i spent so much time on this and im still not happy

Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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tbh im so proud of ahgases right now, mainly intl fanbase, like, we all know how hard it is to give got7 an award as big as this one, esp when other great groups w fandoms much bigger than ours are in the same category, and still we managed to make them win and see their happy and emotional faces while holding that trophy :’) i mean, all the mass voting and time we spent on this were so worthy, so congrats to us, we really did that



honestly Frisk, idk why you trusted him…just look at that suspicious grin. Before i finished the game i was so confused and frustrated by this mysterious door in the forest. I was hoping sans would help me but…realistically he’d probably just make fun of you ^.^

I can’t believe how much time i spent making this thing i feel like my arm is going to fall off. it was worth it though!!! I learned so much while i was doing this and i owe a lot of my inspiration to undertale, and also all the AMAZING FANART OUT THERE!

i only hurt when you’re gone. when i try to dig you out from under my nails or when i drink too much to try and get the feeling of you out of my stomach. i stopped smoking again but one of these days i know ill miss the burn of your lips too much and ill sink to the bottom of a pack of cigarettes. when im high, if i think about it hard enough, i can feel like your still here looking at me. like you’re still here loving me. ive spent more time than i should’ve writing about your eyes but jesus christ i got lost in them 4 years ago and never found my way out and i can feel my ribs closing in on my lungs and i think its because i heard your name in class today or maybe its the cigarettes i miss you so much that im dizzy and i have to stop in the hallways but it might be the alcohol in my coffee and i miss you so fucking much but perhaps i just miss being happy.
—  i cant wait to see you.

I can’t express to you guys, the feelings I am going through having memories from these photos from a year ago. While things were so new and undiscovered, unrevealed. Before all our hearts got torn out by DW and we were so innocent in knowing what was to come. Our hearts were full, whole, and not yet mangled. And here I stood a full day, my first time as the face of Hiccup for the movie no one knew would break all our hearts yet put us through loops of emotion.
This event was so important to me that I had just been recovering from a major hospital visit, and even though it was hard, I got up and hobbled my peg-legged self to that showing in that armor because thats how much it meant to me.
Being Hiccup was worth every moment, and also every penny I spent seeing this movie over and over. And I still appreciate dreamworksanimation and kris0ten for inviting me and allowing me that opportunity. (Im still here if you guys ever want me.) This movie and the last has changed my life for ever, this is why it’s birthday is important. Happy Birthday, How to Train Your Dragon 2.
You are amazing.

it has been 3892 years since ive last opened photoshop and actually spent time on tumblr after so much school and testing but its all done now !! except for my summer classes haha weeps i wanted to make a special follow forever but im still really busy and ive lost all ps skills;; so here is a small ff to celebrate summer and also for hitting 10.5k+ !!!! honestly, 10k seemed like such a far-fetched goal but now im here and i ?? ?/ cheesy sentimental note: thank you guys so much for sticking with me all this time even though ive been pretty inactive and continuing to message me and keeping me company it has gotten me through a lot of difficult/stressful times you guys make me so happy ;u; i hope all of you (even if you are not on here) have the most amazing summer and have lots of fun!!!!!

ahh doing the urls takes the longest and im sorry if i forgot you ;; anYWAY presented below are my all-time favorite bloggers, graphic makers, and best tumblr buddies u guys rock ! (๑•͈ᴗ•͈ ) ✧˖°

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i feel like i spend 75% of my life just laying in bed doing homework/reading/drawing, & it feels really unproductive and lazy and indulgent for me to lay in bed so much. but im so relaxed and happy just doing peaceful quiet things !!! ive spent my whole life running all over the place and being Aggressively Social, & dont get me wrong, im still a social butterfly & the loudest of all the extroverts, but i just wanna get good at hanging out by myself sometimes. also, every time i feel guilty about being unproductive & lazy: what the heck am i even supposed to be producing? money? academic papers? why cant i just produce some peace of mind instead.   

so one of my friends told me that my british accent makes me sound like a native

and like i know this was a pretty casual conversation but honestly it means so much to me because ive spent so much time and even moreso so many efforts trying to learn english and it fucking paid off
and like this is a very french thing so you guys probably dont know about it, but in my country when you speak a language you have to speak it very well or else you will look ridiculous.
and many times youll see french people get kinda pissed at people speaking bad french because its in our culture and anyway i am so very happy to have accomplished something as mundane as becoming fluent in english

so i finally reached my next hundred and i thought why not make a small follow forever. so here it is! thanks everyone for sticking with me even tho im kind of lame, so im thankful hahah.

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so my sophomore year my friend gave me my first bowl & it was a little pink marble elephant from Mexico and I was obsessed with it and my parents took it the first time I ever got caught smoking. I spent two years looking all over my house for it like literally everywhere and my friends would even come over and help me search my whole entire house and we never found it but I never stopped looking bc I was so saD and I’ve looked on the internet ever since and I’ve never found one like it and this year I’ve kinda stopped looking bc I mean it’s been two years we all figured my parents trashed it and today I was looking for something in my dads drawer that I’ve searched at least 500 times AND IT WAS JUST FUCKING LAYING IN THERE!! I was freaking out I’m so happy I can’t believe I got it back :))