i stared for like five minutes in class

Puzzle Pieces (Jungkook)

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Summary: Jungkook surprises you with date night
AU: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: I literally gave myself diabetes writing this
Word count: 1k

with love for Hannah, from Daisy^^

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Crash Into Me | Theo Raeken Imagine

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request:  Theo smut where your on the track team and he gets turned on seeing you sweaty and while he’s driving you home gets frustrated and you guys do it in the back of his car? Thanks boo xx

word count: 1399

warnings: smut, car sex

A/N: here i am again and i brought some theo smut (omg wtf is going on with me?) anyways just enjoy this, guys xx

You wiggled your chair while sitting and staring at the clock. Only five minutes until the weekend would start but you knew that these minutes would stretch like a chewing gum because you had the most boring class ever: physics. There was nothing you hated more than physics and because of that you were used to getting bored and sometimes even fall asleep while physics. The only thing that prevented you from sleeping was your seatmate and best friend, Theo Raeken. Your usual seatmate was sick today which was why Theo sat down next to you to make sure you wouldn’t fall asleep. You yawned and earned a death glare from the boy right next to you. “Oh, come on, Raeken”, you groused and looked at him. “Y/N, you’re not falling asleep. At least not now”, he whispered and you rolled your eyes in response. “Come on, please focus on this experiment. There are only three minutes left”, you teacher begged. While your eyes started to shut again. All of sudden Theo started tickling you, so you would focus. “Screw you”, you murmured and made Theo smirk. “You know that you have training today, right?”, Theo asked making you gulp. “Oh fuck”, you called. “Ms. Y/L/N, did you say something?”, your teacher looked at you with anger. The others started to laugh. “Be quiet! Ms. Y/L/N?”, he looked at you again. “Um, no, of course not”, you mumbled. Theo smirked while the teacher turned around and continued writing on the black board. “Almost forgot about that”, you explained. “Yeah, that was obvious”, Theo said and just as he had finished the bell rang. You weren’t really happy when Theo told you that you had to practice today and he noticed that. “Hey Y/N, what about me watching your practice and after that we grab some food?”, he tried to cheer you up and you smiled. “I’d love to”, you answered and he smirked. “See you on the ground”, he said and you entered the girls locker room. “Y/N”, Malia welcomed you smiling. “Hi Malia”, you hugged her softly. The two of you were alone in the changing room. “What are you up to today? Got some plans?”, you asked your friend and Malia smirked. “I’m going over to Stiles’ and we will watch some movies or something, what about you?”, she wondered. “Um, Theo and I want to grab some food after practice”, you answered and felt yourself blushing and Malia grinned at you knowing that you always had a thing for Theo. You got into your sports clothes and went to the ground. After everyone else was ready with changing, you began practice. “So, girls, today we will do some running after we did the warm-up”, the coach said. The coach showed you some of the regular exercises like jumping jacks and side lunges before you had to do them on your own. After 15 minutes of warm up, you were allowed to stop and you were already sweating. You looked up and noticed Theo looking at you with… you didn’t know what… arousal? You discarded this idea immediately and smirked at him before you grabbed your bottle of water and drank some. You saw Isaac sitting down next to Theo and discussing with him. “Um, Y/N?”, Malia touched your shoulder. “Huh?”, you wondered. “Your best friend is totally checking you out”, she mumbled. You laughed. “What? You mean Theo? Never”, you explained seriously. “Well, for a friend he is  very focused on your butt”, she added and you blushed. “Nah, Theo doesn’t even feel this way about me, okay?”, you made clear and got back to the others. After another hour of sprinting and endurance running, the coach ended your practice. “Oh finally”, you murmured and got back into your normal clothes. “You ready?”, Theo asked when you had gotten out of the lockers room. You nodded. “You did really well, Y/N”, Theo complimented while starting his car. “Thanks”, you mumbled. “You didn’t just do well, you also looked well”, he mumbled and you could feel your cheeks burning red. “To be honest, you looked hot”, he whispered and you noticed that the car still wasn’t moving. “Thank you, I guess”, you cleared your throat. “Oh no, thank you, Y/N, for letting me see this”, he whispered hoarsely and your eyes wandered over his chest to his lower body stopping there. You didn’t say anything about it but you slowly stretched out your hand and touched his erection. Theo groaned. In next to no time you were placed on his lap. “Is this because of me?”, you wondered and caressed his member. “Yeah”, he answered and you smirked before lowering your lips to meet his. You couldn’t describe the way he tasted but it was quite the best thing your lips ever tasted. Theo’s hand got to your butt and he squeezed it softly making you moan. You were able to hear Theo’s heart beat and the way his breathing sped up made you shiver. While feeling Theo’s lips onto yours, you had to admit that you had waited all the time for this. Your hands were exploring Theo’s hard abs when suddenly he pulled up your pullover and threw it to the floor. Theo gulped as he noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra. But then he licked his lips and started licking one of your nipples. You pressed your heat against Theo’s hard member when he bit your nipple and the got to the other one but before he was able to be good to this one, you pressed your lips against his again. You smiled into the kiss and pulled away to get rid of Theo’s shirt. While you were planting wet kisses on his chest, one of his hands was twisting and pinching your nipple while the other one got down your body and under your skirt. “Fuck, you’re so wet”, he moaned. “Only for you”, you breathed against his skin. Theo grinned and shoved your slip aside to touch your bare warmth. “Fuck, Theo”, you groaned and connected your lips with his again. This time he slipped his tongue inside your mouth and tried to dominate his tongue but it didn’t work. While Theo’s hand was still sliding up and down your slit, you started to unzip his jeans with shaky hands. You lifted yourself up a bit to pull down his jeans, well, and to escape his teasing. You started to rub his member with his underwear on, making him moan. “D-Do you want me to free him?”, you teased and smirked. “Uh-huh”, he nodded, his face filled with pleasure. You looked at his naked member. “Woah, you’re big, Theo”, you groaned and all of sudden you could feel Theo’s thumb rubbing your clit in circles. “T-Theo”, you moaned and hold onto his shoulders. Theo lifted you up softly and pulled down your skirt along with your slip, just to place your entrance right on top of his member. “Are you ready, princess?”, he mumbled and you nodded slowly. Theo entered you slowly until you were sitting on his member completely. You started to lift yourself up and down slowly causing Theo to moan out your name. “Y-You can’t ima-agine how lo-ong I’ve wanted t-to do this”, he stuttered because of letting out some moans. “Oh, I-I bet, I even wanted to do-o this for a l-longer time”, you answered, your voice shaking while Theo’s hands got to your hips and helped you lifting yourself up. With your right hand you tried to hold on the handle above you while screaming out Theo’s name. “T-Theo? I’m gonna… come”, you groaned and Theo smirked. “Let it go, babe”, he whispered into your ear and so you did. You felt a wave of satisfaction roll over your body while your legs were shaking and after some minutes you felt Theo’s load shot into you. “Oh  god, Y/N”, he groaned and smiled. After the two of you had gotten to the back of the car to dress yourselves again, Theo couldn’t take his eyes off of you. “Y/N, you’re so beautiful”, he whispered and pulled you in for a kiss. “Do you really think that?”, you wondered and Theo smiled the most beautiful smile you had ever seen. “Of course”, he answered.

  • Neil: Wait, this isn't my fault! *points to Charlie* It's your fault! You said if I told Todd I love him he'd say it back, but he didn't! He just stared at me!
  • Charlie: Well, did you give him a chance to answer? How long did you wait before you completely muffed out?
  • Neil: Forever. Like...five minutes!
  • Charlie: You're lying!
  • Neil: No, it's true. It was like... Well, maybe just a couple of seconds, but...time ceased to exist, okay? I was just hanging out there, really far out there, just...hanging!
  • Charlie: Neil contributes in class but does not follow directions!
  • Will: Wait! This isn’t my fault! It’s your fault! You said if I told her I loved her she’d say it back, but she didn’t man! She just stared at me!
  • Magnus: Well, did you give her a chance to answer?! How long did you wait before you completely chickened out?
  • Will: Forever man! Like… five minutes!
  • Magnus: You’re LYING!
  • Will: No, it’s true, it was like… well maybe just a couple of seconds, but I.. Time ceased to exist okay! I was just hangin’ out there, really far out there, just… hangin’!
  • Magnus: Will contributes in class but does not follow directions!
  • James: Wait! This isn’t my fault! [points to Sirius] It’s YOUR fault! You said if I told her I loved her she’d say it back, but she didn’t man! She just stared at me!
  • Sirius: Well, did you give her a chance to answer?! How long did you wait before you completely muffed out?
  • James: Forever man! Like…five minutes!
  • Sirius: You’re LYING!
  • James: No, it’s true, it was like…well maybe just a couple of seconds, but I.. Time ceased to exist okay! I was just hangin’ out there, really far out there, just…hangin’!
  • Sirius: James contributes in class but does not follow directions!