i srsly love this show

i went from “i don’t ship jonerys” to “i’m jonerys trash” the moment jon walked in and saw daenerys like boi you were made for each other THE EYE CONTACT THO!!! ASDFGHJKL 

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Devos: I saw you staring at her “good heart” 


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not to mention the way he looks at her??

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i will go down with this ship!! 

p.s: Now give gendrya and jaime x brienne and my life is complete

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures.”

There was the first 4 eps of The Good Place on the plane TV last night. So I tried it to kill time because of all the posts I saw on Tumblr praising it.

Now it’s not even 24 hours I’ve been back home, and I finished season one already. I think it’s safe to say I liked it a lot lol.


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have you ever considered showing cheritz your art? 👀 bc if you do, what if they decide to post the v rOUTE FASTER BC OF HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUR V ART IS DHSKSKSL

hooo boy, you hold me in such high esteem! (〃∇〃)ゞ but here are three reasons why that won’t work: (1) zen, (2) zen, and (3) zen. i think they’d be immune to any type of beauty when they created adonis himself!


To be fair I also live for these moments, which are admittedly sparse but relatively more abundant (and mebbe more adorable because lookit that cuteness!).

#that time kane went through a boiling hot tiny maintenance shaft to rescue his ‘people’ #but upon seeing abby ignores everybody and goes straight to her to cuddle