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I…really don’t know why I made this. But now it exists so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • me: *googles the names of back muscles specifically so i can identify them on jensen*
  • me, later: jensen's got nice latissimus dorci, dAng

promise I’ll never let you down ❤

I just want one night where I can sleep in peace for a decent amount of hours without having to worry about a single thing.
—  me, literally every night

The Order is infested with animals. This is strange, because the Order has a strict no-pets policy, but bad things happen to people who try to get rid of the animals, so they stay.

The no-pets policy, as it turns out, does not apply to exorcists.

It starts with Nyne, who pretty much has to have Lau Jimin around. No resistance was attempted. Even if Lau Jimin wasn’t her Innocence, probably still no resistance would have been attempted.

Another is a cat Lenalee found when she first joined the Order and became fiercely protective of. Eventually the CROW decided that trying to take the cat away wasn’t worth the screaming fits. He’s a grey tabby with old scars down his flank, and he always. Stares. At you. He knows what you did. He’s watching.

There’s also a dog Kanda picked up sometime while he was travelling with Tiedoll still. She’s a mutt most closely resembling a black lab, but Kanda swears there’s some pit bull in there because his pride can’t take it. She growls at everyone she dislikes (most people) and shamelessly begs for scraps and pets from people she does. No matter what Kanda tries, though, she won’t bite anyone except CROW. Kanda is satisfied with this.

Marie has a snake. It’s a somewhat large snake that is as chill as he is. No one knows where he got it. He just smiles when you ask. Tiedoll, though, Tiedoll laughs.

Lavi brings a bird. No explanation is forthcoming, but she annoys everyone and steals food and sometimes fights with Tim. (She fights the regular golems, too, but they don’t stand a chance.)

Allen brings a hamster that fits in his coat pocket, a brown dog that’s best friends with everyone, a white cat that hates everything, and also Tim. By this point, the rest of the Order has given up all resistance and simply lets the animals happen.

Miranda has a small family of rabbits that she loves to death and takes care of furtively. It’s a mother with three babies that are almost grown by the time they arrive at the Order, so there’s just. Four rabbits. They get lots of food and ear rubs.

Timothy spends too much time begging for a puppy, but has to satisfy himself with playing with all of the animals all the time. He’s pleased anyway.

Leverrier is allergic to all forms of animal fur and Does Not Appreciate the happenings. Komui claims that it keeps the exorcists happy. Leverrier still doesn’t appreciate.

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Yamazaki Sousuke, a boy of habits



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