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Day 4 - Free Day 

Ame: “Hey Pearl. Do you still miss Rose? ” 

Pearl: “Of course, but things are different now, I have you.”

okay so originally I wasn’t going to do one for the 4thday because I spent the entire day in bed with a headache, but come 2 hours ago I was just like fuck it I have this idea and it’s not going away, so now this exists.

And I probably spent too much time on it but eh. 

The song that inspired this piece


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I spent too much time on this-


Baby Buttercream || Josh Pieters

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Word Count: 2.6k+

Summary: You and josh hate eachother, it’s as simple as that. But what happens when suddenly, things are a whole lot more complicated than they ever had been before?

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, its my first lengthy(!!) fix and I had so much fun writing it over the course of the day. I hope you love it xo

Your relationship with Josh was, complicated, per say. You weren’t dating, nor were you very good friends; in fact you argued more often than you’d like to admit. Your conversations were short and snappy, and the only real reason you continued to acknowledge him was for the sake of your bestfriend, Joe Sugg.

When Joe and Caspar lived together, you spent the majority of your free time at their apartment. There was hardly a thing about either of them you didn’t know, barely an inch of their bodies you hadn’t seen. From shower pranks to simply watching Caspar walk around naked: you’d see it all. They’d become like brothers to you, the two people you could count on for everything - those who you trusted with your whole being.

And then, as if you were being punished for something, Josh Pieters travelled to London from South Africa, and just wouldn’t leave. He stayed at the boys’ apartment, and seemed to be there every minute of everyday. You couldn’t just arrive and make yourself comfortable on their sofa anymore, instead you had to be on your toes, ready with a sarcastic response at all times.

It wasn’t a secret that you didn’t particularly like the tall ginger; in fact, Caspar found it highly amusing whenever you’d argue, and especially enjoyed when your spits would turn into actual wrestling matches.

A year later, celebrated the end of an era. Joe and Caspar moved into their own apartments, Josh moved in with the Maynard brothers, after a few days of staying there, you claimed the spare bedroom at Joe’s: which he said he’d initially decorated for you nonetheless. You still had your own apartment, though you were barely ever there. By that point, it was used for storage purposes more than anything else.

And so, in conclusion, there was no real reason for you to have to see Josh anymore. You weren’t forced to be in the same apartment together, nor did you have any reason to actually see one another other than at events - and yet, for some strange reason, you found yourself missing him. The sarcastic arguments, the challenging looks, the way he’d pick you up as if you weighed nothing and would throw you across the room and onto the couch.

Then, when you felt like you were finally getting used to not having him around, Joe decided that it’d be a good idea to invite the whole “squad” over for a movie night - and completely forgot to tell you. And so at eleven pm, you walked out of your bedroom with your glasses on the end of your nose and your booty shorts and tank top covering your freshly showered body barely. Your hair was wet, hanging over your shoulders, having only been towel dried, and your face was completely free of any traces of makeup.

It wasn’t unusual for you to walk around the apartment like this: it was your home and Joe had made it clear on various occasions that he’d seen you naked more times than he could remember, and so seeing you in just your underwear of your ‘barely there’ pyjamas wasn’t exactly the end of the world. He was right, in a way, you’d known the Sugg siblings since you were three and had spent many a summer day in their paddling pool.

What you weren’t prepared for, however, was to walk into the lounge and can come to face with every single one of Joe’s friends, including Josh. They all turned to face you when they heard your quiet footsteps, saying their hello’s and Caspar even getting up to give you a quick hug before he threw himself back onto the couch. You and Josh shared a hostile look that made a few of the boys laugh, but you simply rolled your eyes and turned to walk into the kitchen - fixing yourself a bowl of cereal and grabbing a metal spoon from the drawer.

Joe looks up from his editing program at the sound of metal against glass and eyes you strangely. “Why are you having breakfast for dinner?”

You grin around the spoon and swallow your mouthful, before leaning your torso up against the counter sand pushing the flakes into the milk. “Because I can.” He rolls his eyes but smiles at you softly before he looks away, causing you to glance back down at your cereal with less tension in your shoulders than before.

As it turned out, the boys weren’t planning on leaving that night - not until he early hours of the morning anyways. They filmed a messy video for one of their channels as you caught with your favourite actors and actresses on your computer at the breakfast island. By the time they were finished, it was two am and apparently, not even that had been enough to satisfy their boredom, for they all decided to go out to a club and get pissed - something they hadn’t done in a while.

When you heard the front door close and all of the voices seize to nothing, you jump up from your chair and begin to pull out a few cleaning supplies from under the sink: eyeing the small mess that the boys had left behind with a quiet laugh. Joe had insisted several times that you didn’t need to clean up his messes for him, but after years of supporting you, it was the least you could do.

You hum as you clean, quickly worming your way into even the smallest of crevices, and like a pro, you were done within ten minutes. All you wanted to do after that was have a shower, put on some clean clothes and binge watch Criminal Minds until you fell asleep. But obviously fate had other plans.

You walked into sound the corner and up the metal staircase, your nose buried in your phone and not paying attention to the space ahead of you - which proved to be a bad idea when you walked straight first into a bare chest and screamed loudly in shock. A hand quickly reaches up to cover your parted lips and you glance up into a pair of familiar brown eyes with a relieved sigh. He slowly removes his hand and gives you a wide eyes look. “Why the hell did you scream?”

You scowl at him and fold your arms across your chest. “Why are you still here?”

He rolls his eyes and runs his hand through his hair. “Joe said I could use his shower since  there’s no hot water at my place right now.”

“Well, why don’t you get some clothes on and then get the hell out of here.” You suggest, the sarcastic undertone of your voice no surprise to Josh who smirks and shakes his head. You frown in confusion. “Why didn’t you go out with the boys?”

“Didn’t feel like it tonight.” He shrugs, and you eye him suspiciously. “Thought it’d be more fun to spend some time annoying you.”

“Any minute you spend within the same mile radius as me you never fail to annoy me.” You quip, and he chuckles softly. You stand there in silence for a while, before you clear your throat and ask the one question you’d been dying to ask since the day you met him. “Why do you hate me?”

He furrows his brows, and looks down at you with disbelief written across his face. Taking a step closer, he rests his hands on your waist and you glance down at them in confusion. “(Y/N), I don’t hate you; I’ve never hated you.” You inhale sharply and look up at him as his fingers brush up and down your sides. “But that doesn’t mean that you don’t annoy the shit out of me.”

You press your lips together to hide your amused grin, “ditto.”

He hums quietly, and for a moment you can’t seem to pry your eyes away from his bare chest, and the way his towels hangs lowly on his hips. He obviously notices you staring, because he chuckles and tightens his grip on your hips. “What’re you looking at?”

“Nothing,” you prolong the word, an innocent grin on your face. You rest your hands onto his bare skin and purse your lips. “I’m just wondering why we’ve spent so much time fighting when we could’ve been doing so many other things.”

He raises his eyebrows and bites his lip. “Other things?” You nod and hum, staring up into his eyes. He tuts and smiles cockily. “I never knew you could be so straightforward.”

You lick your lips and move up onto your tiptoes, your face even closer to his than before. You could feel his breath on your face, and it send shivers up your spine. He uses his hold on your hips to pull you flush against him, and you smirk up at him seductively. You moan and throw your head back as he begins to pepper kisses across your collar bones. Biting your lip, you inhale sharply and wind your arms over his shoulders. “I still need to shower.”

“C'mon then, lets save water.”

“Didn’t you only just finish in there?”

“One can never be too clean.”

From then on, you and Josh slept together whenever the opportunity presented itself: but other than the fact that your wrestling no longer had to end with Caspar pulling the two of you apart, nothing changed. You still absolutely despised eachother, and fought over virtually everything - but there was just something different about the way you looked at eachother. It was as if you enjoyed the arguments, because you both knew for a fact that angry sex was on the horizon.

Nobody seemed to notice the change in atmosphere, at least not until your little slip up one day that left them all a tiny bit suspicious. You’d woken up after a long night of drinking, and all you seemed to remember was making out with Josh the moment you were out of the boys’ sight. He’d pushed you against the wall in the club, your legs wrapped around his waist. No wonder your back was sore.

You were hungover, horribly so, and in consolation you paid no attention to what clothes you threw on before slumping into the kitchen, mewling and scrunching your face together, closing your eyes and backing away from the sunlight. You throw yourself face-first onto the uninhabited sofa and groan - only peeking your head out to pout at the boys who were all laughing at you from their positions around the room.

You pout and curls your bare legs up to your chest. “You’re all dickheads.”

Jack snorts and looks at you with a smirk on his face. “Well, at least none of us 'dickheads’ are littered with hickeys.”

You raise your hand up to cover your neck and blush, quickly glancing over at Josh who was adjusting his shirt colour with a sheepish look on his face. You glare at him inconspicuously, and when he looks up to meet your gaze he glares right back at you. You roll your eyes and scoff, throwing yourself to your feet, perhaps a little too fast, seeing as you sway on the spot and almost fall face-first onto the floor.

But someone grabs onto you’d forearms before you can, and you inhale sharply, looking up into his brown eyes and biting your lip. You stare at him for a moment before snapping out of it and stepping back, glaring at him harshly. “I didn’t need you to catch me, you prick.”

He rolls his eyes and sits back down, clenching his teeth and staring at you with a displeased look on his face. “I’ll let you fall onto your fucking face next time then.”

“Thanks.” You smile sarcastically, walking away from the boys and into the kitchen, pulling out the pint of orange juice and a random sweatshirt from the drying rack, throwing it on over your sports bra - and by the longer length, you know that it’s Joe’s. You shrug and carry the whole bottle of orange juice back into the lounge, curling up on the corner of one of the sofas and drinking straight from the bottle.

You catch Josh’s disgusted look, and you smile at him sarcastically and take a large gulp, purposely winding him up even more. He shakes his head slightly and looks away as you yawn and lay your head down on Joe’s shoulder. The Sugg simply glances down at you and smiles, wrapping his arm around you waist in a brotherly fashion and pulls you into his side. “You have a good night last night?”

You knew why he was asking. The previous night had been the first night in a long time that you’d joined them on a night out; especially after the disaster of a night out that you’d had on your last birthday. You think back to the previous night and nod, pressing your lips together and smiling. Your eyes flick over at Josh, who was talking to Conor, and you smile even more, making sure to quickly look away in order to not be caught. “Yeah; yeah I really enjoyed myself.”

Mikey laughs loudly, “it sure looks like you did!”

You roll your eyes and flip him off, making the rest of the boys laugh, all but Josh, who simply smiled and looked down at his hands; thanking god that he’d chosen to wear a high collared shirt that day.

When it came to stressful situations, you definitely weren’t the most calm and collected person in the world - the opposite, actually. You paced and your cursed under your breath, your hands running through your hair and tears streaming down your face.

Josh sits on the toilet seat, the rest of the boys sat merely a few yards away in the lounge. You’d inconspicuously forced him to follow you into the bathroom and told him about everything, how you were two months late and were being sick way more often than what could’ve been rushed off as 'normal’.

So here you were, your heart beating wildly in your chest and your eyes moving from the floor to the tall redhead with the stick in his hand and his eyes widened inch more than usual. You didn’t know what to say, too overwhelmed to speak as you push yourself back against the wall, staring at Josh with tears in your eyes and your arms wrapped around your stomach. You were nauseous, of course, but subconsciously you knew that your arms were there for a different reason.

He looks up at you a few seconds later, and his entire face had dropped. You inhale sharply, clenching your eyes shut and allowing a sob to escape from your lips. Josh places the test down onto the side of the bath and walks toward you cautiously, wrapping his arms around you and allowing you both to sink to the floor slowly, brushing your hair back and hushing you softly as you sob into his chest, fisting your hands around his bottom t-shirt.

Josh breaks the silence once you’ve calmed down enough to stop crying, though you’re breathing was still irregular and your fists remained clenched around the fabric of his shirt. “So, a baby buttercream, huh?”

You giggle a little, though your voice is hoarse and cracks a few seconds into the laugh. He entwines his hand through one of yours, and rubs his thumb over your knuckle softly. You nod, and look up into his eyes through your wet lashes. “If you ever refer to our kid as 'baby buttercream’ ever again, I swear to god I’ll punch you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

He chuckles, and pulls your curled up body closer to his chest. “We’ll be okay. I’ll make sure of it.”

On March 29th, 2017, you found out that your life was never going to be the same again; and god were you terrified.

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So is Laurie taking over zs spot for best partner of v! V seems to post alot of pics with her?

Anon stop 😂😂😂Val has nothing, but love and admiration for Laurie they spent so much time together during the show and on tour. Val has said time and time again I believe during and after his season with Laurie that Z is his most memorable partner, the one he is closest too, the one who made the most profound impact, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be close to Laurie as well. I think the lack of public interactions from V and Z has everyone in their feelings and that’s okay bc I get it.

I just look at it like this; we know they communicate, we know they FaceTime, and we know above all the love is there. Both of their lives have flourished so much since their season that there is no way the same interactions are going to happen now, but you have to ask yourself why so secretive 🤔when they do spend time together. Has to be a reason to keep everything under wraps.

** and before you new comers come into my mailbox with your nonsense . I don’t care who they’re spending time with at THIS MOMENT You have to learn to pay attention to everything, not just what’s put on front street for all to see. Not just what’s common knowledge and predictable, but everything**

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Hey Scorpius, can I have a hug my bf just dumped me for this girl in Gryffindor. He said I spent way too much time reading and I'm not fun to be around. :( - a sobbing slytherin

Alien Names

Disclaimer: Granted, I can’t say I’ve read and watched or played every single book movie and game involving aliens, and I can name multiple examples where this isn’t the case, but I’m not here to make a serious fuss, I just wanted to point something out and the it devolved into a bit of fun. Don’t read to far into this.

It used to confuse me when alien races were named based on their planets. Our race is typically called human, not Earthlings, so wouldn’t it make sense for alien races to have names for themselves? I spent a bit too much time thinking about, and I tried to come up with a few reasons as to why aliens would share names with their home planets. (beyond writers taking shortcuts)

And yes, I know chances are that everyone’s relying on translation technology and that could account for the name thing, but I already wrote all of this so here you go.

A few cases where referring to a race by their planet name sort of makes sense:

One: the entire species is united under a single government empire, and that either the empire is named after the planet, or the planet was renamed for the empire. That race may still have their own species name, but they also go by their nations designation. (such as how humans may refer to themselves by their home nation or even region, so you can have a human who is also an American and also a Texan. Humans would be among those confusing species that have multiple names)

Two: almost the opposite of option one, but this case would actually fit humanity at the moment. There is no planetwide government, and individual nations speak a wide range of different languages. Each language has a different word for their kind, and none of those words sound alike. None of the nations can agree on which language to pick their name from. Other races eventually give up and just call them by their homeworld name, informing them that if they ever agree on a single name they’ll change it to that.

Three: an alien race has a name in their own language, but that name is both completely impossible to pronounce for anyone other than that species (either due to unique vocalization structures, or perhaps they don’t vocalize at all. They could be communicating via light or scents or even gestures) and if that name has no sort of translation or equivalent meaning in other languages. Perhaps one species has an unpronounceable name, but that name translates to something along the lines of Waterkeeper. it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s the closest thing we could get to their actual name, so we call them by that title out of respect. But if the name has no translation and can’t be spoken, they would be named for their homeworld.

Four: this one race is well known for being incredibly easygoing and relaxed. A bit too relaxed, it seems, since they haven’t really bothered with a name for themselves other than “people.” If their word for people can be pronounced, then that word in their language can be their name. They might be referred to as the [Planet Name] People just for clarification, and that of course could be shortened just to a variation of the Planet Name. They don’t mind either way.

Five: a species found on a recently discovered planet is displaying signs of sapience. Maybe this race is only just starting to discover stone tools, or maybe it’s already in the earliest stages of developing civilization, but at the moment (as with option two) it has neither a globally used language nor a single central government (it doesn’t really have any kind of government at all yet). At this point that species would be referred to by the Planet Name. Their development would be observed and documented under that name. When the time comes that this species has a single name for itself, or if they’ve come up with a single name for their homeworld, then all the data gathered on that race would be updated to match. (scientists of various races are somewhat sad to say goodbye to the old names, but also proud that the new species is now capable of naming itself)

(any other ideas? feel free to take this idea and run with it!)

Choices: Stories you play. Highly disappointed

I will be honest I usually don’t like to let people know my negative thoughts but, I just played the last episode of ES and I have a few things to get out of my throat. First of all, the high request of diamonds in this last episode! I felt like every choices we had to make were only available with diamonds. Can you imagine how disgusted I was to let Raj and Grace die ?! And I admit that I can’t imagine the hate of the players who spent diamonds and time to get them to help Grace talk to Aleister on the previous episode!
I found that the few episodes that were released yesterday were out of reach because they asked for too much diamonds every two FUCKING minutes.
Guys seriously? If I had the choice I would replay the entire game and would have not spend diamonds on things that would be destroyed the next chapter ! @mrs-mckenzie @choicesmyway @choicesimaginesandmore @cartoonfanforlife


Let me know what you think and tell me that I am not the only one who was highly disappointed by the last episodes !

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oh my god. alec's spent too much time being worried about being outed to give a damn what people think of his music taste. boy has no shame and probably listens to kesha at full volume while he's training.

Anonymous said: Alec is goth gay I’m sorry!! He meets Magnus when he’s out of it though and low key hates how good Magnus is with makeup cause Alec tried for years and he is still garbage and looks like a fake scene kid every time he tries. Magnus also has multiple photos of Alec in baggy black jeans with a leather studded bracelet and vans

the alec music discourse is really wild!