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Spring Formal

Pairing: Sam Holland X Reader
Summary: Conclusion to my series, Time of the Season. Sam surprises the reader with a special night out.
Warnings: Bit of swearing, a whole lotta fluff
Word Count: 1499 

Part 1: Home For the Holidays, Part 2: Spoiled in the Spring

Last night you slept like a baby. You always did sleep better next to Sam. You would always rest your head on his chest, and he would run his fingers through your hair until you’d fall asleep. Sometimes he’d hum things to you, which was your favorite. He was always so nervous to sing around other people, but you always told him how much you loved it.
This morning was a bit out of the ordinary. Sam would usually stay in bed until you woke up, usually because you would be the one to wake up first. This morning, Sam was nowhere to be seen. 

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I Wish We Didn’t Meet Like This

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: ~1.3k

Request - “Hi!!! I always wanted to request a bts soulmate au & I found the perfect blog! XD Can I request a Kookie’s scenario then, where he’s a cop who’s suspicious & doing an investigation on a company’s CEO for being a part of the mafia, you - sassy, sexy & smart. But when you come across each other, you both realise that you’re each others soul mates. A scenario where there’s push and pull to throw the other off balance, which never ends even after they become one? Happy ending pls! I’M SO EXCITED XDD” - Anon

Life working under the pressure of being Kim Namjoons best cop had really messed with Jungkook’s head recently. He felt like everyone round him was finding their soulmates and getting on with life - it was usual for that to happen in one’s life around their 24th birthday. But Jungkook was 27 and still as lonely as he’d been in high school, not once had the tattoo on his wrist even slightly lit up.

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Ravus Nox Fleuret’s Daily Routine Headcanon

This is a gift for: @stephicness (A happy bornday present for you!)

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  • 5 Minutes before First Alarm: 4:55 AM

“Why am I awake before my alarm, again? Can I close my eyes for five minutes and sleep just for that? - Yes.”

5:00 alarm is blaring in his ear out like light does not hear it until it goes off after fifteen minutes of horrid alarms buzzing.

Dreams of Ardyn being pecked at by angry white chocobos.

  • 6:00 the Legit Wake Up Alarm

Fuck, so much for actually doing something this morning.”

If he wakes up by 5 AM he practices writing haiku they are amateur in his mind but if Lunafreya gets a hold of them she is posting them everywhere she has even sent them with Umbra to Noctis. (Though Noctis often thinks they are something she wrote despite she mentions it does belong to Ravus, she’s just proud of her brother’s talent.) The haiku are generally about dreams from the night before or if the birds outside his window he writes about them.

They chirp so loudly now

waking me from my deep sleep

It is pleasant though

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“I thought you loved me...”

Jungkook Angst (have mercy it’s my first one)

Word Count:1,813

“I… I thought you loved me Y/N… what..what happened?” Jungkook looked at you across the table helplessly, “What did I do wrong, I promise I can fix whatever it is, let me fix this. Let me fix us.”   

You shook your head lightly, “You can’t fix this Jungkook, not this time.”
The relationship hadn’t always been this dismantled and destroyed, but Jungkook had managed to break it up little by little everyday through his work. You loved Jungkook being an idol, you loved the way he changed on stage the minute the first beat of the song turned on, the way he flowed through the choreography like he was born for this. But you hated the fandom, you hated the beautiful long skinny gorgeous girls that would hold his hand at fanmeets, make him blush, and shower him with expensive gifts. It made it so hard for you to compete with, especially with his birthday coming up. How were you supposed to compete with 3,000 dollar shoes and a 1,500 dollar shirt. You could barely afford college or your rent for that matter.

“Babe! What do you want to do for my birthday next next weekend, the boys want to know if they can tag alone OOORR if you have something special planned.” Jungkook called out to you from the living room as his favorite game blasted through the speakers.

“Uhh..uhm, let’s put a pin in that yeah? I’m not sure what we’re doing just yet okay?” You started to feel anxious, how am I supposed to give a present to the boy who has everything..what do I do. He’s not going to want anything from me, he probably doesn’t even want anything, maybe he should go with the boys. “Actually Kookie, go with the boys on your birthday, we’ll do something small after okay?”

“Oh..oh okay, I’ll let them know.” You didn’t see the flash of disappointment flash across Jungkook’s face as his hopes to spend his birthday with you were cut to pieces right in front of his eyes. You didn’t realize how much this boy was stupidly in love with you and just wanted a simply evening just the two of you at home, wrapped up in a blanket watching your favorite movies together. You were over in the kitchen, stressing about what to get the most perfect boy who had nearly everything, when all he wanted was..


A week had passed and you still had no idea what was going to happen for Jungkook’s birthday, you thought maybe cooking him breakfast! couldn’t go wrong with that, so on the morning of his birthday you woke up early and cooked him breakfast, a whole entire buffet, fit to feed the hungry appetite of a 22 year old boy.

“Hey.. babe where’d you go-“ Jungkook stumbled down the stairs half-awake to see the buffet before him and dropped his jaw, “Oh my Lord is this all for me?”

Giggling you ran up to him and wrapped him in a giant hug, “Happy birthday kookie, thanks for staying by me all this time… don’t know where I would be without you.” The two of you spent the majority of the morning munching on breakfast while talking about how excited you were for the brand new comeback and how gorgeous he looked on the new Love Yourself posters.
“Kookie, you looked sooooo nice in the highlight videos. The girl was pretty too! Who is she, I heard she’s a JYP trainee is that true?”

“haha yeah, she’s pretty and yep! A JYP Trainee, she’s really cool. All the girls were. Jimin-hyung got the prettiest one I think, she danced really well too. We had a lot of fun on set.”

“Ooh.. that’s that’s nice!” You tried to shake off the nagging feeling of feeling insignificant in his life, you weren’t pretty, you weren’t some model or actress or dancer for that matter… but Jungkook had chosen you.. why? The question nagged you throughout the day as the two of you went out and spent the afternoon shopping.

“Y/N! Try this on, this would look gorgeous on you!” It was a tiny jean skirt with a tight white tee with a leather jacket on top.

“Uh..uhm Jungkook I don’t think so haha I don’t have the body type to pull it off. Come on! We came for you anyway.. you pick an outfit I’ll buy it for you.”

“Nooooo let’s do couple clothes yeah?” Jungkook pulled out a similar style to yours and dragged you to the dressing room, “Huuurryy I want to seee it come out fast okay??”

You grudgingly dragged yourself into the dressing room and put on the clothes Jungkook so desperately had wanted you to wear. Your thighs were enormous, why were you growing horizontally… why were you about as flat as the world when people first discovered it… what was WRONG with you.

“BAAABEE, come out!! I want to seeeeeeee.” Dragging yourself through the door you stood under Jungkook’s gaze and squirmed uncomfortably.

“I told you I looked bad, why’d you make me do this.” You started to turn away back into your dressing room before Jungkook grabbed your wrist.

“You… look hot. Like you always are beautiful in my eyes but God you’re HOT right now Y/N.. Let’s take a picture I want to keep this forever.”

“Do… we have to? I feel uncomfortable..”

“Nonono I promise, it’ll only stay with me okay? Pleeeaaaassee, it’s my birthday” Jungkook batted his stupidly cute puppy dog eyes at you and pouted, “it’s my biiirrrtthhhdaaay.. yeah? YEAH?” You nodded shyly before posing in front of the camera with Jungkook. Half the time you hid behind him shyly much to his dismay and frustration, “Y/N, come on! I want a good picture of the both of us..”

“You do enough of the pretty in the relationship, I shouldn’t even have to be in the picture and it would glow.”

“Why do you drag yourself down like that, you’re beautiful!”

You smiled softly before running your fingers through his hair, “No sweetie, you are.”

Jungkook disappointedly looked at you frustrated, why didn’t you understand how beautiful you were! He was determined that you would recognize the beauty that he saw in you.

The rest of the day passed without a hitch, the two of you ended up buying the outfits you could wear it together later on a date… which was NEVER going to happen. But you agreed for the sake of your boyfriend’s pleading looks. You quickly shooed off Jungkook so he could spend the night with the boys, drunk nonetheless. It was all fine until you got a twitter notification with a post from @BTS_twt, Jungkook never posted and assumed it was just another #RMusic recommendation or Jimin posting YET ANOTHER selfie. But much to your dismay it was Jungkook… and you.

BTS had a twitter follow of 7.62 Million followers. 7.62 MILLION FOLLOWERS. Jungkook had posted the picture of the both of you today ONLINE to his FANS. He had to be drunk, you frantically texted your group chat with BTS demanding answers. When no one answered you called Namjoon, the ever-so reliable leader.

“KIM NAMJOON WHERE THE HELL IN JEON JUNGKOOK” you screamed into the phone.

“Uhm uh he’s right here what’s wrong.”

You gritted through your teeth seething in rage, “check.twitter.” Before hearing Jungkook scrambling to answer the phone,

“Hihi! What’s wrong. Are you okay? Do you need me back at home?”

“Jeon Jungkook what the HELL did you post on Twitter? and WHY.”

“That..? It literally says happy birthday to me! With a picture of me and you! Isn’t it good, I love it… well-taken I must say.”

“SERIOUSLY? You posted a picture of us to 7.62 Million people? Do you see the hate that I’m getting? I cannot believe you, didn’t you think about me? You know what.. whatever just… have fun with the boys I’m done.” You slammed the end call button before running up to your room to cry out the little amount of self respect you had left.

Less than an hour later you heard Jungkook slam the door before sprinting up the stairs and banging on your door, “Y/N, what’s wrong. Tell me PLEASE so we can fix this. I’m sorry I just…wanted to show the world how beautiful my girl was.”

“Didn’t you think about me? Why didn’t you think about me, my self-confidence is already rock-bottom because of those beautiful fangirls you spend time with at fanmeets. They’re going to berate me, torment me, abuse me emotionally. Didn’t you think about that?” You quietly whispered through the door… yearning for Jungkook’s embrace but also flinching at the idea of his comfort right now. “You know me better than that, or I at least thought you did.”

“I… I know I’m sorry, but I thought you could use words of affirmation not from just me alone. But from everyone all over the world who sees the beauty I see in you.”

You opened the door to come face to face with the look of distraught and anguish splashed across Jungkook’s perfect features. He didn’t deserve this, he didn’t need a  girl who would yell at him for posting a picture of the two of you on social media because she had no self-esteem, he didn’t have time to reassure a girl all the time, he didn’t have time… for you.

“Jungkook-ah… let’s… let’s end this.”

You watched as Jungkook’s face fell apart right before you, “No, don’t you dare give up on us Y/N, don’t you dare give up on me…”Tears streaked his face as he struggled to reach your hand, to bring you back to him. You knew the minute he held your hand you’d give in so you shook away his grasp and faced him head on.

“This isn’t going to work between you and me. We’re too different, it..just doesn’t work. And I’m done trying to make it work, I’m not good enough for you. You’re the sun, moon, and the stars. You’re a sight to see, a wonder. I’m the tiny blade of grass desperately reaching out, clinging onto hope and I’m tired Jungkook. I’m really..really tired. So.. let’s be done. You need someone who is the sun, moon, and the stars too. You need someone who can adore trying on clothes for you and taking pictures with you.. I am not that girl for you.”

“But..but you’re more than enough, I don’t need that. I just need you. Don’t you get that? I thought you loved me, how can you just leave me like this? Let me fix this, let me fix us.”

You can’t fix this one this time Jungkook.

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Fallout 4 companions react to getting a Valentine's Day gift from Sole

Hancock- A soldered heart shaped box, filled with Mentats and chocolate is left on his pillow when he wakes up that morning. Compared to pipe pistols and chest armor, this is far from Sole’s best work at the crafting bench. It’s still more thoughtful than anything he’s gotten before. He pops one chunk of chocolate and one pill and ventures out of his room to find Sole sitting on a stool in the kitchen, donning John Hancock’s tri-corner hat and coat, but little else. Ol’ John is probably spinning in his grave, but the only thing the current Hancock really thinks is they’re the most beautiful creature to wear that outfit in a long time. If ever. He runs his rough fingers over Sole’s inner thigh, doesn’t wait for them to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day before he seals his mouth over theirs. They snicker that he tastes like candy and a mellow high. The rest of the day is spent entwined in ropes of sheets and the sleeves of his threadbare jacket.

Danse- Having never been given something this lovingly crafted, he isn’t sure how to handle it. He almost doesn’t want to put the soft, slightly misshapen scarf around his neck, for fear of ripping it. It didn’t help it had a few holes where Sole apparently missed a stitch. They’re staring at him expectantly though, so he wraps it a few times around to rest under his chin and looks back at them. “Thank you. I ah… appreciate the thought.” He’s unsure what to do next. Actually, he knows exactly what he wants to do next, but isn’t sure how to go about doing it. Sole sees the intentions on his face and kisses him gently on the lips, arms wrapping around his thick frame. The yarn of the scarf is warm and soft, and he doesn’t take it off the rest of the day. When anyone points it out, he’s quick to explain, boasting a little; “Sole made it for me.”

Nick - He finds a pack of cigarettes waiting atop the desk by the door and a trail of Hubflower petals leading around the corner toward Sole’s room. There’s a message written on the box. “Can you track me down, detective?” It doesn’t take an ace detective to find where the trail leads. Sole waits in the armchair beside the bed, one leg crossed over the other, giving him with a sly look. Bright purple flowers form a heart pierced by an arrow similar to the one on his sign. Sole stands, crosses the room to him, and poses dramatically.
“Oh, Mr. Valentine. You found me despite my best efforts to evade capture.” They offer their wrists up. “Guess you’ll have to take me in.” Nick wraps an arm around their waist, pinning his hip against theirs.
“You couldn’t think of a more challenging setup? That was hardly a case deserving of my skills.”
“We could just skip the good parts and play a game of Clue?” He doesn’t tell them how nice that actually sounds. He’s spending the day with the person he cares about the most, and that’s more than he ever thought he’d deserve.

Curie- Sole tries to explain the significance of candy and flowers on February 13th, but beyond the historical data and what little information had been loaded into her memory banks, Curie just doesn’t understand the need for any of these ceremonies. All she knows is that Sole is beaming when Curie puts on the bracelet made of shoe string and leather, and doesn’t stop kissing her the entire day. She asks if Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Sole pets her hair and tells her it can be whatever day she wants.

MacCready- The whole exchange of gifts and heart shaped trinkets seems so childish in retrospect. Maybe he’s bitter, maybe he’s too jaded too young, but seeing the decorations around Diamond City just makes him cringe. There are heart shaped papers littering everything. The noodles Takahashi makes for him have a squirt of hot sauce in the shape of a heart. He pokes apathetically at them until he ruins the vague outline. Sole slides into the seat next to him with a bundle of cloth in their arms. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” For them, he withholds a sigh, and the airy tone in their voice is enough to make him smile despite his objections to the holiday. He unwraps the cloth, expecting something to do with anatomically incorrect hearts. Instead he finds a rifle. Carved in the side of the patchwork weapon’s barrel is the word “CUPID”. He lights up and flings his arms around their neck, begging a little too eagerly to take it out for a spin.

Deacon- He tells Sole they celebrated Valentine’s Day a lot different in the 1840’s, when he was a boy in Romania. His stories have gotten silly and too far fetched for anyone to believe as of late, at least when Sole was with him. They just titter quietly. They reach in their pocket, for a pack of smokes, he thinks at first. A moment later they pull out a folded up piece of paper. Deacon takes it and opens it, and inside there was a sketchy pencil drawing that was unmistakeably Sole leaning over to kiss him while he sleeps. “I couldn’t find a camera. Figured this was the next best thing?” He holds the piece of paper close to himself.
“Heh… Thanks. This is… a lot more than I expected.” They both know he didn’t get them anything in return, a fact he would have correct soon. It would be hard to top this. Deacon couldn’t draw and despite often quoting literature, he was shit at poetry. He tries to brush this thought away for now and holds up the drawing. “But do I really look like that?”
Sole rolls their shoulders in a shrug. “How am I supposed to know what you really look like?”
“Fair point,” he says. He leans in to kiss Sole on the cord in their neck.

Preston- His face is hot as he finally picks up the courage to shove a box of Fancy Lad Snackcakes into Sole’s arms, just in time to nearly collide with them as they shove a card into his. The words “Happy Valenti-” just barely escape their lips in near perfect harmony. They freeze. Preston finally clears his throat and hands off the cakes a little slower this time. “You first, General.” Sole sheepishly hands him their gift once they’d taken theirs. They stuff one of the treats into their mouth (presumably so they don’t say something stupid) while Preston examines the face of the card, upon which there’s a crude drawing of plain mashed potatoes. He assumes. It’s hard to tell. “What’s the sweetest topping in the world?” it says above it in bubble font. “Preston Gravy!” it says inside, accompanied by another drawing of the same pile of mashed potatoes, only with a cartoon of him sitting on the white hill with his stick figure arms held above his head. He doesn’t mean to laugh, but it slips out anyway, and he can’t stop it no matter how rude he thinks it is.
“I couldn’t think of a romance-y pun,” Sole explains through a mouthful of cake, their cheeks cherry red. Once Preston manages to stop himself, now reassured that he’s not the worse Valentine between the two of them, he takes them by the wrist and kisses their forehead.
“It’s perfect, babe.”

Piper- She takes Nat by the ear once they’re back home, the third time in a month she’s had to take her sister home early from school for starting some fight. Nat complains that another boy tried to give her a box of Dandy Apples. Piper fires back that she didn’t have to give him a nosebleed, and there are far better ways to turn someone down.
“I hope you react a little better to my valentine.” She turns to see Sole standing in her living room, arm tucked behind them. The frustration she felt towards Nat eases a bit with the surprise of their arrival. They produce a bouquet of flowers from behind their back, mostly intact Hublflowers and Carrotflowers mixed in a color clashing eyesore of a gift. She snatches it up anyway, breath catching a little.
“Blue, you shouldn’t have!” Even though she was really hoping they would, just so she could know what courting was like before the war. The flowers end up half-crushed as she throws herself into their arms.

Cait- She collapses across Sole’s lap after a day of bashing in the faces of people who mostly deserved it. The most attention she ever really paid Valentine’s Day was when they asked her to fight in a heart bikini in the ring, so the importance of the day escapes her at first. She closes her eyes, hoping to relax and bask in her lover’s warmth, only for something sweet to brush against her lips. She cracks her eyes open to look up into Sole’s face, then down to the Tarberry dribbling juice in rivulets down her chin. “Valentine’s Day, remember?” She didn’t. She takes the berry between her teeth and holds it there as she shifts to sit up, pushing her lips against Sole’s so when the berry pops, it sweetens their kiss.
“I can t'ink of somethin’ much better to do,” she says once she pulls away. Before Sole can protest, she’s taken them by the hand and into the bedroom, where she gives them a much more memorable use for Tarberries.

Codsworth- 210 years since the last Valentine’s Day he spent with his family, or any living soul really, he almost forgets what day it is. He only realizes when Sole appears with a cutout heart and tapes it to his chassis. He rushes so quickly at them for what could sort of be considered a hug, something tings loudly when his metal knocks against Sole’s jaw. He apologizes profusely until the swelling goes down enough for Sole to give him a peck and assure him they’ve had it worse.

X6-88- The Institute saw no reason to celebrate holidays such as this, or give Coursers even an inkling what Christmas or Valentine’s Day means. They were frivolities that educated men and women didn’t partake in. Sole approaches him with a white t-shit, upon which they’ve written “If lost return to Sole” in black paint. They’re wearing a twin shirt that reads; “I’m Sole”. X6 pulls it over his head and despite the looks and amused whispers behind his back, doesn’t take it off until the next day. “I can’t believe you put up with that,” they cackle. Being that X6 has little to no concept of embarrassment (and if he did, he wouldn’t really care), wearing that idiotic thing was worth it to see Sole glowing the way they were now. They kiss his cheek and thank him for playing along.

Strong- “This not what human heart look like!”
“It’s not supposed to-”
“Strong seen many human hearts! Why Strong want eat heart? Stringy! Too stringy to eat!”
“Strong, it’s not an actual-”
“Why heart so tiny? Blegh! Taste like dust! Valemtime Day make Strong confused!”

Dogmeat- Sole replaces the bone marrow of a Super Mutant’s shin bone with chopped Mirelurk liver. It takes him a week to chew it into oblivion. It’s the best Valentine’s Day he’s ever had.

EXO Reaction To You Moving In With Them

A/N: @exodarkwolf16​, I hope you like this reaction considering you requested it. I hope it comes out the way you wanted it to! I hope all you precious baby stars enjoy this reaction! I love you all so much! x

Happy reading! x


Sehun: “Sehun!” You called out for the boy desperately when you were in the middle of carrying one of the heaviest boxes into the new house you two just moved into, struggling to carry the box the rest of the way. “Sehun!”You yelled again, out of annoyance this time because Sehun was the one to ask you to move into the new house, yet he wasn’t at all helping you place your things inside the new house. Sehun sat in the new lounge, already having the TV plugged in and the couch right in front of it watching one of the funnier shows on TV. He pulled many faces watching the show on TV, too absorbed in the episode on the screen to hear you calling out for him. Eventually, after ten long and agonizing minutes trying to get the heaviest box into the house, you had successfully placed the box at the door, heading straight for the practically empty lounge and flinging yourself at Sehun, pinning his arms to the couch and staring into his eyes as you expressed to him annoyance that he wasn’t helping you out. Sehun would eventually give in to helping you out, only if you had given him a kiss then and there before he could help you move the boxes into your new home.

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Lay: After a long day of moving more and more boxes of all your belongings into your new house that you agreed you would live in together, you had finally finished moving all the boxes inside the house, leaving placing all your belongings where they were suppose to be for the next day. To celebrate all the hard work you had both did that day, Lay had brought two glasses and a bottle of red wine and you two sat on the cold wooden floor getting drunk on your first night in your new home. Eventually when you two had finished three bottles of wine your new neighbours had given you as a welcome to the neighbourhood present, you had plugged in the stereo and started playing the songs that blasted from the speakers, Lay getting off the floor and dancing cutely to the silly song that played, amusing you and making you join in with him, you two spending your first night in your new home getting drunk and dancing to songs that played form the stereo.

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Baekhyun: You would have been moving all your belongings into your new house in the space of one entire day, waking up early that morning to drive and transport everything to your new house and not even finishing with moving all the boxes into the new house, getting distracted by Baekhyun’s excitement about the two of you finally moving in together. You would chuckle in amusement when he would happily skip into the house with a box in his arms, singing loudly to English songs he knew you loved, mostly loudly humming because he didn’t know most of the lyrics. That day you had agreed that you would move the bed into the house together, but Baekhyun kept whining about how tired he was after a tiring day mostly spent in the sun. This would lead to you chasing Baekhyun around your new house to get him to help you out with the bed, hearing Baekhyun scream with a laugh, “You’ll never catch me alive!” right before you pounced and landed directly on Baekhyun, wrapping your legs and arms around the boy who was now giving you a piggy-back ride. He would complain about you hurting his back, you not even listening before you slapped his butt quickly before he pretended to be a horse, galloping around the house and amusing the both of you.

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Chanyeol: After many days spent moving all your belongings to your new home, your new home was finally complete and everything was in place and there was no boxes left to unpack anymore. You smiled at the work Chanyeol and you managed to do yourselves, taking a call from your best friend in another country who wanted to see the new house you lived in with Chanyeol. After the long call where you decided to catch up on some things, you started to record with your phone a video of the house, walking from room to room and doing some commentary on the rooms in the new house, lastly making your way to your bedroom. When you arrived, you were greeted by the site of Chanyeol sitting on the bed on his phone, you quickly explained to Chanyeol what you were in the middle of doing, Chanyeol striking his normal pose for the camera and greeting your friend, going into detail about the bedroom, as well as making some jokes along the way.

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Kai: Originally after you had told your thousands of subscribers on your Youtube channel that you were finally moving in with your long-time boyfriend, Kai, they all requested for you to make a video about moving in with him to which you agreed to over social media. After many days spent gathering all your belongings from your previous house, the day had finally come where you and Kai were moving in with each other. Kai was visibly excited about the move, grinning from ear to ear and singing happily as you two moved all your belongings into the new house you two would be living in together, recording most of the experience, recording the moments where Kai would pick up one of the heavier boxes and his muscles would show and you'd comment about how sexy he looked to your subscribes, causing Kai to breathlessly laugh towards what you said before continuing onwards with carrying the boxes into the house while he also recorded moments of you moving things into the household, moments where you would plead over and over again for Kai to help you out while he just recorded you and laughed, earning a kick in the butt from you later on. Eventually after everything was in place, you would record the tour you would be giving your subscribers, Kai jumping in front of the camera, focusing the camera on him before he motioned for you to follow him, giving your subscribers a tour of your new home, the video you made which featured more of Kai than the others getting the most views out of all your videos, Kai not helping but commenting that it was partly because of him shown so much on the video that the video has so many views.

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Suho: Moving with Suho into a new home was something that was really refreshing and made you happy because you could wake up next to him everyday or you didn’t have to walk to each other’s houses just to see each other again, all because you lived underneath the same roof. The days spent moving your belongings to the new house were long and tiring, but eventually everything had found its place in your home and you both were happy. When you went to retrieve some treats your friendly neighbours had delivered to welcome you, you stopped immediately and screamed. Your scream quickly caught Suho’s attention, causing him to rush where you were to find out that you screamed because you found a small spider crawling in the way to the kitchen. Suho pulled a disgusted face, not necessarily a fan of spiders but quickly guided it outside, letting a girl-like scream when the spider jumped right outside the house. 

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D.O: Although Kyungsoo was beyond excited to move in with you, he was a bit afraid that he’d embarrass himself when it came to picking up heavier objects that needed to be moved into the house, coming up with a solution to his problem which was inviting the other boys to help out, reducing time use because there was a lot of people helping out. In addition to helping move the boxes into your new home, the boys offered to help you two unpack all the boxes, small groups of the boys going to certain spots in the house and helping with unpacking your belongings. Everything was going fine, the boys working diligently before Kyungsoo heard Baehyun, Chanyeol and Chen giggling in the bedroom. Confused, Kyungsoo headed over to the bedroom to find out why the boys were giggling, laughing in embarrassment when they found your underwear and revealing clothing. The boys began to mess around with the clothing, Baekhyun wearing three bras over his shirt and one on his head and modelling his new look, the boys having a laugh fit while Kyungsoo began to suffer from embarrassment, watching you practically die of embarrassment when you entered the room to find out what all commotion was about.

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Chen: After many days wondering, thinking and pondering, you had finally agreed to move in with Chen into a new house, Chen celebrating with a silly dance when he heard that you agreed to moving in with him. Luckily the days leading up to moving into your new home wasn’t as stressful, Chen mostly taking care of all the legal work while you just had to pack up your things. Eventually it came time to move everything into the new house, Chen being really helpful when moving all yours and his belongings into the house. As you tried to lift one of the heavier boxes because you felt as if you weren’t helping much, you visibly struggled with the box before you watched as Chen came in, proudly puffing out his chest and gesturing towards himself as he said, “Don’t worry, jagiya. I am here to save you!” Helping you carry the heavy box inside, as well as the others outside, giving you a high five before embracing you in his arms when you successfully moved everything into your new home. 

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Xiumin: After you had finally agreed to move in with Xiumin, the boy did everything he could to make moving into a new house with him as relaxed and as exciting as possible, taking care of almost everything, just like Chen, even helping you gather all your belongings from your previous house and helping move them into the new house. It took a while to finally getting settled into the house since you wanted to paint the walls first before you could finally move in, the whole process draining Xiumin completely because he offered to do almost everything. Eventually after the walls were painted and dried, the boxes were brought inside and emptied out, Xiumin plotted on the couch, almost falling asleep as you went to get some ice cream from the fridge, coming back to find Xiumin already fast asleep on the couch. You smiled at him, knowing he had been working so hard lately and gave his cheek a gentle kiss, placing a blanket over him so he wouldn’t get cold through the night.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Or Can You?) [1/2]

A/N: Merry Christmas to my enabler of all enablers, @ive-always-been-a-pirate!! <3 Since I have sold my writing soul to you for Sharpie Killian, I give you Dr. Killian Jones shenanigans with a side order of Captain Charming plot as per our deal. I hope you enjoy love!

Part 2
Rated: T

He’s waited years for this moment. He was finally going to get revenge on the man who took everything away from him - the only thing standing in his way is a burn patient, a fellow he’s starting to fall in love with, and a morally compassed best-friend. [CS House AU]

There weren’t many people in Doctor Killian Jones’ life that he could rely on - his father had abandoned him and his older brother when he was four, Liam had left him through death, his first love had left him to go back to her criminally insane husband - hell, he couldn’t even rely on his own damn hand to stay attached to his arm. But the one person he knew would always be there was David Nolan. Through bar fights, irritating patients, annoying (yet sometimes hot in the case of Emma Swan) fellows, and Belle’s vomit inducing Christmas parties David was there. He was Killian’s best friend, the one person who had stuck with him through the loss of his hand and every rum-induced coma he had put himself in since the accident.

Which was exactly why he had to terrorize the oncologist.

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Fic: Poem Without Words (3/?) (M)

Author’s note: My goal of updating both of my ongoing stories continues! Yay! Enjoy!

Also found: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 3

It was still raining on Monday. Killian tucked his sketchpad into his bag before heading to campus. He’d tried to distract himself all day Sunday, cleaning his little house from top to bottom. He was stunned at how much rubbish he’d accumulated in the few years he’d been there. Worst of all was his studio; wadded up paper, bits of charcoal, old smelly paint thinner, torn canvas littered the space. His two large rubbish bins were overflowing by the time he was done, but he felt like he’d accomplished something.

And it kept him from giving in to his urge to sketch Emma as he’d found her the day before, wet and bewitching.

To say he was stunned to meet her, just walking along, would be an understatement. Robbed of his opportunity to try his hand at a subject other than Emma Swan, he’d found her without even trying. She  walked out of the wet mist like some sort of sprite, wearing that ridiculous poncho. Killian had no idea what possessed him to ask her to the gallery; he never dreamed she’d accept.

The ensuing hours were some of the most enjoyable he’d had in a long time. Sharing his passion for art with her…it reminded him why he loved it so much. And he thought—or rather hoped—he’d seen a spark in her eyes. Despite their fairly limited acquaintance, there was a serenity and ease to their conversation. The silences didn’t feel awkward and when she asked him a rather pointed personal question…he very nearly answered her with the ugly unvarnished truth.

He wasn’t that big a fool.

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Mine and Thine

[Anon wanted someone wearing someone else’s clothes. Erm… *sweats* Welp. Tread carefully, horrible humour ahead.]

Tony was by no means a small man.

He was well above average in height, his body muscular and toned. That fact was sometimes difficult to remember if you spent any significant amount of time around people like Thor or Hercules, who were in the size and weight range of an adult grizzly bear. Tony was tall and fit, but in the company of so many people that exceeded ‘average’ by far, he wasn’t particularly eye-catching out of the armour.

But that was it, wasn’t it. It had never been Tony’s strength or size that made him dangerous. Nor was it the armour.

Right now, however, Tony looked anything but dangerous and he did, in fact, look small. Steve and Tony might be almost the same size height-wise, with only about an inch between them (an inch that greatly annoyed Tony and greatly amused Steve), but Tony distinctly lacked in bulk. He was muscular, that was sure, but in a different, leaner way than Steve. Steve’s dress shirt looked positively huge on him.  

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