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It just sucks that it's my own family doing it. I've sat them down and had a talk with them but they don't listen. They think I'm being childish and need to grow up

They’re forgetting what it’s like to be young, and they’re trying to push you into early adulthood. I know how frustrating it can be for a family member to do this.

For the past 3 years I’ve worked a full time summer job (40 hrs a week plus a 2 hour total commute daily). My first year I started working the day after I got back from college and continued until 5 days before going back into college. I was exhausted and spent the entire summer alone with zero time to just be a college kid. 

Last year I fought with my mom for a month over letting me have a week in between finals and work, I had to get my grandma to talk to her. Even after my mom continued to tell me I was ungrateful and that all my other friends probably had full time jobs and didn’t complain. I never complained about working full time, I objected to not having a week break to unpack and relax from finals. She got the idea that all my friends worked full time jobs, because the ONE friend I had at the time worked 2 jobs, she folded laundry at a gym and stripped. 

Only one of my friends this year is working full time, as it is in internship, everyone else is part time. And many others are currently on vacation either in Florida, Cali, or South Carolina.

This year I was too exhausted to fight with my mom over how long I got in between work and finals. This year I was able to get 5 days. And only 5 because I told my boss the real day I was willing to come back and told my mom the day she wanted me to go back. I go back tomorrow.  

People are always going to think that they have it worse than you, or that you’re better off than someone else. Because of that you should push yourself to do more and be more. And that might be true. But that doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to some basic humans needs. Just because someone else is working more hours, it doesn’t mean that you should be denied the right to decompress. 


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I follow you on your main blog & remember seeing the post reporting your first day when it still had under 100 notes. I don't know where the hell I have been since or how I have missed all this but I saw your reblog from here about the contest today & upon discovery have spent the last 5+ hrs catching up on all your work stories, your viral success, & the many amazing things that have happened. It has made me smile & laugh, & I truly believe that it couldn't have happened to a better person :)

Thank you, that means a lot to me! This has all just been so weird and surreal but a lot of great things have come from it and I’m so grateful for it all and for everyone who reads my dumb work stories!