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Title: ​The Sound (of your voice)
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi 
Rating: Teen and up audiences
Tags/Warnings: Angst, Deaf AU, disabilities, 
Words: 1,934
Summary:   They’ve been friends for 12 years. They both liked sports, they both liked books, they both were tall. In a way they were sort of like the same person. However there was one thing that differentiated the two teens. It was not their height difference, nor was it their appearance. It was that one lost the ability to hear.
Note: Guess who’s back with more angst :)) This AU is actually mixed with 2 other ideas. 1) Deaf!Tsukki 2) (oopsmybadmadeabooboo) Pianist/Musician Tsukki. I am classical trash I’m sorry. Aah, man I haven’t been practising lately so this might be a little off, but I hope you guys enjoy this ! 

It was quiet, only the sound of the hurling wind blowing through the window could be heard, at least to one of them.

They’ve been friends for 12 years. They both liked sports, they both liked books, they both were tall. In a way they were sort of like the same person. However there was one thing that differentiated the two teens. It was not their height difference, nor was it their appearance. It was that one lost the ability to hear.

Tsukishima was aware that his hearing might never come back. He didn’t have a problem with it, though it did hurt him just a bit on the inside. It was hard for him to cooperate with others when they didn’t know sign language so it was difficult to make friends. He was always alone and never spoke a word mainly because he never liked the feeling of speaking. It was that one faithful day when Yamaguchi was introduced to the class. At first Tsukishima believed that he was just another kid who would attempt to talk to him but as soon as their eyes met, the little freckled boy knew and so did Tsukishima. He was the first and only person to ever talk to Tsukishima.

12 years later they still wandered around together like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Despite their friendship lacking in sound, they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Westallen Gift Exchange | For: onyour-right

Title: i’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear

Author: flashgustin

Rating: m?? maybe?? not explicit but like … an instance of mature themes an also some cusses

Word Count: 7793

Prompt: Iris finds out that Barry is The Flash and she doesn’t talk to him and Joe for weeks. Or if she has to, she gives short and snappy replies. Not only is she hurt that he didn’t tell her but she was starting to fall in love with both Barry and The Flash and now she’s confused. They eventually sort things out and end up together.

happy holidays, giftee! i hope you like it. :) 

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34. The Birthday Gift

Maya’s POV

“Again, thanks for watching her for me.” I smiled, watching as Max slept peacefully. This morning, I had to take Max to the vet. There were some shots that she needed ASAP and out of all days, I chose today. So unfortunately, she cannot come with me on the road with August. Just for now. Dr. S recommended that I allow her rest before she comes with us so until then, she’ll be staying with Anais.

“No problem, lady. I love Max.” she cooed, gently rubbing a hand over her fur. She shivered some but, stayed asleep. My phone alerted me of a text; it was from the jeweler on how he’s finished with August’s watch.

“Okay, love. I need to go pick up his gift and then I’m out. I just hope it looks decent. The jeweler said that I put him on quite the time crunch.” I chuckled, grabbing my belongings off of the couch. She stood up too, ready to walk me out.

“Alright then. Call me the minute you land.” she smiled. We walked to the front door and shared a tight hug. We parted and I quickly made my way to my car. Once inside, I let the GPS lead the way to the jeweler’s.

“This is perfect. I can see him wearing this.” I gawked. I put the watch on my small wrist, watching the gold shine. I had it decked out with gold and engraved on the inside, was his name. I hadn’t time to think of something sentimental.

“That’s great, that’s great. This is a world record for me. I did this watch in a day, engraving and all. Perfect.” he said, smiling brightly. I chuckled, placing the watch aside.

“Now, it’s time for negotiation. You were thinking two, I’m thinking something lower than that. How about… just three hundred lower?” I smirked, watching him scratch his head.

“Three? Shit, how about two? That’s the lowest I’m willing to go for a pretty lady like yourself.” he winked. I laughed lowly, patting my hands on the counter.

“Fine but, only because you worked so hard to do this for me in one day.” I smirked, handing over my card. Okay so, Operation: Get August’s Gift, is complete. I just truly hope that he loves it as much as I do.

August’s POV

Once again, I found myself in another hotel room. If there was one thing that I missed, it was the stability. I’m forever stressed but, I mask it well. Only Maya can see through the smile that I put on. But, it’s not about me. I do this shit so, I can see my family without struggle, man. For my fans. The fact that I can make it about me is selfish. It ain’t gon’ be at that level until the lives of my loved ones are good.

Back in New Orleans, I promised my family that I would be in touch. And I have been. Funny that my life is more hectic than ever but, I found time for them. Mostly, we talk about nothing at all. But, those talks just relaxes me. To know that I have everyone in my corner is motivation, if anything.

“How was school today?” I smiled, angling the phone so all the girls could see me better. Twice a week, we FaceTime. They weren’t really fond of the phone so, this is the best it can be until I visit home again.

“Good. Look what I drew.” Amaya cheesed, holding up her drawing to the camera. The paper was scattered with stick figures with names underneath but, I couldn’t see them.

“Am I in that beautiful picture?” I smirked, watching a huge smile take up her face.

“Yup and Auntie Maya. Where is she?” she asked.

“She’s actually on her way. I’ma let her do FaceTime wit’ all ya’ll one day.” I smiled. Maya kept up on her promise and it makes me happy. She calls them frequently but I think they just miss seeing her face.

“Okay.” they all said in unison, making us laugh. My babies are alike in every way, man. Then there’s that piece of Mel in their features and how they act. I wish that I was in their lives sooner. I never felt this close to my brother since his death. Mel was with me all along. He’s in each of them.

“How was the flight?” I asked Maya as soon as we hopped in the back of the truck. Just a minute ago, we scooped up Maya from the airport.

“It was nice. I wish you wouldn’t frivolously spend money on me all the time though.” she muttered, laying her head on my shoulder. I put her on a first-class flight here. Thing is, the flight wasn’t even that long. I guess I see her point.

“Yeah but, I like to spoil you, baby.” I grumbled, holding the hand that held the ring I got her.

“As do I.” she smirked, leaning up to look at me. I sucked in a breath of air, staring her down the whole time.

“Your presence is a gift, Maya.” I stressed. Money is going to always be a big talk in this relationship. One, I don’t think she should be spending a dime on me. Two, which I’ve told my mother, what if we break-up? That’s money that I know she’ll need to fall back on. Which is why, I decided that she shouldn’t come on the road. Maya should be making some bread and being independent. If she isn’t strong by herself, then she can’t be strong for me. Plus, she wanted that. Our relationship is built on compromising. I’m learning that.

“That’s sweet but, I can’t return the gift. Not that I would. I think you deserve it.” she smiled, patting my cheek. I know that we’ll keep going in circles if I don’t budge so, I left the situation alone. At least, she cares about me enough to get me something. I guess.

Niko’s POV

When I left Maya’s crib, I crashed at a hotel for the night. I wasn’t going home to Chanel nor Kim. I needed some QT to myself. I know, once them babies get here, I ain’t about to get none of that. It gave me time to mull over how each of my careless decisions landed me deeper into a hole. No shit, right? But, I’ve been through a lot of shit and I know I can make it through this too. I can turn this around.

Chanel and Kim already know the deal as far as the kids. It seems like I’m working everything out but myself. I know I said I wouldn’t be absent during their pregnancies but, I do need time to me. I’ma stop by and pop up at appointments every now and then. But, it’s time I disconnect from all this shit. It’s for the best, whether anyone can see that or not.

I sent a text to them both, expressing my sentiments. Kim always seems to support whatever I choose to do but, it’s only because she knows Chanel won’t. I guess that’s a big bonus in her eyes but, I don’t care. I’m working on me. To be honest, I want to be with Kim but, not like this. She has a thing for me and vice versa but, I need to be a man. For her and the babies.

Maya’s POV

“It went well, but she can’t travel.” I shrugged, sitting down on the edge of the bed. August and I had a quick lunch and decided that we would spend time getting things ready for later tonight.

“Damn, I can’t wait to see ma’ baby.” he chuckled, taking a few shirts out of his suitcase.

“What exactly are we doing tonight?” I asked, an eyebrow in the air. It’s Vegas, he wanted to go to clubs. But, I think we should throw a dinner into that mix or something. Shit, a casino would be nice too.

“Partyin’ n’ shit. Clubs, strip clubs. Tomorrow, we gon’ eat dinner before I fly you back. Just me n’ you.” he smirked.

“No casinos?” I asked.

“We can do that too.” he smiled. I thought about the options he listed before and decided to ask about that.

“Strip clubs? That’s… out of my comfort zone.” I admitted, scratching my head. He laughed some, shrugging lightly.

“You gotta step outta that comfort zone sometimes. Who knows, you might like it. Even betta’, you might find a girl.” he smirked, making my eyes widen.

“Don’t raise your expectations, Aug. I’m not bringing a girl back to the room with us.” I said, getting that through that thick skull of his. This isn’t the first time that he mentioned threesomes to me. That’s gross.

“I’on see why not. You gon’ get it betta’ than she does. So, think about it n’ get back to me.” he smiled, licking his lips.

“Okay… no.” I said sarcastically, walking past him. He held onto my arm, pointing his finger in my face.

“This is still open for discussion.” he grumbled, letting me go. So he thinks.

For a couple of hours, August and I just relaxed. No sex or anything remotely close to that, which is surprising. I don’t think I was disappointed because later, we’ll make up for it the right way. But I think it has to do with me turning down the idea of a threesome yet again. He keeps pushing that. I will not cave like I always do so, he can forget it.

“You look… gorgeous. You gettin’ thick too.” he grumbled as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom. I had on a dress that was emerald colored. The bodice was snug, the lower half tighter than that.

“Thanks. You always look sexy so, I shouldn’t have to even tell you.” I complimented, rummaging through my bag. He chuckled smoothly, stroking his chin hair.

“Oh, you know.” he shrugged, a cocky smile on his face. I laughed at him before walking to the mirror. I straightened out my dress, posing a little. Yup, I’m ready.

“When are we leaving?” I asked curiously.

“Right now, actually. I was waitin’ for you n’ Trell. He been ready.” he replied, standing up from the bed. I decided the best decision would be to leave my bag. Just then, a knock sounded at the door and August went to answer it.

“Hey, Trell.” I greeted, giving him a hug. From what August told me, he was one of his close friends. They both hail out of New Orleans but, didn’t meet until they were in Houston which is funny. Ever since, they’ve been boys.

“Wassup, My? Ya’ll ready to turn up?!” he shouted, making August shake his head.

“You loud as fuck, bruh. Let’s go.” he chuckled, grabbing a hold of my hand. Like that, we left the hotel, ready to paint the town red. I hope nothing bad happens but if it does we know what the people say; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

August’s POV

| The Next Morning |

Turning over, I wrapped my arms around Maya tighter. She let out a small giggle, verifying that she was up already. We had a great night last night, perfect actually. That was a fun way to bring in my birthday, straight Vegas style. Sadly, we didn’t bring home a girl. Damn. Still fun though.

Another bonus was Trell had a couple of my niggas from back home come up to Vegas. I wasn’t expecting for Trell to do that so I was surprised as hell. It was good kicking it with the homies and my girl in one night.

“Happy Birthday, babe. I would sing but, I can’t.” she smiled before sitting up in bed. She straddled me, the see-through negligee hugging her curvaceous body.

“You was hittin’ some falsettos last night. What happened?” I asked, making her suck her teeth. Laughing, I reached for my phone, seeing all the notifications that I got on Twitter. They love me, man. Just to know that all these people care about me like that is crazy.

“What’re we doing today?” she inquired, placing her hands on my chest. With my face buried in my phone, I mumbled the answer, too engrossed with my timeline. She slapped a hand down on my chest, getting my attention.

“Uh, shit. Lunch, shopping, relaxing. Then, I have a show. I just wanna spend some QT wit’ you.” I smiled, making her do the same.

“Let’s take our shower and get ready. I’m hungry.” she said before rubbing her stomach. Laughing, I sat up and loosely wrapped my arms around her.

“You always hungry.” I muttered, hearing a gasp leave out of her mouth. She scratched my back, making me wince. I bit her shoulder and before you know it, we were fighting. She heavy handed as hell, might I add.

“You should get these, babe. Aw, please get them. I know I might be pushing you out of your comfort zone but a man must have shoes, Aug.” she explained, pointing at the most hideous pair of shoes I’ve ever seen.

“That’s the type of shoes ya’ ex nigga would wear. Leopard print shit ain’t me, babe. Especially on shoes.” I grumbled.

“The fact that you referred to Donovan as my ex though. I was not ready for that.” she muttered, looking at the black pair of heels that I wanted to get her.

“You want ‘em?” I asked, creeping up behind her.

“No, it’s your day. You’re only entitled to one thing on this day that’s for me.” she smirked, turning around to hug me. Biting my bottom lip, I turned my snapback to the back.

“What’s that?” I asked huskily.

“Feeding me. Which you haven’t done yet.” she mumbled. I kissed my teeth, watching her laugh for leading me on.

“You messed up. Let’s go get you sum’ to eat, fatty.” I said, grabbing her ass. She pointed a warning finger in my face.

“What happened last time you called me fat? I will not have a problem fighting you in public.” she threatened, getting a laugh out of me.

“Whatever, let’s go eat.”

Maya’s POV

“Gamblin’ is addictin’ as shit, Maya.” Trell muttered, eating more of his crabs. August wanted to go to a seafood spot that was very expensive. He will pay just about anything to eat shrimp and crabs though.

“I’m not a gambler. He’s lying. I just… don’t like to lose. The machine was cheating.” I shrugged, making them laugh for some reason. I’m serious though.

“See, I told ya’ll, she was gettin’ addictin’ to that shit. That’s why we was late to Tao.” August chuckled while cracking a crab open.

“That was live as fuck, bruh. Bitches everywhere!” Cam’ron, one of August’s friends, exclaimed. Being around him and his friends is a complicated experience. I want Aug to be happy but, they seem like a negative influence. I want to say something but, I don’t want to cause any problems. I don’t like them. At all. Only Trell.

“Word, man. Wish we coulda went to the strip club doe. So many bad bitches probably was there.” Jay laughed, saying it like I was supposed to be fazed. Once they started with a whole conversation about other women in front of August, I was done. I know what they’re trying to do.

“Can we leave?” I gritted, digging my nails into his arm. He knew why I wanted to leave so, he nodded. I’ll keep my lips zipped for the sake of his special day. Or, I’ll try to.

“They ma’ boys, bae. That’s just how they are.” he said as I folded my arms. I wasn’t the one to bring this up, he was. It probably was triggered by my attitude on the way back. If I didn’t say a word and he knew why I was upset, that means he knew that his friends were wrong for what went down. I just need him to admit that without making me look wrong.

“I completely understand that and I’m not saying to end it. I just think they need to show more respect if I’m with you. I don’t like the conversations about women around you. Just how I feel, August.” I shrugged.

“I totally get that, babe. I do. They weren’t tryin’a provoke you doe. That’s how they are, Maya. I wish you’d stop wit’ that self-centered shit.” he grumbled, making me chuckle.

“I wasn’t being self-centered, August. Sorry that my view on their behavior was different from yours. Remember, I just met them, you knew them all your life.” I retorted.

“Aight, let’s just drop this shit. I love you n’ that’s all that’s important, right?” he smirked, bending down to kiss me.

“Yes. Oh, your gift. Sit there.” I mumbled, going to my bag. I fished out the box with the watch in it, walking to him.

“You ain’t have to get me nothin’ for ma’ birthday. I know it was expensive ‘cause of where you got it from. Me n’ Niko get our watches from here.” he grumbled, opening the box up. Funny that Niko recommended the place to me.

“Do you like it?” I grinned, watching him put it on. He let a smile cover his face, twisting his wrist back and forth.

“This a nice piece right here, I ain’t gon’ lie. Thanks, baby.” he simpered, leaning over to peck my lips. That wasn’t all that I had to give to him either.

“I think you’ll like the next gift better. It didn’t cost a dime.” I cheesed, grabbing his hands in mine. He looked at me, a load of suspicion in his eyes.

“What’s that?” he chuckled.

“You don’t have to schedule my flight.” I smirked.

“Why not?” he asked, eyebrows threaded together.

“I’m not going home, I was thinking of traveling with you. I know that’s what you wanted so, why not?” I smiled. A look of hesitance crossed his face before he glanced up at me.

“Uh, I’on think that’s a good idea. Yet. It’s not ideal for us at the moment.” he replied, making me eye him weirdly.

“So, what are you saying?” I asked lowly. He sighed before running a hand down his face.

“That I don’t think you should be on the road wit’ me. Yeah, at first I wanted that but you need to work on ya’self, babe. We can’t progress until you do.” he muttered, reaching out to touch me. I pushed his hand away, trying to hold in each tear that wanted to speed down my cheeks.

“So, I go home and everything goes back to how it was? It wouldn’t be any different, any better?” I asked, standing up from the bed. This was supposed to help us. He said it too.

“Not exactly, baby. I was thinkin’ we spend some time from each otha’ for a minute. Just to work on ourselves. This will help us, I promise. Stop lookin’ at me like that, bae.” he said while sending me soft eyes. I darted my eyes somewhere I knew he couldn’t look into them because the second I blink will be the same time I cry.

“Okay, okay. We’re on a break?” I inquired. He tilted to the side, answering that for me. I nodded and began to stuff a bunch of my clothes into the suitcase. I’m fed the fuck up. I’m just ready to get away from him.

“It’s not even like that. I–”

“Then, what the fuck is it like?! You don’t have to explain a damn thing to me, August. I dedicate so fucking much and this is the return I get? You’re right though, I need to focus on Maya. That’s what the fuck I’ma do.” I growled, roughly zipping the suitcase shut.

“You takin’ this the wrong fuckin’ way! I still love you. Like crazy but, this is to help us. Why can’t you see that, Maya? You get on ma’ fuckin’ nerves wit’ that shit!” he shouted. I slid off the ring he gave to me, tossing it at his chest. Jaw clenched tightly, he looked up at me.

“Bye, August. This is what you wanted. Remember that.” I muttered, dragging my suitcase out of the room. I closed the door behind me and made my way to the lobby. Trust me, that shit hurts. But, I’m tired of being called weak or a sensitive person. It’s time I prove everyone wrong.

August’s POV

“She gone, ma. I’on know what to do either. It’s just a small break but, she makin’ it seem like we done.” I explained. It’s bothering me that she couldn’t see what I was trying to do.

I won’t lie, my boys and I had a talk about my relationship. I agree with them, I’m young and in my prime. That’s not the reason why I’m calling a break although it’s a contribution. I need Maya to grow up a little. That incident after lunch had to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She needed an even tougher layer of skin and she couldn’t do that for me.

“August, you wanted a break and that’s what ya’ ass got. A break. No, it didn’t end with kisses and all that. She’s pissed off and I don’t blame her. I see what you wanted to do and I see why she’s frustrated. There’s no such thing as a good break, baby.” she sighed. That is true.

“The hell is a break anyway? When do I know when it’s ova’ or when to check up on her?” I asked, playing with the ring.

“Now, why would you call for a break if you don’t know? I think when the time comes to patch things up, you’ll know. Right now, leave her alone. Let her do her.” she advised.

“Aight then. In the meantime, I’ma do me.”