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Disposable pt2

Idk I was just thinking about this last night and thought I might write another part? But I’ll warn you now, if you like sad endings, stop reading after part one. I’m terrible at angst because I’m a sucker for happy endings. (Also @ anon who originally requested part 1, I’m sorry that this is about to turn into something not at all like what you asked for, forgive me)

You can read part 1, 3, 4 

Yoongi x Reader

Fake relationship

Warnings: Harsh language, mild nsfw, alcohol usage.

Yoongi waited two weeks for you to call. And he was sure that you would, because you always did. This had been a relatively normal thing for you for over a year now. Everything would seem like it was fine until one day you said you couldn’t do this anymore, then you would effectively dump him (although in order to dump him you would have had to have been in a relationship in the first place), and then a few days later you would call him again.

It was just the way it was. 

There was something different about this time, however. He hadn’t wanted to admit it, or even think about it at the time, but there was something in your eyes that night. Yoongi recognized hopelessness when he saw it.

He rubbed his eyes, reminding himself that he didn’t care. So what if you never called him? It wasn’t like he couldn’t find someone else. Though, it could be hard to find someone who didn’t ask questions. That was something he liked about you, you never asked questions about his personal life. You weren’t interested in his money, or his status. At first, you wanted the same thing that he did– a way to forget who you were for a while. 

No more stress, no more phone calls from angry bosses, no more parents who wanted to know why you weren’t married yet. It worked so well because the two of you were each others escape. 

For a few months, both of you kept feelings out of it. You were fuck buddies, no big deal. But at some point, something had shifted. He could still remember the first time he noticed it, when he had almost made the mistake of asking you to stay. He nearly didn’t catch himself in time, choking on his words and backtracking so fast that you had actually asked him if he was okay. 

He glared at his phone, waiting for something that he knew wasn’t going to happen.

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There are ten beer bottles sitting on his kitchen counter.

All of them are empty, lined up in rows of three with the odd man out lying on its side. He spins this one around, the label blurring as he leans his hip against the granite countertop.

The countertop they picked out together, not so long ago. Dark grey, modern and stylish, just like she wanted.

Around and around the green bottle spins until his eyes can’t take it anymore. He throws the bottle in the garbage can instead of the recycle bin. Partly because he’s almost a full case of beer deep and wasn’t really paying attention but also because she always insisted that they recycle as much as they could.

“It’s better for the environment,” he muses out loud to himself, his words slurring as he starts chucking the remaining beer bottles into the garbage, one by one.

She’s not here to yell at him anyways, so why the fuck should he care.


There are voicemails waiting for him when he wakes up the next morning.

“Bellamy, it’s your sister. What in the hell are you doing not answering your phone for days? Call me back!!”

“Bell? It’s Jasper. Just wanted to check up on you, man. Let me know how you’re doing.”

“Yo, It’s Murphy. Fuck that girl, let’s get drunk.”

“Hey, it’s Monty. I’m sure everyone is calling you but…we’re worried about you. Please let someone know if you’re okay.”

“Bell, honey? It’s mom. Please call me when you get this, your sister and I are worried about you. Love you.”

“Blake, it’s Miller. Octavia is freaking out man, hasn’t stopped calling me since yesterday. I know you’re hurting but…just please call someone back. Later.”

“Mr. Blake, it’s Professor Stanley. I just wanted to let you know that I received your email and am sorry to hear you won’t be able to speak in my class this week. Hope we can schedule something again soon.”

“God damn it, Bellamy Blake! If you don’t call me back, I’m going to tell mom about all the stupid shit you did in high school. And we both know you don’t want that hellfire to rain down upon you. Call. Me. Back!”

“Hey….Bell. It’s me. Look, I know we said we weren’t going to call each other but…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way that we ended things. I know it was for the best but…I just…please don’t pull away from everyone. They all love you so much. And so do I. I’m sorry.”

He deletes all of them but the last one, sets his phone on that fucking grey countertop and hits the speaker button.

“….They all love you so much. And so do I.”

Her voice is broken but so is his heart so he listens to it a few more times until he feels like breaking his phone.

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So....if you're white....why are you dressed like esmerelda in your icon??? Isn't that white washing?

((OOC: Because my love for Esmeralda is more than skin deep. Because I respect her so so much and I spent a lot of time and money trying to portray her in the best way I possibly could. Because I wanted to cosplay her because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be like her. Because she’s strong, and she has a voice, and because she showed kindness and love to someone who was categorized as “ugly” …. Like me. Her culture and her being a beautiful POC woman is very important to me too and that’s why I want to encourage more people with the right heritage to play her. I believe cosplay is for everyone as long as it is done with great respect, dignity, and love. I did a cosplay of her because I love her. And I believe whitewashing is more in the entertainment industry like in movies. Because movies are like a one time monumental gig. If someone offered me a part as Esmeralda in a movie or a play I would decline because someone else could and would do a better job at representing her culture and her as a poc. Anyone can do cosplay and loads of people can play the same character in their own unique way. And I’d love it if more poc cosplayed or took the roles of traditionally white characters (like Norm Lewis being the first African American to play the phantom of the opera) I believe in cosplay equality for everyone no matter who or what you are.))

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We all enjoy a little jealously and possessiveness, from both Yuuri and Victor. I would like to know what is your limit on jealously and possessiveness? What do you consider 'too far'/'too much'? I know a lot of this depends if it's Cannon or AU, and of course the different AUs. We've seen what masquerade Victor is willing to do. What about Money Shot Victor? But, what is your general outlook on the subject? Thank you for your time!

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to answer this one in a way that makes sense, and in the end I still couldn’t come up with an answer that conveys my feelings on it properly.
I think for Masquerade that element is there because their relationship is/was secret, and they were already established. I’m all about a reasonable amount of jealously or possessiveness if it’s warranted, i.e. Yuuri was actually matched with another man so of course Victor was going to flip. 

I’m not really a fan of those petty jealous tropes, (sometimes it is funny and all in good humour though) like Victor being jealous of Yuuri’s tattoo artist because he saw Yuuri’s body is petty to me, and beneath Victor altogether. 

I can’t really answer about Money Shot Victor cos that would be spoilers, but I’m definitely doing my best to steer away from that gross ‘seme’/christain grey type persona that I loathe.

I also like possessiveness when there is a legitimate reason for it, or if it stems from insecurity or uncertainty, and when it’s mutual. I don’t like it when its demeaning or dehumanising or whatever, that’s not my jam at all. Like if the jealousy or possessiveness makes the other party actually uncomfortable and borders on abusive?? Then I’m not a fan. Not for this fandom anyway. 

I know it all sounds super vanilla and all flowers and puppies, but I’ve done my years and years long dash in possessive seme type non con fandoms where a fic wasn’t popular unless there was a rape tag, and I’m more than happy to not go back there again :3

My sunshine boy

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Genre: Fluff and a bit of angst

Word count: 1.5k

Pairing: Hoseok x ?? member

Warnings: N/A

A/N: hihi guysssssss i just found this old draft i did about a year ago???? idk but it was there and i found the storyline pretty interesting so i tidied it up a little bit and bOOM now it’s here enjoyyyyy ALSO PS i didn’t set a fixed member in this bc i want the reader to choose their own character, if that makes sense!! anyway enough of my ramblings, ENJOYYYYY

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The 2ps on Chopped

2p America, Eliminated the first round because there was meat in the basket. He set fire to the set later that night.

2p China, Has no plan, his dish is awful and he is illuminated very quickly.

2p England, Uses the ingredients in the basket in super creative ways, fights Italy tooth and nail for first place. Looses to Italy so he jacks Italy’s car later that night.

2p France, Has no idea what he’s doing. Literally just takes the ingredients out of the basket and puts them on a plate like, “Here I guess.”

2p Russia, Tries his best. Still fails.

2p Italy, Way too competitive. He definitely wins and uses the money he won to get fancy drunk only to wake up and find his car totaled.

2p Germany, Has no plan, his dish actually turns out ok. He spends a sold 3 minuets playing with the eggplant that he found in the basket.

2p Japan, the audience favorite that gets illuminated way too quickly. 100% helped America set fire to the set that night.

2p Romano, Eliminated like the 3rd round because his food was ok, but he spent way too much time on plaiting so only 1 judge got any food.

2p Prussia, The poor youngster in way over his head.

An unexpected turn of events- A Minho fluff

Nice that you are also writing shinee now! I love your writing, you’re a great example. Can I request a scenario for Minho? He’s my bias. I’d love to see fluff, you can think of what you want it to be about! Thank you so much, Ily! <3

You had been dating Minho for almost 3 years steadily, and despite the average bickering between couples, you had never had a major disagreement. You could honestly say you were happy and satisfied with this relationship for the first time in your entire lifetime.

Minho was like a prince pulled straight out of a fairytale. He was sweet, gentle, loving, he was talented, and he loved to spoil you although you complained. You often found yourself caving in to his desires when he looked at you with those beautiful deep, dark and intense eyes of his. You had lost count of the amount of times you had found yourself lost in the vast abyss of his eyes.

Your family absolutely adored him, and you were convinced his family loved you too. It was common for you to have dinner with his parents, where they would often talk to you about many topics you found fascinating, and they loved being listened to.

Today, however, it was Minho who was a guest at your family’s barbeque party for your Father’s birthday. Obviously, Minho immediately agreed to going, making sure he had a decent gift for your father, by which he meant, another lavish gift, in which he had spent just too much money, and you told him, he didn’t need to buy your parents presents to impress them, they loved him already.

“I know, but I want to. I owe them.” Minho told you with a smile, as you helped him wrap up the present nicely. Honestly, sometimes his gifts made you feel bad, because you had no way of repaying him.

“Owe them for what?” You asked him curiously, cocking your head to the side. He smiled widely, with that beautiful smile of his, the same one you had fallen in love with so many times before.

“If it wasn’t for your parents, I would have never had the joy of meeting you, and my life would surely be a lot more boring and miserable, so I owe them everything Y/N.” he told you, and you felt your heart flutter, and the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. This man always had new ways to compliment you and make you feel all shy again.

Your father loved the gift, and thanked Minho with a warm hug, patting his back and all, in the purest bro-like way you had ever seen. But you were happy, your family seemed to completely accept him like another member.

Minho helped your father set up the barbeque, but as the guests started to arrive, he retreated back to where you were, letting your father interact with his guests comfortably.

You smiled at him as he sat down on the chair directly beside you.

“Your father is a good man, you know? I admire what he has done with this family.” Minho told you absentmindedly, as he observed your father laugh with one of the guests.

Your younger cousins ran through the door, straight towards you, after all you were the fun cousin. You picked a couple of them up, and gently sat them on your lap, as you asked about their week. The children chit chatted animatedly, telling you the full story of their week, and you nodded and commented at the right moments, so they would feel like they were being listened to. You didn’t  have time to look to your side, to see Minho staring at you with his eyes sparkling, and a cheesy grin on his face as he watched you interact with the children. A feeling he had buried deep inside him started to resurface.

Your mother observed you two from the other end of the table with a smug expression on her face, until she stood up, pushing her chair aside, and walked towards you.

You set your cousins down so they could run around and play for a while, and grabbed a glass of water to quench your thirst, while Minho commented on how adorable your cousins were.

“So, how many children are you planning on having?” your mother asked you both, just as you took a sip from your drink. You immediately choked on the liquid, coughing violently, as you smacked your chest from the surprise. Minho’s cheeks flushed bright red as he pattd your back.

“We haven’t talked about that yet, I think we should wait until we are married for that kind of talk. But I would like to have as many children as we can have. It would honestly be beautiful to have a large, friendly, happy family.” Minho replied confidently, although he knew admitting what he was saying right now was incredibly embarrassing, especially in front of your mother.

You stared at him with wide eyes, as you mother pinched his cheek and called him adorable before walking off. She was happy, since she had planted the seed in your thoughts.

“You have thought about this before?” You asked him, wiping your chin from the water that had sprayed out of your mouth as he coughed. He looked at you with surprise, like a deer caught in the headlights, before smiling gently.

“Of course I have, I mean it when I say I want to spend a lifetime with you Y/N, and that includes having a family, and waking up every morning, and seeing your face next to me, and having you make those delicious pancakes for me for my birthday… I want it all Y/N.” he told you confidently, his intense gaze burning into your eyes. You felt your heart racing, and a blush creeping up your cheeks, you had so many thoughts running through your mind, you couldn’t quite contain them all.

“Will you marry me?” You blurted out, as you grabbed his hand. Your words came out of your mouth so quickly, even you were surprised by what you had said. Minho looked at you with an expression which was the perfect combination of shock and amusement.

“But I was supposed to ask you! I even got a ring and all!” Minho whined, pouting at you, as his fingers intertwined with yours. You smiled.

“Well, I asked first. So? Will you marry me?” You asked him again, your eyes shining with hope. Minho’s grin extended from one of his ears to the other, as he nodded, and grabbed you by the back of the head to pull you in for a kiss.

You felt the earth shake under your feet at that moment, and the world suddenly became so much brighter, because now, you were engaged to none other than Choi Minho, the love of your life.


Feuilly: Bahorel saved up money for four months to buy that costume…

Bahorel: WORTH IT!

I said something about Surfing The Crimson Wave to a girl in my class and she thought they were a band.

Since that idea appealed to me so much, here are some top hits by The Crimson Wave from their hit album, ‘Fuck it’s here again’:

'I’m crying for no reason’
'thirsty all the time’
'shit I flooded the bed’
'I haven’t been stabbed (it’s my vagina)’
'monthly blues/reds’
'nipples on fire’
'girl I got u (with this spare tampon)’
'I’m crying for no reason pt 2’
'Betrayed by the ovaries’
'Clots’ (to the tune of 'Shots’)
'Where’s all my money gone?’
'fuck the uterus be my duderus’

The Truth about Cosplay Contests: What They Don’t Show You on Heroes of Cosplay

While I approve of the less dramatic direction the show has taken this current season I’m still a bit frustrated with the portrayal of the competitions themselves. Most cosplay contests are nothing like the ones they are show on Heroes of Cosplay. I know it’s played up for ratings but I started think about what it was like when I began entering contests. If all I knew about how these contests worked was from this show I would be super discouraged to even think about competing.  I’ve been doing cosplay competitions for several years (at large and small cons) and have a few awards under my belt. I also help run a contest at a local con and have acted as a judge before. I am by no means on the same level as most of the competitors of HoC but I do have knowledge of what it’s really like during one of these contests.  I’m not picking on any of the cosplayers on the show (in fact I have a lot of respect for them) I just want to set the record straight for anyone who it thinking about entering a cosplay contest for the first time.

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It makes me SO MAD how socially unacceptable it is to want to save money!!!! There is a HUUUUGE disconnect between all the people who want to be rich and are dying for more money but make you feel super lame if you don’t wanna get coffee or go to the movies because you don’t wanna spend extra money!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!! I used to be a victim of this AWFUL mindset and now that I’ve seen the light I just wanna cry when I think of all the thousands of dollars I wasted buying expensive food when there was a cheaper option or going to the movies like six times a month or paying way too much for parking when I was only gonna be somewhere for an hour….. The list goes on and on and on. The word “thousands” probably shocks you and that’s cuz no one promotes how quickly it all adds up, but the reality is we have all spent THOUSANDS in our lifetime and a LOT of it was unnecessary!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!!!!
Here’s the problem: many people are in debt. They don’t talk about it. Many people have like no money in their accounts, it’s all tied up in bills and money owed and expenses. Very normal. Especially young people, we just seem to have no money. We all wanna have fun and enjoy our lives, we do NOOOT wanna miss out, and life seems to cost a lot of money so we think we just have to spend it all and then we are stuck.
It’s been made VERY normal, at least in America and places I’ve been, to eat out constantly, go to the movies regularly, go to events our friends are going to, have the nicest car, nicest clothes, nicest anything you can afford so you can “rank” well against others, and if you don’t wanna do those things you will be looked at as very weird. Lots of people will call you boring or lame and you will probably feel bad about yourself.
Behind the scenes we’re all like, “geez this is so expensive” “omg that’s my bill this month!?!” “THATS how much I spent!??!?!” “Aw man I have like no money left” “how do people afford this???” THATS THE THING THO. THEY DONT. THEY HAVE NO MONEY IN THEIR ACCOUNTS. JUST LIKE YOU. I AM SO MAD THAT WE ARE ALL BEING TRICKED!!!!!!! We’re like “wow everyone else is doing so well, they’re eating out and driving nice cars and living in a nice place and wearing nice clothes, how come they can afford it so much easier than I can!?!” but that’s the trick!!! THEY ARE IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU. THEY ARE SPENDING ALL OF THEIR MONEY TO MAINTAIN THIS COSTLY LIFESTYLE THAT IS SWALLOWING THEM ALIVE. HE WHO SPENDS HIS MONEY FAST WILL LOSE IT FAST. Everyone is trying to act as rich as they can to impress a bunch of people who are also secretly struggling to appear as rich as they can!!! BUT ITS ALL A SHAM!!!!!!!
Now let me be clear, it probably sounds like I’m saying you should never spend money on anything. No, that’s not it. I’m also fully aware that there are plenty of people in the world who are barely getting by and they don’t have extra money to spend, period. This obviously doesn’t apply to them lol. What I’m saying is decide what is an absolute necessity and keep paying for that. Like don’t skip your bills haha. But anything you don’t absolutely NEED, try to go without it more often! If you get coffee every day for like $4.00, you’re like whatever 4 bucks is nothing, that doesn’t matter. But 4 bucks a day is $28 a week, $112 a month and $1,344 a year. A thousand bucks a year on coffee alone if you get it every day!!! Even if you cut back from every day to just twice a week, you would save 960 dollars in a year. Make your coffee at home for crying out loud! Hahaha I know it’s fun to eat out and stuff but when you think of how much money you’ll have when you do it less often, it’s a lot easier to turn it down here and there. Also when you eat out every day it’s not even fun anymore, it’s just a fix you need to get by. The more you go without it, the more special and fun it is when you do eat out! Go through your receipts/bank statement right now, I dare you. Look at what you spend the most on cuz I bet you a lot of it is food!! Haha and the thing is you can eat more (which is awesome lol) if you buy stuff at the grocery store and just bring it with you! I do this all the time it’s so awesome!! I bring pb&j sandwiches, snack bars, grapes, mini oranges, goldfish, fruit snacks, whatever is in my pantry. It saves me SO MUCH MONEY because I don’t get stuck in a hungry pinch an hour after I left the house, desperately searching for something quick to eat. I already have it with me!
I love my life SO MUCH. I have a ton of fun, I do fun things all the time, I have great friendships and an awesome relationship with my family and I feel a lot happier than most people I know. I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all, quite the opposite! I still go to concerts, I still buy albums, I still go to dinner once in a while, I still see movies, I just CHOOSE WISELY. I make sure I’m only spending that extra entertainment money on things I REALLY want. When I hang out with my friends, I just invite them over to watch a movie or go swimming or go for a hike or a walk downtown or something that doesn’t cost money. If they say they wanna hang out and propose an idea that costs, I don’t say yes right away unless it’s something I’m dying to do and I have money in my budget that I can use for that. Otherwise, I’ll suggest another idea that’s free or much cheaper. And a lot of times they’re relieved! The reality is I’m not the only one who likes to save, a lot of people really appreciate that too 😂
It might seem lame not getting coffee 24/7, staying in some weekends instead of blowing your money at the bar, learning to do your own nails, shopping at thrift stores instead of the super expensive places at the mall, bringing snacks and cooking your own food, but I didn’t feel lame buying myself a car at age 21. I don’t feel lame paying all my own bills and being 100% financially independent. And I certainly don’t feel lame owning a house at age 22 hahaha.
And btw, you don’t have to have a bajilion dollars to do any of that! You just have to cut back here and there and then put that extra money in savings. You’d be AMAZED at how much those little things add up, only instead of watching them add up in horror as you go through your receipts, you’ll be watching them add up in pure delight as you check your savings account each month 😎💰 ahahaha
This is information no one shared with me until the last few years and it CHANGED MY LIFE so I wanted to share it with anyone who wants to take away all that monetary stress and financial burden and just relax and feel taken care of!!! It is a GREAT feeling and a feeling you can have sooner than you think if you just start paying more attention and making those small changes! Good luck!!! 😁

Dokomi is over

The stressful con-weekend is over (my queue is almost empty) and I’m back home. Thanks to everyone that wrote me after my ‘nervous’ post, I really appreciated it!! I had a wonderful time in cosplay and felt really good! Sadly, there weren’t many snk cosplayers around :/ I’ll probably post some photos soon (and maybe even a video of us dancing at the ball :D).

I also met @thievingniffler, which was awesome! We kept running into each other haha.

I really had a wonderful time in general (and I spent way too much money).


ra∙ven boys (n.) /ˈrāvən∙boiz/ 

1. students at Aglionby Academy, typically wealthy and reckless; loud, pushy, entitled teenage sons of politicians, oil barons, and mistresses living off hush money. see also: bastards. 2. guys with a lot of stuff and holes inside them that chew away more of their hearts every year; miracles of moving parts, studies in survival; incredible creatures with sharp edges and three secrets; boys too loyal for their own good. 
related terms: fox way