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On the “What would be humans’ weird thing” topic

What if it’s this insane need to over optimize? I mean, look at our competitions.  You can run fast enough for any practical purpose with, like, a few months’ training. And most species stop there, like sane people. 

But not humans. Humans are like, “Oh, well, you can cover a mile in 4 minutes and 3 seconds? Well I can do it in 4 minutes and two seconds!”  

Most species figure that, if you don’t drown when you’re thrown in a liquid, that’s what we call a “good swimmer”.  But humans are like “No, you have to swim in this specific way.  And then we’re gonna see who can do it fastest!”

How many millions of dollars have been spent on technology, nutrition, equipment, not to mention hours upon hours of practice, just to shave 1/10 of one second off of a race time?? 

Or they make up rules, and then compete to see who can adhere to them better. “Strap blades on your feet and move across a slippery surface – but do it in this way, in this amount of time: no more, no less!”

We have competitions wherein the top two competitors differ only in their ability to make a single muscle twitch 2% faster than their opponent, or to make this muscle twitch instead of that one.  There is no practical difference between an Olympic weightlifter and any random US Marine… but we keep holding the Olympics anyway. 

And I just think it’s possible the aliens are going to look at that and go… “You do what, now?”

using your time wisely on public transport

The bus ride to my university takes an hour there and back each day. Those hours spent on the bus tend to feel like a waste of time. However, that time doesn’t have to be useless. 

General tips:

  • Check out the transit schedule before you make your timetable. For me, there’s no bus at 3 pm so if a class ends at 2:30 I have to wait till 4 for the bus.
  • You can’t always be productive the entire time. When I’m on the 7 am bus on Mondays I make a deal with myself: Be productive for at least the first half of the bus ride. After that, listen to music and stare out the window all you want.
  • Pack your bag lightly. Your back is gonna hurt if you try to bring everything with you. If you and a classmate have a break together, make a deal that only one of you will bring the textbook each week. Or buy a binder-ready copy of your textbook (so you can bring individual chapters with you).
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle always! You’ll be thankful for that granola bar on your way back, especially on days when you’ve been on campus for 12+ hours!

Things you CAN do on public transport:

  • Study flashcards. Bring a stack of flashcards with you or use Quizlet. Quizlet is a good app because you might find that someone else has already made flashcards for the class you’re taking, you can star which terms you already know, and you can have the app read out the flashcards to you (I find I remember thing better if I hear them as well)
  • Do your readings and/or prelabs. I wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one textbook otherwise your backpack will be super heavy all day. Read through a few chapters. If you like to write down notes as you read, bring a pen and a pack of big sticky notes. If you have labs like me, finish up your prelabs for the following week when you’re heading home after a lab. I’ve managed to finish my physics and chemistry prelabs on the bus, every week so far this semester.
  • Catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been watching. Not so productive, but I see it as a way of unwinding. And if you’re going to watch an episode when you get home anyways, why not do it on your commute? So download those episodes and relax (I recommend The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a laugh)
  • Read over your lecture notes. You should be doing this anyways so why not do it on your commute? Looking over your lecture notes from classes you had that day will help reinforce the content in your mind. Look over notes from weeks or months ago too. Reviewing older content will help you so much when finals come along.
  • Watch some Khan Academy videos. Did you know that Khan Academy has an app!?? Download videos beforehand and watch them on the go. Since this requires a bit more focus I’d recommend not watching videos for stuff you just learned that day – go home, read your textbook, and then watch a video the next day to clarify things/learn the info in a new way.
  • Catch up with people you haven’t talked to for a while. Send a text to your mom or that friend who’s studying across the country. Trust me, they miss you and talking to people who support you is good for your mental health.
  • Get out your planner (or bullet journal) and plan your week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a to do list for each day of your week can help. This also ensures you won’t be forgetting about an essay due the next week.

My Other Posts:

“How To Study.”

A tale told by a physics student. I am really bad at studying. Which explains my somewhat average grades. But i know how to study effectively and realistically have success with studying. Nobody ever teaches you HOW  to study, they just tell you to study. So here is how i do it (most of the time)

There are two ways of going at it.

  • Stress studying. (studying for exams just the day before and putting as much information in your head as possible just to forget everything right before the exam)
  • Actual studying. (taking the time you have and study at least 4 hours a day 3 work days a week, and actually get the success that you deserve)

Stress studying

It’s bad for you, your health, and a big cause of bee colony collapse disorder (Don’t ask why). Realistically you’re gonna pass your exams  1 out of 3 or 4 times, and it is just not worth it. It doesn’t just reflect on your grades but also on your work ethic. (which is real bad for your future)

Actual studying

What you need is:

  • Time.
  • Studying utensils (quality notebooks and good pens).
  • A clean and tidy Studying environment.
  • Discipline.

Time - It’s really simple, plan 4 hours a day of studying 3 work days a week. Don’t be like “But dude! When will i have time for my personal stuff?” seriously. A typical day has 24 hours, If you go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 7 or 8 (that’s 7-8 hours of sleep) you have 17-18 hours left to your day.

4 hours of that is just 23%, taking in account you’d do it at least 3 work days a week it would be just 7% (and a little more) of your precious workday time. So it’s worth it. Totally worth it. Don’t ruin your work ethic just because you want to spent 7% more time on tumblr.

Studying Utensils - I cannot stress enough how important good notebooks and good pens and stuff are. I suffered a lot from this, i wouldn’t take notes, and write down stuff because of how awful it looked on cheap paper with bic pens (no offense bic, your lighters are awesome tho).  

It’s not cheap tho, but at least buy good notebooks with that metal round thingy holding it (i.d.k the name of it in English). And go Black instead of Blue, Black pens all the way. Use sharpies instead of the usual stuff, or at least gel ink pens, the smoother it goes the better, and blue pens are an abomination, every knowledgeable person in the past ages has written in black. Oh, and fineliners.

A clean and tidy Studying environment - You have a desk? Yes? Good. Throw everything you have on it to the ground (except you laptop, you wouldn’t drop a baby, would you?). Get a desk lamp, no matter how bright your room is, you need a concentrated stream of light allowing the photons reflecting from the ink on your books to transfer the information successfully to your brain, and desk lamps boost concentration. Make that a working environment, only use that desk when you’re studying (no exceptions) and once you do that, every time you sit by your desk you will automatically start to work.

Discipline - You want to be full on motivated :D ??? Well f*** you cause that’s not happening >:D

Discipline is what you’re looking for. Full on military stuff, just like back in good old communism. Discipline guarantees you success, motivation leads to incoherent success which includes utterly common instances of failure.

I mean look at the definitions:


mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/ - noun

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  2. the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Will you rely on luck and willingness or reason? No, luck and willingness pass, they are not consistent and for every reason there are at least 10 excuses. Don’t be a silly excuse for your failed academic success.


ˈdisəplən/ - noun

  1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience[1].
  2. A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.

[1] - The only punishment you’ll receive is academic failure, and not reaching your true, deserving recognition for your true intelligence and social worth just because of laziness caused by day to day stress is punishment enough, i think.

Discipline yourself, push yourself. Don’t wait for something so relative, so passing as motivation. If you’re gonna do something, STAND THE f*** UP AND DO IT.

Just remember RWSR.

  • Read
  • Write
  • Study
  • Repeat



Domestic yoonmin

Hi. I’m so inactive these days but never think I’m not updated with my royal ship anymore. Random thoughts, here’s a short list to point few of domestic yoonmin.

1. Yoongi once (hmm🤔) stayed up all night talking with jimin about things. I’ve never heard yoongi lose sleep over something that isn’t music.

2. Remember when yoonmin spent chuseok together like bruh jimin traveled hours from busan to daegu when he could’ve stayed home with his family. They rarely get breaks and they see each other in the dorm 24/7 so…

3. Remember when jimin sent yoongi’s mother a bouquet of flower for the opening of yoongi’s family restaurant in daegu. Such a sweet soul I’m emo.

4. Jimin saying yoongi is a great cook and yoongi saying he cooked for jimin sometimes (hmm🤔) and the members seem to not know about this like did he only cook for jimin I wanna know.

5. Did yoongi just named jimin’s dish “min’s potato” I mean if ain’t that husband then idk what. Yoongi called jimin “min” my yoonmin soul is soaring high.

6. The legendary “you know” “I know” on yoongi’s birthday. The biggest mystery in kpop okay I wanna know too 👀

7. Bangtan’s 3rd anniversary when yoongi said he’ll gonna get all the answers right about jimin if he did it. I am clenching real hard.


Namjoon as the most loyal yoonmin fanclub president: when yoongi picks jimin at LTE speed to get him into his team at RUN BTS 2017 ep.20 and says “as expected” I LOVE MY FELLOW YOONMIN STAN BYE

jimmyjamspie  asked:

How long does it take you to draw a full scene like in the mer au. Ps your art makes me really happy its so cute 😚✌

Thank you!! <3 On average it takes me about 4-6 hours per panel but I’ve spent up to 8 hours on one panel before… X,D

It’s mostly because I don’t use line art, I’m just sort of free hand painting and I also need a few days to look over each panel with fresh eyes and make adjustments. I can’t finish a panel in one sitting and be pleased with it lol

saint-louis-is-awful  asked:

fallout 3 was a good game!!

it was, insofar as it was my first fallout game and my introduction to the franchise. I spent many hours on that game falling in love with it, the story, the characters, the karma system. this game gave me the things i didn’t have, i.e. a father. However

  • the beginning is just terrible. why. Why. Why why why. I think someone has said this before, but the beginning to fallout 3 is like the joke answer to “how should we start a video game?” It’s cliche, and the biggest fans of fallout 3 are also the ones who modded out the beginning. I get you’re supposed to feel like you’re really making your character (roleplay or whatever), but the beginning affects 0 of the things you do in the rest of the game, 0 of the relationships you have, 0 quests. it serves to integrate you into the fallout universe, but you know what accomplishes that? the intro sequence and “war. war never changes.” i remember replaying fallout 3 once or twice and being mad that nothing you do matters in the beginning. i was cheated. my time felt wasted. it has you take a standardized test. whose idea was this? who was the guy, Bethesda? who was the guy that said “hmm. what will players like? oh i know. a standardized test that actually doesn’t matter what you answer. you think you’re doing something important? NAh. the game takes the first hour or so to make your character (btw, i know this was the first fps for fallout, but no matter what my did my character looked like the same gummy mannequin) and makes them do things that will never matter. The beginning makes me so mad because it basically tells you how the game will be. Your decisions won’t truly matter, or they won’t truly be ‘your’ decisions. The rest of the game feels like this, like everything is out of your control, and there’s nothing you can really do. In fact, when you first escape Vault 101, you’re forced to kill the police officers you grew up with. Just like that, the game sets you up to care about something like your vault security cops, but you don’t get the chance to reason with them and ask them not to kill you, or not kill them. You’re forced to commit grave moral killing. you don’t really feel in control.
  • the karma system. “it’s complex,” says the gamer journalists. “you gain a reputation based off what you do. that’s immersive.” OK, well, here’s the thing. My idea of complex grayscale morals is not “blow up a town or don’t blow up a town” within the first minute of actual freeplay you get in the game. that’s not complex. That’s not a hard moral choice. That’s not like Blind Betrayal in Fallout 4, where (spoiler) if you’re part of the Brotherhood whose mission is to eradicate nonhuman entities, you’re ordered to kill your mentor and friend because he is a synth. THAT is complex because it forces you to recognize the problem with the brotherhood’s ideology, or your own prejudice if you really do believe synths aren’t people. it explores how gen 3 synths really do feel and have all the elements of a person. it shows maxson’s idealism, but his cold-bloodedness. it shows things, and because it’s a video game, you experience them. no one needs to tell you “the brotherhood has problems.” you experience them yourself in a heart wrenching scene. Now i actually got mad at this part, because you can cop out and leave Danse alive and still be in the brotherhood (which is lame damn storytelling, Todd), so that sucked, but do you see my point? That’s complex karma. the Youtuber oxhorn makes daily videos on the morals and ethics found in fallout 4 and the dilemmas and problems the players face in the wartorn country. I’m sorry, but a lot of the choices fallout 3 gives you are like…option A) virtuous Jesus, Savior of Mankind or option B) actually Hitler. That’s not complex. In fact, this is revealed in the end too, when no matter what, you die. i know they realized they fucked up and made a whole dlc to extend the game (again, dying at the end–the joke answer to “how should we end the game?”) because, no matter what choice you make, whether you put the bad stuff in the purifier or not, no matter what choice you make, it doesn’t matter and there aren’t consequences. that’s just, such a shame, and I’m so glad the karma system was not included in fallout 4.
  • the entire focus on water and the water purifier is…well, a lame plot point. here’s my thing. in a good story, you don’t just tell people what problems are. you add environmental elements that show the story. let me use my favorite example right now, that is, the new Wonder Woman movie. the movie doesn’t tell you “Diana is an idealist, a strong warrior, a special type, and she will fight for what is right.” no, they show you. they show her as a child eager to learn to be a warrior, they show her trying desperately to win, they show her sneaking out with Steve Trevor to fight in The War because she thinks there are people who need her help. On the way to the front she is stubborn, and she sees men affected by PTSD and horrible injuries, dismal grayscale scenes that show the gravity of the situation. they show their effect on her and how she pushes past everybody to save people. but Fallout 3 doesn’t take it’s main plot point–dad and water purifier–and show you why they are important. “water is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” says your dad, when you’re 3 or whatever. “Your mom loved water. water is so good.” but the first settlement you see, Megaton…well, they don’t have any plants. they have water pipes with purified water, but they literally aren’t using them for anything but like, the toilets i guess? What i’m saying is, fallout 3 wants you to take something seriously, but the game doesn’t show you it’s serious. In the next major settlement I found, Arefu, the problem is with some vampire cult, but not water. rivet city and the citadel don’t have farms either. like, no one has a real farm. Except for like maybe one or two homeless guys going “i need water,” no one in the wasteland needs water. It therefore isn’t important to me that the water purifier is a thing. they tell me it’s important and therefore I think it is, but that’s vastly different from showing a player through the environment and conversations that something is needed, that people are desperate, that water is vital and people are dying in the wasteland. you know what else? your domestic robot purifies water for you. he literally is a water purifier. it’s not the whole Potomac, but why the hell doesn’t my dad just construct mr handy’s to purify water to give to people? doesn’t megaton have a water purifier that just converts, like, the sand or sewage or something into clean water? because then why the hell do i need a mutant-filled super science water purifier that kills me?
  • new vegas and the previous fallouts were deserty because they were in deserts. fallout 3 is in washington DC and 200 years is enough time to pass for things to grow over. That being said, 200 years is enough time for a lot of shit. There shouldnt be still food boxes and prewar consumables hanging around in supermarkets 200 years from the apocalypse. Further, look at 200 years ago in the 1817. People were really freaking different. They dressed and talked differently. In fallout 3, 200 years does bumf*ck to the styles or culture, except that everyone is really dirty. THAT IS ANOTHER THING TOO–everything is so DIRTY and brown and dark green and gray and swampy. The houses aren’t swept and people just casually live in wreckage as though normal people don’t clean up their shit. 200 years is a long ass time.
  • i’m gonna say it again. your choices don’t really matter. they really don’t matter because you die in the end anyway (which, by the way, you can have fawkes your supermutant friend go in there and dial the number or whatever, but ohohohohononono Fawkes develops a sense of destiny or whatever the heck so that you can go in, so the creators can make you die. It’s not like it literally would save my life, you ugly green pos, but i don’t blame you. i blame bethesda for their stupid ending.) But like, speech choices? they don’t let you explore dialogue by what you actually think. Rather, they give you easy peasy ways to cop out of a hard decision or quest with something like [Intelligence] I’m smart! Give me money!. It’s just really unimmersive in my opinion to not have real conversation, which is a problem with fallout 4 too. like, the freaking evil guy? the computer President Eden? You can convince him to die and blow up everything in like, 2.68 seconds, merely because of a perk you got. Or i think you can gamble in a speech check. speech check you say? yes, i mean, saving right before a conversation and repeatedly gambling based on some number to get something you want.
  • another plot point is, so what if the enclave got the purifier? so what? will they….use it for evil? will they purify water evilly? will the Potomac be clean but in an evil way? Like, imagine a button that will stop the world from blowing up. Will you really be so mad if it’s a nazi pushing it rather than Gandhi? Again, bethesda failed to make the water purifier truly matter to me. dad dies because he didn’t want apocalyptic nazis repair the water purifier. 
  • also you know what? you can blow up megaton and literally all your dad says is “i’m disappointed” as if his kid isn’t a genocidal fuckin’ maniac. complex moral decisions and consequences my ass.

look at what this guy said on his cool blog.

Dad built a water purifier that didn’t work, for people that didn’t need it, and then made it release radiation it shouldn’t have, to prevent it from falling into the hands of people trying to fix it. This killed the man who had no reason to sabotage it and didn’t kill Colonel Autumn, who had no means to survive. This put the Enclave – an army with no reason to attack – in charge of the purifier, which was of no value to them. Then the player entered vault 87 to recover a GECK, a magical matter-arranger that they shouldn’t need and that would be better put to use in virtually any possible manner besides fixing the purifier. Colonel Autumn, who shouldn’t be alive, captured the player with a flash grenade that shouldn’t have worked that was thrown by soldiers who had no way to get there. The final battle was a war between the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel, to see which one would get to commit suicide trying to turn on the purifier that neither of them needed. This resulted in more sabotage that threatened to explode a device that shouldn’t be explode-able, ending with the death of the player character, who had the means to survive but didn’t, and who was never given a good reason for doing any of this.

anyway, i loved fallout 3 but it wasn’t a carefully crafted or articulated mind-bending morally-crunching story that really engaged me. fallout 4 had a lot of these problems too, but it had a lot of strengths that to this day keep me playing.

come on, Todd.

anonymous asked:

Man am I the only person who *prefers* to work longer hours and fewer days? Even with an 8 hour day I usually don't feel like doing much on a day I'm working so having more days off is better for me. Plus it's less total time spent traveling to/from work. I'd rather work the extra four hours since I'm there anyway. I know some nurses work 8s but I'd be really bummed if they made it mandatory....

I actually don’t think a 3/12 schedule is so bad.  (I’m doing it at New Job, after all.)  But at my Old Job there was a lot of slippage into 4/12 or 3/16 territory.  At that point, the extra days off are wasted because I’m too damn tired to do much anyway.

Also, it really depends what you’re doing.  If it’s a reasonable pace with some downtime, sure, 12 hours slips right by.  If I’m on my feet dashing from crisis to crisis, I just can’t physically sustain that much.

I wouldn’t want to make a 5/8 schedule mandatory, but I would like employers to treat employees who are willing to do 12s responsibly, instead of using them as Infinite Work Dispensers.  I guess that’s my real complaint.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Sweaters for Animal Crossing New Leaf! (part 1)

Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio! (Wait for the reblog for popplio! omg!)

Sorry for the late night post, I spent the last 4 hours off and on designing these and I just couldn’t wait any longer! xD This game is all I want right now and its eating me up inside just how much I want it ;A; gaah!

Somebody get me a Litten Sweater just like this please! xD <3

1) I never ran from the cops, only from myself. If didn’t matter, in the end, because I still got thrown into a jail cell of predictability and poetry about rib cage prisons. I’ve never known who I am, so I dyed my hair and switched from wine to vodka and learned how to keep my mouth shut. 

2) It’s going to end, you and me. I guess that’s what’s different from last time: I’m not fooling myself. I’m weighing myself down with your broken promises so I can drag my head out of the clouds. It’s just–I’ve never smiled so much when I’ve kissed someone, you know? It’s just, I can’t even get sad about the ending yet. You taste a lot like forever, so I grind my teeth until they chip and use the shards to cut out my taste buds. 

3) My clothes hang off me like I’m a kid going through a growth spurt. I grew three inches before ninth grade and spent the year trying to fold myself in half, but it never worked. Now I drink six cups of coffee a day because ‘big’ still sounds like a curse word. I should wash my mouth out with soap–I wouldn’t eat for hours. 

4) The smell of the hospital never goes away, not really. Antiseptic clings to my hair, mingles with cigarette smoke. Blood test track marks mar my arms like bug bites; I scratch at them in hopes of digging out imaginary dirt. The doctor says, this will hurt a bit. She reminds me too much of my mom and I can’t meet her eyes. 

5) When is a bedroom not a bedroom? When it’s a crime scene. I lie in a caution tape straight jacket in between spots of blood numbered for evidence. I don’t know how much bleach it will take to clean this place up. I think I’m a fugitive harboured in my own body.

—  Stockholm Syndrome (a.p.)