i started it a month ago and finished it today

wayverlee  asked:

Jakei, maybe, no, not maybe, you SHOULD take a break, all of this pushing is bad for your health, and if I could, I would slap every person who pushes you >:<

Yeah, probably I’ll stay away from all kind of communication during one week, starting today.
I’m gonna work in other stuff that I should finished 5 months ago, so, this is kinda hiatus for all of my blogs.

I don’t want to know anything about Underverse. Nothing about anything.

I hope you can understand.
Bye for now, I’ll be back next Friday.


Gillovny Video - Music: Without You cover by Boyce Avenue

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months and months of back and forth

I started writing this when I first hit a roadblock on my wot3 au a month ago and I just finished it today. Writing takes time you guys. Hope you enjoy.

Riley always enjoys working at her mother’s cafe. Seeing different people from all different walks of life going about their days never fails to put a smile on her face. She likes the quiet moments too when she can sit and think in between rushes.

Today was a quiet day, winter break had started at NYU and most of her fellow classmates were on their way back home for the holidays. The high schoolers are finishing their last day of class and she suspects things will pick up as soon as they are let out.

The icy December chill blows through the small space as the door opens for the first time in over an hour. Riley looks up, ready to welcome the new customer until she sees who it is.

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About the Genosonic Comic

So as you may noticed … There wasn’t a sequel of my Genosonic Comic this month and I’m very sorry about that! Really - very, very sorry!

Because I wanted to draw it so badly and now I can’t find time to do that. I also work on my own stories that I publish and I have a deadline that gives me a hard time right now… (and university and other stuff - I don’t want to bore you)

SO that means for the Genosonic Comic:

 It will take some more time to draw the sequel, but it will come! I started the cover for the comic a few weeks ago and finished it today. Yes, Sonic dressed up as a Geisha. Why he does this explains the plot. But no spoiler alarm.

I can only tell: He won’t stop until his subject is dead, you will see familiar faces in the sequel haha

I can’t promise anything but I will work on the sequel as fast as I can


Happy Halloween everyone ♥ ♥ ♥

The best gift is you, though.

Wooooo!! I can finally post this art trade piece with @lao-paperman !!!

Lineart by: Lao
Colors by: Me :3 

We didn’t actually plan on this art trade for Law’s birthday. We started this at least a month ago, I think, if not more. It’s just a cute coincidence that the theme was gift-giving and that we finished our pieces just a few days before Law’s birthday so we agreed to upload today.

This was both challenging and fun to color mainly because I was using a coloring method that I don’t usually use. I was a bit nervous to get the sunset feel right. I like how it turned out so yay!

I started this months ago and never finished it until today… I’m really sad it has almost 5 different styles of shading in it (and it’s obvious I started this as just Spartos) But I’m glad I can finally call this finished!


all those asks are over a month old. i started this a while ago and just finished it today… thanks to everyone who sent me ideas or encouragement, its always good to see people interested in my work :)


when someone suggested prom i was like geeze… but then i thought, yeah. prom.

In this AU i never have them dating. but they care about each other, technically. they would go to prom together. even if they were sort of mutually grumpy about it.

the end…?

12.14.2015 | Good morning! Today I’m organizing and planning. I will also work on my Nuclear Disarmament paper, I want to have the first draft finished by the end of this week! I don’t want to study on Christmas day! 🎅🏽🙈 Also, good news! A few months ago I applied for an internship at the UN (UN!!!!) and a couple of days ago they told me that I can start in February! I’m so excited! 😊 I guess what I’d like to say with this is..good things will happen to you so never stop trying! 💪🏽


i made a Romana/Leela Gallifrey thing! it’s based in series 2 mostly, with Pandora. it’s not technically animated at all, but i’m working on two other Gallifrey things at the moment that are.

sp stendyle scenarios / hcs
  • wendy knitting both her bfs a scarf.
  • kyle and wendy having long discussions over books at the dinner table. the trio finished eating twenty minutes ago, stan is clearing up the table and starts heating up water to make them both tea. he knows they’ll probably be sitting there for another half hour.
  • stan and kyle bringing junk food, ice cream, and movies over to wendy’s because she’s on her period. 
  • movie night in stan’s room and they’re watching mean girls. they’ve all seen the movie so many times that they recite lines back in unison. 
  • stan and wendy waking up at 5 am to go for morning jogs. they help each other with stretches and sometimes wendy will surprise him with a quick kiss after a round of sit-ups. (yes i’m using that idea from that meme)
  • kyle’s the one who does the laundry because he’s very particular on how clothes should be washed, folded, and put away. 
  • kyle gets so weak in the knees and relaxes instantly when either person is combing their fingers through his hair. he loves stan’s gentle touch, and the boldness in wendy’s fingernails trailing along his scalp.
  • six months have gone by and the trio have finally settled down into their first actual home with a yard. with things finally in place, kyle and wendy decide to go with their plan and surprise stan with a dog they adopted from a rescue shelter. though stan has developed several coping techniques with dealing with his depression, both wendy and kyle believe adding a dog to the family will be beneficial. now the dog will join wendy and stan on their morning runs, stan will take the dog out for walks by himself. the dog will lay curled up by stan’s side on the couch on those nights where he’s thinking too much and can’t fall asleep so he opts in for watching tv at night in the living room.
  • imagine stan slipping bits of food off his plate and feeding it to the dog who is sitting under the table next to him. kyle catches him and starts chiding him but knows he can’t reason with stan, not when BOTH stan and the dog are giving him puppy eyes. 
  • wendy and kyle are in bed snuggling and giggling over hearing stan singing in the shower. both are gushing on how much they love listening to him sing. whenever they compliment stan, he gets so flustered and elated because holy fuck, bathroom acoustics man.
  • next door neighbour au where stan and wendy are already in an established relationship. kyle (and his two roommates), who is stan and wendy’s neighbour, has been crushing on the couple about two years now. kyle’s sitting out on the back patio sipping lemonade while reading. lol jk, he’s not reading. he’s totally making eye candy out of stan who’s mowing the lawn without a shirt on, it’s hot as hell outside so yeah, he can be sweaty. wendy is tending to the flower garden with her hair tied up in a sloppy bun, the shirt she’s wearing is one of stan’s old college t-shirts with the sleeves cut out and some lose shorts. it’s such a cute, simple look but absolutely adorable. wendy catches him staring, has a knowing look on her face and waves to him saying “hey, kyle!” and holy fuck. now stan stops mowing, is waving a ‘hey dude’ and is now WALKING TOWARDS THE FENCE THAT SEPARATES THEIR YARD. oh god. kyle starts chugging the lemonade though it’s all watered down from the melted ice, stands himself up, and starts walking over to the fence where stan waits and wendy is walking over as well. little does kyle know that both stan and wendy have been pining over him too.  (i’m dying someone please write this, i cannot write for the life of me)


I wanted to write this post a long time ago, but I never had time to do it and today I finally decided to stop delaying it.

Before my graduation, when I had 3 exams left to finish my degree, I tried to make a bullet journal, but after 2 weeks I realized it wasn´t for me, so I stopped and now I use that pretty notebook for the simulation revisions. 

When I started studying for the MIR I already had a planner and it´s the first time I have been using it for more than 1 month (every year I buy one and end not using it, I am a mess). This planner literally saved my life, even if I don´t write a lot of things in it.

During the first and second round, I used those coloured bookmarks you see on the third pic to separate the subjects I had to study everyday (if you see old photos, all of my books have the same bookmarks). It was a good way of organizing my schedule and recognize fast what I had to study in every speciality. 

Apart from that, the rest of the planner is very simple because I know myself, and if I tried to make it prettier I would have ended stressing myself over the decoration and forget the studying. The only thing I did was put washi tape over the holidays, Sundays and other free days, to make them look different and pretty.

After I am done with the exam, the planner will be super boring for a few months, and it makes me a little sad because I grew to love it a lot. Maybe I will start studying something during those months… any suggestion? Do you know any fun online course I can try???


finished work on the plot for a short(ish) book today …after starting plotting it around 24 hour ago. so here’s a celebratory half hour scribble of my magic moth protagonist magdalena

i’m a bit nervous about this story, since usually plotting for me takes months and months (in fact, this is the second story i’ve actually fully plotted after king, out of my half a dozen ideas ive got on the backburner) and this fell into place so smoothly and quickly i’m kind of suspicious and not confident i’m looking at it with objective eyes…

but! i’m trying to trust myself and my muse and my stories more - trying to just go with the flow and not worry about a story being totally perfect and flawless 100% of the time, and just try to make sure every story i write is the best version of itself, and nothing more.

Today’s 25 minute elliptical workout was challenging for me, but I finished it! My heart rate basically stayed at peak the whole time. Also, I can now bicep curl 8 pound dumbbells, which was impossible for me a month ago 😁 It’s not much, but it is still improvement from where I started. After doing a bit of arms and legs today, on top of the elliptical and a 20 minute walk, I am positive I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

I have some time today so I decide to finished it(I started to drew it about one month ago), so there it is :D

Megaman X was the first series I played in all series, my favorite character is X, but I never color him on this way so I think is time to do this.

Beside, I got all manga of Megaman X from my teacher FOR FREE, so  I think I need to do something to thank God bring these manga to me lol, and really thanks to my roommate bring all of these to me ;_;