i stand by those tags



People who:

●judge others

●make fun of others

●think low of others

●take advantage of others

are the worst.

anonymous asked:

you know what it's kinda sad, usually men in the fanbase are the ones who dont hate women, but women just throw other women under the bus, my older brother is fan of dc mostly but he likes marvel too, and the other day i was reading one of those i cant stand her or something in the sharon tag and he was like wow what a piece of trash wrote that, to be fair he didn't know sharon by name and i had to explain him who peggy was bc he didnt remember her but still my fanboy brother defended sharon

women are taught to see other women as competitors who need to be taken down, that’s why this stuff happens. i used to think like those girls when i was younger, before i matured and also found feminism and started deconstructing all of that toxic shit.

PSA: otherkin and Therians

In light of the events involving amazing atheist, I want to organize a pack to pour over the otherkin and all related tags, to keep trolls To a minimum, reduce hate mail to you guys, and to do our best to make sure this event doesn’t happen to us again.
As for what happened with the amazing atheist, I watched the video, it’s of it was him whining about hate mail and our reaction to his video, but he did say at the end he wouldn’t do this again, I feel we can count this as a victory, to those of you who got hate mail, I’m sorry I failed you, to those of you who stood up, and stood by me, I’m proud of you and appreciate your standing with me, and to those he tagged, I’ll try to get to you and send you a heads up, again, to those I failed to protect, I’m sorry, and to all who stood with me, good job, WE won, I didn’t win, because I didn’t do it alone, we were able to make a huge difference and actually put enough pressure on him that he’s willing to leave us alone, if you wanna join the gaurdian pack, drop a message in my inbox and we’ll talk.
Be safe guys, and girls, don’t let him get to you, you are valid, and you are loved, add the tags you want as you reblog to boost this to the whole community please


Buncha pokemon requests I did over on twitter.

I was hella bored and what can I say, @manicpanicroom is a bad influence, lmao.