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Oh man I just went through all of your voltron headcanon when I should be sleeping and they're so so good

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  • hunk, barging into keith’s room at 3am: “keith i need your help wi- …are you wearing your boots in bed
    • listen. it pays to be prepared, hunk. hunk no don’t go tell lance-
    • for the next week lance points at keith doing mundane tasks and says “look there’s keith kogane. model paladin. Always Ready For Action”
  • allura: [is an incredible and level headed diplomat] allura, trying to make friends: “hey so uh you got any deep dark secrets you wanna share”
  • if you piss off pidge she’ll turn off the gravity in your room
  • coran: “lance can you-” lance: “can’t sorry i have homework”
  • “okay but do we all have to be paladins? because if we get to choose i wanna be a bard”
  • shiro is a constant victim of spoilers
    • everyone’s behind on tv right now but shiro’s even more behind
    • “man you know what i miss? galaxy wars. i seriously gotta know what happened to drax’s daughter after mira’s betrayal” “wait mira did what-
    • stop! talking! about! galaxy wars! he’s only on season 2!
  • hunk: “why is your back all scratched up” lance, who just spent an hour chasing a space raccoon after hunk told him not to: “i’m having an affair”

Astre and Ciel Phantomhive.



(Plus I know Astre wasn’t confirmed but I’m still hoping this is his real name. BE THE STAR OF HIS SKY MY BOY, BE IT)


ᴅ ᴇ ᴄ ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ɪ ᴏ ɴ _


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Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Based on this gem)

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  • What she says: I'm not tired. I've never really needed as much sleep as other people.
  • What she means: I've spent so many late nights scrolling through tumblr, reading gay fanfiction, and pondering the nature of existence that I've forgotten what it feels like to get more than four hours a night. Oh, and I'm pretty sure my blood levels are 96% caffeine, 3% "why am I like this?" And 2% bitter-and-so-tired-I've-forgotten-how-to-add and haven't changed since I was like, 12.

artsy kara au where kara is tryna get lena’s number and shes like jus hold still… lemme draw u:) and lena js like ok… and kara is jus like doin all this show.. n lena is like ok… and then like an hour later kara shows lena the drawin she made and shes like “Do u like it….. i tried to capture ur real beauty…” and lena is jus standin there tryin not 2 cry “Why are u doin this” lena asks crying … kara is like … im an art student…. this is what i do… Lena cries harder cause kara spent an hour drawing this:

Connor Murphy x Reader - Freak (FLUFF)

WC: ???
Warnings: lots of swearing (it’s Connor, come on now)
Summary: (y/n) and Connor work together on a school project about a romance novel…
Requested?: on Wattpad


First day at a new school and all (y/n) could think of was how huge the place is! From the outside there were three visible floors that stretched across for miles either way.

Lost in thought, you fail to notice your childhood friend walk up behind you.
“‘Sup, (y/n/n)!” The one and only Jared Kleinman says, swinging his arm around your shoulder. You shrug him off, masking a smile. You hadn’t seen Jared in years and, though he’s clearly still an idiot, you’d kinda missed him. “You got the first day jitters yet?” He jokes at you.
“As if. I’ve moved around since I was 6! I’ve got this, man.” You remark, heading towards the doors as the sharp shrill of the bell chimes.

Your first class was English, a subject that always had you caught between love and hate. Stepping into the full room, you scan about to find the one empty seat left. Sat in the chair next to it is a rather tall boy with long brown hair and a huge black jacket on. With a deep breath, you stride towards him, feigning confidence.

I hope he doesn’t mind…

You pull out the chair and sit down with a plonk. Your (f/c) skirt splaying out around you.
“Hey,” you whisper to him. “I hope you don’t mind but there aren’t any other seats left in the class.” Your attempt to strike up a conversation falls flat as the somewhat moody kid scoffs at you and turns away.
“I’m sorry. My name’s (y/n).”
“Good for you.” You hear him mutter under his breath.

Now visibly irritated, you turn away and pull out your notebook. Laying it in the middle of your actual work page to disguise the fact you really didn’t want to take notes, you begin to scribble rapidly, ideas and images flowing out of your pen like magic. From the corner of your eye, you see the boy turn to you slightly. Page after page fills up, black ink tattooing the clean canvas.
“Connor.” A rough voice says from beside you. Turning with surprise, you cock your head. “My name. It’s, uh, Connor.”
Slowly, a smile creeps onto your face.
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” You exclaim, happy to have drawn some conversation from him.

She’s new, he had thought to himself, she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know that you’re a freak, yet.

As the class was about to finish, the room filled with idle chatter. Over the top, the teacher was demanding silence and being profusely ignored.
“Stop it now, all of you! I have a project to set and if you don’t listen, I have half a mind to fail you all now!” That shut everyone up.
“Thank you. Now, as I was saying, to help get your creative juices flowing, I will be assigning everyone a classic book for you to review by Monday!” He was met by a collective groan, to which he abhorrently ignored.
“I want all of you to pair up now before I start choosing books.”

Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the new kid…
Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the freak…

Gingerly, you turn to Connor and hope he understands what’s going through your head. He grants you a small nod, barely noticeable, and with that you have a partner.

Standing to leave the room, the teacher turns to the pair of you.
“(Y/n) and Connor! Oh you’re so lucky! You shall be reviewing the wonderful Pride And Prejudice!”
“A love story?” Connor shoots back with disgust. “Yeah. We’re sooooo lucky”. The sarcasm oozes from his words as he storms off. Behind him, the teacher begins to babble. Something about it being 'so much more than love’ or something?

“Hey, um, Connor?” You call after him, jogging to keep up with his strides. The boy ignores you, stomping onwards with force.
“Connor!” You demand, taken somewhat aback by the power in your voice.
“What?!” He snaps back, furiously. You step back nervously before clearing your throat and breathing in.
“Doyouwannamaybehavemynumbersowecantalkabouttheprojectandstuff?” You sputter out, praying he understood. Connor looms over you, standing a good foot taller than yourself and cocks his eyebrow. You couldn’t tell if it was humour, mockery or plain confusion.
“Sorry…” You hang your head. “Do you want my number? So we can talk about the project and stuff?” You try again, retracing your words with caution. You hold your breath, ready for him to shout again but instead, you feel him reach for your arm and roll up the sleeve of your (other f/c) jumper.
“W what are you d doing?” You ask, cursing yourself for the stammer.
“What does it look like? I don’t have any paper so here!” He replies, bluntly. You look down and there, in shimmery numbers, was what could only be his phone number. You turn to smile to him but he’s already gone, leaving you alone in the long hallway.


Sat at home on your bed, you put the shining numbers into your phone and type out a message.

To: Connor
From: (unknown number)
Hey, it’s (y/n). When do you wanna meet up about the project? X

Hoping to god that he actually gave you the right number, you hit send and place your phone behind you.
About 10 minutes later, whilst you were sat reading the assigned book, a chirp came from your phone.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
Idk. Tomorrow, mine?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Sounds good. What’s ur address?


Connor sent his location

We’re all set.

The following day at school went rather dully. Jared had taken it upon himself to give you a… not so PG tour of the school. He seemed to know just about everything about who hooked up with who and where. He also mentioned Connor briefly, calling him 'freak’. Though not sure why, you found yourself defended him against your childhood friend which earned you a day of teasing. Despite you ensuring him it was no more than a project, he now calls you Mrs Freak.

Finally, the last bell rang and you rushed home to get ready. Though not sure why, you felt the need to present nicely today. You slipped on a soft t-shirt with a laced up front in (f/c) and a pair of skinny black jeans. You were just about to leave the door when…


Your phone sang.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
U don’t have 2 come tonight if u don’t want. Don’t want u getting a bad rep or whatever

You blink at the screen, partially confused. Why on earth would you get a bad reputation for hanging with him?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Never been one 4 reputation. See u in 5 x

You shoot back at him, shaking off the confusion and heading through the door.

To you, Connor was an enigma. Something about him seemed so trapped. As though that harsh exterior was masking something. You couldn’t help but think about him as you padded down the hot concrete pavement. The way his long hair fell to his shoulders, his sharp bone structure, his perfectly painted nails polished in black.
He was kind of cute…
Shaking it off with a sigh, you try and divert your mind to the project as you approach the Murphy house.

Whatever you do, (y/n), do NOT get a crush on the guy.


Inside of Connor’s room was a weird and tense atmosphere. The kid had never had a girl in his room before and so he watched and marvelled as you took in your surroundings. On the walls were rows and rows of book ranging from classic literature to modern comic books.
“Wow, Connor!” You gasped, in awe of the arrangements. “This is amazing! I didn’t have you pinned as such a reader!” While you spoke, Connor found himself staring into your sparking (e/c) eyes.
“Y yeah. I read a lot. It helps with… stuff.” He forced out, trailing off at the end before he said too much.

“So!” You said suddenly, clapping your hands and swivelling on your heels. “With all of these books, have you ever read Pride And Prejudice?”
“I, uh, yeah. I have.” He replied, ramming his clammy hands into his jean pockets.

Why the fuck are you freaking out?! It’s just a dumb project. Not like you’ll see her again after this.


“Aaaaaand… done!” You sigh, contently. Between you, Connor and you had managed to complete the project in about 2 hours. Though little to your knowledge, Connor had spent a lot more time looking at you than at the screen.
In the time it had taken for you to write the review, he had noticed so much about you. The way you’d let your hair fall across your face without noticing from being so distracted. The way you’d bite the inside of your cheek while thinking. Even the way your breathing would pick up as you sped up your typing. He scolded himself for noticing but he found every little detail so… endearing.

It felt like the time had gone so fast and, deny it though he might, he didn’t want you to leave.
“So… you going now or what?” He asked, hating how forceful he sounded.
“Oh! Um… I told my parents I’d be back at 8…” You say, embarrassed a little. Glancing at the clock, it read 4:13pm. You had hours left and no way back into your house.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“You can stay here until then. If you’d like… that is?” Connor felt the heat rise in his face, turning away from you in hopes he could mask it.

Connor Murphy does NOT blush!

Without thinking, you grin wildly and fling your arms around his neck happily. But, like he had burned you, you recoiled quickly, muttering a thousand apologies into your chest.

Ah shit… I think I’ve got a crush!


Moments passed by, feeling like hours, as the pair of you sat in silence. You were certain that the hug had messed things up, unaware of Connor’s racing heart.

It was him that broke the tension with a quiet fact. “You really seem to get the whole lovey dovey shit in the novel.”
“Oh! Thank you. It’s a better book than I thought it was, actually.” You replied, unsure of his point.
“Do you… fuck… do you have a boyfriend then?” This takes you by surprise. You open your mouth to tell him but are rapidly cut off by him rambling again.
“I mean, it’s not like I fucking care! Why should I care? You’re probably very happy with him and that’s just fucking great, isn’t it!!” He erupts, getting louder and harsher with each word. You were baffled by what was happening in front of your eyes. He turns from you, muttering furiously to himself. You catch the odd curse word but nothing more. Slowly, you reach out to touch his arm. Your fingers curl around the black fabric, surprised he hasn’t pulled away yet, as you turn him to face you.
“Connor…” you begin, nervously. “I don’t have a boyfriend. Look, are you oka-” Your words are cut off by his lips pressed to yours. They’re oddly soft and you can taste mint and weed in your throat. But as soon as he’s there’s, he’s gone again.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know what came over me and I just… maybe it’d be best if-” This time, you’re the one to cut him off. You place your lips on his, wrapping your arms around his neck. It takes a moment but soon you feel his arms wrap tightly around your waist. You pull away, putting your forehead against his and smiling.
“Thank you…” he breathed so only you could here it. Not wanting to ask what for, you lean your chin on his shoulder as he holds you.

Connor wouldn’t tell you but he was scared. He clutched onto you like you would just disappear in his arms at any second. He couldn’t let that happen. The first person to see him as something other than a freak. He wasn’t about to lose you now. Not now, not ever…

The most important shit you should know about The Germany National Football Team™ (yes suck it  up americans, i'm callin’ it football not soccer)

[Warning: long long post]

○ Alright so the official title of the team is “deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft der Männer”, lit. “german national football team of men”. I guess. But that’s a tiny bit too long so there are several “nicknames” too, namely: “Die Mannschaft” (”the team”), “Nationalelf” (”national eleven”), DFB-Elf (”DFB eleven”), DFB-Auswahl (”DFB selection”) and DFB-Team (”DFB team”). [DFB is the “deutscher Fußballbund”, so the German Football Association btw]. {Yes, we’re very creative, I know}.

○ Head coach: Joachim Löw (since 2006) (or: Jogi Löw, that’s his nickname)

This is him. He has resting-bitchface syndrome but we still love him.

○ Captain: Bastian Schweinsteiger (since 2014) (nickname: Schweini)

Apparently it’s impossible to pronounce his name when you’re not German.

○ Top Scorer: Miroslav Klose (71) (nickname: Miro Klose)

Literal cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

○ Most caps: Lothar Matthäus (150) (nickname: Loddar)

Known for his like 300 ex-wifes lmao

○ current FIFA ranking: 4. (2nd June 2016)


Appearances: 18 (First in 1934)
Best result: Champions in 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014


Appearances: 12 (First in 1972)
Best result: Champions in 1972, 1980, 1996


Appearances: 2 (First in 1999)
Best result: Third place, 2005




○ Manuel Neuer (nickname: Die Wand = the wall)

- #1

- 30 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 69 ayyy B)

- an actual meme and probably proud of his meme status too

○ Bernd Leno

- #12

- 24 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Marc-André ter Stegen

- #22

- 24 years old

- goals: 0

- caps:  6


○ Shkodran Mustafi

- #2

- 24 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 11

- my bae

○ Jonas Hector

- #3

- 26 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 18

- squishy

○ Benedikt Höwedes

- #4

- 28 years old

- goals: 2

- caps: 38

○ Mats Hummels

- #5

- 27 years old

- goals: 4

- caps: 49

- everybody’s crush probably

○ Emre Can

- #14

- 22 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 6

○ Jonathan Tah

- #16

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Jérôme Boateng

- #17

- 27 years old

- goals: 1

- caps: 63

- i wanna be his neighbour


○ Sami Khedira

- #6

- 29 years old

- goals: 5

- caps: 64

- the fact about him that EVERY german knows: he dated Lena Gercke (a german model)

○ Bastian Schweinsteiger (nickname: Schweini)

- #7

- captain

- 31 years old

- goals: 24

- caps: 118

- can’t act to save his life

○ Mesut Özil

- #8

- 27 years old

- goals: 19

- caps: 77

- the fact about him that EVERY german knows: he dated Mandy Capristo (a german singer)

○ André Schürrle

- #9

- 25 years old

- goals: 20

- caps: 55

- everybody’s crush probably #2

○ Lukas Podolski (nickname: Poldi)

- #10

- 31 years old

- goals: 48

- caps: 129

- you either loveor hate him, there is no in between

○ Julian Draxler

- #11

- 22 years old

- goals: 2

- caps: 22

○ Thomas Müller

- #13

- 26 years old

- goals: 32

- caps: 75

- hilarious as fuck

○ Julian Weigl

- #15

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 1

○ Toni Kroos

- #18

- 26 years old

- goals: 11

- caps: 69 ayyy B)

○ Joshua Kimmich

- #21

- 21 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 3


○ Mario Götze

- #19

- 24 years old

- goals: 17

- caps: 55

- so pure, please love him

○ Leroy Sané

- #20

- 20 years old

- goals: 0

- caps: 3

○ Mario Gómez (nickname: Super Mario)

- #23

- 30 years old

- goals: 29

- caps: 67

Recent call-ups:

(These players have also been called up to the Germany squad within the last 12 months and are still available for selection)

- Kevin Trapp, Ron-Robert Zieler (Goalkeepers)

- Antonio Rüdiger, Sebastian Rudy, Matthias Ginter (Defenders)

- Marco Reus, Karim Bellarabi, Julian Brandt, Christoph Kramer, İlkay Gündoğan (Midfielders)

- Kevin Volland, Max Kruse (Forwards)              

Not part of The Squad™ anymore but they deserve a place on this post:

○ Philipp Lahm

- former captain

- Defender

- smol

- left The Team after the last world cup together with Miroslav Klose and Per Mertesacker and now we suck

○ Miroslav Klose (again) shhh he’s my fave

- top scorer (71 goals) that’s my boy i’m so proud

- Forward

- tol

- famous for his “Klose-Salto” (Klose somersault) after scoring goals (LOOK AT HIM GOOOO)

- he once took a selfie with Rihanna

- received the italian “ethics prize” for fair play, allegiance and social commitment and dedicated it to Michael Schumacher ISN’T HE JUST PRECIOUS

○ Per Mertesacker

- Defender


- one of 140 celebs that promoted the UK’s EU membership with a “love letter” lmao cutie

- Arsenal fans call him “BFG” (Big Friendly - or Fucking - German)

○ Michael Ballack

- Midfielder

- former captain

- we all used to love him but now we don’t really anymore and I’m not entirely sure what happened tbh

- one of the top scorers even though he’s “only” a Midfielder (he’s currently #8 on the list)

○ Franz Beckenbauer

- nickname: “Der Kaiser” (the emperor)

- probably every dad’s fave

○ Gerd Müller

- nickname: “Bomber der Nation” (nation’s bomber)

- he got that nickname because of all the goals he scored, he dropped dem goals like bOMBS

- probably every dad’s fave #2

- he has Alzheimer’s :<


I just spent over 2 hours on this post so I guess that’s it for now~