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senpai noticed me and pals congratulate me and throw online parties as if I just graduated

bruh I just graduated

BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN senpai notice me major in “SENPAI NOTICED ME”

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Quick question: who are some of your mutuals or ppl you've been talking to lately?? I wanna follow more of the ppl you talk to/interact with!

dUDE honestly idek?? (o_O) i just talk to anyone on here but usually we’d end up not having anything to talk about so the connection would end there kshdjhdhs though i do have lovely ppl i talk to almost daily!! (let me just go ahead and make this a long post bc?? i need to show my luv + affection for my babes ok??)

- @chocochims T_T i?? srsly miss this sunshine?? i know we’re going through busy & hard times but i just miss her so much?? ok i’ll stop being an emotional bitch jahsjshs however just follow her!! not only bc of her high quality content blog, but especially her lovely?? personality. ilysfm rooh u don’t even know😪♡

- @sehhunie hEATHEER my bb is resting well now!! what to say? we all know she got that aestheticly pleasing blog so?? don’t even hesitate on tapping that follow button jahssjsh!!! n i srsly love how we just?? got to talk so freely w each other?? like dude i was comfortable w this precious jewel after just a few words♡😩👌

- @mono-bts, a sweeetheartt!! we srsly had the deepest?? conversations?? and that really meant a lot to me, and it definitely still does T^T my #1 b&w blog yall. 💯 i hope u r doing well & we can talk soon again!! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

- @lifelessgirll, no just nope don’t follow this potato?? she is a bish– jk jk my potato is adorably aMAZING that i get to see at school n talk every day to ajshshs lmao n i srsly love?? dude i miss her wtf plus her multifandom blog is so good!! let’s not forget her 10/10 fake texts so check em out >

- @btees, omg mO is this like the fifth time ive tagged u in only a few days or smth?? r u proud of ur daughter yet?? hHAHA i force everyone who reads this to follow my mom now bc she is?? a treasure. trust me😩💫❤️🍃👀 and hAPPY BDAY WTF I ALMOST FORGOT ILY BABE U DESERVE MORE THAN THE FREAKING WORLD BB

- @labrinic yaaah we don’t even know each other that long but?? u deserve to be in here!! i was?? so happy that a follower hmu and ur just so sweet :“) let’s get through this school year together hahaha ♡ ;)

- @bamethyst noraaaaah kshdjd idec what u think rn but gurl let me be ok. bc u deserve to be in here so?? i put u in here. lmao so my sweet anonie let me present u an angel. ikr soo rare but honestly im not wrong she got that damn great blog i just?? she’s also known as bambamswife™ nd dude let’s not forget her looks i jump w excitement whenever she posts a selfie i tell ya. a. true. angel. 👀♡ :”)

btw ive been so?? inactive these days like wth i rlly hope yall are doing well :( take good care of yourselves, eat well/sleep well and drink lots of water alr!! u don’t deserve bad days!! ps: im so annoying wtf forgive me guys🍃😪

Ballsy:  Okay!  Thanks PR for some Hi-Res pics of wittle Stuntsie.  Here’s my preliminary analysis (still have toothache and at work today, so no callipers yet) 

  • Ears.  Lobes do not match BC or his parents.  Don’t 100% match SH.  Shape of ear doesn’t match either.  SH has dumbo ears, CC doesn’t.  Internal structure, not exact match for either.  Not conclusive, but I compared my ears at various ages with my parents and sister, KK her Hubby and Edie, and Ben and his parents.  There are distinct familiarities.  Not here. 

  • Eyes.  Nope, they do not match BC.  I compared with pics of BC as a youngster – he definitely has more “slitted” eyes throughout – these baby blues (they got that right at least) are not “son of alien lizard king”.

  • Nose.  All babies have that little button nose – no way to tell at this age.

  • Lips.  Yep, we have some lovely cherub lips there.  Again, all babies tend to have that shape.  Can’t tell 100% at this stage.  Going with a plausible on this.

  • Cheekbones – he’s a bit chubby still, but promising.

  • Shape of face.  Still too chubby to tell if he has the long face BC has.

  • Chin.  Not a match for BC at same age.  Don’t know about SH, but doesn’t quite match her as she is now.

  • Age.  He’s older than 10 months.  I checked pics of my nephew at the same age, his Dad is 6’4 and he’s smaller and more “babyish”, especially in the feet.  So, I’m going with Stuntsie being older than 10 months.  That’s a problem since Weirdo was pictured with a bump (same size as three months earlier don’t forget) just one week before the birthdate given.

  • Hair.  We have light brown going to blonde.  Forget the ginger Nan-fic in the middle.  I had dark curly hair at birth, then blonde at around 4 months, then auburn brown at around 10 years old.  This is plausible.

  • Again Weirdo doesn’t interact with the child, or BC for that matter.  Bub doesn’t look to BC , he looks and reaches off camera – could be distracted, he’s in a big city … could be looking at the real parents/carers.  Some are thinking a lack of bonding here.  Then, DaddyBatch spends more time at the theatre …

  • Yes, he’s holding a baby.  I could quite literally make three phone calls right now and within an hour have three people I know rock up to my work with three babies.  A 15 month old, a 5 month old and a 3 month old.  I could “borrow” said babies and go for a stroll.   I could call someone to take pictures of me on said stroll.  Doesn’t make them my kids does it?   No, no it doesn’t.   There are also several pics of BC holding other babies online, are they his too?

Conclusion:  Inconclusive.  No smoking gun here.  Could be, could not be.  Nothing 100% either way.  So I’m not convinced. 

He’s cute tho, there’s that.  Of course someone else mentioned to me that Stuntsie looks like a girl.  I dare you to unsee that.

The fact of the matter is …  all that I put in this post:


And this tag:


Still stands. 

AND we can’t forget that we are not here, we are not skeptical of Ben’s situation because of the baby or the very questionable preg.  Nope.  Look at when I started my blog, November 2014.  Others did even earlier.  The preg reveal was  January 2015.  We are NOT here because of that.  A real baby, his or not – doesn’t change that. 

We are skeptical of this relationship because of this:

  • PissyBatch.  Right from the start of this Ben has NOT looked happy and has NOT looked like he wanted to do this.  That is still in place, look at the recent pics.

  • Distancing, he’s distanced himself with language and body language from Weirdo and the Somekinda Baby throughout.

  • They have no chemistry and have never truly looked like a couple, and there is no real dating history prior to TiG promotion.

  • Everything about this relationship has been played for PR and has been timed for optimum publicity or damage control.  BEFORE conception of Stuntsie. 

  • The only person who now gains from this is Weirdo.  Ben has lost popularity from his 180 in behaviour, and has lost work (don’t try to spin it, he has) he’s having to broker deals for SunnyMarch (yay for them!) to ensure and secure future work.  Nothing wrong with that, but other than SunnyMarch and deals already in place pre GAG … the only other project is with TWC.  Saying.   There is also evidence that he has lost respect in the industry and of his peers.  Weirdo on the other hand?  Oh boy is she ever benefitting.  She’s getting her precious camera time isn’t she?  Not on this blog tho, done with that.  Commentary only.

  • So many things that have looked shady as fuck - too many to name.

  • DorkyBatch went away in September 2014 when PissyBatch emerged.  We’ve seen glimpses since, usually when Weirdo isn’t around but he’s never really come back in full force.  Recent water chugging, doesn’t count as full DorkyBatch.  He’ll come back when BC is happy, relaxed and in a good place again.  It’s his natural way of hamming it up when he’s in a great mood.  It will return, we’ve seen hints of it.  But he has to be in his happy place for that to happen.  And he’s not been there since this started.  I don’t think he’ll ever be there while his balls are being held in a vice by Weirdo.  And it seems that in NYC she tightened the vice. 

I might not be posting as much lately, or taking asks/submits (I srsly have no idea how I managed that – actually I do, I missed out on sleep) but I’m still here.  And I’ll still be here and calling out the fuckery as best I can until DorkyBatch comes back.  Real baby, his baby?  Don’t care.  I want to see him out of this bad situation and back on track.  That hasn’t happened yet.


[Continuation of the YoonMin-dinner post]. Taehyung goes missing, Jungkook goes batshit nuts.

HOBI SPECIAL IS NEXT FOR BLACK DAY WHOOP WHOOP (note: Black Day is like Single Awareness Day in SouKor)

the situations im thinking up for them is getting boring imo. If you have anything you wanna see, FEEL FREE TO DROP AN ASKKKKKK srsly help out a fellow delusional fangirl here winkw0nk