i started crying in the middle of a class


the calendar || panic! at the disco

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The instruments when they're about to graduate
  • Flute: cries at everything. hugs everyone goodbye, even the music stand
  • Oboe: at first they're not that sad, but then it ~hits them~ and they just start sobbing
  • Bassoon: doesn't even notice that its the end of senior year. they're just excited for school to be out
  • Clarinet: strangely sad about their math class being over
  • Saxophone: gives the director the middle finger on their way out the door
  • Trumpet: will not fucking shut up about college
  • Trombone: finds the incoming seniors to make sure they keep the weird section traditions alive
  • Horn: *gross sobbing*
  • Euphonium: frantically trying to not fail english
  • Tuba: reassures school tuba that they love it. hugs tuba.
  • Percussion: pranks the band director
  • Violin: living embodiment of "i'm not crying, you are"
  • Viola: brings director chocolates and heartfelt thank you card
  • Cello: stays late in the orchestra room to soak in the ~aesthetic~
  • Bass: lol bye see ya suckers

Day 1: I heard the news shortly after finishing my math test. I could barely pull myself off the bathroom floor long enough to make it to my next class. Not that it mattered, I left in the middle anyway.

Day 4: Brain dead. You were brain dead. My best friend knew they pulled the plug when I started hysterically sobbing on FaceTime. She’s still trying to find the right words.

Day 9: My mom called my therapist. She spent seventy-five dollars for me to sit on a couch and cry for an hour. I couldn’t even sputter out your name.

Day 14: I had to lock myself in the bathroom until my best friend got home from her softball game. She’s the only one who even tries to understand.

Day 15: I was doing okay until my coworker said your name. I clocked in late. I couldn’t talk to anyone with a knife through my chest and mascara down my cheeks.

Day 23: I finally said it out loud. My therapist said I’m improving. I don’t have the heart to tell her I plan on going out the same way you did.

Day 31: It’s been a month and I’m still pinching myself and begging to wake up from this nightmare. It’s just a nightmare, right?

Day 36: You’re not really gone, are you?

Day 42: I still message you on Twitter every day. I wonder where the messages go.

Day 52: Happy birthday! Everyone is celebrating for you. Your name is everywhere I go.

Day 53: I finally broke. My best friend took my phone out of my hands and held me for a long time. I found a picture of your gun. Who gave you a gun?

Day 61: It still hasn’t hit me, but when it hits me, it’s gonna hit hard.

Day 64: I’m on the bathroom floor again.

Day 70: I should’ve been there for you.

Day 72: I’m so fucking sorry.

Day 79: I need you tonight more than ever.

Day 91: It still hurts just as much as it did the first day.

Day 93: Will it ever stop?

Day 97: I can still hear your laugh.

Day 100: I’ve gone completely numb.

—  it’s been a hundred days since she killed herself and I’m still in the denial stage
Friction (M)

Jungkook One Shot no. 1

Description:  Jungkook is hot and bothered, and you’re the only one who can help him.

Genre: Light Smut

Word Count: 3,524

A one shot I created out of Crys’ anon’s amazing imagination that started here, continued here, then here and ended here. I know this isn’t as amazing as Crys’ heaven sent, refined and intelligent writing, but I can’t help it, I had to take this off my mind and idk, I wanted to try writing with this plot, really interesting. Also, I’m not a pro at this genre, but I a badly want to try writing this out, since I can’t always go with the fluff. Enjoy!

“Whoever is by that door must die.”

You gritted your teeth as you hurriedly ran out your room and head to the main door of your apartment. You were in the middle of your nap after a stressful day in class. Who wouldn’t nap after taking a hundred question exam that requires you for numerical solutions? No one, and no one should mess with your precious nap because of it.

So whoever this person who made you get out of your cosy bed will definitely get a proper beating, no excuses.

Or there is.

“What?!” your voice a little louder than your usual.

The man in front of you could only chuckle, and you were left by the door, looking across the wall, with uttermost annoyance towards your friend slash the man who will forever ruin your inner peace.

“What’s up, cereals?” he asked as you tried to calmly close the door and walked towards him in the living room. Yup, he just called you cereals, that is your favourite food and will you ever get tired of it? No. It’s basically your next staple food to rice.

“Have you even received my message?” you asked him with your arms crossed as you stood by the couch where he is currently sitting.

He gave you a light smile as he nodded, “Yeah.” And widened his eyes as if he realized his mistake, “Holy shit, did I wake you up?”

“Jeon Jungkook and his acting.” You clapped your hands as you slightly leaned forward and gave him a sarcastic gaze. “Wow.”

Jungkook is basically your definition of I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me. The both of you knew each other since five, where you and your family just moved in a new house in Busan, and across that house is Jungkook’s residence. Every afternoon ever since you moved in, both your mothers would have an afternoon tea in your place, where Jungkook is always with his mother, and you, well, always tugged by your mother to socialize. The moment Jungkook saw you, he never stopped pestering you with playing with him, which is a good and a bad thing altogether. Because one, the boy had this huge collection of Yu-gi-oh cards that you’ve been asking your mother to buy you, second, Jungkook isn’t a bad playmate himself, but third, he’s a kid who loves pissing you off a lot. He may be the friend who chose you rather you choosing him, but having him as your friend was one of the greatest thing you had.

The both of you are now in college and are in the same university in Seoul. You were taking up finance as your major, while Jungkook took performing arts. You knew Jungkook was born to be famous, for his looks, and for his drive to become an actor. While you, you weren’t really sure yourself, taking finance was your parents’ suggestion, so you hate and not hate it for some reason.

You stared at Jungkook as you sat beside him and purposely pulled the hair near his ears and he winced. The huge frown on your face went back as soon as you finished laughing at him. “I told you not to pester me during the afternoon, and just come here for dinner. Why are you so stubborn?”

“You can always go back to sleep if you want to.” He grinned, “You know how quiet I am.”

“Oh, really?” you raised a brow at him and sighed you felt how sleepy you still are. You placed your palms on your face and asked, “How was your class?” Since you really had no choice but to entertain your everyday guest. He would always come and visit you after his classes to talk to you or just stay in your apartment. You weren’t really annoyed with the fact that he always visits until today, since you were really exhausted from that exam that squeezed your brains out and you needed to take out the stress from answering the exam.

“Oh, it was fine.” Jungkook smiled as he looked at his friend with enthusiasm. “There’s this new girl in class, her name is Hyena.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” You gave him a mischievous grin.

Jungkook’s mouth twitched before he leaned on the couch and turned to you as he copied the grin you had on your face, “I was supposed to tell you that she reminded me so much you.” He said, “But yeah, she’s hot.”

“So, what?” You said, crossing your arms against your chest again, “That we were like twins, and she’s the attractive one that will give you boner?”

Jungkook laughed at you. Since the both of you have grown up together, you grew comfortable of speaking your minds without getting the other offended. You guys know your way with language.

“Hyena wore the same jeans I gave you on your birthday, remember that?” Jungkook said with a groan, “Her thighs looked heavenly, I wonder why you never wore that?”

You scoffed, untangling your arm as you slightly hit he back of his head, “Because my thighs aren’t heavenly, pervert.”

“Come on! That is the reason why I bought it for you.” Jungkook whined. “I think your thighs are amazing, you know I had a thing for your thighs.”

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I hope that when you fall asleep tonight, you’re thinking of the highlights of your life. I hope you don’t think about the time you broke down crying in the middle of class or when you cried yourself to sleep. I hope you don’t think of the time that dumb boy turned his back on you or you realized your best friend isn’t really a friend. I hope you don’t think about all the times you felt like a failure because of one bad grade, because my darling you’re not. I hope before you fall asleep tonight, you think of the time you saw a puppy on the street and your stomach was flooded with butterflies and your heart started racing. I hope you think of the time at your birthday when everybody was singing for you. I hope you think of that time you got an A on a test in a class you weren’t very good in. I hope before you fall asleep tonight, you remember that you are not defined by your mistakes and flaws. You are defined by what you do out of the goodness of your heart. All the times your eyes lit up when your favorite song came on, all those nights you were beyond hyper for absolutely no reason, and the times where you woke up feeling confident about the day. Life is so, so beautiful. Don’t focus on the negative, focus on the positive. It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll do it.

I started the trend of drawing your eyebrows on in my middle school bc I did it so mine would match my hair and all the preppy girls wanted to be better than the goth kid ofc so they asked me how I did it and I just told them I did it with sharpie bc I didn’t care to explain it to them and after class they came out of the bathroom crying because they had gigantic eyebrows drawn on in brown and black sharpie and I nearly pissed myself I was laughing so hard

in my senior year of highschool my friend spoiled the end of ca/cw for me and i didnt watch the end scene where buck got put back into cryo

and i laid on the floor in the middle of math class and started crying in front of everyone

and said “i’m gonna kill myself” and this girl said “im gonna report you to the counselor for suicidal ideation” and immediately stopped crying and said “mind your business you cracker ass bitch”

dear self,
I know you have been rather sad lately and that every time things start looking up you can’t help but hold your head down and you know what, that’s okay. but you are letting yourself change into someone you are not. you are not the negative girl who keeps her head down, you are not the girl who has her head face down on the desk because she is too shy to say the answer or even fucking look around her. you are not the girl who starts crying in the middle of the class because she sees something that made her sad inside, you are NOT a sad girl. but it’s okay that you feel this way right now because a lot has been going but it’s time to stop wallowing, time to stop just surviving and start really living because life is too short for this and all you’re doing is drowning in sorrow and it’s tiring. you stay up too late now and worry about everything, whether it’s a word or two, or what you’re gonna do, my friend you have got to stop worrying so much about things that are trivial and that will pass. your mind holds too many precious things to hold all of your toxic worries. you have go to stop holding yourself back and stop being scared to even fucking breathe around people because you deserve to breathe too. and I know these past few weeks have been hell for you, and you’ve been saying sorry like its “hello” and you’ve been mumbling apologies at people like its their first name and you have got to stop. and you’re gonna. and I’m gonna. I’m gonna get better for me, myself, because it is not selfish to want to build yourself up. you have to. and so you will. and I will. I’m gonna get better and I’m gonna be happier because for once in my life, I’ll say it, I deserve happiness and it’s time to stop being so fucking sad.
—  a letter to myself // ig writingmyself
ゴシップ ー 嗚呼、厨二学生。

ごめんなさいm(_ _)m
I really loved the girl next to me in class♪
After I confessed my feelings to her, I was always crying
I’m sorry m(_ _)m

Starting from middle school, my physical appearance never changed
So a rumour that I liked a child started spreading! 

万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「ヒソヒソバナシ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「チュウニクサイ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「ヤダキモイ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「ボクヲムシ?」
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!  “Whispering”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai” “Chuuni gakusei”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! “Ew, that’s gross”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! “Are you ignoring me?”

ああ、厨二学生 教室で1人です
ボクの心の隙間 埋めることはできない
Ahh, chuunigakusei, all alone in the classroom.
The song that’s playing
Will save me
Nobody will
Bury into the crack of my heart

万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「ヒソヒソバナシ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「チュウニクサイ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「ヤダキモイ」
万歳! 万歳! 万歳! 「キミモムシ?」
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!  “Whispering”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai” “Chuuni gakusei”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! “Ew, that’s gross”
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! “Are you also ignoring me?”

ああ、厨二学生 教室で1人です
ボクの心の隙間 埋めることはできない
Ahh, chuunigakusei, all alone in the classroom.
The song that’s playing
Will save me
Nobody will
Bury into the crack of my heart

もしかして キミも?
My beloved song started to play
Could it be that you…?

Note: The title 厨二学生 is a wordplay on the word 中二病 and 学生.
中二病 is a word describing typical characteristics of teenagers going through puberty. And 学生 means student.

I remember the times my class in high school and middle school basically broke the teacher. I remember in 8th grade there was a teacher who was this very quiet small woman was scared of us. She had to ask a student to tell the others to quiet down. 

There was this other instance in 9th grade when our English teacher had to scream to make everybody shut up. Then went on a 15-minute rant on how we were trash. That kindergarten kids were more well behaved than us. She then stopped talking and we did nothing for the rest of the period until people again started to talk.

And finally in 10th grade, there was this time one of our tutors just left in the middle of the noise and went to cry and drink tea. She couldn’t handle the class I was in. She quit after that ruining the entire curriculum and made us have substitute teachers for the rest of the year.

Some of my classmates actually decided to take some acid from I think the janitor’s supply room and used it to throw it at themselves. Their arms had some severe burns and one guy almost went blind. They bullied an albino fat kid to the point that he brought brass knuckles to school. (The Bullied kid was expelled).

Last year, years after we graduated from high school, I met this guy that was one of the main people that caused those incidents and he was nostalgic about it. He was all like “Those were the days, we were such troublemakers.” This is so surreal to me because I can assure you high school was probably the shittiest time for me.

throwback thursday to chem last year when my teacher gave us this thing that was like “can you follow all these instructions?? if you mess up you fail!” 

so i went through it one instruction at a time bc my adhd ass cannot handle reading all the instructions at once. i read the instruction and then i did it, then i read the next one. on and on 

until i got to the end and it said “now that you’ve read all these instructions, don’t do any of them. just turn it over and don’t tell anyone!” and i started having a panic attack. like full on crying in the middle of chem class.

after we were all done she was like “now what have you learned!?” and it took all the self restraint i had not to say “THAT I FUCKEN HATE YOU??”

anonymous asked:

Wow, thanks! (I'm the non-cheerleading anon you just replied to) I just almost started crying. I almost started crying in the middle of my AP Calculus class after reading the (1/2).

answer to the cheerleader anon, too, so know that I really appreciate the work you do. It’s really important to me, and to so many other people. (2/2)

Thanks for the kind words!

I am from a Ukrainian-speaking family. I live in Kyiv. When I was a kid, the ratio of UA speakers to RUS speakers was something like 30% to 70%. Now it is different, for what I am glad.

In my middle school there were 30 kids in my class. There were me and two other girls who spoke Ukrainian at home. At home. Of course, in school on lessons everyone speaks Ukrainian, but the bell rings, and everybody drops it and starts speaking Russian. And since majority of kids are speaking it, you start speaking it as well. The herd-thing is a powerfull instinct, especially when you are ten, bullied, cry way too much, and don’t want to stick out even more than you already do.

I was 14, I think, when I visited my Moscow uncle. And ever since I returned from Moscow I hadn’t spoken Russian without strick necessity ever again.

At first it was tough, to find my footing and leanr to quickly find Ukrainian words when Russian sprang to my mind. It took courage to speak Ukrainian to certain people. It took a lot of quarrels to fucking defend my right to speak my own language in a country where it is the only official language. 

I was leggitly told by a classmate, a Ukrainian speaking girl nontheless, that if I want to seem smarter I have to speak Russian. 

There is a whole layer of people who speak Ukrainian only at home, and switch to Russian out of their doorstep. Why do you do that? How many Russian speakers switch to Ukrainian for you? For me only three people do that. Is Ukrainian so shamefull that you keep it home, like you keep family problems? I just don’t get it. 

When I was 14 I undergone a great internal growth, and a great deal of principles that I live by today were put in my head then. I find it funny how a week stay in Russia made me see things my parents’ve been drilling into my scull for years. 

For all my failings, there is one thing I can be rightfully proud for.

Eren/Levi fic rec list part one

(I don’t know everyone’s name on tumblr; if you see one that needs correcting, please let me know so I can link them in properly.)


The Rest of Their Lives

In one life, Eren Yaeger died at twenty-two years, three months, and twelve days of age. In another life, Özgür Gözübüyük, twenty-two years, three months, and twelve days old, started crying in the middle of his molecular biology class.

A different sort of reincarnation fic. If one day you suddenly remember an entirely different life, what happens to the identity you held up until that day? Teen.

Christmas at the Ackermans’

An incredibly self-indulgent fic in which Mikasa asks Eren to do her a favor and go pick up her “sort of” cousin Levi from the airport and oh no, he’s hot. Teen.

Words Cannot Describe

People had always said that Eren wasn’t right in the head. As a kid, it didn’t bother him. But hearing those words now stung in a way he could never have imagined.

A canon-verse, sort of slice-of-life future fic in which Levi gets a well-deserved break, Eren deals with some haters, and they both prove that while communication is sometimes difficult, understanding can occur with just a little patience, effort, and care. Teen.

Giving Up the Ghost

Levi’s apartment is haunted, but he can’t bring himself to care. A story about depression, ghosts, and letting go. Teen.


Always Taking Care of Me

Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck. Explicit.

Let Me Help

The one in which Levi and Eren are forced to share a bed, and Levi has nightmares. Levi, vulnerable. It’s like watching the rain fall up instead of down. Explicit.


Essentially, the one in which Levi ditches his car and ends up half-frozen on Eren’s doorstep, and then falls harder for Eren in four days than he’s ever fallen for anyone in his life. Explicit.


These Weren’t Memories

Eren Jaeger had spent the last two weeks tending and nursing a huge fucking crush, and Levi had been the one stupid enough to plant the seed in whatever hormonal abscess passed for a teenaged heart. Explicit.

A Sound Like Breaking Glass

Eren lives by the ocean in a peaceful, untroubled world with his classmates. He studies, dreams of going out to sea on the boats to see what lies beyond the horizon, spends his afternoons by the water’s edge with his friends, and sneaks out at night more often than he should.

His greatest ambition is to join the crew of the Wings of Freedom, but after making a disastrous first impression on Captain Levi, joining his company will be easier said than done. Despite the insults and the bruising, Eren is determined and he vows to do whatever it takes to impress the captain before the ship is out of drydock. Explicit.

My Old Friend

When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house. Explicit.


the mess we’re in

Levi is a man of action, a man who takes decisive strides to get the things he wants.

A man who leads this sort of life has little time for regret, and yet Levi has never felt more certain that he’s definitely made a wrong move somewhere.

That somewhere being his ass, which is currently occupied by Eren’s dick. Explicit.

strike me out looking

Levi is hunched over the steering wheel, knuckles white and palms sweaty. He’s been trying to recite aloud what he wants to say, but his voice keeps cracking and he’s just emitted a strange wheeze, so he’s decided to give up on that for now.

Concentrate on driving, just concentrate on driving.

…Driving to see Eren Jaeger.

lend me your ear

Eren’s not a vindictive person. Really, he’s not. In fact, he considers himself a big supporter of doing the right thing, fighting the good fight (literally, if need be); basically, he’s a big proponent of justice.

Sitting here with Jean’s credit card clutched in his hand, Eren’s sure this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous road full of justice. Explicit.


The Red Long Johns, or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers”

It’s the week of the yearly Trust Initiative Teen Action Network (T.I.T.A.N.) retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. To make things worse, Principal Smith gets a replacement chaperone—the new, very green English teacher Eren Jaeger. Levi and Eren butt heads over every little thing from professional to personal. Despite all of this, Levi finds himself distracted by the red long johns the fashion-challenged Eren wears under all of his winter gear and just how to get into them… Mature.

Welcome to the Jungle

Eren and his crew run heists on magical dispensaries, stealing goods to perform illegal spells until one day things don’t go as planned… Teen.

The Long and Short, Short of It

Eren tries to bake cookies for his Valentine. It’s a disaster. Gen.

The Stag in the Dark

After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop. Teen.



Eren meets Levi for morning coffee in a trench during WWI. Explicit.

Special Interns Squad

Levi was content to go to work, do his job well, and maintain a fairly steady routine. Naturally, being placed in charge of a team of interns was not included in this list. It didn’t help that Erwin kept giving them ludicrous assignments that no intern should be doing. Or that Hanji uses the interns to torment him. Or that one of his new subordinates seemed to be getting more and more attractive by the day. Not Rated.

murakamism (VinatgeHandle)

The Art of Wooing

So now maybe Levi’s got a rock collection, but it’s perfectly reasonable, you know.

For one, they’re all from Eren. Eren in his titan form, because for some reason the boy has yet to give him one in his human form. Still, Levi doesn’t mind. Maybe there’s something instinctual in titans—giving away pretty rocks as a form of affection. Whatever. Hanji would go wild over that theory. Teen.

FoxofNineTails (TotooftheSouth)


It takes quite a bit for Levi to lose his cool, but when he does, it’s spectacular. Alternatively, the one in which Eren and Levi can’t seem to catch a break. Explicit.


Through the Bedroom Door

Taking place in the popular DILF! Eren and PINING! Levi universe on Tumblr, Levi and Izzy stumble home a little intoxicated from a night of partying. After Izzy falls asleep, Levi walks to the bathroom and overhears laughter coming from Eren’s room. Curiosity gets the better of him and through the bedroom door, he watches Eren and Jean engage in sexual activity. Explicit.

Kissing Booth

Eren’s soccer team hosts a kissing booth at the Spring Carnival to raise money for charity. What will he do when he’s unexpectedly forced to work a shift with Levi, team captain and his secret crush?

Steamy kisses up ahead. Teen.


Night Drive

Working as a desk clerk for Sina Enterprises isn’t the most grandiose job out there, but it sure beats every other option Eren had jotted down since graduation. Troubled past behind him, Eren strives to make a name for himself by not fucking up the only good thing he has going for him. But when a certain foul-mouthed and dapper executive waltzes through the lobby doors, Eren is more than willing to set aside his “no fraternizing with the higher-ups” rule. However, the engagement ring on Levi’s finger proves to be a deal breaker. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one night to get each other out of their systems, but the two of them bit off more than they could chew. Explicit.


Tell No Body

Famous musician Levi Ackerman stops by a stranger’s house when his car breaks down, and finds her son knows exactly who he is. Teen.


Woke Up Dead

He had never believed in heaven, and the premise of hell had always seemed like something that had been invented to scare kids into behaving.

No karma.

No fate.

(Not believing in anything doesn’t make nothingness the truth.)

Or: That One Reincarnation Fic in which everyone is born to different parents, given different names, and existing birth order is thrown to the wind by an unforgiving god. Also That One Reincarnation Fic in which remembering means being born into a helpless, mush-brained infant body with the memories of an adult, which is fundamentally kind of horrifying and sometimes has catastrophic results. Secondary summary brought to you by the fact that the first one doesn’t tell you jack shit about the content of this piece- which is now complete! Explicit.

No-Smoke, No-Gamble

Levi has a customer.

He doesn’t tend to look at his customers, but he knows them by voice, and this one’s got some sort of shitty European accent and never buys cigarettes or lottery.

Which is pretty strange, considering that Levi runs the cigarette and lotto counter. Mature.


The Almost Divine Comedy

Summon a demon for the vine, Jean said. It’ll be fun, he said.

Or the one where Eren summons a demon with a sweet-tooth and somehow ends up dating him. Gen.

Sex Bomb

Eren was covered in glitter and smelled like lavender. God, he loved bath bombs. Explicit.


A Warm Breath

“You’re a human child, aren’t you. You mustn’t touch me then, or I’ll disappear.“

One summer when visiting his Uncle Erwin out in the countryside, Eren befriends a mysterious masked man who lives in the forest. They promise to meet every summer from then on.

In other words, a story told through summers, year by year, of Eren being a (cute) brat, Levi dealing with said brat, and all the fluff, awkwardness, and strange feelings that come with growing up, despite the limitations placed on their interactions. Mature.

Eight Times the Fun

After a Scouting League mission goes wrong, Levi is forced to lay low on a remote island. He meets an interesting sea creature.

“You’re not afraid of me?”

“If you’re in the business I’m in, this isn’t the weirdest shit I’ve seen.” Explicit.

An Unforgettable Face

“Have we met before? I recognize your face…” Levi’s brows furrow, scouring his memory as to why he knows this guy’s face from somewhere.

“Ah, you’ve probably seen one of my videos!”

“Hmm. YouTube?”

“No. Porn.” Explicit.


King of Carrot Flowers

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

(Levi lives across the street from a cemetery and Eren’s father has recently passed away.) Mature.

You Are Humanity’s Strongest

“Levi,” he says under his breath, “if this doesn’t work out, the world is not over. What you did last week was brave and you should be proud of yourself for doing that… fucking pathetic, he is fifteen. You are afraid of a fifteen year old—”

The doorknob is suddenly twisting and Levi sprints towards his own quarters. Gen.


Anonymous Asked

In a horribly inept attempt at flirting, Levi accidentally sends Eren anon hate. Well, in his defense, it’s not his fault Eren’s smile is so damn pretty. Teen.


To Boldly Go

Captain Levi and First Officer Eren Jaeger of the Starship Enterprise set off on a five year mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

“Captain’s log, Star date 16396.4: My first officer is a little shit.”

Captain Levi’s crew is infected with a toxin that affects the host in a similar manner to high blood alcohol levels, which can be spread by touch. Can Chief Medical Officer Kirstein and Nurse Bodt find a cure before the entire ship is infected? Not Rated.


Lock the Cellar Door

It’s all Sasha’s fault. That’s Jean’s story and he’s sticking to it. Explicit.


The 6th Ward

A comedy about being dead.

Levi is finally returning to work as a nurse after recovering from a car crash that nearly killed him. Nothing says “welcome back” like realizing he’s lost his marbles and can see the disembodied spirits of the comatose patients in the 6th ward. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead. Eren, the newest coma patient in the 6th ward, has six months to learn how to be dead. Good luck, kid. Mature.


Eat Your Heart Out

An eight-course meal: Eren makes cakes, pancakes, bread, soup, sauces, stews, and beautifully shaved ice. He fishes, shops, plans feasts, pulls roots, drinks vine, gets in fights, gets in the way, says “yes, sir,” “for you, sir” and ultimately falls in love—not necessarily in that order.

Then there’s Corporal Levi, along for the ride. Teen.



In the Recon Corps, reading and comprehending paperwork is equally as crucial as it is beyond the realm of Eren’s capabilities. However, with his CO’s confidential tutelage, Eren is sure he’ll be able to catch up with his comrades in no time… if he can shake this unexpected suspicion that his fondness for humanity’s strongest soldier isn’t simple hero worship.

Hint: He cannot. Explicit.


Dentist AU

As the back of the chair is lowered, Eren takes a few deep breaths. The more horizontal his position becomes, the more he begins to question his life choices – specifically the one to chew oodles of gum instead of actually brushing his teeth regularly, but also the one to not turn at his heels and walk away upon laying eyes on not-Dr. Smith, otherwise known as Dr. Ackerman. Though half of the man’s face is now covered by a surgical mask, he still manages to appear fleetingly irritated as he stares down at Eren.

“In addition to sitting down, you’ll also have to open your mouth, you know,” he points out as he adjusts the overhead light. Mature.

Eight Months

“So I’m old enough to risk my life taking down titans but I’m not old enough to love you?” Eren quips, and while this time he purposefully goes for sassy, his voice hitches up near the end – it’s the first time he’s used the word ‘love’ to describe the emotions he has towards his Captain, but that’s what it is in its purest form, he now realizes: selfless, unwavering love that knows no bounds.

With a short nod, Levi replies, “That’s right.” His expression doesn’t change, but Eren’s sure he must know how ridiculous his demand is. However, he’s well aware that Levi’s not easily swayed, so with a dejected sigh, he drops his shoulders down.

Eight months. Well, it’s still better than a ‘no’. Mature.