i started making this in the morning and finished it just right now

this is a weird post to make at 12:15 am on a sunday morning but basically at the end of january i had to quit my job and file a human rights complaint with my former employer and it was just a shitty, scary time because i didn’t have another job waiting for me and i only had enough saved up for a couple of months but honestly like, in the past month and a half i’ve started freelancing again and getting paid real human money to write about music and tv shows that i care about, tomorrow i get to interview one of my favourite musicians of all time and i pitched that and set it up all by myself, i put out a chapbook of my writing and it peaked at #3 on amazon’s young adult lgbt chart, i finished revising 54,000 words of my manuscript and i’m working on the ending now, and now i’m in the third stage of interviews for a wonderful job that is exactly and precisely what i want to do (fingers crossed, everyone), and my mental health has improved so, so, so much, and i’ve managed to keep myself afloat financially in the meantime with a part-time job and freelance writing gigs, and i couldn’t have done aaaaaaaaaany of that if i’d just stuck it out at my old job and spent my evenings sending out resumes and hoping for something better to come along, so what i’ve learned in all of this is that if someone is treating me badly, getting out of that situation asap and focusing all my energy on taking care of myself is always the right thing to do

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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

  • this morning I drove 5 minutes away from the house without glasses in a bathrobe just so I could make a stupid adult-responsibilities phone call because the reception here is SHIT RIGHT NOW, FOR SOME REASON
  • I’ll watch horror movies even if they’re terrible. bad horror movies are enjoyable on some level that ordinary bad movies aren’t.
  • at any given time I have 10-20 tabs open because I can’t fuckign finish what I start
  • I crashed the car through the garage wall once 👍
  • I’m extremely picky, but at the same time if you’ve got some bogus either/or dichotomy, you can bet your ass I’m picking both. men/women? both. brains/brawn? both. science/art? BOTH.
  • I can’t wear makeup because I will spend the entire time it’s on obsessively checking that it’s even/not smudged
  • I don’t know how my self worth got tied to my intelligence…and I don’t know how my intelligence got tied to my academic performance…but that’s a thing that happened
  • spectacularly unhelpful when you grew up in a school environment that fostered apathy and scorned any type of engagement/effort, so the only way to get good grades was to understand stuff intuitively and effortlessly. which I did. for a while.
  • I can only write choppy gap-filled notes for stories anymore, the ability to write from point a to point b in coherent paragraphs is gone. like even this list wasn’t written fully in order
  • I have…so many playlists

ur cute this was sweet of you ♥

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Of course you'd focus on his word choice. "Get the side you're on. Better?" Finishes pulling his arm through and flips the hood up to cover his bright hair. Snorts. "Someone could argue that adding unnecessary steps is more difficult." Waits for you to finish before tossing it over his shoulder and going to get his sword from where he left it, careful not to slice anything off when he replaces it across his back. "Since I'm doing all the hard work, you can open the balcony door."

Scoffs at that smartass rephrasing and rolls his eyes harder. “If an extra step makes the task easier, how exactly does the added step make it more difficult? Now you’re not even tryin’ ta make sense. Just admit what I said was a better idea that you didn’t think of.” Never mind that he’s pretty sure you’re being stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn at this point. “Right. Hard work. Would you prefer that I carried it? Is the weight of your own body too much?” But he moves to slide the door open anyway, stepping aside to let you out so he can push it shut behind you.

Alrighty, I’ve posted this before on another blog, but I forgot my signature, so I took it down, and I deleted the other blog because I didn’t want to deal with running two blogs at once. But, yeah. I added my signature, cleaned up a few things, blah blah blah, story time. I originally got this idea from This post, and then it sorta just… drew itself? I guess you could say that. If that even makes sense. Probably not. 

Anyways, this is the first piece of artwork I’ve actually finished, and I’m pretty happy with it. Yeah, it sucks, but I’m still learning, and everybody has to start somewhere, right? I’ll get better at drawing soon. I promise. But, for now, please ignore the crappy attempts at shading and just the entire attempt at art in general.

Errortale belongs to @loverofpiggies

Asylumtale belongs to @furgemancs

Art belongs to me

Also, personal message to the lovely person who created Asylumtale: I am so sorry. I have poisoned your precious cinnamon roll with this abomination that dares call itself fanart. 

Further more, for those wondering, Sans’s dialogue is backwards for a reason. I might, might, make another post regarding this, as well as note a few personal headcannons about this lunatic, but for now I’m just gonna leave it at this. 

Funfact- I was originally gonna make his straitjacket out of his own strings, but it was taking too long and it was extremely difficult for me so I gave up and coloured it instead. 

Another thing- for those who can’t read what he’s saying, and/or are just like me and too lazy to try to figure it out, his dialogue reads “They won’t stop screaming… why won’t they stop screaming? why won’t they shut up? HELP ME”

Creepy, right?

Text messages I wish you sent.
  1. Does it make me silly when I want to wake up next to you for every morning, for the rest of my life?
  2. I just finished the book you told me to read.
  3. Today has been tough. I want to see you, and then you’ll run your hands on my shoulder blades, just because you know it calms me down and you start to tell me things I want to hear.
  4. I didn’t mean to yell, I’m sorry. Please come back. I can’t make it through the night without you.
  5. I can’t wait to see you tonight. Wear something nice.
  6. My love, you have no idea how much I miss you right now.
  7. Can we buy a dog and take care of it together?
  8. I didn’t know that being drunk make me want you even more.
  9. Kiss me good night?
  10. You must have had a long day. I’ll come over. Let’s have dinner and we can cuddle while we play video games.