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Stop wasting your time with individuals who aren’t really all about you. Stop trying to force connections that aren’t all there, or telling yourself that maybe the reason love isn’t happening for you is because your expectations are too high. It’s not unrealistic to desire a partner that is attentive to your needs and wants, and who puts in the effort to not only get to know you, but keep you happy and feeling secure. Don’t compromise the things you value in a relationship for people who keep missing the mark. Your time could be much better spent. Some day someone is going to walk into your life and make you realize just why you should never settle, and they will be so bold and clear with their love that you’ll never have to think twice.

It’s so bizarre to try and explain your love for a celebrity and why something horrendous happening to them (like losing a parent) affects you so much. But like, this person, without question /is part of my life/. They’re in my car with me when I drive to work, they’re in my living room when I’m watching an interview. A piece of them that they spent time and effort to create is with me, it’s making me react, it’s making me feel things. When they talk about the song I drive to work to, I relate to it, I understand it, it connects me to them. When they joke in an interview it makes me laugh, when they tweet about about a feeling I /get/ it.

This love you might have for a celebrity, it’s hard to describe. It’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your family, it’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your best friend. It’s not the kind of love someone in /their/ family or friend circle will feel for them. It’s very different, but it’s still love. It’s there, I can feel it, I know what it is. Love is abstract, you can’t stick a thermometer in my heart and go “nope it’s not love”. It just is. 

In a way, all these little pieces that they’re sharing with the world become part of your life, they’re things you know and feel familiarity towards. Sometimes, when you’re having a bad day this person, without even knowing, might be the only reason you smile. When you’re so anxious the thought of just seeing another person makes your throat close up, they might be the reason you laugh. It’s bizarre because they aren’t consciously aware of it, they don’t know how these things they share are affecting other people. 

So it’s like, Louis, I don’t know you, we’ve never spoken, you wouldn’t recognize me in the street. There’s a whole, huge part of your life I don’t have a clue about, But you’ve been apart of my life for 4 years, you’ve been with me through moments I didn’t want anyone else around. There’s a warmth in my chest because of songs you’ve created and words you’ve said, things you’ve done and faces you’ve made. There’s familiarity, there’s happiness, there’s laughter and /emotion/ in my life because of you. 

 And because of the way you’re a part of my life, in a rather unconventional way, you’re a friend. There’s a relationship that can’t be explained because you have to experience it to understand it, but it’s there, it’s real. And in the same way you make me happy when you laugh or when you sing, I feel sad when you’re sad, my heart aches when you’re hurting. And part of that might just be a symptom of humanity, a reaction we all might have when we hear bad news.

Most of it though, most of it is that because of the person you are, the way you’ve chosen to be, I felt something that drew me to you. That feeling has expanded beyond just a love of what you create, but it’s grown into a love for who you are as a person. most people can’t grasp that, and it’s very challenging to articulate, but it’s there. And so, I want the world for you, I wish I could lessen your pain because without even knowing, you’ve done it for me.


Aaaand she blasts Asgore with her balls of fire a little later. Goatmom knows how to make an entrance~

I spent too much effort on this comic than I originally planned. Still, it turned out nice.

Always cherish your time with Goatmom.

Are you cherishing?


EDIT: Ugh, just realized Tumblr couldn’t show this in its actual size. Broke it down to parts so it can be read.

1.4 pounds down this week!

I feel like that doesn’t quite represent all of the effort I put in this week, but I’ll give the scale some time to catch up. I’m going to try my best to stay on track through the weekend because this week I felt like I spent the first two or three days making up for the damage I did on Saturday/Sunday. I’m so close to my next goal weight!

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 195.5 lbs.

Total loss this week: 1.4 lbs.

Total lost overall: 29.5 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 195 lbs. (0.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 2: 190 lbs. (5.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 3: 185 lbs. (10.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 4: 180 lbs. (15.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 5: 175 lbs. (20.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 6: 170 lbs (25.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 7: 165 lbs. (30.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 8: 160 lbs. (35.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 9: 155 lbs. (40.5 lbs. away)

Goal weight 10: 150 lbs. (45.5 lbs. away)

me @ me: if you spent time on your art…. and actually put effort into it… you could actually produce decent work??? like… if you actually did studies and used refs…. you could improve?? you love drawing… there’s literally no reason for you to not do this…???

me @ me: …..or…. i could not do that…. 

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Why do you think Gallavich is more popular than coliver ( should have been conniver)?

‘Coliver’ rolls off the tongue better, I think. ‘Conniver’ sounds too close to ‘conniving’… which, for this particular ship, I suppose you could take that either way lol.

Besides the obvious reasons that Gallavich has been around longer and has had a bit more time to develop a larger fanbase, their storyline is simply better written. The writers spent real time and effort developing one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen on television (before they burned it to the ground). 

I’ve always said that while I’m sure Coliver is endgame on the show, I don’t believe for a second that they’re soulmates. I still stand by this. Connor and Oliver have every possibility of being perfectly happy with other people. Gallavich on the other hand, suffer from the opposite problem. No one is sure if they are endgame anymore, but without a doubt, they are soulmates. No one could make Ian as happy as Mickey. No one understands him like Mickey. No one has been there for him like Mickey, not even his own family. And there’s not a single thing Mickey wouldn’t do for him.  

For five seasons, the writers on Shameless developed these beautiful characters and this amazing relationship. We see Mickey grow from a rough, violent, closeted thug to someone who finally finds freedom in being with the man he loves. I’ve never seen character growth that comes close to what Mickey Milkovich has given us. And I love the tragedy of it all. Right when Mickey is finally able to admit to himself (and the world) that he wants to be with Ian in every sense of the word, that’s when Ian begins to lose himself. Their relationship has been one obstacle after the next. Mickey’s time behind bars, Mickey’s father, Ian’s illness… 

And that’s not to say it’s been one sided. For the first three seasons, Ian fought tooth and nail to be with Mickey. And Ian never stopped loving him, even if it took him seven fucking seasons to say the words ‘I love you.’ This is why I still believe in Gallavich being endgame. If Ian ever utters those words to another love interest on the show, the words will be devoid of all meaning. Mickey is the only one for him. And we see this in S6 and S7 where Ian has the emotional depth of a zombie. He’s only there as a plot device to be improved by his partners. He’s like a blank slate. And when Mickey returns, so does Ian. The real Ian Gallagher. Ian and Mickey shine together on screen. They always have. They literally live and breathe together. 

I can’t say the same for Coliver. Not even close. 

I want see Yuuri skate Yuri on Ice perfectly

A lot of people are guessing and hoping that Yuuri will skate Victor’s previous FS program at the GPF, or that he’ll skate the OP song, but honestly him and Victor have spent so much time and effort and love perfecting Yuuri’s YoI FS routine for the last 8ish months it’d be really sad to see them bench it now. The song is symbolic of the entire show and who Yuuri is as a person, why abandon it at the very last moment!?

I want to see Yuuri finally land that toe flip! Nail all of his jumps! Make the crowd fall in love with him! Let us see him finally nail the song that represents his skating career and his relationship with Victor!

Yuuri and Victor can dance to Victor’s FS song together at their wedding ;)

The Paleoreference Masterfile.zip

Okay, so you know I said I’ve got something good coming?

Oh, boy. Did I ever. The ZIP file I have linked to in this post contains EVERY. SINGLE. REFERENCE. I could find in image format with regards to artistically restoring prehistoric animals accurately. There’s almost definitely more out there, and if I find them, I’ll update the file with them, but for now, this is what you have. It should be more than enough xD

Make sure you spread it around and show it to any budding palaeoartists you might know of. I spent a long time gathering all of these together, so I hope my efforts can help some people make palaeoart to as good and accurate a standard as possible.

(also yes, I know I spelled it paleoreference instead of palaeoreference, I’m sorry, okay?)

Girlfriend Hyuna

waah ;;w;; thank you! I wish the same for you! and everyone, really ^^ I’m so excited to finally get asked this one! hyuna is my wife (she’s v discreet about it though, so it’s probably why you’re not aware of this)

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  • well, buckle in ‘cause I’ve a feeling this is going to be long
  • (she’s precious to me, okay)
  • so she’s not only beautiful and talented and charismatic but hyuna’s a creative person too
  • for your birthday and Christmas (if you celebrate it) she’s more likely to give you something handmade than something store bought
  • not because it’s cheaper (she can afford to buy you a damn car if you wanted one)
  • but because she wants you to know she cares, that she spent time and effort into making a one-of-a-kind item just for you
  • or else she’ll get upset :’(
  • and her two younger brothers will probably get back at you for hurting their sister. not as in they’d beat you up or anything, but they’ll give you the cold shoulder or swap out your shampoo with toothpaste
  • they’re protective of her simply because she already deals with so much crap on a daily basis from anti’s, and she’s the only daughter in the family, and their parents are divorced; so they feel the need to look out for her
  • which means you better treat their sister right!
  • dates at the beach
  • where you spend more time enjoying hyuna than enjoying the sand, sea and setting sun
  • (but who can blame you??)

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  • dates at the zoo where she melts over the seal’s and other cute animals
  • and you two hold hands and share kisses, giving no fucks about anyone seeing, because hyuna’s a confident woman and if she wants a smooch then she’s gonna smooch, regardless of who’s watching
  • she’s also a romantic type
  • who fantasies about kissing in red phone boots on rainy days and dreams of being a mother some day, living in a nice home, with a pet or two
  • so you two can spend hours just cuddling, whispering your hopes for the future into each others necks, laughing in between shared kisses
  • this is especially common when alcohol is involved (hyuna’s kind of a lightweight tbh, like, one beer and she’s twisted)
  • she’s so supportive and caring though
  • probably has a super cute nickname for you
  • the clothes she wears and the fact that she’s a beautiful goddess will turn lots of heads
  • so if you’re insecure or small minded about what women can do with their own bodies, this might cause some issues in the relationship
  • she’s fiercely loyal so if anyone messes with you, she’ll get her revenge
  • her weight is an issue sometimes
  • since it’s hard to eat a decent meal in between working hard during practice, travelling, promoting, doing concerts, variety shows, interviews, fansigns, etc
  • so she’s become unhealthily thin once or twice before
  • which means you need to look out for her and check she’s eating well
  • for someone’s who’s been cheated on in the past, she’s not insecure or overly clingy
  • she knows she’s amazing and if you don’t appreciate that, that’s your problem
  • she likes romantic skinship, 95% of the time
  • the other 5%, she has her hand squeezing your butt
  • lbr though she’s secretly a big squishy baby and gets scared easily
  • so stick on a horror movie and watch how quickly she jumps onto your lap ;^)
  • is mischievous so she’ll get you back somehow
  • probably by leading you on so you think you’re gonna get lucky
  • then announcing she needs to walk the dog or that she’s going to bed
  • followed by beautiful evil laughter

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  • her smile saves lives
  • her phones screensaver is you and her mom or something cute like that
  • since, whenever she’s travelling, she gets pretty homesick. and by looking at that pic, she feels less sad and smiles
  • also, between ringing her mother and ringing you while touring, her staff joke that she’s never off the phone
  • after 4Minute’s disbandment and the hate she received for staying with cube (which brought up past memories and reopened old wounds of leaving Wonder Girls and getting depression) she tried wearing a smile and hoping you wouldn’t notice
  • but of course you did and when you asked “are you okay?”
  • her strong facade broke down and the persona of a sexy vixen she wears on stage broke down. and the young, cute, immature woman she is came out. which made hyuna start to cry
  • “I’m scared. that no one will like me or my music. that everyone’s going to hate me forever for not leaving cube with the other girls”
  • so make sure you support her and love her forever ❤

Childish Gambino - Me & Your Mama

On the three-part tune, Glover — who records music under the name Childish Gambino — emits a blistering gospel-rock ethos sonically reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic, OutKast and Pink Floyd.

Whereas his previous output leaned heavily on hipster-rap, here Glover merges old and current sounds, making an ambitious collage of 808 drums, live instruments and choral wails.

It begins as a lullaby: Twinkling chimes and jarring bass make up the track’s weed-induced intro; and at the two-minute mark, Glover bursts into a desperate rant of love-fueled angst. Perhaps inspired by the time spent filming in his hometown, “Me And Your Mama” easily combines Southern rap and psychedelic soul.

At its core, “Me And Your Mama” wrestles with the same gut-wrenching agony that The O'Jays and Lenny Williams did on 1973’s “You Got Your Hooks In Me” and 1978’s “Cause I Love You,” respectively.

In each instance, the vocalists make last-ditch efforts to atone or break away from romantic peril, and on “Me And Your Mama,” Glover strikes the same chord in the rawest way possible. “Girl, you really got a hold on me,” he exclaims through a tortured inflection. “So this isn’t just puppy love! [Read More]

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can you explain why John Wick is such a good film? it's just like any other action film...

Okaaaaaaaay I don’t mind ppl disliking it bc i get it i do. it’s not for everyone, especially ppl that don’t care for action movies. but saying it’s like any other action film is where i’m gonna stop you there. First of all, John wick doesn’t have that shit camera shaking thing every action movies love to have. I appreciate action movies that let me see what the hell is actually going on. It also got beautiful choreography n performance from my man Reeves. He nailed it and for a man in his fifties, he absolutely killed it. The film is so pretty to look at too AND this is what i love the most probably, the fact that guns actually have LIMITED BULLETS and you see him actually fking changing them out. This film doesn’t try to be anything else it was which is ya know an action film. You can’t watch it for the story that’s not what it’s made for. Literally the plot is him getting revenge on ppl who like killed his dog and stole his car, that’s it. The world building on this is amazing also, especially in the second film where it leads up to the promising third film which i hope is coming soon :D

Aunt Scripty’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Hey everybuddy! For us here in the US it will be 2017 in only a few hours. Down under, where my mates @scriptveterinarian and @scriptaussie live, it’s already 2017!

First off,


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Second off, I’m going to put up this list of public New Year’s Resolutions to try and keep myself more focused and on-track in 2017.

So here are my goals for this blog in 2017!

More Masterposts!
I’ve spent a lot of time answering asks this year. And that’s awesome! I love helping individual writers improve! But it’s also taken me away from what I really started this blog to do, which was to write masterposts. So I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more of them. My ultimate goal is getting back to 3 masterposts a week, on a M/W/F schedule.

If I can publish 156 masterposts a year, I’ll be one happy Scripty. (I doubt it. I doubt it hard. But it’s a goal.)

That may, but hopefully will not, mean sacrificing time spent answering asks. I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear, but that’s the brutal truth: Aunt Scripty only has so many hours in a day, a lot of this stuff takes a shocking amount of research, and she has two jobs, a fellowship coming up, and a wife to cuddle. (This last bit is the most important bit. I love you baby.)

Asks help a single writer. Masterposts help everybody.

Yes! Yes yes yes. You have asked for books. I’m not there yet to writing a full-length book type thing, but I AM working on an ebook!

In even better news, the ebook that I am working on will be absolutely freaking free. Given away. No charge. Gratis. Freeeeeeee!

(It won’t be huge, but it WILL be free!)

Are you excite?! I am excite.

Book reviews!
This is one of those things I want to do. I want to start reviewing pieces of medical fiction.

Anatomy of a Medical Drama Series  
One of the most interesting thing about medical shows, or medical fiction, is that even when they get things wrong, the format—the storytelling—works. This is a series I intend to write about what the formulas are that drive various works of medical fiction, how to leverage them to your own advantage—and maybe even how to subvert them!

Disease Profiles for Writers
This is a series of posts talking about one disease at a time, its usefulness in fiction, the most mild to most severe forms, and likely treatments your characters will be on.

These are intended as guides to making sure your characters can have realistic presentations of diseases, from the Common Cold all the way to Congenital Analgesia.

They don’t even have to start with the letter C!  

Secret Project

This is one I PROMISWEAR you will find out about in the next week or so, but there is BIG news coming soon in the Scriptyverse. (Yes, on top of the little eBook I’m working on!)

So Watch This Space!

This coming year is going to see some CRAZY THINGS here on ScriptMedic (and for the rest of the ScriptX Family!). I’m so excited!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand how someone can just watch as their life goes to shit.

Especially when they are fully aware of what they’re doing and voice that they don’t want to live this way.

When they voice that they recognize that they use people and that their actions are almost always selfish and that they do not take into consideration other people’s feelings when making decisions but they do not even make an effort to change their behavior.

When the only time they can drop their ego low enough to apologize is when they’re drunk and their sentences are bordering on incoherent. The only time they admit that they’re a liar and a cheater and a lousy friend is when they won’t remember it the next morning.

How many people have to stop believing in them until they realize that they can’t just lie to everyone and say they’re a good person and expect them to believe them?

I’ve spent too many years running around in this circle waiting for them to put down the bottle and truly apologize for their actions.

  • kitty to anyone but kurt: i love kurt wagner so much hes so great. fuck u if you dont like him he is literally the most amazing person in the whole world he is so pure. did u know he spent a week learning to moonwalk and like he still cant do it just right but he just has such a good time doing it and how can u not like him he is literally the sunshine and i love him. he is mine. i hug him anytime i want and he is my best friend. see this bracelet? he made it for me. ok i made it but he tried to make it bc he is the best but he cant actually tie knots but he did his best okay and his effort was 100000% appreciated and did i mention i love kurt wagner.
  • kitty to kurt: ew ur such a nerd go away.

ok so at least in the mcr fandom, reposting is a huge problem. i constantly see reposts on my dash and the tags these days are like 50% reposts when it comes to gifs/photosets/graphics so i’ve been wanting to make a post on how to spot reposts.

of course, you can’t expect yourself to always be looking for reposts or to even spot all of them, but it’s good to have in mind cause some reposts end up getting thousands of notes which sucks for the people who spent their time and effort making them.

so, how to spot a repost?

  • if weheartit is the source, it’s a repost. every time. regardless of fandom. do not reblog things with weheartit as the source.
  • people don’t do this as much now i find, but a few years back and earlier on tumblr, most people watermarked their original content with either just their url or ‘url | tumblr’ or something similar. if you see a recent post in a tag with a url that doesn’t match the url of the poster, it’s almost definitely a repost. if you see it on your dash with a couple hundred notes but the url doesn’t match, i usually go to the url on the watermark and see if that blog still exists or if they’ve linked to their more recent url, if some hunting brings you to a different blog than the person who posted the version you’ve seen, its a repost.
  • pay attention to the captions of posts. if the caption is something like ‘too cute!’ or ‘omg!’ or something like that, i tend to assume its a repost. the real content creators generally caption with a link to the source of the photo or video thats they’ve edited/gifed or something along those lines. this isn’t always the case but if you’re not sure, i usually check the blog which ties into my next point -
  • if you go to the blog of the poster and all of their posts are ‘original posts’ (aka not reblogs) but they’re gifs of all different sizes, qualities, styles, etc. you might want to assume that this is like…a serial reposter. plenty of people do this unfortunately. 
  • pay attention to the tags. i find that most people who create original gifs and edits will tag their work with ‘my gif’, ‘my edit’, ‘mine’ or something along those lines. this isn’t always true, again, but it would be another time i’d check the persons blog to see what else they’re posting. if the tags on a gif are evry band member, 10 different variations of the band name, and then a bunch of bands or band members that aren’t even related to the post, i usually assume that this is someone just trying to get notes and followers as opposed to getting people to see their work. not always true, but use your discretion.
  • if it’s a post of all different gifs of the same band member as an ‘appreciation post’ for their smile or a certain hairstyle or something but the gifs are all different sizes and not put together as a gifset in any way, just a ‘list’ of gifs or whatever, it’s usually just an entire post of reposts. i wouldn’t reblog it.
  • REPOSTS WITH CREDIT DON’T COUNT! tumblr dot com created the reblog feature for a reason. so even if the person who posts it says ‘not my gifs but credit to whoever made them’ or even if they say ‘credit to:’ and link or name the original creator, that does not count. it’s a repost. i don’t care how much you like a gifset, you don’t get to post it as your own. reblog it from the op, tag it with how much you love it. message the creator to tell them you like it. don’t just repost it and give them credit.
  • i’ve also seen a lot of screenshots of text posts. or screenshots of entire gifsets and their captions getting notes. this is dumb and not how tumblr works. if you see an image of a text post, don’t reblog it. if you like it that much you can google the post with quotations and you should be able to find it so you can reblog it.

most of all, use your discretion. like i said you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for reposts, but it is a huge problem right now and you should be aware of that, especially if you’re someone that makes original content as i’m sure you wouldn’t want your own work reposted. feel free to add on to this post if you have any more suggestions!

I wanted to reply to this but I don’t know how to reply when someone just comments on the post. So, here it is.

I get what you’re saying, it’s always nice when a writer replies to comments. Most of the time I do when people leave comments on my work.


Why should you bother to leave a comment on an authors work if the author doesn’t reply to you…

Uh, because this person spent time and effort to create a work that you read and possibly enjoyed. That’s why. Not because you want the author to respond back to you. Sure it would be nice but that’s not the point.

I work at Subway. I’m going to make an analogy. It doesn’t quite fit because you go into the store and order a sub, and you don’t ‘order’ a fanfic, it’s already there. But… I’m trying to make a different point here.

Let’s say you are having a party. You order twenty foot long subs. I make them for you, I took my time putting them together, didn’t make them sloppy, did my best to give you great sandwiches that you would enjoy. We are done with your sandwiches, I ring you up and you pay and are on your way out. You say ‘Thank you’ and leave. Once in your car with your twenty nice subs you think ‘well, that was rude, they didn’t say ‘you’re welcome’.’

Okay, yeah, it would have been better customer service to say something back to your ‘thank you.’

But you still have twenty sandwiches, food to enjoy, a finished product.

So… let’s say you read an entire fanfic. You read twenty well-written chapters that took this person time and energy to create. It’s obvious that they put effort into this and wanted the readers to enjoy it.

When you’re finished reading you leave a comment to show the reader you are grateful that you had something good to read that is to your tastes–it’s in your fandom, it has your favorite character or pairing, etc.

The writer, however, doesn’t respond to your comment, so you’re upset.

It’s not enough that you had twenty sandwiches.

As I said I get that it would always be nice if the writer replies to you. It helps to create community. But I still think this is a crappy reason to stop leaving comments on stories. Sometimes a writer may not say thank you, but the comments will keep pushing them to create good content for you, so it is to your advantage. If I have grouchy, mean, shitty customers all day long, who seem like they don’t appreciate anything, I’m going to be in a bad fucking mood by the end of my shift, and I’m probably not going to be caring as much about going the extra mile to make my product the best I can. I’m just going to want to go home and never look at another sandwich (or another blank word doc) ever again.

But when I have a customer who says a kind word to me, or hits the little bell by the cash register which means I made them a ‘perfect’ sandwich, or just says a simple ‘thank you’… well, that makes it okay that I am doing this job for very little pay (or in the case of fanfic, FOR FUCKING FREE) and I think ‘hey, I actually like my job today, and I feel kind of good about myself.’

Do you know what I think when someone comments on my fanfiction?

‘hey, I actually want to continue this story, I feel kind of good about myself, my writing must not be total shit.’

And I am eager to make another sandwich for my customers to enjoy.

I really feel like this is splitting hairs to complain that the writer may not respond directly to your comment. The ‘you’re welcome’ response you want to your comment might not be a direct reply but it’s another chapter of the story you liked, or a new fic, or I don’t know, just be decent and leave the comment without expecting anything in return since you’ve already gotten an entire story to enjoy.

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Hi dear!! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~I've spent 2 hours looking at ur pics and read ur story today and i have to say YOU'RE STUNNING omg.. i can't even believe it's ts3 because the sims, the editing, the scenery are all SO beautiful and i can tell you put so much effort in it to make every post so vivid and touching! i was like, WOW!! I used to play ts3 for a few years but finally my laptop crashed. i miss this game and ur pics remind me so much of the "good old times” <3 *huge hug* please continue!! ♡

OMG!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ I really really really admire your screen shots posts (especially “The important day”), so I take this as a huge compliment.

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Continue? Having your mssg in my inbox today and also all support from my friends here, of course I’ll do my best to continue this story^^ you guys are my greatest power~ nyahaha

Keep being Stunning as always eve! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ ❤️️

So school is wrecking me. It’ll be well worth the effort, but I spent the past two years getting used to having nothing required of me after work. Now with full time work and full time online school, I find myself scrambling to make the adjustment, and slash my free time properly.

I must apologize again, I have to either delay today’s chapter or skip a week. I didn’t do as much in my first week of online school as I should have, now I need to catch up. However, I love writing “A Most Interesting Krewe”, and after this week of hell, I plan to stop being stupid about my time. It will still be a heavy workload, but manageable, and I will keep getting chapters out.

I’ve said it multiple times but I’ll say it again, I really appreciate all you fans out there. I haven’t gotten a single complaint to any delays I make, and that’s been amazing. You all get that life happens, and I’ll continue to preach my appreciation for that.

Alright, little break is over, time for a bit more school before bed!