i stand incorrect

  • Zuko: [trying to be cool] Sokka's the man with a plan! And a pretty cool...tan.
  • [long, awkward silence]
  • Sokka: It's not a tan.
  • Zuko: Yeah. No. I know...um, sorry.
  • Sokka: This is how I was born.

No offence but if you think Karen and Matt don’t have chemistry are you even watching the show

  • Atsushi: If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do tonight?
  • Dazai: *looks at Chuuya*
  • Chuuya: *looks at Dazai*
  • Atsushi: Ah.
  • Kuro: Do you smoke?
  • Misono: Only after sex.
  • Kuro : *writes on clipboard* “Patient has never smoked in his life.”
  • Ranpo: My favorite thing to do is act like I can’t understand something very simple when someone is explaining it to me. So I could see how dumb they think I am.
  • Yosano: This, my dear, is called deception.
  • Ranpo: What do you mean?
  • Yosano: It’s a form of dishonesty that you are using for self gain or amusement. It’s actually quite sophisticated stuff. Well done.
  • Ranpo: Sorry, I don’t get it?