i stare at this picture every once in a while

“I opened my notebook and stared at the photo inside - my friend Annabeth on vacation in Washington, DC. She was wearing jeans and a denim jacket over her orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a bandanna. She was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial with her arms crossed, looking extremely pleased with herself, like she’d personally designed the place. […] She’d e-mailed me the picture after spring break, and every once in a while I’d look at it just to remind myself she was real and Camp Half-Blood hadn’t just been my imagination.
I wished Annabeth were here.” 


Request: Jughead is asexual, but becomes confused because he gets weird feelings whenever he sees you.

Requested by: anonymous

Masterlist: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157919516668/masterlist


Great. I was already late for the first day of school. I didn’t really care about the tardy, but my first period was creative writing, the only class I was actually excited for. I wanted to miss as little as possible.

I rushed down the hall, eyes searching for room 1208. Once I found it, I stopped, straightened my bag, and opened the door.

Every face turned towards me as I walked into the room. Mrs. Holt turned away from what she was writing on the board to give me a stern look. “And why are we late, Mr….?”

“Jughead Jones. And, uh, my alarm didn’t go off this morning.”

She glared at me over the edge of her glasses before gesturing to the only open seat in the back of the room. “Take a seat, Mr. Jones. And don’t be late again.”

As I walked towards my new seat, my eyes rested on the girl in the next desk over. She was too absorbed by whatever she was reading to even glance up at me as I sat down.

Not long after I had gotten settled in, Mrs. Holt had given us an assignment. “To get to know your new classmates, I want each of you to partner up with the person next to you and write a detailed description of them. Today I want you to focus on their appearance and tomorrow we’ll work on describing personality traits.”

I sighed. I didn’t really want to have to talk to more of the people in this school than I had to. Of course Mrs. Holt had to ruin this class for me.

I turned towards the girl next to me. She hadn’t looked up from her book all period. I cleared my throat to get her attention. She sighed, closing her book and looking up at me.

As she looked into my eyes, my breath caught in my throat, causing me to cough. She was so much prettier than she seemed at first. I definitely wouldn’t have a problem describing every detail of her face.

Wait. Was I actually excited? To stare at some girl whose name I didn’t even know?

“Yes?” She asked, seeming a bit impatient.

“Uh, we have to do the assignment…” I trailed off as I stared at the wall over her head. I didn’t want to creep her out by staring at her. I already knew it was going to be weird when we had to do this assignment.

“What is it?”

“We have to, um, describe each other’s appearances.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a notebook. She continued to rummage around in her bag as I took out my laptop and opened it.

“Uh, hey. Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” She asked, flashing an awkward smile. It was pretty cute.

"Cute”? Did I really think that was “cute”? I’ve never called a girl “cute” before. What was happening?

"Yeah.” I reached into my bag and grabbed a pencil. As I reached over to hand her the pencil, her fingers brushed gently across my hand. I could feel the warmth of her skin touching mine and as soon as her fingers were gone, the area she had touched turned cold. I retracted my hand quickly and began rubbing them together in hopes of warming up.

What was happening? All I had done was briefly touch the girl’s hand. Why did her touch warm my skin so much? I wanted to feel that warmth again. I wanted to hold her hand.

Wait what?? I’ve never been one for physical affection, but this girl was doing something weird to me.

"I’m [Y/N],”

"What?” My mind snapped out of its trance.

"I’m [Y/N]. You’re going to need my name for the writing assignment.” She laughed.

Oh. I shook my head, trying to clear it. Focus, Jughead. Focus on your assignment.

"Why don’t you turn your desk towards mine so it’s easier for us to look at each other?”

I did as she suggested and we both began to work in silence. I thought it would be awkward to have to stare at this girl and have her stare back at me, but every time she looked up at me, I felt my heart speed up.

Every once in a while our eyes would meet, and she would smile at me. I couldn’t help but smirk back.

I got so caught up in my staring and writing that I jumped when the bell rang.

[Y/N] was already standing and packing her bag to go. I couldn’t let her walk away without a plan to see her again.

"Um, [Y/N]?”

“Yeah, Jughead?”

“I didn’t finish my writing…” Was I supposed to ask her for a picture? No, that was creepy. “Can we meet up at Pop’s tonight around 6 so I can finish?” I asked cautiously. I didn’t want to come on too strong. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to finish my writing or if I just wanted to see her again before tomorrow.

“Yeah, sure.” She smiled brightly. “See you then.” She waved as she slung her backpack on her shoulder and walked away.

I stayed in my seat, shocked by my actions. All of this was so uncharacteristic of me. Did I… like… a girl? I had so many unanswered questions.

consider for a moment:

Mac keeps texting Dennis to check in even after Dennis goes to North Dakota. Dennis never replies, but he leaves his read receipt on so Mac knows that Dennis sees the messages. Now, anyone else might view blatantly seeing a message and not responding as a slap in the face but Mac being Mac and knowing Dennis sees this as an open line of communication. The messages drop off after a while from fifteen times a day to ten to five to one, but Mac, without fail, texts Dennis at least once a day and Dennis, without fail, reads them. Sometimes Mac sends pictures: of the bar, of the gang, of the apartment, of himself. Every once in a while – usually late at night when Mac’s exhausted and just staring at his phone like that’ll change things – Mac swears he sees the little grey dots like Dennis is typing back but they never last long enough for Mac to be totally sure it’s not just his imagination.

Eventually, Mac gets his first boyfriend. Then his second. The gang moves on to grander schemes and even Dee doesn’t talk about Dennis anymore.

Mac never stops texting Dennis.

Dennis never stops reading them.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Bella Ashlynn?

She creeps me out. She literally stalks the guys and has been doing so for years now but always just tries to play it off like, “haha!! Ran into Luke Hemmings again today!!! Then I ran into Calum Hood in a different location two hours later!!! Funny coincidence!!! :)

LA is huge. Unless you know where the guys are or where their regular hang out spots are, it’s not likely that you’ll just bump into them. Once? Maybe. Multiple times? No way. She probably pretends their hangout spots are also her hangout spots just so she’ll have an excuse to be in their presence and take seventeen pictures with them every week. I can picture her creepily pacing back and forth outside of Luke’s gym and staring through the windows while he works out.

What’s even the point of her tracking them down so often? Why is it necessary to meet them more than once? I bet she does it because she truly believes with all of her heart that one of the guys will ask her out one day if she just “accidentally runs into them” enough, but in reality, they’re probably sooo weirded out by her and there’s no way they aren’t aware of what she’s doing. 

Meeting Captain America

Chris Evans x Reader

Rating: T 

Warning: Edited at three in the morning (lol) 

Requested by an amazing anon! 

Author’s Note: I love Disneyland! After seeing this request, I was so excited yet…really scared. There are so many wonderful Disneyland stories that I wanted to do something original. Then…this happened. I tried to be funny but I think it backfired. :( Hopefully it’s not as bad as I think it is…

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First things first: I cut off about 15 inches of my hair few days ago AND HE DIDN’T SAY LITERALLY ANYTHING??? Like?? G, You could’ve at least said something like “did you get a haircut” or “you look different”, you didn’t have to compliment it for fuck’s sake.

Next: thanks to my tc friend I think he noticed that I have feelings for him, everytime I am with her she just keeps taking me to wherever he has his break duty at that moment, we see each other at almost every break. Plus she stares at him like a fricking psychopath which is very… alarming. He looked at her once with  confusion and then she was like “OMG HE LOOKED AT ME” (btw that’s the girl from one of my previous posts, he hugged her on her birthday). She even took a picture of him without him knowing while pretending to be taking a selfie in the middle of the FRICKING CORRIDOR LIKE?? she’s not even trying to hide it anymore and I’m worried that if I keep spending time with her while she’s worshipping him he’ll soon find out (and that would be the worst day of my life). I try to stop myself from looking at him when we meet in he school corridors and whenever there’s a school event going on because I think he noticed what’s I was doing and started checking From time to time if I keep doing it (idk If you get what I mean, rip my English). I really don’t want him to find out (says the person who owns a blog about him jfc)…

On Friday we’re having our last lesson in this school year and I’m currently sick so I hope I’ll get better so I won’t miss it. I can’t believe this year flew by so fast, I still can remember the moment I saw him for the first time..

I saw somebody do that’s so I tried creating my own tc playlist on spotify. i’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Sunday Morning (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

Requested by @marvelforlife16: Hey could you do a Sebastian Stan imagine where he’s your teacher and you fall for each other? Your writing is amazing ❤️

Teacher!Seb x Student!Reader

Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in

If there was something I didn’t like about New York, it would be the weather. The only days I didn’t have to attend classes at your University, it would always be a rainy day. My English professor had taken a two-week leave for his 35th wedding anniversary. He and his wife went to Peru with their children and their own families. 

I walked through the streets, clutching my phone close to my chest as I felt the raindrops become heavier with every step. I had planned to go out for lunch with my best friend but with the weather, she just decided that a train ride wouldn’t be at her best interest. 

I shook off my hood once I entered the cafe at the corner of my apartment building. A few college students sat all around the cafe, it wasn’t packed. I ordered my usual order and sat at the counter where the baristas made the drinks. I tapped my fingers against the polished wood, humming softly to the beat of the pop song I forgot the name of. 

I felt a presence settle them self beside me. I turned my head to see a man looking straight ahead, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Can I help you?” 

“There was just no other empty seats, so I took this one.” he looked at me, shrugging shyly.

I looked around, seeing five empty tables, then cocking an eyebrow at hm. “Next time you try to talk a girl up, at least make sure what you’re saying are facts.”

The man laughed, “Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have lied. I’m Sebastian.”

I shook his extended hand, “How do I know that isn’t a lie?”

“I swear to you, that terrible excuse of a pick up line will be the only lie in this conversation..” He trailed off, gesturing me to tell him my name.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“That’s even worse than your terrible pick-up line.” I joked. “So Sebastian, what brings you to New York?”

“A new job.” He answered, his blue eyes sparkling under the lights. His hair was wet, sticking to his forehead. His lips were bright red, shivering slightly. “What about you, Miss Y/N?”


“What sch-”

“Y/N!” the bartender called. 

I stood up, smiling guiltily at Sebastian, “That’s me. I’m gonna have to take off.”

“Can I at least get your number?”

“When we see each other again, then maybe.” I thanked the bartender and took a sip from my warm drink. “That is, if we see each other again.”

“But New York is huge!” he groaned. “What if I don’t see you again?”

“Have a little faith in the universe.”

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you
That someday it would lead me back to you

My friend, Y/F/N, squealed once I told her about my encounter with the handsome stranger at the cafe. “Y/N, you should’ve given him your number! Why did you basically reject him? He seems so hot.”

I sighed, biting my lip, “God, you don’t idea how gorgeous he really is. But I don’t know, I have this feeling and I can’t really explain it. I just hope I’m gonna see him again.”

“But what if you don’t?”

I just shrugged as we made our usual way to the second row where we always sat. My heart stopped when the substitute professor turned around. 

“Oh my god.”

Y/F/N turned to me with a worried expression, “What’s wrong?”

“That’s him.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh girl, you’re fucked.”

That was the longest hour of my life. Sebastian recognized me ten minutes into the class. He’d lost his train of thought, causing him to stumble over his words. The class was confused since he’d been doing so well before, cracking jokes and telling us basic facts about himself. He quickly apologized, regaining his composure and managing to avoid my eyes for the rest of class. God, I really had to find a new seat.

“My name is Mr. Stan.” He introduced, fixing his tie. “I graduated from NYU three years ago. I have a degree in education, business, and film. I moved to Iowa for a business thing a year after graduating but decided to accept this teaching offer when it was brought upon my attention. I’m 33 years old, American-Romanian, and I’ll be your sub for the next two weeks. I promise I won’t be too hard on you.”

I left before anyone else could when he announced that the class was dismissed. I can’t believe that he was my teacher. Y/F/N caught my arm, turning my body to face her. 

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Honestly, no.” I frowned. “I mean, it’s not like I expected to see him again, even though I hoped every night that I would. Better yet, I never expected him to be my teacher.”

“He’s only gonna be here for two weeks, you can make that right?”

I hope so.

Sebastian only made it harder and harder for me to keep myself together. He showed up the second day wearing a button up, looking more casual than he did in his suit and tie from the first day. His black skinny jeans hugged his legs tightly and please forgive me for the thoughts I had. Along the week, he continued to charm everyone with his charisma, especially the girls. By the end of the week, all the girls, besides me, had been shamelessly flirting with the incredibly hot professor.

“Miss Y/N, please see me after class.” My head snapped up when my name escaped his lips.

“Me?” I asked from the 15th row. 

A teasing smile formed on his face, “There’s no other Miss Y/N is there?”

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Stan?” I bit the corner of my bottom lip, my fingers gripping my side bag.

“Come on now, Y/N.” He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. “Call me Seb.”

“You’re my professor.” I said, backing away, which was a mistake because I bumped into the first row. 

“Class is over, so technically I’m not your professor.” He started packing things in his bag, stuffing various papers inside it. “Plus, I’m here for another week then I’m never gonna show my face in this university ever again.”

“But still.” I argued, however my actions did not back up my words. My eyes trailed up and down his body, taking in how utterly gorgeous he really is.

“You said you’d give me your number if we saw each other again.” His voice broke the silence. 

“I said maybe.”

Sebastian smiled, “Please?”

I rolled my eyes playfully before walking over to his desk and scribbling my number on a pice of white paper. “See you on Monday, Mr. Stan.”

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
Change the weather still together when it ends

It was Wednesday and it was pouring once again. I didn’t have english today so I was thankful that I didn’t have to sit there staring at the guy I wanted for an hour straight while girls flirted with him. Sebastian and I really enjoyed each other’s company, over text at least. We stayed up late texting over the weekend and after classes. It was like we were back in high school all over again. 

I walked in the too familiar cafe, spotting an also too familiar jacket. I sat beside him, “Is this seat taken?”

He looked up, his lips quirking into a smile when he realized it was me, “Hey.”

“Why aren’t you at work?” I asked.

“Sick.” Sebastian sneezed after he replied. “Totally forgot how shit New York weather can be sometimes.”

“Go home, you loser.” I nudged him. “Get some rest, eat some soup, or something! Get better.”

“You know I could use some sleep, but this one girl has me staying up all night.” he chuckled, taking a sip from his coffee. “She’s so worth it though. Funny, gorgeous, smart, everything anyone could ever want.”

I felt my cheeks flush at his words, “She seems lovely but seriously get some rest.”

“I can’t if I wanted to.” he sighed, zipping up his jacket. “They’re cleaning out my hotel room so I don’t really have a place to stay until 7 PM tonight.”

“Come on.” I stood up, waiting for him to follow me.

Sebastian stood up, taking his coffee with him, “Where are we going?’

“Just come on.”

We arrived at my one bedroom apartment, him smiling at my poor attempts at decorating. All that was hanging from the wall was my high school diploma and a small polaroid picture of me and my best friend. 

“Taking me home without buying me dinner first? My gosh, Y/N, you didn’t strike me as that type of person.” he teased, shutting the door behind him.

“Shut up.” I blushed, looking down as I fixed my bed for him to lay in. “Go get some rest.” 

“Stay with me.”

“Seb,” I sighed, placing a pillow on the couch for me to lay on. “You know we can’t do anything until you’re done being my professor. We’ve talked about this.”

“I promise I won’t try to kiss you, as much as I want to.” He crossed his heart, swearing that he wouldn’t. “Plus I don’t even want you getting sick so why would I kiss you?”

I gave in, kicking off my shoes and joining him in my bed. It was a twin sized bed, he alone could barely fit on there, I didn’t know how we both managed to fit. His fingers traced the curve of my hip, dragging his fingers from the top to the bottom a few times. His lips ghosting over my shoulder blade and I wanted nothing more but for him to place loving kisses on it. I turned to face him, my lips just inches from his. 

“Hi.” he breathed out, looking down at me.

“Hey.” I whispered, tracing the outline of his t-shirt. “How are you?”


I laughed at his response seeing how sick he looked. He smiled, scrunching his nose up trying to stop a sneeze. He failed. 

His eyes widened, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

“It’s fine, Seb, you can’t help that you’re sick.” my fingers latched with his, rubbing it with my thumb. “Two more days.”

“Yeah, two more days.”

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

“Hey.” I smiled, walking closer to the table Seb sat at. He was wearing the skinny jeans again but this time with a gray t-shirt and a navy blue bomber jacket. He stood up, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles. 

“Hi.” he grinned, placing our intertwined fingers on his chest. “It’s Friday.”

“Yeah, it’s been two weeks.” 

“Yeah, it has.”

For the first time in two weeks, he kissed me. And I swear to God, his lips tastes like vanilla and mint and sugar and everything I’ve ever dreamed of. His lips were soft against mine. He pulled away, not being able to continue kissing me with the smile fighting to break out on his face. He pulled out my chair, pushing me in when I was seated. Sebastian sat across from me, holding my hand in his, still grinning like a fool. I imagined myself looking the same way.

“I ordered for us, I hope you don’t mind.” he said when the waiter brought our drinks over to us.

My heart swelled when my usual order was placed before me. “You remembered.”

“Of course I did.” he smiled. “Y/N?”


“I’m really happy you taught me to have a little faith in the universe.”

“Me too.”



meeting harry

i don’t know what this became

“C’mon Y/N, we’ve got to go. Otherwise we’re going to be late for the movie!” Alex whined from up the street. She stomped her foot in aggravation as Y/N kept ignoring her. Y/N’s thumbs were rapidly typing away at her phone screen as she almost walked into a lamppost.

Suddenly she screamed.

“Alex!” She ran the short way up the path until she was in front of her angry friend. “Someone spotted him.”

Alex didn’t even need a name, of course she knew who ‘him’ was. She rolled her eyes and began tugging Y/N by her wrist down the street. “No.” Was all she said.

Y/N began dragging her feet on the floor, trying to resist her friends grip.

“No Alex, please, you know how much this means to me. He was seen two blocks from here, I’ve got to check!”

Alex huffed and turned around. “They’re normally fake anyway, what makes you think this one is real?”

“Pictures.” Was all Y/N mumbled before taking off down the street. She could hear Alex yelling at her from behind her but she couldn’t risk not meeting Harry to go see some lousy movie. Her pace quickened as she heard screams in the distance and she became more determined.

Suddenly, her body collided with another and she fell straight onto her back, eyes wide in front of her from shock. She could feel the air leave her body as a distinct voice spoke.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Despite the ringing in Y/N’s ears she was able clearly hear the voice, how smooth and deep it was. The way it had a slight rasp because of a cold.

Harry has a cold, Y/N thought.

Soon she felt a warm hand grasp hers and a face make its way into her blurry line of vision. Whoever it was had a significant amount of hair and it made her smile because Harry too had long hair. She sat up ever so slowly, not giving a second glance at the person she ran into before standing up.

“You might want to take it easy.”

This time, after hearing the voice, she froze. Her whole body went rigid and it felt like tons of butterflies just got set off in her stomach. Her eyes widened and her breath hitched. She would know that voice from anywhere.

Her heartbeat was in her ears as she slowly turned round, he was talking but she couldn’t hear him because she was suddenly screaming. She couldn’t help it, she didn’t want to scream but her brain was still fuzzy from colliding with the ground and now Harry Styles was stood in front of her.

Harry winced slightly at the scream but still smiled politely.

“You okay?” He asked again, stepping a bit closer to her. Y/N nodded shakily, the distance seemed to be getting smaller and smaller and she suddenly blurted,

“I love you,”

Harry’s smile broadened causing his dimples to pop out and Y/N wanted to poke them. Pictures of Harry definitely didn’t do him justice because he was simply perfect in real life. Her eyes trailed every crevice and crook of Harry’s face as she blushed. He was actually here.

“Do you want a picture?”

This time she drank in the sound that poured from his luscious, pink lips. It was so deep and gravelly and she smiled at the little sniffle at the end of his sentence. After she had noticed and started to get out her phone, Harry took it from her and she looked at him confused when he handed it to someone.
Only then did she seem to notice Harry was with a friend.

She waved politely at Harry’s friend before walking round to stand on Harry’s left. Everyone knows Harry leans to his left in pictures. Y/N nudged up closer to Harry’s side and ducked slightly as she felt a heave weight go across her shoulders. She could now smell the aftershave that lingered on Harry’s shirt as his hand curled round her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

Y/N slowly pressed against him and shyly put her arm around his waist. She could feel his defined muscles through his thin flower t-shirt and she wanted to cry. She had spent so many nights thinking about touching Harry’s beautiful body whilst staring at shirtless pictures of him and here she was, touching him.

Harry’s friend got ready with the camera so she quickly pushed closer into Harry and smiled big. This was her only chance, she had to make it count. She curled her fingers tighter around Harry’s shirt and soon she saw the familiar white flash of the camera and began to pull away.

Before she could get anywhere, Harry pulled her back into him.

“One more,” Harry whispered to her as he gently moved a strand of her hair behind her ear. Y/N blushed and moved to press against Harry again but instead he crouched down in front of her. “Hop on!”

She looked around quickly with wide eyes before slowly climbing onto his back. Once he stood up again she squealed at how strong his arms felt against her thighs, she could feel his back muscles pressing against her stomach and she gently moved some of Harry’s hair from the back of her neck.

His hair smells good.

Y/N carefully placed her chin on Harry’s shoulder and tightly wrapped her arms around his front, loving it when Harry curled his fingers round her ankles and adjusted her slightly. Soon the camera flash came again but instead of once it came multiple times, so she made sure to change her facial expressions.
Eventually Harry put her down and smiled brightly at her.

“Y/N,” She mumbled quietly.

“Well Y/N,” Her name sounded so pretty coming from his lips. “It was lovely meeting you but I really have got to be going.”

Before she could respond he wrapped his two, strong arms around in her a big bear hug. She gripped tightly onto the front of his shirt and embraced his warmth. She was 100% he could feel her heart beat right now.

“I love you,” She quietly whispered in his ear. She felt Harry smile against the crook of her neck and heard him mumble back.

“I love you too babe,”

He pulled away after a short while and smiled cheekily, “Be more careful when running down the street, yeah?”

Y/N nodded and then Harry was gone.

She flipped her phone over in her hand and quickly clicked on ‘Pictures’.

“Hey what’s the matter? What happened?” She heard Alex call as tears started to fill Y/N’s eyes. Y/N once again didn’t answer because she was too busy staring at all the pictures.

And how in every single one of them Harry was staring at her with the biggest smile on his face like she was his whole world.

what they love most about you ; got7


your hair: he loved looking at it. whenever you caught him staring at you he was most likely staring at your hair. he admired the fact that you always styled it in different ways to switch it up every once in a while. as much as he loved to look at it, he’d never touch it. when ever you asked why he’d reply with, “i don’t want to ruin it.”


your eyes: i can picture bambam prefering dark brown eyes over bright blue/ green ones to be honest. he loved looking into them and would always say your eyes are so beautiful ‘he could get lost in them’


your height: youngjae would probably love everything about his partner but if he had to choose his favourite, it’d be your height. it didn’t matter if you were tall or short, he’d love either one. tall because you’d always try and make things easier for him like bending down slightly when you kiss him and short because he’d always make comments on you’re ‘pint size’.


artistic skill: i feel like jinyoung wouldn’t notice the physical features. of course, he’d think you were beautiful but that’s not why he fell for you. he loved how artistic you were. you both knew you weren’t the best at drawing, but he didn’t care. you always made jinyoung leave the room whilst you were doing your artwork though which would result in him pouting and begging you to let him stay. however when you showed him your finished creation, he’d forget all about it and praise you for your artistic skill.


your open mindedness (is that even a word lol idk): you were very strongly opinionated and jackson loved that about you. you weren’t rude about it, you knew when to stop but if it ever does go too far you’d apologise immediately, not wanting to offend anyone intentionally.


your selflessness: similar to jaebum; you always put others before yourself and made sure they were okay before worrying about your own needs. although this would annoy him sometimes, he’d adore how sweet and caring you were towards other people


your culture: mark wouldn’t care where you’re from (even if you were of the same ethnicity as him), he’d love learning about your family history and traditions. he’d really enjoy trying food from cultures beside his own and would always be asking questions about your culture.

had to repost this because the first turned out weird, sorry.

i’m fairly new to writing like this so hopefully it was okay, feel free to give feedback !!(:

also, i tried to make them as interracial as i could so anyone would be able to relate, hopefully i did a good job.

and i kinda got carried away with jinyoungs, oops

- char

Creepypasta #393: Door In The Attic

When I was younger, just on the cusp of being a teenager, my sister and I were in the attic. We were hunting for some old toys we had stored up there that we wanted to pull out and give a run for their money. It was a simply designed attic; old floor boards, steepled roof, everything bare to the eye. That’s why it was so bizarre when we noticed the small cubby door on one of the walls, logically leading to what would have been the outside of the building.

Being the curious creatures we were, we just had to open it. The long and narrow crawlspace we discovered defied imagination; how was it possible for it to be there? It violated everything our young minds knew about space and architecture, and so I ran off to get my dad while my sister stayed and watched it just to make sure it did not disappear while I was away.

When I came back with him, he was just as stunned as we were with the discovery. After pondering it for a short while, we all knew there really was not any choice; we had to know what was in there. Getting down on our hands and knees, we went inside to investigate the seeming impossibility. We found more attic. The same décor, just more walls, and a much, much larger space, filled with shelves and storage containers. It was utterly fascinating that it was filled with all manner of things; art, tools, appliances. We wondered how it had all gotten there. Some of it could not have even physically been brought in unless it had been built from scratch in that space, or the building was erected around it, such as a matching washer and dryer.

But even stranger yet was that my father began to recognize the things stored there. Things he had lost. Things he had thrown away over the years, renewed and in prime condition. These were his things, from the years of his life. It was amazing. We vowed to come back in the morning and remove everything we could, because there was so much history, nostalgia, and genuinely useful objects held there.

The next day came, and for some reason, we all seemed just far to busy to go back; ‘it will be there tomorrow’, we all said. And the next day. And the day after that, we barely even thought about it, as it slipped away from our minds like fog. Before too long, only a few weeks out, I was convinced I had dreamed the entire thing, and no one spoke on it anymore. I did not even bother looking in the attic, that was how far removed from reality the idea was.

Time passed, and my sister and I grew into our twenties. We both moved away, and she had kids of her own, both of us married. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and my father fell ill. We both had to return to care for him, and prepare his estate for the inevitable conclusion of his terminal disease.

It probably comes as no surprise that this put us both in the attic again; many things needed to be organized and removed. And it probably comes as no surprise that when we were there, we stumbled across that same cubby door we had seen more than a decade prior, and in that instant, we looked at each other and remembered. We could see it in each others’ eyes; we had both forgotten for no reason. We were determined to not let it go to waste again. I told my sister I was going to go get some boxes so we could start moving things out, and she agreed to go inside and start gathering what she could to bring out.

I had just left the attic when my phone rang. Answering it, my mother came on from the other end in hysterics. My father had just passed away. I went back up to get my sister after hanging up, no longer concerned with pilfering the strange room, numb from shock. Except, the door was gone. I stared at the wall where it had been, feeling the terror of betrayal. I began to scream and yell hysterically for my sister, but there was no answer. I clawed at the wall, and took a hammer to it, only to eventually break through to the aluminum siding of the house, creating a hole I would later have to patch to sell the building.

I had no idea what to do. I did not even think I could realistically call the police; I had no idea what to tell them. Eventually I gathered myself up and went to the hospital to be with the rest of my family, expecting them to ask where my sister was.

They never did.

Not even her husband.


A few years have passed since then. Every once in a while, I see pictures of my sister around my house, and I remember that once upon a time, she existed. Sometimes I think I made her up, or that I’m misremembering a stranger’s face in those old photos. No one ever came looking for her, no police, not her job. No one acknowledged she was missing. When I would ask my mother, she would stare blankly at me, and after some prodding, slowly nod. She remembered, yes, I had a sister. And that was as interested as she got. My sister’s husband gave me much the same reaction; he would ask me who I was talking about when I mentioned her name. Eventually he would concede that he seemed to recall being married at some point, and his lack of conviction would make me think I made it all up. I probably did. Either way, he has a new girlfriend, and his children are calling her mom. They never missed a beat.

But sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night because I hear someone walking in my attic. I hear a voice I think I recognize, but I can’t place who it belongs to anymore. She asks for me to help her, but I don’t even know why I would be helping her, or what I’m helping her do. Either way, she’s in the attic, and there is nothing in my attic, so it must be my imagination.

I just wish I would stop hearing her voice after I wake up.

Credits to: FenrirSM

EXO Reaction To Working With A Hijabi

My style.

Baekhyun: This puppy would probably secretly watch you as he got his hair done. Your fashion style intrigued him, but he wasn’t sure why you dressed the way you did- completely covered. He’d never seen it before. Later, he would politely inquire into it but would maybe end up asking in the wrong way, realize his mistake and become flustered as he tried to apologize.

Chanyeol: You sat next to each other, but you kept a distance between the two of you. At first Chanyeol might feel a little hurt, but then he’d realize that you were reserved by nature and even your clothing hinted at it. He’d keep the respectful distance and ask you about your headscarf and the significance of it. He’d have no objections of working with you.

Chen: He noticed that you often adjusted your hijab to carefully cover your entire head, so he put two and two together: you didn’t allow your hair to be seen. Once after a particularly hectic day he realized that the ends of your hair were peeking out of the scarf. He immediately patted you on the shoulder and informed you about it, helping you fix the hijab. After that, he always made sure to keep a check on it.

Originally posted by luderella

D.O: Kyungsoo would honestly be too shy to ask you about it. However, he would still be happy to work with you and would be very polite, studying your behaviour and reservations and working around it.

(I just really wanted to use this gif HAVEYOUSEENTHISADORABLELILCUTIE)

Kai: I feel Kai would be one of the least aware about hijab and what it is exactly. He is one of the youngest after all. He would probably think it was a fashion statement and wouldn’t really give it much thought until one of the hyungs told him what it really meant. After that you might find him staring at you- not in a creepy or disapproving way, but just wondering about your dressing style, wanting to know more.

Kris: Kris spent quite a few years in Canada. As far as I know, there’s quite a large Muslim population there, so I feel he might have already lived near or at least been around a number of Muslims. He would completely understand your religious garment and would have no qualms about it. He might even inquire into how Ramadan etc. is going for you.

Lay: This guy would really want to know a lot. While he would still be happy to work with you, he wouldn’t be sure if he was doing the right things or behaving properly. Once the two of you had established a friendly relationship, he would gently ask you to teach him more and would straight out tell you that he wanted to learn so he didn’t offend you in any way.

Lu Han: Lu Han’s only concern would probably be if his dancing and music style was disrespectful for you, especially when being in the same room. He’d always ask you if it was okay for him to practice right now, or was it going to disturb you? Other than that he understood that you were conservative and would make sure you didn’t feel uncomfortable around him and the team.

Sehun: Being the youngest, I think he too would be unaware of hijab and its significance in your life. He can sometimes be a brat, so he might pick at your clothes and ask you why you wear the headscarf. Once explained why, he would immediately feel bad and would apologize and might do small things to make it up to you, like standing up for you if someone ever teased you about it, or bring you water/food during your breaks.

Suho: I think Suho would invest a lot of time into learning all the ‘yes’ and ‘no’s of your lifestyle and religion. He’d be the most caring, and upon learning everything would keep track of your activities: keeping an eye on you during Ramadan, informing you if you forgot the time for prayers, checking to see if the food you ate at restaurants was halal. 

Tao: When the two of you eventually became closer, Tao would spend some time reading up about the hijab. He would also browse through pictures of new styles of wearing the hijab and different kinds of long skirts that were in fashion. He would show you the pictures and sometimes end up dragging you to the shops with him every once in a while to shop for new scarves- printed ones, different coloured ones, fancy ones and simple ones etc.

T: Wow, Y/N that looks fab! Here, try this one on next….

Xiumin: I think Xiumin would be the protective older brother figure here. He would always make sure your clothes were in order, divert any stares sent your way. He’d also always inform you before starting practice or such (those hip rolls are dangerous. And not to be seen. Ever.) If he had taken a more romantic inclination towards you, he’d probably compliment you often; how the hijab highlighted your features or brought your eyes out.

In my opinion, none of the boys would have any issue with race, colour, creed or religion. They seem to be very accepting of anything around them. Then again, that’s my opinion. But they don’t seem like the type to distinguish or pick at people.

Also, I think the Chinese boys would relate to any feeling of insecurity or bullying. They did admit that they were given a hard time by the non-Chinese trainees.

I changed it a little to accommodate Islam in general, I hope you don’t mind.

eternalsailordianamon  asked:

What do you think the murals mean? ... I may ask you this question every time you finish a Steven Universe Liveblog.


We’re talking about the murals In this post, and I’ll put the pictures here too so I can stare at them while thinking about this.

And under a cut for length. You asked me to word, and you know I can’t help myself.

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Truth or Dare?

《Your POV》

“GILINSKY GIVE ME MY PHONE BACK” I yell at him while chasing him around the room. “I HAVE PERSONAL SHIT ON THERE!”

“ooh damn yeah you do” he says back with a smirk. He keeps staring at the picture while biting his lip. God damn hes sexy.

“What’s she got on there?” JJ asked while moving behind gilinsky

“DONT YOU DARE LOOK JOHNSON” I run over and try to snatch my phone before JJ sees the “pants only” picture that I took a few months ago

Before I could grab the phone, Gilinsky had already shoved my phone down his pants.

“IM NOT AFRAID TO REACH DOWN THERE” I yell at him while trying to reach down his pants.

“Ahh not so fast y/l/n. Ill give you the phone on one condition..” Gilinsky said, backing away from me.

“Whats the condition.” I say pissed, but willing to do almost anything to get my phone back.

“You have to play truth or dare with me.”

“Okay?” I was confused as hell but willing to do almost anything to get my phone back. That damn boy.

“Alright y/n, truth or dare?” Gilinsky asks while smirking at me. What the fuck does he have going up in his mind.

“Which will get me my phone back faster.” I say kind of pissed off.

“Dare” He told me.

“Alright. I guess dare.” I say back to him, Johnson sitting on the couch, listening and watching carefully.

“Hmm…” he says tapping his plump limps, like he already doesnt know what hes going to ask me. “I dare you to take of your shirt.. and the bra too.”

“Really Gilinsky? Really.” I say pissed. Ive had dreams about taking my shirt off in front of Gilinsky but not this way.. and not while Johnson was sitting there too.

“I have to compare the picture to the real ones.” He says back in a sexy ass tone.

“THATS WHAT WAS ON HER PHONE?!” Johnson says, semi yelling at Gilinsky, semi yelling at me. I cant tell who hes more pissed at. Gilinsky for not showing him or for me taking a picture like that.

“Calm the fuck down and smoke a blunt” Gilinsky tells him and throws a blunt and a lighter at his face.

Johnson now caught up in his own business, Gilinsky continues with the game.

He stares right into my eyes, i couldve sworn our eyes were having sex thats how intense and sexual it was. I keep the eye contact as i grab the bottom of my shirt. I lift it over my head ever so slowly and Gilinsky watches in amazment. Weve been friends for a good while and our friendship had always been flirty and playful. He grabs my ass every now and again and we always flirt with each other.

I throw the shirt onto the floor and i reach back ever so slowly to unclasp my boob chamber. Gilinsky stares into my eyes once again, and then moves his eyes to my now exposed breasts.

“That picture doesnt do these babies justice” Gilinsky says inching closer and closer to my half naked body. “Damn y/n. Ive always liked you but never thought it would go this far”

Hes always liked me? Well damn. I bite my lip and stare up into his amazing eyes. I stand on my tippy toes and whisper “truth or dare” into his ear.

“Hm… dare.”

“I dare you to fuck me until i dont have any feeling left in my legs”

“I think i can manage that” He says while licking his lips as if he is about to eat something. Well. Maybe he is.

He moves closer to me and cups his hands around my face and pulls me in for a nice sweet kiss.

“Thats all the nice youre getting tonight y/n. Just wanted to show you the sweet side of me before you saw the horny, dirty side.”

He grabs my hips and pulls me in. He puts his hands and the top of my pants and with a few movements, my pants are completely off of my body.

“Wait, jack. What about Johnson?”

“Its okay i like an audience” he says back to me in a very raspy sexy voice.

This damn boy turns me on in so many ways.

Jack continues to lower his body until he is lying below my wet heat.

“Sit” he instructs me to do so.

I do as im told and i sit my vagina on his mouth and my ass on his chest.

《authors POV》

“Mhmm damn. You a little wet y/n?”

“Its all because of you, daddy” you say down to him, wanting him to start eating you out.

He gives you a look of enjoyment, most likely from you calling him daddy.

Jack puts his hands on your ass and begins his process. He pushes you a little bit more over his mouth and he sticks his tounge out. He flicks it every so lightly over your soaked vagina. He stops teasing and starts getting down to the nitty gritty of it. He starts to move his tounge faster and faster, causing you to moan very loudly. You shoot a look over to johnson who is passed out on the couch. The pleasure welling up inside of you makes you wince and moan. You semi grind on his mouth as he continues to lick your juices. You feel pressure building up inside of you and you feel yourself squirt just before your orgasm rides through your body. Jack notices the pleasure he is giving to you and smirks against your heat. He takes you off of his mouth and lays you onto the carpet of his home.

“fuck me daddy.” You cry out.

Jack slips off his clothes revealing his long member.

“Fuck” you mumble under your breath

He plunges himself into you without warning you moan out in enjoyment and suprise.

His thrusts continue to get harder and harder everytime. He finally his your g spot and you scream out “OH JA-ACK”

“No no no y/n. Remember, daddy is my name now. If you forget again ill have to stop.”

You nod and he thrusts harder into your g spot. You feel another orgasm work its way through your body. You clench onto the coffee table near you and jacks hair with the other hand. Your body begins to clench up again and you find yourself coming onto his carpet. You feel his dick twitch inside of you.

“Ja- daddy please pull out”

“Where do you want daddy to put it?”

“In my mouth just hurry.”

Jack slides his dick out and places it in your mouth. His come trickles into your mouth and down your throat. He moans extremly loud and then lays down next to you.

“Did i complete my dare, princess?”

“Yes daddy yes.” You say. “Can i have my phone back now daddy?”

“Yes y/n, yes”


I hope yall liked it;)

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Please can you post the next chapter of The Sound Of Your Voice 😁

I was having wifi troubles earlier, so apologies for the delay in this chapter. Better late than never, right? :p

[ part one | part two | part three ]


Gail was honestly expecting radio silence from Holly after the almost-kiss and then Holly’s brush off after the wedding. So she was surprised when Holly texted her the very next day as if nothing had happened. Gail went with it, not wanting to rock the boat. If Holly was going to pretend that nothing had happened—or almost happened—in that coat closet, then so was she.

She could just pretend that she hadn’t nearly kissed a woman in the back of a coat closet at her boss’ wedding, right? She could blame all the fluttering feelings in her stomach on the alcohol, right?

Of course she could.

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“Some company”

Word count: 1103

Rating: R

Pairing: Calum Hood/Reader

Request: Nah

Plllllleaaaaseeee request whether it be preferences, smut, or picture/gif blurbs just pls im so lonely.

A/N: So here’s the Detention Calum that I’ve been meaning to write. The Calum feels are always there and I just. I’d get detention for him okay.

You didn’t realize how much of a problem it actually was, you could not for the life of you keep your eyes off of him.  You groaned, hitting your head against the locker as he walked away with his friends after, once again, catching you staring. His smirk was nearly permanent and you found yourself loving it more and more every day. The bell rang while you were still thinking about Calum.

“Oh shit.” You groaned, making your way to class. You knew this was going to be a detention and as you saw Calum still in the hall, you knew he would be joining you. The teacher gave you a “stern lecture” and Calum had only rolled his eyes and mocked him when he wasn’t looking.

“I guess I’ll see you in Detention babe.” Calum smirked, winking before taking his seat in class. Your heart pounded and all through class, you kept repeating the way his voice sounded when he called you babe, over and over in your head. The school day went by agonizingly slowly and you couldn’t believe you were actually excited for detention. Of course, it was only because you would be alone in a room with Calum since no one else in your math class had been late. When the final bell finally rang you nearly tripped over your feet trying to get out of your desk. Calum was nowhere to be seen as you made your way to the detention room. You sighed accepting the fact that he had possibly just skipped out.

The teacher didn’t bother to look up as you walked through the door, you looked around the empty room and sat in a random seat near the back. A few minutes later Calum came stumbling through the door quite loudly, surprising both your and Mr. Greenweld, the detention supervisor.

“Ah Calum, you even show up late to detention, which you’re in because you showed up late. Go figure.” Mr. Greenweld said, sounding quite bored and annoyed. “Well now that you’re both here I’m leaving, stay here, don’t talk, blah blah blah.”

The teacher left, slamming the door behind him and leaving you both together, alone. You stared at the door silently, expecting him to pop back in and say he was kidding. You were so confused.

“He’s not coming back.” Calum spoke up from his place perched on the desk top beside you. You turned to look at him, trying extremely hard not to stare at his defined features and the fact that you could see him arm muscles rippling. “So I’ve glad I finally got you alone y/n.”

“W-what? Why?” You stuttered, completely bewildered.

“Well with all that time you spend staring at me, you sure don’t do much talking.” He teased, causing you to blush and turn your face to the desk. “Awe don’t be ashamed, I like when you stare. Although it gives me less time to stare at you without starting a staring contest.”

This only made you blush harder, that’s when he stood up, pulling your chair back and gesturing for you to get up as well. He leaned in to whisper something to you, you found your heart began racing a million times faster the closer he got.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about bending you over that desk, I thought about it all day baby girl.” He whispered, cupping your ass and pointing to the teacher’s desk. The heat spread from your cheeks to in between your thighs and you couldn’t help but moan quietly at the thought. That just happened to be all the consent he needed to begin kissing you roughly. His tongue invaded your mouth and you kissed back, bringing your hand to the nape of his neck, tugging roughly at his hair.

His hands curled under your thighs indicating that you jump. You did, curling your legs around his waist while he easily carried you over to the desk, not once breaking the kiss. Clothes were torn on in a blur of rushed kisses and heavy breathing. He seemed memorized by your breasts, kissing them tenderly and tweaking the nipples, loving the noises you made. His eyes met yours as he pushed inside of you. His gaze didn’t falter as your mouth parted, your head tilted back and you let out an almost pornographic moan. His moans came out softly, mostly caused by your own various noises. You watched his face, his gaze flicking downwards the place you were locked together.

You clenched around him, loving the way his eyes screwed together and he moaned out loud, creating butterflies in your stomach. He picked up his pace, the desk creaking as he slammed into you, causing you to have staggered breaths between moans and gasps. He latched his lips onto your neck, making sure he left marks to show people what had gone on.  

“Calum.” You moaned, trying to warn him you were close.

“I know baby, can I uh?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m on the pill.” You told him and his face broke into a grin. He pushed harder and faster, biting his bottom lip to keep his moans in check. You on the other hand were having a lot more difficulty, letting out strings of moans and whimpers.

“Come for me baby girl.” He whispered in your ear before biting another hickey into your neck, setting off your orgasm. You tried your best to keep your screams quiet as you came hard, falling back onto the desk, letting your high take over your body. You felt Calum spill into you as you came down from your place of blissful euphoric state. Calum was staring at you in awe as he pulled out and helped you off the table. You both scurried around the room, finding your clothing and throwing them back on in silence.

“How about next time I take you on a proper date?” Calum asked when all was said and done and you two were about to leave.

“Yeah I’d like that.” You smiled.

“At least let me drive you home now.” He smirked cheekily, the same smirk you knew all too well. You giggled and agreed, taking his hand as he lead you to his car. “I’d love some more of your company.”

Thursday Night Lights

Chapter 1

Summary- This the girls first practice this year. Since Amy is Captain of the football team this year she wants to lead a successful team. It’s her junior year and she wants to prove to the coach that she what it takes to lead the team for more than one year. Karma made it onto this year cheerleading squad. She wasn’t going to try out, but Shane told her she’d be stupid not to. She did and got a spot. She had heard of Lauren because she was the Captain of the cheerleading squad. She wants to prove that she deserves to be on the squad.

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I was browsing the internet, like I normally do, on a Sunday evening. The sun was going down slowly and I was preparing to do my usual set of tasks. Homework for Monday morning, a quick game on Xbox Live and then draw for half an hour.

Only thing was, I had somehow found my way onto a random thread called “Urban Legends.” I am a sucker for this shit. There’s something about urban legends that just fills me with wonder and imaginative possibility.

Being the curious browser that I am, I began scrolling down through the mountainous thread and noticed that it was 100 pages or more by now. As I went through the board, post by post, I saw classic urban legends and trolls posting terrible pictures before being removed from the thread.

At about page 28, I realized that I had been on this thread for an hour easily. I was bouncing back and forth from youtube and facebook, but I had wasted quite some time on this endeavour. Around page 45 I decided I was done reading and had no more interest in the thread.

However, before I could close my browser and move on, I noticed something strange. An anonymous user had posted on the thread, leaving a link. In all caps, they had written, “SCARY SHIT PEOPLE.” I hadn’t seen anyone post a link without a description thus far. I had a feeling that it was a virus or another fucked up picture of some dude mutilating his crotch again.

I persisted in clicking it though. My hand moved the cursor of the mouse to the back button, in case it was exactly what I assumed it was. The link followed through to a maroon coloured HTML styled page with no advertisements, no other colours and no pictures. Just a maroon page with a download file in the center.


I had no idea what the Oshavein was. I opened a new tab and googled it, wikipedia’d it, googled it again. Nothing. There was no such thing as 'The Oshavein’. Being as it was just an image file, I decided that I would go ahead and download it.

The download began and the time estimator started at 30 minutes. 30 minutes? That’s a huge freakin’ file! I decided I’d kill some time by watching youtube and chatting on facebook until the file finally finished. The file downloaded and I paused the video I was watching.

“Let’s see what that anon was so scared of.” When I opened the download folder, there was no preview image, I checked the information on it and was shocked to see that it was a file from November 14, 2000. I was actually hesitant to click it and find out what it was.

There was something unsettling about an unknown file like this being on my computer. When I went to open the file, someone messaged me on facebook and scared the shit out of me. I answered their question and started talking to them again. They kept me occupied for 15 minutes before leaving a 'brb’.
I had to check now. There was no excuse. It was just a picture, there was no way there was a virus on it. Otherwise my anti-virus protection would have been going nuts. I slowly double clicked on the image and awaited the loading box to disappear and show me what I had been dreading taking a peek at.

The image finally loaded. It was a black and white picture of a highway. In the back ground there was a forest. The trees were black silhouettes and the light source was obviously from a noon day sun. The road was the dividing line from the side of the road that the picture had been taken on and the other side with the trees.

At first my observations were quick and I saw nothing that could be considered scary. Until I noticed something standing in and amongst the trees. I thought it was an animal at first. But my guess was quickly replaced with a new one. It was a man. At least I thought it was.

He wasn’t tall, in fact… He was just sort of above average height. He couldn’t have been more than 6 feet. I noticed that his head was shrouded by a black hood and his arms were outstretched, holding onto two of the trees beside him. As I continued inspecting his area of the picture, I felt like I was being stared at right back.

I couldn’t see his face, but there was something off about how perfectly his head was angled. Chills ran down my spine and I minimized the preview window quickly. I tried to shake off the feeling and set my laptop aside. “It’s just a picture you dumb ass,” I said aloud, bopping myself in the head.

I began working on my homework and that same feeling returned. When I looked over at my computer, the preview window was still minimized. I decided I’d open it again and see if I could make out any details about his face. When I expanded the window, the figure from before was now standing at the highway with his hands in his pockets.

I shuddered and pulled back slightly. How the hell did that happen? I peered at the now closer shadowy figure and could make out details about his appearance. He was wearing a black hoody, black jeans and black shoes. His face however… I don’t know how to explain it, but it… It was pointed.

Instead of a human-esque face… What I saw was almost like a bird. His chin came to a point and a massive grin went up either side of his face. He had only one eye, his right eye. It stared back at me, I could feel it watching me. The camera angle was exactly the same. It was as if the photographer had stayed put and the subject had moved forward.

I waited for the picture to move, perhaps it was an altered file that exchanged every once in a while. But nothing happened. No movement or suspicious data alteration. After a while I decided to minimize it again. Why I didn’t exit out of the preview… I’ll never know. I guess I was just curious.

Another hour later, I opened the preview window again. I actually gasped aloud and pushed my computer away when I saw the picture once again. The figure was now on the photographer’s side of the highway. The face was clearer now. The teeth were huge. I could see that the eye was shaped like a cross with the actual eye beneath it.

The eye inside the design stared at me. I was beginning to feel uneasy, but there was always a small part of me that kept saying that it couldn’t hurt me. After all, it was just a download file from a strange HTML site… Needless to say however, I closed the window finally. After I finished my homework, I started up my Xbox and waited patiently for the invites to parties to flood my inbox.

As I started chatting away, I couldn’t help but feel the need to see the picture again. I needed to see if the man would still be there. I clicked the file again and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The man was now only a few yards away from the camera. Upon closer inspection, his black hoody was plastered to his stomach in some areas, covered in something that made the black a little lighter. I finally could see the face clearly. The huge toothy grin that I had seen before, was now revealed to be open slightly. Hanging from his mouth was the fingers of a foreign hand.

I shivered and minimized it. Everyone in my party began asking what I was doing, I kept telling them that I was watching a stupid video, or reading a crappy fan fiction. I didn’t want them to know I was scared out of my mind, staring at a picture from the internet.

I decided I’d play a few games with my friends to take the edge off. After my 5th match in a row, my adrenaline was pumping and I was feeling confident and courageous. Without a moments hesitation, I quickly full sized the image and backed away as far as I could after seeing the image before me.

The man… Shit… I don’t even know if you could call it that anymore… The creature was now full frame, holding the edges of the camera. The fingers inside it’s mouth were gone and it suddenly dawned on me. The photographer was the one that had been eaten by this thing. Whoever… Or whatever this thing was, it was probably the one that had taken the picture… Pictures…

It’s eye was staring at me. I could feel the contact as if the creature was breathing and staring behind the screen into my soul. I shuddered and went to close the window once again. When I hit the exit button, I could almost swear I saw the thing move… Like it moved forward into the camera once more and then the window vanished.

I never opened the file after that. I deleted it and made sure my system was clean of anything remotely close to the title of 'TheOshavein.png’
Later on in the week, during my photography class, I was out doing nature shots. I had gotten a good bunch of shots and was ahead of schedule. With a grin on my face I walked up to one of my friends and started showing off in front of them. “You asshole! You always get the best shots!” I felt great, way better than that Sunday evening anyways.

That is, until my friend pointed something out to me. “Hey uh… Who the hell is that?” I looked down at the little preview screen. Standing in amongst the trees of one of the shots I took, was the shadowy form. He was grinning proudly, with his arms outstretched towards the camera.

Taehyung - Wait for me

[FOR rememberkalea]

As requested here’s a part 2 for Taehyung’s promise. 

Sorry it took me awhile OTL. I hope you guys like it! 

Part I | Part II

Looking back at it, a year without Taehyung felt like it was only yesterday he bid his goodbye before his debut—  it felt like a big piece was missing away from you. 

His voice echoed in your mind like a broken record  when he called you the other day. “Come over in our dorm, we’re celebrating our first anniversary” you smiled at the thought of him.

Upon his invitation you rejected it and found yourself an excuse not to come. You could not forget how he was whining on the other line. “Yah ____! You said you’ll be my number one fan! You’ve never come to any of our fan meetings or recordings!” he complaint, pausing for a moment before he attacked you again “I bet you don’t even have our albums!” a faint of hurt glistened in his voice making you softened and sighed. 

“I have all of your albums and your posters are all over my room! My friends even think I’m inlove with you, with the amount of BTS and Kim Taehyung I have in my room" 

Taehyung smiled at your confession. “____ aren’t you in love with me?” he teased painting a crimson colour on your cheeks. 

"Yah Kim Taehyung you wish! I told you I like one of the oppa in your group. Make sure you say good things about me to that oppa” you giggled. 

Taehyung chuckled “Jin hyung is too old for you ___” 

“And the name V is too cool for you and I don’t complain about that” you countered just making Taehyung grin, realizing how much he misses you already. 

You heard another voice from the other line before you heard Taehyung groaned. “I have to go ____ think about it arasso? Come over, I miss you already!!!” he said before hanging up. 

You sighed as you look at your phone’s wallpaper— it was a picture of you and him. “I miss you too Taehyungie” you mumbled

You kept in touch with Taehyung, you’d tease him every once in a while how he is now known as V. Although your communication isn’t often, you’ve never grown apart. Not even the distance got in the way of  your feelings for him. Taehyung is now a star but he never changed that made you love him even more. 

Here you are looking at the mischievous boy you fell in love with. 

”___ you had been staring since I came” Taehyung said as he kept his eyes to the music sheets he had been trying to learn. His CEO had let him and his band members to have the day off. You were the one who first came to mind when day off was mentioned. So he decided to come visit you since you rejected to visit. 

“You look so skinny Tae” you said ignoring his statement 

He sighed and looked at you. You took this chance and grab his cheeks. “Waaa look at this. Where’s your cheeks gone? It’s not squishy anymore!” you said, stretching his cheeks. “Do you even eat?”

He frowned. “I’m still handsome though, right?” he grinned, showing the square-ish grin you missed. 

You made a disgusted face before shaking your head. “Ew. You’re still conceited though” you said letting go of his cheeks. 

Suddenly he attacked you with a bear hug. “Ahhh! I missed you so much ____!” 

Flustered, it took you a minute before you hug him back. “Missed you too Tae Tae” 

He couldn’t help but smile, he loved it when you call him Tae Tae.

“Now I heard since I left you became popular with boys in school?” he said with a smirk as he pulled away 

You nodded. “I guess” you replied shrugging as you looked down

He frowned at your reply but at the same time he felt relieved to see you weren’t interested with the attention you were getting.  ”Why don’t you look happy” he asked, lifting your chin up

“I don’t know…”

“Is it because you’re in love with me?” he joked with a grin. 

You looked at him in disbelief before slapping his arm. “You know what your stage name really does suit you. V for Vain” you retorted as he laughed. 

You would’ve thought he would had retorted back but he was somehow scrolling through his phone making you roll your eyes at the alienated boy in front of you. 

A song started to play from his phone, a song you heard at your early ages. This I Promise You - N’Sync. 

He stood up from your bed and extended his arm out, asking for you to take his hand. You looked at him confused. “What are you doing Tae?” 

“Dance?” he said in a matter-of-fact as if its the most common thing you do. 


“Because I didnt get to dance you at prom” he mumbled enough for you to hear and enough to make you flustered. 

“Prom was two months ago Tae” you said, though you stood up.

“I know and I didn’t get to dance with you.”

“Because you weren’t th—" 

Taehyung suddenly pulled your arms so you were now infront of him. He put your arms around his neck as he placed his on your waist. 

"I know I wasn’t there. I was in Inkigayo promoting. But now I’m here I want to dance you” he said,

You looked up at him but quickly retreated, you face flushed when it turned out that he had been looking at you, sincerity filled his eyes. 

How can he turn from a dork to…that

“You’re weird you know that?” you whispered

Taehyung tilted your chin up, “Don’t you think I know that ___?” 

You blinked, “I thi—”

“I know you, you know” he cut in and pulled his tongue out. You scrunched your brows for a minute trying to comprehend what he just said before rolling your eyes. 

Alien Taehyung is back you thought. 

You stared at his eyes, “You interest me Kim Taehyung, did you know that?” 

“I know” he whispered as his eyes fell onto your lips. “Can I ask you a favor?” he asked reverting his gaze back to your eyes. 

You nodded. 

“Wait for me…” he whispered.

Unsure of what he meant you nodded regardless as desperation penetrate through his eyes. 

You leaned your head on his chest as the both of you swayed back and forth, slowly, trying to keep up with the rhythm with the music. Taehyung wondered if you could tell how fast his heart was beating right now.  

Similarly you thought the same. 

“Don’t show interest to the guys in school arasso? Wait for me” he whispered. 

So, while we discuss all things related (and unrelated) to this blog, I’ve been keeping a list of all the strange, ridiculous phrases that are spewed from our mouths. The list continues to get longer, but here are the first 20 that I’ve compiled. 

1.“In or Out? Yeah.” –S
2.“He went back in time to meet his future self.” –M
3.“I wish I could smoke.” –M
4.“I am the Pinocchio.”-J
5.“Why would you ever want to eat a condom?”-C
9.“It is time for me to spread my religion across the land.” –M
10.“Thunderbolt of Frightening, very very  Lightning!” –M
11.“Do you guys ever think they don’t want to animate the nipples?” –M
12.“Shut the fuck up, M!” –M
14.“Goddamnit my dad is taking a shower.” –M
15.“Look at these Polar Bears. (It is a picture of Pandas)” –M
16.“Do you have fries in Canada?” –C
17.“I think I’ll try defining gravity” –M
19.“How can you have your pudding if you have your cake?” –C
20.“Why does the bird stare at me?” -M

I imagine that this won’t be the last of the quotes. I’ll probably make a new list every once and a while.