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look at all those friends

c’mon Sans, gotta carry ‘em for SCIENCE (and friendship)

kuroken wedding headcanons
  • It’s a tiny thing. Kuroo does almost all the planning. Kenma doesn’t know what to expect when he gets a text saying, “be ready by six” the day before.  
  •  Kuroo picks Kenma up at the front door like it’s any other day. “I thought you said it was bad luck to see each other before the wedding,” Kenma says.
  •  "But this is the wedding,“ Kuroo says. “Come on.”
  • Kuroo takes him first to the park, and squats beside the tiny pond in the corner with heavy-hanging trees. “Do you remember this place?” Kuroo asks. “Do you remember that tree?” Kenma nods slowly says, “This is where we met.” and Kuroo nods, “I found you under that tree. I found the love of my life under that tree.”
  • “Cheesy,” Kenma says and Kuroo laughs, “It’s my wedding day i’m allowed.”

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miundy-foxy  asked:

Congratulations! /o/ Mmh colonial Hijackson, mayyyybe~?

The apprentice blacksmith who spent far too much time daydreaming about the Shepherd’s son.

Some afternoons when his workload isn’t too busy, he sketches the boy from his window, still struck with the way he moves on his impossibly long legs, and simply laughs when the sheep get away from him.