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Kiss Meme

OK, I was tagged by @shepard-alenko and @ellebeedarling for this

RULES: List 10 fictional characters you’d like to kiss, then tag people. I’m going with multi-fandom here peeps. Not really in any sort of order.

#1. Zaeed Massani. Mass Effect. Like this is any sort of surprise to anyone who knows me.

#2. Steven Hackett. Mass Effect. Again, wut? you say sarcastically.

#3. Suvi Anwar. Mass Effect Andromeda. I mean. Just look at those lips. Can you blame me?

#4. Wonder Woman. Of, er, Wonder Woman, I guess. Any iteration of WW really. And yes I mean the Linda Carter years too.

#5. Zevran Arainai. Dragon Age. There’s a reason I can’t make myself romance anyone else in Origins, goddamnit.

#6. Mat Sela. Dream Daddy. Just. Come on. It’s not even fair.

#7. Reyes Vidal. Mass Effect Andromeda. Because I am bad boy trash.

#8. Starbuck. Battlestar Galactica (the new). She both scares me and attracts me. Enough said.

#9. Garrus Vakarian. Mass Effect. Like you’re not thinking the exact same thing.

#10. Han Solo, the early years. Star Wars. See bad boy trash above.

I hereby tag you to tag yourself!