i spent so looooong on this


Spent my whole evening in the basement making shiny balls (lol) added extra stuffs making sure the keyring is actually standing up (Took me a looooong time to figured out, I am so not good at this) my fandom otp tree is looking more and more doable~~~~~~~ (I am not sure why they made Dean looking more like Coulson? Drarry is way too cute!) I am having way too much fun to stop now.


Say ello to the new design of Deimos. 
He’s a cruel and tricksy scumbag, but is also very classy and might have a bigger soft spot than he thinks. He likes drinking wine and champagne and even my tea, and likes listening to classical/orchestrated music and old-timey tunes. Also likes pocket watches.

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Update + Looking for new followers!

Hey guys!

So after a looooong mental health break, I am preparing to go back to uni at the end of this month and come back into the studyblr community!

As you may know, last year I began university studying English Lit and Classics, but soon had a breakdown and have spent the last year working on my mental health, even going to hospital.

This year I’m starting off slow with two classes that I’m doing online. They are “History of the Supernatural” and “Intro to Philosophy”.

Next semester I’ll be going back to campus and studying history again, but this is a good way for me to start out.

I’m really looking forward to talking to you guys again and sharing my humble little tips with you.

If you’re a studyblr and I don’t follow you, please reblog this!

I’m especially looking for people who study HISTORY, LATIN OR GREEK, ENGLISH, LITERATURE, LANGUAGES, STUDIES OF RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY, or other humanities subjects. If you study one of these, talk to me, I’d love to make friends!

Thanks! I can’t wait to get back into this community.


(PS- I’m also on Instagram: notyethermione)