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Feel free to change the dad, mum, or brother’s name…I just chose at random.

“Joseph.” Y/N’s father, Grant, greets the young man as he swings open the door. “You made it.”

“Yes. Sorry, am I late?” Joe shuffles on his feet nervously.

“No, no. Just on time. Come in.” Grant moves to the side to allow Joe to step in, closing the door behind him. “Everyone is just through in the living room, as you asked.”

“Thanks.” He smiles at the older man, making his way through the house he had visited countless times.

“Oh, Joe!” Sarah, Y/N’s mother, greets him warmly, pulling him in to a tight hug. “So good to see you.” She pats his cheek gently, “How are you doing?”

“Quite well, thank you. And yourself?”

“We’re all doing just fine. Thanks for asking. Please, come sit.” She gestures for him to sit, and Joe nods a hello at the other body sat on the couch, Y/N’s older brother Derrick.

“Do you want anything to drink? Eat?” Sarah asks him, already heading for the kitchen.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you though.” She pauses at the entrance, a small frown on her face.

“Are you sure, darling? You’ve never resisted my sweets whenever you visit.”

“To be honest, I think I’m too nervous to eat anything.” Joe chuckles, glancing at the two men staring over at him.

“Nervous? Why would you be nervous? It’s only us.” Sarah tells him, taking a seat beside her husband.

“Well, he did gather us here, mum.” Derrick mumbles, shooting Joe a look. “Why did you gather us here?”

“To ask a question.” Joe says, rubbing his hands along his pants, trying to rid them of the sweat.

“You travelled nearly two hours to ask a question?” Grant raises an eyebrow, eyeing up Joe, who only grows more nervous.

“I didn’t want to do it over the phone. It’s too important.” He explains, meeting the intense stare.

“Go on, then. Ask.” Sarah encourages him, a knowing sparkle in her eye.

“I want to marry Y/N.” Joe blurts out, cheeks turning red.

“That wasn’t a question.” Derrick points over at Joe.

“Shush.” Sarah waves a hand at him.

“I would like your permission,” Joe meet’s Grant’s stare once again. “To marry Y/N.” He turns his gaze to Sarah and Derrick in turn, “All of your permission. Because I know how important it would be to her, me asking all of you.”

Y/N’s mum smiles warmly over at him, opening her mouth to respond, but is cut off by Grant.

“What about your whole YouTube thing?”

“What about it?” Joe asks back, unsure of what he means.

“It’s not a real job. How do you plan on supporting my daughter when all you do is make silly little videos.”

Joe can’t help but feel a bit angry at that statement, but he takes in a breath, calming himself.

“YouTube has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and has allowed to me to expand into other things. And even with just making videos, I do quite well. It’s also really enjoyable, and something I’m quite passionate about.”

“So you won’t quit?” The question comes from Derrick, who’s leaned forward in his seat, arms braced on his knees.

“No. I won’t.”

“What if Y/N asks you too?” The question throws Joe off a little, and he takes a moment to think about it.

“If she did, then…yes. I would. Because she’s more important than it. But she understands how important it actually is too me, so I don’t ever see her doing so.” The answer seems to please Derrick, and he sits back in his seat, nodding lightly.

“I just don’t see how it is a real job.” Grant brings the attention back to his original question. “Or how you can support my daughter if you so desperately want to marry her.”

“I wouldn’t be sat here asking you for permission if I didn’t want to desperately marry Y/N, because trust me, I do.” Joe starts. “And YouTube has allowed me, a boy from a small town in the middle of the country, to move into a place in London. A house that I own. That I call my own. It has allowed me to travel the world, to meet amazing people, to create two successful movies, and publish two graphic novels. YouTube has allowed me to discover who I am, and build the confidence I had inside. And it has allowed me to meet your daughter, to get to know her, to fall in love with the amazing woman you raised. And now, it has helped me get to the point where I want to marry her, so I never have to let her go.” He finishes, wanting to sink back into the seat, but he’s afraid it’ll show weakness, so he remains sitting rigid, staring back at Grant. Joe knew from the moment that he walked in that door, that he would refuse to leave until he got permission from all three of Y/N’s family members.

The room falls silent for a minute, and Grant crosses his arms, studying Joe.

Finally, he nods, and Joe feels relief flood his body.

“I’ve watched you over the years with Y/N. And I can honestly say, no one has made her happier. So I would never take that away from her. I do believe you will support her, whether its with this whole YouTube thing or something else. As long as you continue to love her and make her happy, I don’t care what you do.” Grant tells Joe, finally smiling at the younger man. “You have our permission.”

“Thank you.” Joe sighs. “All of you, thank you.”

“This calls for tea and sweets!” Sarah calls out, jumping to her feet. She drags Joe into the kitchen with her, allowing Grant and Derrick to put on the football game.

While she bustles around the kitchen, she watches Joe, seeing how much more relaxed he is. She pauses in front of him, resting a gentle hand on his arm.

“Grant was going to say yes the moment you asked, he just wanted to be sure.”

“By terrifying me?” Joe chuckled.

“Well, Y/N is his only daughter. He had to scare you a little.” She winked at him before grabbing the boiling kettle.

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✫, ereri, #2

2. Runaway Royalty!AU

How long they had been running, neither knew. Long enough to ditch the crowns and the royal insignias that’s for sure. It was a privileged life they were leaving behind, but not a better one. Of course, anyone else would call them crazy for casting off from their lives of luxury and extravagance. But, to Levi and Eren the castles they hailed from had turned into a hypothetical prison, a cage built from greed and misunderstanding. Because, princes were born to marry princesses.

Not each other.

Levi remembers the look on Eren’s parents’ faces when he asked for their son’s hand. Disgust. Maybe, even a little bit of pity. But, it didn’t stop them from banning Levi’s visits to the castle. From promptly arranging a marriage for their son as to remove him from wandering eyes like Levi’s.

He remembers the tear stained letters he had received from the boy, the wetness that formed in his own eyes at the news. Because, he could take never seeing the bright-eyed boy again, but to know that he was unhappy… that was something Levi could never allow. But, he was no strategist, he had no tricks up his sleeve. And, it seemed as though the fates had decided him worthy to live underneath the knowledge that his long lost prince was suffering.

The escape was sudden and completely unplanned, Levi sneaking into the Shiganshina castle under the guise of a merchant in order to say one last goodbye to his dearly beloved. But, as his lips cascaded across Eren’s in a final farewell, Levi had realized that there was no way he could let his prince go so easily.

So, they ran.

Sneaking out of the castle, they traversed inside the darkness of the alleyways, protected from any suspicious stares. Hand in hand, they were still running, exhaustion threating to overtake them both. The forest they had disappeared into had long since become monotonous and disorienting, everything reminding Levi of the green foliage he was sure that they passed two miles ago.

“We are lost.” Eren is blunt and blatant, sometimes overly so, but this time his statement is not without fortification, the mess of trees surrounding the pair proving to be a decent arguing point.

“Have you lost all faith in me?” He replies to the boy, a little breathy considering the exertion of their escape. A playful smile begins to pull at Eren’s lips, revealing the pristine set of white teeth below, and Levi knows that his faith is all but restored.

“How could such a man ever lose my trust?” Levi smirks as the boy pulls him into his arms. “I wouldn’t dream of it, you know.” He presses his cheek deeper into the rich velvet covering Eren’s torso. “You are my steed, Levi, white and glimmering with hope.” And, he hates it when the boy delves into this sentiment, not because he does not appreciate the acknowledgements; but, because he never knows how to attribute to the young prince’s observations.

Levi has never been one for arts of the tongue, always allowing for his regent to speak on his behalf. Lord knows the decision was a wise one, given his verbal history.

“I agree, but only because you are a fantastic rider.” The boy shoves him off with a scoff, all semblance of romanticism destroyed with his vulgar quip.

“Not a steed, but a pig.” And, he would find Eren offended if not for the broad smile still splayed across his face. Levi wraps a hand around the boy’s wrist as he teasingly tugs the young prince back into an embrace. “And an endearing pig at that. Just imagine how jealous the nobles will be once they discover my prize.” The boy’s smile is still withstanding, pressing itself deep into Levi’s hair.

“I think you should reconsider.” Eren grants Levi a questioning glance as he lifts his face off the older boy’s head. “If I am such a prize then what should you do when they demand me for themselves?” Levi’s hands begin to wander up to the boy’s cheeks, gently caressing the soft skin beneath his fingertips. “When they want me dead?” Eren stiffens underneath his touch, eyes that had been previously pooling lust, filling with an unvoiced anger. And, Levi should have probably left the fear silent, but the thought had been plaguing his mind ever since the pair had crossed over the borders of Shiganshina.

“I would kill them all.” It’s whisper on the boy’s lips, a quiet comfort that the young prince is offering his older beloved. “I would never let them take you, Levi.” Gone is the playful tranquility of the conversation, being replaced with an omen of bloodshed and anguish. Because, the boy is not lying. He will surely die before he witnesses Levi’s head on the spike. And, Levi knows this. Well, knows of the boy’s reckless tendencies. He’s known ever since the fool decided it was wise to joust, secretly, in his honor against the nation’s most esteemed competitor. One set of bruised ribs later, Eren had vehemently denied any regret for teaching the prude a lesson in royal etiquette. Although, if anyone was taught a lesson, it was certainly the bumbling idiot wrapped tightly in the white cloth.

“You’re so foolish, Eren.” The boy’s fingers’ grip tightens in Levi’s tunic, a quiet rage slowly becoming visible in his shaking palms. “So very foolish.” He brings his touch beneath Eren’s wide eyes, steadily wiping away any trace of tears, because a future king must be strong. This is the mindset they have both been bred on, that hardships may arise; but a strong king, a good king never breaks. But, they aren’t princes anymore, that heritage being tossed into the shrubbery along with their jeweled crowns. They are just Eren and Levi, now. Just two scared boys who, in world where anything was theirs for the taking, grabbed for the forbidden fruit.

So, Levi supposes that it’s okay to be scared, to not be strong. Because, they are no longer under the watchful eye of the pompous nobles, but instead of the swaying leaves overhead. He pulls Eren into his shoulder, allowing for any semblance of the boy’s contained grief to buckle against the push of a ready vessel for his sorrow. Eren’s tears are quiet, something instilled in him since he was young as to not wake others with his sobbing. The knowledge of the boy’s inaudibility only prompts Levi to pull him closer, to allow him the protection to spill all of his despair.

Eventually, the sobbing drizzles out into a quiet whimpering, Levi’s shoulder thoroughly soaked through with tears. He releases the boy as he continues on forward into the forest, verbal comforts not being a trade in which he is skilled. Levi hears Eren begin to shuffle behind him, nose stuffy from unleashing the waterworks. Several minutes have passed, and the silence has begun to settle down upon them, only being broken by the crunching of leaves underneath their boots. And, Levi knows that Eren wants to say something. Be it something reassuring or completely obtuse, the boy needs to speak.

“Tell me that I’m wrong, Eren. Tell me that you’ve learned to use the object inside that thick skull of yours.” Levi decides to indulge him, giving the boy something to add a heedless opinion to. But, instead, the older prince is gifted with nothing but the sound of the birds chirping merrily above. “But, I am a grateful pig, if that’s what you want to hear.” His lips pull up into a playful smirk as he turns towards the boy. As expected, Eren’s face cannot contain his amusement, an equally spirited grin publishing itself against his tanned skin.

Levi is about to jest again, but his words are lost to the object revealing itself between the trees. A cabin. And, a seemingly abandoned one at that, vines and brush sheltering the wood like a blanket of vegetation. Levi drifts closer, pushing against a rickety door whose hinges squeak with age when opened. As expected, the structure in all but empty, its only residents being a black kettle and a small table. He hears a deep breath draw in from the boy now standing directly behind him, a breath full of amazement, of content. Because, this could be home.

It is definitely far enough from the repression of Shiganshina, and with the forest surrounding them, they will definitely not be pushed for game. It seems almost too perfect. But, maybe the lord above has finally decided that the pair is worthy of this respite. That they are not the sinful monsters many would make them out to be. The smirk has still not faded from his visage, except now it is a full-blown smile, visibly displaying his happiness at their discovery.

Suddenly, the boy yanks on his hand, interlocking their fingers together in an intimate embrace. He is wearing the same evident glee as Levi, cheeks tugging at the corners of his lips. When he opens his mouth to speak, Levi’s heart expands in his chest, already anticipating the words that are sure to spill from that youthful maw.  

“We’re home, Levi.”


Several years pass as they continue to inhabit the long forgotten cabin. They both grow older, Eren growing taller much Levi’s annoyance. Soon, the word of the long lost princes becomes a fantasy, told to the young children scampering around the marketplace in avoidance of chores and household duties. It is spoken under partial disbelief, the children never really believing that two members of royalty would so easily desert their lives of fortune and prosperity. Their faces are always questioning and inquiring as they absorb the tale, time and time again. It’s always the same story, but they never tire of the narrative, even if most do not believe. So, every day they wait at the marketplace for the man to appear to tell them it again, waiting for the vendor with the bright, green eyes.

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Can I please have a fanfic about eisuke...his first love when young dumped him because his father told her she was holding him back. Years later he finds out the reason why she left and hunts her down. She also had a baby by him he didn't know.

Ohhh! Yes you can lovely! This will be a lengthilyish one, so get your tea/coffee ready! Enjooooooooy~  (๑>◡<๑)

Twisted Lies

MC x Eisuke

She was his first, but her second.

Eisuke never opened up to anyone, especially a women. So when Khim fell into his life, literally, he knew she was different. 

Eisuke was walking home from school. He refused to stay at the cramped boarding schools dorms and much preferred the spacious room he had with his servants at his beck and call. Just about to turn onto his street, a figure ran into him at full force, knocking them both over and tumbling down a hill. In a blur, Eisuke was now pinned down beneath a girl. Her long, wavy brown hair falling over her face as she huffed out uneven breaths. Opening her eyes to reveal a sea of blue before him. His was entranced in her beauty, that all his agitation he held before quickly disappeared. 

“I-I’m so sorry. Oh my god  can’t believe I did that.” She exclaimed as she quickly got off and helped him up, “But I really have to go I am so sorry!” She yelled as she continued to run, waving behind her as she made her way to wherever she was going. 

Wondering who the mysterious girl was, he was shocked when she was the newest transfer student in their school. And more so shockingly, she was there on scholarship, not paying like everyone else. “I’m Khim Loong,” She introduced herself before her eyes landed on Eisuke, the man she ran into yesterday. He gave her a smug look and she flushed red. “A-and I like to read.” She quickly stated before the teacher told her where her seat was- right next to Eisuke.

There days were filled with him teasing her, like a normal high school relationship went. Although Khim never really developed feelings for the so called “schools king” he did. 

To him, she was beautiful, inside and out, and not like the other trash that swooned around him because of his name. He was protective of her and never let another man make a pass at her, or so he thought. 

It was a chilly November day when Khim ran up to her best guy friend, Eisuke. Although Eisuke was not aware of this title, he was sure about to. “Eisuke!” Khim called out, running up to him, her long hair flowing behind her.

“Your always running Khim.” He said with a scoff. 

“You’ll never believe what just happened! Nao confessed to me! Were going out.” She said, her cheeks flushed as she drifted of into her fantasies. 

Eisukes smirk quickly dissipated as he started at her hard. ‘Someone had the balls to confess to her?’ He thought as he quickly turned on his heel and left. “Eisuke?” Khim called out concerned, but he kept walking. 

And Khim’s first relationship was a roller coaster.

Although what she thought was bliss was a facade put forth by her boyfriend. He simply wanted arm candy and something to jab at Eisuke, his biggest rival. So when their relationship abruptly ended after four months, Eisuke wasn’t surprised when Khim called him right after it happened in tears.

More shockingly when Khim didn’t show up in school the next day, he made his way to find where she lived. 

He found himself in front of a ragged house on a secluded street, an hour away from the school. ‘She lives here?’ He thought as he knocked on the door.

Khim opened the door halfway to peek out, revealing a angry Eisuke, she made way to shut the door but Eisuke stuck his foot in the way. “You better be letting your guest in.” He demanded, as the door reopened slowly. 

He made his way into her run down house and followed her up to her room. It was small and only contained the necessitates. Two beds, a dresser and a shelf. “My sister is at school and my mother is at work. My brother should be coming back tomorrow from a school trip.” Khim said as she told Eisuke to sit on her bed.

He just stared at her. Her worn out face from probably crying herself to sleep last night and her beautiful hair was not arranged messily atop her head. Her blue eyes were dull and lacking necessary sleep. She furrowed her brow and asked, “Can you stop staring at me?”

“No.” Eisuke said as he gripped her cheeks in both of his hands. He couldn’t believe that some scum brought Khim to this state. “You should be smiling.” He told her.


“Because now you can probably see whats right in front of you.” He told her. Her eyes widened as she slowly held his hands holding her cheeks. She was shocked by the sudden confession but couldn’t deny the lingering feelings she held for him.

Months went by as their relationship bloomed. Girls complained as Eisuke and Khim walked hand and hand down the hallways heading for PE. Khim admitted she was happy. They were in the last year of high school, Khim considering transferring into a college back in Japan with her family while Eisuke was considering business options. They both felt that life couldn’t get any better.

Until Eisuke’s Father requested to meet Khim.

Knowing his own father, he knew that her lineage would upset him. But he convinced Khim anyways to meet his parents, because he already meet hers. Nervously she made her way to his house after school.

And Eisuke was told to wait in his room, as his father questioned the young girl. After what seemed like hours, the father stated flatly, “Leave me son.”

The heartbreaking news hit her like a pile of bricks. She didn’t know how to react. She stood up quickly, starting to make her case when his father cut her off. “I’m not asking, I’m telling. You can only drag him down.”

The words resonated in her ears, connecting to thoughts she always had durring their relationship. Although Eisuke always confirmed that he loved her in his own, demeaning way, he was not here this time to help her out. 

She looked down, he hair covering her blue eyes, knowing that his father was right. “Give me until we graduate. I’m going back to Japan anyways.” Khim spoke softly. His father was pleased and granted her request, telling her she could go home. 

The little time the had left Khim cherished. So when graduation was around the corner, Khim and Eisuke finally became one. It was a year of his constant advances and Khims nervousness that held of the awaited. So when she came on to him in a rush of affection, he pounced, both having their firsts together. As Eisuke dosed off Khim laid in his arms, knowing that this would be their last time. 

Khim left for Japan the day after graduation, leaving Eisuke a short letter entailing their breakup and her apologies. ‘I will always love you.’ Were the last words written on the note.

Eisuke worked hard to find her. Being young, he did not have the resources to find her like he would in years later to come. But with the sudden disappearance of his sister, Khim was put on the back burner, but not forgotten. He had to find her, and his sister.

So when he move to Japan, and built Tres Spades and assembled the auctions, he told the guys in the penthouse that it was for finding his sister, but in actually it was really for Khim.

Khim worked at a publishing company in Japan. Juggling her bundle of joy and work life. She lived with her sister, Nanami, who moved back to Japan after the news of her pregnancy and Nanami’s sudden job transfer. 

They both raised Aoi with love and care, filing the void of the absent father. 

Although Khim had a business conference at Tres Spades that would lead her through a whirlwind of events.

She walked through the golden doors to be greeted my hotel staff. Her and her team made their way to the conference room, where ideas were thrown about with other companies and preparations were made to attend the IVC party later that night. 

“Oh boss, look at the cutie up for auction, was she a last minute item?” Baba teased, pointing to the screen.

Eisuke slowly looked at the screen before his eyes widened. It was Khim, in a cage on stage, fear in her eyes and she looked around for some sort of answer. Eisuke paged the bidding office, “10 Million, I want her up here in two minutes or your fired.” He slammed the phone on the table and looked at the guys, who were in shock. “Out.” He demanded, as the four confused men made their way to their respective suites. 

Khim just happened to wander into the back of the party, losing herself in the hallways that all seemed to look similar due to the wine she had earlier. In a flash she was brought onto a stage, where she was being auctioned off. “10 Million, sold!” The auctioneer called out. Her jaw dropped as they quickly carried her away to the penthouse suite and pushed her in. 

Timidly she looked up to see the love of her life she left years ago. 

He softly smiled and pulled her into his arms. “I’ve finally found you Khim.” He said, pulling back to give her a heated, passionate kiss.

The night was spent reaffirming their love, Eisuke assuring her that his fathers wishes should not have drove her away. He told her how much he tried to track her down, but could never find her.

Than came the hard part, it was her turn. Her face contorted into sadness as she whispered the words, “We had a kid Eisuke.”

His face fell as the words sunk in. He was a father, a father. But he was more so angry that he left her alone the whole time and she went through the pregnancy by herself.

“Boy or girl?” 


“What’s his name?”


“How old?”


“So he is still young enough to readjust living in the penthouse with us.” He stated, getting up and making some calls. She looked at him curiously before he turned around. “I am having my men pick up our son and your things tomorrow. You’ll be living here with me, like a family should.” He said, going back to his precious Khim and running his hands through her thick brown hair.

“You were always running Khim.” He said as he kissed her softly this time, savoring the feeling of her lips on his. “I’ll hold you tighter this time, I’ll cherish you more. I love you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up and laid her down on the bed.

25. Something Great by One Direction

“You say we’ll be together even when you’re lost.”

When your thoughts are all over the place, and when it feels like your sinking within your own mind is when the disconnection begins. Strong ties with people that you’d been so close to slowly coming unraveled, the feeling of loneliness setting in even though you were the one who pushed them away to begin with. But Harry stood close, refused to believe that you could get rid of him that fast. He’d known that you’d go through periods like this and sometimes when you truly felt like you were caving in on yourself you would remember the words and conversation you’d had with him only a few short months away. “Tell me now that even when you feel lost we’ll be here together,” he said, his fingers playing in your hair. “Let me know that you’ll always remember that I’m here, and that no matter how far gone you feel I’m actually a step or two behind you.” “Harry…,” you’d started, not wanting him to feel like he needed to say these things, but he’d shushed you and kissed the crown of your head. “It’s the truth.” He’d been right too; it was the truth. Those few short months later when things had changed so much and things were feeling so hopeless, you’d been able to look to your side, and see that brunette boy, his hair pushed away from his face as his eyes watched you. Always you.

“One day you’ll say these words I’ve thought but never said. You say we’re better off together in our bed.”

A bed relationship only, nothing more. It was your guys’ number one rule and it had been one that had been followed for quite some time now. Late at night you’d sneak into his flat, striping of your clothes as you climbed into the covers of his bed and into his chest. Sometimes there was a physicality that took place; almost a type of passion. Other times it was just you and him and the moon shining in through the window as you pressed your body into his chest, his chin on your head as you both talked. Outside of his bedroom though it was almost as if neither of you knew each other. It was safer this way, he’d said at first. You’d have less chances of being hurt by the fans and less chances of having your life flipped by the paps. As much as both of you denied it though there was more to the two of you than what you were giving yourselves granted for. Every morning when the sun hadn’t even risen yet and you were quietly closing the door behind you he would sit and stare at the ceiling, doing nothing but thinking. Thinking of how much he loved the cupid bow above your lip, or the exact arch that made up your back. The way your hair always seemed so effortlessly made up, and how you could go on for days of all the things you’d done that past week. ‘I truly am falling for this woman,’ he’d think to himself late at night, hoping that one day you’d say you felt the same instead of just agreeing that what you had now was enough.

“You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.”

From the moment he’d laid eyes on you he’d felt something that he’d been unable to describe. Deep within him he’d felt a spark, his heart skipping a beat as he watched the way you walked, watched the way you smiled so effortlessly and the way it seemed as though you were this light that shone wherever it was that you went. He’d seen numerous amount of pretty women in his life but there was something about you that was more than just pretty or beautiful. You were stunning to him, and from that day on he couldn’t get you out of his head. Kept awake at night sometimes, unable to close his eyes without seeing you; his heart aching. He was love sick for sure, and yet he didn’t even know you. So many times he would try and build up the confidence he needed to go and talk to you, and then last minute would change his mind with the belief that he could never be fully what you needed in life. Little did he know that you were struggling exactly like him. He was always on your mind, always occupying your thoughts, and that loud laugh and bright smile were all ways of trying to get him to notice you. Wanting him so badly, but too scared to get too close.

“One day I’ll come into your world and get it right. I’ll say we’re better off together here tonight.”

Every relationship had its ups and downs and that was something that both of you knew from the very beginning. Fights arose between you both, but it had been recently that it felt as though they were accruing more, popping up more often and leaving both of you exhausted form the outcome. Between your jealousy and his frustration it was starting to feel like a bad concoction that was ready to explode at any moment. Maybe it was because this was your third night sleeping away from one another, or maybe it was because you just couldn’t stand the silence anymore but you finally gave in, throwing the blankets back from your body as you made your way to the spare bedroom, sitting on the side and looking down at him. “I’m sorry,” you managed to say, tears already dripping out of your eyes as you remembered your last fight. Glass laying on floor from the plate you’d thrown, another magazine having published another picture of Zayn and a girl, tweaking it just enough to make it look as if it were something more. You’d gone over the edge that night, the thought of him loving somebody else making you do things that you’d never thought of before; you’d overreacted. “I swear I’ll get it right…I swear I won’t keep making this mistake,” you whispered to him. You just weren’t used to this crazy lifestyle yet, weren’t used to the constant camera flashes and the publicity. “Just come here,” you suddenly heard, looking up as you saw Zayn’s eyes open and well aware of you and what you’d said. “It’s okay, just come here and be with me tonight,” he said, his eyes opening and taking you into them as you buried your face in his. Maybe you could never stop the jealousy, but tonight it was you that was with him, and that’s all that mattered.

“I want you here with me, like how I pictured it; so I don’t have to keep imagining.”

Best friends since elementary, you and Liam had been bound at the hip. Playing together, exploring together and growing up together. You were there for him when he was having a hard time with his family and he’d been there for you when your granddad had passed away. You were each other’s rocks, but as close as you were, the idea of furthering the relationship and making it intimate and romantic had never crossed your mind. For as long as you could remember Liam had always been like that brother figure who was there to fight off the assholes that hurt you and help you recuperate, never before had you thought he could be the guy that was at potential of breaking your heart. For Liam though it was different. You were the first thing he thought of when he woke up and the last as he fell asleep. Even in sleep you were in his dreams, not only enchanting them but haunting them. He’d spend hours of class time imagining what it would be like to hold you. What it would be like to pass each other secret notes in the hall and what it would be like to have his lips on yours, breathing in your oxygen while you breathed in his. After years of thinking this way, and the looming idea that you could be leaving off for Uni soon he’d swallowed his fear and rang you. “His voice almost chocked as he held the phone to his ear. “I just need you to tell me if you’d ever give me that chance. I’m so tired of just picturing it…of imagining what it would be like…I want to know for real.”