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Okay so as basically every other person out there I am blown away by the latest Yuri on Ice episode and in a state where I just have to rant about it to even think about calming down. Prepare for lots of Viktor, and also both our precious Yuri’s.

 With just one look and one line of dialogue, the whole show turned on its head and we can now watch it from a completely different perspective, more correctly, Viktor’s.


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courting miss sætre (5/6)

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: Miss Noora Sætre has ambitions of spinsterhood; Mr. William Magnusson has other ideas.

(The wildly anachronistic regency era au that literally no one asked for)


Not a single member of the ton would ever suspect that Mr. William Magnusson had any attachment to any particular lady. He never claimed more than two dances from the same girl, never called upon any of the heiresses at whom one would expect him to set his cap, and had not stated his intentions to any father or patriarch.

Rather, he remained as inscrutable as ever and all the more desired for it.

Of course—not a single member of the ton realized that he and Miss Noora Sætre had taken to sneaking away into isolated garden nooks and forgotten rooms at every possible opportunity.

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Autumn Dupont

It’ll get better.

This is a new beginning for you.

Though it may hurt now, ultimately, you will realize that it’s for the better.

Now is the time for your personal growth.

Some people believe that holding on and working on it is what makes you strong; sometimes it’s letting go that is the strongest act that one can do.

I’ve heard it all.

I have pages and pages of a marble notebook filled with the many different quotes and words of advice that I’ve been given in reference to divorce from Dr. Jill, my parents, Issac, and friends. Though I didn’t do it out right, I eventually laughed at every single one of them for loosely offering advice for a circumstance that none of them have gone through. Human beings tend to believe they’re expects on every situation when it has nothing to do with their life and livelihood. There’s an arrogance within that. It often comes into play when life is good on their end. For that reason, they can happily assess your incompetence or shambles of a life, to figure out where not to go wrong in their own, and finally to offer you a charade of advice. It’s always from their perspective; what they would and wouldn’t do if they were in your shoes. It’s rare to have someone step outside of themselves and actually view what’s happening to you from your eyes; to feel the pain and severity of the situation and finally, to understand the hardship. I’ve flipped through those pages endlessly, reading every single piece of advice I decided that a mental note was enough for, and none of it soothes me or has prepared me for what I am facing today. It hasn’t aided in the much needed closure I don’t believe I’m ever going to get. Instead, I’ve been left internally conflicted and confused because I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is the correct way to go about this. I’d love to have the divorce party, where my friends and I cheerfully toss back endless amounts of alcohol, dance to our favorite tunes, and verbally trash every single trait about my husband. If not that, I’d love to sign those papers and walk out of there in my high heels feeling liberated and confident in the decision that I personally made for the betterment of myself. I’ve imagined it all by letting it play out like some heavily directed alternate universe scene out of a dramatic sitcom but my reality is anything but that.

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cabinpersephone  asked:

I love your sortings for the A:TLA characters (especially the three Slytherins!), and was wondering if you had any thoughts on the LoK characters?

At the beginning of S1, Korra had an intuitive and very certain sense of “RIGHT” and “people to punch in the face”–she was a young and untested Gryffindor Primary. Gryffindor Secondary, too–she enters the story by crashing through a wall yelling “I’M THE AVATAR DEAL WITH IT,” and continues charging at her every goal as she goes on. Now, at the beginning of S4, she is a “stripped” Gryffindor. Anarchist man shattered her faith in herself, her abilities, and her purpose. She kept the secondary, though–the way she is dealing with her stripped primary is to charge straight into vagabondage, and into getting beaten up in rings and swamps.

Bolin, bless his heart, is a Hufflepuff Primary: an emotional focus on kindness, service, community, and keeping the peace. He hates conflict. Every person who passes in front of him is as important as every other, and he will do everything he can for their happiness and safety. It’s clear when he “rescues” Korra in the pilot, in how he deals with the love triangle, and his eager willingness to serve under Kuvira.

(His girlfriend, Opal, is a Gryffindor–this is their conflict, that Bolin, first, wants to help as many people as posisble while she wants first to keep them free and proud, unconquered and unfed. She wants to find a way to save them without bowing to a dictator. Bolin only sees hungry children, and his Puff doesn’t understand how dignity and moral lines matter in the face of that). 

Bolin’s secondary is either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor–I think the Gryffindor. His Puff Primary is so loud that almost overpowers even the generally loud Gryff Secondary. But I do think what Bolin’s doing is taking Puff ideals of service and community and driving them forward with a Gryffindor Secondary’s impulsivity, honesty, and fervor. He reacts intuitively and improvizationally (something Slytherin and Gryffindor secondaries share) and cannot be anything other than himself (a very Gryff secondary trait). 

Nobody knows what Mako is. Not even Mako. OK, I’m kidding a bit. I think Mako’s a Ravenclaw who hadn’t figured out his system for the first few seasons. He swaps between models–trying on a bit of Gryffindor’s forward morals (inspired by Korra), dabbling a bit in Slytherin’s loyalties and practicalities (I think Slytherin was the main thing he modeled as a street kid with a little brother to watch after. It’s why he recognizes little Slytherin/Slytherin Kai so well–he’s lived in that skin). But Mako seems to have settled, finally, on tying himself to the structure and service of the police. The morality he’s adopted looks more like Puff than anything–service oriented and need-based. When Bolin gets successful and stops needing his protection and support, Mako drops his Slytherin model and lets him go, turning his attentions to the city and the worlds’ need for protection.

Ravenclaw Secondary, too, for Mako, I think, though he’s spent a lot of time modeling Slytherin and Gryffindor really loudly. But as he settles more comfortably into himself, he’s falling more and more into the logic and straight lines of a Ravenclaw Secondary. He wants to be a detective. He wants to help people by solving puzzles.

Asami doesn’t seem to be a Felt House (Gryffindor of Hufflepuff), which leaves us with a Ravenclaw or Slytherin Primary. From the way she is able to drop her dad, and the way she bonds with Idealist House Korra so intuitively, I think she’s Ravenclaw. Unlike Mako, she hasn’t spent much time on screen rapidly switching through models and personalities–a Ravenclaw’s existential crisis. She’s steady and comfortable in her system. It lets her make hard decisions fast: when she chooses to stand by the Gaang 2.0, or retake her company. She’s got a nice Slytherin model, I think because she likes its ambition, practicality, and adaptability, but her secondary is Ravenclaw. She plans, rather than improvizes, and embraces both wit and logic. She’s got a nice Hufflepuff performance on top of it all (she is by far the most layered character of the core quartet)–she plays kindness, harmlessness, and femininity very well, but it’s very much a beloved facade.

Tenzin, poor man, is a Gryffindor who thinks he should be a Ravenclaw. It’s very stressful for him, except when he’s given a big moral choice for his Gryffindor to chew on and stand strong. In normal life he tamps down on his quick temper, emotionality, and intuitive certainty, but when he’s thrown into combat and strife, he’s suddenly at ease, firm and immovable, defying Zahir and steadily, confidently willing to die for his world and his Avatar.

We haven’t seen Jinora in too many spaces of conflict. She clearly has a great Ravenclaw secondary and model. She has mastered the system her dad wanted so hard to manage– the one her grandfather learned to model exquisitely. Her conflicts have been scary and tough, but not fracturing in a way that would make her make hard decisions, so her primary is still rather hidden. She could be a Puff (her empathy for the whole world and her work to save them, her empathy with spirits), but that same warmth could also be a Gryffindor’s intuition. 

She’s probably not a Slytherin, but it’s still possible. Her Slytherin could easily just be completely satiated by the beauty of her Ravenclaw layers, curled up like a content cat at the center of everything. It would look the same as she does now, pretty much. That assumes an extra layer of complexity to her than we’ve been presented–on the surface she looks much more obviously to be one of the other three houses. But there’s been nothing yet to say she can’t be even a Slytherin. Hard choices, where you have to lose one thing to save another, define the primaries. When the chips are down, who are you? Jinora has never had to give up anything. I’m curious to see what she does when she has to.
Our best bet, though, is that she’s Ravenclaw all the way to her core. That would match up with the “ideal” of the Air Nomads too, which is distinctly Ravenclaw in its contemplation and constructed systems. All we have to do is look at the other airbenders to see that sorting is never as simple as matching nation to house, but with someone like Jinora, who so embodies those ideals, it’s distinctly possible.

Friends (Suga x Reader)

Requested by thedawnsky: Hello i rly love ur stories omg however i am so new to tumblr.. can i pls req me and yoongi scenario in which he is being a super badass yet my hero bestfriend who cured me from broken hearted pls 😂 actually i am broken hearted now thanks.. 

 [[A/N: I tried my best … I hope it’s sort of similar to what you had in mind]] 


Parties … You absolutely hated them yet you couldn’t seem to avoid them. Well you couldn’t exactly avoid them, you had to make an appearance to support your boyfriend - Changjo. You never really understood the life of an idol/actor but from what you could understand the parties were due to him winning awards for his great performance on-screen. 

He had promised that he would introduce you to the public as his girlfriend, which you were looking forward to but you were just happy being there to support him. You had invited Suga - your bestfriend to also attend the event. At first he didn’t want to go so you literally had to beg him until he finally gave in to you. Changjo never really appreciated Suga because of how close he was to you.

At the party, Suga stayed sitting in an open booth the whole time - narrowing his eyes in annoyance and closely observing everyone. It was so obvious that he didn’t want to be here therefore you took the opportunity to sit next to him while Changjo was talking to some of the people he worked on set with in Sweden Laundry.

“Jal jinaesseoyo?” You lightly nudged him “When are we leaving?” He sighed in exasperation whilst rubbing his eye with his index “Soon, I promise.” You sat up readying yourself to leave “You said that last time. Yah! Eodiga?” He grabbed on to your wrist but quickly let go when he saw Changjo coming your way “_____~ah where were you? I was looking for you everywhere.” Before you could even get to exhale he interrupted you “I’m going to do my speech soon.” You nodded “Don’t worry I’ll be there.” You reached to peck his cheek and he slightly jerked his head back “I need to go!”

Suga rolled his eyes at your boyfriends behaviour “What’s wrong?” You frowned not understanding what Suga’s problem was “What’s wrong is that you’re letting this pabo treat you like you’re his bitch. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to see you being treated like that, you deserve to be treated with respect.” You took a quick glance at Changjo who was gesturing for you to hurry up “He’s just really stressed out tonight. He treats me very well, I mean he buys me stuff and provides a lot for me … He loves me.” Suga chuckled softly “You call that love?! Is that really someone you should be calling your boyfriend?” You looked at Suga in disbelief still very confused by how he was being “What are you even talking about?” Suga tried to hold back on to what he was going to say but he couldn’t stop himself … He had to tell you no matter how much the truth would hurt “He’s cheating on you.”

However, you weren’t able to process this therefore assuming that he had too much soju “Suga … How much did you drink?” He blinked a few times puzzled by what you were implying “I … you do realise I’ve only been drinking water.” In the small distance you heard everyone clapping and cheering for Changjo as he made his way to the stage with a couple of his bodyguards. You yanked Suga’s wrist as you made your way through the crowd.

Changjo started talking about his award along with how priceless the time he spent on the set of Sweden Laundry and this whole time you were anticipating for him to get to the part when he would reveal your relationship “… Actually, tonight is all about someone really special to me. This woman holds a very special place in my heart and I love her very dearly. I promised her that I would reveal our relationship at this event today.” Your heart rate fastened by the minute “I met Song Ha Yoon on the set of Sweden Laundry and I knew that the first time I saw her that she was the one.”

Wait … What? “Who the hell is Song Ha Yoon?!” You muttered under your breath. Suga shrugged, he was too focused looking at Song Ha Yoon walking on the stage linking her arm with Changjo’s. This time your heart wasn’t racing in excitement - it was out of anger … Out of betrayal. Where the hell did this girl come from?! Was it possible that Changjo is actually cheating on you or is he cheating on her with you? You had no time to really think about it. As your emotions had taken over your actions you literally pushed your way through the crowd to enable yourself to climb on the stage. You really didn’t care who was watching … You were furious.

Finally getting on the stage, Changjo did his best to avoid looking at you. His eyes stayed fixated on Song Ha Yoon as she sort of hid behind him. You tried approaching him but he took a few steps backwards “Is this a joke? Who is she?” Tears were threatening to roll on to your cheeks but you did your best to restrain them “Changjo~ah do you know this girl?” Ha Yoon slightly shook his arm. Changjo glared at you for a while before replying back to Ha Yoon “I have no idea who she is” You felt so disappointed and deceived that you couldn’t help but allow the tears to ruin your ‘perfect’ make up “Jinjja?! You don’t know me … Okay, fine.” Even though you were upset your tone remained very calm. Suga had also managed to climb the stage - you hadn’t noticed that he was behind you the whole time. “Guards! Take this intruder away” Ha Yoon pointed at you, Changjo lowered Ha Yoon’s arm “Hajima”

It was too late, two guards held you as you struggled from their grasp. Instantly, Suga came to get the guards off of you “Let go of her.” Changjo also came to help you out of the guards grasp “Please let her go” he then faced you “I’m so sorry … I just - I wanted to tell you about her but-” At that moment you wanted to seriously injure him except someone had beaten you to it. Suga punched Changjo so hard on the face that Changjo had passed out.

Suga pulled you along whilst running off the stage and out of the building where the event was being held. He managed to get out without being stopped by the bodyguards - mainly because he outran most of them.

A few hours went by. Suga had suggested for you to come to his house as you usually did when you were upset. You sat beside him on his couch with your knees close to your chest “I should have listened to you. All along you were right. I wasn’t his girlfriend. Following his orders like a dog … I was his bitch. Thank you so much for always being there for me. You’re my hero.” Subjects like this usually made Suga very uncomfortable so the best way he could console you was by gently patting your shoulder “He didn’t deserve you. It really pains me seeing you being mistreated.” A hot fresh tear was slowly falling. Suga wiped away your single tear with his thumb “Princesses shouldn’t cry.” You looked at him pouting your lips “I’m not a princess.” He started playing with your cheeks “No? Fine you’re not a princess. You’re MY princess whether you like it or not.” He genuinely made you smile - much more than Changjo used to. “Where is all this cheesiness coming from?” He gave you his signature gummy grin “You started it … Besides, every princess needs a hero, right?” You started laughing “No, this is the most random conversation I’ve ever had with you.” His eyebrows raised “What exactly are you trying to imply?! You are way more random than me … You literally started this conversation”

All laughter had drowned. You and Suga looked into each other’s eyes intensely waiting for the other to react or just do something. The both of you started leaning in towards each other until both of your lips were pressed against each other, lips heating at the mere act of being in contact with each other. It took you by surprise however at the same time it didn’t. It wasn’t the first time you had been intimate with Suga … Before your relationship with Changjo, you and Suga used to mess around all the time just as friends. You pulled away pretty quickly feeling butterflies in your stomach - he always seemed to make you feel a certain way. “Suga?” You whispered “You don’t always have to call me Suga. You’re my bestfriend, I would expect you to know my real name by now.” You could feel your body getting hotter almost as if your blood was boiling under your skin “Yoongi~ah” you unintentionally breathed out making his heart skip a beat.

“Perfect” he mumbled placing his hands at your hips. “Do you remember how you always used to tell me you wanted to go to Hong Kong?” You hummed in response “Well, I can send you there tonight.” You literally had no idea what he was talking about “How?” He gave your neck short and rushed kisses “Watch” suddenly his hand unbuttoned your shorts - tugging down on them until he was able to throw them off. His fingers hooked onto your panties carefully pulling them off aswell. 

He positioned himself at your core … You had finally caught on by what he meant when he said he’ll be sending you to Hong Kong tonight. His tongue painted your folds unhurriedly several times causing you to grind closer to his face. “Yoongi” you moaned his name while your fingers made their way to his hair, playing with them a bit.

Suddenly, he started flicking his tongue rapidly at your clit - you found yourself in an immense trance of pleasure, no longer able to control the noises that came out of your mouth. The crazier your moans sounded the more encouraged he felt to turn you into an even bigger moaning mess.

He grabbed on to your thighs, holding you down very still to ensure you weren’t going to twitch at the subtle movements of his tongue. His gaze drove you insane … You didn’t know how he could concentrate on working your warmth up with his tongue while his eyes stayed fixated on you, searching deep in your soul. You couldn’t take it anymore, you grabbed a handful of his hair tugging quite harshly which seemed to amuse him because he started groaning while sucking on your labia. Sure, it felt amazing but you felt as though you were being punished with excessive pleasure.

It had been quite a while since any guy had given you that amount of gratification and satisfaction. When you were with Changjo he would usually just have sex for his benefits, never for yours and once he was satisfied enough he let you finish yourself off.

But with Yoongi it was different, he wouldn’t stop until your body would lose full control of its actions. So be it he pushed you to your limit. You could feel your juices already beginning to trickle down your thigh, he licked your thigh to clean up the mess then thoroughly moving on to swallowing all of your juices - Yoongi was so proud of the affect his tongue had on you but he wanted to give you more. Much more despite the fact that you were exhausted.

You tried catching your breath seeing the huge bulge developing in his trousers. “Are you tired?” Yes, should have been your original answer yet you shook your heard vigorously. He started unbuckling his belt, unzipping his zip and taking off his trousers. You took the time to take your top off - for some strange reason you had decided to not wear any bra on that day but you never knew it would come to your advantage. Finally, all of the remaining distracting clothes Yoongi had were off. His bare pale flesh revealed in the moonlight’s source through his window “Beautiful” you muttered absolutely dumbfounded by how amazing it felt to admire the body of a person before actually having sex with them. You ran your hands all over his body before allowing him time to prepare himself into sliding in between your legs. 

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Emma afraid to lose Killian to death and Killian facing + defeating it (4a) / Killian afraid to lose Emma to darkness and Emma facing + defeating it (4b)

Okay I don’t know from where to even begin but if you are one of those who are still disappointed with 4x11 and how their 4a arc ended (and it still robs you from enjoying captain swan journey), this might actually help you because until last episode, I was one of you guys. I don’t know but to me, after 4x11 ended, everything felt disconnected and all their moments, while very beautiful, felt random. What I mean to say is that they felt like pieces of puzzle but I was not able to solve that puzzle. Unlike season 3, where I knew what their journey was – to find home – I couldn’t understand what the overall purpose of those moments we have been getting were? Sure they were to tell us how much they love each other and bring out the best in each other, but how were those moments contributing to the overall story? They have spent so much time giving us those moments, surely they weren’t just to please us fans…there had to be a purpose and I couldn’t understand what, especially after the way season 4a ended. Turns out, all I had to do was change the perspective from where I was watching their journey and I think last episode, lily, played a huge role in making me realize that. And I couldn’t have been happier now with the way the story is going, at least the captain swan journey (there are still some other elements that I am unsure of but I am hoping that it will eventually fall into place as well). I will put it under read more coz this is huge!

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Click above to watch me react to Act 7, the End of Homestuck, and then TRY TO TALK INCOHERENTLY ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR. (Earlier reaction video posts here.)

The definitive-sounding news post by Andrew that I read partially aloud during this video has since received this VERY IMPORTANT edit that I didn’t hear about until I was off-camera:

Edit: one more thing. If you’re curious about whether there will be anything resembling an epilogue to this ending, yes, I’ve been thinking about that for some time. It’ll take a while to produce though, whatever specific form it ends up taking. Working on Collide took months, and came right down to the wire. I’ve got more time now though obviously. But that said, I’m not in a huge hurry at this point. Keep an eye out here for developments. There should be plenty of other news in coming months too.

So this isn’t, quite, the absolute final 100% everything-is-absolutely-entirely-resolved ending necessarily, which I’m sure some of you have been wondering about. ((QUICKEDIT: Turns out Andrew has a history of wrapping up confusing endings with kickass explanatory epilogues later, after the fanbase has had plenty of time to feel disappointed with the seeming lack of resolutions.))

I’ll talk spoilers under the cut and eventually elaborate more thoughts there maybe, but I’m barely going to even consider typing anything of note there until tomorrow. WAY too tired. Act 7 spoilers and further discussion under the read-more.

EDIT COUNT: (Four now. The ones below the cut are a note-to-self list on what to talk about when I have the time/energy, I just added to it this morning and i’ll add to it as ideas/explanations continue to occur to me.) LAST EDIT: 9:01 AM CDT on 4/13

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so the same few women keep returning to my job with coupons that are VERY OBVIOUSLY FAKE. as employees my coworkers and i can see a million different little things that are wrong with them, but really anyone could tell they aren’t issued by our company just from how shitty the image quality is and how vague the description is. the thing is though that they somehow scan through just fine, which other invalid coupons NEVER do. and these women know that because they’ve gotten away with it before, so whenever somebody is suspicious they’re like “oh it’ll scan i’ve used it before :-)” but regardless we’re not allowed to take anything that didn’t come directly from the company to the customer and is attached to their specific rewards account. trust me i love giving people discounts and seeing them get excited over it but i’m not about to get myself in trouble and neither are my managers. i’m used to the expired or online only offers that people pull up from retail-me-not and shit but these are different. i’ve never seen anyone besides these same four or five women use them and they don’t look like anything we’ve ever sent out yet they always have valid barcodes?!?!?! do they know someone On The Inside who’s giving them new ones and they just paste those into the same format and update the expiration dates so they can keep using them???? i just don’t get it. with the way our POS system works these things should NOT scan, it makes no sense. like anybody could whip up a fake coupon in ms paint but the fact that they have working barcodes is the puzzling part. i’ve spent so much time googling different things trying to figure out where they’re getting them or how they’re making them but i can’t find anything that looks remotely close. i’ve now made it my own personal mission to get to the bottom of it……. if any of you think you know what might be going on pls lmk, my curiosity is burning lmao. and ps “”“"tammy smith”“”“ or ”“”“shirley smith”“”“ if ur reading this i’m on to u

Kiss Me Slowly

Stay with me, baby stay with me
Tonight don’t leave me alone


He watches as you clear the dishes, studying each move with extreme detail. This process is silent like it has been for the past few weeks. Those few words die the moment they reach Luke’s lips and he always lets you go. You leave after dinner, after clearing up, and no other words are exchanged other than a simple goodbye. 

“Stay for tonight. With me.”

His words catch you by surprise - Luke hasn’t asked you to stay in ages. You turn to face him slowly, the wet cloth in your hands.


Walk with me, come and walk with me
To the edge of all we’ve ever known


You rub the fabric between your fingers, playing with the hem of Luke’s grey t-shirt. It’s been too long since you wore his clothing, you think. As you settle down into the bed with Luke, the both of you can’t help but notice the huge gap in between. You’re lying on your sides, backs facing each other. You shift your head slightly, only to meet Luke’s eyes before the both of you turn away again.

Too long. It’s impossible to get that connection so easily when you have been drifting apart.


I can you there with the city lights
Fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes
I can breathe you in


An hour passes. And another. And another.

You open your eyes to see Luke staring out of the window, his hands pressed against the cool glass. You get out of bed, stumbling over to him, hesitating a bit before wrapping your arms around his torso.

He jumps at your touch, his muscles tensed. He relaxes slightly, and his hands clasp around yours. You spin him around and come face to face with him.

“What are we?”


Two shadows standing by the bedroom door
No, I could not have want you more
Than I did right then


You’ve wondered. You’ve most definitely wondered. It was the question that haunted you in the middle of those lonely, sleepless nights where you’d stare at the ceiling feeling nothing. It was the question that plagued your thoughts as you walked on the streets, perhaps rushing to meet someone. It was that one question you asked yourself before leaving Luke alone every night.

Somewhere in between.

Luke holds your hands, your small ones resting in his big ones. You want to know what this is. He wants to know what this is. This between.

“What do you want us to be?”


As our heads leaned in


He still sees the stars -no, scratch that - the galaxies in your eyes. Even in the distant pair which stare back at him.

“Can I kiss you?”

It’s an innocent question that passes his lips that floods your ears. You nod, gazing at him.

The both of you lean in, and you feel your heart pounding in your chest. Your noses bump, and the both of you chuckle nervously before tilting your heads to the side and letting your lips touch.


Well, I’m not sure what this is gonna be
But with my eyes closed all I see
Is the skyline through the window
The moon above you and the streets below


You sigh as you feel his cool lips touch yours, his hands letting go of yours and placing one on your hip and another on your cheek. Your hands are on his shoulders, pulling him closer. His breath is warm and sweet, like it should be. You feel him smile into the kiss as he brings you closer to him.

Sweet. Warm. Gentle. Love.

He pulls away, and his cheeks are tinted red. You’re slightly breathless from the kiss, but you hug him, resting your head on his chest. He hugs you back without any hesitation.


She shows me everything she used to know
Picture frames and country roads
When the days were long
And the world was small


It wasn’t always the distance.

No, it was days filled with some sort of adventure even if it was one of the dullest days possible, you’d be there to light it all up. He’d be there to pick it up with you as the both of you run out the door, probably not dressed appropriately for whatever event that would happen that day.

He’d be there to make you laugh, you’d be there to make him bubble with elation. 

It wasn’t always the distance. It was always love.

There’d be days where the both of you just sat on the couch, enjoying the other’s presence but not speaking a word. There’d be days where the both of you would just wander about outside aimlessly until you found a store that seemed mildly interesting to explore.


She stood by as it fell apart
Separate rooms and broken hearts
But I won’t be the one to let you go


Somehow, you just drifted away. It just came to the point that there wasn’t enough incentive for you to continue “whatever this was”. You’d come, you’d stay, but you always leave in the end.

It’s exceptionally cruel of you.

Each day would be filled with emptiness as Luke watches you from afar, wondering what went wrong. Maybe you needed space. Maybe you needed some time to pull through.

But you’re just a person who spent too much time with her head in her clouds when she forgot that she didn’t have wings. You’re falling. You’re falling and Luke isn’t there to catch you. Simply because he doesn’t know it.


Don’t run away
And it’s hard to love again 
When the only way it’s been
When the only love you knew
Just walked away


“I don’t know, Luke. I just can’t live like this anymore.”

His eyebrows knit together, as if trying to decipher some sort of complex puzzle. “What do you mean?”

You shake your head, and tears are threatening to spill down your cheeks. “I can’t, Luke. I can’t force myself up every morning pretending that I am happy with you.”

“You aren’t happy with me?” Luke asks, worried now. “What did I do? I can fix it, I’ll change, I’ll do whatever. Just please don’t leave me.”

He’s numb as he watches you leave.

Yet you come back the next day, but it’s not the same. You’re different, you’re gone.


If it’s something that you want
Darling you don’t have to run
You don’t have to go

Just stay with me, baby stay with me


There’s a moment of silence as the both of you remain in each other’s arms. You’re crying, and he’s crying. 

“Don’t go,” he whispers. Luke lets go of you, and carries you in his arms. You wipe the tears of his cheeks before resting your head on his chest. He carries you to the bed, setting you down on your side before climbing in with you on the other side.

You turn to face him, and he turns to face you. The gap is evident.


Hold my breath as you’re moving in
Taste your lips and feel your skin
When the time comes, baby don’t run
Just kiss me slowly


You inch closer to him, and he does the same. 

Soon, the both of you are close once more. Luke leans in to kiss your lips, resting his hand on the small of your back. You don’t pull away.

“Stay,” he mumbles against your lips.

“I promise,” you whisper.

There’s shuffling as you rest your head on his collarbones, as his arm is wrapped protectively around you. Maybe he did catch you after all.