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I have to go to college soon, but I regret choosing to do so. I just graduated high school, and this summer has felt so free. I've been able to explore myself and my surroundings, and I've been happy. I was an IB and AP student so I got an average of 2-3 hrs of sleep/night, and I am dreading going back to school. I feel like my freedom and my love of learning is being taken away. I need $1600 in 2 days, but the loan hasn't been certified yet. I've already spent so much that I can't back out now.

“…I’m also the only person my age who doesn’t have a phone (I can’t afford the bill, so I bought my own iPod yrs ago and it’s like a phone but I need wifi and can’t make calls). My family has a home phone and my parents have those old flip phones mainly used for calling. When I was younger, there used to be payphones everywhere and I would always play with them until someone else needed to use them. Now that I need them, they’re not around. I’ll be 250 miles away from my family with no way to talk.”

I’m really sorry to hear that hon, that is a tough situation to be in and I honestly can’t imagine not being able to contact my family! Mind if I offer some advice, one college kid to another?

It probably feels hopeless right now, but there are lots of ways to remedy a lack of money as a college kid, especially since you’re an AP student. You might have to sit on that debt for a bit so you can afford necessities like a phone. I learned how to play the system pretty quick, and now I’m literally getting payed to go to school. To actually survive U.S. college, you gotta be creative, aggressive, hard working, and willing to play a little dirty~

  • apply for *more* scholarships - there are some wild ones out there you’ve probably never heard of. Not a quick fix, but you can use the money to repay your student loans
  • start applying for scholarships now, not later - you will thank yourself come next fall when you have them already done
  • check for assistance in your state - most states have these. My state has a program where they pay for the tuition of struggling students in whole if they maintain a 2.0 or higher and take 15 credit hours per semester. Yours might too
  • be poor - …or at least make it look like you’re poor (I’m not telling you what this one means, take a stab in the dark and get creative). Scam the bourgeoisie.  
  • keep an eye out for work-scholarship programs - some schools have programs where students work or volunteer part-time while in school for financial assistance. Peace Corps and Learn and Serve America offer these work scholarships as well
  • ask for help from your family or community - you can always set up a gofundme for people to donate to you! Promo it all over social media, make your story sound extra heart-wrenching 
  • find ways to budget and cut costs - don’t buy new books (rent used), buy generic items, walk instead of driving a car when possible, don’t go out to eat super often (unless he’s paying, if ya know what I mean), etc. Budget and always have a small amount of money in your savings account rather than your checking (but not too much, we’re trying to look poor here)
  • get a part time job - often college campuses will pay a bit higher than minimum wage, so if you can squeeze in a job this helps a lot. Fight for that student manager position. 
  • file your FAFSA on time - if you’re from a poor family, this one helps a lot, but if not hey they might still give ya something
  • go to your school’s aid office - sometimes they have like really obscure scholarships just laying around for kids to grab up. Check back in frequently, they might have something new for you
  • the pell grant is your best friend - see if you are eligible, it helps out a lot
  • sell your services/items - you can sell your notes or write papers for others for a little cash (morally shaky but hey, I don’t judge), tutor others in something you excel at, repair garments if you sew, do some freelance photography for frats and sororities, help others move into the dorms for cash, become an uber driver, run errands for others, pet/house sit, sell used goods on poshmark or ebay or etsy, and (not recommended, but I have done it) you can sell your plasma for between $20-$50 per donation
  • become a lab rat - the psych department at my school pays for students to participate in experiments, like $15/30 minute test (which is like 115 packages of ramen noodles in college kid speak, important numbers here fam pay attention)
  • buy used textbooks and resell them - just do a price mark up of like 400% and you’re golden. Profit off of the dumb students around campus who don’t look for good deals. 
  • make money off of your hair - if you have really nice hair, you may be able to sell it for a hefty sum (I’ve heard numbers from $100 up to $1,000 from others). Hair will grow back. 
  • write for your school newspaper - you can make a few bucks writing freelance articles if you’re into that
  • don’t be stupid - you’re at school to learn, not to fuck around. The whole “do not pass go, do not collect $200″ thing is real. Stay out of trouble or you could lose your scholarships or even get expelled. 

Well, that’s about all I’ve got. I wish you the best of luck at school, hon! College is a lot of fun once you get into the groove of things, just try to stay sane! ♥♥

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Name: Dory

Nicknames: Klot, Klottilda, Klottildain, Reda

Gender: Female

Starsign: Aquarius

Height: 165 cm / 5′ 5″

Sexuality: ???

Hogwarts house: ???

Favorite animal: fluffy animals

Average hours spent sleeping: 6-9 hrs

Dogs or cats: hard

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2 if really cold 

Dream trip:Japan, Spain and Scotland 

When I made this account: October 2016

Why I made this account: bc I wanted to share my arts with another people, bc undertale fandom aaaaand bc there are alot of good artists

#of followers: 344 for now 

Reason for my URL: Bc dat my old nickname. I remember when my mom bought gingerbread from one woman and that woman had a nickname Klotilda, I think that it will be cool if me add “t” and “in” in this nickname, like um “klotTildaIN” and than small me CREATE SO MANY ACCOUNTS WITH THIS NICKNAME. Btw, I wanted to make a nick “reda” bc it’s fist syllable of my second name and first name, my mom create it for me when I was 6-7 y.o. :P(seems like little me had really bad imagination, but lmao) 

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Name: Russian - Ksenia, Finish - Erica
Nicknames: Eri, Eri-chan, Flos etc.
Gender: female
Starsign: pisces
Height: -
Sexuality: -
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw
Favorite animal: turtles, rabbits, ravens, fish, some breeds of dogs etc.
Dogs or cats: neither
Average hours spent sleeping: 5-7 hrs
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2-3 
Dream trip: trip around the world

When I made this account: November
Why I made this account: I had and have a dream to become a web comics artist or illustrator
#of followers: 353

Reason for my URL: Honestly, I can`t guess why I changed my first URL “aksy-kany” to “sweet-art-demon” because I don`t really like both of these names. I`m still trying to come up with the best artistic pseudonym for me.
Maybe I`ll change my URL soon to “flos-erica”

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How long does it take to you to draw one of the arts?

Hmmmmm like one of the simple two-people artworks, not the comics? I guess it ranges from 3-5 hours for a drawing of 2 characters + simple bg.

I spent a majority of the time to sketch and lineart. Coloring wise, depends on my remaining stamina, I’d render it more nicely if I have more energy left, but if I don’t, I’ll just use flat colors and do it comics style. Usually takes me 1-2 hrs to color.

If the backgrounds are extensive and there are a lot of characters… well, it took me about 3-4 days to finish the nekoma artwork with the entire nekoma team in it.

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Nicknames: uuh Soph? does that count? and petnames by my lovely squad and bunnies<3

Gender: female.

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′5″ (165 cms)

Sexuality: Pan

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor (I’m like 36% gryffindor but the rest are even less lol)

Favourite animal: Fleta ( @ithefanfictionwriter)

Average amount of hours spent sleeping: 6-9 hrs i guess

Dogs or cats: puppies duh

Amount of blankets i sleep with: 2 I NEED TO FEEL SAFE AND WARM

Dream trip: Traveling all around the world to my friends(soulmates) like @whenjikookhappens @ithefanfictionwriter @kookiescupcake @jinniejohns @mac-and-cheeseburgerqueen @idunknowhyimhere @jhopesun

Dream job: I don’t have a dream job I just wanna be happy as cheesy as it sounds

When I made this account: How many months? Oh my god I’m bad at these kind of things

Why I made this account: To share my weird fangirl ideas somewhere (and to make friend ofc)

# of followers: 1,837 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL)

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New stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do people assume vampires are either sexy beauties  or gaunt monsters? Some of them must be like the rest of us!

BTW, I spent 2 hrs trying to get these photos from my camera onto my newer but cheap junky computer. A LOT of profanity was involved and several tricks! Both the software and monitor resolution are so bad I couldn’t tell if the pics were in focus until I had saved the post on Tumblr so I could check it on the iPad. And damn it is slow doing ANYTHING! Mom meant well getting it for me, but it really is useless for photos. “New stuff” is going to be a lot more rare unless  I can help my old computer…..

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  • Nicknames: amber
  • Gender: female
  • Star sign: leo
  • Height: 5′2 ish
  • Sexuality: i dunno yet
  • Hogwarts house: not sure but ravenclaw i guess
  • Favourite animal: hard to choose but ? rabbits!
  • Average hours spent sleeping: i cannot function properly without at least 8 hrs of sleep
  • Dogs or cats: both are nice but i want a cat
  • Number of blankets I sleep with: one 
  • Dream trip: i want to go to taiwan again or anywhere as long as it’s fun
  • Dream job: idk yet but i want to do something medicine when i grow up
  • When I made this account: january 17, 2017!! idk if this blog would still be considered fairly new?
  • Why I made this account: i just wanted a place to rb things and keep a collection of svt images and content that i could access easily
  • # of followers: i don’t really feel like saying but i’m thankful for everyone that sticks around!

also i spent the weekend with my bf it was so cute it felt like going back to our izmir days with no problems lol i loved it but now im back home and im :( again idk when will i be able to trust him again LOL like when hes not online for couple hrs im paranoid. also my driving instructor is always trying to confuse me and trying to get me to break up with him and not trust him but like knowing men im almost sure hes doing it 2 sleep with me and not because of my well being lmao so no thx but also what if hes right

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nicknames: maya or mai

gender: female

star sign: gemini

height: 5’3

hogwarts house: tbh idk bc idk harry potter like that

fav animal: elephants, they’re so cute

average hours spent sleeping: 24 hrs if i’m being honest

dogs or cats: dogs for sure

number of blankets you sleep with: 2

dream trip: japan, korea, or new zealand

dream job: i wanna work in a hospital as a physical or occupational therapist

when did i make my account: … idk lol like two months ago bc my other blog got deleted ;(((

why did i make this account: bc i would look up kpop texts to read and i was never a fan of them so i decided to make my own!

number of followers: 578!!!

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I have had 2 days of highschool and….its been…a work in progress. Starting this up again to see how long I can actually do it bc i’m ment to be Studying but all I want to do is watch youtube. I’m going to be doing my chem hw (watch 3 videos and do work) and hopefuly be able to print out my math homework for my first unit and do the first and seccond assignment to get ahead.

I spent an hour getting Ready to do work- sheesh if thats what I take to organize myself and my work then imma need like 2-3 hrs just on hw a night. HHhuuaaaaahhhhhhh