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wow i cannot stop thinking about Crowe and Luna for that tattoo/flower shop AU


Like, first thing, the obvious one: Crowe with tattoos like, yes, please. Skin covered with ink, hair loosely tied, leather jacket and combat boots, spent her childhood mindlessly doodling everywhere because she was bored so easily, so when came the time to get a job and her parents wouldn’t let her be a stunt woman with her bike (too dangerous my child what are you thinking) nor enter the army (really child???), she said fuck it, I’ll go doodle on people’s skin then. Her business is quite lamely run, comptability really isn’t her thing, but she makes it work and has a few regulars who keep her head out of the water because she really gets into it when she draws.

Lunafreya took on selling flowers because, actually, she is a disaster when it comes to make them grow. Not in the sense that she is bad at it - no, it’s just that she loves it so much, she would spend her days and nights bending over her garden, taking extreme care of each and every plant, under the rain and the snow, forgetting to eat and neglecting to sleep. Nobody who’s seen her in the shop can guess that this adorable girl with her smiles and polite small talk could be so intensely focused on a task that she becomes a terrible mess - although there are monents when she gets lost in organising the bouquets and you can just feel the fire in her eyes as one flower refuses to stay in the perfect place she has planned for it. 

Crowe comes here because she needs refs and it’s conveniently close to her place but also she can see that this girl has an eye for composition and colours and Crowe wouldn’t find better inspiration anywhere else. But the first time she enters the shop, Luna is so impressed by the tattoos and the rugged looks that she loses all her words, and Crowe thinks the girl isn’t really into talking to people, and doesn’t really try to get her out of her shell.

(Which is a shame, because Crowe has seen some of her most intense looks and she wonders if that intensity shows through her conversation - or through anything else she does, really. Especially things she’d do naked, on a bed.)

And well, at some point when she realizes that she spends too much time a day thinking about how she’d look between her legs, Crowe decides she has to do something about it and one day, as they’re both closing at the same time and dark clouds are gathering over their heads, she offers her a ride home. It’s a stupid idea, she immediately thinks, looking at Luna with her pastel clothes and general attitude, but it was the first acceptable excuse she could come up with, and, surprisingly, Luna accepts.

(Luna is in her third week of wondering if that girl owns a motorcycle and if she could get to grab her waist while they ride into the sunset, and she almost squeals on the spot when the offer comes up - but manages to sound pleasantly interested.)

And of course it starts raining when theyre on the road, and Crowe handed her jacket to Luna for the ride (for safety reasons of course), and the drops rolling along her arms are too much for Luna to handle so she suddenly invites her inside to dry and wait for the rain to stop. Just good services being exchanged, right?

And so they end up in her small living room with coffee in their hands, finally getting to know each other, and Crowe realizes that yes, Luna’s eyes also light up when she talks, and shit, now she really wants her into her bedroom. And Luna keeps glancing at her while talking, because she feels like she sounds stupid and boring next to someone who owns a motorcycle, but Crowe seems so entranced with her conversation that she can feel her temperature rising.

So by the end of the evening, they’re both a hormonal mess, furiously blushing and talking loudly to cover up the fact that they’re secretly wondering what could make the other moan the best, and it’s too dark to come home now, right? Better stay for the night and borrow some clothes…