i spent way too much time laughing at this

I’m still really into the idea of Genji & D.Va being buds. Genji mentions he spent much of his childhood in the Hanamura arcade, and I’m willing to bet that once D.Va finds out she challenges him to a medley of arcade games, fighters and the like. Genji’s experience and enhanced reflexes are oddly matched by D.Va being a crazy teen on WAY too much caffeine. I can imagine Genji getting lost in the game with D.Va for some time, laughing genuinely after a hard-fought match, and feeling more human than he has in years.

fuckyes-formulas  asked:

Heya! Would you ship me w/ somebody?! I have rlly short purple & blue hair, I'm 5'5, I have dark brown eyes and an hourglass figure. Most of my time is spent playing random video games. My music taste ranges from hard rock to bubbly pop. I am generally just a dweeb. Even though I'm super quiet, I like to sing and I'm the biggest smart ass & my vocabulary consists of complicated insults. I watch way too much anime, and I love comics. I like to write & make things(cooking, sewing, painting, etc.).

I think you would work well with 

2p England / Oliver Kirkland: He would adore everything about you. He would love to try new recipes with you and laugh when they go terribly wrong. In his eyes you are perfect even when you are insulting people using words like coccydynia and such. When the holidays role around he’ll want to knit sweaters together for gifts.

2p Prussia / Gillen Beilschmidt: He would be surprised when your sassier personality came out but not in a bad way. He would love that you are able to stand up for yourself. Everything you write or make he will be the first one in line to tell you how superb they are and how amazed he is that you picked him over all the other fish in the sea. He would also suggest different comics and anime to you and buy them for you as a gift.

        -Admin Jay (You sound absolutely adorable! That being said I apologize for not being on for the last couple of days.)