i stan too much

Look Stanley! After all these years..it’s still there. Amazing…

I think about this a lot. Stan and Ford visit New Jersey for the first time after 40 years. Some things stay as a lot has changed. 

It’s been long enough the Jersey people don’t even know or have forgotten about Stanley being “banned” anyway. 


Maybe I was just gazing at Sebastian too much.

the past twenty four hours i have watched so many b.a.p videos at this point i think i could recognize each member by their ankles


“I always give my all with Chris Evans.”

                                        “Maybe I was just gazing at Sebastian Stan too much.”

I seriously want to love female characters so few things pain me more than when women are written in a shitty two-dimensional senseless (usually sexist) way that makes it so easy to dislike them. I feel like sometimes loving female characters by shitty male writers takes too much effort? I feel like trying to stan for them is like being Sherlock Holmes. You gotta do all the detective work like: maybe she did this because of this reason, or maybe it’s because this happened when she was a kid, or maybe she didn’t mean it like that…

I could mention a show in particular but I realised it applies to at least ten I can think of on the spot so yeah, I really hate that.

I’m gonna stan hard for Cyborg now cuz I can ALREADY tell that fandom is gonna ignore him when Justice League comes out

I can’t wait to see more Cyborg. I’m so here for it because of the idea behind the character. And I really hope we get glimpses of the “how do I stay human when I’m now more machine than ever” stuff in JL. 

Obviously, they’re gonna explore it in his solo pic, but I don’t want him to be shafted too much. (I gotta stan for Superman too cuz again, who knows how much screentime he’s gonna get in this one–but this post is about Cyborg)

I really am gonna stan for Cyborg cuz I can’t trust you motherfuckers to do your jobs.