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The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

My skin is thriving, my crops are 20/20, my vision is up, the Sun is clear….

One of the KBCW book preview images that may not be as OMG STUFF! as the Temple fusion one but still… d'aww. Indication the Frybros are getting on better? I mean, Peedee smiling wearing a costume… whilst goofing off… with his irritating brother?!… And who took the picture? Aaah what if it was their dad?!! Happy tater familyyyy!


“He looked more alive in death”
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Never Let Go - Garderenza oneshot

ca·den·za (noun) - a virtuoso solo passage inserted into a movement in a concerto or other work, typically near the end.

The villagers are fleeing when she starts to sing, and he rushes to accompany her, not even pausing to celebrate with the rest of the staff.  It was the one thing the Enchantress had left alone, her voice, her singing, his heaven, how he had longed to hear it again.

He tries.  He tries to hit all the right notes, but many of his keys are missing; strangely enough it doesn’t hurt much anymore, only a small feeling of absence, numbness, nothing—but he shakes it off, his love for his dear one swelling much like the solo he was named for and he is sure that his feelings reach her.  For a moment, everything is perfect, they’re harmonizing together, her voice is for him, his music for her, as it always should be.

But it isn’t long before he realizes something is wrong; her voice is getting softer, weaker, the moon is hiding and soon she’s barely whispering words meant for him, only for him, and it’s just before she fades away completely that he realizes she’s bidding him farewell.

There’s a pause as he looks up, hardly believing what he’s hearing, but she’s not there, there’s only an antique, a finely carved and decorated piece of furniture, delicate, fragile, beautiful, but not his love, not his wife, she’s not there, she’s not there.


The notes become loud and fast, his melody frantic and flustered and he’s begging her to stay, to come back to him.  He has just been reunited with her; there is so much to do, so much to say, what he’d give to hear her gorgeous refrain again—it can’t end now, it can’t, it’s not fair

don’t leave me…!

Then it finds him too, a stiffness, cold paralysis, terrifying, horrible, darkness closing in.  He tries to say one last something, one final chord, anything at all

but he can’t talk, he can’t move, he can’t


Oh god.

He blinks and looks up, his heart pounding in his chest and his hands tingling with renewed feeling.  There’s light everywhere.  Light and color and a bright blue sky.  He looks around, disoriented, wondering for a moment if he’s already dead, but then a hand caresses his cheek, and it looks real, feels real.  Then the colors clear from his vision and his breath catches in his throat.

She’s dressed just as she was that night, completely unchanged, yet somehow even more beautiful than he remembered.   He’s speechless, awestruck by just how heavenly she is, and he wonders—for the umpteenth time in his life—if he really was lucky enough to marry her.  She was an angel when he first met her, and she still is, only she’s his angel, his love, his whole world.


Her answering smile melts away any of his remaining doubt, and his vision blurs with unshed tears as he leans in to kiss her, his own hand coming up to grasp hers.  

He knows that somewhere up in the tower, Belle and the prince are celebrating the lifting of the enchantment, or that Lumiere and Plumette are staring into each others’ eyes at this very moment, but he doesn’t care.  As he reaches out to embrace her, he knows that the dark days of isolation are over; it has been too long since he had been able to hold her in his arms like this.

His joy could be tangible, his relief a concerto unlike any other, their love a symphony that will never end.

Before, the curse would have said that “never-ending” was unreachable, forever out of their grasp, but now Cadenza has her back, his reason for living, and he’s never going to let go of her again.

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Always looking across to the other side. 


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU

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UHMMMMM I looked up the leaks yesterday because I’m the worst but now that you have said that, I went searching for the full vid lmao OMGSH the animation is so beautiful!

also he’s grounded

drinkin wine right out the bottle, my partner n i chillin in bed together, no pants on and a breeze Rollin thru the window while the sun goes down, just…chillin

sometimes. a lil moment of good is worth the thousand bad ones


Happy 21st Birthday Changkyun!
You’re a year older, and it’s also been a year since you’ve met your hyungs. Although it was hard for them to open up to you at first, they’re now showering you with so much love! ❤ I hope you get better soon kkukkungie and come back as 7 。◕‿◕。

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“I’ll throttle you, Fletcher.” Clarisse said, but it was half-hearted.


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They all look soo dammmn fine. Srsly. Luffy looks so fresh and badass. And I hope he’s gonna fight like this too! I mean - kicking BM’s ass while looking so damn fine?? That’s some really something I’m looking forward too haha. Nami as beautiful and perfect as always (she’s the queen!) But I was hoping for Sanji to wear a new suit :((( Brook also looks really good though!

(Sorry I love such clothes so much that’s why I need to fangirl about it) 💕

Ps: Wth is going on with caeser???


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