i spent way too much time and money on this

Okay I’ve been called many things and been talked to in a different way because I’m a furry, and dealt with people saying my art isn’t as good because it’s furry. I don’t care it’s whatever, 99% of people who say that stuff are insecure
But this one irks me the most: when people assume, because I don’t look like the stereotypical furry, that I’m pandering to get money or attention. like it doesn’t upset me as much as I don’t understand. people genuinely believe I spent way too much time learning how to draw different animals and bend anatomy just to make money.
for real

As requested by @slytherin13-blog and @betterneko here are ten songs I’ve been listening to lately.

1) THE PIT - priest
I cannot get enough of this. 😈I love it so fucking much. 💙I spent a metric shitton of money at freight train this month.💸

2) Sway - Magna Carta Cartel
Ugh. All the feels. 😭I love this song too….but in more of a deeper way? 💙Than say “the pit”…..it’s more than just a catchy tune I want to play 85 times in a row…also gave money to freight train for this….💸💸💸

3) Ni Är I Vägen - knogjärn
…..idk who mixes/masters this bands music….but Jesus fuck they are brilliant….every sound is so clear and perfect🙌🏻…Våldet i ditt paradis is one of, if not the best mixed album I’ve ever heard….this song isn’t on that album….it’s just a single they did with martin w.😍

4) Hårdrock- Lillasyster
Speaking of martin w……I adore everything (except the pop goes numetal😂) this guy does….his voice…🤤….ugh. 😍…this is like THEE douchey numetal anthem…and I love it.

5) L'homme Mauvais - The Great Discord
This song is fantastisk. 👌🏻This whole album is so awesome and complex to me. It feels more intelligent than a lot of stuff I listen to[see also: numetal]….she has such a great voice and control over it. And we all know their drummer is one of my favs.💚

6) Loud (fuck it) - Motionless in White
…do they want to be limp bizkit? Cause that’s what I feel they are trying to grasp. 😐…I….idk. It’s not great. But I’m not not listening to it. But I’ve never claimed to like good music. I have always liked what I like. And that’s that.😐 miw is always that band I’m semi ashamed to admit to listening to waaay more than I think I do.😳

7) Square Hammer- Ghost
…..i actually haven’t been listening to ghost as much because it makes me think of all the horrible things I’ve seen people writing about them and that makes me sad. 😔once we get over the next few months and have a new album on the way I’m sure I’ll be back to listening to them more. 💙🇸🇪 their everything….sound style aesthetic show lyrics etc are really one of my faves.

8) Into The Crop Circle - Wednesday 13
Speaking of faves💙…..Wednesday 13 is just that. 💙I adore everything he does. Frankenstein drag queens, his solo band stuff, murderdolls, maniac spider trash, gunfire76, even his county thing called bourbon crow. He is not just a singer or front man….dude is an entertainer. 👍🏻He’s gotten SO creative the past few years with his live show. One of my favorite things to photo…..also apparently what my audience want to see according to Instagram.😂

9) Lok Står När De Andra Faller - Lok
This song just makes me wish I lived in Sweden in the early 00’s. 🇸🇪Super douchey new metal. Martin w singing again. 💙The music video is so painful. And I love it. I love it like I love the alien ant farm movies video. It’s just so gawdaweful….but I feel like that’s what they were going for….so it works? 😬

10) Dumhetens Gudinna - TiD
This song is so great. 💙 This band is so great. The sound is quite different and unique compared to the majority of what I listen to. [see also: numetal]….sometimes it’s a little too black metally for my taste….but this song has enough melodicness to it that I always want to hear it again. 💙I hope they put out more stuff in the future.

So there’s my 10 current jams…..WITH director commentary….

now to taggy people. I choose: @drownedduck @dontforgetoctober3rd @metalhat and @deadghoulehtt ……or don’t do it….that’s fine too.💙

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[blog compliments for @narglestudies] Hiii~ My favorite character is Hermione Granger, of course. I don't have any travel recommendations, but I'd love to visit the UK one day, especially London and Warner Bros. Leavesden Studio. About my blog, I know it's not intuitive, but navigation is accessed by clicking on the icon in the bottom-center of the header image.

hi! i’ve actually been to warner bros studios before and it was honestly amazing, i spent way too much money there but it was worth it! it’s basically halls full of harry potter nerds in a very fitting environment what’s not to love 

compliments: i don’t think I ever followed someone so fast wow i love your blog so much!! your theme is gorgeous, you love harry potter, and you study english and latin?? amazing i also queued like half your posts 

blog compliments

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But it was good!
I spent way too much money and it rained most of the time, but I had fun!

Seeing toria was amazing, and I miss her already.
I have pictures, though!

I’ll try to post them sometime tonight when I get back home.
Thank you for asking ❤️

Date Night || Dala

To say that Danny had too much time on his hands was an understatement. People were always quick to assume how Danny lived his life or what he did. They were always there to tell him what they would do if they were in his shoes. But that’s the thing, they weren’t so they had no business talking at all. He did what he wanted, spent his money on what he wanted. He knew he wasn’t going to play fair, he had way more tricks up his sleeve than she could possibly have up hers. This was just the beginning and he was intent on gaining as many brownie points as he could by the time this bet was over. He hadn’t told her where they were going, hoping to surprise her and even impress her. He had put a lot into making sure this date when went, as far as he or anyone else was concerned, she really was her girlfriend, even if for just the time being. Sending her a text that he was outside her sorority, he leaned against the passenger side of his car, hands in his front pockets as he waited for her.



Feuilly: Bahorel saved up money for four months to buy that costume…

Bahorel: WORTH IT!

i was at a con over the weekend and i saw an artist taking commissions, she made a special sign for it featuring a sparkly looking muscular guy in the arms of a horse, it was all silly and in good fun

i saw someone come to the table and compliment her on her sign and proceeded to ask her how much her commissions were
when he didn’t like the prices she listed he then asked her how much her commissions sign was, with the dude and the horse
she said she kinda needed it, and that she spent a lot of time on it but if he really wanted it she’d sell it to him for 30$
he proceeded to gawk and laugh saying that was way too much money for a ‘piece of paper’
she replied, “then for you, i’ll charge you 1$” then took out a blank sheet of paper and handed it to him

Focusing on the positive ❤️

I spent all of today preparing for one of our organization’s major fundraisers that’s happening on Friday. I HATE event planning, but last year, all the…society ladies…who were on the planning committee completely lost sight of what we’re doing this FOR, spent way too much money, and generally pissed me off. So, now I’m on the committee to keep us on track and prevent ridiculousness. 🙄 This is the opposite of my thing in every way…but, dammit, I’m good at it. Still, a day of that and I’m DONE. Fried. Ready to hide from the world for a week.

But, I just had a few reminders of all the things right in the world and why I DO love my job (most of the time). Home Depot just donated a crap ton of building materials for one of my projects next week so that these schools that have been needing repairs FOREVER will get them–completely free. And, I get to work with people, 99% of the time, who have tremendous talent and resources which they give away so warmly and enthusiastically. Also, I follow some pretty wonderful people. You know who you are. ❤️

I don’t want to sound corny..but sometimes when I allow information, about what is happening in the world, to digest, it hits hard and is so disappointing. We live on this magnificent planet. Have you ever actually marveled at what earth really is? And if we actually spent the same amount of time, money, energy…exploring, inventing, learning, helping build up communities and societies instead of tear them down, we would all be in awe. Time is fleeting. It’s almost 2016. There’s not too much we can do about changing our entire world, but I do believe if we choose to live a certain way, with better priorities, we become better contributors. Become a traveler, explorer, every single chance you get. Tell stories, and listen to them. Give. Give. Give. You can never lose anything when you give. Remember we are the tiniest specks on this massive planet, but our influence can be great. My biggest fear…and I’ve always said this, is not living up to my maximum potential…but I don’t think anything can stop us from that except ourselves. Fear nothing. Get uncomfortable. Thrive.

I’m mixed race. My dad’s black and my mom’s white. So I grew up listening to Tupac, NWA and Wutang and with my mom listening to Nirvana, The Cure, Gin Blossoms and Alanis Morisette. And I love rap music today. All I listen to is rap music. And a lot of that comes from the point in my life that I’m at as well, because when you’re in high school you listen to the Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks because it’s relatable. They sing about driving down highways with the windows down and a cute girl in the back seat. That’s something my friends and I could vibe with. Now I listen to a lot of rap and R&B because it’s like “I haven’t been home in a long ass time and I just spent way too much money at the mall” and I’m like, “SAME.“ And so I’ve been listening to a lot of that lately and it’s definitely coming through a little bit stronger.