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Do you have any more hockey stories? Can you do like a 5 Top Hockey Stories in the Marissa Household? :P

oh boy do i

5. the time my older brother was refereeing my younger brother’s hockey game and sent him to the box for a (very weak) trip and i yelled something Not So Nice from the stands and he kicked me out of the game

4. my little brother’s first hockey game, where he spent 100% of his ice time chasing his own shadow

3. my older sister breaking her arm in our basement while we were playing basement hockey and no one telling our parents until like 3 hours later bc basement hockey was Banned in the house

2. the first time i ever watched my older brother fight. also my older brother’s lone Gordie Howe Hat Trick. also the first time i ever saw my dad look so simultaneously embarrassed and proud.

1. the time my little brother’s peewee team got to skate on the ice with the peoria rivermen during warm-ups and he got confused and ended up skating the whole length of the ice instead of just the half-ice that he was supposed to and everybody flipped bc he was a Small Child in the middle of a lot of very large hockey boys until a member of wheeling nailers literally picked him up and skated him back over to the rivermen. we still talk about that one all the time.

On the “What would be humans’ weird thing” topic

What if it’s this insane need to over optimize? I mean, look at our competitions.  You can run fast enough for any practical purpose with, like, a few months’ training. And most species stop there, like sane people. 

But not humans. Humans are like, “Oh, well, you can cover a mile in 4 minutes and 3 seconds? Well I can do it in 4 minutes and two seconds!”  

Most species figure that, if you don’t drown when you’re thrown in a liquid, that’s what we call a “good swimmer”.  But humans are like “No, you have to swim in this specific way.  And then we’re gonna see who can do it fastest!”

How many millions of dollars have been spent on technology, nutrition, equipment, not to mention hours upon hours of practice, just to shave 1/10 of one second off of a race time?? 

Or they make up rules, and then compete to see who can adhere to them better. “Strap blades on your feet and move across a slippery surface – but do it in this way, in this amount of time: no more, no less!”

We have competitions wherein the top two competitors differ only in their ability to make a single muscle twitch 2% faster than their opponent, or to make this muscle twitch instead of that one.  There is no practical difference between an Olympic weightlifter and any random US Marine… but we keep holding the Olympics anyway. 

And I just think it’s possible the aliens are going to look at that and go… “You do what, now?”


spent like 3-4 hours rendering this :(( and the end was so shit i forgot to edit it but fuck that i spent about 34785387468768476 years rendering it


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Sweaters for Animal Crossing New Leaf! (part 1)

Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio! (Wait for the reblog for popplio! omg!)

Sorry for the late night post, I spent the last 4 hours off and on designing these and I just couldn’t wait any longer! xD This game is all I want right now and its eating me up inside just how much I want it ;A; gaah!

Somebody get me a Litten Sweater just like this please! xD <3

I’m sorry, what? (Peter Parker x Reader)


PROMPT?:  “Are you jealous?” + Peter Parker pleeease?

A/N: Yooo this is lon g af bUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Honestly I spent like two hours writing this but it crapped out and Chrome crashed on me and I thought I lost it, but THANK GODi had it copied and pasted. 

WARNINGS: FLUFF(stay till the end), car crash, broads in atlanta, minor cursing

Tony Stark was your hero. Not that freaking nerds. You had idolized him as a scientist since you were little and saw him as your hero ever since that car crash all those years ago. So when all of a sudden Peter Parker, the 3.4 grade point average student became his intern? You had to admit, you were jealous. You stared a little bullet sized hole through his skull every day in Biology, wondering how he ever got into your class. Hearing him be so humble about his internship, pretending he didn’t know how he got it. He was annoying adorable. You hated it. So irritably perfect. Peter Parker would be the death of you.

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Good Girl Chapter 8

Warnings: Anxiety and rape triggers, slight smut, cursing, negan fluff

Word Count: 2406

Notes: I tried my best to put my anxiety attacks into words and I think I did a pretty good job if i do say so myself :)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

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The water fell against your back as you sat with your knees to your chest in the shower. Pins and needles spread throughout your entire body, making you feel numb. A note taped to the outside of the locked door read:

Sorry I went in your shower anyway.

The amount of time you had spent in this position was beyond your knowledge. Minutes, hours, who knows. Panic attacks for you were often like this. You crawled up in a ball and specific parts of your body tingled. Your mouth tingled, making it difficult to speak, your vision was hazy, your speech (if occurred at all) stayed low. And you stared into space, feeling completely lost. Anxiety was something you dealt with your whole life. However, it worsened once the apocalypse began. Panic attacks occurred often, but began to thin out as time went on. Even still, it was a common issue that maybe occurred once or every other month. Before your life went to shit, you would often lean on your mother for stability. But now, you were used to dealing with this alone, even if it were much difficult now. It was nearly impossible to push the intrusive thoughts away, of your mother, of the past.

Shh, you’re okay. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.

You repeated this to yourself in attempt to smooth your mind. The shower stayed on to muffle the noises coming from your mouth; to silence the sounds outside of the bathroom to stay in your own world.

“Stop. Please stop, please.” You whispered to yourself and pressed your knees deeper into your bare chest. A faint knock brought you back to your current setting.

“Sweetheart, you alright in there?”

It was Negan.

You didn’t move, hoping he would go away. You heard the door knob move and peeked out of the shower.

“Don’t make me break this fucking door down.” Even with the threat, his tone was comforting. Without thinking, you grabbed the towel outside of the shower and wrapped it around yourself. Catching your reflection as you walked passed the mirror. You looked like you literally went to hell and back. Negan stood there with a concerned look on his face as you slowly opened the door.

“What’s up with you locking me out all the time?” His words brought you back to the first encounter you had with him. It had only been a couple of days, but what fucking days they had been. You stared blankly at his broad chest, that’s where your eye level was on his tall body. He softly touched your chin and brought it upward to examine your face. Yet another mark added to your face, due to Eric punching you. You looked pretty bad, with a cut along the side of your left cheek that met with a bruised cheekbone left by Arat. It looked worse than Eric’s mark, which was developing along your right jawline. There was more blue and purple on your skin, than your actual skin color. He sighed as he tilted your face in various directions.

“Our encounters haven’t been the greatest darlin’. Shit, I’m sorry.” He actually sounded genuine. You weren’t sure why, but to hear him say those words, it broke something in you. It disabled the numbness that developed while you were alone. Embarrassingly enough, you cried, sobbed even. He pulled your face into his chest and rested his head on top of yours. Negan didn’t seem like the type of guy who would wipe away your tears. But being in his arms made you reevaluate your impression of him.

“Want to talk about it?” He whispered into your hair. You walked passed him and held onto his hand to guide him into his room. You sat on the bed in only a towel and he stood in front of you.

“You don’t seem like the kind of guy to want to listen to me vent.” You spoke in between sobs.

He chuckled at your statement and scratched his beard.

“I’m not exactly the best fucking therapist, but I can sure as hell listen if it makes you feel less shitty.” His warm smile made it easy to confide in him. You looked down at the ground again.

“See, don’t do that. You have to fucking look at me sweetheart.” He tapped your chin again and you looked into his eyes.

“If I tell you why I freaked out can you truthfully answer one of my questions too?” Your voice cracked while speaking and you sounded like a baby since you were still crying. He groaned at your respond and shifted himself.

“How the fuck can I say no when you ask like that?”

You explained what happened when the apocalypse first started. The scene played over and over in your head. Once the government realized the walkers could not be stopped, they set safe zone locations where the military watched over the neighborhoods. People started dying left and right and panic spread throughout. Laws started to be broken and safe zones were being taken over. Yours in particular was taken hostage by power hungry criminals.

“In short, sick fucks. No one was allowed to leave and if you tried you were punished.” You told Negan. Your family had tried to runaway, but the men had took you all out before you could escape, killing your father in the process.

“To punish the rest of the family, the men decided to chose a family member to..rape.” You forced the word hesitantly out of your mouth.

“They chose me.” Negan sat beside you on the bed and watched as you fell apart again.

“But that wasn’t the worst part. My mother volunteered in my place and I was forced to watch. Along with my two younger brothers.” After barely finishing the story a painful silence hung over the room. Negan just stared through you waiting for a response.

“Don’t pity me, okay? It sucks, it really fucking sucks but-”

“Who said I was? You’re a badass because of it. Shit I’m sorry you had to go through that to become one. But here you fucking are; in one piece might I add.” He patted your head like a child, but you were okay with it.

“So stop fucking crying. If I can’t pity you, you can’t pity yourself. Shit happens and the world is fucked but you can’t stay in the past. People like that get killed.” His tone changed which caused you to toughen up. You bit the inside of your cheek, a bad habit you developed at a young age. You no longer wanted to ask him the question you thought of before.

“Okay, now that you heard my sob story let’s just change the subject completely.” Before he could respond, you leaned over and pressed your lips against his. You weren’t sure why you did it but you just knew you needed to. Having someone to confide in was new to you and it made you cling to him. Especially being in nothing but a towel, it slightly turned you on. He pressed into you hard, you could feel how much he craved you with his touch. Right now you wanted nothing more than to feel him. Your hands searched for his chest and you gripped onto his white t shirt when finding it. His hands roamed up your thigh and started to slip under the towel. Someone knocked on the door, but the two of you were too into each other to notice right away. The kiss deepened as his tongue entered your mouth and his other hand gripped onto your hair. Again, someone knocked on the door, but this time it was louder. He groaned against your lips and pulled away slowly, which was torturous. Negan cursed to himself as he stood up and opened the door.

“What the fuck do you want?” Negan spoke angrily. You couldn’t tell who he was speaking to, the voice was faint. Negan shifted uncomfortably due to his annoyance, as well as scratching his beard. You took notice on his body movements to tell his emotions, since he sucked at expressing them. Negan turned to you as you were still taking in his body, he smirked at the thought.

“Sorry sweetheart but my irrelevant duties call. We’ll finish this later.” You laughed with your tongue in your cheek at his remark. He was throwing your previous insult back into your face.


He closed the door after winking and once again you were left alone. Your thoughts began to take over again, an inner battle occurring.

What the fuck were you thinking?! Kissing Negan?? He has like 12 wives, didn’t you leave Alexandria because you were fading into the background? Now you’ll fade into his group of wives, even better.

Okay, yeah you’re making valid points ‘angel on my shoulder’ but have you seen him? He’s built like a god, with that smile that could literally make me do anything. His confidence, his charisma, the way he kisses, how he listens to me..

You threw yourself on the bed and groaned. The second your head hit the bed, you knew a nap was needed. So you drifted away on Negan’s bed, in nothing but a towel.

When you woke up, it felt like you had been asleep for years. The only light coming from outside of the window were the stars and the moon. Still, you were alone in a towel. So instead of going back to sleep you changed back into your clothes and wandered around Negan’s place. When you left his bedroom and entered his office you saw him sleeping face down on his desk. You figured you would wake him and drag him to his bed once you returned, right now you had other plans. Opening the door as slow as possible to avoid noise, you slid out of his office and closed the door behind you. Retracing the steps from this morning, you headed out for the garden. There was no one in the hallways at this time, it was about 3 am from what the clocks showed. You wondered if there was a curfew.

Great, yet another rule broken.

Once you opened the factory doors you were left speechless. Stars were something you adored, so to be outside with them shedding the only light, it was beautiful. You wandered over to the garden and avoided the spot where Eric was killed. Your intentions were to finish the garden from what was left before the incident. It was soothing for you, incredibly nostalgic. You were no longer lost in your thoughts, but in the stars. When you finished the garden, you couldn’t help but lay and stare into the sky. The only sounds coming from the insects singing in the woods nearby. As well as chains hitting together from the walkers in the yard. A lot of things had changed since the walkers came about. The American Dream was no longer a house and a white picket fence, but to be alive. People’s intentions and minds changed drastically due to the horrid things that scarred them. But the one thing that didn’t change was the sky. It was the same sky in which your family tragically died. But it was also the same sky in which you were born under, that your brothers were born under. The same one in which your family dinners would occur under, along with the picnics and the boring days of school. It was sad yet beautiful to imagine.

You wandered back to Negan’s room, feeling a lot better than you had when you originally left. When you returned he was still sleeping on his desk. Softly closing the door behind you, you tiptoed over to him, avoiding the creaking wooden planks in the floor.

“Wake up sleepy head.” You hummed into his ear and poked his temple. He didn’t move, so you poked him again a bit harder. Negan groaned and turned his head away from you.

“Okay, I’ll just have your bed all to myself.” You strolled away from him into his room and before you could close the door behind you his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. He lightly bit the side of your neck, causing you to practically melt against his touch. His bites turned into kissing and sucking. You were walking towards the bed and right as you touched the edge, he turned you around and moved to your lips. His tongue roamed the inside of your mouth. The only thing you could focus on was him, his touch, you yearned for him. His movements grew more intense and it was hard to keep up with him. He lifted you up from behind your thighs and set you on the bed. Your breathing hitched and heat spread throughout your body. Negan’s mouth trailed down your neck and before he moved to your chest you stopped him.

“Negan, can we talk for a sec?” You moaned out the words which didn’t help get your point across whatsoever.

He pulled up from his kisses and met your gaze.

Holy fuck.

You moved up from under him and sat up, your cheeks were red from embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” He looked over your face to confirm your expression.

“Listen, I know I can be a tease and stuff but-”

“You’re a fucking virgin?” He finished your sentence for you. Your cheeks fumed with redness and you tucked your head down in embarrassment. He didn’t say anything for a moment, which caused you to worry.

“A virgin, huh? Jesus fucking Christ I could cum to the thought of that.” He laughed to himself and looked at you up and down hungrily.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do sweetheart. You set the pace.”

You smiled in relief.

“It’s not that I don’t want to because believe me,” you tugged on his shirt, pulling him closer to you. “I do. I’m just nervous and slightly embarrassed.”

“Don’t be fucking embarrassed, shit like this is like hitting the lottery for me. And from what I could fucking see there’s no need to be nervous because before telling me this, you led me to believe you knew what the fuck you were doing. But we’ll move at your pace, okay?” His smile warmed up the room and set ease to your worries.

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Well after like 3-4 hours after the stream, I have spent a whole bunch of time updating my other social media things. And even have a master post in the queue so y'all can stalk me on all the accounts that I have. Yey.

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After a long weekend, I have returned.

 The first picture is shortly before my therapy visit on Sunday. That has everything except the matching lipstick for my top. The second picture is just me enjoying the first actual sunny day we’ve had in seemingly months. Yay sunshine!

 So therapy went well, so not too much to report there. Mostly just progress on transition, my visits to my doctor and laser visit last week, lack of a guy in my life, lack of coming out to friends/roommates. Stuff like that. I did wear my new flats to my therapy visit though, so that was great as well.

 I took Saturday off and spent a good portion of the day sleeping. Seriously. I woke up at 10:30, had some cereal, watched TV for an hour, then took a 3 hour nap. At around 4 I went down to my friend’s place to continue our Zelda conquest. More of the same on Sunday afternoon after my therapy visit. We made some good progress, but my solo game is farther by a ways.

 This morning was interesting though, and not in a fun way. I woke up around 7 am very nauseated. I went to the restroom and laid back down and the nausea slowly went away, but never felt completely gone. I rolled onto my side and whoa, immediate nausea returned, and to the restroom I went once again. Without going into too much detail, I felt like I had nothing left in my stomach within a few minutes. I felt fine a short time later and went back to sleep, waking up at around 10:30.

 I’m taking no chances and going pretty easy with my stomach today. I feel 100% fine, but I’ll see how I feel at dinner. Not sure if I ate something last night or just had a quick stomach bug, but either way, it wasn’t fun for a bit.

 So now that I’m back home from a walk/coffee related endeavor, I’m now ready to resume Breath of the Wild. Slowly but surely, coming closer to finding out what actually happened to that princess!

 I do hope you have all had a good last few days, and may the rest of the work week pass by swiftly!

 - Lana

why u should <3 lee taeil
  • he cute
  • straight up he’s 5ft 4 basically a child
  • like hes really emotional and loves his fans so so much he appreciates every last one of us and makes sure we all know it
  • his laugh sounds like if u tickled a fairy 
  • he has a lot of serious self confidence issues, a lot of which have been contributed too by his ‘fans’ and even the other members of block b, and watching the way his face lights up when people call him handsome will simultaneously warm your heart and rip it out
  • he exercises frequently
  • frequently
  • f r e q u e n t l y
  • like honestly his biceps 
  • speaking of biceps did i mention that he is absolutely fcking covered in tattoos
  • because he is
  • literally he has 2 full sleeves; a leg tattoo; an upper chest/collarbone tattoo; and a chest/stomach tattoo
  • and those are just the ones we’ve seen
  • he has the kind of voice that can lower your stress level from the first note that comes out of those pretty pink lips (he uses lip gloss casually btw) and can hype you up just as soon as it can calm you down like honestly lee taeil has the most naturally perfect voice i’ve ever heard from any vocalist in any genre and any language
  • he’s queer af
  • he’s a grumpy old man when he gets hot like how adorable??
  • he loves animals
  • he follows 3 different animal rights groups on twitter i’m not joking
  • especially tropical fish he LOVES raising and breeding all kinds of tropical fish in high school he was in a tropical fish club and kept over 7~800
  • his favorite breed is the corydoras which he thinks is “cute, cute, just so cute” - direct quote
  • he likes chub
  • used to have an eyebrow piercing
  • buys gifts for the other members all the time for like no reason like once he bought jaehyo a new shirt just cause and he wore it to the airport and it was so cute
  • every time he gets invited onto singing competition shows all of the judges are so surprised that he can sing so well and they all think he’s adorable like once on a japanese show one of the judges touched his hand and almost fainted she was so excited
  • he’s so so funny like he’s the moodmaker at every photoshoot and he’s just so likable nobody hates him he’s too amazing
  • ALWAYS tweets support to members who are doing solo/subunit activities and gets genuinely excited for them
  • “taeil how do you feel after losing to zico?”
  • “it feels like not wiping after taking a shit.”
  • really he’s an angel
  • i promise
  • so cute and pure and precious
  • just love him u can’t not
  • thank u

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So I decided to do a quick Year Later Redraw? Which turned into me having absolutely no muse and rushing (Seriously, I started this about 24 hours ago now, and have spent maybe 4 on it). At least their hair looks good? 

Anyway, this is pretty well exactly a year of progression I suppose, give or take 3 or so days. I have so much to work on– digital painting, line-art (for when I feel like doing that), anatomy obviously… but I mean its nice to see the difference.

Home Sweet Home? Part 4/5

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Sorry I just love him int his movie!!!

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Reader is roommates with Nat and the twins move in with them.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

Pietro and Y/N continued to see each other for the next 6 months and she started feel more like herself again. They were completely enthralled with each other and spent every moment they could together. Y/N could feel herself falling for him faster and harder every day.  

They would lie in bed for hours talking, he told her about his past, his time at Hydra. The experiments that they did on them and he talked to her about his parents

She eventually decided to tell him about what happened in Romania. He listened intently as she told him the story:

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I just finished translating and subbing this if anyone is interested lmao


So, one of my best memories:

One chilly night in Albuquerque, my best friend and I stopped by a little theater with about a hundred other people and spent two hours being entertained by the glorious, glamorous freaks of the 999 Eyes Authentic Vaudevillian Freakshow.

We saw (1) the lovely Lil Miss Firefly dancing in broken glass, (2) the gorgeous Lady Diabla engage in a very attractive display of sword swallowing, (3) the mighty Jackie of All Trades punching through a flaming board, (4) the hotdog catching skills of Lowrent the Clown, all set to (5) the musical stylings of Dylan Blackthorn, Samantha X, and That Damned Band!

What a night.


“They thought to use and shame me but I win out by nature, because a true freak cannot be made. A true freak must be born.”

sutamatorega-crokertopoulos  asked:

Could you break down how you did the custom animation for your Samurai Jack edit, namely in terms of keeping the character consistent and on-model while adding exaggeration?

I just Googled some official model sheets for the basic construction. After that I just sorta winged it for the crazy faces. 

Parts of it didn’t quite work, like the eyebrows going into the hair. While those few frames were intentionally off-model, that’s still one thing I intended to keep on-model, but the craziness of the face made it impossible. X)

Let me tell you though, cleanup is my least favorite part of animating. It takes so much longer than anything else for me… especially the way I had to color Jack in. It took probably twice as long as the animating did. It probably took up 2-3 of the approximately 4 hours I spent on it. :o (4 hours for a split second of animation. XD )