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Patrick, My Not-So-Fake Boyfriend

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” I grumble as I spot my ex boyfriend, Jared, on the other side of the club, clearly making his way toward me.

“There is no way I’m letting him mess up this night”.

My best friend Leslie peeks at him over her shoulder,“ I can’t believe he even has the nerve to be here after everything he did.” She practically growled, glaring in his direction.

“ Calm down Les, I’m okay remember? We just need something to make him finally move on” I say, grabbing her hand and soothing her before she blows up at him- again.

“This would be easier if you had a boyfriend- then maybe he would actually get the message to leave you alone” she replied

“ You know what you’re right! I need to go find one, and fast” I say, an idea brewing in my head.

“ What are you gonna do? Pick someone out of the crowd and pretend he’s your new boyfriend? Leslie asked me, eyebrow raised and voice dripping with sarcasm.

” Umm yea, actually that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Will you stall Jerod? Make sure he can’t get to me, just for a few minutes?“  I respond, my idea quickly becoming a reality

” I guess, but (Y/N) you can’t just approach random stranger" she said, voice tinged with worry.

“ Don’t worry i’ll make sure not to pick a creeper” I respond, slipping out of the booth and moving away, just as I spy Jerod about ten feet from our table.

I turn away from our table and glance around me, looking for someone who’s not too creepy, and hopefully alone. I spot a guy in a fedora, sitting at a table and tapping his phone quickly, probably waiting for someone to return from the bar or bathroom or something. I weave my way through the small crowd of people in the club, and make my way towards his table. I’m there in less than a minute, and I slide in the booth right next to him. Startled, he looks up at me confused.

“I’m sorry, can I help you?” He asks, confused.

“ Hey, I’m (Y/N). This is gonna sound really strange but I need to ask a huge favor.” I say, quickly. I can still see Jerod, now at our table, annoyed, but talking to Leslie.

“ Umm, well what is it?” the guy asks, still confused as to why i’m here probably.

“ My asshole of an ex boyfriend is here, and he won’t quit harassing me and it’s been weeks since we broke up. I need you to pretend to be my date, well boyfriend actually,

to get him to leave me alone.” I ask hurriedly.

I see him start to blush, and he starts stammering, “ Uh.. well.. I mean”

“I’m sorry I know it’s super weird, but it would save my life. It’s just for a few minutes, please?” I plead, suddenly worried he will deny me.

“ Of course I can help” he responds with a smile, recognizing my panic.“ I’m Patrick, by the way”. A small smile forms on his lips.

I let out a breath,“ Thank god, you’re a lifesaver. Okay umm, we’ve been dating for two weeks, we met at, um, the grocery store?” I finish, now feeling nervous about the outcome of this crazy plan.

To my surprise, Patrick immediately rolls with it, “Alright, what if he asks questions? We literally just met, so I know nothing about you.”

“Oh right,” I say, “ My name is (Y/N), I’m 23, I work at a record label, I love music of almost all kinds, and i’m a book nerd, it’s a pleasure to meet you” I blurt out.

“ Well,” Patrick says with a smile. “That works. Im Patrick stump, age 25, a musician, music is my entire life, and i’m definitely not usually good at talking to girls as pretty as you, so the pleasure is all mine”

A blush blooms in my cheeks,“Wow keep up with that charm and no one will doubt our story”

He lets out a little laugh, “I can do that. By the way Where’s this guy?”

“Oh right, he’s right over there, in the grey button up and red jeans” I say, nonchalantly pointing Jerod out in the crowd. As I’m looking, Jerod walks away from Leslie and starts heading in our direction. “Oh wow and here he comes”

“ Don’t worry, we got this” Patrick says with a smile, scooting closer to me and throwing his arm around my shoulder, “ is this alright? It will look more natural, I think.”

“Yea perfect” I say, smiling, the stupid blush still heating my cheeks.

Jarod finally reaches our table, raising his eyebrows as he notices Patrick’s arm around me.

“ Well , well, well what do we have here?” He says with a smirk.

“ What do you want Jarod?” I say wearily.

“You obviously, but first, who’s your little friend here?” He responds, mockingly.

I see Patrick, stiffen, obviously angry at the way Jarod’s talking. “ I happen to be her boyfriend, actually”

“Oh is that, so? Last time I checked, she belonged to me”

“ First, I don’t belong to anyone! Second we broke up three weeks ago Jarod, remember? After you gave me these?” I say, pulling up my sleeve, revealing the faint bruises that have finally faded, almost completely out of existence, but if you look you can still make out the faint outlines of a pair of hands- Jared’s hands. In my peripheral vision, I see Patricks eyes widen, and then narrow to glare back at Jared.

“ Babe, I said I was sorry”

“ And I said we were done. Move on, jackass”

I see Jared’s eyes flash, before he spits out ”Don’t talk to me like that you bitch, i’m the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Patrick barks out a laugh, “ Seriously? You can say that with a straight face? (Y/N) is an amazing person, who deserves a man one hundred times better than you! So if you don’t mind, we have better things to do than to sit here and listen to this shit pour out of your mouth. Feel free to walk away any time” Patrick practically yells at him, seething in anger.

Jarod looks shocked, clearly not expecting much resistance to his remark. He shakes it off and glares at us, “ Fuck you guys, I could do better than you in a heartbeat anyway” He spits out, staring daggers at me, before turning around and stalking off.

I slump down in my seat, fighting the tears back, despite feeling more free than I have in months. Patrick hesitates in his seat, clearly wanting to follow Jarod, before deciding against it and turning back to me.

“ I-I’m sorry,” I choke out, angrily wiping the tear from my cheek, “ I know he’s horrible but, he used to be so perfect” I finish in a whisper.

He sees the tears fall from my eyes  and immediately pulls me into his arms, enveloping me in a hug, and whispering in my ear.

“ Whatever or whoever he is now doesnt matter, you stood up for yourself, and now you can be safe and happy, like you deserve and that makes you the winner here, not him”

Despite my tears, i feel a smile slide onto my face, “ You’re a pretty amazing person, Patrick did you know that?”

He smiles back at me, “ Well I think you’re pretty amazing too. In fact, I would really love to hang out with you- for real, no pretend.”

“ Well i’m here with my friend Leslie but…”

“ No that’s perfect, I’d love to meet her! Plus I’m here with my friend Pete, he just ran to the bar, he should be back any minute, so no third wheel or anything.”

“ Perfect,” I can’t hide my grin now, “ I’ll go grab her”

Just as I stand up, a blonde guy with several tattoos comes up to the table, raising his eyebrows at Patrick. “ Who’s this?”

“Oh Pete, perfect timing. (Y/N), this is Pete. Pete, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N)” Patrick says, throwing me a smirk as he says the last part.

Pete raises his eyebrows, looks down at the drink in his hand, at the bar, and at Patrick and I before saying “ Um how long was I gone exactly?”

“Well let me tell you a story…” I hear Patrick start to describe the crazy girl that threw herself into his booth as I walk back with Leslie, telling her about Jared being gone for good this time, and, more importantly, the saint that is Patrick Stump.