i spent like 30 minutes of my life on this

I could totally see Jacob as being surprisingly gentle when he becomes a dad. Like… He would hold the kid like they’re made of gold. He would think that they are the most perfect thing he has ever done in his life. He’d be the type of dad to cry once he sees his little one’s face for the first time.

Dear Unicorn Diary,

I have very little memory of the last 30 minutes of my life.

Miss Grant had apparently had a productive morning.  My very educated guess is that she has spent her day offloading lagging assets, playing stock market chicken with Max Lord and terrorizing overseas affiliates.  These are a few of her favorite things.

She is magnificent like this.  The power pours from her like a pheromone.  What followed is mostly white noise.

There was a misguided attempt to return Cat’s forgotten Mont Blanc (she’s very choosy about her pens, diary)

There was some vague bitching about her ‘inner-sanctum.’

I think I may have shouted at her.

Then there was proximity.  Hands.  Breath.  Perfume.  Eyes.  Lips.  Almost.  “Cat.”

Door.  Sound.  “Mom?”

“Carter.”  Carter?  CARTER??

I am now back in my office.  There may or may not be a new hole in the wall.  I will run out of paintings soon.


Take Your Time (Andy Biersack Imagine) is

This is an imagine that’s loosely based off of Sam Hunt’s Take Your Time music video. If y'all like it I may do a part 2.


I had just put my son Jensen down for a nap so I could get ready for my shift at the bar I worked at. I of course was the bread winner in my family, providing for my son, boyfriend, and myself. As much as I hate to admit it my boyfriend, Austin was a deadbeat. He spent most of his time drinking or hanging out with his wannabe gangster friends, while I worked all hours to provide for the most important person in my life, Jensen.

I was just finishing up the last few touches on my makeup when Austin barged into the bathroom. “Where in the hell are you going?” he asked clearly drunk.

“Babe I have work in 30 minutes that’s where I’m going.” I said calmly.

“Like hell you are!” He shouted, “the mother of my child will not be going to work dressed like that!” He shouted showing his disproval of my outfit, I was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a cute top that showed off my cleavage, compared to what my coworkers wore it was pretty modest.

“Austin,” I sighed “I’m not dressed inappropriately, compared to most of the girls I work with I’m dressed very modestly.”

“Modest,” he scoffed “Your boobs are about to pop out of your shirt!”

“I’m not doing this with you!” I shouted “I have work to get ready for now go watch tv, better yet, go watch your fucking son!”

I could tell I pissed him off but he walked away without a word and I finished getting ready. I kissed Jensen softly on the forehead before I left so I didn’t wake him. Then I grabbed my keys to my old truck and headed on to work.

============================================================= I had been on my shift for about an hour when a guy I had never seen before walked into the bar. It’s not hard to notice someone new at the bar, we had nothing but regulars there and very seldom would a fresh face come in. The guy had jet black hair to his shoulders, eyes so blue that I swear you could swim in them, and he was covered in tattoos, I could make out two batman tattoos on his arms, he must have been a fan. 

He walked to the end of the bar and sat alone, I followed his every move, I was mesmerized by this guy, why I have no idea. Maybe it was his eyes, or the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous. I was broken from my trance when I heard someone call my name. “(Y/N) can I get another Bud Light?” one of the regulars Anthony asked.

“How many beers have you had?” I asked popping the tab on his beer open and handing it to him.

“Not near enough.” He laughed.

I just shook my head and walked down to the end of the bar where the new guy was sitting. “How are you tonight sir?” I asked putting on my best smile.

“I’m good and yourself?” He asked.

“Doing pretty good, what can I get for you?”

“I’ll take a Jack and Coke”

“Give me just a second and I’ll be right back with your drink.” I said turning and walking to go make his drink. I quickly grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with ice. Next I went to the cooler and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels and a can of Coke. I poured him two shots of Jack in the cup and finished filling it up with coke and put a straw in it.

“That’ll be four dollars” I said handing him his drink.

“Keep the change” he said handing me a 20 and smiling.

“Sir I can’t accept a tip that large for one drink.” I said.

“No I insist, keep it.” He smiled.

“Sir, I wouldn’t feel right taking that I’m sorry” I said turning and walking to the register to get his change. I counted out $16 and walked it back over to him. “Here’s your change sir.”

“Please keep it” he said his eyes soft and I thought there for a second I might melt. “Oh and call me Andy.”

“Well Andy” I smiled “$16 is a hefty tip for a four dollar drink I really couldn’t accept it”

“Well then I guess I’ll just have to put it in your jar when you aren’t looking.” He smirked.

“You sure are persistent aren’t you?” I asked laughing.

“Persistent? No, stubborn? Yes.” He smiled, God his smile was breathtaking.

“Well I hate to tell you but I’m Stubborn as well and I won’t let you tip me tha—“ before I could finish my sentence I was cut off by a familiar voice yelling my name. I turned around slowly and there was Austin at the other end of the bar giving me a look of disapproval.

I checked everyone on their drinks and then walked out from behind the bar to see what Austin wanted. “Hey babe” I say walking up to him.

“Don’t ‘hey babe’ me!” he shouts grabbing me by the arm and dragging me away from the public eye. As he’s dragging me to the bathroom hallway I see Andy watching this exchange intently.

“What do you want Austin, I’m trying to work.” I ask irritated.

“Work?” He scoffs, “Looks to me like you’re trying to go home with the guy at the end of the bar!” He shouts.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I yell “I was taking him his drink and just making small talk, if I want to make tips I have to be personable to every customer, not just those you deem fit for me to talk to!” I turn to walk away but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“You’re done working here!” he growls “you should be at home taking care of our kid!”

“Well if you had a fucking job and took care of me and Jensen I wouldn’t have to work at a fucking bar and be away from my baby all the damn time, but you don’t because you’re a god damn deadbeat so I’m here busting my ass to provide for my son!” I shout and he loosens his grip enough for me to slip out and walk away.

Once I get back behind the bar I see Austin making his way out the door but I catch what he mouths to me, “this isn’t over.” He’s beyond pissed and I know I’ll more than likely hear it when I get home. I make my way down the bar checking on the customers making sure they’re okay on their drinks. When I get to Andy he’s looking at me with worried eyes.

“Are you alright?” he asks concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine, nothing I can’t deal with” I chuckle trying to seem like nothing happened.

“You don’t look fine,” he states bluntly.

“Really I am.” I say looking down.

“Not that I was eavesdropping but I heard most of that altercation,” he said looking down, “and I’m assuming that’s your no good deadbeat boyfriend?”

“Yes that’s my boyfriend” I sigh “and the father of my child, although I’m sure you heard that as well.”

“I did,” he sighed, “you know, you and your child deserve a man who will take care of the both of you not one who makes you take care of him.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, I just nodded my head in reply. Andy was right Jensen and I deserve so much better than Austin. I’ve knew it for a while now I just couldn’t bring myself to admit it. But when Andy said it, it was like it finally clicked and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to get out, not for myself, but for my son, I don’t want him growing up thinking that he isn’t supposed to work and provide for his family.


Once my shift ended at two o’clock I went home. When I got home Austin was gone and he had left Jensen with his sister, Emily. Emily was asleep on the couch and Jensen was asleep in his bassinette. I gently shook Emily awake and told her I was home so she could go home. She nodded and got up and packed up her things and left. Shortly after I pulled Jensen’s bassinette into my bedroom and went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up Austin was still gone. I got up fixed Jensen a bottle and fed him. Just as he finished his bottle Austin came bursting through the front door. “Well look who it is,” he laughed “My slutty girlfriend and the kid she’s trying to pass off as mine.”

I was taken off guard by Austin’s comment and had no idea what to say to that. 

“What you don’t have anything to say?” he asks with a coy smile.

“No I don’t because I’m doing nothing but wasting my breath on you!” I shout.

“What did you say?” he asked walking closer to me.

“You heard me!” I shouted “talking to you is a waste of time and breath!”

Next thing I know I feel a sharp pain across my cheek, Austin had hit me. He actually laid his filthy hands on me. After that something in me snapped I grabbed Jensen and ran to my room and locked the door. I put Jensen in his car seat and pulled my suitcase from my closet. I started piling every piece of clothing I owned and all of Jensen’s in there as well. I was almost done packing when I heard a loud bang on the door. “(Y/N) I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean it.” Austin cried.

“Austin just fucking go away!” I shouted.

I waited a few moments and he didn’t say anything so I took that as my chance to make a break for it. I grabbed my suitcase, Jensen’s diaper bag, and car seat and broke for the front door. I didn’t see Austin anywhere when I walked out of my room, I grabbed my keys and went straight to my truck. I buckled Jensen in and threw my bags in as well. Just as I was closing the passenger door and turning to go get in myself I felt a strong force slam me against the door. “Where the hell are you going with my kid?” Austin growled in my face.

“I’m leaving Austin, for good and I’m not coming back.” I said coolly.

“Like hell you are!” he yelled pressing his arm into my throat, “I’ll be damned if some whore is running off with my kid.” He pushed his arm even harder into my throat. I was slowly losing consciousness from the force of his arm. I couldn’t breathe and all I could think about was getting my baby to safety. Just as I was about to black out the pressure on my windpipe was suddenly removed. I let out a gasp catching my breath. When I looked up I saw Austin on the ground in a fist fight with Andy. Andy had saved not only my life but my sons. I didn’t waste a second I hopped in my truck and drove. I didn’t look back, I kept driving until I got to the nearest hotel. Once I reached the safety of the hotel I had one thing on my mind, Andy. He saved my life and I didn’t even get to thank him. Hell I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the chance to either.