i squealed when i saw him


So, This is Angsty As Fuck. I poured my emo heart and soul and I cried writing this. 

WARNINGS- D e a t h. 

Edited by @winter-patrick

“Newt?” You ask stepping into his case, you don’t see him but you can hear him talking. 

You walk closer and discover he’s not talking, he’s singing. A soft lullaby echoed through the creatures habitats. When he finished you were so mesmerized that you didn’t notice when he turned and saw you and fell off the rock he was sitting on. 

“Y/n you scared me.” he said shocked. 

“You sing so lovely Newt!” you squealed. 

“Why thank you.” he said standing up. 

“Can you sing for me, please” you beg him, wanting to hear more of his melodic voice. He smiled at you and started singing. Just for you. 

“Execute them” Grave’s voice rang through the silent interrogation room. 

Tina started sobbing, Newt was pleading for you and Tina’s innocence. You, you were silent, completely speechless. When word finally came to your mouth it was too late, you were being dragged to the execution room. 

“you first Y/N” The lady in white clothes brought you to the edge of the pool of swirling death. 

“No! T-Take me First! Please!” Newt begs. 

He doesn’t stop, not even when he feels pickett unlocking his cuffs. The lady puts her wand to your head, a silvery strand comes out of your head. In the pool, memories of you and Newt appear, laughing and smiling, tears come out of your eyes, happy tears. You’re in the chair when newt snaps you out of your trance. 

“Y/N! Jump, I’ll catch you, I promise” Even though you trusted Newt with your life, something held you back. 

“I’ll Catch you” You jumped and he caught you. 

“I promised I would catch you love” You smile and you run out of the room, followed by Tina and Newt

Bricks flying everywhere, Graves is throwing spell after spell at Newt. You watch helplessly as Newt is in pain, his eyes red. Graves puts you in a full body bind curse. You wanted to rush over to Newt, protect him. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Credence turning in a ball of black mist. 

Tina apparated next to you. Performing the reverse spell, you were free. You sprinted to Newt without a second thought. You got hit with a curse from Grave’s, but stayed strong as you stood in front of Newt. 

“Y/n, what are you doing?” he asked, still in pain. 

“Protecting you” you manage, the pain unbearable. 

“Credence!” Tina’s voice echoed through the subway station. 

Graves stopped throwing spells at you. You stepped back wobbly and Newt caught you. Tina was so close to calming down Credence when aurors poured into the station. 

“You’ll frighten him!” Tina said to the hostile-looking aurors. 

The aurors, ignoring Tina, fired at Credence. Killing him. Tears came to your eyes, you couldn’t save the poor boy. Newt hugged you, keeping his eyes on Graves as he gave a speech. Something wasn’t right about Graves. Newt noticed it during the interrogation. His suspicions were confirmed when Graves started firing spells at the aurors. 

Using the Swooping evil, he caught Graves, pulling him down to his knees. 

“Revelio” he said, walking closer with you by his side. 

Graves turned into Gellert Grindlewald. Aurors took hold of him. 

“It’s over Newt, everyone’s safe,” you say, leaning into his chest. He kissed your forehead and breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Can you sing for me?” You say playfully. He rolls his eyes and walks over to Tina. You smile, it’s over. 

“You can’t hold me for long,” Grindlewald spat. You notice something off. 

His hands,  they weren’t bound, he was only holding them there. You were about to shout when Grindlewald caught your glance. He quickly pulled his wand, throwing off the guards, his wand pointed at Newt, 

“Avada Kedavra!” A shot of green light shoots from his wand. 

Newt turns around, fear in his eyes, he braced himself for the spell. But nothing came, he opened his eyes to see aurors tackling Grindlewald. He stood confused, did the spell miss? He realized what happened when he heard Tina scream. 

He looked down and saw you lying lifeless on the floor. He dropped to his knees, shaking you by your shoulders. Begging for you to come back, 

“Please don’t leave me y/n, YOU CANT LEAVE ME NOW!” He practically screamed. 

Queenie and Jacob came rushing in, horrified by the sight. Tina was trying to pry Newt off your body. 

“Y/n’s gone Newt!” She said half shocked and half crying. 

“NO!” he kept screaming. 

He threw off Tina and hugged your body. There was a sickening silence, the aurors looking away. Queenie, Tina, and Jacob standing shocked. Newt has tears streaming down his face. He doesn’t want to accept your fate, there’s nothing he could do. He brushes the hair from your face, 

“You wanted me to sing for you, okay,” he said weakly. 

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. 

You make me happy when skies are gray. 

You never know, dear, how much I love you. 

Please don’t take my sunshine away. 

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping. I dreamt I held you in my arms. 

When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken. 

So I hung my head, and I cried. 

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. 

You make me happy when skies are gray. 

You never know, dear, how much I love you. 

Please don’t take my sunshine away. 

P-Please don’t take my sunshine away,” 

His voice cracking throughout the song. Now everyone had tears in their eyes, for they had just witnessed a man’s heart being broken. 

He watched as they carried off your body. His friends tried to console him, but he couldn’t cry anymore. 

He loved you, but now you were gone

I feel like a horrible person but I really liked this fic. 


So Marinette MAKES a hat for Adrien that is cute and perfect and she SIGNS HER NAME and it’s like a Christmas miracle right? TBH I want to squeal every time I think about it. 

but guys

friends, fandom, countrymen…





When Santa was akumatized, the hat changed back into a normal red color, without the unique snowflake pattern. BUT it still had the unique poof balls hanging from it! It’s definitely still Mari’s and we SAW Adrien give it to him. 

So Chat cataclysms it, and they get rid of the akuma, BUT Miraculous cure has ALWAYS brought back the broken akumatized items. But here we see there’s just no hat?? Why is it gone? Marinette worked so hard on this gift for Adrien, and I understand it’s the thought that counts but STILL, that hat was so cute and we know he isn’t used to getting many thoughtful gifts from his dad like that, so I’m so upset it just…disappeared???? 

When they’re all gathered and eating again, Santa has the old hat he had on in the beginning, no cute pattern or poofs! #bringbackthehat2k16

Imagine seeing Sirius again and he comments on the fact that the two of you made a promise to marry each other.

“Sorry, sorry,” you said as you entered 12 Grimmauld Place. “I know I’m late. I promise I tried to get here on time.”

“Do you need a new clock then?” You turned at the familiar voice.

“Sirius,” you squealed before running towards him. Sirius chuckled but opened his arms to return your hug. “I’ve missed you,” you whispered.

“I’ve missed you as well.” You then turned to the boy next to you. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. Hello, Harry,” you greeted with a smile before pulling Harry in for a hug as well. When you pulled away, you saw Harry trying to figure out who you were. “Sorry, you don’t know me do you? I’m y/n. I was a friend of your mother’s.”

“And your godmother,” Sirius added. You smacked his arm.

“No I’m not. That was a joke you and James use to say. C’mon. Let’s eat.”


It was much later when most of the Order had gone to bed. You, Sirius, and a few night owl Order members were in the living room. You and Sirius were catching up on everything that had past since you last saw each other. Sirius took a sip of his fire whiskey before holding both of your hands in his.

“Y/n, do you remember that first night we became friends?”

“You mean the night I threatened you within an inch of your life if you pranked me again,” you giggled. Sirius smiled.

“Yes, that night. Do you remember what we said?”

“Hmm, well it’s been a while since that happened. We were thirteen after all.” You stopped and tried to remember that night. “Didn’t we promise each other that when we were older, if we weren’t dating anyone, we would marry each other?” Sirius nodded.

“I think we should honor that promise.” You laughed at the thought before you realized that Sirius wasn’t laughing with you.

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Why yes I am. Do I need to check if someone oblivated you?” You rolled your eyes at Sirius’s normal joke.

“Sirius, are you actually asking me to marry you?” Sirius nodded. “You can’t honestly…I mean we can’t…Sirius we were just…” you somehow managed to stutter out before sitting there, dumbfounded. Sirius stayed quiet as he sipped his fire whiskey. You suddenly grabbed your glass of wine and drank it all in one gulp. “Sure. What the hell. If we survive this craziness, let’s get married.” A wide smile spreaded across Sirius’s face before he grabbed your left hand. You looked down to see that somehow Sirius had gotten a ring on your finger. 

Sirius drew closer to where your lips were almost touching when you heard Tonks’s voice cry out, “Sirius and y/n are getting married! We’re going to have a wedding!” 

“Tonks,” you cried and started to go after her, but Sirius held you back.

“Forget her,” he murmured before kissing you.

GUYS there was this one time in class when J ran a bit late and his usually rolled up sleeves were undone

and after he put his stuff on the teacher’s table he just rolled his sleeves up right in front of the whole class while he was making some announcements and I LITERALLY SQUEALED BECause that was the first time it ever happened. like the first time I ever saw him do that

I know most of us agree that guys look sexy when their sleeves are rolled up but have we ever talked about how sexy they look WHILE rolling their sleeves up???????? no. it’s about time we do

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Could you wrotea story where Marco is autistic? :) Like maybe he's flapping his hands and explains to Tom that he's stimming? ! And they can be happy flappy forever

It’s so weird you would request this now! Because I’m in the middle of being diagnosed with autism! I’ve had a well researched self diagnosis for a while now and I’ve just now been able to get it professionally looked in to! I actually was at the doctor TODAY! How weird is that!?! Anyway I hope you enjoy!


“Marco!” Tom called happily. He smiled at his boyfriend, excited to see him again after a while. Marco smiled excitedly when he saw his boyfriend and jumped up. He began flapping his hands up and down and giggling excitedly.

“Tommy!” Marco squealed happily. He ran up to him and gave him a hug. Tom smiled and gave him a kiss. Marco blush and flapped his hands some more, flustered by the kiss. “I’m so happy to see you again!” Marco exclaimed. Tom laughed a little and tilted his head, watching Marco flap his hands up and down.

“Why do you always do that?” Tom asked. Marco looked up curiously. “Flap your hands like that, when you see me?” Tom explained. Marco blushed and stopped.

“Oh… sorry. It’s an excited stim I do, when I get really happy I just, flap them all around!” Marco laughed and stuck his hands in his pockets. Tom smiled and reached to get Marco to take his hands out again. He liked it, it made Tom happy to see how joyful Marco got when he saw him. It was flattering to say the least.

“It’s cute!” Tom laughed. Marco beamed.

“You think?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“Yeah! It’s so cute! You get happy to see me and you’re all happy-flappy! It’s adorable.” Tom gushed and grinned when Marco got excited and began doing it again. “Is stim the from the thing you told me about?” Tom asked.

“The autism? Yeah it’s really common for autistics.” Marco explained. Tom didn’t understand human afflictions. So Marco would have to re-explain things from time to time. Tom smiled and kissed Marco’s head.

“That’s adorable! You do the cutest little things.” Tom gushed. Marco smiled to himself and looked away, hiding his reddening face. “Seriously! All of your stims are so cute! The hand flapping and the jumping.”

“Thanks, Tommy.” Marco smiled. “Not all my stims are cute though. When I get anxious I pull my hair, and sometimes I can’t stop and I’ll pull my hair out.” Marco admitted. “And that’s not really cute at all.” He looked away. Tom shook his head and gave Marco a kiss.

“I may not have the same thing as you… but I understand anxiety. And I know it can be hard to control your actions when your insides are just freaking out like that and you feel all jittery and you wanna cry but you also wanna scream.” Tom rambled a little. Marco looked up fondly at him. If he was being honest he didn’t get anxiety that badly, but it was nice to know that Tom dealt with internal things too. “I know it can be hard for me to relate to other things, but this is one thing I get. So if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here.” Tom offered. Marco beamed and hugged Tom close.

“I do a lot of other things when I feel anxious or something else.” Marco explained. “Sometimes you have so many emotions and you just gotta shake them all out. Do you know what I mean?” Marco asked. Tom thought for a second.

“Yeah, sort of. Like when I get mad I pet my rabbit. Is it anything like that?” Tom asked. Marco shrugged.

“I guess I could see how they might relate.” He agreed.

“I wish my ways of dealing with emotion was as cute as yours are.” Tom poked fun and Marco blushed. He nuzzled closer to the demon and reached up to scratch Tom’s head.

“You are so cute! With your little rabbit and the way you try to look all angry but you have a fluffy pink bunny on your lap.” Marco gushed and snuggled closer to him. “And even when you try to get all mad and burn things up… you’re still adorable.” Marco admitted, bopping the demon’s nose. Tom laughed and Marco couldn’t help but tackle him in a bunch of kisses. Tom laughed and pushed him off slightly.

“Is kissing me a whole buch a stim?” Tom asked seriously. Marco laughed and shook his head.

“No, it’s just impossible not to.” Marco giggled and kissed him again. Tom nuzzled his face and scooped him up to hold him bridal style.

“Well anytime you get mad I know a whole bunch of ways to deal with that.” Tom told him, spinning Marco around a bit. “The first one is to just burn everything down.” Tom joked. Marco laughed and latched onto the demon, so he had no choice but to hold him.

“Stop that Tommy! You don’t do that anymore.” Marco reminded. Tom giggled a little and shrugged, thinking back on himself.

“Eh… sometimes.”

I bet Jay loved Harry’s short hair. I bet she teased him mercilessly, but kissed his face, touched his hair, and whispered thanks when she saw him for the first time. I bet she squealed with happiness and told him how proud she was after the Another Man shoot.

I bet she bought multiple copies of the magazine and would sit in her hospital bed and stare at her handsome son in law in the glossy pages.

I bet she asked him to take care of her family, but especially Louis, and I know he promised he would.


Imagine having a daughter with Jax from a one night stand and your friends freaking out when he comes to her birthday party.

Originally posted by huntingxbird

(Yes this was utterly inspired by the scene in The Kids Are Alright from Supernatural. I just couldn’t resist.)

You knew the moment Jax arrived as you heard your daughter squeal and saw her take off running out of the corner of your eye.

“Daddy!” She screamed making Jax laugh.

“Hey baby girl.” He told her as he lifted her into his arms. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too daddy.” She told him as she hugged him tight. You couldn’t help smiling as you watched them and tried one more time to move the drink cooler that you’re just refilled before finally giving up.

“Jax, can you help me with this?” You called.

“Sure thing darlin’. Be right there.” He told you before setting your daughter on the ground. “I’ll come play in a bit ok princess? I gotta help mommy first.”

“Ok.” She told him with a frown.

“Come on, you can’t be sad at your own birthday party.” He told her before he stuck out her tongue and made her giggle again. As Jax helped you finish arranging everything you happened to overhear some of your friends talking.

“That’s Jax? I thought (Daughter’s Name)’s dad was a biker.” One of them said.

“No!” Another gasped in shock. “She’d never go for that.”

“You haven’t heard the story? They hooked up at a party. She insists he was the best she ever had. Apparently he’s huge.” The first replied.

“No wonder she doesn’t date. I mean look at him. Who could turn down that.” The second laughed as you couldn’t help groaning, mentally noting to have a talk with them later.

“You ok babe?” He asked.

“Yeah my friends just aren’t exactly subtle.” You replied.

“I heard em. Sounds like you’ve been bragging about me.” He teased.

“Don’t let your ego get too big Teller. Your head might explode.” You retorted before turning to go.

“Whatever you say darlin’.” He chuckled as he smacked your ass.

“Jackson!” You exclaimed as you could hear your friends whispering.

“Daddy nice hands!” You heard your daughter scold making you burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry baby girl mommy liked it.” Jax laughed.

“You’re horrible.” You told him.

“I know. You still keep letting me in the house for some reason though.” He joked. “Come on, I’ll help you set the rest up.”

“Alright.” You agreed. “You know the other moms are probably not going to stop talking about that for weeks.”

“Let em. It’s not our probablem if they need a hobby.” He told you.

“Believe me them realizing you’re a biker is the most interesting thing to happen in their lives for a long time.” You laughed.

“Maybe I should visit more often then.” He laughed.

“You know you’re always welcome.” You told him with a smile before talking a tray of food outside trying to ignore the looks all the other mothers were giving you. Lord save you from all the crap you were going to get later.

All Is Quiet - @phandomlittlepop ‘16

tags; parent!phan, christmas eve, domestic!phan 

artist: @sleepyfoxstar​ :: beta: @phandomestic

desc; dan and phil tuck their kids in christmas eve night

an; thank you to the wonderful Pris for betaing this story and saving me from their/there/they’re hell. Also a big big thank you to Kit for alerting me that we were??? late?? (not that we were *awkward cough*) and making a beautiful beautiful beautiful artist. I was seriously so excited when i saw he signed up for my story i screamed for at least twenty minutes. 

Once upon a time there was a knight and a god…

Phil’s kids squeal in delight, hands pressed to their mouths to conceal wide grins. Phil smiles gently turning the page of his newest children’s book, ‘Once’

In the next room Dan is bouncing their 1 year old, Benny, gently in his arms, rubbing his back and attempting to calm him. Whatever he did the baby continued to scream, his little fist pounding against Dan’s back.

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Y/N: One black coffee.

Frank: I didn’t even order yet.

Y/N: I know. But it’s always the same. And there’s a loaded pot in the kitchen, for when you decide you want more.

Frank: *gif* Have I really been here that many times?

Y/N: Yeah… You have. I gotta go, but if you need any more just give me a shout.

Frank: Hey! Thank you.

Y/N: *gif* See you around, Frank.

A/N: I actually squealed when I saw this request because Frank is my smol murder child and I love him so so much! Send me more Frank imagines please!

Harley’s reaction to Diablo’s story in the bar is really interesting. She gets really passionate and angry when she’s telling him “You own that shit.” with regard to killing children. Now, the first text that pops up during her introduction sequence describes her as an “accomplice to the murder of Robin”. With this extra bit of information, it seems to me like her impassioned speech wasn’t so much directed at Diablo, but at herself. If that’s the case, she’s definitely having a hard time coping with her involvement in Jason’s murder. Maybe she’s not as far gone as she appears to be…


Summary: Dean doesn’t let you get out of bed.

A/N: Quick Dean W. drabble because I miss him. Idea provided by @the-real-tony-stank 

Originally posted by sexonthechevyimpala

Dean’s arm was heavy as it laid draped around your waist. You knew he was purposely making it weigh even more so that way you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. You turned your head to look at him, smiling when you saw that he had his eyes closed and his lips were parted in an attempt to look like he was truly asleep.

“Dean, I have to go to work,” you groaned, trying to slide down the bed and out from underneath his arm.

“Stay with me, sweetheart,” he grumbled.

You squealed as he pulled you close to him and buried his face into your neck. The stubble on his cheeks rubbed against your skin and you giggled.

“Dean, I promised your brother that I’d be there earlier to help out.”

“Sammy can get by without you for a day,” he said. “He’s a smart guy.”



“Let me go.”


Dean slightly pulled away to look you in the face, his green eyes twinkling. You couldn’t help yourself and smiled, running a hand through his hair.

“Stay here a little longer,” he pleaded, leaning forward to press a kiss to your lips.

You made a small pleased noise as Dean deepened the kiss, his tongue snaking into your mouth, his arms surrounding you and just like that, you forgot about everything else but the man holding you. 

                  me @ the fact that saihara and kirigiri meet in game for the   OMAKE MODE   right after beating the ndrv3 game. i squealed so much last night when i saw a playthrough about that mode on youtube. just fuels me up to see the detectives meeting one another. and kirigiri even smiled at him.   TWICE     !!   imay/maynotlowkeyshipthem.iknowihaveaproblembutidc.


Dean x Reader

You squealed and turned to who ever had grabbed at you, rolling your eyes when you saw it was Dean, and jumped away from him.

“Woah there (Y/N), pretty jumpy for a Hunter.” He chuckled.

“It comes with the territory.” You snapped and set your half-finished drink down.

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Randomness I saw the Dunkirk preview when I watched Rogue One in IMAX 3D and I totally squealed when I saw Tom Hardy. July is too far away...

Haha, same! I watched it in NYC in December at the same time Tom Hardy was around in Manhattan… I should say in every Christopher’s Nolan preview I see him wearing a mask (should it be a Nolan trademark?) Yes, July is far but *whispering* There is Taboo…