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Wrong Place Wrong Time (1)

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Part 1 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 2,467 

“Chanyeol no I can’t, honestly!” You whined, trying to pull your arm out of his tight grip, but his grasp was too tight and he continued to drag you along with him.

“Quit complaining Y/N, this will all be worth it. I promise”. He dragged you round a corner and you could hear the sound of muted music not far away.
You and Chanyeol had been close friends since he was 14 and you were 12. 10 years and counting. He lived across the street from your house, you’d noticed him often and saw him in the neighbourhood of course, but you never spoke to him. It wasn’t until the day that you had realised that you were in the same school that you began to speak, sometimes he’d speak to you during lunch breaks, depending on his mood but mostly you’d walk home together or watch a film at one another’s, it always felt good knowing someone in an older year group. It had made you feel like the ‘it’ girl and you couldn’t lie about the fact that you enjoyed the jealousy that other girls elicited, he was cute after all, but you had only ever really seen him as a brother and that was good enough for you.
Ever since you had started working as an apprentice at a business firm last year, Chanyeol was constantly trying to make you spend more time with him since he didn’t really see you much in the day. He worked too, although he didn’t have specific shifts, it seemed as though he could be called out whenever. Chanyeol never really went into depth about his job and so you didn’t really know what his occupation was over the last 4 years. You assumed his job wasn’t one he could boast about and so you didn’t want to pry and push him to explain himself if that wasn’t what he was willing to do.

So here you currently were, standing outside of a club that you really didn’t have the time for and just as equally, didn’t have the desire to be at.
“Chanyeol seriously,” you groaned “I have an important meeting with the boss tomorrow, I have to be on my top form, I don’t have time for this”

“You’ve been saying that to me for the past year Y/N. You really should make time for your friends you know.” He smacked you lightly on the wrist as if scolding you and pulled you inside the club.

Music was blaring out loud, lights dancing around the room. The night was young, yet there were already a number of drunken people on the dance floor. Great, you thought to yourself rolling your eyes.

“Don’t be such a killjoy Y/N” Chanyeol nudged you in the back with his elbow. You sighed frowning up at him.

“You know I can’t stand drunken people Chan, and clubs for that matter.” You looked around the room in disgust, and felt a sense of defeat as you came to the realisation that Chanyeol would not permit you to leave anytime soon. He dragged you towards the bar and made you sit on a stool.
“I’m not thirsty” You said dully looking at how his hair that had turned a bright purple under the fluorescent lights.

“You don’t have to be.” He said, sliding a glass of something or other across the bar towards you. “Drink up” He clinked his glass against yours, and downed whatever was in his cup in one breath. You quirked your brow and shook your head at him.

“Why?” you asked, screwing your face in disgust. He laughed at your reaction and pulled a face back.
“Why not?”
You shook your head again, thinking of the many ways in which you could try to escape this situation, but nothing came to mind, so unfortunately for you, you were stuck. You tried to pass time by scrolling through your phone, whilst Chanyeol bought himself another drink and finished yours for you, when a familiar looking man walked up to the two of you. You recognised his short dark hair and big round eyes, he walked up to Chanyeol, the height difference growing even more apparent the closer he got.
“So you decided to come then?” he stared at Chanyeol, looking seriously unimpressed. Chanyeol jumped spilling some of the drink in his cup on his shirt.
“Ahhh, Shit –Kyungsoo, man what the fu- you scared me asshole.”

“Pay more attention then.” He replied in a less than bothered tone. “How many times have I told you, it’s D.O. when we’re out here!?” He paused for a moment, just noticing you were there, he glanced over at you, his expression unchanging then turned back to Chanyeol. “Why did you bring her here?”

You scoffed. Stupid prick you thought to yourself, you had bumped into Kyungsoo on more than one occasion and he made it very clear that he wasn’t your biggest fan. Although he never outwardly did or said anything to offend you, it was his expressions that pissed you off the most; he just always looked angry and unimpressed to see you, and then spoke about you to Chanyeol like you weren’t there. One time you’d even heard him say to Chanyeol that he should no longer continue to have a friendship with you, who did this prick think he was. You scoffed again looking down at your phone screen and waiting impatiently for Chanyeol to defend your honour and to be honest he wasn’t doing an amazing job at it.

“Come on Kyungsoo –”


“Whatever. Look it’s not a bad night out, we’re alright tonight. Okay just chill out” he patted him on the back, and took a quick look at you over his shoulder. You were still scrolling on your screen but were looking at them in your tunnel vision. Pathetic, one of your oldest friends couldn’t even stick up for you properly.

“That’s not the point Chanyeol, how many times have I told you not to mix business with pleasure, this place isn’t a joke. You of all people should know that. Get her out of here now.” You could just about hear them over the loud music. What was Kyungsoo talking about, business and pleasure? Did Chanyeol work here at the club?

“Kyungsoo, I –”

“D.O.! God damn it Chanyeol! And no, just get her out!`” he hissed taking a quick peek at you over his shoulder then signalling for the bartender to pour him a drink. Chanyeol took a deep breath and stood up from his stool walking over to you.
“We should go Y/N” he said poking your leg playfully.
On any other day you would’ve been more than happy for him to request you leave the club. In fact 10 minutes ago you would’ve been happy at his suggestion. But now not so much, only because you felt you had to prove a point to Kyungsoo.

“No I’m fine, I’ve just started easing in” You smiled up at him, and signalled to the bartender for a drink.

“But you have work tomorrow, I wouldn’t want you to get too tired or drunk or anything” Chanyeol laughed nervously, why was he acting so strangely and why was he actually following Kyungsoo’s orders.
“Oh?” you hung your head on the side, looking directly into his eyes. “So now you care about my work? I’m fine Chanyeol I’m staying put and I handle my drink, you know getting drunk isn’t my thing.”

“You should listen to your friend” Kyungsoo said, lifting his head to look at you, his expression still blank. “This is no place for a woman who has work early in the morning. A hangover isn’t the best outfit to wear to work now, is it?”
Such a condescending bastard. You let a shaky breath through the best fake smile you could plaster on your face.
“Thanks for your concern, but once again, I can handle myself. Thanks. Kyungsoo” you added spitefully at the end. He glowered at you momentarily then dragged his eyes away and back down to his cup. You smiled to yourself and let out a breath of victory. If your friend wasn’t going to defend you, you’d do it yourself.
Just then another man approached you, He was a little bit taller than Kyungsoo and his black hair was parted down the middle, showing way to his forehead, you found that you couldn’t tear your eyes from his boxed jaw as he spoke.

“I’ve just got word from upstairs that they’re lurking. Have you got anything on you?” He looked between both Kyungsoo and Chanyeol. Kyungsoo nodded whilst Chanyeol shook his head

“Why haven’t you got your –” The guy paused and stared at you for a minute. Sighing heavily he turned his attention back to Chanyeol. “How many times have I told you not to bring your whores to the club Chan?”
Whore! Who the fuck was he calling a whore!?

“She’s not a whore” Chanyeol frowned, taking a step closer to you. The second guy laughed lightly and smiled and Chanyeol.
“So what is she? A ‘lady of the evening’ Chanyeolie, a whore is a whore, stop being so modest” he smiled smugly and eyed you up and down hungrily, making you feel sick. You were so ready to punch him in the face.
“She’s not a whore, she’s his friend” Kyungsoo said. His expression finally changing, into one of disgust, but it changed nonetheless.
“What” The second guy frowned, looking at your face “So you’re not a whore? Then what are you doing here?”
“No Jongdae, she’s not a whore. Stop it” Chanyeol pouted, irritation evident on his face.
Jongdae. Waste of a nice name you thought to yourself.

“Why the fuck are you calling me Jongdae out here? And where are your arms?” Jongdae flicked Chanyeol in the forehead.
“Because he’s an asshole, he’s been calling me Kyungsoo all night. And also because, again, he is an asshole” Kyungsoo grunted and threw Chanyeol a look of disgust.
Just then the music cut and you heard a loud bang. Followed by a handful of screams.
“Oh my God, what was that?” your eyes were wondering around the room frantically trying to find where the noise came from. But you couldn’t see much as there were people running about widely.
“Chanyeol I told you to get your friend out of here, what part of that didn’t you understand!” Kyungsoo shouted, this time his face was alight with rage, and he pulled out a gun from his inner blazer pocket.
Oh my God. Your eyes widened and you began to panic, why did he have a gun. What was going on. Without even having the chance to think, Chanyeol grabbed your wrist and pulled you off of the stool towards the door, but when you had reached, a lanky man standing there with what looked like a machete was blocking the exit. He smiled at you coyly causing Chanyeol to step back, his grip still tight around your wrist.
“Fuck!” He shouted running with you back to the bar where Jongdae and Kyungsoo were still standing, but this time armed.

Oh, it had just clicked. Arms.

“Why the fuck is she still here?” Jongdae screamed at Chanyeol “And why the fuck didn’t you bring your arms?”
“The doors blocked. And we were supposed to be good tonight! This isn’t my fault”
“Have you ever heard of an ambush Chanyeol? God damn it!” Jongdae ran a hand through his hair in anger.
“Stop arguing you two” Kyungsoo grumbled handing Chanyeol a glass bottle. Chanyeol knocked it against the counter of the bar, smashing the end, he was left behind with a jagged weapon.

“Chan- Chanyeol, what are you doing, what’s happening?” You whimpered, tears forming in the back of your eyes. You were so scared and you needed some air otherwise you were sure you’d pass out.
“Don’t ask him stupid questions right now whore. Can’t you see we’re busy?” Jongdae hissed at you, slipping a gun out of his back pocket and disappearing to the end of the dance floor.

“She’s seen too much” Kyungsoo shook his head at you, you were sure you’d never seen anyone so angry in your life and you were dangerously close to bursting out crying.
“Just get her out of here, through the back Chanyeol, we’ll discuss this later. Suho is not going to be happy!”
Chanyeol grabbed your wrist again pulling you towards the back of club, near the DJ kit.

“Chanyeol, what’s going on?” You cried, unable to hold back your tears any longer, you were terrified and your heart was beating wildly against your chest.

“Don’t ask me questions right now Y/N” he shouted, he sounded so hostile; he had never sounded like this before. You were wondering whether or not it was actually Chanyeol you heard, because it was impossible for such a friendly giant to be this type of way.
You had just approached the corner, about to make it out through the emergency exit when all of a sudden a man with a knife had jumped out of the shadows towards you. Chanyeol let go of your hand, pushing you to the ground. You landed hard on your back, closing your eyes wincing at the pain. When you opened your eyes again you saw Chanyeol pushing the broken bottle into the man’s neck and ripping it out again, he pushed him down on the floor beside you and stomped on his windpipe with the heel of his foot.
You let out a blood curdling scream. “Oh my God Chanyeol. You –Oh my God” You were hyperventilating shock was starting to kick in and you couldn’t breathe.
“It was either you or him, which did you prefer?!” He shouted “Now get up and let’s get out!” but you were paralysed in your spot, unable to move. Sighing he picked you up and threw you over his shoulders, running outside through the emergency exit.

You had been outside for a minute now, regaining your breath. Chanyeol had positioned you between the wall and his body so you could stay upright. Just as you were finally beginning to calm down. A car screeched to a halt beside you. It was blacked out and you couldn’t see who was in there at all. The window was wound down and a gun thrown out. Chanyeol caught it with his right hand and pushed you towards the car.

 “Get in” he said gruffly.

 “What?” You breathed, barely a whisper.

 “I said get in the fucking car Y/N and be quick about it!” He held the gun up to your head. Not making him repeat himself a second time you walked towards the back door, when it swung open from the inside.

“Get in, whore.”

Birthday Surprise

A/N: okay so this is my first fanfic so it’s pretty bad but I hope you enjoy, and I forgot that they were twins so in this it’s only Grayson’s birthday :)

Summary: you surprise Grayson on tour for his birthday
I woke up to the faint sound of my phone vibrating next to me on my bedside table, my eyes adjusted to the clock which read 2:45am. I looked down at my phone and saw the call was from my boyfriends brother, Ethan. I answered with a quiet voice “you sound tired” he chuckled through the phone “no” I replied sarcastically “why are you calling me so late?” I asked “well as you know it’s Grayson’s birthday in a few days so we’re going to surprise him by flying you out here to join us on tour for a couple of days, we’ve already organised your tickets and everything so all you need to do is get on the plane come visit us, the flight is today at 9:00pm I’ll email you the rest Grayson’s coming back. Bye” he hung up the phone before I even got to reply, a few minutes later I get an email from Ethan with all my flight information. I was beyond excited. I stayed up the rest of the night, imaging multiple possibilities of his reaction when he sees me tomorrow.
With what felt like half an hour my alarm clock rang and it was 8:30am. Immediately I started packing my suitcase and cleaning up my apartment. It had felt so empty without Ethan and Grayson ever since they went on tour, I missed them so much and it got harder everyday being away from them.
Soon enough it was time to leave for the airport, I put on some legging and one of Grayson’s sweatshirts and called an uber. My heart was beating out of my chest with all the emotions when I arrived, looking down at my ticket that read 9:00pm I realised I still had a few hours to kill so I decided to get some dinner before checking in and going through customs. It felt like a million years before the flight landed, so hearing the captain over the P.A announcing our landing was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I was sat next to a lady that leant on my shoulder while she slept, the person in front of me had their seat all the way back and there was a kid sitting behind me continuously kicking the back of my seat, his poor mother couldn’t do much about it because she was too preoccupied trying to get her screaming newborn baby to stop crying, but it was worth it.
After grabbing my bag from the carousel i walked outside and was greeted by Ethan waiting at the door. “Ethan!” I yelled hugging him, it had been so long since I’d seen them and Ethan was my best friend. He took me to the car and put my bag in the back for me. When we arrived at the hotel where the were staying Ethan grabbed out the camera to film Grayson’s reaction, I didn’t really like being filmed but i let him, he did pay for my flight after all.
Grayson hadn’t even noticed that we walked in because he was so concentrated on editing a video. “Grayson!” Ethan screamed out at him and got his attention. It took him a while before turning his head and seeing me standing next to the bed. My heart was jumping around in circles when he looked at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He crawled off the bed and I jumped into him arms wrapping my legs around his waist “ew” Ethan chuckled into the camera. Grayson put me down and looked at us confused “why are you here” he laughed, “ouch” I said back at him “she’s your birthday present” Ethan yelled, then giggled after he realised how weird that sounded. We finished off the video and sat down to watch a movie. Ethan had left by now, do. it was just me and Grayson cuddled up on the bed.
“What are you staring at?” I asked him. “I missed you Y/N” he made my stomach jump around in circles.
Before I responded his lips crashed against mine, with no hesitation I kissed him back. I felt him hardening underneath me as his lips moved from my mouth to my chest. “I love you”
“Morning beautiful” Grayson said in his morning voice, “morning” I mumbled back, my words being hardly understandable, but he got the point. Memories of the night before flooded into my mind and gave me butterflies, it was so good to be back with Grayson after being apart for so long. I think that was the best nights sleep either of us had had in a long time. “Best birthday present ever” he whispered.

ExR Interview with George Blagden

George very kindly exchanged e-mails with me while I was working on my dissertation, which focused on Enjolras and Grantaire’s relationship in Les Misérables. I basically wanted to see if it was viable to view their interactions as being indicative of something more intimate than friendship, and extended that to examine the reception of their relationship in online fandom, which is where George comes in! He asked to share this interview on Twitter - his answers are great at exploring an actor’s process, as well as being a really fantastic and valuable contribution to what I was writing about; I’m super excited about sharing his thoughts and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

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10 greatest moments of Episode 364 (spoilers alert!)

SO… EPISODE 364 was just AWESOME! And because it’s so hard to choose what to post about (I have so much to say), I decided I’ll just do a long written post instead! You have been warned about spoilers ahead!

1. When there are suspicions in the air even before anything starts

We always suspect Kwang Soo… Because it’s always Kwang Soo even before anyone knows anything

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for @hpminorcharnet​’s non-canon relationships creation event

oliver goes travelling with his quidditch team as part of the world cup, marcus has a keen interest in literature; snippets of his daily unsent letters to oliver while he’s away

1.       it’s only been a few hours since you left but it’s as if the moment your presence exited the house the rain began to fall. the heavy droplets have already overflown the owl bath – i think the little brown owl who brings our edition of the daily prophet is so soaked he can’t fly back home; i might go and bring him inside so he has a place to rest but i don’t have the energy to do anything right now. when you left you took all my inspiration with you, i don’t have much of a purpose. motionless, emotionless; i have nothing, really.

2.       the empty side of your bed reaffirmed the emptiness in my heart last night. i wish i was overreacting when i say i feel as though i’m missing half of my soul. damn you for being so wonderful that you’ve absorbed half of my consciousness. and damn your job for taking you so far away from me; i know this will be the start of something wonderful for you, but i can’t sleep without the dip in the bed beside me. part of me wants the team to win because it’s you, but part of me wants you to crumble at the first hurdle so you can come back.

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Study Tips

A lot of the study tips I see aren’t always that great for how I work. So I guess these are tips that help for me. To help get around mental health issues (like having no energy from depression or getting overwhelmed from anxiety). They don’t always work me because I do still need to put effort in to actually do these things and I don’t always do that, but when you do them, they help.

1. Start assignments early. I know every study guide says this but it’s usually in a get as much done as early as you can which isn’t always great, it seems way too early, too much to do when your deadline is so far away so you never get around to it. Plus starting is the hardest thing to do, so if you can get it going before you get too stressed that’s great. But do it in little steps. Which feeds into:

2. Break it all down into little tasks. Like really little tasks. It depends on what kind of assignment you have with how you go about it. I have a lot of essays that require research. So it’ll be broken down into pick a topic, figure out the broader themes of what I want to talk about (you might need to do research before this first and will probably be revised after you’ve done more), find some resources, read and summarise those resources one at a time, plan what each paragraph needs to say, figure out what resources support those, write a paragraph at a time, intros and conclusions, editing. Etc. If you start early, these things don’t get overwhelming. I’ll get one tiny step done between episodes of a tv show, so it doesn’t feel like a massive ton of work at once but it still gets done. Sometimes I just write a sentence or two at a time. Not so great close to deadlines, but early on, not a problem. I got my first assignment in this semester that wasn’t a rush at the end of the deadline and it was amazing not feeling so incredible stressed the day it was due.

3. Follow essay plans. These things are so useful. They seem really cliche but it’s because there’s a way essays work. Intros: Snazzy intro sentence (you can always work on this), summarise what you’re going to talk about (you can even just say I’m going to show this by talking about this (though be wary of if there are preference for first or third person in your writing), paragraphs (topic sentence to introduce the point, evidence supporting that point from your research, connecting sentence to next point) and conclusion (summing up what you’ve said again, but in a more definite way because you’ve shown it now by what’s come before).

4. Accept that there are going to be days that suck. if you’re ahead, you might be able to accept that, if you’re not, you might have to work anyway to get things done. It depend on deadlines, but sometimes change what you plan to get done that day. Find things you can do with less pressure. On terrible days I just try to revise lectures or do readings, depending on how in depth this stuff is. Basically things that require a bit less effort or thinking. So then they’re out of the way when you can focus again. And you will feel a bit better for having gotten something done.

5. Know what your flaws are. One of mine is that I use sentences that are way too long. I don’t bother with this in first drafts, I just have an editing session that looks only for that. I cover topics too broadly at times, trying to cover all aspects of a question instead of specific points in depth. 

6. Check feedback. I hate doing this because I hate seeing what I’ve done wrong but it really is necessary. It’s how I know what my flaws mentioned above are. I didn’t realise I had problems with that until I saw it written as feedback.

7. First drafts don’t have to be great. I see this said a lot for fiction writing but not so much for schoolwork. But just get the info down. Make it readable later. Use headings and dot points if that helps! (it probably will help you find what you’ve written easier) Remove the headings later and turn those dot points into sentences. If you don’t quite know the right word for something at the time, highlight it so you can come back and fix it later.

8. Don’t take online classes unless you have to. The pressure of going to class can help you to keep up with your work. 

9. Don’t take early morning classes. They seem like a good idea when you sign up because then you can get it out of the way and get on with your day. But when you wake up and you just want more sleep, if that class isn’t necessary, you’re not going to go. 

10. Attend your classes. A lot seem pointless to be there. Lectures get recorded. Your tutor may ramble and take two hours for something you can cover on your own in half an hour, but they might also give tips about assignments, you’ve got a better environment to talk to peers, etc. And it’s easier to approach teaching staff if you’ve shown up enough for them to recognise you (not that I’m ever brave enough to do this, but I know I’d be more likely to approach the people I don’t feel guilty about having missed their classes).

Master Post/Links for my theories as requested

 The Theories

I finally made one YAY so there are also seperated 

I just call them brain dumps because they’re theories I rushed through and just blurted out of my brain quickly without editing or thinking about
but they are very key if you wanna understand the rest of my posts 
Also I decided to also link to my fan fics if anyone is interested in reading them Warning I only do them or post them when I get drunk so writing may be a bit bad :’) But I love them

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Brain dumps (Also theories but based on specefic things more)


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Realities of professional photography.

As I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what it means to be a “professional photographer” today. I have done my best to distil some of those thoughts (for what they are worth) below.

1. Freelancing is hard. It doesn’t matter how many blogs you read or how many systems you have in place, the bottom line is “winning new clients who pay a fair fee is difficult.” How do you go about winning those new clients in the first place? Is the best route to assist first? How many clients do you need to have to survive? These are only a sample of the concerns that you will be rubbing against on a daily basis if you are committed to commercial photography full time. You just have to get used to the constant evaluation and re-evaluation process that you will be putting yourself through as you try and stay on top of whether you are going about running your business as well as you can. And you do need to do it — this is a fast-paced market so standing still is not an option.

2. Personal work drives (some) commercial success. If you take a look around the vastness of the internet and have a modicum of interest in what your peers are doing, the good ones or shall I say, the successful ones, usually have a good body of personal work (not always but usually).

3. What is commercial photography anyhow ? Ah, the question that many great philosophers have pondered over for centuries is a tricky one. Google tells me: “in a nutshell, commercial photography means taking photos forcommercial use. And by commercial we mean for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.” So if you’re getting paid for it, it’s commercial.

4. What you don’t show is sometimes more important than what you do show. You’ll get lots of jobs (hopefully) — from photographing untrained cats and people throwing cakes at themselves all the way through to some decent advertising work. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter how happy the cake picture makes you, if it doesn’t fit into your portfolio then it doesn’t fit. Getting a clean, cohesive set of pictures together is a difficult but important thing to do. And “no” you can’t have pictures of weddings, cars, parrots, portraits of grandma, water droplet shots and slow exposure of your dog running around the garden all mixed together and call it a “Clean Portfolio”.

5. Social Media is a full time job. So you are really good at putting 3 photos a year on instragram and you’ve mastered MSN messenger. However, social media takes a lot of hard work. You have to be responsive and get excited when you get 11 likes on a post. I’m not sure how much any of it matters in the grand scheme of things but if you do have a nasty argument with the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet of your choice then getting a few extra likes is a sure fire way to make you feel better about yourself.

6. Admin, Admin, Admin. I’m sure you’ve read or heard some wise photo owl tell you that only 20% of your time will you be taking pictures, the other 80% is spent on admin. Well, let me dispel that rumour for you right here, right now. I’d say (and I appreciate this will this vary from person to person) it’s more like:

18% — Sorting images

10% — Social Media (chasing the “like” train).

20% — Sales

20% — Heavy procrastination

10% — Project ideas that will never happen

10% — Chasing people for money

10% — Tidy desk, tidy mind!

1% — Taking pictures

1% — Editing pictures

That being said, never underestimate the power of good admin. It is all too easy to turn the post-job warm and fuzzy client glow to dissatisfied rage with bad admin. If you are asked for some kind of follow up — deliver it. On time.

7. Working for free is sometimes ok. We’ve all had a call from a friend of a friend who just wants 3 pictures of himself in front of something unimportant. It turns out he has a staff of 20,and he wants portraits of each of them, a group portrait and for me to be to be as “creative” as possible. Sometimes working for free is a business decision and a lot of internet clever people will tell you it’s a bad idea. I don’t believe it’s as simple as that. IF (and that’s a big IF) you do work for free, there has to be some benefit for you. I mean, either through exposure or due to new connections. I’ve done lots of things for free and sometimes wished I hadn’t but now we’re a lot better at weeding out the good people from the ones wanting a permanently free ride. To summarise: there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should work for free but, if you do, make sure it works for you too.

8. Surround yourself with the most talented people you can find. Going it alone is really macho and can be wonderful for the ego but working as part of team (at times) can be better for the soul. As you grow, you’ll realise you need all sorts of people you didn’t even know existed when you started your career. Pick the ones who are really good at what they do and learn from them.

9. Learn as many skills along the way as you can. I’m one of those people who learns by doing, it is just the way I am. If I could speak to my school-age self now, I’d say “pick up a camera son” — avoid the 10+ years in IT. But, speaking frankly, when I was in school I never really got the learning thing. I found it incredibly hard to focus for too long. Photography is one of the areas that suits my brain perfectly in that it allows me to go off and investigate lots of random stuff. Since we started 10 years ago, we have had to master all sorts of ancillary things including video, editing, after effects, processing and photoshop. Be as curious as a 4 year old child.

10. Be nice. Ah the easy one — I used to have a primary school teacher called Mr Davies. He told me never to use the word “nice” as it doesn’t mean anything. I am afraid I have to take issue with him as I think “nice” means a lot. People like people, they like working with people who are either like them or ones that can get on with them, take the time to understand them and can have a laugh with them. There is no great science to this. It’s simply about making connections and then putting in some effort to keep them up. A little empathy goes a long way.

11. Chose your competitions wisely. There are lots of them who either want to take your money or steal your pictures. Choose wisely.

12. Insurance is your friend. I lose stuff, you lose stuff, we all lose stuff occasionally and everything in photography is expensive. Don’t be silly and not get any. End of.

13. Networking — old school style. If you want to get your business to grow then the simple truth is you have to go out and meet people, talk to people on the phone and engage in all sorts of weird human interaction that you thought only happened in the 80’s. Yes, email is wonderful but nothing beats a warm smile and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps… Get out there and meet as many people as possible.

14. Jack of all trades, master of none. Photography is huge, I mean like so big it’s hard to comprehend. All those people, taking all those pictures of all those different people and things. Focus on one area that you love and work as hard as you can to know it inside out. Make sure your portfolio is focused and don’t dilute your work by putting out images that aren’t relevant to what you do. I know I have made this point already but it is so fundamental I think it bears repetition.

15. Uncertainty is all part of the process. Sometimes, things aren’t going to go the way you expected them to go. You’ll go through some pretty long periods of doing nothing when you start out. Being able to handle that “quiet” time is really important and that’s when you have to dig deep, stay positive and get resourceful.

16. Word of mouth is important. Having other people tell other people about the really great job you did for them can be a really important part of your business. People do get lazy though so gently nudging them occasionally is OK too. However, remember that this phenomenon works both ways so if you do a poor job, you can be sure that it’ll get out there twice as fast than if you had done a stellar one. And, finally, remember to return the favour. If someone does a great job for you, tell people. That good turn will come back to you.

Oh and enjoy it. Everyone always ends these things with an exhortation to enjoy it. So here you go.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (11)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 11 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10  Part 12 Part 13   Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27   Part 28Part 29  Part 30   Part 31Part 32Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 2,535

You immediately began to regret what you had done to Jongdae, panic setting deep into the pit of your stomach as you rushed up the stairs and back along the corridors to Yixing’s room. Minseok already hated you and so there was no way he would hold back in making you suffer when he came for you. You hadn’t comprehended the torture he would put you through when you were mindlessly standing up to Jongdae, but now that you thought about it you were terrified beyond belief.

By the time you had got back to Yixing’s room he was already awake wincing at the pain of the alcohol that was rubbed into his wound you assumed. You set the items you had on the floor beside his bed and looked at him, concerned with how much pain he was in, seeing others suffering had always made you feel uncomfortable for as long as you could remember.

“Did-did you do this?” Yixing pulled a face of discomfort, placing his hand over the covered wound.

“Yeah, I tried disinfecting it. Sorry for the pain.”

“No. It’s okay. Thank you.” He took a deep breath out. You smiled lightly as it was the first time you felt appreciated in this madhouse and it made you feel slightly warm inside. “Why? You could’ve just let me get infected and have me die. After all the shit that’s happened to you in here. I know you hate us all.”

“Because I’m not that kind of person. Besides I don’t hate you all, not you and Baekhyun anyway. Junmyeon is okay too I guess.”

“And Chanyeol?” Yixing turned his head to face you. You rolled your eyes, walking over to the desk where Junmyeon had placed the tea and soup earlier. Picking up the tea you took it over to where Yixing was. “Y/N you can’t ignore Chanyeol forever you know, you have to speak to him at one point.”

“It’s time to stitch you up, hold this.” You ignored him, handing him the cup of tea. You didn’t want to talk about Chanyeol.
You weren’t sure how much of the liquid anaesthetic to put into the cup, so you only put in a few small drops. “Drink this so I can stitch the wound.” You said, pushing the cup towards Yixing’s lips and picking up the needle and thread. He sighed taking the tea from your hands and drank it in one go.

“Have you ever done this before?” He looked at you through worried eyes

“No Yixing. I’m a business woman not a surgeon or an underground mafia nurse.” He rolled his eyes at you and how sarcastic you were being. “If it makes you feel any better I took a textiles module in high school, I have experience stitching and sewing clothes.”

“Yeah, yeah that makes me feel much better.” He stuck out his tongue. “Look Y/N I’m not usually one to brag, but I have a pretty gorgeous torso so if you mess this us up –”

“Shut up and close your eyes.” You pricked him in the arm with your needle, causing him to swear at you.

You waited impatiently for twenty minutes for Yixing to drift off, but he was still wide awake.
“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” You pouted, getting panicky that someone would walk into Yixing’s room to see how he was doing any moment soon.

“That’s because you didn’t put enough anaesthetic in to knock me out.”

“Well how am I supposed to stitch you up now? Shall I put more in your soup?” You started to get more worried your eyes darting between him and the soup.

“Calm down Y/N I’m awake but I can’t feel anything, you can just go ahead and patch me up. Go and lock the door and try and be quick.” You nodded curtly, walking over to the door to lock it. Returning to your spot you knelt down beside Yixing so you could get started on ‘fixing’ him.
As you began to stitch his body slowly and carefully you realised how toned he was. His chest rising and falling rhythmically in time with his breathing and how smooth his skin felt under your fingertips.
“Wow, it’s pretty straight.” Yixing murmured behind your ear, the realisation that he was watching you intently made you feel nervous and your hands began to shake, but luckily you had just about finished, tying the knot and cutting the thread.

“Finished.” You breathed, hiding all of the things you used in one of Yixing desk draws, leaving the vodka and now-empty bowl under his bed; you’d clean that up another time. You walked over to the door unlocking it.

“Wait.” Yixing dragged the sheets over his body. “You’re leaving straight away? Didn’t you want to talk?”

You shrugged and turned to look at him “About what? How you guys are going to kill me off? No thanks. I’d rather leave the element of surprise there.” You scoffed and turned to face the door.

“No. I mean like normal things. Where’s your favourite place to go? That kind of stuff.”
You turned to face him again, frowning.

“None of that matters if I’m stuck in here. Besides I don’t want to talk.”

“Okay, But I do…” He said trying to sit up so he could get a better view of you. This time you took a step away from the door and walked closer towards him. Sighing he pointed to the edge of the bed, signalling for you to sit there.

“I’m still a human too. It get’s lonely in here, I need someone to talk too.”

“Lonely?” You laughed mockingly “There are 9 of you living in this house, how lonely can it get?”

“It does, you don’t understand. I love the guys with all my heart but there are days when we fall out, when we’re sick and tired of each other. We can’t tell each other everything. I wouldn’t dare telling the boys of when I’m feeling scared and worthless; it would make me seem so small. But you on the other hand, I guess you’re kind of my objective outlet, in fact I bet you any money deep down everyone wants to get something off their chest whilst talking to you. Including Minseok. Plus… I don’t know… I guess it’s just refreshing having a girl around.”

You sat there quietly for a moment and in all honesty a feeling of gratitude and pride began to swell in your chest, you felt honoured even though you were somewhat forced and obliged into doing whatever the boys wanted.

“If we’re going to talk I want some answers. I’m tired of being kept in the dark.” You huffed crossing your arms over your chest.

“Fine.” Yixing sighed. “What do you want to know?”

You rubbed your chin between your thumb and index finger, thinking of what question out of the many stored in the back of your mind to ask first.

“Okay…” You began. “I want to know exactly who you all are and why you’re doing all of this. Surely you can’t just be doing all of this for fun? i know nothing about you and when I think about it like that it makes it all the more scarier. I don’t even know my closest friend like I thought I did.”

Yixing took a deep breath and began to talk.
“No of course we’re not just doing this for fun Y/N like I said before we have our purpose. We’re all here because we had been wronged in one way or another. Every single one of us has lost a loved one, someone we care about; apart from Chanyeol and that’s why we’re here. That’s why he’s here, to prevent it from happening. Kill or be killed, don’t you agree?” You frowned in confusion, you still didn’t know what Yixing was getting at.
“Obviously you’ve heard of Red’s corporation and The Genesis Corporation right?” You nodded quickly, of course you had, who hadn’t they were huge companies.
“Okay then, so I don’t have to go into depth about what they do. But you know that both are worth billions. Red’s came about first and they were doing very well. What are the two things everyone needs in life? Food and medical supplies, so that’s what they decided to produce. They were making so much money in a matter of years, distributing their stock across the world, but the more they came into demand the more money hungry the founder became, he lessened the quality and started cutting and splicing foods and medicines with toxic and illegal substances to increase his supplies. Hundreds of thousands died at the hands of him all over the globe. Do you remember around 8 years ago when many people began to die due to a tropical disease brought from wherever the news said it was?” Your eyes widened as you nodded, yes you remembered that.
“Well that was a cover a story. Money talks Y/N and the founder of Red’s was able to bribe the authorities into silence, people were dying mercilessly at the hands of impure products but the founder of the company couldn’t be happier because he was raking in billions. His name’s Jay Lee, but you’ll hear us referring to him as Red.” He took a breath and continued on with his story.

“Suddenly a few years after Red Corp, Genesis comes into play. Producing the exact same things as Red only good quality things, things that were pure and not tampered with. During this time the Genesis sales began to increase whilst Red’s sales began to decrease, leaving what I assumed to be a big hole in his pocket. Genesis started up because the founder didn’t believe what Red’s stood for. He founded Genesis because his wife was one of the victims of the toxic substances that Red’s were distributing, so he founded the company in honour of his wife and the many that died at the hand’s of Jay Lee. Many people began to join the Genesis Company, mostly those who’s families had been victims of the scandal too and the company grew in no time. The founder of Genesis was Junmyeon’s grandfather Y/N. He started it up because his wife was killed by the toxic medicines that Red’s were creating. He started it up because of Junmyeon’s grandmother.”

Your eyes widened in shock as you held your breath, you were not expecting that at all. Poor Junmyeon growing up without his Grandmother.

“It doesn’t end there. Don’t cry just yet” Yixing said in a sullen voice. “Those people that joined the Genesis Corporation were each of our family members Y/N we’ve all had a loved one who has died at the hands of Red. Baekhyun’s sister, Jongdae’s aunt. Both of Minseok’s parents…”
You placed your hand over your heart to stop it from shattering to pieces, these men were all broken inside yet they acted as though they were so tough.
“Anyway, Red wasn’t to happy about Genesis obviously and decided to take it into his own hands to bring the corporation down. So that’s when he had his company form an underground gang. Stealing goods from Genesis and rebranding it under his name. It got very… messy. His sales still hadn’t increased so he…he had Junmyeon’s Grandfather killed.” He paused for breath and to stop himself from crying. “So Junmyeon’s father took over the company. He said he’d handle the situation, but no matter what happened we all had to promise to not form an underground gang. Obviously we can’t keep promises very well.” He sighed, looking at you through tired eyes. “Red had Junmyeon’s father killed too. Now Junmyeon’s older brother has inherited the company, but the first thing he did was make an underground mafia, which is us, and I don’t blame him. He also did it to keep Junmyeon safe, and I know it seems ironic that to keep his brother safe he’d make him the leader of whatever fucked up squad we are, but it really was the only way to keep him away from the worst of it. So I guess he’s fighting to keep his brother safe whilst we’re fighting to keep our loved ones who work for Genesis safe and I guess you could argue that we’re fighting to keep producing good products for the world to use.”
You were silent for a moment, you didn’t know how to feel, they were monsters with a cause and you weren’t sure if that made the situation better.

“How is Chanyeol involved in all of this?” You asked. You didn’t recall him telling you of a family member that had died.

“Do you remember 4 years ago Chanyeol’s dad got a new job?” Yixing asked, you nodded, you remembered the day Chanyeol had told you that, you were both snuggled under a blanket on the sofa watching an animated film, you also remembered the week after he himself had got a job, but he never really told you what it was about. “Well, that new job was at Genesis. None of his family had died he didn’t join for justice I think he was just purely unlucky at landing a job at what he didn’t know was a war zone. Chanyeol joined us to make sure he could keep his dad safe. The crazy part about all of this is that his dad doesn’t even know that he’s part of this underground team.” Yixing shifted a little trying to get himself into a comfortable spot, his speech was slowing and you could see he was beginning to feel tired. “Somewhere in the midst of all of this we stopped fighting for a cause, now we fight for revenge and out of hatred. Now we’re just programmed to kill and we can’t stop ourselves, our loved ones would be so ashamed, I can just feel it. This is why we’re all trying to keep Sehun as far away from it all as possible, we need to protect his sanity, even if the rest of us are mad…but I feel like he’s slowly slipping away, no thanks to Minseok.”

You felt empty after everything Yixing had told you. And even after you knew why Chanyeol was doing this you still couldn’t help but feel anger towards him and you didn’t know why. Yixing let out a yawn and slowly stretched his arms out. You rose from the bed covering him properly with the sheets and walking towards the door.

“You should get some sleep Yixing. I’ll check on you later. Goodnight” 

“You promise you’ll check on me?” His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy shop, and it was at this point you realised that these men just wanted to be loved like anyone else did. They wanted to be valued and told everything would be okay. Maybe it was time to change your approach to them and tend to their needs more, maybe they weren’t as bad as you initially thought. They were monsters. Just not heartless ones.

“I promise.” You whispered turning off the light and closing the door behind you.

Westallen - Music Moments on the Flash: Part II

First of all, thank you to everyone who like and reblogged the original post! And thank you to anyone who asked me a question. I appreciate all the love and it makes me feel less like I’m just talking to myself. This post is about the soundtrack and even though I’m a Westallen shipper and this was originally just about them, I think I’ve included all kinds of music moments that will interest you if you like music and music on TV shows and movies. So, before we get into this post (which is going to be long as hell because this has made me realise just how much music is used at all points in time in superhero shows), I have to explain a few things about Western classical music and soundtracks in general. If you know any or all of this already, then I guess you can skip it. (I just finished editing this, and it is REALLY long. Prepare yourself lol).

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Neighbours (Part 7)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You’ve moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. Your neighbour starts getting friendly, and you wonder where it could lead.

Word count: 1436

A/N: this is getting way more interesting. The idea came from a nice anon who sent me something along the lines of this idea. Thank you so much, anon. It’s a great inspiration. (I’m not going to post up the ask right now in case people see that before they read this, but you know who you are, thank you so much!)

EDIT: the idea came from this ask :)

Key: [Y/F/N] - [Your Full Name]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

Masterlist (mobile friendly here)

It’s been just over a month since the kiss, and there have been many more since. Bucky never explicitly asked you to go out with him or be his girlfriend, but you were at that level. He hadn’t told his Avenger friends, surprising because they seemed to rave on about how much he talked about you. Tony seemed wary of you, though, as if he thought there was something wrong with you being there. You trained at the Tower more and more, however, and there was lots of talk about them recruiting you. You liked the idea of helping the Avengers and the world, but you didn’t know if it was really for you. Bucky liked the idea, though, to an extent. He didn’t want you getting hurt, or captured.

You had just finished training with Clint. He was one of the Avengers that took to you very easily, it was probably very comforting having another “normal” person there along with him.

“You’re getting better,” he laughed, getting up from the mat you had just knocked him onto. “Almost as good as me.”

“I’d say I’m better, Barton.” You joked, pulling your hair down from the ponytail you had it tied up in.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Clint packed his bag up and swung it around his shoulder. “I’m gonna go solo for an hour or so, see you in a bit.”

You smiled at him as he left the room, leaving you to pack up your own things.

“Hey, doll.” You heard a husky voice say. You looked up to meet with his sapphire eyes.

“Hey, Buck,” you smiled at him before he came over to grip you in a tight hug. “You okay?” You asked, usually his hugs were soft and light, yet still loving. This was something more.

He let go and stepped back slightly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Fury wants to speak with you, though.”

“Me? Why?” You were a little shocked, though you knew it was probably about recruitment.

“I don’t know. Recruitment, maybe? It won’t be anything bad, though.” He smiled gently before picking up your bag for you and heading to the door.

“What if it is about recruitment. What do you want me to do?” You needed someone else’s opinion other than your own, you knew what he was going to say, though.

“It’s entirely up to you, sweetheart. I don’t want to sway you either way.” Bucky opened the door for you, letting you walk out before you.

You went up to speak to Fury, still unsure of what decision you should make should he ask you about joining.

As you walked into Fury’s office, you saw him sitting in his huge chair, in front of his glass windows that covered the entire wall. You didn’t see him much, but he looked like he had a permanently stern expression. He gestured for you to sit in the chair in front of his desk.

“You’re settling in quite well here?” Fury asked you, clasping his hands together in front of him.

“I just hang around; train a little bit is all.” You said, shifting slightly in your chair.

“You and Bucky seem to get along very well.” He sat up straighter in his chair.

You looked at him, wondering if he knew about the two of you. “Yeah, he’s been really kind to me, being my neighbour and all.”

He glanced at you before picking up a folder on his table and handing it to you. “What would you do in this situation?”

You looked at the folder Fury had handed you. It had details on some HYDRA bases, noting that they may be planning an attack. Soon. You assumed the file was fake, made up to see how you would handle a situation.

While reading the folder, you heard a huge blast, glass shattering into the room. You covered yourself as much as humanly possible, but small shards still stuck to your arms. Fury was knocked out. You rushed over to him, trying your best to wake him but no amount of shaking or slapping his face would wake him. You pulled out your phone to call Bucky only to find a message telling you to stay put and that he’d find you. You were on a high up floor, surely you were safe.

You felt searing pain ring through your right shoulder blade. You fell to your knees and screamed in agony. Another shot was made lower down on your torso. You felt arms grab you, assuming it was Bucky you were relieved. But you blacked out before you got your answer.

You woke up, unable to move. The room was dark, barely lit except for the light coming through small windows at the top of the wall. It smelled damp as if there was water running before, spread throughout the room. And it was cold, so cold. Your body felt as though it could be frozen in ice.

You wriggled, now realising you were strapped to a chair, restraints wrapped around your wrists and your ankles. You figured that struggling would only make your situation worse. So you sighed a deep sigh and looked for anything noticeable about the room you were in. There was a door on the far side of the room, bright light peeking through the seams. You noticed some tables to your left, various contraptions lying on top. You didn’t even want to think about what they were used for. You leant your head back, trying to swing back strands of hair that lay upon your face, annoyed when some wouldn’t move.

The door opened. The bright light shadowed the figure walking in, though you could see they were tall, muscular. You didn’t like the look of them.

“HYDRA take no prisoners,” a deep, grumbly voice said. “You- you are special, however.”

You were confused. How were you special other than your small link to the Avengers? Even that wasn’t stable yet.

The man grabbed a chair and pulled it in front of you. You still couldn’t see the features on his face, due to the fact he left the door open.

“[Y/F/N].” He had a clipboard, and he was visibly looking at it. “You have the potential for much greater things.”

You still didn’t speak, you didn’t risk opening your mouth and potentially making things worse.

“Your genes are perfect. We can make you better than anything we’ve ever created before. Better than the Red Skull, better than the Winter Soldier.”

Bucky? He was a super-soldier. What on earth were they planning on doing to you? He went through decades of agonising pain, decades of being made to assassinate innocent people. What would they do to you?

“We have been experimenting. The super-soldier serum once used to create Captain America, the Winter Soldier has been enhanced.” You noticed the man spoke with a slight accent. German, maybe? Possibly Swiss. He was definitely European, though. “You will be stronger. Faster. Deadlier.”

You didn’t want to be deadlier. You wanted to be you, not some enhanced version of you.

“Yes, we know Barnes was in the building. Why not go for him, you ask? He knows too much, he’s too aware now. We could brainwash him again but now that his long-lost Steve knows he’s alive. It would never work.” He stood, placing his clipboard down on the table to you left. “You, however, you are new, we can make an even better Winter Soldier, and lure the old one here in the process.” The man paused. “He will come for you, yes? I’d hate for this to be the tragic end to a blossoming love story.”

Have they been surveying you the entire time you’ve been here? How much do they know about you and Bucky? You had so many unanswered questions but you did not dare to open your mouth.

“Now, it will be much easier for you if you don’t struggle. This will numb you, you may even pass out. But everything will be okay. And when you wake up, you won’t know what hit you.”

You couldn’t believe this was happening. You were hoping that Bucky and the Avengers would burst in right at that moment. But they didn’t show up and you were left with this strange man injecting something into your arm. It hurt at first, all over, and then you felt nothing. No pain, no relief, nothing. Your eyes felt heavy as if you were drifting to sleep. Nothingness turned into darkness and you were left to briefly think about the torture to come.

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44335557! (22)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 22 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,286

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

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You continued to be furiously interrupted by the constant ringing of your phone and Sehun’s phone but you tried ignoring regardless.

“What do you mean you’re coming for me?…” You breathed as you stared aimlessly into Sehun’s face there was nothing about it that you recognised, he was a completely different person. He was a demon.

“Must I explain myself all the time?” He clicked his tongue as he looked down at you through angry eyes. Your phone began to ring again; you let out a little scream as you angrily answered it.

What the fuck is it Minseok!? Now is a very bad time. Very bad!” You hissed down the phone as you wiped your bleeding finger on your sleeve.

Please tell me you know where Sehun is!”
Your heart thumped a little at the sound of desperation in Minseok’s voice. For the most part Minseok was a pretty mellow kid and so desperation wasn’t something you were used to hearing from him you were getting a bad feeling much like you had been ever since everything had begun to turn upside down.

He’s with me now…why?”

Put me on loud speaker! Now Y/N!” He growled at you. Minseok had never spoken to you in such a manner before. You wasted no time in putting him on loud speaker, urging him to speak up.
Sehun don’t you dare fucking do any of it.”

“Do what?”

“Put your knife down.”

“How the fuck?—it doesn’t matter. No. I don’t know what you know, but no. I won’t”

“This is stupid Sehun! Reiji has got you and Baekhyun exactly where he wants you. Along with Nel, K and Tay. Do you really think you’re about to benefit from this? This has gone too far Sehun stop it! Reiji’s confiscated Baekhyun’s phone and he’s under house arrest, if he makes one wrong move it’s all over for him! Stop this or you’ll be next.”
You frowned at your phone in your hand, how did Minseok know all of this?

“Hang up.” Sehun growled at you, his eyes burning holes into the back of your skull. You shook your head, waiting for Minseok to carry on talking him out of whatever it was that he was planning on doing.

He shot his arm out and wrapped his hand across your throat slowly and steadily applying pressure, your eyes widened as you realised that you were finding it harder and harder to breathe, he was slowly strangling you. “I said hang the phone up now.” He whispered it this time and it was more sinister than the first. You tried to swallow but failed as you pressed the ‘hang up’ button on your screen. He released his hand from your neck and frowned at you. “I have a knife in my pocket and you’re daring to defy me. Fucking low class people, you’re all really fucking dumb.”
You took in a sharp breath, allowing the oxygen to rip through your lungs. You were crying now, not because of the social slur but because of what was happening.

“Sehun I don’t understand what’s going on.” You allowed tears to spill down your face; you were seriously confused and scared at the same time. You had never been so scared of anyone in your life. “What’s going on with you and Baekhyun? Why have you—”

“Stop asking me fucking questions, we’re going to the car. Now!”

Baekhyun’s P.O.V.

He woke up shaking on the cold ground, the last he remembered he was knocked out with a concoction of drugs which K had forced him to swallow. Shit was an understatement of how he was feeling right now. Ever since Minseok had told him about Ten Lee, Reiji had become increasingly hostile towards him, suppose he knew? Baekhyun couldn’t help thinking to himself. He had to get out of here, the cellar of Tay’s apartment, but the gash on his right leg was making it increasingly difficult for him to move. He was on his way to warn Sehun about Reiji. But he never ended up making it.
Baekhyun groaned in pain as he slowly dragged himself up from the floor and towards the creaky wooden steps which, mind you, looked as though they would collapse at any given moment. He had been given an ultimatum before he was knocked out cold and that was; ‘to destroy Ten Lee or suffer the consequences’. Baekhyun was confused since he had just assumed that Ten Lee was dead, but now he was being told to kill him instead, that was something he most definitely hadn’t signed up for. Baekhyun slowly dragged himself down the hallway and into the living room, it was dark inside and out and he could hardly see anything. They had confiscated his phone and kept him locked in several hidden locations for what seemed like forever. Reiji had promised that if he found any trace of Baekhyun trying to contact his ‘clique’ for help then he would end some of them there and then. Starting with Y/N.
He dragged himself over to the side of the living room feeling for the lamp switch and switching the light on. He then began to hurriedly sift through the draws, before anyone got back. Looking for his phone desperately. His hand came to a stop as it hovered above a device. It wasn’t his phone but it belonged to Tay. He quickly switched it on and opened the messenger application.

: Mum. Don’t worry I’m okay, I’ve just been studying so hard lately and I end up falling asleep at a friend’s house. I lost my phone I need you to go inside my diary and send me that number I’ve written in green on the first page.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Sehun please stop this, please.” You begged him, tears running down your face as he dragged you through the large house.
You ended up at his parent’s house. It was absolutely grand. Their taste was expensive and honestly you were expecting nothing less from them. There were glass statues everywhere and a bottle of the finest wine on display at every corner you turned.

“Shut up.” Sehun hissed brandishing the knife throughout the house. You could hear mumbling coming from of the rooms and it became apparent that Sehun was out to kill his parents.

“Sehun stop, you can’t do this.” You whispered as you pulled on his sleeve. They’re your parents you’re not supposed to be doing this. They raised you, they’re the reason you’re here.”

He stopped abruptly, yanking your arm so hard that for a moment you thought that he had pulled it out of your socket.

“You’re making the situation worse right now, so shut the fuck up. Next is Baekhyun, so you can see him suffer before it’s your go.”
You bit your lip as you stared intensely into his eyes, silent tears still spilling down your cheeks.

“Sehun please stop this, this isn’t you. What has Reiji done to you?” You placed your hand over his as he looked at you blankly for a second, it was silent but it felt like it was forever.  You felt a weird sensation take over you the longer he stared at you and a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach before he pushed your hand away.

“Get off of me and keep your mouth shut.” He whispered in your, venom lacing his tongue. He dragged you closer to the sound and swung the door open pushing you onto the hard wooden floor. You looked up to see a man laying on the bed with nothing on but his underwear, his hands were digging in to the waist of the skinny woman on top of him whom was also in nothing but her underwear, their eyes widening in fear as they were glued onto the knife in Sehun’s hand. Sehun let out a sadistic yet sarcastic chuckle as he looked down at the people on the bed.

“This scraggly bitch? Pathetic. Absolutely disgusting.” He yanked the woman by her hair dragging her off of the man and dropping her with force onto the hard floor. You could see the veins popping up in Sehun’s arm and throat now, adrenaline coursing through his body. “You’re a poor excuse for a father you know that right?” He eyed the man up and down, his grip tightening around his knife.

“Sehun, what the fuck are you doing?” His dad shuffled back on the bed pulling the covers up over his body. You stared up wide eyed at him from your space on the floor, the woman next to you was crying now; her shoulders shaking violently.

“Tell your whore to shut up.” Sehun huffed as he took a step backwards into her direction; his eyes still focus on his father.

“How dare you call my fiancée—”

“Shut the fuck up!” Sehun hissed as he squatted down beside the woman’s trembling body. “She won’t be your fiancée for much longer. She’ll only be a memory.” He smirked in her ear as he began to trace the knife around her throat, allowing the blade to catch her skin every now and then; leaving small blobs of blood here and there. “So I assume you’re the bitch that daddy was cheating on mummy with, huh?” He said in a mockingly childish voice as he pinched her thigh, instantly leaving behind a bruise. “But you knew he was married and had a kid right? Pathetic. You’re a dirty woman did anybody ever tell you that?”

“Sehun stop this now!” His dad shouted from the bed, hesitantly sliding off.

“Shut the fuck up!” He shouted back, his face was a bright red. He focused his attention back on his father’s fiancée. “You’ve already planned a wedding yet my parents haven’t even finalised their divorce, do you know how disgusting that is? I bet your parents are proud of you, you piece of scum, and you’re high in class for what? Look at you; you can’t even be more than 8 years older than me.” He pulled a strand of her hair and then smacked her hard in the face causing her to cry out. “You destroyed my family, you destroyed my life, you destroyed my psyche and mentality along with it too. You’re the worst kind of person. I want you to know that before you take your last breath. I really want you to come to terms with what kind of a sick, corrupt human being you really are. You’re a dirty rat and I really hope the guilt and the dirtiness of your ways is ripping through your body and tormenting you this very second, you’re a home-wrecker does that feel good bitch?”

You sat there in silence, all that could be heard was your heavy breathing. You weren’t sure what had come over Sehun but at this point it was looking irreversible, he was completely fuelled with anger, the way in which he looked at this woman was telling you that there was no going back and there was nothing you could do about it, all you could wonder was if whether or not what he said about you and Baekhyun being next was really true, and if it was you were in very deep trouble. You were a breathing casualty, a breathing fatality waiting to happen.
Sehun’s father began to take a step closer towards them on the floor, never taking his eyes off of the knife which was now positioned at her thigh.

“Come a step closer and I’ll kill her.” Sehun hissed as he held the knife closer to her thigh. His father was still inching closer.

“Dad I mean it!” Sehun yelled this time, but his facial expression had changed; now you could see panic and uncertainty settling in as his hand began to shake along with knife he was holding. “I’m not joking dad mo—”
Without warning Sehun’s father lunged forward at Sehun and a chorus of screams rang out in the room, one of them being you. You could hear screaming and crying and you were becoming disoriented, you had no clue what was going on until you looked over at them properly your eyes widened.

“Oh Sehun…” his father gasped, his breath bated as he clung onto his mistress. “What have you done?!”
There was a big rip in her thigh, blood pouring out. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting a pitch and volume that you thought was impossible for such a small person. “SEHUN!” his dad screamed. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” He ran up to grab his phone from the bed side table. “Hello, yes I need an ambulance and Police. 32 Witherton Crescent, off the side of Departo. Hurry.”

You looked at Sehun in panic, you had only just noticed that his hand was bleeding too, the knife directly inside the middle of his palm, he was still crying out in pain, before you acted on impulse. Standing up you grabbed Sehun’s wrist and pulled him up to his feet. You dragged him out of the bedroom and through the huge house. The only thing on your mind at that precise moment was to get him out of that situation; you couldn’t let him get arrested; although you knew he deserved it you just couldn’t let it happen. The hesitation in his eyes at the last second let you know that the old Sehun that you had grown to be friends with was still in there somewhere; you dragged out into the cold air and frisked his pocket for his car keys once finding them you quickly opened the door.

“Get in, quickly!” You shouted “We need to get out of here fast.”
Sehun’s father clearly didn’t love him near enough as much as any father should love their child and so you knew letting Sehun go down would be an absolute breeze for him. You panicked as you stared at Sehun’s hand. He wasn’t going to be able to drive. “Shit, I don’t know how to drive.” You mumbled as you bit your bottom lip.

“Well now is your chance to learn.” Sehun hissed through gritted teeth and unbearable pain, he was squeezing his wrist so as to slow the bleeding down; the knife was still planted firmly in its place. You nodded your head and jumped behind the steering wheel, you were scared. In fact you were absolutely terrified but you had to get the both of you out of there, at that point you were an accessory to the attack and now you were likely to be in trouble too. Plus you were low class trash and everyone knew that low class trash were always the guilty ones from the get go. For you it was more likely to be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

“Can you drive faster?!” Sehun yelled from next to you, barely being able to keep his eyes open.

“Don’t fucking shout at me! This is your fucking mess Sehun, what the fuck were you playing at trying to kill people, I thought you possessed a higher IQ. You bastard!” You turned a corner, knocking over a stray cat as you went but that was the last thing on your mind. “Sehun what the fuck were you thinking?”

“I don’t know…”He breathed, letting a new tone of voice slip past the pain.


“I don’t know, I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it so badly, but I couldn’t. But then he got closer and I panicked…”
You took a quick glance at him before looking back at the road ahead of you, a tear was running down his cheek as he focused on the knife still stuck in his palm.

“Stop crying…this is your fault…” You tried to say with conviction but you failed. No matter how badly he had messed up you felt sad for him and you felt obliged to get him out of the situation.
“You can’t go back home now, you know that? Neither of us can right now, we need to lay low.” He let out a grunt. “But first we need to do something about your hand.”

An hour and a half later and you and Sehun were sitting in his car, you him and silence. You had managed to bandage up his hand and now you were in a desolate area of nothingness that you never even knew existed. Your first exam was supposed to be in a week’s time, the thought of it was a joke now there was no way you‘d pass.

“I’m sorry…” Sehun breathed. “I always manage to fuck shit up. It was all a mistake…I’m a mistake…everyone would be better off without me.”

You rolled your eyes as you turned to look at him.
“Don’t say that Sehun, that’s not true.”
He laughed in disbelief as he turned his head to look at you.

“After everything I’ve put you through these past couple of weeks, you’re telling me you don’t hate me? You don’t wish I could just… disappear?”

“Of course I don’t Sehun, you’ve been an absolute asshole and idiot, but the better memories outweigh the worse ones.”  And for reasons beyond your understanding you found yourself reaching out to stroke Sehun’s face. Your eyes widened in shock at your own actions as you quickly withdrew your hand. “I know…don’t touch you I’m sorry…”

“No…  I want you to touch me.” He whispered, his voice was softer than ever now, as though he wasn’t shouting at you a couple of hours ago,. “Please…” He reached for your hand and dragged it back up to his face, placing it on his cheek. You found yourself stroking his face again, not even bothering to pull away and suddenly you felt a knot tying in your stomach, it felt strange almost like the knot you felt in your stomach when you used to start at Baekhyun softly and innocently biting his lower lip. “I never wanted to do this to you, I’m so sorry… You know how I feel Y/N, I promise you that this was never my intention. Not really.” It was silent for a while as you stared intently at each other, you frowned slightly as Sehun bent his head down and started leaning in towards you and before you could ask what he was doing you felt his lips on top of yours. However this time around you didn’t pull away; instead your hand was grazing its way through his hair and you felt that you were enjoying the sensation of his warm soft lips on your own. The kiss was tender and sweet and it got better with every lingering second. He began parting your lips with his tongue, when suddenly you pulled away at the sound of your phone buzzing in your pocket. Your breath was fast as you looked him in confusion, your chest heaving up and down

“What the fuck just happened?”
He shrugged at you as he bit his bottom lip nervously, maybe your body reacted that way automatically out of pity for his situation.
“Well whatever it was it’s never happening again, do you understand?” You frowned as you dipped your hand into your pocket and looked at the message on your phone.

“What the fuck?…” You whispered as you looked at your screen in confusion and astonishment. A row of numbers showing up. “What the heck is this?”

4448 4447777 22-23355449998866.
444 5566-6669 444 333882225533-3 887. 4446 44466 8777666882255533. 333444777-77778 4448 927777 64446677773366655, 844-4447777 8444633 44487777 633 2663 777733448866. 4446 877727-733-3 44466 666-6633 666333 84433444777 44666887777337777.


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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (21)

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Part 21 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 4,100 (ish)

“JUNMYEON!” You let out a chilling scream as you stared down at Yuna’s body, blood soaking into her clothes and hair. Junmyeon gave her skull a kick, making you scream again. You were going into an intense state of shock your body began to shake involuntarily as you started to hyperventilate.
He just shot his wife.

“WHAT THE FUCK JUNMYEON!?” Sehun shouted as he rushed over to Yuna’s body to check that she was really dead.  
She was.
Everyone in the room was staring at Junmyeon in complete astonishment, horror and silence, nobody was able to move as the shock of it all had consumed them whole. Junmyeon slipped his phone out of his pocket and began to make a call. You frowned. That wasn’t his usual phone.

“Oi, you need to get here. Now.”
That’s all he said before he hung up and slipped his phone back into his pocket. He walked back into the house with his gun gripped tightly in his hand aiming it at your stomach. Turning to face the boys he began to speak.

“Come inside and close the door now.” His face was blank as he kept his gun aimed at your stomach. Tears were streaming down your face as you came to realise who Junmyeon was.

“It was you all along…” Baekhyun whispered, he swallowed hard and began to walk further towards where Kyungsoo was sat.

“Everybody just get inside or I’ll fucking shoot!” Junmyeon yelled, pressing his gun against your stomach. You began to cry louder now. You looked over and saw tears streaming down Minseok’s face as he walked over to where you were sat; if he so much as pointed his gun at Junmyeon, in fact if anyone dared to point their gun at Junmyeon then he would shoot so there was nothing they could do but comply with the rules. All the men that were stood outside began to move sheepishly back into the house and into the kitchen; they looked at their leader with such hatred. How and why would Junmyeon do this?

“The body…” Yixing looked down at Yuna’s body, his face was blank, this sight was the norm for him and it reminded you that these men were all killers so Junmyeon would have no remorse in killing you or your baby.

“Just shut the door, we’ll clean it up later.” Junmyeon grunted. He pulled out a chair from underneath the table and sat opposite you his gun stayed trained on your stomach.

“Junmyeon why the fuck are you doing this?” Sehun shook his head, his chest was heaving up and down and his eyes were staring intensely at the gun pointed at your stomach. “I promise you if you pull that trigger I will shoot the back of your skull. Killing an unborn baby Junmyeon is a new level of low.”

“I knew you’d been acting strange lately.” Yixing spoke up, his eyes were red and his breathing was shallow. “I’ve been keeping tabs on everyone and you’ve been acting the weirdest. Why would you do this to us Junmyeon, why would you work alongside Luhan?”

Junmyeon slammed his free hand down on the table next to him.

“Would you all just shut the fuck up and let me speak. I’m not intending to shoot this baby, the only reason I’m pointing it here is because you guys would’ve killed me otherwise before you heard me out, but if anyone makes any sudden movements then so help me God…” He frowned in your direction. “Please stop crying Y/N you’re making me feel bad.”

You looked at him confused, how the heck did he expect you stop crying when you were being put in this situation?

“What do you mean stop crying? You just shot your wife in front of her and now you’re threatening her and her baby’s life.” Sehun screeched, his face was red and his hands were shaking.

“Oh Sehun I beg you, shut the heck up…” Junmyeon was breathing out hard through his nose; he was quite obviously at his wits end. “I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the one who was working for Luhan.”

“So who the fuck was?!” Jongin hissed, his fingers were wrapped tightly against his gun causing his knuckles to go white.

Junmyeon let out a sigh as he closed his eye momentarily.

“Kyungsoo, please open your laptop.” He nodded in Kyungsoo’s direction as he opened his eyes again. Kyungsoo’s hands were shaking as he finally managed to pry his laptop open, hovering his fingers above the power button.  “No no. There’s no need to switch it on.” Junmyeon continued. “You have a QWERTY keyboard right?”

“Yes.” Kyungsoo mumbled in response, his hands still shaking.

“Okay good. Now let’s assume there were only letters on your keyboard. No number’s, no symbols, no arrows, special keys. Nothing. Just letters. I’m going to need you to count the code out from left to right. Letters only remember, staring from Q.”

“What do you mean?” Kyungsoo looked up at Junmyeon, his eyes were wide and he looked confused. Junmyeon rolled his eyes.

“It’s not rocket science Kyungsoo. All I need you to do is count out the letters on the keyboard as I tell you the number. Can you handle that big boy?” Junmyeon said sarcastically. Kyungsoo nodded.
“Okay then. The code is 6-7-25-11. What’s the 6th letter on your keyboard?”

“Y?” Kyungsoo shrugged frowning at his keyboard.

“Just do it Kyungsoo.”

“No I’m not asking you why. I’m telling you that the 6th letter is Y.”

“Oh right. Sorry” Junmyeon laughed, his laughter made your skin crawl how could he be laughing at a time like this? All you wanted to was smash his head into the table but considering the predicament that you had found yourself in, it was probably best to just sit still and shut up. “Okay now the 7th.” He continued, focusing back on Kyungsoo once again.



“N. And the 11th I’m guessing is …A…” He stared at his laptop keyboard and then lifted his head to look at the front door. “Yuna.”

“Bingo.” Junmyeon sighed. “It was Yuna all along. That’s why I took care of that dirty bitch.”
Your mouth hung open in shock as you looked at Kyungsoo’s keyboard aswell. You had calmed down a bit by now but you were still in no fit state.

“You’re lying.” Jongdae hissed from his side of the room, staring at Junmyeon with venom in his eyes. “That code was on the back of the letter, why would Luhan write it there? Why would he try and help us find who was infiltrating us this whole time? There’s no fucking logic in that Junmyeon, do better!”

“Luhan isn’t the one who wrote the code.”

Just then you heard a knock at the door, which made you all jump.

“Shit.” Tao whispered. “Yuna’s body’s outside it’s probably the police.”
You tried desperately hard to hold back sobs, your life was slowly spiraling out of control and you were trying to accept the fact that you would have to give birth to your child in a jail cell, where you would rot away for the rest of your life. Junmyeon frowned slipping the unfamiliar phone back out of his pocket and began typing, no less than 5 seconds later did his phone vibrate in response.

“Open the door.” Junmyeon nodded his head at Yixing. Yixing stood there hesitating looking at the door and back at Junmyeon. “Just open the door Yixing, trust me.”

“That’s the last thing he should be doing. Trusting you.” Kris scoffed. Luckily for him Ara was watching a web series in the living room and had missed all that had happened. You wish you could swap places with her.

“When the fuck have I ever let you down as a leader?” Junmyeon frowned over at Kris, who was stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

“The day you decided to blow us all up.” He answered back smugly. Junmyeon rolled his eyes in response.

“Look Yixing just open the door.”
Yixing swallowed hard and hovered his hands above the door handle before slowly twisting it to open by a small margin. You watched as his face went pale and he took in a sharp breath. He stepped aside to let the tall figure in and shut the door again.

Park Chanyeol.

You couldn’t take it anymore and vomited on the table in front of you, a sea of lumpy green broccoli redecorating your plate. Junmyeon pulled a face as he looked between you and the vomit.

“What the fuck is going on!? Why and how are you still alive?!” Minseok shouted, pushing Chanyeol hard in the chest. But Chanyeol ignored him. He took a quick glance at you and focused his gaze on Junmyeon.

“I moved the body out back. You’ll get rid of it later, huh?” You looked down at Chanyeol’s hands which were covered in blood. He walked over to the sink and gave his hands a rinse. Chanyeol was… alive?

“Perfect timing Chanyeol.” I was just trying to explain everything to them. You got here quickly.”

“Mmm” Chanyeol nodded. “I left as soon as I got your call.”

Sehun slammed his hand against the white tiled back-splash and pointed his gun at Chanyeol.

“Would you two stop your fucking mothers meeting and explain to us what the fuck is going on?! Why aren’t you dead? I’m beginning to lose my fucking patience so you better be quick!”
You noticed that Sehun was still looking at Junmyeon’s gun pointed at your stomach. It was as though he was trying to make sure that he didn’t pull the trigger.
Junmyeon cleared his throat.

“Like I was saying, it wasn’t Luhan that wrote that code it was Chanyeol. After Chanyeol left I asked him to do me a favour to keep an eye on Luhan in anyway that he could. The bust up he had was a perfect excuse as to why he would want Y/N dead and so Luhan believed him when he told him he wanted to join him. He was never going to kill Chanyeol because Chanyeol was on his side, he was just bluffing. Little did he know Chanyeol was still working with us, just undercover. That’s why you saw him with the bald guy that night.” He looked over at Tao. “I’ve been texting Chanyeol ever since.” He pointed at the unfamiliar phone on the table and then pulled out his real phone. “I know you’ve been keeping tabs on me Byun Baekhyun. So I got Chanyeol to safeguard it. I knew you’d be keeping an eye out. You must’ve spotted there were two safeguarded phones in this house, hmm? The other one belonged to Yuna she was keeping it to stay in touch with Luhan. She was telling him each and every one of our next moves. Chanyeol found out Yuna was the mole so he wrote the code on the back assuming someone would decode it eventually, but I already knew it was her.”
You frowned as you sat there trying to process the information. Surely none of this was true. Surely it couldn’t have been dear sweet Yuna.

“So that pregnancy breakdown was all planned?” Yixing looked up at Chanyeol. But Chanyeol’s face remained blank and unresponsive.

“It couldn’t have been planned, they only found out they were having a baby the night before he freaked out.” Baekhyun sighed, taking a seat on the floor. Since it was taking a while it seemed logical to do so. “Look that’s beside the point. Why didn’t you tell us Junmyeon! Why did you keep us all in the fucking dark.”

You heard grunts of agreement from around the room. Baekhyun had a point, why didn’t Junmyeon just tell all of you and why would he let her work within you for so long?

“Because the less people that knew the better. I could keep on top of things that way. All my speculation and blaming was fake, but I had to do it so that Yuna wouldn’t know that I knew. If she found out then she would have told Luhan and it would have been so much messier.” The room went silent for a while as you all stared at each other.
You were more or less keeping your gaze on Chanyeol who apparently wasn’t dead, but he was avoiding your gaze once again.
It seemed that members of this household had mastered the art of resurrecting from the dead.

“How long have you known about this Junmyeon?” Jongdae asked, walking over to take a seat on the floor beside Baekhyun, he looked up at Junmyeon expectantly waiting for an answer.

Junmyeon took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. All the attention in the room was fully on him.

“She was never on our side she was working for Luhan this whole time. They are…Well were boyfriend and girlfriend. I found out about it all a month into dating her. I genuinely liked her at first I really thought it was going somewhere…the relationship… but then I did a background search and found some inconsistencies, her name for starters. Didn’t match any existing birthing records around that time. I decided to go through with dating and marrying her though, keep your enemies close and all. Besides me ‘going along with it’ meant that Luhan didn’t suspect a thing. It worked in our favour as her being with us meant that Luhan wouldn’t try anything too radical he wouldn’t risk her getting too severely hurt. I was the one that shot at her at the crepes stand that day. I wanted to get rid of her, but then I realised that I should probably send a warning just so she knew that someone was onto her meaning that Luhan would tread more lightly. As for the car crash, that was actually Luhan.” You stared at your hands in confusion. How could she have turned out to be such a monster? You trusted her and she was out to kill you. It made sense that she would want you dead; you killed her boyfriend’s father.

“But why was she so on board with it all? I mean I know love makes a person do crazy things but too go so far as to marry a man to help your boyfriend, that’s insane.” Jongin mumbled as he frowned.
You nodded in agreement, what she did was quite a stretch. You loved Minseok, but you would never marry Luhan just to help hatch an evil plan.

“That’s because she had a bigger part to play in this.” Junmyeon spoke up again, you were puzzled by what he meant. “She wasn’t just Luhan’s girlfriend, she was wronged by us too you could say. Remember the pictures in that portfolio that night, she took those. Those were all the people that she wanted dead. Me, Y/N, Baekhyun, Kris, Jongin and Tao. It’s obvious now why she wanted me and Y/N dead, but what about the guys, what do they have in common?”
He looked around the room and waited for someone to reply. All of a sudden you felt as though you were back in school.

“They’re related some way or another.” Kyungsoo said, looking around the room at the 4 men.

Junmyeon nodded.

“That’s correct, they’re related. Baek, Jongin and Kris are all related under Red and Tao is related to Kris through their mother. Now, remember Jongin and Kris telling us about Red’s legitimate child, the first one who was supposedly older than Minseok, who they assumed hated them. Well I’m sorry boys but I just killed your sister she’s out back.” Junmyeon stopped for a moment and the room was filled with gasps. Your mouth hung open. Yuna was Red’s oldest child, this explain why she wanted Baekhyun, Kris and Jongin dead she must have hated them. She must’ve despised them for being the product of their father’s adulterous ways and breaking up her happy family she was probably also scared they would make themselves known to the public and claim their right to the company. Killing Tao must’ve meant complete closure as he would always try to back up his brother Kris. “She would’ve wanted Yixing dead too if she had ever found out who specifically shot Red. But that never happened.”

Yixing blinked as he touched his chest, taken aback by Junmyeon’s comment.

“Now as for the broccoli. How do I put this…” Junmyeon laughed as he looked around the room and back at your vomit. “She always used to wear that really strong perfume right?” He rolled his eyes, you nodded quickly.

“Yeah she told me it was to help with her breathing problems, she had a medical spray as well to help relax her muscles. She had an operation previously to help but it was unsuccessful, she showed me the scar.” You spoke up quickly, Minseok nodded from where he was stood, confirming your part of the story.

“Oh? Is that what the bitch told you?” Junmyeon laughed sarcastically. “That perfume was poison Y/N, it’s a special type of poison that can only be inhaled. So the constant ‘feeling lethargic, weak and tired’ was because she was poisoning us slowly. The weaker we were in the hands of Luhan the better. That ‘operation’ she had was to install a filter up her nose making her around 90% immune to the perfume she was spraying and that ‘nasal spray’ was the remaining 10%. It contained a liquid that reversed and prevented the effects of the particular poison she was using. One day I stole her perfume and nasal spray to see what kind of poison she was using and what she was using to prevent being affected. I found out the nasal spray contained pantothenic acid and vitamin B6; a natural food that contains those things is broccoli, that’s why I’ve been making you eat it. Not because I wanted to. I fucking hate broccoli.” He pulled a face and you turned to smile up at Yixing.
He was right, Junmyeon had been acting strange by always cooking broccoli but it was for all the right reasons.
“So Byun Baekhyun, If I ever hear you complain about Broccoli again, I will slap you silly.” Junmyeon smiled, finally lowering the gun from your stomach as he let out a deep breath.
“It’s a shame really, she was a likeable girl. Great in bed.”
You stared at Junmyeon for a moment and he seemed hurt, he was letting on as though he didn’t care, but he must’ve grown attached to her at the start. You felt horrible for him, he didn’t deserve this you thought that finally this was his chance at happiness but you were so wrong.

“Are you okay babe?” Minseok walked over to you and planted a kiss on your lips, feeling your head with the back of his hand.

“Yeah I think I just need to lie down.” You got up slowly and walked to the living room, dropping down on a sofa you watched Ara as she was looking at cartoons on Kris’ phone. If only you were as oblivious as she was to the whole situation. Ignorance truly was bliss.


You looked up as a familiar voice shifted your feet off of the sofa so they could sit beside you.


Your emotions were a wreck, you didn’t know how to feel when you looked at him. You were silently crying but you were unsure whether or not they were tears of happiness, sadness or anger. You thought he was dead and now he was taking a seat beside you as though he was always there.

“4 months Chanyeol! 4 months!” You cried, kicking him in the ribs with your foot. He held his side as he hissed in pain. “You let me believe you were dead for 4 months! Didn’t you think that that would break me?!”

“I know Y/N I’m sorry, but it worked out better this way…” He sighed as he looked at the palm of his hands. You scoffed at him in disbelief.

“You avoided me before you left and even now, four months later, you still won’t fucking look at me in the face Chanyeol? I’ve never loathed you so much, and yet…I still care. Why the fuck did you do this to me.”
He scooted over and held your hands in his looking you dead in the eyes.

“Listen Y/N I’m sorry. The shouting…before I left…I wish I could take it back but I can’t because I meant it, every single word of it and so I won’t apologise for something I stand by. I avoided you for so long because I realised I couldn’t stop loving you. Yeah, I was dating that woman from work but she wasn’t you, I realised I’m still madly in love with you and I can’t help it that’s why I avoided you for so long. It’s because Tao brought the motive to the table,and I wasn’t guilty of working for Luhan but I was guilty of still possessing this love for you… this love that I can do nothing with because you’re married and so I was so ashamed to look in your direction. And I was so mad that Minseok got you pregnant, I couldn’t live in the same house as you both and I’m not even sure I can do that now… I’m not sure I can be an uncle to that child Y/N, every time I see it I’ll think of how you chose him over me and I don’t want to take that hate out on the child.”

“But Chanyeol you’re my best frie –”

“No listen to me Y/N” Your eyes widened as you saw a tear escape from Chanyeol’s eye, it wasn’t often he cried it was only when he really felt something. His grip tightened on your hand. “You have to understand that this isn’t fair on me. I can’t just accept you and Minseok and move on. And I’m not being selfish okay! I’m not at all. I’ve known you for nearly 11 years and loved you for more than half of that time. There’s no way I can just abandoned how I’ve felt for so long and if you can’t acknowledge that then you’re the one who’s being selfish! I’m madly and deeply in love with you Y/N! I don’t know if that will last forever but that’s how I feel now. I love you so so much, maybe even more than Minseok does and I can’t stay here and keep on pretending this shit doesn’t affect me because it does. I can’t move back in here, I’ve realised that now. I found a remote area that I’ve been staying at so that’s where I’ll continue to stay. I don’t want to see you for a while Y/N, maybe even years and that’s not because I hate you but it’s because my heart can’t take seeing you happy with a man that isn’t me. Maybe when I’ve come to terms with it in the future we can pick up where we left off…as friends. But for now I can’t I’m sorry. I will always support you I want you to know that, I just can’t do it right beside you and certainly not in the same house. After Luhan is really gone I need to take a solid break from our friendship, from you. I need to clear my head.”

A tear slipped down your cheek as you were staring intently at Chanyeol, you found yourself gripping onto his hands tightly. You didn’t know you were the one being selfish this whole time. It wasn’t your intention. But how were you supposed to cope without your best friend? You couldn’t do it for 4 months, let alone years.

“Chanyeol!” You heard Jongin call from the kitchen. “Come on we’re going to get Senior.”

Chanyeol leaned forward and cupped your face in his hands, he stared at you for a while and you were sure you could see every memory and emotion that the two of you created together over the years flash by in a couple of seconds. He kissed you passionately on the lips before he broke away and took a breath.

“See you in a couple of years Y/N. I love you.”

外国人 (12)


Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©
Part 12 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)

* 外国人 (Gaikokujin)= Japanese word for foreign person/ foreigner.

Themes= 😊,😖,🌟,🎭,

Summary: What happens when a native crosses paths with a ‘forbidden’ foreigner?
Kyungsoo & Reader

Word Count: 3,037

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 13

You dragged your feet slowly to class because you were nervous. Why? Because Kyungsoo would be there. It didn’t make sense to you why you would be scared to see your friend, but you continued to reflect on your day out in the hidden garden. You really weren’t sure if it was just the atmosphere, which in all honesty you were hoping it was, but you couldn’t stop seeing Kyungsoo in a glorified light. Maybe it was the way the sun had shone down on him yesterday through the trees. The iridescent glow making him look fairly ethereal. Maybe it was the fact that he had made the pair of you lunch and that was a charming quality in a man…or what you feared most. Maybe you had spent so much time with him that you were beginning to feel something. It’s not what you wanted, in fact it was the opposite of what you wanted, but you were afraid because it seemed as though it were happening. You took a deep breath in before opening the door slowly. You saw him, Yenne and Denu sitting in the same row that the four of you had pretty much claimed as your own since the start of semester. You looked at him and realised he was smiling softly at you; something he would never do when you first met. You felt your stomach churn and you weren’t sure if it was in a positive or negative way. There was no way you could like him… was there?
You groaned when you realised that the only vacant seat was positioned in between the two boys. You hurriedly made your way over.

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Where’s Your Alibi? (Prologue)

So I basically couldn’t keep away from my keyboard and I already started this mini series. It literally is a mini series. Every single part will probably be no longer than 1000 words (Approx.) But it’s fitting for the concept of the series. Hope you guys enjoy it, as always let me know what you think.

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Prologue to an ongoing series, enjoy :)

Genre: Mystery & Crime.

Themes=😖,🌟,🎭 ,(☠️- Harm towards characters, mild use of strong language.)

Summary: One of your colleagues has been murdered. But who Killed her?
Main Characters include: Reader (Y/N), BTS members & Rina (Ficitional Character)

“So…Where’s your alibi?”
“I don’t have one.”

Word count: 873

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Final Part

You had all worked for the same Company; your department was in human resources. You had Joined 3 years ago and had grown to like your colleagues very much. On some levels you had all become very close and you assumed that you had all gotten on very well. The nine of you had all worked in the same office: Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, Rina and yourself. Every now and then the nine of you would go out for drinks and spend some time together; you liked it. It was nice to be able to get on with your colleagues outside of work and consider them as friends. You had even watched a film at the cinema with Jimin once and you could’ve vowed you nearly caught feelings for him that day; he was so gentle towards you. However all of the men were lovely and if you weren’t careful, you would definitely be able to catch feelings for any one of them if you allowed yourself to. Only ten people had the keys to the office which the nine of you worked in, that included the nine of you and your Boss. The office that you worked in was extremely spacious and you all made an effort to make it feel extra cosy and homely, decorating it with soft cushions, scented candles and fairy lights which although he wouldn’t admit, Jungkook was a total sucker for. The men were nice enough and in general they looked after you and Rina, buying you lunch and bringing you coffee not even expecting you to pay them back, honestly they were sweethearts and the best colleagues that  you’d ever had the pleasure of knowing. Rina was a sweetheart too, always telling you everything you needed to know, helping you when you were stuck and giving you advice whenever you needed it.
Boss Parker had informed you all that there was to be a promotion within your office, for head of human resources. With a hefty promotion came hefty pay and only God knows what you’d be able to do with that money. Only one could get the promotion though and that was the part making all of you tense. All nine of you were working so hard to get this job. Well to be precise eight of you. Since Rina was so good at her job, she really didn’t need to try so hard. She was undeniably the hardest working out of you all and deserved this promotion the most and you were willing to accept defeat. That was until one morning you walked into work and found the boys surrounding Rina’s dead body on the floor. Your eyes widened. This had to be a sick joke? Some sort of April fool’s prank but in the wrong month. What was going on and why was Rina dead. You and the boys had formed a circle around her body, locking the office door from the inside.

“What the heck is going on here?” You whispered, scared that someone outside would hear you. You looked down at Rina’s body, it was pale and it didn’t look like she had died too long ago, probably 12 hours absolute maximum. She was still wearing the same clothes that she had on for work yesterday, so it meant that she never had the chance to go home.

“I don’t know. She’s just…dead.” Hoseok said, frowning at you. “We just came in about 10 minutes ago and there she was. We thought it was a prank at first but then we realised she really didn’t have a pulse.” He turned his head back towards the body on the floor, still staring in shock.

“How did this happen guys?” Your body was shaking, nothing like this had ever happened to you before and it was extremely scary. You never thought that you would be witness to an in-office death and since Rina was a healthy and ‘well-functioning’ young women, it must have been a crime.

A murder.

“We don’t know!” Jungkook Half-shouted out of irritation. “We just got here, goodness.”

You stared down at Rina’s lifeless body, 13 hours ago you were laughing about her secret crush on Hoseok and how sweet he treated her and now she was…gone.
Poor Rina.

Then you frowned, realising something. Rina stayed behind late in the office as she usually did on a Thursday night and she always locked herself in the room. Now you began to break the facts down slowly in your head. Only 10 of you had keys, including your Boss. However your Boss wasn’t in the country. He’d flown to Dubai on a business trip and wasn’t due to fly back in until late this afternoon and so you could rule him out. And now you were scared beyond belief because it had only just sunk in.

That only left the 9 of you remaining in the room with a key. Rina was dead so you could rule her out.
That left only 8 of you with a key. Only 8 of you could have opened the office door.

Your heart stopped.

The murderer was standing in your midst.
Rina’s killer was standing in this circle and only they knew who they were.

Who killed Rina?

[TRANS] 25 Happy Moments In The Year Wu Yifan Turned 25

NO. 1: Firstly let us have Boss Wu to share the first thing he did this year!
Wu Yifan: This year I officially made my debut in the Chinese movie industry with the movie . My benefactor Director Xu Jinglei, who paved the road for me, being satisfied with my performance also made me happy.

NO. 2: Can you share something fun you did with us?
Wu Yifan: I gave a speech at Sina Entertainment’s 15th anniversary for the first time and it was quite meaningful.

NO. 3: The fans complimented you on making the male lead in the novel come to life.
Wu Yifan: I hope they will say the same after my collaboration with Liu Yifei in .

NO. 4: Wu Yifan opened the door to a new world in fashion in 2015.
Wu Yifan: Met Ball opened the door to a new world for me too, and I met some new friends.

NO. 5: So are you considering making fashion?
Wu Yifan: Yes, because recently I don’t have hair, so I started from the top and designed my own caps.

NO. 6: Boss Wu isn’t designing your own products behind our backs right?
Wu Yifan: No, I am still a model for ’s 10th anniversary cover. Yes, I am a model, yes, I am.

NO. 7: Indeed, actors who cannot sing cannot be good models as well.
Wu Yifan: There is too much to learn. Previously when I went to Paris to see Givenchy’s show I felt I learnt a lot, and I even managed to take time to stroll along the streets.

NO. 8: Boss Wu, please tell us what you like to do aside from work.
Wu Yifan: I’m still a kid, so I like to do things that kids love to do.
NO. 8: Kids love to play games.
Wu Yifan: I’m playing games too, and I even endorsed the game.

NO. 9: When work gets heavy do you wish you can be at two places at the same time?
Wu Yifan: I still have my Little Fanfan at Madame Tussaud’s Museum. Little Fanfan is the only 90-liner in the wax museum and I am very honoured.

NO. 10: Other than splitting into two, what other superpower do you wish to have?
Wu Yifan: Everyone, please look forward to where Fanfan can do magic stunts. I also love the movie poster of myself, but of course it would be better if there weren’t so many bulbs behind. 

NO. 11: Why did you shave your hair impulsively for ?
Wu Yifan: Director Xu Ke and Xing-ye are both my idols and I would be nervous when I work with my idols [1]. It’s not bad shaving my hair off as well and it was a breakthrough for me. 

NO. 12: You don’t feel exhausted working with your idols right?
Wu Yifan: Haha, I’m very happy, but I vomited due to exhaustion before we finished filming . However, I vomited for my idols! [2]

NO. 13: What do you feel most proud of accomplishing in 2015?
Wu Yifan: I appeared on New York Times Square with Again, Beats, Dr Dre, Eminem, Xiao Jian and LeBron James and it was the first time I went up there. Working with Dr Dre allowed me to auction off my first pair of limited edition headphones and do my part for charity.  

NO. 14: You won the best rookie award at London’s 3rd International Chinese movie awards for . How do you feel about it? 
Wu Yifan: Yes, this is an encouragement. Singer Wu Yifan is also an actor right?

NO. 15: This year you changed your identity a lot, from an actor, a singer, a model to a designer. What else do you want to do?
Wu Yifan: Actually when I participated in Challenger Union I tried many professions, and all were good. Through the show I also realised there are many ways one can make money, such as being a cashier, which humbled me. 

NO. 16: Boss Wu must have many thoughts when you celebrate your birthday every year right? 
Wu Yifan: Yes, when I had a concert on my birthday, 4000 of you supported me through the rain at the start of winter and used your lightsticks to illuminate me. My friends and seniors also gave me strength. 

NO. 17: So you gave your song to your fans as a gift. 
Wu Yifan: Yes, “Bad Girl”, the song I wrote, is now online. Everyone can now hear what I want to say to all of you and no matter what, this is what I wanted to say, and is my gift to you. And yes, I am a rock star, yes, I am!

NO. 18: You must be thankful for your mother on your birthday right?
Wu Yifan: My mother was watching the concert on my birthday and I feel she was satisfied. No one can really know the exhaustion I faced. She didn’t go for the after-party and went home first. My mother is cool. 

NO. 19: Another family member attended that day?
Wu Yifan: Yes, my dog. My dog performed at a stadium for the first time that day. 

NO. 20: What is the most unexpected thing that happened in 2015? 
Wu Yifan: Director Luc Besson invited me to take part in his science fiction mega-production .

NO. 21: Is “Bad Girl” the happiest song you made in 2015?
Wu Yifan: I also covered “Greenhouse Girl”, I also covered “Greenhouse Girl” , I also covered “Greenhouse Girl”! All bow to Cui Jian!

NO. 22: Shockingly, other than doing music you still dream of playing basketball. 
Wu Yifan: Yes! Basketball! I went for an NBA broadcast at Tencent and they said I could do it! The night before I played basketball at their office basement I didn’t really sleep much but I could still shoot well. 

NO. 23: Is there anything that you did which wasn’t part of your goal at first? 
Wu Yifan: Appearing on the cover of People magazine with three other socialites. I am extremely honoured. 

NO. 24: What was the most unforgettable memory in 2015?
Wu Yifan: When started showing, I went for a memorable road trip with Director Xiaogang, Director Guan Hu and Zhonglei-ge, one city a day, with this few older brothers. We would have a glass to drink after we finished our schedules for the day… sometimes it was two glasses. Jie please don’t roll your eyes. 

NO. 25: As the year of 2015 comes to an end, please say something to everyone.
Wu Yifan: Did a year just go by like this? Friends, let’s meet at the countdown party. Every one of you, you are everything. 

Wu Yifan’s Workshop: Say one last thing!
Wu Yifan: Thank you, and I’m not increasing your salary. 

[1] He meant he has to do what they say.
[2] He wasn’t very clear here, I assume he meant he vomited while serving his idols so it was alright to him. 

Translated by; subzero
Original article cr; Wu Yifan’s Workshop
Take out with full credits!