i spent literally 5 minutes on it

I literally just spent the last 5 minutes o this episode crying. 
















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I hope this is okay to request but how do you think the MX members would react if their gf, wanting to surprise them when they got home with some lingerie, but when he walked through the door with the other members, she was shocked and stuck in place like a deer in headlights? Thank you in advance~

Okay I wrote out a full post for this but totally had a brain fart and closed the tab without it finishing posting, so this is the second draft LOL

When you try to surprise him with lingerie but the other members see you

Shownu: I feel like it would take him a second to remember the others were with him because at first he’d be like “wow baby you look so beautiful, all for me??” but then when you’re frozen in shock it would hit him and he’d make sure they all never spoke another word of it
“Changkyun you better put your phone camera away before I break it”

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Wonho:  He’d freak out straight away bc I can see him being v protective of you like “GUYS LOOK AWAY THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING FOR HER” and he’d take off his shirt to put over you so he could get you inside the closet/room to grab your normal clothes, then take business to your place so no one would interrupt.

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Hyungwon: This sneaky little meme, so similar to Shownu it would take him a minute to realize what just happened but he’d act quick. He’d take off his jacket to wrap around you and tell the boys to wait outside the dorm so he could get you dressed and let the embarrassment of the situation wear off…. But he’d lock them outside and drag you to the bedroom
“Now they’re out of the way, let me get a better look at you…”

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Minhyuk: He’d basically tackle you and drag you into the bathroom while yelling at Changkyun to close the camera on his phone (I don’t know why I see him doing this in every situation but it’s canon guys I swear) I feel like he’d be more embarrassed than you
“This is exactly why I said we should only do things like this at your place Jagi…”

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Kihyun: All of the boys would be too in shock to fully look at you, they’d be more focused on the fact that Kihyun was getting some, cue a disgusted look from Hyungwon “You’re supposed to be our mother, how dare you do this to us”

“Jagi I said wait for me at YOUR dorm, they’re never going to let this go”

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Jooheon: He would initially be hella embarrassed and cover you asap before dragging you to the bathroom away from the eyes of the other buys, but as soon as you’re alone and he got a better look of your outfit *gif*

“thank you God, for blessing me with this sexy angel. I owe you one”

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I.M: This little nugget, depending on the others reaction he’d either do the same as Jooheon OR he’d be too busy staring at you to remember he’s not the only one who can see you and Shownu would end up giving you his jacket while you smack your boyfriend around the head for having his priorities the wrong way around. For the next week, he’d be strutting around the dork like the king of the world
“Bet you guys are jealous, sucks to be you. She’s all mine”

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it’s like- the worst thing about this all is not even people telling me I’m annoying, it’s when they insult my editing that’s when I wanna fucking go out and hunt those fuckers. My Longest beat drop video took me 5 hours to edit and record, then a extra hour to render, an extra hour for the thumbnail

When it comes to longer videos I go through literally 6 hours of footage- which in return makes the editing time longer to about 8 hours, this time 2 hours of render and then.. well.. again another hour for the thumbnail

Why do people think editing is brainless, it’s fucking hard. You have to be constantly motivated, I don’t just put raw footage on youtube, I literally go through it all to leave the funniest stuff in. 

I’m currently working on a video that I’ve already spent 2 hours on and i’m only 5 minutes into the video because I’m adding a few more jokes than usual. 

I put effort into my content and I am fucking proud of it. 

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Hey babe! for starters, i am absolutely in love with your blog and your story! you're my favorite simblr out there right now and i'm constantly checking your blog :) i have a simblr myself, but my shots aren't the best... what are your tips on taking perfect shots, and editing pictures? much love

Hey there lovely! 💖 Sorry for the delayed reply, my inbox has been flooded for the past few days (which I absolutely love, but it just takes that little longer to answer everything.) I’m so glad you like my blog and my story, that means a lot to me nonny! Your shots are probably better than you think they are, but I’d be happy to share some tips with you! 

Here are Sandy’s tips on taking perfect okay shots, and editing pictures: 📷

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Pairing: Jungkook X Reader ft. Jimin

Genre: Smutty Goodness

Word Count: 3000-ish

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“Jungkook not here, ah-” You exclaimed as your breaths become more shallow and your heart beating faster than it ever had before.

“Why not princess, you’re dripping wet.” He whispers into your ear as he takes his fingers out from between your thighs, soaked in your juices he puts them in his mouth with any hesitation and sucks them clean.

“Because we’re on a fucking train you pabo” You scold finally gaining come composure as you catch your breath.

‘Oh how did I end up here especially like this?’ You thought to yourself recalling everything that had happened.

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Can you do #9 for the "I love you" prompts for Jared/Evan :D

Prompt: “I love you.”

“You love everyone who gives you food.”

“True, but not what I was referring to.”

Their stomach dropped.

This prompt is so jared/evan im screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Like spot on!!!!!! Yes!!!

(there comes a point when you use so many !!! that it seems like you are being sarcastic but im not i promise)

Also this is like a series of like food related moments in their relationship okie dokie!! (watch me shade starbucks)


Moment #1

Evan tossed the greasy bag at his boyfriend, rolling his eyes when Jared let out a girlish shriek of happiness.

“I love you!” Jared shouted, but it seemed more directed at the fast food than at Evan, so Evan didn’t comment on it. He was walking towards the tissue box, so he didn’t see the look that flashed across Jared’s face.  

“It’s literally a bag made of grease. The only thing in there that isn’t deep fried is the paper bag itself.” Evan said instead. He grabbed as many tissues as he could hold (makeshift napkins). “And, you are eating it in your bed.”

“Are you jealous?” Jared shot back, opening the bag and pulling out a french fry. Evan snorted.

“Of a bag of fast food? Nope, I am good.” Evan responded quickly, making Jared laugh. Evan had to admit though- there were times that Jared was more affectionate towards a sandwich than he was to Evan. That was fine though.

Moment #2

“Please?” Jared was literally an annoying toddler, Evan decided. He hasn’t spent much time around an annoying toddler, but Jared was exactly what Evan imagined. Extremely cute, but a lot of time annoying. “Baby, please?”

Evan glanced over at Jared, who was in the passenger seat of the car. “It will take like 5 minutes.” Jared continued. “You can even get something too!”

“Will I be paying for it?” Evan asked. Jared went silent. That silence lasted for exactly 8 seconds.

“Maybe.” Jared said meekly. Evan smirked, and turned on the turn signal.

“Fine.” Evan spoke. Jared practically exploded with excitement.

“Yes! Thank you! But don’t go to Starbucks, they have nasty hot chocolate.” Jared was talking a mile a minute. “I love you!”  

Evan’s heart fluttered, but he brushed off the term as being a ‘in the moment’ thing. He didn’t say anything about it, and instead turned into the coffee shop parking lot.

Moment #3

Evan pulled the pasta dish out of the oven, straining under the weight of it. Jared looked over his shoulder.

“Babe, that looks fucking good.” Evan smiled at him.

“Well, I told you that we were going all out for tonight’s date. This is my part. Your part is providing the empty house.” Evan said, carrying the dish to the counter. Jared wiggled his eyebrows.

“Hm, yes, well when your boyfriend wants to have a romantic date, and he want’s the house to be empty? How could I refuse?” Evan laughed, his cheeks turning red.

“I didn’t want it for that, I just wanted a nice date between us.” Jared handed Evan some plates.

“Regardless, it smells amazing. Thanks for making it, babe.” Jared kissed Evan on the cheek before dishing up. The two got their food and sat down at the table across from each other. As Jared took the first bite, Evan watched him anxiously. This was a new recipe, maybe he should have just stuck to the old one-

Jared moaned. He full on, sexually, moaned. Evan’s cheeks went completely pink.

“Fuck, Evan this is so fucking good. I love you!” Jared dug into the food even more. Evan rolled his eyes.

“You love anyone who gives you food.” Evan spoke. Jared looked up, and raised an eyebrow.

“True-” He scooped up some more pasta in his fork. “But not what I was referring to.”

Evan’s stomach dropped. His jaw went slack, and his already pink cheeks flushed to a crimson.

“W-what?” Evan stammered. Jared noticed this and put down his fork.

“Evan, I love you. I thought you knew that.” Jared seemed surprised. 

“The only time you said that was when I was getting you food- I thought it was just a food thing.” Evan explained hastily. Jared shrugged.

“Well, yeah, I mean food, but Evan, I love you.” For the first time that night, Jared seemed nervous. It was then that Evan realized he hadn’t formally responded to it. 

“Jesus, Jared… I love you too.” Evan stammered out. Jared’s shoulders relaxed. 

“I would totally make out with you right now, but this food is so good.” Jared said, eyeing the fork he had put down. Evan laughed, and nodded. 

“Go for it.” Evan said. He watched his boyfriend eat for a few more seconds, before starting to eat himself. 

Some rly helpful tips to boost your Iman if you're struggling

hello my loves, so all of us struggle with our iman from time to time so here’s some cool tips to help improve your iman inshaAllah

●try to do dhikr like whenever you remember, it doesn’t matter if you say Alhumdulillah even just once, but whenever it you remember just do a little bit of dhikr, some of the most beloved words to Allah (SWT) are SubhanAllah, Alhumdulillah, Allahu Akbar and La ilaha illalah, Muhammadur rasulullah, so even if you say these words just once, say them

● SubhanAllahi wa bi hamdihi, SubhanAllahil adheem, is also a rly incredible and rewarding statement and Allah SWT loves it

●try to be more grateful, all of us are quick to complain but not many of us remember to thank Allah SWT, and even amidst all your troubles, Allah has still blessed you with a thousand good things, so even if you’re in a not-so-nice situation, look around and try to get yourself to pick out at least 5 things around you (in your immediate vicinity) that you are at least happy for

TRUST ME this works wonders, I promise, once you start thanking Allah SWT for random little things even though you might be having an otherwise tough time, Allah SWT blesses you SO much, I promise just try it a few times

Also I saw this quote it was something like “I don’t ask Allah ‘why me?’ when im struggling simply because I never ask Him 'why me?’ when He gives me something good”

●if you struggle with your prayers, start with this first, and if you feel lazy or you can feel shaitan try to convince you that you don’t have time, literally force yourself to write down how many minutes there are in a day and how many you’ve spent doing ________ activities and then compare it to the 5 minutes that Salah will take,

It might seem unnecessary but when you put time in perspective for yourself like that, it helps motivate you to pray

●start watching little clips on YouTube about Islam, those will REALLY help because we all need reminders, some great YouTube channels that have really great short clips are:

-The Daily Reminder
-Bayyinah TV

● if you have anxiety especially or are just stressed about a situation, just keep repeating to yourself this, or a similar phrase: “Allah is with me and this will go EXACTLY according to His plan”

Even if at that moment youre having a hard time believing it, just keep repeating it to yourself as firmly as possible and I promise it will help, keep repeating reassuring and positive phrases to yourself

●try listening to the Quran more, if you just type in 'beautiful Quran recitation" on youtube there are SO many calming and incredibly soothing voices its amazing

●if you’re having trouble understanding some aspects of Islam or certain things/verses are questionable to you, someone I truly recommend is Nouman Ali Khan, he is truly a gem to our society, he’s SO funny and so easy going and he explains the Qur'an in such a beautiful and simple way that we didn’t realize before

And even controversial issues that at hard to understand, he has the simplest explanations for them (he basically analyzes all the tafsir of previous scholars and puts them all together in a rly simple way)

He honestly has amazing insight, and watch a couple of his videos about grammatical miracles in the Quran and you’ll actually really boost your iman that way
(He has a youtube series called 'Amazed by the Quran’ and its actually mind blowing stuff)

●Dua !! Even if youre having a hard time and nothing makes sense and you wanna give up, making dua is actually something really effective, Allah SWT loves it when we ask of Him and His Kingdom literally encompasses EVERYTHING so you can ask Him do anything and cry to Him about all your problems and He will listen and He will help

“Certainly the help of Allah is near” Quran 2:214

Just remember, if you actively put in effort, Allah SWT will always come through, just not necessarily in ways you expected, but always in ways that will lead to the best outcome in your favour

Initial rambly thoughts on the Stevenbomb

WARNING: Spoilers!

Fucking hell I actually need some time to process what I just saw (and legit feel a bit queasy now lol). But my initial, somewhat jumbled, thoughts are as follows…

I loved the ominous tone throughout, it really felt like it was building up to something big. The way we kept seeing the silhouettes at the end of each episode, and the fact that people were gradually vanishing, really gave the whole thing a very dark and sinister tone.

And that payoff with Peridot’s report becoming relevant again after all this time!! :O I hope she doesn’t blame herself for any of this though.

I have to say I adore Aquamarine! She’s such a little shit lol she’s just great! And Topaz is terrifying! I like both of them a lot.

That freaking ending… I literally spent around 5 minutes after I watched it pacing around the room going “ooooh shit no they did not do that” ;_; Damn.

I really, really didn’t see that one coming. Is this gonna be Lapis (and Peridot - or their fusion) to the rescue?! Methinks it’s a distinct possibility. The Crystal Gems have no way of travelling through space… but Lapis can literally fly through space at an incredible speed. Here’s hoping! I also wonder if we’re finally gonna see the elusive White Diamond at long last :O Omg that’d be incredible…

I think I need a lie down now.

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Just spent literally the entire 30 mile ride from my apartment to the college (and the 5 minute stop at Huck’s somewhere in the middle to get drinks) telling my mom the entire plot of Ninjago from Garmadon being bitten by the Devourer up to Morro possessing Lloyd in S5.

The best part? The whole time she was glancing at me to let me know she was listening, humming at me when I’d stop for a little bit, making actual commentary on it and asking questions. She didn’t even know the show existed before today but when I started talking about it she listened and didn’t make me feel like I was being annoying by explaining and I think everyone (and especially every mother) should be like that because nothing hurts more than having your interests dismissed by your parents when you try to talk about them.

Like for real, from the time we got into the car, I started talking about it and I didn’t stop until we got to the college. When I told her about the whole thing at the end of S3, her response was “And this is a children’s show?” with an eyebrow raised. Even if she wasn’t really interested, she acted like she was. She also said, when I was talking about LORD Garmadon for the first time, “Okay, hold on a sec kiddo… I’m sorry, but this ‘Lord Garmadon’ just makes me think of, uh, what’s-his-face from Flight of Dragons. Ahmadon? No, uhh… Ohmadon!” And she kinda smiled (and so did I because I love Flight of Dragons and just yeah) and then said, “Okay, go on. So he was working for a guy named Chen?”

And just
Why can’t more people be that supportive of their children’s interests?

I mean like, I’m 17 and she still lets me blab her ear off about cartoons and anime and “this story idea I just had that I need to talk about or I’ll forget” like I’m still a little kid. She told me once that she doesn’t get most of the stuff I talk about, but she listens anyway and I just love my mom so much I’m sorry I’m ranting-

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there's a literal facist group taking slaves camped in the mojave and more people are willing to join his cause than willing to let benny live and they see nothing wrong with this

i spent like 5 minutes trying to think of a witty comment but yeah lol every legion stan on this godforsaken hellsite makes me want to Die

the taste of your lips | skimmons


Chapter 5: you’re the reason why

Words: 314

Rating: Teen

Type: Drabble

Fic Tags: Romance, Humor, Morning After, Innuendo

Pairing: Skimmons/BioQuake/Daisy x Jemma

Fandom: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

monday mornings are tough for anyone, but when you spent the previous night not getting much sleep thanks to your significant other, they can be the mornings from literal hell. daisy is looking quite smug, to jemma’s irritation. she’s grinning when jemma leaps out of bed and goes to take a shower, she’s grinning when jemma emerges after five minutes and starts getting ready, she’s still grinning when jemma is finished dressing and blowdrying and combing her hair.

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stillupset the fact that thw show literally only spent like 5 minutes on the make up scene and this doesnt forgive the fact that he ignored her for 3 months 

  • Liam: I'm a werewolf and so are all of these hot guys I happen to know.
  • Mason: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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TW: Divorce, abuse. Never trust a man who asks for a divorce, then proceeds to fuck up the entire process right at the last minute getting your case thrown out of court and forcing you to start all over. I've spent the last 5 months trying to get a divorce from my abusive husband of 3 years, and I was literally 3 days from being free, and he "forgot" to tell me about a court meeting, so I missed it, and our case got thrown out. Now I might have to start over and I don't know if I can do this.

Wow that’s awful, I’m so sorry, anon ❤ Let us know if you still need help with anything

Hello all! Up until about a month ago, I was eating entirely off of food stamp benefits, and between tuition and living and books/supplies, I know y’all are as broke as me. I’m vegan and being healthy was important to me, and I managed to make that work. However, these tips should be helpful to anyone hoping to make their diet a little healthier cheaply, vegan or not. Some of them will vary depending on where you live–sorry guys, I can only account for my own experiences in a small town in Ohio and Columbus. That all said, let’s get started!

1. Legumes are cheap cheap protein

Lentils are my go-to legume. In the country, I got them in cheap baggies at Walmart. In Columbus, I get them even cheaper in bulk bins at Lucky’s. They’re also a good source of lysine, which vegans often neglect to get! If those aren’t your style, cans of black beans are good in loads of recipes. I also add a can of chickpeas to a lot of low-protein meals or to make hummus. Buying legumes is a much cheaper source of protein than tofu or meat!

2. Potatoes are great filler

Potatoes are super cheap (I think everyone knows that) and are actually quite good for you, especially if you leave the skins on. They’re full of vitamin C, B-6, and potassium, and are a good source of fiber and have some protein! They’re also incredibly quick and easy to make. Baked potato? Don’t bother baking that shit. Just pierce it with a fork a few times and nuke it for ~5 minutes depending on the size of the potato, turning once. Quick side dish. Added benefit: no time spent peeling. 

3. Crock pots are your friend

Eating healthy takes time sometimes, and I get that. It’s tough to work an eight hour shift and come home and be expected to cook a healthy dinner. It’s easier to throw a frozen meal in the microwave (for that, Amy’s isn’t too bad!). I try to avoid this with crock pot cooking. I got the crock pot for $5 (literally) at Goodwill. Every Goodwill I’ve been in has had at least one, so I recommend checking there first. I prep the meal before my shift, throw it in the crock pot, leave it, and come back home to cooked dinner. It’s that simple. Bonus, all the food has been sitting in seasoning all day so it’s incredibly flavorful. 

4. Fresh is usually cheaper

I know this is contrary to what people usually hear, but in my experience fresh produce is much cheaper by the actual amount of money per ounce of food. It’s also much more nutritious and less disgusting than canned food, so if you don’t want to go fresh I recommend frozen. The only trouble with fresh food is it will go bad sooner and you have more food, so depending on your eating habits that’s something to consider. I like it better personally, and I was able to live off almost exclusively fresh produce on a food stamp budget for a single person.

5. Look out for deals on the fresh food!

At least where I live, Sundays and Mondays seem to be the days the food starts getting a bit off, and the supermarkets will often have deals to get rid of the food. For instance, today in a Giant Eagle (another kind of Midwest Kroger-type market) I got berries buy one, get one free. I was getting berries anyhow, and I ended up getting an extra pack free. That’s another day or two with breakfast smoothies! 

6. Your shop’s bakery? Also your friend

Always always always get your bread at the bakery, whether you’re at Walmart or Kroger or Lucky’s or some fancy ass market I’m not aware of. Vegans? The bread is basically all vegan. Everyone else? You have so many choices. At Giant Eagle I can get a cheap loaf of very healthy, grainy bread. At Kroger (with my card) I can get a loaf of good white bread for $1 ($1.99 without a card). No more nasty Wonderbread without any nutritional value. 

7. Steamable vegetables win

I know, I know. I said frozen isn’t as good. Buuut…Like I said, I don’t always want to cook when I get home from work. Steamable vegetables are cheaper than microwave meals and healthier. I just throw one in the microwave for a few minutes, throw it in a bowl, and season it. Ta da. Five minute dinner. Not a fancy dinner, but a healthy (if not balanced) one. These are also fantastic for side dishes if, unlike me, you have more than one thing for your meals. 

8. Minimize meat replacements

This is for all you vegetarians/vegans out there. I know the Gardein fake chicken strips are delicious. Believe me, I know. Save them for treats, though. Meat supplements have a terrible cost to protein ratio. In my opinion, they should only be bought when you know you’ll absolutely need the convenience above anything else. I usually treat myself to one faux-meat product a month. One. 

9. Don’t feel bad for messing up

When you’re poor, it’s easy to feel bad for every extra dollar you spend. You bought a Diet Coke at work. You bought some trail mix because the lunch you packed wasn’t enough. You just really fucking wanted some cookies. It’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up. Poor people are allowed to treat themselves too, and when you’re studying, sometimes it’s the little treats that really perk you up. 

I hope that helps someone somewhere. It’s easy to neglect your health when you’re living on so little every month (especially students who may not be used to living off so little), but our health gives us our energy and concentration and is so helpful for our schoolwork. You can have healthy food on most budgets, and a healthy body means a healthy brain!

As always, if you have any questions just shoot me an ask. 

okay but its kinda gross that the supergirl writers keep torturing the women but the men get away with everything… like they really hate women huh?

mon-el was literally kidnapped once and got shot one time, that is all and instead they tortured kara. then they are both at that moon or whatever and they ignore him again and torture kara. when kara confronts his mother she tortures kara to get to her son, who was not harmed (again). then every episode lena is on for more than 5 minutes is spent torturing her emotionally. and now they are torturing alex

like the men (mon-el) can literally be in 3 situations (that i can remember right away) in which someone is tortured and not even get hurt in any way in two of them even though both are related to his slave owning ass

I’ve spent literally 20 minutes, 50,000 points, and like 30 rolls on this wunderfizz machine to get widows wine and daiquiri has come up literally 90% of the time out of 5 possible outcomes