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I’m a Survivor (Part 5)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – The reader is more of a scholar/lab rat (highly intelligent, knows something about everything and maybe a bit of a know-it-all). She prefers the shelter Stark Tower offers her rather than joining in on the action whenever there’s a new mission. Fury knows she once got beaten up pretty bad, even ended up in the hospital, and gives her a pass each and every time (the others don’t mind but are a bit disappointed). She has been on guard ever since, ashamed of her scarred body and counting her blessings ‘cause she’s still alive. But when she finds herself all alone in the tower yet again, she decides that something needs to be done and asks Bucky for some lessons in self-defense.

Requested by Annelies @hellomissmabel

Warnings – Angst

Word Count – 1632

Notes – Here’s some angst, just ‘cause I like to torture you! I still have a few more parts in store for this fic, so don’t think that this is the end!!  As always, feedback is always appreciated.  Feel free to drop me ask letting me know what you think!

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With the team gone, you were still lonely, but it wasn’t as bad as before.  You had a sense of purpose now.  You spent a few hours a day working out in the gym, building up your strength in preparation for Bucky’s next lesson.

The biggest accomplishment came on an average Thursday morning.  You pulled your hoodie over your head and pushed open the ornate glass door in front of you.  The streets of New York were bustling with people heading to work.  You quietly slipped into the throng, breathing in the distinct scents of New York in the fall.  You had no destination in mind.  For right now, the journey was enough.

 4 Months Ago

“You’re still dropping your guard on the jabs,” Bucky pointed out as the two of you were sparring in the training room.  “Here let me show you.”

Bucky walked behind you and took your hands in his.  He held your left hand up and close to your chin while his right hand guided yours in the jab.  The forward motion of the jab brought him flush against your back causing heat to shoot straight down through you.  

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Day 46/100 of Productivity: 5 May 2017

Day 5 of May Study Challenge:

5 (F). How do you sit while you’re studying? What’s your chair like where you study?

um i guess i sit normally lol, sometimes i might sit with my legs to one side, or rest my legs on my bed with my laptop on my lap.. my chair’s a pink rolling chair that’s really old - i need to get a new one soon ovo

but sometimes, i might study at the dinner table, or on the carpet if i feel like doing my work elsewhere (or can’t be bothered to go upstairs to my room lol)

Today I had a terrible excursion for school - we spent 2 hours at the actual place, and 6 hours travelling (3 hours to, and 3 hours back). It was such a waste of time :(  but not much I can do about it..

once i got back home, i finished my science notes on the periodic table, which means that i’ve finished all my science notes for my half yearlies!! i also did some maths work on circle geometry with my brother and we spent like an hour discussing solutions to the questions

so it’s pretty daunting, going from being a student in the lower school to being a sixth former, and dropping down from having around 10-14 subjects down to 3-5, as well as the introduction of new peers or moving schools. Ive done it so im gonna spread some of what ive learnt from this past year to you younger folks


  • homies get ur folders big and durable, especially for things like maths (my friend used up a whole thick binder for maths by Christmas, so keep that in mind)
  • don’t feel u have to spend loads on supplies, u’ll probably break them/lose them
  • but don’t feel you cant have ur nice studyspo stationary u do u boo
  • get urself a big ass refill pad. That is your life now. Don’t lose it.
  • I would recommend getting an a4 expandable file (i have one from flying tiger) for putting any loose sheets/things that need hole-punching/things that need filing. I got one at the beginning of the year and it has saved my life and watered my crops ever since
  • always bring ur textbooks to lessons
  • if you don’t use poly pockets (I don’t) then keep at least one at the back of every folder to put in stuff that doesn’t fit or whatever
  • if you want to take rough notes and rewrite them, then do it, but u might get left behind in copying up, so be aware of that
  • do ur homework in ur frees
  • no messin around
  • i mean it
  • keep up any sports/hobbies. These will keep you sane during times of stress, trust me (my weekly dance lessons keep me sane, I don’t think id be as chill as I am without them)
  • don’t feel pressured into getting a job/learning to drive if you don’t want/need to.
  • same goes for drinkin and parties. Yall are underaged obviously but that doesn’t mean that ppl aren’t gonna do it, so don’t feel u have to if you don’t want to
  • for the first few weeks/months (say until Christmas) be really on top of your homework, always hand it in on time. Then if you need an extension on something, teach will be more chill with giving you an extension than if you are always late giving in homework
  • ton’t overwork ourselves, give yourself some free time
  • try and make at least one friend for each subject (if you don’t already have any) so if you miss a lesson u have someone to catch up from
  • if you want to, try out for prefect/house official roles. Its good practise for job interviews, and if you don’t try, u’ll never know
  • also if it doesn’t work out don’t  get too down (or bitter)
  • help the younger years and don’t be mean to them. Yes they are small and very scared of u so be nice.



How is the work load different ?? And how does it feel from going from 7 subjects (?) To only a few ?

generally, you are expected to do more work independently, like doing reading/extra reading around the subject and revising throughout the year, as well as essays more frequently than for gcse. however, for my subjects, the amount of work has felt a lot less, as I have free periods within the week, where I got the majority of my work done

I went from doing 13 subjects down to 5, and it honestly felt so liberating, especially now that im doing subjects that I actually care about, and even though all of my lessons are longer now, they don’t seem to drag on nearly as much as the single shorter lessons I had last year, for things like maths or biology, and I don’t feel like the work is as dull bc I enjoy the subjects.


This is kinda a complicated question but i’d love if you answered it, so for igcse bio for example, each chapter (2-3 pages) would take maybe a class or two to go over it, how many classes or hours does each chapter take during a levels?

honestly, it depends on what classes you do. for me, for English, we’ve spent roughly a term on each section, like modernist poetry one term and then Dracula and Dorian analysis the next term, but for economics, it can take between one lesson to two weeks of lessons to cover a topic, depending on how long the chapter is and how quickly  your class picks it up.


how do you cope with such heavy content?

Im not sure entirely what u mean by heavy content, but for things that are maybe more dry in subject (like history) honestly do some extra reading to help you understand things better, it doesn’t even have to be books, it can be youtube videos, podcasts, songs, just something separate from ur textbook and class notes to help get a fresh perspective/someone else explaining it to you can really help (crash course is good, even if u aren’t a fan of john green)


i’m starting a levels in september at a different school that no one i know is going to, what would your advice be for making friends and getting the most out of my time there? your blog is gold btw xx

umm, get yourself out there, be nice, smile at people and make eye contact, try and sit with people when you begin class, try not to isolate yourself from people. I personally didn’t move schools, but the people that joined our were all super rad great fun and have integrated into friendship groups which is pretty rad,  and ive made some pretty great friends with the new people, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Also there will definitely be new people there as well, so try not to stress too much! (also find something to talk about, like our whole form bonded during futures week over bake off and Brexit (it happened in the introduction week)) also I find that generally ppl are more chill and grown up in sixth form? and the people there want to be there but yeah (yikes I rambled a lot!)

if u have any other specific questions, feel free to ask me!

love, helena 🐝
What I’m working on . . .

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So I mean, honestly I’ve spent the entire weekend working on a stupid fucking grand pannier for a barbie for no damn reason (which is why I wasn’t really active on tumblr this weekend). I probably spent like 12 damn hours hand stitching everything. And I tried to make it as realistic as possible but uh, I’ve NEVER made a grand pannier and literally have no idea what the pattern looks like so I had to make it up and yeah. 

Mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes. And there’s still work to dooooo. I’m probably NOT making a rococo dress now.

Fandom stuff:

1. Equestrianrivals!verse drawing

2. cowboy!wufei because we need that

3. wonerwoman!cathy which is coming along … just so so slowly lol.

4… . my niece wants me to draw her as a sailor scout - her fav is mercury (also she wants me to draw her as a mermaid)

5… . there’s something I’m forgetting. UGH. I’m sure I’ll remember it later lol 

Tagging: @ahsimwithsake @laurathia … were you guys tagged? 

There were so so many of these the other day so I can’t remember lol

Surviving your first day of college/university:

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and asks from people about the ~first day of college~ and I understand that a lot of Northern Hemisphere people are starting this week! I was also very nervous and anxious about it, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

1) BREATHE. First of all, remember that everyone else is also nervous about their first day. I can guarantee that no-one walks into class on the first day, feeling 100% confident and ~in control~. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about meeting new people, making new friends, e.t.c! You will be fine!

2) Bring your planner and a notebook/folder. The first day is usually spent on syllabus and admin work. You might get handouts with the course information and things like that. Having your planner or a notebook handy allows you to fill in that important information - like your prof’s office hours - but you don’t need to lug all fifteen of your brand new Muji notebooks and textbooks with you to class on the first day.

3) Have a few “ice-breaker” questions ready. When I was in my first week of uni, these questions were “what are your majors?” and “where are you from?”. It’s a good way to talk to people. It’s okay if you don’t click with people immediately - you still have three/four more years of university to make wonderful friends that will last a lifetime. 

4) Do not go and buy your textbooks immediately. The queues in the textbook shops are going to be busy af, and you probably won’t need half of the recommended books. Wait at least a week, and buy second-hand if you can.

5) If you get lost, ask for directions! Lots of upperclassmen are more than happy to help out, especially if you look like a fresher. A simple “excuse me, do you know where Building X is?” to a group of chilled-looking older students sitting on the grass will more than likely lead you in the right direction. Once you’ve located the correct building, take a moment to read the signs on the walls, which will most likely tell you which floor you’re on and which rooms are on that floor. 

6) Bring food with you. Queues are always hectic on the first day, and your healthy options may be limited. Pack some snacks. And yes, you can (usually) eat quietly in class as long as you’re not disturbing anyone, without needing to ask for permission. Same with going to the bathroom - as long as you’re being respectful and not disturbing anyone, you can leave without asking for permission.

7) It is 1000% okay to do things alone!!! Got to campus early, and you don’t know anyone? Sit outside alone and drink your coffee in peace. None of your new friends are free during lunch time? That’s okay - find a comfy spot and eat on your own. Catch up on some reading. 

8) Say yes to things! Be careful (if you get a scary/dodgy vibe from someone, back away), but if someone from your intro to literature class asks if you want to go to a party or out with them for ice-cream, join in! You’ll meet lots of new people and a lot of the time you will enjoy yourself!

9) Start the way you’ll continue. I know it’s tempting to wear a full, contoured face of make-up and an outfit you picked out two weeks ago on your first day, but, if it’s not something you’re going to do on a daily/regular basis maybe tone it down a bit into something special but not over the top? It’s great to make your first day of uni feel special with how you’re dressed, but if you’re uncomfortable or anxious it may be better to dress in what feels normal for you.

10) Be yourself! This ties into the previous point. Yes, you’ll be nervous. And yes, you will be tempted to make yourself sound smarter and more put-together than you are, but don’t lie about anything major and be genuine. College can be a great time to reinvent yourself, but stay true to who you are and you will be fine.

11) If you have a name that other people often struggle to pronounce (hello fellow POC students), sometimes having it written down on something you can easily point to like the front of your planner helps ease the frustration of having to repeat yourself.  

12) If you have anxiety, try to get to your classes early. Scope out a quiet location near your lecture room (often, you’ll find corridors where the academics’ offices are, or a bathroom) before the time and do some breathing exercises to calm your anxiety before you go into the lecture. It can really make a massive difference.

I hope these tips help! If you have any questions, or if you want to tell someone about your first day at college/university, don’t hesitate to send me a message or an ask! Happy studying and good luck for the new academic year!

xx Munira

 and It Is Done! :D The sewing, pattern, framing, photos– every bit! 

I began work on this sampler at the same time as the space one, but it took a lot longer for it to come together. I’m very happy with what it ended up becoming; I think it says all the things I hoped it would.

If you’d like to make your own, I’ve got the pattern up on my Etsy now. :)


We have spent the last 24 hours trying to set a new plan in place, and I think we have it! Since the glowsticks/bracelet idea didn’t work out, we’re asking everyone to cut out either (or both, if you prefer) shape on purple paper to hand out to as many people as possible at each M A N I A date. We are in the process of appointing 2-3 co-heads per date to help us organize a little better!

We do still like the tape idea, but that would be pretty difficult to hand out the day of the show. But, if you want to do it for yourself, feel free!!

If you’d like to volunteer to help us cut/pass these out, please send us a message!!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Departure and Arrival


I’m sitting in the departure lounge of Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport, just outside London. I got here far too early. Official guides tell you to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight for European flights - I arrived 3 hours early on account of giving the trains between home and the airport an hour to mess themselves up. Guess what happens when you build-in time for everything to go wrong? Absolutely everything works like clockwork. Everything.

For the first few minutes it was fun - checking my bags in, going through security, and walking along the half a mile or so of corridors that lead to the terminal. I spent a few minutes watching aircraft landing from one of the seating areas - marvelling at the skill of the pilots (or the fidelity of the autopilots) in bringing the aircraft in so smoothly. I gazed in awe at an Airbus A380 as it dropped from the clouds and smoothly slipped onto the runway below.

Now I’ve kind of had enough. I just want to get on my plane now - but the gate won’t even be announced for another twenty minutes. I don’t even know how long the flight takes - it can’t be that long - perhaps a couple of hours? I think the longest flight I ever went on was to San Franscisco, against the wind - from take-off to Landing was a little over 10 hours.

I’ve already got money for the trip - I drew 200 Euros, which should cover everything for the week - taxis, meals, lunches, and so on. If there is any left I’ll get work to exchange it, and the next person following me can have the cash if they need it.

Ten more minutes to waste. I think you’ve heard enough of my stressing for the moment - I’ll write more when I get to Frankfurt.

Arrival (several hours later)

I’m now sitting in the hotel alongside the river Main in the heart of Frankfurt. Everything has gone wonderfully so far - but then I suppose there was no reason it shouldn’t have really.

After winding my way down the ramp and onto the aircraft at Heathrow, I was greeted by quite possibly the most beautiful flight attendant I have ever seen. You know how the first impression some people give is so perfect that they intimidate you? She was like that. I noticed as each passenger approached the cabin crew, they greeted them in their native language - I’m guessing this is a game the crew play - identifying nationality on-sight (I once fell foul of it in France, when I prepared to talk to a waitress in Parisian restaurant, and she interrupted me in English). Here’s the thing though - the people here thought I was German.

Since getting off the flight, it’s happened again - twice - but I’ll get back to that.

The flight went like clockwork. Just as rain clouds gathered over London, we accelerated away, and up through the clouds to bright blue skies, and hurtled eastwards towards first Belgium, and then to Germany. As soon as we hit cruising altitude we were served ridiculous half-sandwiches, and glasses of orange juice. Although I had bought a magazine at Heathrow, I spent the entire journey glued to the window - watching clouds, cities, and beautiful scenery scroll past below us.

Before too long the seat-belt sign came on, and we began the descent into Frankfurt. I spotted the city over the top of the wing, and was able to pick out the building I will be working in throughout the week. I took a ridiculous number of photos, and recorded both takeoff and landing as video for the children to watch when I get home.

After picking my bag up, and wandering straight to a waiting taxi, within twenty minutes of landing I was stood in reception of the hotel. The only minor speed-bump was waiting in line to get through border control within the airport. When my turn finally came the security guard had no sooner waved my passport into the machine behind his desk, as handed it back to me, and said a cursory “thankyou”. I guess I’m not interesting to the authorities, which is a good thing, right?

The taxi driver thought I was German, if you were wondering. So did the concierge at the hotel. So did the waiter in the street cafe I found half an hour later to grab something to eat.

After dumping everything in my room (small, cheap, basic, but clean, and everything appears to work), I went for a walk along the bank of the river Main, that passes through the middle of the city. I had read before leaving that the old part of the city is about twenty minutes walk away, so set off in it’s general direction. I couldn’t walk too far into the city, because my phone was nearly flat and I had no map - but figured as long as I didn’t stray too far from the river, I would be able to find my way back.

I had hoped to find somewhere serving traditional German food, but of course Frankfurt is a modern city - so has just about every cuisine going. I eventually stumbled across the German equivalent of Wagamama, and it had outside seating (it has been a beautiful evening), so chatted with the waiter - who thought I was German - and found a seat.

I have now had my first beer in Germany, and it was rather wonderful. That might have had something to do with me being thirsty, and it being a warm evening, but still - it was good. There’s a photo of the bottle on Instagram if you’re a beer officionado. I didn’t even look to see how strong it was.

After eating, and earwigging the conversation between a young German man, and his American dinner partner (it was quite obviously their first date, and I had to stop listening to their conversation because I kept grinning), I wandered back to the hotel - back along the river as the sun went down.

I came here with no real expectations of what Frankfurt might be like - or what Germany might be like, really. Friends had told me it is a wonderful place - that the city is very cosmopolitan, and the people wonderfully friendly. I can see what they mean now. It’s similar to many other cities I’ve visited, but perhaps cleaner, less busy, and things seem to cost less than other places I’ve visited. Take dinner as an example - what I ordered would have cost £25 in Wagamama - in MoschMosch it cost less than half as much, after taking into account the exchange rate.

Let’s hope this trip turns into the first of many while working on this project, and that I am afforded the time to get to know a few people in this foreign land a little.


Last day!!! Well it was like two days ago but I hope I’m not too late? I worked so hard on this one (I mean it’s 6am here in Spain lol) I hope you like it!

I had so much fun I hope I can repeat next year :D!

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solarexlipse’s movie masterpost <3

OKAY so I can’t explain how many hours I spent making this so please don’t delete any text or remove any credit. All of these work as of 29/06/2015 but if you spot a broken link please message me so I can fix it. Please like/ reblog if you use, the text won’t show on your blog.  

Enjoy, anna x


·         Romance      

·         Comedy        

·         RomComs/ChickFlicks


1.      Titanic

2.     Remember Me

3.      Silver Linings Playbook

4.      The Notebook        

5.      The Princess Bride                

6.      Pride and Prejudice            

7.      Sleepless in Seattle

8.      Notting Hill

9.      The Blue Lagoon

10.   Holes

11.  Life as We Know It

12.  The Fault in Our Stars

13.  Pretty Woman

14.  Moulin Rouge!

15.  Dirty Dancing

16.  Love Actually

17.  The Vow

18.  Brief Encounter

19.  Across the Universe

20.  P.S I love you

21.  Out of Sight

22.  Bonnie and Clyde

23.  Roman Holiday

24.  Show Me Love

25.  It’s a Wonderful Life

26.  Some Like It Hot

27.  Waterloo Bridge

28.  One Day

29.  The Phantom of the Opera

30.  City Lights      

31.  Picture Perfect

32.  Singin’ in the Rain

33.  The Graduate

34.  500 Days Of Summer

35.  Edward Scissorhands

36.  West Side Story

37.  Ghost

38.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

39.  Eat Pray Love

40.  Vertigo

41.  The Theory of Everything

42.  William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

43.  Before Sunrise

44.  Manhattan

45.  True Romance

46.  Les Miserables

47.  Wild at Heart

48.  Love Happens

49.  Message in a Bottle

50.  The Last Song

51.  Gone with the wind

52.  The Painted Veil

53.  Letters to Juliet

54.  Charlie St. Cloud

55.  Save the Last Dance

56.  Inherent Vice

57.  If I Stay

58.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

59.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

60.  A matter of Life and Death

61.  The apartment

62.  Brokeback Mountain          

63.  Management

64.  Harold and Maude

65.  The Lucky One

66.  In the mood for Love

67.  Something Borrowed

68.  Becoming Jane

69.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

70.  Love Story

71.  Atonement

72.  Say Anything…

73.  Dear John

74.  He’s Just Not that Into You

75.  Groundhog Day

76.  Rumor Has It

77.  Marley & Me

78.  Love and Other Drugs

79.  Life Is Beautiful

80.  The Spectacular Now

81.  Footloose

82.  The Object of My Affection

83.  Endless Love

84.  Moonrise Kingdom

85.  The Great Gatsby

86.  Chocolat

87.  Australia

88.  A Walk to Remember

89.  Like Crazy

90.  The Other Boleyn Girl

91.  Closer

92.  What to Expect When You’re Expecting

93.  It Happened One Night

94.  Drinking Buddies

95.  Casablanca

96.  Fever Pitch

97.  Once

98.  The Time Traveller’s Wife

99.  While you were Sleeping

100. The Lake House


1.      Sister Act

2.      Dodgeball

3.      The Internship

4.      Swingers

5.      Meet the Parents

6.      Meet the Fockers

7.      We’re the Millers

8.      Mean Girls

9.      American Pie

10.  Ace Ventura

11.  Office Space

12.  The Hangover

13.  The Hangover Part II

14.  The Hangover Part III

15.  Due Date

16.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

17.  The Invention of Lying

18.  Hot Tub Time Machine

19.  Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

20.  Daddy Day Camp

21.  Ted

22.  I love you, Man

23.  The Breakfast Club

24.  Big Momma

25.  21 Jump Street

26.  22 Jump Street

27.  The Heat

28.  Happy Gilmore

29.  Pitch Perfect

30.  Napoleon Dynamite

31.  Anchorman

32.  Anchorman 2

33.  Not Suitable for Children

34.  Home Alone

35.  Night at the Museum

36.  Ghostbusters

37.  The Goonies

38.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

39.  Horrible Bosses

40.  Superbad

41.  Paul

42.  Ella Enchanted

43.  Get Him to the Greek

44.  Role Models

45.  Grown Ups    

46.  Grown Ups 2

47.  Shaun of the Dead

48.  Monty Python’s Life of Brian

49.  Mr Bean’s Holiday

50.  Grosse Pointe Blank

51.  Let’s Be Cops

52.  Wet Hot American Summer

53.  Borat

54.  Bridesmaids

55.  Keith Lemon: the film

56.  Arthur

57.  Megamind

58.  Mrs Doubtfire

59.  Priscilla Queen of the Desert

60.  Death at a funeral

61.  City Island

62.  The Castle

63.  Enchanted

64.  The Parent Trap

65.  Tropic Thunder

66.  Forrest Gump

67.  The Producers

68.  Little Miss Sunshine

69.  The Truman Show

70.  Beerfest

71.  Norbit

72.  Garfield

73.  School of Rock

74.  Alvin and the Chipmunks

75.  Jackass: The Movie

76.  Pineapple Express

77.  Hot Fuzz

78.  Waiting…

79.  The InBetweeners Movie

80.  St Trinians

81.  White Chicks

82.  Little Man

83.  Diary of a wimpy kid

84.  Freaky Friday

85.  Lesbian Vampire Killers

86.  Fame

87.  Spilt Milk

88.  Identity Thief

89.  Spy

90.  Beverly Hills Cop

91.  Baby Mama

92.  Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

93.  Secretary

94.  Cheaper By The Dozen

95.  Liar Liar

96.  The Full Monty

97.  Knocked Up

98.  Wayne’s World

99.  Zoolander

100.                      Weekend at Bernie’s

Romcoms/Chick Flicks

1.    When Harry Met Sally

2.    Friends with Benefits

3.    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

4.    The Wedding Singer

5.    The Proposal

6.    Bridget Jones’s Diary

7.    Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason

8.    The Five-Year Engagement

9.    Wanderlust

10.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin

11.  The Rewrite

12.  Working Girl

13.  Four Weddings and a Funeral

14.  Clueless

15.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

16.  27 Dresses

17.  The Wedding Planner

18.  John Tucker Must Die

19.  Wild Child

20.  What If

21.  10 Things I Hate About You

22.  Just Go With It

23.  There’s Something About Mary

24.  You’ve Got Mail

25.  The Terminal

26.  Morning Glory

27.  50 First Dates

28.  Sex and the City

29.  Sex and the City 2

30.  The Break-Up

31.  Valentine’s Day

32.  The Perfect Catch

33.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

34.  Two Weeks Notice

35.  Hitch

36.  Love Actually

37.  She’s All That

38.  The Holiday

39.  Along Came Polly

40.  She’s Out Of My League

41.  What Happens in Vegas

42.  Just Married

43.  One Fine Day

44.  Made of Honor

45.  About Last Night..

46.  Easy A

47.  No Strings Attached

48.  Chasing Amy

49.  Mamma Mia

50.  13 Going On 30

51.  The Wedding Banquet

52.  Jerry Maguire

53.  Enough Said

54.  Going the Distance

55.  LOL

56.  The Ugly Truth

57.  My Best Friend’s Wedding

58.  Bride Wars

59.  Leap Year

60.  The Devil Wears Prada

61.  A Cinderella Story

62.  The Perfect Man

63.  The Bounty Hunter

64.  Pretty in Pink

65.  Legally Blonde

66.  Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

67.  In Her Shoes

68.  Never Been Kissed

69.  Miss Congeniality

70.  Coyote Ugly

71.  Enchanted

72.  The First Wives Club

73.  Maid in Manhattan

74.  Failure to Launch

75.  When in Rome

76.  What Women Want

77.  She’s the Man

78.  Confessions of a Shopoholic

79.  Just Friends

80.  It’s  a Boy Girl Thing

81.  Sweet Home Alabama

82.  The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

83.  My Sassy Girl

84.  Too Young to Marry

85.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend

86.  The Other Woman

87.  Sex Tape

88.  I Love You, Beth Cooper

89.  Definitely, Maybe

90.  Just My Luck

91.  You, Me and Dupree

92.  Material Girls

93.  The Pacifier

94.  Just Like Heaven

95.  Date Night

96.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

97.  About a Boy

98.  The Wedding Date

99.  Something’s Gotta Give

100.               Bruce Almighty


While the rest of the world is all like “Overwatch”, I’ll just keep doing this like a boring old person.  I polished the Scout and Demoman models some more, and spent like a whopping 3 hours blocking in a new Spy.  Mostly to capture her face.   I’d like to sculpt out the whole team, the new ones as well as my old designs. 

Maybe I’ll whip out WIPs for their heads and bodies, so I can keep their facial features and silhouettes distinct from each other yet cohesive.  I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, but it’s so nice to work on stuff that doesn’t infuriate me… :p

Hey everyone! So the last couple of weeks were completely insane at my office. I had energy to work my 10-12 hour day, drive my 2-3 hrs of commuting, toss in a half-hearted meal, and crawl into bed. Barely ate, no exercise. Ended up flaring like a mofo and spent yesterday in bed, miserable.

This morning my 6:30 alarm went off and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got on Facebook. That’s where I saw this photo of the gorgeous and adorable and basically perfect Hunter McGrady. I then thought to myself, “Self! You’re never going to get close to looking like that if you don’t get your ass out of bed and workout.”

So I’m lacing up my running shoes, leashing up the dog, and hitting the pavement.

Until tonight!

toebeens  asked:

very random, & I pray this doesn't come off as creepy, but I do Not™ own any horses, I've ridden an actual horse twice my entire life, I've had 2 exes that owned them however, but man do I love your blog! I spent like 3-4 hours just going through older posts, and seeing how you rescued so many now, and learning so so much about them and their equipment. Ugh and about the auctions, and what's happening with wild horses. Seriously, your blog taught me so much! Keep up the great work!

Thank you so very much! I aim to make this blog as useful as I can, so it’s great to hear you learned some stuff! ^_^ I’ll keep blogging as long as people keep reading - possibly longer lol

One of my students tried to cheat me seven ways to Sunday earlier while we were playing magic, and he kept trying to cite “tournament rules” bc I don’t do tournaments so CLEARLY I wouldn’t know if he were lying. Like I haven’t been playing the game for years and know how things work. So I spent 2 hours reading through the entire official tournament rules, then texted him 3 paragraphs detailing everything he lied and/or cheated about.

Because priorities. (No pun intended)

Aight this might be stupid but here I go *Warning: Wonder Woman Spoilers*

Just yesterday I saw the Wonder Woman movie
It’s was great!! Like don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it overall and I seriously want Diana to punch me in the face and then throw me into the sun
I only had one overall problem

Like how come
She just meets Steve and after 2-3 days of working together
They just have to fall in love even though Diana had no clue what men or relationships were even like???
They spent pretty much their first hours together with Diana asking him questions like “What is marriage and why do you do it?” Etc.
But no
Even though she had no idea as to why people were holding hands she definitely knows what kissing is

I seriously hate that cliche in just about every movie (that’s not a romcom etc)
like yes
I need another action/superhero movie where the only difference is that this time the woman is the main character (and the movie portrays her correctly and makes everything she does BA D A S S) and her and Mr. Average Looking White Man fall in love after 5 minutes of being together even though she barely understand humans

anonymous asked:

It just sucks that it's my own family doing it. I've sat them down and had a talk with them but they don't listen. They think I'm being childish and need to grow up

They’re forgetting what it’s like to be young, and they’re trying to push you into early adulthood. I know how frustrating it can be for a family member to do this.

For the past 3 years I’ve worked a full time summer job (40 hrs a week plus a 2 hour total commute daily). My first year I started working the day after I got back from college and continued until 5 days before going back into college. I was exhausted and spent the entire summer alone with zero time to just be a college kid. 

Last year I fought with my mom for a month over letting me have a week in between finals and work, I had to get my grandma to talk to her. Even after my mom continued to tell me I was ungrateful and that all my other friends probably had full time jobs and didn’t complain. I never complained about working full time, I objected to not having a week break to unpack and relax from finals. She got the idea that all my friends worked full time jobs, because the ONE friend I had at the time worked 2 jobs, she folded laundry at a gym and stripped. 

Only one of my friends this year is working full time, as it is in internship, everyone else is part time. And many others are currently on vacation either in Florida, Cali, or South Carolina.

This year I was too exhausted to fight with my mom over how long I got in between work and finals. This year I was able to get 5 days. And only 5 because I told my boss the real day I was willing to come back and told my mom the day she wanted me to go back. I go back tomorrow.  

People are always going to think that they have it worse than you, or that you’re better off than someone else. Because of that you should push yourself to do more and be more. And that might be true. But that doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to some basic humans needs. Just because someone else is working more hours, it doesn’t mean that you should be denied the right to decompress. 


Honestly I just spent About 2 hours reading a callout post and I find it really fucking cool that people can be so smart on this website and composed and just work together to put together facts and give intelligent opinions. Especially after being constantly badgered by people who refuse to see any sort of discussion beyond their ignorance and personal experience. Ship and let ship. Love and let love. Especially in a fandom like mystic messenger <3

I was in a HORRIBLE mood earlier because I have been in a crappy mood all [time period unspecified] and then the new Anne with an E on Netflix spent an hour being “everything is terrible and nothing works out except you know it will in the end because this is episode 2 of a remake” and making me have feelings to no purpose and with very unsatisfying payoff…….(I may be done watching as of episode 2, that’s how annoyed I am)

But then I spent 3 hours playing Dragon Age and “helping” Aveline be the absolute world’s worst at flirting, and Fenris did the “literally tear your heart out of your chest” thing because he is the most ridiculously Extra forever.

Also yesterday I hooked up with Isabela and she goes “you’re not having FEELINGS are you?” and in conclusion Isabela is forever my favorite and I love this game.

Every Minimum Wage Argument DEBUNKED

“Just get a job, and stop being lazy”

since 2000 90% of the jobs being created have been part-time jobs. last month over 22,000 people applied to walmart, and only 600 got a job. And to be considered unemployed you have to be actively looking for a job. so 7% of americans are actively looking for a job. People are trying, there just aren’t any jobs out there.

“just get an education”

over 280,000 americans with four year degrees are working minimum wage jobs. over 30,000 americans with 6 year degrees are working minimum wage jobs. 50% of college graduates end up unemployed. the average college graduate has about 30,000 dollars in debt. So why yes, education can be great for some, it’s defiantly not a solution for all.

“If we raise minimum wage Inflation will just go up, and everyone will still be poor”

Between 1950-1970 when the average real wage of this country was $9.06 the inflation rate was only 2,3%! that was one of our highest real wage time periods, combined with one of our lowest inflation rate. Secondly labor is only a part of cost, so things would not increase proportionally. More likely, if wages doubled, prices would increase by like 5-30%. And to use two examples, If mcdonlads doubled every employees wages to MAINTAIN THE SAME PROFIT as they are now, the big mac would only increase by 42 cents. If Wal-mart doubled it’s wage to MAINTAIN THE SAME PROFIT, the average cost to the consumer would only increase by 12.43 cents A YEAR! So yes prices would go up, but wages would go up a lot higher. Also with more money in the economy more people will be bale to spend and buy more. this means more inventory and product will be moved, which means business could make more money. “Raising the minimum wage is a great way to boost consumer demand because every additional dollar that goes into the hands of a low-income worker is very likely to be spent, thus spurring business sales and economic growth.” (David Bolotsky is founder and CEO of UncommonGoods) so everyone wins!

“people are just lazy”

Most of the people i know have to work 2-3 minimum wage jobs just get to by. that’s 60-70 hours a week! that’s not lazy. also productivity has gone up while wages have not!“raise minimum wage will hurt the economy”

as i’ve stated above it’ll actually help the economy. the center for economic policy and research did a report about why raising minimum wage doesn’t effect unemployment. it is also illustrated by this graph, that shows as minimum wage goes down, unemployment goes up.Then some other good reasons to raise it. One, it’ll decrease the deficit. Less people will have to be on welfare and food stamps.“It’s a perverse incentive program. A corner business or giant retailer like Costco that pays a starting wage of $11.50 an hour gets no government subsidy while a store across the street paying the federal minimum wage of $7.25 is actually getting a government handout because it pays a substandard wage. This does not make economic sense.”( David Bolotsky) Two, people will be able to feed their family. Three, it helps the wage cap and makes it possible for every american can achieve the american dream. So basically there is no question we should raise the minimum wage. or at least put in a mandatory incentive program, such as after 6 months you get a two dollars raise. and in another 6 months you’ll get another 2 dollars raise.

2D☆STAR Vol. 4 Interview: Re:vale

The features in 2D☆STAR continue with an interview from Re:vale! As you can probably tell by now, there was a lot in this magazine.

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The days we spend working together like this are unbelievable happy

After meeting their fifth anniversary and being named the key performer of the re-opening concert for Zero Arena’s renewal, Re:vale look back on their memories from their meeting to now!

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