…

Izaya: Thank you my wonderful humans!!! I never could have made this new religion without you! Please continue to worship me as your supreme ruler!

Namie: It’s getting to his head i think….

This is somewhat based on a true story, I was in church a few weeks ago and my pastor told everyone to turn to the book of Izaya, instead of Isaiah…. I just wound up laughing really loud in the middle of church!!! And on another note, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500 FOLLOWERS!!! You guys are so awesome!! I love reading your kind tags, its so encouraging! Nothing is more motivating than a kind word! Thank you!!! =-D

so, this few days i’m looking for itasaku fanfiction that happen to be unpopular(?) despite well written…

1. As Simple as Black and White, right?


This is au story when itachi is prince and sakura is servant. At first i think this is just another cinderella-like story. But seriously its more than that. I cant stop once i start reading. I wonder why i can’t find and read it sooner. Also, this is the first time i read noruto fanfiction without naruto in it.

2. Counterblow


i dont know how i have to describe this story… this story take my curiosity because sakura is suddenly danzou ganddaughter. My itasaku side hurt when i read all the pain here. You have to read it yourself. lol

3. Looking for Angels


Now is itachi’s turn to be servant. Kidding. He is knight. Sakura’s knight. when i see sasuke is in the character list(?) i thought that this is going to be love-triangle between the brother or whatever. But i am wrong. This is au story when ninja sasuke wake up and he is not in ninja world anymore, but a place when everyone alive, include itachi. Almost whole story is in sasuke point of view. This so interesting, we can know how sasuke brain work lol :( and how he realize all his sins back in his own world. This is heart-warming every time he think that itasaku love story is so amazing and he’ll see sakura as sister in law even when he came back. Definitely must read….

On Making Choices

There comes a time in every young comic-fan’s life when a choice is made between Marvel and DC. We choose for financial reasons or simply because it’s too hard to keep track of two different universes. When I started reading comics, the two big companies were beginning to go crazy with event series and crossovers, so that you had to buy 5-10 monthly titles just to keep track of what was going on, plus the event comic itself and its spinoffs (Identity Crisis, Countdown to Final Crisis, 52, Infinite Crisis, Flashpoint, etc.). You had to choose. And the choice you made determined the universe you would invest in, the characters and stories you would grow to love. If you chose DC like me, you fell in love with big names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and all the Green Lanterns. And you loved the small heroes too, like Blue Beetle or Booster Gold, or The Specter, or Renee Montoya, or Plastic Man. And the villains that great writers made human: Mr. Freeze, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Catman, Sinestro – fuck, I remember a great Greg Rucka run of Mr. Mxyzptlk stories from the now defunct Adventures of Superman. There are too many great characters & stories to count from both universes.

It was always a pipe dream that our favorite heroes and villains would make it to film. It was even more unlikely that Hollywood would get its act together and actually pull off shared universes, where most of us comics-readers knew the real magic was. But then Marvel did it. Christ. They did it. Eight years on from Iron Man and it’s nothing less than a miracle that the MCU – with its outcrops in TV and Netflix – has maintained this level of quality. With a new season of the absolutely stellar Daredevil hitting Netflix last week, a batting average like this should astound all of us. Their mammoth operation is being handled so gracefully that I’m giddy just thinking about, say, a Defenders movie, or what Kevin Feige has cooked up for Infinity War and beyond.

I’m happy that Marvel is knocking it out of the park. I’m having a hell of a time watching it all. But I can’t help but be a little nerd-sad that DC is shitting the bed so hard with its own cinematic universe. The stories are there. I’ve read them. But the creative choices that management has made – namely, who they’ve chosen to helm the franchise’s biggest films and who they’ve chosen to play its biggest hero – are proving to be poor ones. The only thing that means is that Marvel’s success is probably an anomaly, a magical mix of great people coming together in a town that trends toward the easy and the broad. Bad luck for the kids who chose DC all those years ago.

anonymous asked:

Aaaaah why didn't I start reading A House Divided yet😱I'll surely look at it in these days, I already know it must be wonderful♡♡

Mawwwr, thanks lovely~. I can only hope so, haha. It is starting off slowly right now but my fanfics usually do. My reader inserts had to train me to cut out a lot of plot, and I find my own fanfic, A House Divided, to be very therapeutic because I can actually take my time to develop a story and characters. It’s only 3 chapters and each chapter is very small—roughly 7 or so pages long.

I don’t really publicize it much because I write it mostly for me, and I know this fandom can be a bit overprotective of Jacob Frye unless it’s a reader insert fic (it is upsetting that I don’t see more OCs in Syndicate because of that, but that’s how it is), so that’s why I just post it and say ‘enjoy it if you want to’.

For those late to the show and not in the know:

The story is based on the ex-wife I mentioned and touched upon in The Fall series. However, I hate just ‘making a character’ and then dropping them into nothing, so I made Lindy my Syndicate OC to pair with Jacob and be Emmett’s mom.

I don’t know how far A House Divided is going to go—it could go all the way to Lydia’s birth, but it will touch upon many things we didn’t get in the game or the novel, so mostly my headcanon of Jacob and Evie’s upbringing, Ethan’s mother and the twin’s grandmother (whom was in the last chapter), Cecily and Ethan, George a bit, the ‘unfortunate woman who lived next door named Nellie’, the birth and raising of Emmett and his finding his wife and having Lydia, and the deterioration of Jack. It’s not just ‘here’s my OC/Jacob fluff and smut story’. I wanted it to be many things.

No sexual encounters in the story yet, but there will be some as time progresses, thus the rating on AO3.

I’ve only drawn Lindy once, but I do hope to do her character sheet and rough bio at some point. The only picture I had done of her, I wasn’t too happy with it, but she does have super long hair (gets that way as she gets older) that she often braids and buns partially upward and usually has a flower crown of sorts (because it was a festive image, I gave her a holly crown and her hair is the same color as Emmett’s, it’s just deluded in the lower picture because it’s a night scene) . The flower crowns are ones she either makes herself or ones Jacob makes as he gets older.

Thanks again for the loves who offered their support whether here or on AO3. Love you all muchly~!

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Hia, I was wondering if you could help me find a fic i read ages ago? Im p sure its chaptered. Phil (?) is the child of the man who runs the boarding school him and Dan go to. Phil+his friends sneak away in the night to smoke weed in an abandoned basement of the school but someone tells on them& Phil thinks it was Dan? Possibly Punk!Phil ? Phil starts out hating Dan. I think Dan couldnt afford tuition there so hes a maid and embarrassed about it or something? Sorry for the vague-ness, thank you!

does anyone know?