i spent so looooong on this

So I was talking to my friend…
As some people know, at least some of Spanish speakers, I made looooong time ago a comic/manga called Power Witch. 

I shared with you the comic only in Spanish (Links en español aquí), I said I was to delete them but finally I didn’t, because this comic was filled with some good memories about my childhood and I spent more time on this, even if I never finished it.

My friend and I created this story together, and I’d like to share it with all of you, he told me that’d be awesome so I’m gonna start to translate it to English.

This comic has around 200 pages, but it never was finished. Maybe in the future I could continue it but that will be kinda hard, because I will be working in other projects…I’ll put this again in destiny’s hands anyway.

I’m gonna upload about 4 pages each Monday and maybe another day of the week, I want to start to improve my schedule so this will be a huge chance.

Night everyone~ <3

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im legit hella new to the patd fandom and i dont know where to start i listened to their entire discography but im /lost/ with all the fandom talk help me senpai

well when i was first getting really into them i spent a looooong time watching interviews, so maybe muck around on youtube for a while, but if you wanna know anything or have anything explained feel free to ask

Chipa - Paraguayan cheese bread rolls
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Chipa is a small cheese bread roll which is quite popular for breakfast in Paraguay. Years ago I spent few weeks in this beautiful country and I remember vendors entering busses and screaming “chipa, chipa, chipa”. There’s another reason for me to remember this name so well - in Polish it means something very specific and not really food related, so it was a big surprise to hear it, oops.

It is a delicious little bite, especially when still warm and cheese is all chewy and looooong. You can have it just like it or you can make it a bit more fancy and add guacamole. I chose the fancy option as I like guacamole and it made a perfect breakfast.

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Spent my whole evening in the basement making shiny balls (lol) added extra stuffs making sure the keyring is actually standing up (Took me a looooong time to figured out, I am so not good at this) my fandom otp tree is looking more and more doable~~~~~~~ (I am not sure why they made Dean looking more like Coulson? Drarry is way too cute!) I am having way too much fun to stop now.

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So I'm a sucker for grumpy old men interacting with their grandkids/great nieces and nephews. What does Morty and Summer think of Stan, and what does Stan think of them? Same question with Rick and and Pines twins? Do they have special hobbies/interactions/adventures together? Please, I need even more reasons to love this happy, broken little family! :)

Is it even possible to like these old gross men and not be a sucker for their relationships with their respective grandkids/great nibblings? I loved answering this ask and so things got a little out of hand. This one got seriously looooong.  “I spent all morning writing an essay length answer on these old men and their relationships with kids” kinda long. So under the cut it goes.

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Dude I love your comic of sans! Where or when did you come up with this cool idea? Also do you mind giving a rookie a couple of tips for writing a comic?

Uhhh ok I’ve been getting a number of questions along these lines. First of all thank you guys so much, this is… just a doodle comic? I’m kind of embarassed, I wish I had, uh… “tried”. Maybe penciled at least?? But that’s the story of my life I guess. Regardless I’m really honoured by those of you who have told me you found inspiration in it, or are asking me for advice for how to get better at comics.

But secondly…uhhh you guys know I didn’t just “emerge from the foam” right?? haha I’ve been drawing comics for over 20 years now! Not to say that it takes that long to learn to make comics, I just want you guys to understand that what you’re seeing here is a product of a looooong time spent being bad at comics. So don’t give up! And furthermore, my friends who started at a later age got faster so much quicker because of focus and discipline, so it’s never too late ^_^

Hmmm so uh advice….

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this is stuck in my head and i have no time to do anything with it so i’m giving y'all a rundown in the hopes that SOMEONE ELSE WILL okay???

tl;dr: middle earth is a motherfucking spaceship AND I EVEN MADE AN ILLUSTRATION FOR MY HORRIBLE IDEA:

so what the fuck does this mean???? WELL LET ME TELL YOU FRIEND so the ~big idea~ is this is a fucking HUGE colony ship, like, each of those big circle things is the size of wales or something. HUGE! and each one is fully self-sufficient, but has a specialization too - shire, for example, specializes in hydroponics and such, lorien’s medical stuff, erebor’s engineering/machinery, etc etc etc. and isengard in the middle is nothing but (a) a trade station for mid-section trade, and (b) monitoring station. all things on the good ship mid-earth are automated. there is no pilot.

sort of.

we’ll get to that.

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