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The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


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If Mayumiko were to become "canon" (whatever the definition of it is in gsnk) how do you think the other's would react? Lmao.

i don’t know if chiyo, nozaki, or hori could ever get past mikoshiba=mamiko -> mikoshiba’s dating suzuki. maybe nozaki would have a crisis and try to model suzuki after mayu and we’d see ken-san’s reaction of “what the hell happened to suzuki!!?” 

when mayu, mikorin, and waka played otome games together, this happened:

so i feel like waka’s reaction would be “???? but mayu doesn’t have big boobs????”

kashima and mikoshiba are super close so i think she’d be super supportive and excited and mikoshiba would just be relieved that mayu isn’t a girl that kashima could easily sweep off her feet and steal away since we all remember hori’s feelings about that:

seo and mikoshiba haven’t really interacted much to my knowledge? so i don’t know their dynamic well enough to say how she’d react besides being like “wooo mikorin get it” or just “lol k cool”

SAT Planning Printables

by @thesmartstudies

I’ve seen a lot of printables here on Tumblr, but there aren’t any for planning for big tests like the SAT! So, I‘ve decided to make these printables for not only myself, but for you all too! I created four different designs, but they all essentially have the same features:

  • what you’ve studied for the day
  • the dreaded date of the SAT
  • reminders
  • weekly goals
  • how much time was spent on each day
  • and more!

You can download them from my Google Drive folder here. (alt. links: (1), (2), (3), (4) )

I hope you all enjoy these printables! Let me know if I should make ACT ones or just any test in general :) reblog or comment if using!


I SPENT TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but yeah context for the beginning: barts #BUMMED bc he failed a test despite his best attempts and killuas passing by. this is the worst thing ive ever drawn @stargenerator is partially responsible for this crossover b/c apparently my gons look like bart

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Do you have any advice for rising high school freshmen with adhd bc i start school in 2 days an im gonna freak :0

this is the moment where i shine luna i have been dying to give adhd advice. at any given moment, i want to give advice for living with adhd. i love u.

I will try to prevent this from becoming a big wall of text!!

  • TAKE YOUR MEDS. Assuming you are prescribed meds, take them. Do not skip. Do not experiment with your dosage. In middle school, you could get away medsless or w messed up meds and not suffer too much. The same cannot be said for high school. 
    • Messing with my medication schedule gave me 100000% times more anxiety because it 1. Messed with my heartbeat, and 2. It severely impaired my ability to perform well in the classroom. 
    • You will be too busy shaking and fidgeting to listen to what the teacher said. And that in turn will raise your anxiety. It’s a terrible, awful cycle.
  • On that note, always make sure to eat!!! I know that waking up at 6am is the like worst thing in the world and should be punishable under the Geneva Convention, but skipping breakfast to nab those extra 15 minutes of zzz’s is not worth it. I don’t know how Scientifically True this is, but I’ve always found that it’s Really Bad to take your meds on an empty stomach.
    • Also, breakfast is just important?? You’re going to want to die anyway during your morning classes, but you’ll really want to die if you’re starving. Plus, being hungry always makes me dizzy and tired!!! (On that note: Do not sleep through class.)
    • In addition, make sure to eat lunch!!! I always skipped lunch because I’m a Fool and it honestly made me very weak and lethargic and way too skinny. It wasn’t worth it. Eat your lunch!
    • And maybe pack snacks??? Idk man, my metabolism is wack af and I’m always hungry, which oftentimes made me distracted in class. Remember: We will always be at a disadvantage because of our ADHD. Our bodies and minds will take advantage of every excuse to become distracted. If you’re suffering from hunger pains, I guarantee you that your empty stomach will be the only thing your body focuses on, even if you’re in the middle of taking an exam.
  • Stay organized!!! Keep a planner! Make to-do lists! Leave sticky note reminders for yourself! ADHD absolutely FUCKS with your ability to manage time, and yourself, effectively. 
    • I repeat: We are at a disadvantage. It doesn’t mean we’re automatic losers, or failures, or that we should give up before we even start. It means we need to work twice as hard to be just as good.
    • Rise to the challenge and kick everyone’s asses, including your own. Especially your own. Which sounds ridiculous, because I am my own worst keeper, but I’ve found that at the end of the day, you only have yourself. So you might as well as make this bitch someone you can rely on.
  • SET ALARMS!!!!! Always set alarms! Set multiple wake up alarms if you have a problem of sleeping in, and make sure to space them out by a couple of minutes. In fact, put your clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off! Set alarms in the bathroom. In the morning, I’m so tired that sometimes I end up hyperfocusing while brushing my teeth. I once brushed my teeth for a solid twenty minutes, it’s really bad. Set alarms/reminders so you don’t do that!!!
    • On that note: Please for the love of God try to leave your phone/electronics downstairs when you go to bed. ‘Oh I’m really tired,’ you say, ‘I won’t go on my phone I’ll just go to bed.’ You are lying. You will go on your phone. You will stay up until 2am on your phone. Do not keep it by your bedside.
    • I personally use an alarm clock to wake up, and then keep my phone with its timers in my bathroom so I stay on track.
  • Try to study!!! I know it’s the worst thing in the world but you need to build up the habit!! It will be essential for junior/senior year and college. 
    • I spent most of high school not studying and while I turned out okay, I didn’t do my best work! Which I’m still really unsatisfied by. Do not settle for B-s, or Bs, or B+s. GET THE GRADES YOU DESERVE!!!! GET THAT MOTHERFUCKING GPA!!!
  • Ask for help!!! In HS, I never asked for accommodations when it came to tests or extra time. I had too much pride, I was embarrassed to ask for help, I wanted to be like ‘the other kids.’ We are not like the other kids. 
    • I keep saying this, but it’s a fact: we are at a disadvantage. If you want to be as good as everyone else, you will have to do everything to keep up and pull ahead. Ask for accommodations. Get the help you need, so that one day you won’t need it.
  • On a side note: You cannot get accommodations on a teacher-by-teacher basis! You need to approach your nurse and maybe guidance counselor first, give them the appropriate documentation, hash out a plan, and then you can bust down your chemistry teacher’s door and say ‘guess fucking what.’ True story!
  • Here’s my final bit of advice: Make great friends, confide in those friends, and rely on those friends!! On my worst days, where I could barely focus on myself let alone any verbal directions given out during class, I knew I could trust my friends to explain to me what I missed. 
    • Obviously, do not 100% expect them to hold your hand during everything. It’s important that you try to be independent. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you need someone to reexplain to you what you’re doing during class time.
    • One of my best friends was in my chemistry class with me junior year. Chemistry labs were… awful for me. I was always very stressed, because there are a lot of little directions and precise expectations and sometimes it can get overwhelming. I’m deathly afraid of messing up, so I often had Alex double check every step I did. I also kept like 2 or 3 lab direction handouts in front of me at all times so I could double-check where I was in the lab, etc.

Again, all of my advice is off the top of my head so feel free to hmu if you have any specific questions/worries!! I will try to help!! I like helping!!!! :3c

Anyway, good luck! You will be fine. But do your best to be great! 

Do The Roar - Carlos x Reader

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Requested: prompt: “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.” carlos x reader maybe ??? thanks lol 

A/N the first time I read that prompt I laughed so much then I needed too but I hope you love it and enjoy!! (: Thanks to @zlorac I hope you love it!!

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Less Checking Up on Toddlers Mod

I was playing my legacy family I started last weekend when I realized that my two founding sims spent way too much time checking on and watching their toddler son.  It was almost like they were obsessed with him. :)

So I made this mod that only allows elders to check up on and watch toddlers. I spent two sim days testing this out with my test family, the Elmdors.

The only time they went into the toddler’s room was to get her out of the house because the stove caught on fire. They mainly just sat on the couch talking and watching TV all day long.

Download (SimFileShare)

Download (Google)

Note: Your sims will still check on toddlers when an emergency happens like fire or extremely low motives. Also if you have elders in your household, don’t be surprised when they start checking on and watching the toddlers a lot. They are the only ones who can check on them with this mod.


It’s 3AM in my country and I should totally go to sleep, but hey, have a little fire seraph Sorey some time after he came back for Mikleo.

Basically his costume is like his own as a human, but with a bit of Lailah, and a bit of Gramps.

I like the brown-haired Sorey better (it feels more.. Sorey see ? owo ) but I prefer the red of the right jacket. And anyway, he looks good as a blondie too~

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I love your writing! May I request what the first couple fight/argument with jk and jimin would be about?

Thank you~ <3


Your first fight with Jungkook would be brought upon by stress and the fact that you missed each other too much. 

Jungkook had one of those rare free days and decided to spend it with you because it feels like it’s been forever since the two of you spent some time together with his busy schedules and all. 

Sadly, that day you also had a test to study for and projects to finish so you were practically on house arrest for the rest of the day. 

Jungkook insisted on coming over even though you told him that you wouldn’t be able to pay much attention to him since you’ll be studying. He didn’t take that warning seriously thought and thought you were just exaggerating. 

It’s not like she would be studying the whole day, right?, He had thought. Of course, he was wrong and later that day, Junglook was getting pissed at how you wouldn’t even take a break to have lunch with him; keeping yourself locked up in your room for the entire day.

Jungkook knocks on your door that afternoon, annoyed, and almost demanded that you come out. You, of course got angry at how rude he was being.

“I told you I was busy today! I have a huge test to study for Jungkook!”

“I know that! But wouldn’t it hurt to take a break and spend some time with me? I rarely get a day off, Y/N!”

“You don’t think I know that?!”

“We wouldn’t be having this argument if you did! Why can’t you just take a break for a minute? You’ve been there for hours–”

“Because I can’t just pause everything I’m doing right now just because you asked for it!” You shout at him and Jungkook snaps; clearly seeing he wasn’t wanted here.

“Fine. You don’t want me here? Okay, I’m leaving.” 

“Fine.” You reply as the two of you turn from each other, fuming. “That’s what you’re good at anyway. I’m used to it. Bye.”

At your words, Jungkook pauses but the moment he turned, you had already shut the door at his face. 

Your last words echoes in his ears and he wasn’t sure why his heart suddenly felt heavy because of it.

That’s what you’re good at anyway. I’m used to it. Bye.

Jungkook felt something beneath your words, sensing that it rooted from something deeper. It took him half an hour outside, just walking around your building for him to cool down and finally realize that it was wrong of him to pick a fight when you were obviously stressed out with school work. 

He should’ve been more understanding. And you were right, you had your own life to worry about. He was being selfish for his own needs that he didn’t even think about how you must’ve been feeling then. He knew you didn’t mean to ignore him today… you were just busy.

Just like I always am 90% of the time, he realizes guiltily.

Jungkook comes back to your apartment and knocks on your bedroom door to apologize. There was no answer but the door was unlocked. When he opened it, he saw you hunched over your desk, already asleep. Jungkook sighs and moves to fix your things; placing pens in between your opened books so that you’ll know where you had left off, before carrying you to the bed and tucking you in.

You stir at the movement and when you opened your eyes, you were surprised to see Jungkook hovering over you as he placed a blanket over your form.


“Go to sleep.” He says quietly. “You must be tired.”

You try to fight through your exhaustion, knowing there were things to talk about after that little fight you had. “Kookie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to–”

“Shh. It’s fine, baby. We’ll talk tomorrow okay? Sleep.”

“But you won’t be here anymore tomorrow.” You say sadly and Jungkook’s heart broke at the sadness that crossed your features. He brushed your bangs to the side and leaned over to kiss your forehead. 

“I’ll be here… I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.” 

You smile slightly, eyes droopy as your hand searched for his. Jungkook caught it and he brought it to his lips. “I’m still sorry. I missed you a lot too, Kookie.”

Jungkook smiles at that as he places your hand on his cheek. “I’ve missed you too jagi. And I’m sorry.”

You fall asleep like that: with a small smile on your face and with Jungkook’s warm hand locked on your own.  


1st fight with Jimin? Probably him being jealous…

“I don’t care if he was a classmate. That guy was getting too close!” Jimin says angrily and you were getting really frustrated by his jealousy. It was cute at first but if he was going to get jealous at every guy who comes close to you then it was starting to get problematic. 

“Jimin! For god’s sake, nothing happened! He’s just a classmate will you calm down?”

“Calm down? How can I calm down when someone’s making a move on my girlfriend?!”

“Okay that’s sweet and all but you have got to stop being so possessive.”

“Possessive?” Jimin glares at you. “I am not being possessive.”

“Of course you’re not.” You roll your eyes.

“I’m just saying that ‘classmates’,” he spat as he finger-quotes the word. “Don’t sit that close and whisper in their ears, Y/N. He looked like he was flirting with you!”

“He did try and I pushed him away! You were there! You saw me leave!”

“Damn right you should!”

“I don’t really get why we’re still fighting about this, then!” You say in exasperation and Jimin looks like he wanted to burst but ends up huffing instead.

“I’m sorry. I’m just–” He huffs again before turning from you. “Just forget it–”

“Jimin.” You catch his hand, stopping him from leaving. “Look at me.”

Jimin sighs before looking back at you and the pained expression on his face broke your heart.

“You don’t have to be jealous, okay? You know I’ll only ever want you, right?”

Jimin bites his lip and nods. You knew Jimin had been struggling with his insecurities for a while now and though he had become a better version of himself in the past few years, he still had some that ate him up and caused him to be a little bit more possessive and protective than normal. 

Although, Jimin knows you would never hurt him like that. He trusts you wholeheartedly.

It’s them he doesn’t trust.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He sighs as he squeezes your hand once. You smile and step closer. Almost naturally, Jimin catches you in his arms hugs you tight.

“I love you.” You say.

“I love you too.” He replies.

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- Kaye Allen


Bought these gorgeous B5 lined notebooks from muji the other day! (I spent over an hour checking the insides of all the different notebooks and testing out all the pens as well as deliberating over what to buy the shop people thought I was some sort of lunatic :’D) Not gonna lie I’m already regretting not buying the grid papered notebooks too (I LOVE grid paper sO MUcH) but there’s always a next time hehe :D For now I’ll just spend my time staring at these notebooks because they’re too pretty to write in ahhh ;o; The paper is SO SMOOTH <3

The Right Wrong Choice - Chapter 1 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing, violence, smut - everything you’ve come to expect from me :* )

Genre: General/Humour/Drama/Eventual Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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This one just sort of came to me in the last few days, a new twist on Eric and Fox, I hope you enjoy it!


I’m so nervous, my hands are shaking. I try rubbing them on my pants, but it’s little help. The air around me is charged with anticipation and nervousness, so at least I’m not the only one shitting bricks right now. It’s my Choosing Day, and I’m currently sweating bullets at my Choosing Ceremony, waiting to hear my name called. The other eighteen year old Candor around me whisper and nudge each other as they wait too, I know all these people, we’ve gone to school together for years, with the exception of me and few others, everyone got Candor on their aptitude tests and plans to stay in their home faction. I got Erudite, which is a relief; I’ve never felt one hundred percent comfortable in my home faction, too much stark honesty, too much of everyone knowing each other’s business. I’m excited to go to Erudite, I love reading and learning, studying and observing. If it wasn’t for the mandatory physical education classes in school (ruined by those heathen Dauntless), then I would have spent all my time in the libraries or laboratories.

“Madeline Fawkes.” The voice of the Dauntless leader overseeing the ceremony today rings loud and clear. Oh shit, I’m up.

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Thunderiron. This is totally how it would go down.


After downing a smoothie in a couple of large gulps, hoping it would return some of his energy, Tony padded into the living room where Rhodey and Peter were watching a movie and collapsed onto the couch. With a groan he wiggled into a more comfortable position and sank deeper into the cushions. Rhodey frowned at him.

“You okay, man?”

He vaguely gestured with a wave of his hand.

“I’m exhausted. Too much sex.”

Peter audibly gulped and if Tony weren’t so spent he’d turn around to watch the enormous blush bloom across the kid’s face.

Rhodey, the traitor, laughed at him.

“I can’t believe these words just left your mouth, alert the press!”


Tony stretched his limbs, slowly, testing it out, almost suggestively, and let out a satisfied sigh.

“Man,” he commented idly and wiggled some more, “Gods don’t seem to have a refractory period… Thor is insatiable.”

Peter squeaked and Rhodey continued laughing, this time at the both of them.

“No, seriously, I’ve never had so much sex.”

“Mr. Stark…” Peter protested in an already-doomed attempt to derail this conversation.

Tony stretched some more, feeling every ache in his body.

“I am so sore,” he muttered. “Thor is hung.”

Mr. Stark!

Rhodey’s laughter grew boisterous. Tony ignored him and turned his head a little to look at the boy.

“Kid, sex is a natural part of human life, I refuse to be ashamed.”

Before he could say anything more, Thor came up behind him, and clapped him on the shoulder.

“You have conducted yourself admirably,” the Norse god declared, and then, as an afterthought: “for a mortal.”

Tony nodded along and then froze.

“Wait, what?” Scandalized, he threw his arms into the air. “I demand a rematch!”

Thor laughed.

“As you wish!”

Growing suspicious, Tony narrowed his eyes and took in Thor’s broad grin that was just this side of sly.

“You played me,” he observed, a grin already tugging at his own lips. “Well done.”

In lieu of an answer, Thor grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder, marching back out of the living room.

Help me,” he barely managed to get out between fits of helpless laughter.

“Oh God, I can never unsee this,” the kid whined.

Rhodey’s laughter followed them all the way to the bedroom.

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Being a high achiever at a young age. Studying becomes ridiculously difficult because you’ve never really had to do it. Getting anything less than an A grade on any of your exams is a fail in your eyes. Someone got a higher score than you on a test? Expect to be reminded regularly that you got beaten. You can’t even talk to your friends about how your exams went because they just tell you ‘you don’t need to worry about your scores, stop going on about it- think about us with our C grades’. Teachers ignore you because you’re a low priority student to them; you achieve in exams so they never bother asking you if you’re coping or just if you’re ok. You could’ve spent hours crying the night before a test, cramming to keep up with target grades and live up to people’s expectations, but they don’t seem to care about how much emotional torment you put yourself through because, hey, you got an A.
So next time you say ‘I wish I was that clever, it’d be so much easier’, please remember it’s not.

the amount of people hating on dream daddy disgusts me. the game hasn’t even came out and so many people are angry.

this is a very wholesome game about SINGLE QUEER MALE FATHERS.

do people realize how little attention this group of very valid people get? first off, single fathers are usually either almost fetishized in a way because “woman like a responsible attractive man with the capability of having kids” or told that they’re not good enough because of the stigma that men are not good with kids. and that’s not all!

this game isn’t trying to bash on the queer community in the slightest! vernon himself tweeted about asking queer people to test the game to make sure it was okay and not offensive. not to mention many other people on the team are queer themselves!

i get that people were excited when it was announced that there was going to be a game made including the grumps, i did too, but please don’t bash this because it isn’t revolving around the grumps or that vernon is the main person working on it and not the rest.

this is a game that him and the other creators spent so much time and effort with and i hate seeing so many people being angry about it for careless reasons.


overall, stop with all of the drama. this means so much to so many people and give it a chance. the damn thing isn’t even out yet. please just let it play out.

I’ll have you know that I jumped out of bed and drew this the moment I read the words “Wheelchair User Latino Wheatley”

I spent two hours on this and I have a test tomorrow



Sink or Swim (Sicheng)

genre: swimmer! au, high school au!, for the sports au NCT mini series @k-stagram and I are working on

summary: sicheng is a foreign exchange student at NCT School of Sports & Arts and one of the best swimmers the school has seen in years. But his English grade, might be the only thing keeping him out of the water.

“Hey y/n!”

Looking past the door of your locker, you saw your friend approaching, waving a piece of paper in the air.

“The new tutor assignments just came out, I grabbed yours for you from Mr. Kim’s office.“

She leaned against the lockers as you finished grabbing the books you needed. “Thanks! So, who did you get this time? Jaehyun hopefully?” You flashed a wink and a smile as she rolled her eyes. “Yeah don’t I wish, Jaehyun is super smart, I don’t think he will ever need a tutor.”

You and your friend were some of the smarter kids at NCT, not to brag. But you two had some of the highest test scores and GPAs in the whole school. And because of that, they asked you two, along with other students, to be tutors. However, most of the students you got paired up with were athletes. And it never failed that when you got new assignments, they were always one of NCT’s top sports stars.

“No, I got Haechan again. You know, I’m starting to wonder how that boy got here on scholarship with the grades he gets in some of these classes.”

You laughed as you closed your locker, starting down the hall with your friend as she handed you your assignment. Then looked over the tutor report of Haechan’s grades and performance in class.

“Maybe, he is actually really smart, but he just chooses to get bad grades so he can have you as a tutor. I mean, maybe he has a crush on you.” Your friend stopped in her tracks as she chuckled. “Y/n, we are talking about Haechan. That boy has never cracked a book unless it’s about football. You honestly think he is failing statistics on purpose just to spend time with me?”

Thinking about it, you realized that your thought was probably farfetched. “You’re right, let’s forget I ever even thought for a second Haechan was some secret genius.”

The two of you stopped at the coffee stand, grabbing something to drink and taking a seat during your free period. “Who do you think you got?” Eyeing your envelope, you just shrugged. “As long as it’s not Johnny Seo, I’ll be happy.”

The two of you laughing as your friend remembered the story of the last tutor session you had with Johnny. “I mean, he’s nice. But I don’t understand him getting bad grades and not being able to play, just to have tutor sessions with me. And, the fact that he tried to kiss me while I was teaching him about conjugations of the verb jugar. I mean, I get Spanish is a romance language but.” You shook your head as you opened your envelope.

“Well, it’s kind of cute. Almost like something you’d see on tv or in a movie. What, who did you get?” Your friend stopped talking about Johnny as she noticed your expression. “I got Sicheng.” “The foreign exchange student from China, who is on the swimming and diving team? Didn’t he go to the Olympics? He needs a tutor?”

“Yeah well apparently you don’t need a passing grade in English to go to Rio. He’s failing, and he can’t swim again until he gets his grade up. Well, I should go. Something tells me this assignment might take awhile.

“Sicheng, come on. It’s not that hard. Form a sentence with the words in the word box, but not all of them have to be used. So, you don’t have to use every single word. Okay?”

You’d been tutoring Sicheng for two weeks now, and his grade has only gone from an F to a D. And while that was good enough for Sicheng, it wasn’t good enough for his coach.

“Okay, check it now.”

Looking over the sentences he’d formulated, they were all correct. But it only took him thirty minutes or so to do it. And this was only the first exercise you’d done so far.

“See, why can’t you get the right answer the first time? You know what you’re doing. I think, you just rush yourself, or don’t take the time you need in order to do things right.” Writing down some notes, Sicheng just pulled out his phone, scrolling through Instagram, not thinking you’d care.

“Hey!” You grabbed his phone, turning it off and putting it in your backpack. “You have to focus. Remember what coach said, you don’t get at least a B-, you don’t get to swim at sectionals. And you have a huge test coming up that could get you the B- you need, but you have to focus and study.”

Sicheng sat quietly, a bit surprised at you being so strict with him, but he knew you were right. And you’d found the way to get him to work, threaten him with not being able to swim. Though you knew how much it hurt him to imagine not being able to swim in such a big tournament, you had to make him realize school is just as important as athletics.

Giving Sicheng another worksheet, you sat and watched as he cautiously filled it out. Looking at you every now and then before writing something down. “Sicheng, take your time. There’s no time limit or anything. okay? I’ve got all night.”

He nodded his head, giving his full attention to the worksheet, reading and rereading each question. Erasing his answers every now and then, cursing himself for making silly mistakes.

As you watched, you wondered how hard it must be. For Sicheng, being a foreign exchange student and not speaking much of anything besides Chinese. Having to make new friends, come to a new school. Sure he had swimming, but right now he didn’t even have that, unless he got the grade he needed. Before this tutoring session you honestly hadn’t ever noticed Sicheng. Mostly because your classes were in different parts of the building, or he was always by the pool in his free time. But now spending time with him, seeing he was just struggling with adjusting to a new school, it made you want to not only be a tutor for him, but a friend.

“Y/n! Y/n!”

Sitting outside working on some homework with your friend, you heard Sicheng as he came running toward you. Noticing the piece of paper in his hand, you realized he’d gotten his test score back. And this would determine whether or not he could swim at sectionals.

“Oh my god, your test!”

Practically jumping off the bench you were sitting on, you ran over to him, trying to grab the test from him. “Okay, wait.” He held it above your head, making you sigh as you waited impatiently. “Before I tell you what I got. I just want to say that I really appreciate you tutoring me. I know we spent a lot of time in the library. Sometimes probably too much time. But, whatever I got, I’m happy with it.”

You smiled at him, “You’re welcome,” then jumped and grabbed the paper while he wasn’t paying much attention. “Now let’s see.” unfolding the paper you scanned the page, looking anywhere for a B- to be written. But you didn’t find anything.

“I don’t get it, where’s the B-?”

Looking up you saw Sicheng holding the results paper that was stapled to the paper, which you ended up ripping off when you took the test from him. “It’s not there because,” Sicheng flashed the paper at you, revealing a big red A written on it. “I got an A!”

Your jaw practically hit the floor as you were shocked, you were really only tutoring him to get a B so he must have done some extra work on his own. Wrapping your arms around him, you hugged him tight, Sicheng taking a moment before reciprocating. But the two of you didn’t find it awkward considering you’d spent numerous hours together the past few weeks in the library.

“I’m so proud of you! This means you can swim at sectionals!”

Sicheng smiled wide, almost forgetting that he needed this grade in order to swim again. It had been so long since he’d been in the pool.

“Y/n, would you, like to come to sectionals? And see me swim?”

“Of course! I need to see for myself how you got the nickname Winwin!”

Sicheng smiled wide. It was like this grade on his test had made him a little less nervous at NCT. He was starting to open up more already, and you only hoped grades like this would continue so he didn’t have to sit out from swimming again.

“Awesome, well I gotta go tell coach. Then get back in the pool, I’m gonna need a lot of practice. Thanks again y/n!”

christmas eve | dylan o’brien

A/N: This was a requested one shot and it’s very different from anything I’ve ever written because it’s fluff instead of my usual smut. If you guys want to request anything, you can always send them in here! Love, J xx.

Request: By @irosietorres Hey can you do one where Dylan is married and had a little 2 year old boy, and is coming home for Christmas only to find out his wife if pregnant with his second child…?! I that that’ll be cute! #DaddyOBrien 

Word Count: 1,168

Warning: Fluff and all the feels.

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Language lessons w/ Ten
  • my baby finally got a request after so long!!! <3<3
  • it’s been 84 years since my last ten request i’m so happy lmao
  • btw, the whole request is actually ten and the reader reading each other’s languages, not only thai so yeah
  • and the cutie who requested this told me that her native language is also spanish so i’ll make a mix of spanish and thai words here lmao
  • i’ll translate everything for y’all but it may be a bit confusing lmao
  • but let’s start!!!
  • sooo,,,,,,  (◡‿◡✿)
  • probably this baby was really interested in the culture of your country and your native language even before being both of you started to date
  • he would love to ask lots of things about your country, the culture, your past everything
  • specially if you’re from a different continent, that would be the coolest thing for him
  • and he loves it when you show him photos of idk food of your country or things you do as traditions and that kind of stuff
  • he loves how happy you seem while talking about your hometown and how your eyes shine as you play cute memories inside your head
  • and when you ask the same things about thailand he gets super excited and could talk non stop for hOurs
  • he loves talking about his family and about idk his school and the places he used to go to with his friends and things like that
  • he also loves cooking thai food for you and would always laugh when you fail to pronunce the super long and complicated names of the foods
  • the thing is that him asking you to translate things to spanish or to be constantly asking you to speak for him is something normal
  • and you probably ask him to speak in thai all the time
  • “but y/n, i think i forgot how to speak thai”
  • “dON’T sAY tHAt”
  • it makes me so anxious when he says that
  • fuck no chittaphon don’t you fucking dare
  • lmao, but let’s start with the story now
  • okay sooo,,,,,  (◠﹏◠✿)
  • this little language classes happened because,,,, as i told you,,, he l o v e s hearing you talk in spanish and is constantly asking you to speak for him
  • and he would always try to copy what you’re saying and even copying your accent, and obviously doing it horribly
  • “why do you say it weird”
  • “i’m not saying it weird, that’s you accent”
  • “shut up, don’t ruin my accent”
  • and you would do the same thing whenever he speaks thai, repeating after him and failing terribly
  • “sAdRicAP”
  • “wtf y/n, no, it’s สวัสดี”
  • “sUOriCRaP”
  • “i’m done with you, y/n, i’m giving you thai classes now”
  • and basically that was what happened, lmao (。◕‿◕。)
  • y’all would like to study in the mornings, maybe in a cozy cafe were y’all can be accompanied by warm cups of coffee and maybe some pastries
  • both of you would have matching notebooks and would share pens and pencils all the time
  • and he probably gets distracted easily and ends up doing cool ass draws 
  • or he would put too much effort on his notes, trying to make them seem colorful and pretty and just taking longer to copy
  • “stop procrastinating you ผู้หญิงเลว”
  • “oh, you got it right this time”
  • he probably spent like three classes trying to teach you basic things like the alphabet and then some numbers and then test your knowledge
  • “y/n, try writting my name in thai now”
  • “i can’t even write the romanized ver of your name ten are u kidding me”
  • and then he would make you do the same thing names of other of his family members and friends, and it actually does help you study
  • and when you’re the one giving him activities to do he’s always asking you lots of stuff 24/7
  • “can you remind me how to say seven in spanish”
  • “bro, I wrote it for you in the other page”
  • “yeah i know but i’m too lazy to change the page”
  • “what am i going to do with you,,, it’s siete btw”
  • but after all he would be a great teacher and student
  • he may be always bothering you and being more focused on the pastries beside him that in his notes but you can tell that he does put effort on it
  • when both of you went to your hometown to see your family for idk christmas or smth you could tell that his spanish was pretty good
  • and he could understand lots of the things that your family would say and it left you shooketh
  • and there was a moment when your mom was like
  • “so, chittaphon, how did you learn so much spanish in.. half of a year?”
  • “well, almost every morning me and y/n gives me some lessons, but i also brought some books that help me study and even some classes online!”
  • and you werethere like :O what
  • and then he just smiles at you with that innocent smile of his like “hehe sorry”
  • and that same night before both of you go to sleep and you ask him about it he’s like
  • “i wanted to surprise you! and your family, obviously”
  • “also, you do the same thing with thai. do you think i don’t check your phone?”
  • “wow, giving you my password was a bad idea”
  • “te amo, y/n”
  • “ฉันรักคุณมากเกินไป (i think is i love you too or smth similar idk)”
  • then he would smile super widely as he looks at you with shiny eyes before kissing your lips, still smiling in the kiss
  • fuck that sounds so cute
  • “let’s go to sleep, y/n”
  • “ราตรีสวัสดิ์ (goodnight), baby”
  • okay and the end bc 0 creativity am i right
  • fuck i love ten so muchhh