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Imagine Woozi hogging all the blankets when you two sleep together.

{one of my favorite parts of ‘82 is the timelapse of the city at the very end}

“So this makes how many times that you’ve broken into ENCOM, Alan?”

“Not now, Sam. Besides, I think you’re the record holding delinquent, here.”

“Ouch,” the younger man says with a sarcastically hurt tone. “What about the malware on your left, huh? Pretty sure he’s got the longest rap sheet of anyone in this elevator.”

Tron cuts in with “That’s not a nice word, Sam,” at the same time that Ram counters with “Doesn’t count if hacking’s my function.”

“Alright, alright, we can compare criminal records later,” Alan placates. “And we’re not breaking in, we’re… visiting. After hours.”

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I hate fighting with stupid people because it's impossible but I am 1000% onboard with this defense squad. People suck. Leave Andy alone. Especially since he hasn't even done or said anything in this case lol.

YES welcome to the squad. and tbh in my head the concept of the defense squad isnt really about fighting but its about like… rallying together in our shared love for andy in a way that drowns out the negativity, if that makes sense. But yes. This is a thing now. We should all have like, matching buttons.

Last one of team blue: Brendan.

Brendan..oh Brendan. He sure got the bootie. But a bad attitude too. Everything is a game to him, both turf wars and private matters. He often disregards the feeling of others, as long as he has his fun, which makes him a prick on a daily basis. On rare occasions he CAN actually be serious. But…as said, rare occasions.

He wields the Lunar Blaster Neo and is the offensive part of the team. He likes to chase the opponents around and makes it a game to corner them.


Yeah, I know I’ve been on one for moonnnths, but I’ve come to a conclusion that I hope people won’t hate too much.

We’ve got a season going on right now, and this account started in the depths of bleak desert that was the gap between seasons 1 and 2, when we were all desperate for content and wild on theories. Right now, we’re all consumed by season 2, which is good and right and fantastic, and I think as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather wait until we’re all in dry-land again before I start this account up again. So save your questions – who knows? They might be answered by Filoni himself? and if they’re not you can ask them between seasons and I’ll get to them.

In the meantime, may the force be with you.

I’m gonna be totally honest, every time I go to the Emprise du Lion I imagine that my inquisitor starts quietly singing “Let It Go” to herself but everyone hears her anyway because it’s very quiet in the mountains and they’re all like “here she goes again”

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Hello! I was wondering what you guys think of omegaxomega relationships? How do they work? If they are accepted in their society (especially if it’s in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world for the lack of better examples) How do they ‘court’ and mate. And how do betas and alphas recognize that an omega is claimed by another omega? Thank you!^^

GOOD HARD TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, I’m going to share some of my personal headcanons:

I don’t think it would be as accepted as a/o or a/b or b/o relationships, or to put it simply, I’d think of it like the social equivalent of being in a same-sex relationship in our society.

I think some less developed countries would have less institutionalized stigma in regards to that, and others would be just as bad, but the overall acceptance of this kind of relationship is a work in progress. For examples of how I’d think same-type relationships would be treated in different places, I’d just say look at the equivalent treatment of same-sex relationships in our world. ( I also think betas would face less/little discrimination being together, as the possibilities of natural reproduction are there.)

With courting there would be the complications of whether the other omega was open to advances; whether either realised what they were feeling, because it is less common and less accepted; and whether they’d be willing to risk rejection from their family and friends, as well as the object of their affection. So with regards to that, it would either be a much slower courting process, taking time to figure things out, or much faster, not giving themselves time to think. There would also probably be omega/omega etc. spaces, much like there are LGBT+ spaces.

As for ‘claiming’, they could still share the mating bite, but given to each other, rather than just the way the alpha bites the omega. I’d hc that it wouldn’t stick though, not the way alpha’s do. So it would either get renewed more often, or they’d find a less painful way of doing it, like a wedding ring, or even just public affection. But that could just be misconstrued as omega cuddling too.
Also, another thing to think about is heats - how the omegas help each other through them. Would they use alpha-pheromones and fake-knots, or would they prefer just their partner? Expanding from that, to children, would they want them without an alpha, and how would they go about it? There could be sperm donors, adoption, artificial insemination, but for all these things, I think it’s more a personal thing, and would depend on the characters you’re trying to portray.

Mod Purple and I agree that the omegaverse society would be more concerned with whether a couple can reproduce than anything else. To that end, I think the idea of same-type relationships would be becoming more accepted as new technologies and more open minds allowed for such things, but just like our society, it’s a work in progress. 

tl;dr: I hc acceptance levels would vary, courting and mating are distinctly more complicated processes, and having the mating recognized by others requires more effort and pain at worst, and a lot of explaining to strangers at best. 


video game challenge: [1/7] female characters: heather mason
Listen, suffering is a fact of life. Either you learn how to deal with that or you go under. You can stay in your own little dream world, but you can’t keep hurting other people! Besides, I’ll never forgive you for hurting my father!