i spiral man

  • me: *mentions something negative about myself in passing*
  • fp: I'm sorry :(
  • me: haha it's ok!!! I didn't mean that I was just joking haha don't take it seriously lol I don't think I'm a bad person at all
  • also me: *genuinely thinks I'm a horrible person and thinks about that negative thing until I do something horrible to prove that I'm a horrible person*

You know how Andrew and Neil have identical phones, coats, armands, sleep in the same bed room, share clothes and are basically attatched at the hip?

Now imagine this: matching hair cuts.

I’m thinking matching undercuts that look great both with Andrew’s straighter hair that stick up every which way when he wakes up and Neil’s curly hair (you will have to pry auburn curly haired Neil away from my cold dead hands).

So like imagine grumpy and soft andrew waking up to a red mop of curly hair before two icy blue eyes sleepily open up and a slow, lazy smile takes over Neil’s face before he reaches over and messes Andrew’s hair even more. He’s closed his eyes before he could see the annoyed stare his boyfriend sent him (self indulgent parenthesis)

My point is, Andreil going to the hair dresser (and maybe just Andreil with matching undercuts, but bear with me)

  • Andrew goes to only one hairdresser. Obviously he’s not about to let just anyone near his head with sharp objects
  • Maybe it’s a hairdresser he was taken to when he was younger, before Cass, who had seen the marks left on him by his then foster parent and tried to call the police
  • They are surprised when they see him back at their salon two months later, because they’d heard he’d moved away
  • 10 year old even smoler Andrew that takes bus after bus to go back to the hairdresser
  • Andrew moves around a lot but every couple of months, without fail, he makes a trip back there
  • Maybe the hairdresser moves once and they figure Andrew won’t follow, but they leave an adress for him anyway
  • You know what our boy did
  • Until his three years in juvie, when he can’t go to that hair dresser, and he is not letting anyone cut his hair
  • Consider Andrew with longish hair and glasses
  • Maybe he ties it in a half bun. Maybe he wears a bandana to keep them out of his face like Neil does when playing Exy. Choice is yours
  • So anyway, after Neil and Andrew get together and everything after king’s men, Andrew takes Neil with him next time his hair is getting too long. (Alternatively he sees Neil raking wis hands through hiw offensively curly hair one day and decides it’s too distraction and it has to go. He grabs his keys and his frustrating -and curious- Neil and drives them up to whichever town he has to to get his boyfriend’s enfuriating hair under control)
  • Which ends with them both having identical haircuts and the moment they walk in through the door in fox tower and the foxes take a look at them, Allison rolls her eyes so hard, Neil is actually worried for her
  • Nicky quietly fanboys over how much of a couple Neil and Andrew are
  • Neil ends up joining Andrew on every trip, and these trips turn into one of his favourite activities
  • (Andrew really likes Neil with this hair cut, and he makes it clear after the first time)

okay well

excuse me while i just pretend that that episode never happened

and now i’m just

gonna pretend

that sarah’s now probably canon bisexual for fun reasons

and not for ‘i need to escape’ reasons

oh and that also she’s gonna call up cosima after she wakes up in bed beside this nameless yet attractive woman and cosima’s gonna listen to her maybe or maybe not gay panic on the other end of the line

and cosima will just smirk and say “welcome to the trip, man.”

Our Endless Numbered Days (1/1)

A/N: Modern AU with gratuitous fluff because we deserve that much. Title taken from Iron & Wine’s album.

Summary: FitzSimmons adopt a crippled mutt. Or: for four seasons he has loved her.

Rating: G.


It is summer and everything about this city is fickle, from its weather to its heart.

The rain takes Fitz by surprise when he leaves the lab for lunch, a drizzle that’s not enough to drench but is mildly inconvenient to hollowed-out office workers in search of a meal and maybe some life purpose. Still, he opens up his umbrella as he walks.

The pitter-patter of rain thrums against the plastic canopy, louder, louder still. On the sidewalk is a girl half kneeling, half squatting, holding out a yellow umbrella that barely covers her, the back of her shirt soaking wet. Pedestrians hurry past in their nine-to-five carelessness. He’s about to do the same thing.

Except he sees this: a crippled mutt shivering at her feet, underneath her umbrella.

In two seconds he’s by her side. In three seconds she’s looking up to find his umbrella over her head.

He wipes the rain from his eyes, shakes it out of his hair, manages a lopsided grin full of crystallized raindrops and not enough grace. For a brief second he thinks that to her, he must look as pitiful as this dog.

The rain lets up. Sunlight avalanches out from behind dark clouds, and the damp air smells disgustingly of car exhaust and dusty streets.

No matter.

The girl scratches the dog behind its ears and stands up. “Thank you,” she smiles.

He blinks. Yellow umbrella. Sunlight. A concrete city softened by her smile. His heart itches like it’s demanding to be touched.

He doesn’t answer straight away; he takes her out for lunch instead.

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on your feet for the Captain:
an appreciation week for Killian Jones (april 7- april 13)

  • day 4: the arc you loved most