i started crying the second i heard her voice

That One Dreadful Call

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 974

Warnings: ANGST (which isn’t a shocker with me anymore) 

A/N: Here’s your Daddy!Jensen angst!!! I hope you all enjoy it…there may be a part two or I may just be a bitch and leave it like this lol anyways thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is gratefully appreciated!!!

Jensen couldn’t stop smiling. While waiting for the set to be prepared again he started thinking about you and your four year old daughter who looked exactly like you, but had his eyes. He had everything he could have ever wanted and more. Ever since marrying you, you had truly made him a better man and he could never stop showing you how much he appreciates and loves you. Last night was one of those nights, after Olivia fell asleep, you were all his and everything was completely perfect. Jensen actually felt himself starting to blush as he started thinking about last night in such a public place. He was brought out of his thoughts by the directors booming voice, rubbed the back of his neck, and made his way back to his marker.

Many takes later it was finally lunch time and also around the same time you would pick Olivia up from pre-K. Which would result in him getting a FaceTime call of the two of you as you drove back home. All throughout lunch Jensen was constantly checking his phone, so much that Jared noticed, “Hey man, she probably just forgot or got busy with the teacher or something. Don’t sweat it.”

“Do you think I should call just to be sure?”

Jared shook his head, “Nah, I’m telling you everything is fine.

“But she always calls, this isn’t just something she would all of a sudden forget to do.”

“I know, which is why I’m saying something else must have come up to where she couldn’t FaceTime you.” Jared’s head lifted when he heard the director’s voice once again. Slapping the side of Jensen’s arm he gave him a reassuring smile, “Come on, back to work we go.”

Jensen gave a nod of his head as he stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket, he’d find out why he didn’t get his call when he got home tonight. Jared was probably right, it was most likely nothing and Jensen was just overreacting. But then again if you did have something else to do…why didn’t you just send him a quick text? He shook his head and brushed it off as he walked back onto set, immediately transforming into Dean Winchester.

Jensen went about the rest of his day without a single call or message from you still. Now he was really starting to get worried. He moved you here to Vancouver with him so he could always be with you and never miss a moment of Olivia growing up. Even though he was about an hour away you still talked to him like you still lived in Austin, he was your best friend and you were his. So to go all day without hearing anything from you…really made him nervous.

It was at the beginning of the final scene, one more hour till he got to go home, when his phone finally rang. The director wasn’t all that happ,y but Jensen answered it anyways, waving off the director, “Y/N, babe, why haven’t you called me all day? Is something wrong?”

Jensen heard sniffling along with little whimpers and his brow scrunched together, that wasn’t you, “Olivia? Baby girl, where’s mommy?”

She whimpered one last time before Jensen heard someone else whispering to her, “Olivia, is that mommy? Can you hand her the phone?” This was when Jensen really started to panic and he wasn’t sure what was going on. He felt Jared’s hand on his shoulder with a questioning look but he just gave him the ‘hold on’ finger.

“D-Daddy…t-the mean man t-told me dat m-mommy can’t t-talk right now…dat y-you gotta find us. C-Come find us daddy…I-I scared….” He heard her starting to cry again as she pleaded for him to help her. His heart dropped, his stomach twisted into a knot, and he could feel his throat starting to close up. His little girl was calling out to him to help her and save her and he had no idea where you or her even were.

“Liv…tell me who has you and daddy will be right there!” He waited barely a second and he didn’t hear her voice or her whimpers anymore. “Liv! Olivia!” Jensen shut his eyes and some tears escaped just as another voice spoke through the phone.

“Jensen! Hey buddy, how’s it hanging?!”

“J-James?” That’s all Jared needed to hear and he pulled away from Jensen and started to call the police on his cell phone.

Jensen heard this blood curdling laugh on the other end, “You sound so surprised! I told you that you’d be seeing me again! Looks like someone didn’t believe me!” James said in a sing song taunting tone that made Jensen shudder..  

“You tell me where you have them and we can settle this right now. James, you give me back my family!” Jensen’s voice broke as his knees gave out. “Please. I’ll give you anything you want, just give me my family back.”

“Ya know…as tempting as that is…and let me tell ya, having you offer up anything that I want is really really tempting…I’m gonna have to pass. We haven’t had our fun just yet! Toodles Jay!” James started laughing again and Jensen couldn’t stop the furious tears as he heard those last two words and then there was nothing at all except for the cruel dial tone heckling him. Jensen screamed and then threw his fist into the ground not caring about the pain that just erupted throughout his arm. Jared rushed over and slung an arm around Jensen’s shoulders, pulling his friend into his body as Jensen gave in and cried.

“We’ll get ‘em back Jay…we’ll get ‘em back,” Jared promised, waving away several people that had come over, asking what was happening.

Part 2

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Creepypasta #1010: Playgrounds Aren't Safe, Secure Spaces, Even When Supervised

Length: Long

I was just up to the mountain and looked at it, but I felt nothing weird. I even went so far as to go up right next to it. Didn’t go down it though, I’m not taking any chances. I guess this was a freak one time thing - if it really happened. But it does make you wonder how common it is.

I recently moved into a new apartment and on the day of the move, I met the former tenant who said he wanted to take a last look at the apartment before “leaving permanently”. He was very polite and so I invited him in for a cup of coffee and a talk. Now, I work pretty hectic night shifts as a croupier and during the day I study for some courses in college, which puts me in a state of constant tiredness. But this man was on another level of tired. His eyes, even as he looked at me while talking, weren’t really looking. It’s like his body took every chance to rest it could; between each breath, each heartbeat, and not activating the eyes unless absolutely necessary. I estimate he was in his early thirties, but he had the posture of a 70-year old with a bad back. I guess there are some types of tiredness that no amount of caffeine can cure.

He walked around in the empty apartment, dragging his hand against the wall as he moved. On some places he stopped entirely and just stood there, as if he were channeling the memory for that exact spot from the wall. After ten minutes or so of walking around, he stopped and went back to sit on one of the moving boxes right next to me.

“I need to tell this to someone before I go” he said. The story is exactly as he told it to me, and I remember it so well because I don’t know what to make of it.


My wife and I were in our late 20’s when we moved into this apartment earlier this year with our daughter, Elsa, who was a little over two years old, after having lived with my mother-in-law in her house. Yes, I know how it sounds but it isn’t exactly easy to find an apartment in Stockholm. However, luck struck down on us and we managed to get a small flat in a newly built, semi-affluent neighborhood with low crime rate, which was perfect for us. It was a little cramped, I admit, and would be even more so as we were expecting our second child. But the area was great and close to communications so there was really no reason to complain.

Ever since I graduated college I had been looking for work. However, looking for work doesn’t take an entire day, which meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands. My wife then suggested that we should keep Elsa more at home, and that instead of dropping her off at daycare, she would spend Fridays at home. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea at first as I was constantly tired because I did most of the chores at home, as well as taking care of Elsa since my wife was in constant pain because of the pregnancy and couldn’t walk really far (or fast!).

After a while though, I started to enjoy it. We would go out to different parks in the area or make a trip somewhere, and because we got out around lunch, there’s always very little people in the parks and often we’re even alone. I think her favorite trip to this day was to the aquariums at the royal gardens. She got so excited with the large fish swimming around that she was constantly giggling and running around, pointing at things. And her small lips and bright white teeth formed the most adorable smile you can imagine. She had the cutest little face, framed in large strands of strawberry-blonde hair.

One Friday when we were out walking, I noticed a set of stairs I had never seen before. It was pretty close to where we live, on a path that goes behind a small industrial area and eventually leads to one of our regular parks. We hadn’t taken that exact path for some time, but in front of the stairs was a sign that said: “Building a new park on Nyboda Mountain, finished 2016.” The stairs looked like they were placed there yesterday, with no spots or old chewing gum on them, and the green paint on the railings seemed to just have dried.

“Elsa, want to go to a new park?” I asked. 


“Okay, let’s go up these stairs first and then we can play.” 

“Stairs first!” she exclaimed before she jumped onto the first step. She was just learning and picking up new words, so this was what her sentences looked like.

We started our ascent up the eight(!), long flight of stairs; but boy was it worth it when we got up there. At first I didn’t notice the playground, the view was just too good. You could see most of the old parts of town, as well as various other landmarks. It wasn’t until Elsa started shouting at me that I came to. The playground was indeed newly built, with a number of fresh, unspoiled things and toys to play with. And we were all alone.

“Daddy come!” she shouted as she beckoned me over to the swings. “Elsa swing!” 

“Okay honey!” I shouted back and as I started to swing, her face lit up more and more.

She really liked to swing, even though she would look grumpy most of the time. But if you asked her if she wanted to come off the answer was almost always “No!”. We played with the swings and various other things in the park, and if there ever was a father-daughter moment that should be caught on camera; this was it.

After a while, Elsa spotted a large tunnel slide at the outskirts of the park, slightly hidden behind some trees. It was massive. “Is this really for kids?” was my first thought. The metallic pipe started on top of a large wooden structure that almost looked like a tower and then descended about six meters, with a curve in the middle, before finally ending. Elsa skipped towards it while letting out a joyful scream. 

“No way,” I thought. “She hates slides, even the small regular ones, yet she runs towards this beast?!” I didn’t need to worry though, as she grabbed a couple of sticks and a couple of pine cones right before climbing the wooden tower.

“Sticks slide!” she said. 

“Ahh, you want the sticks and pine cones to go down the slide?” I asked, sounding like an old college professor. “Mhmm.”

She then took one of the sticks and threw it in, saw it disappear and heard the metallic echo it produced as it bounced down. She started laughing, threw a cone and then had me do the same. It is moments like these we live for. Not a care in the world, just throwing sticks and cones down a slide. Nothing more, nothing less.

When everything was thrown we went down to pick it up, but then I noticed that only the pine cones had made their way down. I assumed the sticks got stuck in there somewhere. Not that it mattered to Elsa, she grabbed the rest of the cones and ran back up to the tower again. When we had thrown all of the pine cones a second time, Elsa said: “Daddy go slide.”

“Do you want daddy to go down the slide?” 


“Do you want to ride with daddy? Sit in daddy’s lap?” 

“No. Daddy go slide.”

“Got damn it.” I thought. As an adult man I should have no problem with this, but the slide felt intimidating somehow.

“Okay…” I said as I started to climb into the tube and positioned myself. It didn’t feel right. “Do you really want daddy to go down the slide?” I asked as I was sitting on the edge. 

“Yes!” she replied with enthusiasm and a face shining like the sun. 

“All right then…”

I took my hands off the cold, metallic surface and felt how gravity started working its magic. Before I knew it, I had picked up speed and was rushing down into the darkness. Then, as I reached the curved area, I could hear desperate screams coming from the entrance.

“Daddyyy!” Followed by a metallic clanking sound somewhere above me.

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anonymous asked:

more family fluff of frederick and baby marc! What if morgan's super jealous about the new baby? ; M ; he's not mommy and daddy's little angel anymore!

[He’ll always be daddy’s little angel what do you mean]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

When Frederick burst into your home that afternoon, you weren’t sure what to expect. You knew it couldn’t be good, though, when you saw how grim his expression was.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think there was a war on the horizon, and he was the first to know.

“Frederick? What are you doing home at this hour?” You questioned curiously, your hands preoccupied with the newborn girl in your arms. Frederick’s frown deepened, and he shook his head.

“It happened, Robin.” Frederick said darkly, grip tightening on the doorknob. “Morgan has…acted out.”

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Marichat May Day 6: “I Like Someone Else”



I now realize that this kinda conflicts with Day 19: Eavesdropping, but I’m getting pretty good at thinking c r e a t i v e l y, so I’m sure I’ll pull something out of my ass think of something.

ao3 link

Word count: 1311

Chat Noir landed on the balcony with a big smile on his face. It was late afternoon, and he usually didn’t come by this early, but he had had a photoshoot that had been cancelled, so now he had the whole weekend to himself. And maybe with his Princess.

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Don't Go

A/N: Its finally here! And for those of you who don’t know a ‘buggy’ is a shopping cart. I just thought I’d clarify because when I go further north or out west I get weird looks when I say it. Just throwing that out there. I also have a reference to 'The Notebook’.

He thought about you all the time, he wanted to meet you, get to know you, hold you. He was currently sitting in the break room of the store he worked at thinking about you. He wanted to cuddle with you, wake you up in the mornings with gentle kisses, he wanted to show you how much he loved you. It scared him how much he loved you and he had still yet to see your face. He wondered if he would love you even more after he met you. He hoped you loved him as much as he loved you. Michael looked down at the tattoo that adorned his wrist. He ran his thumb over it just as he did every time he thought about you which at least ten times every day. He couldn’t wait until he met you, he couldn’t wait until the day his tattoo finished itself because he finally found you got touch you.

He was brought out of his daydream when his best friend and co-worker entered the break room as well. Luke clapped his best mate on the back and sat down beside him. He noticed Michael rubbing his wrist where his tattoo was located.

“Are you thinking about her again?” He asked as he began eating his lunch. Michael nodded still rubbing his wrist.

“I think about her all the time. I can’t help it. I want to meet her already.” He said.

“I know man, but wait until you meet her. You’ll think about her even more, I can promise you that.” Luke said with a smirk.

“Do you think about her more now?” Michael asked. Luke had met his soul-mate about a year ago and Michael was happy for him, but he was a tad bit jealous.

“Absolutely, I love her more now than the day I met her.” Michael nodded and let Luke eat his lunch. Michael spent the rest of his break doing what he usually does. He thought about you.


You thought about him, sure you did. Who doesn’t think about the person their destined to spend the rest of your life with. You thought you wanted that but then you watched as your dad fell apart after he lost his soul-mate, you mother. Usually when you find your soul-mate you die together so you won’t have to be without them again. Yes, it’s totally cliché and morbid and sounds like something out of a novel, but that’s just how it worked.

Your dad was never the same; it was like he checked out and gave up on everything. It was a fight to get him to shower and eat every day. It had been like this for the last three months and now you didn’t know if you wanted to meet your soul-mate or not. You didn’t want to lose him like your dad lost your mom. You knew it was selfish but you didn’t want to go through that heart break. You knew it was rare for that to happen but it scared the hell out of you. Although that didn’t stop you from thinking about him. You wondered what he looked like, how he acted, or if he was a total teddy bear. You wondered what his favorite food was, what he liked to do in his spare time. You wondered if he thought about you, if he had questions for you like you had for him. Did he have any siblings? What was his favorite season? Did he like M&M’s on his pizza? You were thinking about this as you walked to the store.

Once you arrived you shook your head and walked inside. You grabbed a buggy, pulled your list out of your pocket and started your shopping. You were looking down at your list not paying attention to where you were going when you hit someone with your buggy. Your head shot up to look at who you had hit.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” You apologized to the stranger hunched over rubbing is leg. He quit rubbing his leg and stood to turn and face you. You noticed he was crazy tall. You maybe came to his bicep if you were lucky; he had bright red hair and gorgeous green eyes. Michael looked at you and he thought you were beautiful. He noticed you looked tired and drained but beautiful all the same. He realized he had been staring when you awkwardly cleared your throat and he snapped out of it.

“Its fine, I wasn’t paying attention either.” He said. That’s when you noticed his apparel, he worked here.

“I’m sorry, I was looking over my list, are you okay?” You asked concerned for the attractive employee.

“Yeah, I’m fine honest.” Michael said. He didn’t want to stop talking to the pretty girl in front of him so he offered his help. “Do you need help finding anything?”

“No, that’s okay. Thank you, though.” You said.

“No problem, if you need anything my name is Michael.” You said thanks again and made your way down the aisle closest to you. Michael couldn’t help but watch you as you walked down the aisle. He knew he wanted to talk to you more. He thought about you as we went back to his register. You seemed like an easy-going person but there was a certain air about you. You seemed sad and he wanted to know why.


You continued your shopping and thought about Michael the entire time. He had the most mesmerizing green eyes you had ever seen. You couldn’t explain it but you felt drawn to the colorful haired boy you had met only an hour ago. Once you were finished you made your way to the front. You noticed Michael whom you plowed into earlier and he was the only register open.

“Are you going to run me over with your buggy again?” He asked and you blushed. He thought it was absolutely precious. He started to ring up your things.

“I’m really sorry about that.” You said you cheeks still tinged pink.

“Seriously, its fine, I was just messing with you.” You continued to talk with each other and he asked you your name and you told him. Michael loved your name. He swore he had never heard a more perfect name. He finished ringing your things up and he told you the amount. You got the cash out of your wallet and handed it to him. When you did you touched his hand. A shock went through your entire body and you felt a dull pain in your wrist. From the look on Michael’s face he felt it, too. Michael sat the money down the pulled his sleeve back to look at his wrist. He eyes widened at what he saw.

His tattoo was whole. He looked up to you in awe you were currently looking at your own wrist. You were terrified; you just met your soul-mate. You just met your freaking soul-mate. You didn’t know what to do so you panicked. You looked up to Michael who was still looking at you like you were the best thing that had ever happened to him, but his expression changed when he saw the terrified look in your eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Um, I-I’ve got to go.” You said. You grabbed your things and ran out of the store. Michael stood there speechless. You just ran. His soul-mate just ran away from him. His heart shattered. Why would you run from him? He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there. He didn’t know how long he stood there until Luke came up to him.

“Mike what’s-” He stopped short when he saw Michael’s wrist. He found his soul-mate. Luke smiled at his best friend but it was short lived when he saw the distraught look on Michael’s face. “What happened? Where is she?”

“She ran.” Luke stood there.

“She what?”

“She ran. She saw her tattoo was whole, looked at me and then ran away. Why did she run?” Michael was so wounded by what just happened he had tears in his eyes that threatened to spill over. Luke saw Michael’s state and decided to send him home. He called Ashton in to take the rest of Michael’s shift.

Luke explained the situation to Ashton told him to get here as soon as he could. Ashton made it there in record time. Luke and Ashton was worried about Michael, Michael was such a softie that it hurt them to think someone could do that to him. Before Michael left Ashton went to check on him. He found Michael in the break room.

“Hey, are you okay?” Ashton asked. He knew it was a stupid question to ask but he did anyway.

“No.” Ashton nodded and sat down beside him.

“Did you find out her name?” Michael nodded and told Ashton you’re name. Ashton knew you. You lived a couple blocks away from him. He let Michael know that. Ashton told him, what house you lived in and what it looked like. Michael felt a sliver of hope in his chest. He hugged Ashton and ran out of the store to find you.


You had everything put up and were now sitting in your living room. You still couldn’t believe what you did, you ran. You ran away from the love of your life. You knew you probably hurt him by doing so but you were so scared. You didn’t know what to do and in your mind running was the best option. You felt horrible about leaving the beautiful boy with colorful hair behind at the store but you couldn’t bring yourself to go back either. So instead you just sat on the couch and stared at your, now whole, tattoo.

You were still sitting there when your dad walked in and sat down beside you. He looked at your wrist and his own eyes grew wide. He looked to you while you still looked at your wrist. He was silent for a while until he decided to ask.

“Where is he?” You looked to your dad startled. That was the first time in months that he’s talked willingly.

“What?” You asked.

“Your soul-mate, where is he?” You sighed and pulled your sleeve down over your wrist.

“I don’t know. I ran.” This confused your dad.

“You ran? Why?”

“Because I’m scared.” You admitted in a whisper. Your dad stayed quiet as you continued. “I see how you are after you lost Mom and I’m scared I’ll lose him.” This made your dad sober up from his grief stricken state. He put his arm around you and pulled you to him.

“Listen, sweet pea, it is hard on me losing your mom, but I’ll tell you this. Every day I had with her was something special. We made so many memories together and had such an amazing thing while she was here. She was my angel. She was the light of my life, I still love her and I wouldn’t trade the time I had with her for anything.” You started to cry a little bit when you heard the fondness in his voice when he talked about your mom. “You need a chance to make those memories too, sweet pea.”

“But-” You started out.

“No ‘buts’, you deserve to be happy like I was with your mom. You need the love of your life.” You looked at your dad and hugged him hard. You missed having this with your dad and you felt like you would get that back. Slowly but surely. Your father/daughter moment was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Your dad got up to answer it. You heard him talk to someone and then come back into the living room where you were now standing up.

“There’s a boy with very bright red hair at the door. He says he knows you.” Your eyes went wide again.

“That’s him.” Was all you said and your dad smiled and nudged you toward the door. He gave you a reassuring smile and went upstairs to his room. You slowly made your way to where Michael was standing in front of your door still in his work uniform.

“I’m sorry. You probably think I’m awful but I was scared.” You started to ramble. “My dad lost my mom a few months back and I saw what it did to him. I didn’t know if I wanted to meet you because there was the chance I’d lose you and I didn’t know if I could go through that. I know it’s selfish but I was scared.” You finished and he stood there looking at you. He had a look of understanding on his face. He knew it was rare when that happened, but he was sure it left a bad impression. He started to make his way toward you, slowly to make sure you wouldn’t run again. When he made it to you he reached out and grabbed both of tiny hands into his larger ones.

“Kitten, you’re not going to lose me. I’m not going anywhere.” He said. He could see you were still unsure about it.

“You don’t know that.” You rebutted.

“Yes I do, I couldn’t go anywhere without you and I wouldn’t want to.” You looked at him and you could see the honesty in his perfect green eyes.


“I promise.” He said and with that he kissed you. You knew from that moment on he would never go anywhere without you and you would never go anywhere without him.

At Least We Have Each Other

Summary: (Y/N) has hunted with the Winchesters for many years. And then Lucifer comes into the picture. But, finally, they have a lead on where he is. They hope to kill Lucifer once and for all. Let’s just say… Plans didn’t go as expected.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, (slight) Dean Winchester x Jo Harvelle

Word Count: 3736 (I am so sorry)

Warnings: Multiple character deaths, LOTS OF FEELS (Don’t say I never warned you), maybe a little OOC for Dean.

(A/N): Okay, guys. I know, this is super duper long. I’m sorry. When I first wrote it, it was almost midnight and I think I was on a role. Plus, I was crying, and ya’ll fellow writers know that feeling any kind of strong emotion doesn’t go well with writing. Well, at least not for you guys. Ya’ll have to put up with the outcomes xD. Anywho, this was pretty much my first ever ‘x Reader’ story. I had originally posted this on Wattpad like a year ago maybe, but I just decided to post it on here. What’s the harm, right? Okay, I’ll stop talking. I hope you enjoy. 

OH! And before I get cries of “COPYRIGHT THOOOO”… I know this. Most of the lines in the story belongs to Eric Kripke, the creator of this series. Understand that it needed to be this way. I’m sorry. 

Okay, so NOW on with the story.

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Neville Saves The Day!: Neville Longbottom One Shot (Requested by Anon)

Request: Could you write a fan-fiction where longbottom saves you, a fellow gryffindor from draco and his minions. Draco hits you while cornering you outside the yule ball and nagging you like he always does for being a mud-blood and friends with the golden trio. Longbottom unusually acts super defensive and saves you, comforts you, then take you inside and dances with you and then kisses you.

The music blared throughout the Great Hall while tiny little snowflakes began to fall from the ceiling. Students and staff continued to dance the night away, creating beautiful memories for the future.

I sat on one of the circular ringed seats alongside Hermione, sipping on some punch and talking with her about how her date almost spilled some food on her.

“I can’t imagine what you could have done if that happened!” I laughed, talking another sip of my drink.

“My own mother wouldn’t let me see another day!” She giggled. I smiled as we both just continued to talk and rejoice about our time here. It was truly such a glamourous life.

Besides all the fiasco with the Triwizard Tournament, everything in our lives have been moving along just fine. Studies have been going well, friends are all getting along, and we even bumped up a place into the Quidditch finals! Ironic, isn’t it?

Hermione took my hand to dance, just until Draco and his hounds walked up to us, Draco’s hands crossed along his chest. I rolled my eyes as we sat down again, ready for the completely pointless speech he was about to give. When was he going to give up on this act?

“Well, well, well. Look at we have here. A mudblood and a lunkhead. Truly beautiful sight, innit boys?” He growled. Crabbe and Goyle nodded their fat heads as I snickered at them in disgust.

“Look what we have here, a weasel and his poo. Seems to me your looks have everything covered about you.” I laughed, Hermione widening her eyes as a reaction to what just came out of my mouth. I put my arm with hers and held my head up high, meeting eye to eye with Draco.

“Oh, and don’t even bother trying to talk to me again. Your breath seems to be doing all of it.” I whispered in his ear, closing my nose and pretending to be disgusted. Hermione giggled as we walked away, my pride getting the best of me.

“HEY! COME HERE!” Draco yelled, yanking me by my wrist and pulling me close to him.

“Don’t you dare say those things to me. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.” He growled lowly to my face. I felt my legs quiver as a feeling of fright washed over me. I turned over to Hermione who was being blocked by Crabbe and Goyle. She couldn’t help being so small compared to the beasts that were parading around her.

“Draco, let me go.” I whined, trying to pry myself from his grip but it failed endlessly.

His grip only seemed to tightened when I tried to make my way out, and the pain soared as the seconds went by.

‘Hey! Knock it off!” I heard a voice squeak out. Draco and I both looked around to see Neville standing there, trying to look tough as he trudged towards the scene.

“Let her go Malfoy, o-or you won’t see the end of this!” He stuttered, trying his best to look at him in the eye, but I could tell that he was just as frightened as I was in that moment.

But then again, he was the one trying to save me from this? Just last week he nearly started crying because he forgot one of his textbooks back at his dorms. Why and how in the world could he have become so courageous in a short amount of time? People change, don’t they?

Draco scoffed and let go of me, making my balance a bit off since I didn’t expect him to let go of me so suddenly. I looked at Draco, who glanced at me and back to Neville. He cleared his throat before speaking.

“Longbottom saves the day, eh? Not for long.” He spat, marching away and out of the Great Hall. Crabbe and Goyle were still just as shocked as I was, and they kept standing there like the total cowards they are.

“Crabbe! Goyle! Come on!” Draco yelled from the entrance, continuing to walk away as the two hounds tried to run after him but failed to keep up not even seconds later.

I turned around to Neville, who was sitting with Hermione and whispering something in her ear. He began to lightly blush as she giggled and looked at me. She gave me a weird nod and got up and walked away, joining the huge crowd of students that continued to dance the night away.

“Thanks for doing that.” I said to Neville, sitting down next to him.

“Anything for a friend.” He said, looking up and smiling. I could tell that he was nervous.

A moment of silence fell between us as the music echoed throughout the hall, and I was awkwardly playing with my hands. I was about to get up and leave, thinking that tonight’s events were already a party within itself, until Neville got up at the same time.

“Would you like to .. um .. dance with me maybe?” Neville asked me, the blush from before returning to his cheeks.

“I thought you’d never ask.” I smiled, making his teeth show as he smiled fully for the first time tonight.

“You look beautiful tonight, (Y/N).” He whispered. “I just thought no one has said that yet, and I am telling the truth.”

My smile only grew wider, my heart filled up with love from the endless amount of kindness he had given me that night. Neville was so sweet, and so kind. Everything that I had hoped to stumble upon tonight.

Neville quickly leaned down and kissed my cheek, and took my hand and ran into the crowd before I could say anything. The night was filled with loads of fun and awkward dance moves, but it was one to remember.

It’s Okay

So I haven’t written a fanfic for @fucken-crybaby in a while and I love their Daddy so here’s a little something between him and my main Sona Cat.


“C’mon Cat!” The little felines eyes wandered back over the small rabbit curled up on his own, like he was trying to make himself look smaller than he already was. Without acknowledging her friend Cat ran over with a sweet smile. “Hey there.” The bunny looked up at her with a frightened jolt as he began to tremble. Cat couldn’t stand seeing another monster in so much pain. Without a second thought or any hesitation she pulled off the shark tooth necklace and handed it to him. “I stay at the inn if you ever need to talk.” The rabbit looked from her to the necklace in confusion. “What do you want?” His voice cracked as tears welled up in his big blue eyes. “I’m gonna be apart of the royal guard one day! I wanna help people and Crys mommy says I have to start small.” When she heard  her bunny friends impatient call again Cat pressed the necklace in his palm before she smiled at him once more and ran off. 

It had been seventeen years since Cat had talked to that rabbit and she never saw him again but she often dreamed about him. A lot of things had changed. Cat never became part of the Royal Guard, not that it really mattered when the barrier was destroyed and she moved to the surface. Cat lay motionless on her bed staring blankly at the ceiling. That dream always left her feeling a little….empty. She often wondered what happened to that boy, why she never saw him after that day. She couldn’t remember his face really but those big blue eyes filled with fear, hope, and tears were burned into her memory. As her mind had really begun to wander there was the sound of her front door opening and closing that made her sensitive ears twitch with alertness. Without bothering to put on pants her eye slits narrowed dangerously as her lips curled into a playful smile. 

Silently she moved from her room and slinked into the shadows of her dark house. “Why do you keep your damn lights out all the time?!” The felines tail flicked as she crouched to pounce on the bunny wandering to to the kitchen area. Without warning she pounced with a growl and tackled the other girl to the ground. Cry squealed with a laugh as she was knocked over. “The predator has captured her prey!” Cat yelled as she began to nip and naw at the rabbits shoulder. With a laugh Cry squirmed out of her half naked friends grasp. “You ass.” The girls giggled on the tile floor of the small apartment kitchen before the rabbit helped her larger friend up. “We’re going shopping today.” The words made Cats ears droop as she let out a long groan. “Do we have to?” With a cross of her arms and a stern look from the rabbit Cat pouted. “Yes momma.”

“Makin me wear a bra and pants.” Cat grumbled as she made her way back to her bedroom with the rabbit close on her heels.As Cat dressed in her usual graphic tshirt, hoodie, and jeans Cry looked through all of her dark baggy clothing. “This is why we need to take you shopping, there’s so many cute clothes that you would look so cute in.” As she stuffed her hands in the hoodie pockets Cat shrugged not bothering to argue with her friend. “Let’s just go. You gonna buy me food right?”

“Yes I’m gonna buy us food.” As the girls walked out Cat hissed at the sudden bright eyes that made her sensitive eyes dilate. After a few blinks her eyes adjusted and the world became clearer again. She still wasn’t fully used to the bright sun light of the surface after her whole life with the soft lights of the underground. The girls laughed and chatted amongst themselves as they wandered about the mall. Though she’d never admit it she had fun playing barbie for Momma Cry. Of course the rabbit was one of the few people Cat found herself really comfortable being around. As Cry went to go try on a new dress Cat busied herself with her phone until she felt what seemed like a brick wall slam into her. With a hiss Cat stumbled backwards and growled up at the man. “Watch where you’re fuckin go-” The monster stopped in her tracks as she saw the shark tooth hanging from a brown leather string around the rabbits neck. Though he growled Cat didn’t pay any mind as she stepped closer and turned the shark tooth in her small hand. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Before he jerked away Cat caught her initials craved into the back. “Where did you get that necklace?” His eyes narrowed dangerously at her as his large hand gripped the tooth. “What’s it to you?” 

“That’s my necklace. I gave it to a boy in the underground when I was a kitten now I’ll ask again, where the hell did you get that necklace.” Though she saw a wave of shock wash over his harsh features for a split second he still scowled. “Creed what the hell are you doing here?” Both of their heads snapped to the small rabbit as she walked out of the dressing room with three dresses hanging from her arm.”You know him?” Cry snarled at the larger rabbit before turning her attention to Cat. “He’s my cousin. I didn’t know he came to the surface.” The snarl that was on his face at first was replaced with a cocky smirk. “I came up here to see my dear sweet cousin.” Cry glared at him as she gripped Cats hand. “Let’s go, he doesn’t matter.” Cat blinked at her friend before freezing in place. “That’s kind of a dickish thing to say.” Cry rolled her eyes before placing a hand on her hip. “Well he’s a dick so it fits.” With a shake of her head Cat smiled at her friend. “Look I’ll meet you in the food cour in a sec, I gotta ask him a question.” Before Cry could protest Cat was shooing her away. Once the other rabbit was gone Cat turned her attention back to the larger one. His size was more than a bit intimidating as she just came up to his chest but she’d never let that stop her before. “Where did you get that necklace.”

“You don’t let up do you?” Cats eyes narrowed dangerously making the rabbit chuckle before he looked away. “I got it from some girl when I was younger who I never saw again.” With another growl Cat wasn’t sure if she wanted to believe him. “You didn’t steal it from some sweet little bunny boy?” Finally he looked back at her. “I got it from you.”


I don’t wanna make this too long but I mean if people like it I can always make a part two /)~(\ I wasn’t really sure what to call Daddy and I figured Daddy is more of a nickname like Momma with Cry so I figure since he’s supposed to be the male version of momma I’d call him Creed.

Chapter 12


“ Mm ” I groaned as I tried to stretch only to kick the fuck out of a body . God I hope I didn’t kick Jay too hard.

“ damn Alexis ” August grunted .

“ My bad ” I said Sitting up , Realizing I wasn’t in the bed with Jay . I wasn’t even in the hospital .

“ how did I get here ? ” I asked groggily rubbing my eyes . Blinking them rapidly , I tried to readjust them to the light beaming through his bedroom window .

“ I brought you here last night ” he yawned .

Shaking my head no ,” uh uh August take me back ”

“ You needed rest Alexis ”

“ okay I got rest now take me back to my sister .”

“ Alexis , she is fine . You forgot Michael and Emily stood with her last night ? ” he asked frustrated with the fight I was trying to put up .

“ fine ” I mumbled just sitting there .

“ I have to go to work later , I’ll drop you off when I do ” work ? He’s never told me where he worked before . I always heard “ work”. “ oh Alexis I’m going to work ” work this , work that , but I have no Idea on where he work .

“ where do you work ?” I asked curiously & due to the fact he got a nice ass house with nice ass cars but has never spoken about his Job like tf do you do ?

“ Why you want know  ? ” he asked turning to look at me .

“ cause I want to know .. How the hell you afford all of this ” I said pointing around .

“ well that’s none of your business ” he sat up . Cocking my head to the side , I tried to comprehend what he just said to me .

“ Really August , you know everything about me but I don’t know where you work . How the hell you get all this money to afford shit ”

“ Mind your business , and I’ll mind mine . Get dressed cause I’m dropping you off by your car early ” he said sounding irritated, walking into the bathroom, Making sure he slammed the door .

Unbelievable , he’s obviously hiding something . No one gets that mad when you ask them what type of job they have . August needs a fucking attitude check . It wasn’t that serious of a question for him to get upset .

Shaking my head , I chuckled bitterly . At this point I don’t even want to be around him so I’m kinda glad he’s dropping me off to my car early cause I can see myself bopping tf out of him .

Walking downstairs to his empty bathroom where I kept all my personal items , I took a shower and brushed my teeth . Standing under the shower head , the water out of no where turned really cold . Shivering , I screamed ” august are you serious ” I knew he had flushed the toilet & did it on purpose .

“ shut the fuck up and finish ” he yelled in return . Shaking my head , I quickly washed my body off and hopped out . Drying off , I took my sweats out of my small traveling bag and slipped them on with a red lace thong . Putting on my bra , I slipped into my polo v-neck and walked out the bathroom .

Sluggishly making my way to the living room , I sat on the sofa and toyed around on my phone . Biting my bottom lip gently , I wast toying around on my phone .

“ you ready ?” He asked coming from upstairs fully dressed .

“ what the hell it look like ?” I spoke with pure attitude . Since he wanted to be mean to me , I was going to treat him the same way .

“ Fix that fucked up ass attitude before it get you fucked up ” he mumbled grabbing the keys .

“ Stupid ” I mumbled under my breath .

“ what was that ? ” he asked from behind me .

“ Nothing , come on” I slightly yelled .
This niggas presence was just making me mad and I felt like punching him in his face . But I’m not the type to hit a dude cause I wouldn’t want them to hit me . I just wanna go to my car and go home .

“ Why you so salty ” he asked putting his hand on my thigh .

“ don’t talk to me August ” I mumbled pushing his hand away .

“ so it’s like that Alexis ? You gonna keep up this stupid ass attitude ?”

“ yup ”

“ iight , ima show you ”

“ you ain’t gonna do me shit August , shut the fuck up ”

“ aight bye ” he said stopping his car. I ain’t even realize we was already here. I guess we were so caught up in fussing that I hadn’t realized we pulled off period .

“ mane fuck you ” I yelled getting out the car and slamming his door . Peeling off , almost running over my foot , he sped out of the parking lot and onto the highway .

Storming off towards my car , I popped the trunk and grabbed my duffle bag . Opening it up I took out a fresh pair of sweats and a hoodie . My current clothes smelled like august and it was making my stomach turn.

Getting inside my car , I quickly undressed and put on my new set of clothes for the second time today in Less than an hour .

This is August and I’s first really serious fight . And I was trying so hard not to cry . I’m not use to fighting with him except that time we went to the store. I’m really sensitive and I can’t deal with this shit . Picking up my phone , I dialed my best friend number . Waiting impatiently for her to answer , I hung up and called her right back. Answering with quickness , I immediately started crying again .

” Patriece ” I cried into the phone .

“ woah why you crying baby ?” She asked , voice laced in concern .

“ I’ll tell you later , but I need a vacation ” I sighed .

“ Where you wanna go ? ”

“Hmmm .. Ooo let’s go see Ariele ” I squealed . Laughing a bit at how I could go from crying to laughing in 30 seconds.

“ Damn bitch , you Trynna take my ear off ?” she complained . I guarantee she’s rubbing her ear right now like that’s going to stop the ringing .

“ sorry ” I laughed .

“ how long you Trynna stay ? Cause I’m packing now ” I heard her moving around . Thinking about it , I really didn’t know but that’s when I thought about my baby sister .

“ No more than 3 days , I gotta be back when Jay leaves the hospital ”

“ oh okay , well call me later . I’m gonna go book our flight ”

“ alright boo”

“ give Jay a hug for me ” she mumbled before hanging up .Since August wants to play with me , I’m gonna go MIA on his dumb ass . I do absolutely nothing to him & for him to snap on me like that over a job set me off . As much as I wanted to just forget it & crawl back in his bed I wasn’t going to . I didn’t wanna look weak .

Upset with myself from even crying , I wiped my left over tears viscously and turned on my car . I wasn’t going no where but I was getting really hot and my stomach was currently doing flips . Sighing , I reached to the back and grabbed a bottle of water & downed it as the cold air hit my face .

Resting my head against the head rest , I sat back with my eyes closed trying to think about what was causing me to feel like this . I’ve been feeling like this for a while and was far from happy . If I wasn’t throwing up , I was craving something . Like w-

“ what do you want ? ” I asked august with fake attitude as he rudely interrupted my thoughts with probably something stupid he has to say . Hearing him tell some one shut up , I rolled my eyes at the sound of a female groaning in annoyance . Looking at the phone like it was crazy , I closed my eyes and counted to 10 .

“ I just know you not with some other bitch ” I hissed . Hearing him smack his teeth and mumble some shit under his breath only seemed to piss me off some more .

“ Watchu whispering ? Speak up pretty boy ” I egged on .

“ I fucking said ain’t nobody with no other bitch , it’s some one I work with . Stop being fucking insecure . I ain’t cheating on you or sneaking around on you . I ain’t like your dumb ass ex . I know what I got at home but obviously you don’t ” he scoffed once he reached the end of his sentence . Frowning hard at him saying I don’t know what I have at home offended me , because I do .

“ I d-”

“ no tf you don’t because you said fuck me . Well shid ya heard me if you feel like that’s then it’s fuck you too I guess ” he grumbled before hanging up the phone . Beating my fist against the steering wheel , he some how managed to make me feel guilty .

After beating myself up for a total of ten minutes , I was about ready to get out my car and go see Jaylin but my stomach stopped me from doing so .

Opening up my car door , I haunched over letting all the fluids inside my body out . Pushing the door open some more so that the throw up wouldn’t get on my interior , I continued to puke my guts out. Puking a little too hard , some managed to come out of my nose & make my eyes water. I was disgusted .

“ Fuck ” I groaned using one of the many napkins I took from McDonald’s to wipe my mouth . Digging through my purse I pulled out a whisp mini tooth brush to freshen up my breath . Using both brushes , I made sure any once of evidence that I threw up was gone .

Driving to another parking spot , I got out slowly and put my sunglasses over my eyes. Making my way inside the hospital , I walked to the front desk to sign In and get my visitors pass.

“ Hey Ms.Carter , here to see Jay ?” Monica , the lady at the front desk smiled .

“ Goodmorning girly and yes "I returned the kind gesture , all while writing my name on the thin piece of paper .

” she’s been up for a while , joking with her friends . She refused to eat though “ she informed me . Sighing , I shook my head at my stubborn little sister.

” thank you “ I said making my way down to her room . Nibbling on my bottom lip , I played with my keys that preoccupied my fidgety hands .

” knock knock knock “ I said before walking in .

” Lexxii “ she squealed . Her face beamed with happiness and excitement . Just the thought alone on having an impact on her in that sort of way made my heart warm .

” hey baby , wassup Mike and Em “ I spoke with a small head nod .

” heeey “ Emily chirped rubbing her belly . Looking at her weirdly , I decided against questioning her on it because it’s not my business .

” what it do sis “ Michael came and side hugged me while talking on the phone .

” I’ll be back in a few hours or so , I got some shit to do “ he said kissing jays forehead before leaving out the room . Pouting , she sat there with her arms folded , looking like a kid who has just been told no . Flicking her bottom lip , she started laughing .

I was happy for my sister . It looked like he made her happy and he was loyal as hell for staying here with her . Thank you Jesus , you have answered my prayers . But even tho I like what he did for her , I still say she needs to be with Chris . She just needs to stop Hiding the fact she still lone him & admit it .

” so how’s that hunk of finest ? ” I questioned with a wink . Telling me about how he has been treating her for the last 12 hours , I couldn’t help but have a big kool aid smile on my face . She told me how he massaged her feet and left love marks all over her skin in places you couldn’t See. Now I’m not going to lie , that made me feel some type of way and I was going to speak on it .

” Now Jaylin , why would you do that when you got Chris . I don’t think Chris is going to like that ” I stated , licking my dry lips . Sucking her teeth , she reached for her crutches and stood up .

” Chris isn’t my boyfriend and I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped bringing him up when I tell you shit Bout another guy . If I wanted Chris back , I would be in his room right now . Get the fuck over it “ she spat angrily , walking into the bathroom .

” yea Get the fuck over it “ Emily pitched in , filing her finger nails. Chuckling , this little girl did not know me . I would slide her bony ass clean cross this floor with no remorse .

” I’m not a child , you come correct “ I warned with a pointed finger . Respect comes with all shapes , ages and sizes. That means anybody can get it . Rolling her eyes , she mumbled ’ whatever ’ before attending to them ugly ass things she called nails .

Hearing the bathroom door creek open , I watched Jay walk out and sit on her bed . ” well , since you have an attitude with me , I’ll go head on and excuse myself but I wanted to tell you that I’m going on a mini vacation . ”

” so you’re leaving me ? “ she questioned with a pout.

” yea baby , why you looking like that?? “

” because the doctor said if I took my meds and ate all my food today I can possibly go home tomorrow morning and I can’t be by myself “ she frowned .
” you have Emily , right ?” I asked with a raised eyebrow , turning towards Emily .

” yea but I can’t do too much , like bend over and stuff because im pregnant .“ She said with sorry eyes . Ooh so that’s explains why she was rubbing her stomach . And to think I was gonna slide her across the floor , oops .

” What if I ask Ty if I can stay with him when he comes back ?” Jaylin spoke a little to excitedly for my liking . Her staying with him didn’t sit well with me maybe this could just be my stomach hurting all over again .

” Umm I’m not too sure about that
But I’ll give it some thought. ” I assured .

“ Ok thank you ” she mumbled . kissing her cheek , I actually wouldn’t mind her spending a few nights with Mikey but his mother would have to talk to me first .

“ Alright well I’m out baby doll , call me if you need anything. ” I smiled . Kissing her forehead , I did a lil small wave towards Emily before walking to the exit .

“ oh wait Jay ,” I called out before exiting her room completely .

“ yea ?”

“ if August call you and ask if you heard from me . Say I’m gone but I’m fine ”

“ gotchu sis ” she responded . I smiled in return , blowing her a kiss .

“ alright bye baby ” I cooed before closing the door . Peeking through the small peep hole , I watched her adjust to her body in that uncomfortable bed. Watching her lay her hair against the pillow she smiled big . Must have been the pillow Michael slept on . Standing there until she went to sleep , I smiled faintly and made my way out the hospital and to my house to pack .


“ Bitch I do not feel good ” I mumbled after throwing up for the thousandth time today . Resting my head on the arm rest inside the car , I closed my eyes and took in all the AC .

” you wanna go to the doctor before we go see Ariele ? ” Patrice asked, rubbing my back .

Nodding my head , ” take me to OLOTL” which is out lady of the lake . We landed about 30 minutes ago and ever since we got off that shaking plane , I’ve been feeling bad as fuck and at this point I can’t take it any longer .

Pulling out of McDonald’s parking lot , she drove in the direction of the hospital that wasn’t too far away . Smiling a little bit , I kind of missed my home town but I never want to come back .

I feel that Cali is a better fit & gives Jaylin and I both more to life than what Baton Rouge do . Now- a days it’s filled with violence , even at little kids parties and I don’t wan my sister to have to witness that . Just the other day I heard about the teenagers who got shot at a party & they were innocent .

Sighing , I had no words for what this world was really coming to . All I could do was pray for our generation and the next cause I know they will need it most . Pulling up to the hospital , Patrice dropped me off in the front so I could go sign in while she park.

Signing in ,I took a seat in one of the vacant Lobby chairs and rested my head in my tiny hands . Thinking of a the possible reasons to why my immune system was acting up , I came up with nothing . Instead I started thinking about august and up and leaving him the way I did .

Sitting there with my legs gapped open like a nigga & my eyes sitting low , I let my mind run with how much trouble I’m going to be in when I go back home . I just know he’s gonna flip out on me , wait why am I even thinking about him ? When he’s the reason I bounced .

” Alexis ” the doctor called . Thanking him silently from taking me out of my nerve rocking thoughts , I tapped Patrice to get her attention .

“Uhh yeah that’s me ”

“Right this way ” he said letting me enter the door. Following him to an empty room , he pointed to the table for me to hop up and get comfortable .

“ Ok what seems too be the problem?” He questioned , holding his pen and clipboard .

“ I’ve been throwing up left & right ” I informed .

“ Okay. Do you think your sick,pregnant or anything. ” when he said pregnant , my heart literally dropped . August and I had sex once without using a condom .

“ I honestly don’t know. ”

“When was the last time you had a period. ”

Aww shit I thought. I really don’t remember anything . ” Uhh I don’t know ” I said sighing heavily.

“ Okay pee in this cup & we’ll run some test. ” he nodded , handing me the cup to pee in . Taking the cup , I quickly went inside the bathroom and let loose my piss from drinking that large sweet tea from McDonald’s earlier .

Walking back out , I handed him the cup and he took off . Laying against the cushion , I took a small nap while waiting for him. After what felt like forever the doctor came back. Looking at the clock , I slept for thirty minutes but it felt like an hour .

“ Ok I have some interesting news Ms.Carter. ” he smiled .

“Which is? ”

“Your 4months pregnant” he said with pure excitement .

“ I’m whatt” I asked trying to make sure I heard him correctly.

“ You ma’am are pregnant. ”

“ Are you sure ” I said.

“ I’m positive. We have the sex & everything right here ” he beamed showing his clipboard .

“ What is it ” I asked kind of eagerly .

“ looks like you’re having twins . A beautiful baby girl and boy ” smiling from ear to ear , I began to rub my belly . For some reason finding out I was pregnant made me happy . Really happy .

“ Ok thank you” I said walking out the office. With Patrice behind me thinking of baby names , I got my prenatal vitamins and scheduled my next appointment . Not for here but for Cali . I was not about to travel down here just for an appointment .

I’m happy , really I am it’s just everything is happening so fast. Now we have to tell our parents. & he has only met my mom once and it’s just ugh because he has yet to meet my daddy and I just know he’s gonna be pissed . Sighing , happy Father’s Day to august .

Chris / Caden

Stepping into my nike grey sweatpants , I slid my feet into
My nike slippers and walked inside the bathroom . Groaning at my overly loaded head full of curls , I roughly ran my fingers through them . Letting another groan slip my lips , I had to get this shit cut off immediately .

Handling my morning duties in the bathroom , I made my way back out & grabbed all of my belongings . Today I got to go home since I ain’t really have nothing wrong with me . In a way I was happy but I was also sad . Sad because this is probably closet I’m going to get to Jaylin as well as Ima be lonely when I go home .

I wanted to talk too jay but instead I took lexis advice & decided I should give her some time. Fighting with myself on it , I decided space was for the best . You would think 4 going on 5 months is enough , but I guess not . Not for her at least .

I was physically and mentally going crazy with out her. It’s weird how I felt absolutely nothing for her and now it’s like I just have to have her . If I’m suffering I just know good and well so is Caden . Speaking of Caden , he’s been really quiet for these hours that passed by . I just know he’s self destructing in the shadows of the darkness .

Resting my head against the tiny window that sat in the corner of the room , I watched ass the rain drops fell, making me even more depressed . Feeling a strong headache come on , I rushed to my medicine bag to take my dose of medication to prevent Caden from coming out but it was already too late .

Cracking my knuckles , I bent my back and cracked my neck to relieve some of the tension I had built up . Grinding my teeth , I’ve been utterly quiet but god only knows that now I’m out I want to scream .

Doing as I wanted to do , I let out an ear piercing scream that caused the doctors and nurses to rush into my room . Looking at them all like they were crazy , the returned the same look . Instead there’s read something different , fear . Chuckling at their pussy asses , they actually thought I would hurt them ? Dumb fucks .

“ fuck y’all want ? ” I muttered , pulling one of the freshly rolled blunts aug placed in my bag for when I needed to calm my nerves .

“ we heard you screaming mister brown so we rushed in to see what was wrong ” Dr . mingLee informed . Nodding my head , I sparked my blunt and took a puff .

“ you can’t smoke that in here ” she stated , like I didn’t know the rules . Releasing the smoke slowly , I looked at her with my eyes lows .

“ I know ” I smoked in amusement as her facial expression changed from fear to disgust . By now these bitches should know Caden Lucifer him self brown listened to no one . I mean no one .

” I. Said you can’t smoke that , so that means put it out ” she gritted . Getting up from the chair that sat in front the window , I walked over to her with my blunt held high in my hand . Placing the blunt on her face to ash it , she screamed as the burning sensation hit her cheek .

” let me tell you something bitch . I listen to no one okay ? Now I home yor dumb ass I know the rules . Why you continued to fuck with me ? ” I questioned .

” I just was doing my job and enforcing the rules sir ” she whimpered lowly , removing the blunt from her face , I placed it behind my ear for later . Having a second thought , I pitched it in the garbage can . I didn’t know where that bitch face been .

” I don’t listen to no ones rules baby girl , so you can miss me with that shit . Now if you would excuse me , I have to finish getting my shit packed so I can Get the fuck out of here . When I walk out , I want to be able to leave this bitch and never have to turn back ”

Nodding her head really fast , ” All you have to do is sign these discharge papers ” the doctor said Handing me a clipboard . Jacking the pen out of her hand , I signed everything quickly so I could get this bitch out my presence .

My attitude was pretty fucked up and all I wanted to do was take my anger out on someone , someone innocent at that . Makes me feel like a king , I know I’m making my father Satan proud . Smirking at the thought of him being proud of me , I took the clipboard and sliced MingLee’s neck with it .

Watching her blood splatter all over the place , I sucked my teeth at the mess I made . Locking the room door , I dragged her body to the window . Popping it open , I slipped her body through the hole and watched her whole body go in different directions as it hit the ground . Wiping down the door & walls, I disposed the bloody rag .

Laughing once again at my evil ass , I continued to fill out my release papers . Once I was done filling the papers out , I brought them down to the front desk and made my way out . Watching the sheriffs merge into the hospital doors , I already knew what they were here for . Shaking my head at my smooth ass ,
The rental car they had for me was out front waiting .

Scrunching up my face the all white Toyota Camry , I made too much money to be driving this bullshit . Shaking my head , I didn’t have time to waste and at this point just wanted to get the fuck . Throwing my bag in the passenger seat , I got in the car and drove towards my house . At this point all I wanted to do was go rest my body .

Running my hand down my face , I wasted no time with pulling out from the hospital . Lighting another blunt , I finally had the peace and quiet my body yarned for to smoke . Inhaling the blunt ,I blew out straight O’s before smoking regularly .

5 blunts and two cigarettes later , I was high as shit. Them niggas of mine was right . If you smoke a blunt and a cigarette , it gets you higher . Shrugging my shoulders , I didn’t give a shit . A nice glass of Hennessy would do me some justice right about now .

” Hennessy , plenty weed do you have anything stronger , Idc give it here wanna make this high last longer . Unafraid unaware , can’t you see that I am dying ? Wanna feel what is real , anything is worth me trying ” I sung jhene aiko a lyrics . Smacking myself , I tried to get that pussy shit outta me .

Pulling up in front my house , an unknown car was parked in the driveway . Getting out , I approached the car to see who it was inside , leaving my gym bag behind . Locking that ugly ass car , I stopped in front the all blavk maxima coupe .

Tapping the window ,” tf Brianna ? ” I asked confusingly when she rolled the window down , why she was at my house. ?

“ Hey , Chris I heard about the accident and I was just coming by to see if you were alright ” she smiled sweetly . Grinding my teeth at that name , I let it slide .

Looking up at the neighbors who were watching me ,” thanks but yea I’m Gucci ”

“ So can I come in ” Brianna asked.
I know what your thinking how stupid for talking to her right. ? But at this time , I could use the company & some pussy sound just as good .

“You should let me take care of you. "She said in a seductive tone , continuing to make me give in . Nodding my head towards the door , I signaled for her to follow me . Hearing her car door slam , I walked to my front door . Pulling my keys from my pocket , I unlocked it and walked in .

Shaking my head I walked in to a cold dark house with Brianna hot on my tail . Why the fuck this nigga got it so cold in here ? Fuck , bout to freeze a nigga to death .” Meet me in my bedroom . First room on the left , be naked when I walk in ” I demanded .

Walking through the long hallway , I raised the temperature up and made my way to the kitchen . I was still indeed very high and was currently having the munchies , but that would have to wait .

Jogging up the stairs , like I said I wanted, Brianna was naked in my bed playing with herself . Smirking , I rubbed my dick through my sweats . Kicking off my slippers & I pulled my sweats down and took my shirt off .

Stepping closer to her , she sat up and pulled my dick out my boxers ” taste your self ” I mumbled . Sticking her fingers in her mouth , she closed her eyes as she explored her flavor . Smirking for the umpteenth time for the day , I tapped her cheek for her to speed up the process .

Taking all of me inside her mouth , she took me out before entering me again. Grunting lowly from her warmth , she began to bob her head up and down . Using my hand to hold her hair for her , I also used it to guide her head farther down . ” oh fuck ” I licked my lips as I felt my tip hit the back of her throat.

Reappearing her previous action , I felt my legs begin to buckle . Tired of being mister nice guy , I started fucking her face hard af , causing her to gag on my shit ” I swear if you throw up , Ima kill you ” even tho my plans to kill her were still in motion. I just wanted to get my dick wet .

Shoving all Of me down her throat , my eyes closed tight as my insides began to tingle . Rotating my hips faster , tears were pouring out of her eyes as I fucked the shit out of her throat .chuckling through my grunts , I soon released inside her mouth ” swallow ” I commanded . Swallowing all of me , she started choking .

Shaking my head at her ” freaky ” ass , I puffed on a roach while watching her gather herself . Laying across my bed with her legs wide open with anticipation on having me inside her , I held my finger up , telling her I’ll be right back . Retrieving my big axe from the hall closet , I walked back into my room .

Smiling evilly , Brianna’s eyes were closed as she focused on making herself cum , making this task easier on me . See I would give her the benefit of the doubt, but bitches like her love to run their mouth and would be quick to tell Jaylin we fucked so why not get my dick wet and kill em ? Sounds fair to me .

Bringing my axe up above my head , ” oh Brianna ” I chirped . Slowly opening her eyes while biting her bottom lip , they grew bigger and she removed her fingers . Hitting her directly in the heart, I carved her chest open and took it out with my bare hands .

Holding it up to the light , I looked at it as if it was some type of art work . Is this what I have in myself ? I questioned myself mentally . Still observing the heart , I sat it back inside her . ” I don’t have a heart , a neither do you bitch ” I spat , followed by a goofy laugh .

Disposing her body like I would do any other , I peeked outside and realized her car was still here . Clenching my jaw , I didn’t feel like moving shit or calling someone else to come and do the job . Sighing , I waved the car part off and went up stairs to my room .

Stripping the sheets from my bed , I took them along with the pillow covers and blanket down to the fire place and burned them . Replacing my red Ones with some all black ones , I climbed into bed and laid back against my pillows .

I killed a total of two people today & I practically don’t even give a fuck right about now . I was stressing more than anything . I just wanted to speak to Jay . She was the only one on my mind at the moment . I just need for her to understand what happened . Even if that means telling her about my personality disorder .


"Open ” I ordered Mariah , pulling out , ripping off the condom so I could bust in her mouth . Opening her mouth , she beat my dick for me , awaiting my cum to skeet all over her mouth .

Pushing her hand out the way , I jerked my own self off fast . She was taking her sweet ole time & I was desperate to nut . Closing my eyes , I grunted loudly before releasing my kids in her mouth and all over her face .

Licking her lips , I scrunched up my face in disgust . For some reason that turned me off , instantly sending my dick soft . Walking to the bathroom at her raggedy ass apartment ,I briskly cleaned my self up .

“ that’s it ? You’re leaving ?” She asked standing by the door . Tightening my belt , I ignored her dumb ass . She know damn well it’s a quick fuck and I’m out .

“ girl don’t play dumb , you know I fuck and bounce . Don’t act like this something new ” I grumbled , turning off the light and walking out , bumping her shoulder purposely .

” august I’m sick of being treated like the side piece ” she yelled behind me . Walking down her stairs , I didn’t turn around and talk until I reached the bottom .

“ Mariah , you should know by now that you are . I mean you did meet me through your sister . Wtf does that tell you ? I’m her man ” I explained . She act like she couldn’t get that through her thick ass head .

” I bet she won’t be when I call her up and tell her we been fucking ” she threatened searching for her phone . Soothing it before she could , I ran to her kitchen counter and took it .

Looking at me , she ran full speed trying to take it out of my hand . Running around the island , I tried to do something with her phone ” give it here august ”

“ so you can call Alexis ? I think not bitch ” I gritted. Jumping on me , she pushed me down causing me to hit my head . Groaning , my reflexes caused me to send a blow straight to her eye .

Pushing her off of me , know sympathy was given as she say there crying while holding her eye. ” you might wanna put some ice on that ” I suggested through a bitter chuckle.

” you’re so dead meat when I get a hold of my phone nigga ” she warned . Slamming her phone against the hard tile floor , I watched the phone destruct into many different pieces .

Immediately , she started screaming that I was going to be replacing her phone . Shrugging my shoulders , I snatched my keys from by her purse and jetted out the door . She can’t be upset from being treated like the side piece . I told her that we couldn’t continue this but no , she insisted we did .

At first I wasn’t up for this , but when Alexis pissed me off this morning , I needed something to take my anger out on . It just so happens that Mariah had called for me to come through at some point today . I now see that’s it’s going to be hard getting away from her .

Sighing , ” fuck ” I yelled punching some part of my car . I was more pissed off with my self more than anything . I let my dick get the best of me .

Driving , all I could think about was Alexis finding all of this out . What’s worse is , she’s gonna be even more hurt when she finds out that we still fuck around after it came to our knowledge that her and Mariah were sisters .

Just knowing when she finds this shit out and leave my ass , leaves a hurting feeling at the bottom of my heart . Clenching my jaw at picturing the sight , I had to let Mariah go and soon . I any continue to let this shit keep going . There’s one girl I want and that’s Alexis .

Already pissed off with the deep shit I’m in , I remembered I actually had to work tonight. Sighing roughly , I muttered some non audible curse words . Hearing my phone vibrate only made my nerves badder because I didn’t feel like being bothered .

” speak ” I gritted .

“ you cappin an attitude with me , but I’m just calling to tell your bitch ass I got a number on that Carlos nigga ” Aaron spat . Chuckling a bit , I put my phone on speaker and went to my keypad to take the number down .

“ what is is nigga ?” I questioned. Calling out the number , I dialed it and hung up on Aaron with out even saying thank you or bye . I’ve been trying to track this pussy nigga down for the longest and I finally got a hold of him .

My mission was to knock all of Mitchell’s men down before they could try and knock me down . Listening to the phone ring , I waited patiently for some one to answer .

“ Hello ” someone said into the phone.

“Hello is Carlos there ”

“ Umm no but who is this. ”

“Is this little big brother?” I asked laughing.

“ Yea this his big brother who the fuck wants to know ” he spat in the phone .

“ Well me & your brother got some unfinished business. ” I said hanging up the phone not even wanting to hear what the fuck he had to say .

Getting inside my warehouse , I walked straight to my office and sat at the computer . Running the number in my tracking that I had built inside , it traced all the way to Baton Rouge .

Sucking my teeth angrily at the computer , I got pissed off all over again at him being that far from California .

“ I gotta go find this nigga "I said walking out my office.

"Boss ” I heard Michael say just as I was walking out my office .

“ what’s good man ” I sighed .

“ Look who we found. ” He said causing me to look up instantly & there stood Carlos . “ Carlos , my man ” Smirking at him , I signaled for my men to take him into the room . I just went from pissed to happy all in a matter of minutes .


” hold em down ” Tyga spat . Tyga and Charles were my left and right hand men . When I had a problem with a nigga , they had my back . Along side Aaron .

“ so you thought it was cool , to break in our shit ? And take our money ?” Tyga asked in his face .

“ come on man please ” he begged for mercy .

“ please what ? Huh Carlos please what ? ” Tyga spat punching him in the face with the bras knuckles .Hearing a cracking sound , his nose broke instantly .

“ I talked to your brother earlier . I would hate to have to kill him too ” I mumbled in his ear .

“ Don’t touch my big brother man , ” he yelled head butting me .

“ ain’t that some disrespectful shit . You done hit me in my head . Ty reach me the pliers ” I said holding my hand out .Nigga got me fucked up thinking he was gonna steal my shit . It’s bad enough he works for Mitchell , but to have the nerve to come up in my spot and steal shit from me was the death of him .

“ do you understand I’ll cut each one of your fingers off one by one and feed them to you. ? Don’t think I’m done yet ” I gritted .

“ open your mouth bitch ” I said tilting his head back .he shook his head no causing my anger to rise even more .

“ open his mouth Charles ” obeying what I said he opened his mouth wide open for me . I sat there for a good 5 minutes pulling out the nigga teeth one by one .

“ I’m sorry man ” he cried .

“ I don’t know why AUG just ain’t off your shit ” Tyga spat emptying a 9mm in his chest .

“ clean this shit up ” I spat to the workers no one moved .

“ HE said clean this shit up ” Tyga spat . Everyone in the room began to help clean up and take his body out .

Shaking my head at the fact people I trusted once upon a time started changing on me like wtf ? Nigga I starved and got rich with you , out of all people me ? This shit was starting to weigh down on me and I needed some alone time .

After I left the warehouse I decided maybe I should call Lexi & apologize but when I called that shit went straight to voice mail. The fuck? Shrugging it off I continued my journey home.

Pulling up in no time , I wasted no time with getting out and walking to the front door . Walking in the house I seen Chris in the kitchen eating. Fat ass nigga always eating .

“ how you feeling nigga ? ” I asked him as he ate slowly .

“ I feel a lil better but , a nigga stressed more than anything ” he sighed .

“ Fuck you stressing for nigga ? ” I asked . Which was a question I really needed an answer for because if anyone is stressing it’s me . I’m fucking round with my girlfriend sister and ain’t even know it .

“ Because Jay ain’t talking to me nigga tf else ? ” he asked .

“ nigga you is young , fuck you stuck on one girl for ? ”

“ I’m stuck on her cause she ain’t like these other hoes outchea ! Unlike your bitch ass fuxking round with her sister ” he spat throwing his Gatorade bottle away .

Looking at him with wide eyes ,” how the fuxk you know I’m fucking with her ?”

“ nigga I seen the way y’all looked at each other when she came in my hospital room . Looked like a fucking deer In Headlights ” he chuckled bitterly .

“ you suppose to be teaching me better bruh ” he said before jogging up the stairs .He was right , I should he teaching him better . Not how to be a hoe ass nigga . Pulling out my phone I dialed lexis number once again .

“ What the fuck dude ” I yelled out in frustration.

“What mane ” Chris said running down the steps. As fast as he could .

“ I been Trynna call Lexi all day but ha phone keep going to voice mail Chris ”

“well maybe she’s busy or something. ”

“ Na we got into it this morning & I think she mad at me. ” I sighed .

“ We’ll what y’all got into it about. ?” He asked .

“ Work ” I said looking at him.

“Oh ” was all he said. Chris never wanted to get into the convo of talking about what I do for the simple fact he lost his brother to this life well a small portion of it was because of this life .

“ Yea mane you know how I get about work. ”

“ I know man but knowing you & work. You prolly flipped the fuck out & shit. So try calling her again & apologize. ”

“ Aight” I said taking in the advice he some what just gave me . I’m go call her one more time I thought to myself , jogging up the stairs to my bedroom .

Plopping back on my bed , I redialed her number, praying for an answer .” Hello ” some girl said but it ain’t sound like Lexi.

“Can I speak to Lexi? ”

“ Umm no she can’t come to the phone right now I’ll have her call you whenever. ”

The girl said before the line went dead. Mane the fuck? Why the fuck other people answering Lexi phone ? Where the hell she at? Balling up my fist , I hopped back in my lambo and sped off to the hospital .

Driving as fast as I could , I pulled up and didn’t even park . That’s how mad I was & how eager I was to find out some information . Saying fuck signing in , I stomped straight to her room .

“ Hey jay ” I said walking into her room without knocking.

“ Hey aug ” she said looking drained.

“ How you feeling. "I asked

” A little better" she said smiling faintly.

“ You ready too get out of here?”

“ Am I. You just don’t understand . Shit is so draining ” she said making me chuckle.

“ Well can you promise me something when you get out of here?” I asked .

“ What’s that?”

“ When you get a chance please let Chris explain. I know you may not wanna talk to him look at him or be bothered but please because he owes you a explanation. ” I mumbled helping my lil nigga out .

Sighing loudly” alright “she said.

“ Oh & have you by any chance talked too Lexi? ”

“ Uhh not since earlier but she told me how y’all got into it & knowing her she going stay with a friend. For 2 to 3 days too clear her head.” She said playing with her fingers .

Shaking my head ,” Aight well I’ma get out of here. ”

“ Okay & aug ”

“ Huh?” I asked turning to look at her .

“ I don’t know if Alexis will be back or not but just in case she’s not can you pick me up when they release me?”

“ Uhh yeah sure lit bit. Just text me the details & stuff”

“ Okay bye. ” she waved .

“ Stay up lil mama "I said before walking out. Punching the wall , how could I let myself get that worked up and make her mad to make her leave for a few days ? If she would leave over a tiny argument like that , there’s no doubt that she’s leaving my ass when she finds out I’m betraying her .



Today was the salah janazah of a young woman who was sick. She has children.

I felt my heart breaking when i saw those children in the masjid. They were broken, they looked tired and their faces were red. Red eyes from crying and i saw how for a second they were staring at the ground and how their face changed the other second in so much pain and they started crying again so hard. Its so painfull to see them suffering so much. When they are going home after the janazah they wont see their mom standing in the kitchen anymore. They wont ever hear her laughing anymore or just talking. The voice of their mother will never be heard in their house ever again.

May allah reunite them with their mother in jannah and may allah give them tons of sabr

Chapter 20


“I told you she was going to end up pregnant, but no Major knows all.” Macai laughed. “So what are you going to do?”

“The fuck you think? I’m not leaving her alone, especially not now. I’ll be damned if I’m not apart of my child’s life just because pops got a problem.”

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better late then nevaahh

12. Things you said when you thought I was asleep

’’Schhh, Harry, schh… mama’s asleep.’’

No, she was not. But Lily Potter was way too tired to even open her eyes. She had been up for more than fourty eight hours straight and she had a horrible headache. Newborn babies took a lot of time. And sleep. And energy.

She was soaring in the stage between sleep and reality, when she heard James whispering voice again;

’’She’s beautiful, isn’t she?’’

Lily smiled, but James did not notice.

’’You have her eyes’’, he continued. ’’Do you know that? Those perfect, almond-shaped, green eyes. I love them.’’

Harry had his mother’s eyes indeed. From the very first day he was born. Except from that, he looked just like his father.

’’Are you scared, Harry?’’

James voice was suddenly shaking.

‘’I try to think that you’re too young to realize what is going on. That you have no clue, that you are just a happy child just like everyone else. But I heard that babies can take up the fear from they parents, that they understand it even if they don’t know why. Is that true? You don’t have to be scared, Harry. I won’t let anything happen to you or Lily. I love you both, so, so much. I don’t know what I would do if something bad happened to you. You’re my family, and in a family, you stand up for each other. I would take a million killing curses for the two of you if I had to, I promise. Do you hear me, Harry? I promise to pr… no, I solemny swear that I will protect you ’til the day I die.’’

Lily had to hold back a laugh.

’’You will never have to be afraid. And I don’t plan to leave you as soon as my parents had to leave me – I want to see you grow up. I want to see you grow old, Harry. I want to see your children and I want to get to know you. And I want to make sure that you are okay. And even if there comes a day when I can’t do that, you will never have to be alone or scared. You are so loved, Harry. There is mum, and there is Sirius. Uncle Moony and uncle Wormtail. They all love you so much, sweetheart. They won’t let anything bad happen to you. You are safe. Lily, too.’’

Suddenly, Lily could almost feel James’ eyes on her.

’’She usually sings to you, doesn’t she? When you can’t sleep? Maybe I should try it. Or maybe not. Well, I have actually been singing people to sleep before, but that was when I was twelve. Hm. Maybe later. I am not as good at it as Lily is. I am not actually as good as a parent like her, at all. I am so glad we have her, I have no idea what I would have done without her. We should never stop being grateful, you and I. I promise you that we have the absolutely best woman alive right here next to us. And if I ever become one of those old men who complains about their wives and stops appreciating her, tell me that I’m a fucking idiot, okay? Oh no, I swore… shit. Fuck, I did it again. Bloody…’’

This time, Lily could not help but laughing.

’’Wh… are you awake, Lils?’’

She turned around in bed and opened her eyes slightly.

’’Yeah, I am.’’

’’You were not really supposed to hear that…’’

Lily smiled, sat up in bed and kissed his cheek.

’’I love you, Potter.’’

He blushed.

’’I love you too. Did I wake you up?’’

’’No, I hadn’t fell asleep yet.’’

’’Do you want… do you want me to leave?’’

’’What are you talking about, silly?’’

’’I know you haven’t slept for ages. And Harry will probably wake up really early tomorrow. I can take him with me and spend the night at Padfoot’s.’’

Lily hesitated.

’’You don’t have to…’’

’’I know. But I want to. You have to get some sleep, beautiful. I admire you for your super powers the past few days, but you can not ignore your human needs. You will get ill. We’ll be back tomorrow after noon, okay?’’

She really wanted to fall asleep next to James just like always, but she realized that he was right.

’’Oh my God. You’re a superdad. And a superhusband. I love you.’’

’’I love you too’’, James said and stood up. ’’Just call for me if you need me, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well. And never forget that you are my everything.’’

She grabbed his hand and pulled him back, just to kiss his lips and give Harry a small kiss on the forehead.

’’Be nice to dad and Padfoot, okay? I love you’’, she said to her son. She turned to James and grabbed his hand. ’’Say hello to Sirius for me, will you?’’

’’Of course. Good night, love.’’

He walked out of the room and moments later, she heard his voice again;

’’Oi, Black! Are you there? Hello? Ah, there you are. Did I wake you up?’’

Lily realized that he must be talking in the mirror.

’’You see, Lily haven’t slept for two days and Harry starts crying the moment you let go of him and… what, you can’t possibly know what I was going to say! Oh, okay, are you sure? Is it really okay with you? You are the best, do you know that? We’ll be there in ten.’’

She fell asleep just seconds later, with a smile on her lips, thinking about how blessed she was.