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Professor Lupin


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

I don’t think we talk about how much Phil cares about Dan often enough. Like we all love to talk about how Dan is Phil trash #1 and so fond and adoring and basically worships the ground he walks on, but omg, Phil cares about Dan so much it’s ridiculous. Just think about it, he:

  • Let Dan visit for days on end when he was still living with his parents
  • Basically had him partially move in to his Manchester flat while Dan was at university (he spent more time there than in his dorm lol)
  • Supported Dan wholeheartedly when he was struggling with university/decided to drop out
  • When BBC Radio One asked Phil to do the Christmas radio show, he insisted on doing it with Dan
  • Still sits with Dan and talks him down through his existential crises (you know that bit in TATINOF mirrors their daily life)
  • Won a solo award after being a creator for ten years and still brought Dan on stage to celebrate his award alongside him

There’s probably more instances that I’m forgetting but holy shit, Phil loves Dan so much and I needed to appreciate it.

Killua needs more hugs!!


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin


♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <


After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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wanted to doodle a lil thing so i doodled away
should probably add more frames and color and stuff but I’ll do that at some other point in time lol


[TianShan Week]

Day 6: One Day

“Will you move in with me?”

Heh, you can definitely tell which ones I’ve spent more time on!

Oops, he looks different each time but I wanted to hurry it up so I can post this already! ^^; I was supposed to draw He Tian but that’s too much work so you’re stuck in his point of view lol~


Hercules AU

Insp. by that one line and @lemonorangelime’s piece

Bonus: Please listen to this [x]