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Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your writing, it's amazing and it gives me both the feels and a good dose of sin. Also if it's not too much trouble i'd like to request poly!roadrat, genji, and hanzo listening to their s/o read them a classic novel. Them sitting/laying and watching their s/o intently, listening to their voice, and loving every moment of it.

This is such a lovely prompt. And I realise I could have just gone with an ambiguous novel and be done with it. Instead I spent the entire day coming up with something appropriate for each character, because why wouldn’t I do that.

Poly!Roadrat - Momo. Simply because I feel like they would enjoy the plucky underdog fighting against suits men in grey.

Genji - Frankenstein. Yeah, I know, way too easy. But how the creature is portrayed in the novel reflects both the self-hate Genji used to have and the way he sees himself now (also The Tale of Genji would have been even easier)

Hanzo - The Thief Lord. I realise it’s not a classic novel, but God I had the hardest time picking out something for him that fit. I first went through some Japanese classics, but with his extensive education he would have probably read a lot of them already and I wanted something that none of the characters had read before. European literature didn’t really have the themes I was looking for and pre-colonial African classics are pretty much impossible to find, except for the assurance that they exist. So, in my despair, I went to get a snack, walked by my bookcase and my childhood jumped practically into my arms. The Thief Lord is about two brothers who escape their troubled home and do everything to protect each other, and finally finding a family in an unlikely place. It’s everything Hanzo and Genji could have had if it weren’t for tragedy and fratricide.

Anyway, now that you’ve suffered through my ramblings, I hope you enjoy :)

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Christmas with the Armed Detective Agency (Christmas Special Part 1)

Under a cut, because it’s pretty long-ish!
Since I included interactions with everyone, there is no real pairing except when you take it like s/o x everyone family fluff.

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Nightmare before Halloween Part 1 of 2

This is going to be a two-shot. It came to over 15k words total, so I had to split it up. The next part will come soon. I just need to finish editing it. :)

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia is excited about the Halloween party tonight thrown at everyone’s favorite restaurant, Fairy Tail. That is, until something strange happens, causing her and her friends to fight for their lives for fear of being hunted down and attacked. Somewhat based on a part of the movie, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge”. Modern AU. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. Two-shot!

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Rated: T for cussing, slightly suggestive themes and violence.

Genre: Humor, Suspense

Word Count: 8,014

Read on FF.net or AO3

Part Two on Tumblr

Nightmare Before Halloween Part 1 of 2

“I’ll be ready by the time you get here,” Lucy said, her phone pressed against her ear as she applied her eyeliner. She wanted to look her best, so she used a steady hand even though her heart beat faster the longer she talked to him.

“I hope so,” the voice of her best friend came from the other end of the line. “We’re on our way now, and you know how fast Erza drives.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the blonde teen laughed, almost messing up her makeup. “I promise I’ll be good.”

“Okay, see you soon, Luce.”

She smiled, loving the silly nickname he gave her. “You too, Natsu.”

Lucy hung up her phone, relieved that now she could apply her makeup without trying to hold a conversation, but worried because she really did know how fast Erza drove. She almost wished the vehicle would suck up some of her energy in the process, since it might slow her down.

When she was satisfied with her face, she stood up and walked over to her full-length mirror. She gave herself a little twirl, smiling that all the hard work she did paid off. Lucy decided this year for Halloween she was going to go as her favorite zodiac sign, Aquarius.

She spent countless hours sewing her costume together, getting stabbed multiple times by her needles as she worked with her raw material to create -in her opinion- a masterpiece. Most of her golden hair was down, while some of it was pulled into two high pigtails. Green bows tied off her hair, matching the rest of her costume. She had sleeves that started halfway down her upper arm, coming down to her wrists. They were the same green as her bows, with yellow ruffles underneath.

A halter top swimsuit adorned her torso. She used a thick material to make the top, so it was warm despite the cold air that came with this time of the year. She drew Aquarius’s symbol right under her collarbone, making sure to get it nice and dark so everyone could see it. She used a special body paint that wasn’t supposed to smudge, so she hoped it would last for the night.

Lucy’s skirt was uneven, part of it coming up high on her upper thigh while the other part came down to her mid-thigh. The skirt was green, with yellow ruffles sewn on the waistband and on the hem. A matching yellow ribbon was tied around her thigh on the part where her skirt came up higher.

Her outfit was complete with a pair of brown strapped sandals. With her lack of pockets, she’d have to rely on Natsu to carry her phone and wallet, but he doubted he’d mind. He was always willing to help.

A light pink blush dusted her cheeks when she thought about her best friend. They met two years ago at a Halloween party. Coincidentally it was also thrown at Fairy Tail, just like the one they were attending tonight would be.

Lucy had decided a few weeks ago that tonight she was going to confess to Natsu Dragneel. She was going to tell him how she felt about him. She was just unsure how much she should say. The truth was the girl was hopelessly in love with the boy, and had been for the better part of the last year. However, she didn’t want to come on too strong. He’d never given her any reasons to suspect that maybe he liked her back, so professing her love for him was risky.

The blonde teen knew the best course of action would be to tell him that she liked him first. It wouldn’t be a lie. Despite loving him, she still liked him a lot. He was a great friend, funny, kind, and so full of happiness. Plus he was hot as fuck! She enjoyed spending time with Natsu, and tonight would be no different.

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Star Vs. The Finale - Chapter 7 - Bad Boys Don’t Dance

Previous Chapter Tumblr | FanFiction.net

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your patience and support.
This chapter was kind of tricky for me, especially the Starco dance scene.
Things will get seriously crazy in the next part. Stay tuned!
Hope you enjoy! Feel free to read it / leave your opinions/criticism/comments either here on Tumblr or on FanFiction.net.

Chapter 7 – Bad Boys Don’t Dance

Stars glittering in the night-sky, lavish costumes, fountains, elegant decorations, a rich buffet and Florian classical music played by a live orchestra: the Grand Ball of Floria was as fancy as Star expected. The vast terrace where the dance was being held was crowded with some of the most important people from the Kingdom and other dimensions as well. And the princess had to greet every one of them, as part of her “first real assignment”, as her Mother told her on Mewnie the day before.

“Duke of Urbia, such a pleasure to meet you…”
“Countess Riva, you look wonderful tonight…”

And every one of them looked pleasantly surprised to see the infamous rebellious princess of Mewnie finally acting like a real member of a royal family. “Nothing caught fire… yet…” – she would even joke, in a self-mocking but still dignified tone of voice.

For about one hour, Marco followed Star around, as surprised as everybody else for her regal and responsible behavior. They were surrounded by the highest aristocracy from Floria, from countless of other Kingdoms and, for the first time ever, while hanging out with his best friend, he felt somehow out of place. “She’s a princess…” – he seemed to realize, feeling stupid for having overlooked Star’s obvious royal status all this time.

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I seem to have a bunch of new followers. Hi, new followers! Welcome to my flailing. And what better way to welcome them than with an extremely long wall of text. Hooray!

I think most of us agree that our last visit with Mulder and Scully was not all we had hoped for. I personally have a lot of affection for IWTB, but there was PLENTY of room for improvement. My impression was that everybody involved with IWTB was secretly or not-so-secretly looking at it as the first in a renewed franchise – I remember a lot of talk about “well, the next one will be about the mythology.” In other words, IWTB contained a lot of leisurely groundwork-laying, and as it turned out, it was for naught. This time out, I’m pretty sure we’re at the end of the line for X-Files, which is OK (she said bravely) – at least we know it this time. I want them to get it right. And because I’M SURE that all of 1013 closely follows the goings-on of tumblr user myassbrokethefall, I would like to take a look at some of the shortcomings of our previous outing and talk about lessons learned and how we can do better this time. And by “we,” I mean “I have nothing whatsoever to do with it, but I am overinvested.” Since we just found out that CC hasn’t started writing anything yet, THERE IS STILL TIME.

And so I present:

The Top 6 (because that was how many I felt like writing) Things Wrong with IWTB (and What to Do Instead)

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Halloween is everyone’s favourite holiday

Here is the fic I wanted to post for the last day of sterek week but it didn’t really go to plan, but here it is, finally, the longest fic I’ve ever written, (7.5k omg) For the amazing @pale-silver-comb who prompted me with this its not entirely compliant with the prompt, but I hope you like it ^_^ thank you for waiting so long too and being patient with me.

Also, no Beta, so sorry if there are mistakes!

you can read it on AO3 too

Stiles was sitting at Allison and Lydia’s dining table, fiddling with a jar of what looked like herbs. Although, knowing Lydia, and he did know her, it was crushed up moth’s wings or something. He pushed it away from him at the thought, moving his attention back to his laptop for all of two minutes before looking up as Allison walked into the room, pointy witch hat on top of her head.

“I take it the shopping trip wasn’t great?” Stiles asked noting the small amount of bags in her hands.

“Well, Lydia wants us to look like authentic witches, not the typical wart nose type; she said her grandmother would be turning in her grave if we did that.” She removed the hat and placed it on the wooden table. “So no, Lydia’s going to close up shop early tomorrow and come shopping with me.”

“Fair enough, I don’t know what to be? I know all you couples are matching each other, but where does that leave me?”

“What about Derek? I mean even Isaac is matching with Danny and they’re not together, so are Malia and Cora, maybe you could ask him, so you can, you know, make a move instead of pining” she smirked; Stiles narrowed his eyes at the smug look on her face. She knew it wasn’t that simple, not everyone got to fall in love with their best friend and actually have them love you back.

“Hey I resent that, I’m allowed to wallow in this, Derek doesn’t see me that way and even if he did, have you seen him? He’s like a gift of the gods, no man should be allowed to be that attractive, I’m not worthy” Stiles half laughed, he couldn’t ever wrap his head round how perfect Derek was, even though he had cute little ears and bunny teeth, it still added to his overall perfection. It was down right annoying really because Derek didn’t even know it. Stiles knew if he looked like that, he would make the most of it. Yet here he was, twenty six years old and still relatively skinny with odd parts of muscle definition in his arms and legs. He wasn’t unattractive, but Stiles would hardly call himself hot.

“You don’t know unless you try and I’m sure Derek would consider it, you’re hardly a bad option to pair with, given your creativity and your enlightening personality” she laughed rolling her eyes as she carried her two bags through to the kitchen.

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with you!” Stiles called, smiling to himself.

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Dark Souls II Impressions, Thoughts, and Takeaways So Far!

Alright folks, Dark Souls II is in the midst of launching in the US right now, and I’m finally okay with letting slip my experience with the title so far. I’ve been totally tight-lipped the past week, but no more! I know some folks don’t want to read anything in regards to the title (but I did received a few requests about my thoughts), so everything is under a Read More, and there are NO SPOILERS. I’m not revealing bosses, areas, enemies, traps, story details or any other such surprises, no matter how big or small. Pretty much everything in the post is strictly gameplay oriented or related to the game’s audio/visual presentation.

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Moments in Time (Slacity)

Rating: M
Summary: Two variations on a theme. This one is Slacity. It had to be written as I needed something sexy with these two. However, as I didn’t want to neglect Olicity, there’s a second part, not related to the first, that’s an Olicity version on the same theme. So pick your poison or enjoy both.

Notes: Ao3 is apparently down for maintenance, so you can find both chapters on FF.net as well as here and Ao3 when its up. However, look for a second Tumblr post with the Olicity version. And a huge thanks to ageofaquarius for her encouragement and support.

Oh, and I should also soon have an update on “Practice to Deceive.” Apparently being sick makes the muse productive. Or it could be all those hot pictures of Manu and Stephen populating my Tumblr.


Felicity sighed as she sipped her drink, hoping the cool liquid would curb the heat pressing against her skin. It had to be close to 90 degrees inside the seedy nightclub in one of the worst area of Metropolis. But of course it was packed to the gills, people pressed against each other like sardines. She’d lost track of Chloe about a half hour ago, although she was pretty sure her friend could take care of herself. Plus, that was half the reason they’d gone out tonight, to try and forget about the men making their lives hell. And while she gave Club Zero an “A” for its drinks, the insane number of people inside had to be illegal.

She’d managed to stake out a seat at the bar somehow, but had spent the better part of the last half hour fending off drunken advances. It didn’t help that her own body was so wired that every move made her tense. Add to that the fact she’d had several more drinks than usual, to beat the heat, she told herself, and she was feeling nicely buzzed.

Unfortunately, this also meant her mind had focused back on Oliver. Which was the exact opposite of what she’d wanted to happen when she’d headed for Metropolis for the weekend. She wanted to forget how hard it was getting to see Oliver every day and night and not run her hands across his incredibly sculpted chest and back, planting kisses along each scar she came across, hearing him moan with desire at the feel of her lips on his skin.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that since his dalliance with Isabel in Russia, and the subsequent “I can’t be with someone I could care about” conversation, she’d been feeling frustrated. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t understand Oliver’s reluctance about having a deeper relationship, be it with her, or Laurel, or anyone. But she also thought she knew him better than most, and it frustrated her that he could make all the decisions about who would or would not be hurt in a potential relationship. Not that he was in any state to have a meaningful relationship with anyone, but that wasn’t the point.

Then there was the whole Barry situation. She’d actually been attracted to Barry and hoped that maybe, if Oliver wasn’t stepping up to the plate, she could have some fun with the younger man. And despite his calling her out on her having feelings for Oliver, she had to admit, she’d been willing to explore if Barry had been willing to participate. Of course, after he’d called her and told her he’d be available for a date if she wanted, he had to go get knocked comatose by a bolt of lightning.  Way to put a damper on her growing libido.

Because she could admit that it wasn’t exactly fun to be the only one on Team Arrow not getting any.

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