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SISTAR Handwritten Letters to Fans

“7 years have already passed by I think I felt especially happy and less stressed because of the members that stood by me, as well as our STAR1.Looking back, I feel saddened and sorry that we didn’t get to spend as much time with our fans. No matter how I present myself on whatever stage, I will never forget my love for our members and fans.I love you …. I’m sorry … and thank you. I’ll be releasing good music Fighting, everyone, until the very end.” — Soyou

“Hello Star1. This is Bora.Every year I say that the fans make me happy and I’ve had so much fun and been so happy for the past 7 years.The time that the SISTAR members have spent with Star1 were very precious and happy times. It seems like I have reached further out than my efforts have shown. I feel more and more sad that I wasn’t able to show an even better side of myself during SISTAR’s promotions.For me, it was difficult to always show a bright image but the fans always gave me even more strength. In the future, I will never forget to this image and continue being strong. I got a lot of memories while writing this. Now, the members will all be going their separate ways, I will be cheering for them.But it’s not like you all won’t ever see me. In the future, I will put in the effort to show a good image of myself as Yoon Bora.To everyone who loved both SISTAR and Bora, to everyone who stuck with us, thank you. It was a happy time. I will be happy in the future too. I love you.”— Bora

“To all the STAR1s who have loved and supported SISTAR, this is SISTAR’s leader Hyorin.It’s already been 7 years since SISTAR debuted and the time I spent as Hyorin of SISTAR with the members and the fans was priceless and like a dream. The members of SISTAR have chosen to continue on a new path to move onto our second stage in life.STAR1, you guys have showed us how happy it can be to get up on stage, sing, and be loved by someone…and we thank you for that. With great sadness, we will continue to support each other and grow and show you a better side of us. The members and STAR1 will forever be in my heart and thank you for giving me more love than I deserve. I thank you with all my heart, and I love you..” — SISTAR’s Leader Hyorin

“For our fans, STAR1!I’m very sorry for greeting you guys after such a long time. I have so much I want to say to you guys that I am having trouble thinking of what to say first.It’s been 7 years since we debuted as SISTAR. I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported us throughout all these years.Thanks to the continued love and support, we were able to continue as SISTAR for such a long time. I really believe it’s because of you guys that everyone in our group along with myself, got here.It is with a heavy heart that I say that we will be disbanding after this album. We wish you guys will support us with our individual activities and we will return the favor as well.I will work harder and stronger from now on to connect with my fans even better.Cheer for us! Thank you.” — Dasom

Hawk does commissions!

I will draw…ANYTHING

okay not anything(negotiations via pm)

Keep in mind these prices are estimated, they may vary on the time spent on the drawing, and the level of details. Please, send a PM to @hawker-rawr-is-watching-you​ if you want to commission me.


  • Sketches: 3$
  • Coloured sketches(flat): 10$

  •  Coloured sketches w/ shading: 12$

  •  Lineart: 12$

  • Chibis (fully coloured only): 20$ 

Now, I want to I make special emphasis on thie next two categories as digital paintings and fully coloured pictures require a lot of dedication and effort. So the prices will vary specifically in these two categories.

  •  Fully coloured: 60$

  • Digital painting: if you want to put me through hell this may cost you over 85.

Extra characters:

  For sketches: 3

 For coloured sketches, chibis and lineart: 15

  For fully coloured pictures and digital paintings: 35


  For sketches, coloured sketches and lineart: 5

 For chibis, fully colored pictures: 20

 For digital paintings: 40

Currency: American dollars.

Payment method: Paypal or Payoneer 

A rocky start

Some Context: one of my fellow players in a game is a rock golemn named Scoria. This exchange happened when the GM asked us on skype if we were available to play over the upcoming weekend:

GM: what’s the weekend plans guys?

Scoria: I am ready to roll.

GM: But are you ready to rock?

Scoria: You’re a real gem, GM

Player: stfu

Scoria: I’m sorry, shale we talk about this later?

Player: How dare you

Scoria: I got a bit boulder

Player: I s2g

Me: I think the puns rock. Perhaps you’re just too impatient to wait for a really nice one to crystallize. In the meantime you’ll just be losing your marbles over some lime jokes

Player: Why do you do this to me?

GM: Because we love you. Granite, we’re not very nice people.

Me: I wanted to throw out more puns in response, but I’ve hit a wall. They’re really too hard. Player is right, we should all some back down to Earth and start over, you know, with a clean slate. No more forced rock puns to stalagnate our conversations

Player: F***ING

Me: Uh oh, I’ve sent your and my relationship down a rocky road. Maybe if I’m gneiss you’ll be willing to drop all this grit and work with my based on sediment alone.

Player: z;ldkfjgn;zkjb

Me: I suppose I have norite to ask for forgiveness. Of quartz, I’ve earned your skarn. If you can’t forgive me I’ll just have to boulder on without you.

Player: why do you hate me?

Me: I don’t, I just love puns. But I’m done. I spent a solid 10 minutes reading up on names of rocks. It’s too much effort and I’m not even the rock golemn who should be making these puns.

Player: I’ll just silt over here and be quiet then

Scoria: I was driving!

Me: I’ve put more effort into thinking of rock puns in the last hour then I think you’ve done in entirety of the time you’ve played as Scoria. Not that I’m really keeping Scor(ia).

i actually feel so mad rn that we have gone through all this effort, people have spent time making petitions and constantly promoting the get down, people have spent time doing special week long events to promote it, people have used the hashtag like every day since pt2 dropped and still netflix is silent. give us a fucking answer already. at least let us know if we’re wasting our time? 13 reasons why already got renewed and it came out way after the get down and they didn’t have to do jack shit. you should know by now if you are going to renew it or not!! it’s really disappointing having to wait this long for a yes or no. and i’m sad on behalf of the writers who still don’t know either? they deserve to know if they’re getting renewed. don’t leave them hanging 😑

Supergirl season 3: Wishes!

So now that Season 2 is officially over here are some of the things that I’d like to see in the 3rd season:

  • Kara developing more as a reporter
  • Learning some more backstory about Krypton and Kara’s biological family
  • The return of Danvers Sisters couch movie nights
  • Game nights that include Lena
  • Lena interacting with people outside of her friendship with Kara. I want to see Lena being included by the Superfriends.
  • More of Martian Man hunter and Miss Martian working together with Supergirl
  • James Olsen
  • The Guardian and Supergirl fighting alongside one another
  • Lucy Lane being mentioned
  • Lucy Lane making reappearances, whether that be on the phone, via video chat or actually being in the DEO. I miss her and I want her back at least once.
  • More Space Dad/Papa Bear hugs with his adoptive children
  • A good Sanvers wedding that isn’t rushed and has the time and effort spent developing their connection.
  • Lena and Winn working together on a project.
  • More James backstory,
  • More costume designs.
  • Lena’s apartment, does she live at L Corp? - we don’t know because we’ve only really seen her there (for the most part).
  • More Kara/Lena interactions.
  • Supercorp or Karolsen becoming canon.
  • Gertrude the dog.
  • The love story of Alex and her gun
  • Lyra developing as a character and not treating Winn so horribly.
  • Platonic relationships being utilised
  • Cat and Lena interactions
  • Winn interacting with his hero crushes (aka Clark and James)
  • Alex and Kara getting to talk about their issues
  • A possible return of Live Wire
  • Crossover with the Flash but on Kara’s Earth so that Alex and Winn get to interact with more of Team Flash
  • Kara developing as a person, developing her friendships, her work, learning as a person that isn’t tied to a relationship right from the start.
  • An episode or two where Lillian Luthor returns.

What I definitely do not want to see is the return of Mon-El. I like that he left, I like that Kara isn’t with him because it wasn’t a healthy relationship. It wasn’t an equal relationship and I don’t think it furthered Kara’s story line in any way. Mon-El leaving was something I’d wanted since he came in and I think having him return would not further the plot, he’s proven that he isn’t a hero, he’s proven that he is disrespectful, rude, sexist and selfish. I don’t want to see that kind of character in a show that I love and if he comes back it would be a waste (in my opinion). There are so many other options, there are so many other characters that we as a fandom would love to see return more: Lucy, M’gann, Cat. These are all amazing characters, these are all kick-ass women who I can relate to. I want to see family, I want to see friendship and I want to see love based on mutual trust and understanding, of equal footing and of kindness and loyalty. Mon-El doesn’t bring any of those things to the show. Supergirl should always be the heart of the show and hopefully in Season 3 we can see more of that.

Beauty and the Beast

A/N: A small drabble about one of my fav movies ever. 

This was the 4th time that Dean had joined you, this week. You were certain that he would have hated it the first time he saw the classic movie but each time he heard the familiar opening song, he came barreling towards your shared room and pulled you into his arms. The bed would always sink under his weight, forcing you to rest your head on his chest as he mumbled along to some of the songs.

“Okay, what gives? Since when do you like Disney?” you asked, pausing the movie. He protested, wanting to finish it. Standing at the foot of the bed with both your hands on your hips, you didn’t waver in your stare. A blush dusted his cheeks, emerald eyes darting nervously around the room.

“What? Is it a crime to like Disney now?”

“No, but since when do you like it? You’ve watched Beauty and the Beast with me every single time that I’ve watched it…what gives?” You didn’t want to make it a huge deal, frankly, you were overjoyed that Dean wanted to just lounge around and cuddle with you as you watched your favorite Disney movie – but there was something more that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“It’s stupid,” he mumbled, fiddling with his fingers. The first time he saw it, he swore he was gonna hate it. But when he actually payed attention the film, he would rather eat vegetables than admit that he was obsessed with it.

“Please, just tell me! I promise I won’t laugh, I’m just genuinely curious,” Crawling across the bed and over to his side, he knew there was no way he was going to get out of this conversation. With a sigh of defeat, he easily picked you up and sat you on his lap, gingerly tracing the skin that was exposed to the cool air of the night. The shirt that you were wearing was undoubtedly his, from the way it dwarfed you, the dark plaid was unlike anything your normally wore – he took pride in the fact that you willingly chose to rest in something of his.

“I like it because it reminds me of us.”

It took you a moment to process what he had said. He scowled as he saw you trying to fight off a grin.

“I knew you were gonna think it’s stupid!” he groaned, wanting to leave the room. However, you quickly wrapped your arms around him, a wide smile he couldn’t resist, gracing your lips. “Y/N, just let me go,”

“No, no. Stop, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I just – it’s cute.”

“That’s even worse!” He flopped himself onto his stomach, ignoring your giggling as you tried to get him to face you.

“Dean! Come on, I just want to understand.” You whined, “I will sit on you!”

His shoulder moved, indicating that he was chuckling at you. It only served to become even more persistent in your efforts to get him to open up. He had clearly spent quite some time thinking about this. He finally peaked out over his arms at you, taking in your messy hair and silly euphoric grin.

“You’re Belle and I’m the Beast,” he stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Immediately your defenses went up, not knowing if something negative was going to come out of this. He must’ve seen the wariness in your eyes and quickly tried to explain himself. “The way we met, the way we, um, the way we fell in love. The beautiful, intelligent woman falling for the monster. It just, it reminds me that you chose me. Despite everything, despite who I am the life I live and the hell I drag you through…you chose me, Y/N.”

           Your heart constricted inside your chest, your throat tightened making it difficult to breathe. Oh, Dean.

“You got all this from a Disney movie?” you questioned breathlessly, eyes watering as you brushed your hands through his hair. He smiled sheepishly, hoisting himself up to face you.

“I do love a good chick flick moment, sweetheart.” He merely shrugged, hands placed on either side of your face and gently pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

“I’m always going to choose you, Beast.”

With a playful growl, his broad frame tackled you to the bed - endless laughter filling the shared room and for once you felt like a princess. A badass princess with a handsome beast. 

it’s like- the worst thing about this all is not even people telling me I’m annoying, it’s when they insult my editing that’s when I wanna fucking go out and hunt those fuckers. My Longest beat drop video took me 5 hours to edit and record, then a extra hour to render, an extra hour for the thumbnail

When it comes to longer videos I go through literally 6 hours of footage- which in return makes the editing time longer to about 8 hours, this time 2 hours of render and then.. well.. again another hour for the thumbnail

Why do people think editing is brainless, it’s fucking hard. You have to be constantly motivated, I don’t just put raw footage on youtube, I literally go through it all to leave the funniest stuff in. 

I’m currently working on a video that I’ve already spent 2 hours on and i’m only 5 minutes into the video because I’m adding a few more jokes than usual. 

I put effort into my content and I am fucking proud of it. 

What more people need to realise is that how well you speak a language is dependent on a ton of external factors which can change from one day to the next, including but not limited to your mood, your level of tiredness, your knowledge of what it is you’re talking about, and your level of comfort with the person/people you’re speaking to or the situation you’re in.

Last Monday, basically directly after the attacks, I just couldn’t make my French work in class when I wanted to speak to them and had to revert to English to be able to say anything at all.
The following day, I spent like 20 minutes in 3 different classes ranting in French about people not putting enough effort in and what they could/should be doing better, and my French was spot on right through and basically for the entire day.

Sometimes a language just doesn’t work for you, sometimes you can figure out why but other times it’s just inexplicable, and it’s frustrating and discouraging but it happens and you have to know that that does not in any way mean you’re bad or not making progress overall.

With the special edition of Journal 3 coming out, I decided to re-read my current copy and talk about some parts that caught my eye that I don’t think get talked about as much.

One bit that always stuck out to me was the fortune telling pages, when the Hand Witch gives Ford a series of cryptic warnings regarding his rapidly-looming fate if he continues to put his trust in Bill.

@losersday made a good breakdown of the whole sequence here, but I’m only going to be focusing on the palm reading part. Namely, what the Hand Witch says about Ford’s life-line, and an earlier part of the witch’s prediction where she mentions Ford will “live two lives” :

You will live two lives and both of them too short…unless you change now.” - The Hand Witch


Some have guessed that this may be a nod to the Two Swords card that Ford received during his Tarot reading, but I propose a slightly theory.

When Stan inevitably pushes him through the portal and into the Nightmare Realm, Ford’s life as he knows it is essentially “over.” He no longer has a home or a stable safe haven, leaving him to wander dimensions aimlessly. His time and energy is diverted into survival, outrunning bounty hunters looking to collect the reward Bill has placed on his head, and searching for a means to defeat Bill once and for all. Even when he does find adventure and dimensions he likes, they can’t last long before he must move on to the next dimension. Ford certainly survives, and even thrives, within the multiverse, but he arguably doesn’t live.

At least, not until he returns to Gravity Falls.

Ford admits to Dipper that it’s been a long time since he’s had any sort of friendly company, and even in the journal he expresses his surprise that he’s been able to have fun spending time with Dipper. As the series goes on, it’s clear that Ford has gone without companionship and a lot of the little things he once found enjoyment in when he was younger, and and a major part of Ford’s character arc in a way is rediscovering the things he cared about. The last stretch of the summer Ford spent at the shack opened his eyes to what was truly important to him and what he almost lost after being blinded for so long by anger, vengeance, and a desire to be the lone hero. And by the end of the series he’s reached out to everyone he severed ties with and made amends, allowing him to start over and “live” again.

But I think part of the witch’s warnings about Ford’s two lives being “too short” hangs over his head the most.

Despite all the efforts Ford has made to make up for lost time, the witch’s prediction seems to indicate that he will always carry regret over the fact that there was ever lost time to make up for at all. That he could’ve continued living and avoided missing out on the things he cared for altogether had he listened to the warnings everyone was giving him sooner.

Ford (most likely) missed his mother’s funeral. He missed the birth of Dipper and Mabel. He likely missed major milestones in Shermie’s life, and later missed Shermie’s passing. He’s missed dozens of birthdays, holidays, reunions. Those are moments in a life you can’t really ever get back, no matter how long you spend making up for lost time.

If Bill’s comment about Ford having a heart attack at 92 is accurate, then Ford theoretically has roughly another 30 years to spend with Stan, Mabel, Dipper, etc. and make up for all the things he has missed out on. Mind you 30 years is a long time, certainly plenty to mend burnt bridges and rebuild a life with. But 30 years is also a long time to have been gone, so even that may still feel too short in Ford’s eyes. There are still a lot of things that Ford has missed out on that can never really be replaced.

Which is probably the real tragedy of Ford’s fate. No matter how much time he does have left to spend with with his family and friends, for the rest of his life Ford has to live with the knowledge that he could’ve had more time.

Sherlocked USA write up and a discussion on my place in fandom after this

So first off, I’ll preface this by saying that this weekend at the con was a huge wake up call for me about how toxic the fandom can be. I mean, tumblr has always been a pretty negative place masquerading as a positive one, but after series 4, the Sherlock/Johnlock/TJLC fandoms have gotten out of control.

I had an excellent time at the con. I got to meet tons of new friends, met the guests, cosplayed femlock, bought beautiful prints and artwork, flew on a plane for the first time, visited the west coast for the first time, connected with people in really awesome ways, etc. I went to this event and had a very chill, fun experience.

And so there was a huge disconnect for me when I realized that this event I was enjoying was being torn apart in the fandom in real time, that people who spent considerable money and effort to be at the con were using it as a way to be informants about TPTB and spread hate. I almost regret making my post about asking Moffat and Gatiss about garridebs - I have been curious to know their answers and I know many others have as well, but I asked them politely, had a polite discussion about it, didn’t use it as a way to be hateful, and still people managed to spin my post in a hateful way.

This is also lot to mention how many people, prior to the con, thought it would be appropriate to wank on those of us who would be going and “giving our money to Mofftiss”, and pat themselves on the back for being smart enough to not go. Some of my friends did this. I saw it happen. It sucked. Then, the whole tone shifted - those of us going were suddenly saints taking one for the team, and everyone expected us to dish everything that happened or that as said so that TPTB could be crucified on here. It’s so fucked up and childish and unhealthy and it would have been a ginormous waste of my money and time and planning to use the con for that purpose.

I spoke with every guest, some at considerable length, including TPTB. I didn’t feel as though I were meeting celebrities, I felt as though I had conversations and spent personal time with human beings. It’s vastly different to complain about Mofftiss online, and then to look Mark and Steven in the eyes, two feet away, sat at the same small table, and remember they’re people. My friend and I have the same views on this. Sue Vertue was a lovely woman to speak with in person and she actually addressed the hate they all receive online - and she seemed concerned and afraid. It’s unacceptable.

What else is unacceptable is how this sort of hate has just been tolerated in the fandom. Paige and I, and several other friends, had a very long and private conversation late in the evening with someone with the con, close to the actors and in with the BBC, that really enlightened me. Famous people often come under hate, harassment, obsession, etc - but hearing some of the awful details about Sherlock guests, given that I’d just met them as people, really hit me. I got to hear of some of the questions/rants that people submitted online, and they were hateful. It’s just not alright to send death threats to someone’s house, or tell them they didn’t deserve their real life partner just because you don’t like a character they play on TV, or to spend your time being a fuckwad that hates on people you don’t even know.

So, that said, I’m taking a gigantic step away from the fandom. I still have great friends here, I see that there are still (hopefully mostly?) civilized human beings in the fandom, I like writing and reading fanfic, I like fun theories, etc. But I take a look at all the negative discussions on here, the hate, the wanking, some truly pathetic and creepy behavior, etc - and I am just exhausted by it and want no part in it. I’m blocking or ceasing interaction with anyone who contributes to this. Nothing personal, you don’t have to agree with me, but I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Unfollowed me, please, if our views here don’t align! I’m doing what I think is best, I expect the same of everyone else.

Also, on a related note, to be completely transparent, I am disgusted by the “Ben’s family is fake” discourse that is lumped with Freebatch, perpetuated by welovethebeekeeper. If you support this, reblog it, or contribute to it, sorry, but I won’t be dealing with you. She and the others involved with this need serious help. I will never understand how someone can think that digging so deep into someone’s personal life, either because they want to affirm some creepy ship between actual real life peiple or because they act like Ben’s biggest fan and that they know him and that he even knows they exist, is okay. It’s not okay at all. It’s gross and creepy and some of the harassment associated with it is probably illegal. So yeah. None of that, thank you.

Anyway, I hate to sound like an asshole. I’m just fed up with the negativity. Feel whatever you want about Sherlock, about series 4, about queerbaiting, about Freebatch, but I know there’s a healthy and constructive way to deal with what you feel about something, and then a very unhealthy way. I can’t and won’t keep up with the negativity anymore.

Friends who are civilized people, let’s keep being friends! :) Tag me and share with me your fics, your art, your respectful theories, your shenanigans, your selfies, your everything. You’re all great and I’m glad there is still a positive presence hanging around! 💕


Aaaand she blasts Asgore with her balls of fire a little later. Goatmom knows how to make an entrance~

I spent too much effort on this comic than I originally planned. Still, it turned out nice.

Always cherish your time with Goatmom.

Are you cherishing?


EDIT: Ugh, just realized Tumblr couldn’t show this in its actual size. Broke it down to parts so it can be read.


Because I’ve seen a lot of reposting happen recently, I feel like somethig should be said.

Dont steal/repost peoples edits and/or gifs!

I cant make gifs and i know depending on what or how much you edit, they can take a lot of time and effort to make and its an awful feeling when you see people steal your creations.

If you want to use them in edits or aesthetics always ask the creators first and if they say yes, only then can you use it.

If I use a gif or someones image theyve created, I ask if I can use it and I always credit them when I post whatever I’ve done.

Just think about the people who’ve created them first. Think about how they’d feel.

Imagine it was yourself. Imagine if you spent 2 hours making an amazing edit, you watermarked it and posted it to tumblr and it gets about 100 notes. Now imagine that someone else has reposted it, deleted the watermark, re uploaded it and a YouTuber/popular blog reblogged it and it end up wih hundred maybe thousands of notes?

If it happened to me I would be pissed off but also Id be devastated.

So please don’t repost other peoples creations.

This has been a PSA


I put far too much effort into this show…the year 198X is set in is 1986, because that was the only year in the 80′s that had a friday on Halloween. Also, Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ came out 2 years prior, and ‘The Breakfast Club’ in 1985; which makes sense for both Hannah and Amanda to reference them. 

me @ me: if you spent time on your art…. and actually put effort into it… you could actually produce decent work??? like… if you actually did studies and used refs…. you could improve?? you love drawing… there’s literally no reason for you to not do this…???

me @ me: …..or…. i could not do that…. 


Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to save money to go back to school in the fall semester but it’s been pretty hard with all my expenses so I decided to go back to commissions. 

This time I will only work on paintings and stylistic sketches. They help me improve and they’re more fun to make. I know they’re a little bit on the pricey side, but from previous experiences, I do believe they’re worth the money considering the time and effort spent on them…also results are pretty good, I think… I mean I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve seldom ever had to go back and alter a commissioned piece for a client.

I would really appreciate a reblog if possible. It will help me a lot. 

If you’re interested in commissioning me, just message me here or email me at asmasartdump@gmail.com. I also enabled direct messaging for everyone so you can use that if it makes you more comfortable.

Payments will be done through my paypal so please consider any extra charges made for using the service.

Paint || Jason Blossom

A/N: So sorry this took so long and I went inactive again but my birthday just passed so I was busy! I don’t know if I like this but the request was really good and I loved the idea of Jason asking you to paint him! I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to request more!

Warnings: Swearing ( as always )

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.


The first time he saw you was when you were painting. He vividly remembered walking around the school, seeing you painting by a tree outside, it became the very first thing he thought of when he remembered you.

The second time was a day later, when he realized you were in a few of his classes. He notices the quiet (H/C) figure in the back now, unlike before. Something strange was felt whenever his gaze wandered to you after that.

It was a strange feeling, weighing him down and making him feel light all at once, it scared him at times. Naturally he hid any of this from his family and friends, continuing to be the obnoxious Jason Blossom everyone knew.

Very quickly he began to see you everywhere, not just in his classes. It was almost as if you were always where he was, most of the time painting, but there were moments where you didn’t have your equipment with you, and seemed to be listening to music.

His feelings became more prominent every single time he saw you. He began noticing small details about you, small little details that wouldn’t matter to the average person, but for some reason meant the world to him.

For a month Jason would gaze at you from afar, luckily not being noticed by you or anyone else. After the first month he wasn’t as worried about getting caught, and became less cautious during the moments he spent glancing your way.

The second month you finally noticed him looking at you, immediately giving him an odd look and walking away from your spot. That night Jason almost caused a dent in his car after scolding himself for being so stupid and careless.

Jason had thought he scared you off, surely you would tell people that the notorious Jason Blossom had been caught staring at her. To his surprise however, nobody said a word about it, and you continued going to the same spots you went to as if none of it happened.

Once the third month rolled around Jason started seeing you at his football games, sometimes he swore he saw you looking at him. His feelings grew even stronger and he didn’t understand why he suddenly felt the way he did.

He began considering speaking to you privately, one of the main things preventing him from doing so was his reputation. If he was seen in a serious relationship with you, his ‘friends’ on the football team would surely ruin it for the both of you, not only harassing you but probably going after Jason once they realized it was serious.

The fourth month was frustrating, he had walked out after deciding to speak to you privately when he noticed you at your usual spot, painting. The one problem was who you were painting, Jughead Jones sat there, one leg folded so his knee was against his chest, one splayed out infront of him.

He saw you laugh at something the raven-haired boy said, and he stopped walking altogether. He stared at you both, turning away after a moment to avoid being spotted by someone.

Unfortunately for him, his twin sister had been observing him the entire time. The redhead walked up to Jason with a smirk, “Well, well, well. Jason Blossom has a girl he actually likes this time?” she said, a hint of excitement in her words.

Jason shook his head quickly, but Cheryl was having none of it. She dragged him off and began speaking rapidly, “Not a lot of people know too much about her since she is pretty introverted. She’s only really close with Jones over there.” she said, glancing in your direction.

Jason sighed, shaking his head as he began to think that his chance was gone. Cheryl grabbed his shoulder and forced him to look at her, “I don’t think they’re together JJ, step up your game and talk to her.” she muttered, smiling at him kindly before walking off.

The fifth month Jason decided to talk to you, it took him so long and he decided it as worth an attempt. He saw you at Pop’s when he decided to do it, it was perfect, a small empty diner where nobody would know that it happened.

He stepped inside, slowly walking to where you were sitting, eating a burger and staring out the window. As he walked over he felt all of his confidence leaving him, ‘why the hell is this happening right now? This isn’t supposed to happen’ he thought to himself as he trudged forward, getting closer and closer to you.

It seemed like hours until he reached your booth, and it seemed like years before you looked over at him, although it was only seconds. Your eyes widened a bit, “If you don’t mind me asking, what is the notorious Jason Blossom doing at my booth?” she asked.

He knew she wasn’t being rude by the tone in her voice, it was light, not annoyed. Jason gave a quick small smile, “Uh- can I sit, please?” he asked quickly, the words rushed and stuttered out.

When he got a nod in response he sighed, relieved that he hadn’t been rejected, ‘yet’ he thought. You sat up and looked him in the eyes, giving him a look as you waited for him to speak.

Jason ran a hand through his hair, “Can you- uh can you paint me?” he asked, immediately regretting what he had said, ‘idiot! You asked her to paint you? What were you thi-’ “I suppose thats fine” you laughed, cutting off his thoughts.

Jason looked at you wide-eyed, “Trust me it’s not as weird as you think, I’ve been asked before. Usually I do the asking though” you responded, seeing the confused look on his face.

Jason nodded to himself, still distracted by the fact that it worked. He was interrupted again by you, “Actually you were someone who I’ve wanted to paint for a while, you have some quality about you, Jason. Not sure what or why, but you have something” you muttered in thought.

Jason smiled to himself, cheeks warm. There was a minute of calm silence before you spoke up again, “Blushing a bit there Jason? You are not what I expected, being all kind and flustered suits you” you said, laughing at his reaction as his eyes widened and he choked on his own air.

You looked outside and quickly stood up, “I have to get going, but meet me tomorrow around 2, also, the name’s (Y/N). See you soon Jason!” you exclaimed, running out of the diner. Jason sat with his head in his hands just smiling to himself, “You aren’t the typical Blossom, huh kid?” Pop said, scaring Jason.

Jason just looked at Pop, who smiled and shook his head, “Have fun, kid” he said, walking back into the kitchen. Jason stood up, running out of the diner to his house, spending the entire night thinking about the day that was about to come.

When it was one thirty, Jason began getting fidgety, and when he saw you approaching him at two, his heart almost stopped, your name which he had only learned yesterday, began ringing in his head. You had decided to meet in the forest, near Sweetwater River.

You walked over with all of your equipment, setting it up as you began speaking, “Alright, do whatever you want and lets talk” you muttered, focused on setting up your equipment.

Jason looked at you curiously, “Shouldn’t you- uh tell me what to do?” he asked, making you pause. Looking over at him, you began to speak again, “That feels too forced. Jason I want you to get comfortable in whatever position you want, wherever you want. We’re just gonna talk while I work, It’ll be nice.” you said, smiling at him kindly.

Jason smiled, looking down at his all white outfit. He sat on the ground, leaning against a large rock nearby, facing you. Both of his legs were splayed out infront of him and his head was tilted upwards slightly, facing to the right.

He didn’t care about getting his white clothing dirty, his hands rested almost in between his legs, relaxed. His eyes closed for a moment as you began speaking again, “You look great Jason, now we can talk” you said lightly, sitting down in front of him as he opened his eyes again.

The next hours were spent talking about your lives, Jason talked about how demanding his family was and his reputation. You talked about your lack of communication with your family since they were always busy, explaining that it was how you began painting.

By the end of it neither of you wanted to go, “I’m almost done the painting, we should do this again soon” you muttered sadly, finishing the details on the piece of art.

Jason nodded, and just as he was about to speak he was interrupted by a shout, “I’m done!” you exclaimed, showing him the painting that you spent the past few hours on.

Jason was in awe, right in front of him was a beautiful painting, him leaning against a rock with his eyes closed and a peaceful smile on his face. The  painting was so pleasant to look at and Jason had never seen anything as beautiful.

It was almost as if the painting gave off a feeling of serenity, Jason had never seen himself so calm- and happy. Jason felt the sting of tears and furiously rubbed at his face as you looked at him with concern.

You quickly spoke up, “Uh- I didn’t know it was that bad” you tried to joke, but Jason just shook his head. He looked at you with something you never saw in his eyes, and you felt something inside of you grow.

Jason began speaking softly, “I’m so used to just being told how to act and look. Most people see me as ‘Jason Blossom, the rich bitch’ but you- you just treat me like any other person and let me make choices and I don’t know why that affects me so much. It’s beautiful and I can’t believe you spent time and effort- your time and effort to make something so amazing for- for me” he mumbled.

You immediately reached out and hugged him, the painting forgotten for a moment, “(Y/N), I’ve been feeling something for you for so- so long and it scares me, I don’t know what it is but-” Jason was cut off with a kiss.

Everything stopped except for the tears that had continued to run down his face, and Jason hugged you, he clutched on to you like you were the only thing left keeping him alive.

You hugged him just as hard, stuffing your face into his shoulder. You pulled away and grabbed his face as he smiled, “You deserve so much Jason, you’re just a broken boy and I will devote my life to putting you back together.” you mumbled.

Jason laughed as he stood up, looking up at the sky as the wind began to pick up. Tears of pure joy ran down his face faster as he picked you up and spun you around, both of you laughing harder.

He picked up the painting, hugging it to his chest, and that night the both of you couldn’t sleep, because you both finally had something- someone, to keep you grounded, to keep you safe.

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There’s a debate happening on theunitofcaring’s post about Charles Murray, recent events at Middlebury, and antifa in general. Unfortunately I can not participate directly in that debate as theunitofcaring has blocked me- so instead I’m making this separate post to make my case.

As I’ve stated a few times before, I spent my teen years on the chans, and watched as that community was consumed by neo-fascism and calls for the Day Of The Rope. And I remember, very clearly, that it was endless threads about Charles Murray’s work- namely The Bell Curve- which was the first step 4chan took down that slippery slope.

Hence why I roll my eyes when I hear the argument “oh, no effort at pushing back against this kind of thing is necessary, if people hear their position they’ll just see how silly it is! the best thing to do in response is nothing! And if you think that any pushback against this memeplex is necessary, well, you must secretly think the memeplex has merit!”

I know, from experience, that the result of Charles Murrays work being widely broadcast is not “everything turns out fine :)” but rather “genocidal bloodlust becomes the new viral meme.” And I don’t think what happened had anything to do with Charles Murray’s work having merit.

I don’t know if I can fully explain what happened. But what I saw there convinced me that liberalism wasn’t enough to fight the memetic plague that swept over that community. What’s necessary is a memeplex that actually pushes back against that ideology, and much like antifa successfully managed to do in the underground music scene- the hardcore scene was, for a time, nearly as infested with neonazis as 4chan, and it was the efforts of antifa that managed to seize that cultural territory away from the fascists.

This is what my support for antifa comes down to- not uncritical support for every action done in the name of antifa, but rather the position that the evidence shows that the world is better off, overall, because that memeplex exists. That without the antifa memeplex to act as a counter-force against the neofascist memeplex, that fascists would have claimed more cultural territory, recruited more people, and gotten closer to achieving their goals.

@theunitofcaring and the rest of the lesswrongers: if you think that there should be a better memetic counter-force against fascism than antifa, I’d love to hear what you have in mind. But we already tried “just do nothing!” and that didn’t fucking work.