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Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


(on ao3)

“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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Summary: In which you realize that perhaps all you needed to break your artistic block was the shy boy in the bomber jacket, who sought calm in the adventure and city lights.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst; Artist AU 
Word Count: 8,269


Seven days before.

This is supposed to be your work of art, your masterpiece, your piece for the showcase; something you have worked tirelessly on for minutes, hours, days on end. It’s bright and colorful, glowing exactly where it needs to be, yet it’s—!

“Not right,” You say, dropping your arm uselessly to your side, paintbrush dangling from in between your fingertips. Your teeth come out to gently nip at your lower lip; the anger, the frustration not building up like you expected it to. Instead, you feel rather numb, because the showcase is in less than a week and you still have absolutely nothing of satisfaction to display proudly to classmates, professors, or wanderers.

Besides you, your roommate lets out a gentle sigh of sympathy. “Maybe you’re just tired,” He says quietly. “You’ve been working on this nonstop for two weeks, I think you just have to step away from it for a day. You’ll have a new perspective of it tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll love it then.”

You whirl around to face him, wearing a rather disgruntled look. “I don’t have time to step away from this, Jimin, the showcase is in a week and I hate this painting.” You want to slash black paint across the canvas to prove a point, but the look Jimin is wearing stops you from doing such a thing. You’ve always been slightly too reckless for your own good, anyways.

Jimin shrugs a little. “I think it looks fantastic, Y/N, you push yourself too hard.”

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Baby it's all a Game

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung x reader

High school au/Angst/slight smut

Mentions of marijuana and drinking

based on a real life story

Word count: 8.2k

Part 1/?

There is only one person you had your eyes on ever since you started high school, and he will never be yours. Not now, not ever. Your feet are grounded to the floor, just as the game ended as you watched his girl wearing jersey running up to him for a hug, and slowly you felt your heart begin to shatter.

You could see him smiling as his hands were wrapped around her waist, securely and filled up to joy as she screamed happily for the final football game. Your school won by a landslide, by him running toward the end goal in victory, pandemonium breaking out from the bleachers as the other team lost. But you’re here, not having the enjoyment of the win  or any of the excitement as you watch the couple. He’s swinging her around in his arms, laughing with his honey sweet voice and kissing her from her forehead and her cheeks, her lips, her nose, from the ecstasy he’s experiencing. That was when your first heartbreak destroyed you, ruining your weak heart, and the first time you felt like crushed diamonds and broken into pieces.

Kim Taehyung will never be yours.

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Too Much Trouble

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

Summary: You get to know your neighbor Frank when he needs help

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 3,700 (yikes)

Warnings: mentions of violence, language, injuries, medical procedures, blood, broken bones, difficulty breathing, needles… Frank? Is Frank a warning?

A/N: this is for @atari-writes who’s been nagging me for a Frank fic (jk hun I love you) I really don’t think this is very good… but here it is… (also @deanssweetheart23 because you’re my twin and you read all the things)

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Title: Banana Split 

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Day 5 of 20. Feedback? Always welcome! (And if you guys requested these stories, let me know if you like them?)  

Word Count: 1,144

You walked back to the table from the restroom, willing yourself to make it through the rest of the night. Your best friend had dragged you out on a double date, and here you were, stuck in a booth beside William. He seemed nice enough, but the conversation was dull and you didn’t seem to have much in common. You had come to help your friend, to be her wing-woman; but she seemed to be doing fine on her own. Sliding back into booth, your rolled your eyes when you glanced across the table; your friend practically on the lap of her date. 

“For fuck’s sake.” you muttered under your breath. You thought you were being quiet enough in this noisy restaurant, but William had heard you. 

“Do you want a ride home?” he whispered, clearly uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

“Oh God, yes.” you blurted out. “Sorry, not because of you. This whole… situation… it’s just weird.” you clarified, grabbing your coat and pulling yourself out of the booth. You shrugged it on, William sliding out of the booth behind you. You noticed he was taller than you had originally noticed in the dim lighting of the restaurant. You took a step towards the door, a voice stopping you in your tracks.

“Where are you guys going?” your friend asked, finally breaking eye contact with her date; realizing you were heading outside.

“Home.” you said, straightening your coat. 

“Have fun.” she giggled, wiggling her eyebrows at you at you and William. 

“That’s not what I meant.” you muttered, rolling your eyes . “Text me when you get home.” you sighed, noticing all her attention had gone back to her date . William tilted his head, motioning for you to follow him, knowing that any attempts to get her attention would fail. He held the door for you, exiting the restaurant into the clear Toronto night. 

“Thanks for getting me out of there.” you said. “That was so uncomfortable.”

“I’ve never gone on a date and been so weirded out that I couldn’t eat.” he agreed. “I’m in the parking garage down on St. Andrew’s. Sorry it’s so far.” he said. “Everyone in Toronto seems to be out tonight.”

“I don’t mind.” you replied casually. “It’s the first decent night in Toronto in months.” you pointed out as you followed him down the street. The spring night was beautiful, people flooding out of their homes for nice evening; cars buzzing down the street. You glanced at William as you passed under a streetlight, noticing how handsome he was for the first time all evening. Maybe your friend had done you a favor after all.

“So, I didn’t learn much about you in there.” he said looking over at you. “You watch hockey?” 

“I do, yeah.”

Silence fell over the two of you. God, you notice someone is cute, and words refuse to form. You cursed yourself internally. You took a breath, trying to continue the conversation. “You’re from Sweden right?”

“My parents are. I was born in Calgary, spent the summers in Sweden.” he responded, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

You walked a few more paces, the uncomfortable silence palpable. Ugh, maybe you should have stayed at the restaurant and watched your friend swap spit with her date. Was he awkward, too? Or just uninterested? The two of you continued down the street, stopping as a train of children came running out of a brightly lit storefront. Looking in the window you saw the store for what it was; an ice cream shop.

“We didn’t eat dinner, do you want ice cream?” William offered.

What could be the harm? This whole evening had been strange to say the least, how could ice cream possibly make it any worse?

“Sure.” you said, hunger pangs hitting you when you stepped through the door and into the shop; the smell of sweet waffle cones surrounding you. You stood by the door, each of you studying the expansive menu of milkshakes and sundaes.  After a few moments a little girl carrying a sundae dish as big as her head walked pushed past you. William’s eyes followed her as she handed the dish to her mother, crawling into a chair beside her.

“What was that thing?” William questioned glancing back at the menu trying to figure it out.

“It’s a banana split.” you responded. “Have you ever had one?”

“I haven’t, it looks legit, though.” he said, eyes wide. “I’d be stuck doing bag-skates all practice tomorrow if I ate the whole thing.” he said smiling.

“Want to share one?” you questioned, the words falling out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. 

“Sure.” he said, seemingly surprised, as the two of you walked towards the line.

You fished a bill out of your bag, handing it to William who shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll take care of it.” he said. “Wanna find us a table?” 

You stepped outside, the weather too nice to pass up; you took a seat on one of the metal patio chairs. William appeared a few minutes later, a banana split, 2 spoons, and a handful of napkins in hand. 

“This looks amazing.” he said, tucking himself into the chair beside you. “You’ve had these before?”

“Yeah, my siblings and I used to make them all the time at home.” you explained, watching as William took a bite. 

“How many siblings do you have?” 

“Two brothers and a sister, all older.” you said. 

“I’m from a big family, too.” he nodded. “I have a brother and 3 sisters. It was always loud growing up.”

It was like the floodgates had opened. After finding common ground, the conversation flowed; everything from school, to hockey, your families, hobbies. The two of you managed to knock out the whole sundae, looking at your phone you realized you and William had been talking for the past hour. You both stood, William throwing the trash away; you continued your walk to his car.

“I hope that since I was able to eat half of that banana split, it ensures you don’t get bag-skated tomorrow.” you smiled, stealing a glance at him as you walked down the sidewalk.

“You’re a hero.” he replied. “I should be fully functioning tomorrow at practice because of you.” he laughed. A group of teenagers was coming down the street towards you; William took a step closer to you, getting out of their way. His hand knocked into yours, his warm skin brushing across yours. “Sorry.” he mumbled, a faint pink tinge colored his face. You caught his hand in yours as he stepped away, tangling your fingers with his. Heat rose in your cheeks as he caught your eye, smiling. 

“Would you want to go out again?” he asked, looking at you optimistically.

“As long as it’s not a double date.” you joked.

“No!” he chuckled. “Never again.”

HockeyWritingCollective Masterlist (X)

Request: Hello friend! Congratulations on 400 followers! You deserve all of them and more. I’d like to submit a possible request for William Nylander! Maybe where you go on your first date and you’re both nervous and awkward but it turns out well? Anyways, I hope you have a good night! <3 

(Please come off anon and say hello?! Thank you so much!!!)

My Year with Maas, a Reflection

At the start of this year I decided to read all of Sarah J. Maas’ books. From Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses all the way up to the most recent release of Empire of Storms. I picked them all up, read them cover to cover, and now, twelve months later, I have some thoughts.

I’ve been gestating on this for a while. Like, since September, a while. I had a niggling in my skull since the first chapter of EoS and it just snowballed from there. I’ve avoided the posts for some time, suppressed the urge, reigned in my ever present disgust, but I can’t do it anymore. Despite my enjoyment of her stories I really, really need to vent my issues with the books.

I’m coming at this not just as a fan of the series, but as another writer. My issues with the books are not just about the ships. Quite frankly, when it comes to Throne of Glass, I’ve only had one ship that I stood passionately behind and it had nothing to do with Celaena/Aelin.

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Yule Ball - Draco x Reader


Request - anon  :A shy girl and Draco and the Yule ball or something? Draco had never actually talked to this chick, but knows her and she knows him. He tries to ask her to the ball, but she’s always surrounded or she’s not around then the Yule ball comes up.

Warnings- Don’t think so. 

Pretty girls came into Draco’s life often. Pretty girls with kind hearts and genuine goals did not. So when Draco first noticed Y/N - he didn’t often pay attention to her. But when he started to see how nice she was and how she spoke her mind, Draco became more drawn to her. He wanted to know everything there was to know about Y/N.

He saw her for the first time in Potions class. Professor Snape had reassigned seats and she sat just in front of him. He watched as she tossed her H/C hair over a shoulder and sat with her back facing him. Draco couldn’t focus in Potions that day. He could smell the mint of her shampoo every time she tossed her hair. He could see her head bend down when she couldn’t keep up with the rapidness of Snape’s voice. He watched her knee bounce up and down when got impatient or bored.

The next few times Draco tried to ignore her, but he found it hard. She was beautiful - there was no denying that. But that wasn’t what attracted him to her. Y/N turned out to be funny. Draco could hear her comment under her breath during lessons. She also seemed to be as smart as - if not smarter - than Hermione Granger herself. She spoke her mind. She didn’t conform to other’s opinions. She had her own thoughts and she knew who she was.

Draco couldn’t keep his mind off of Y/N. Instead of his thoughts being consumed by Harry Potter, they were consumed with Y/N. He wanted her to notice him. He wanted her to want him as bad as he wanted her. Draco hadn’t even talked to the girl yet. He didn’t know how. They weren’t partners in any of the classes they had together. They didn’t sit near each other at meals. There wasn’t an excuse for him to talk to her.

Then Yule Ball came faster than he thought it would. When there were four weeks until the ball, Draco had thought about asking her to it. He decided it was too early. The next week, he had another excuse. He had too much homework. There wasn’t enough time in the day. She was always surrounded by her other friends. The third week, he was starting to panic. Everyone else in house already had a date. Draco didn’t. Y/N probably already did. Blaise brought the problem up to him at a late night study session.

“So, Draco, who did you ask to the Yule Ball? Anyone special?” Blaise winked.

“Blaise. You know I haven’t asked anyone yet.” Draco responded and closed his textbook loudly.

“Well now’s your chance. Look who just walked in to the library.”

Draco glared at Blaise. Blaise knew of Draco’s infatuation with the h/c hair e/c eyed fourth year. Blaise had listened to Draco make excuses for hours about why he couldn’t talk to the girl. Draco hadn’t even introduced himself yet. Granted, she probably already knew who he was - everyone did. Blaise gave him a pointed look and looked back to where Y/N was sitting at a table by herself.

“If you won’t do it, I’ll do it for you. You’re Draco Malfoy. What have you got to lose, mate?” Blaise leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. Draco gathered his things and made his way over to the table where she was sitting. He stopped midway when she was joined by one of her friends. Draco didn’t want to ask to the Yule Ball in front of her friends. He wanted it to be special.

He turned around and made his way back to where Blaise sat laughing.

“Mate, you can’t be scared of talking to her and her friends forever. You’ve got to ask her soon though, you don’t want her to get snatched up - if she isn’t already.”

“I’ll do it. I just want it to be at the right moment.” Draco replied angrily.

The week of the Yule Ball, Draco was determined. He studied her that week more than ever. Draco made note of what hairstyle she wore most often. He listened in on more of her conversations. Her favorite color was y/f/c. He learned that while she thought the idea of the ball was nice, it was also a brutal reminder that not everyone was meant to end up with a date. Most importantly, he had learned that she’d turned down several offers to go to the Yule Ball with someone because she was waiting on a certain boy to ask her.

Draco’s confidence wavered when he heard that. If he asked her, and she turned him down, he’d be disappointed. He had spent weeks infatuated with this girl. He had a plan though and he thought that it just might work. If it ended up in a disaster, at least he’d tried.

Then night of the Yule Ball, Draco waited at the bottom of the big staircase. He watched as several girls passed him. They would glance at him, giggle, and then saunter into the Great Hall. He saw Pansy and Blaise and several of his other friends in a circle gossiping. When Draco saw Y/N’s group of friends descend down the staircase, he became even more nervous than before. She wasn’t with them. Did that mean his plan hadn’t worked? He sat on the last step of the staircase.

Everyone had made their way into the Great Hall fifteen minutes ago. There was still no sign of Y/N. Draco figured he must have missed her walk down. Maybe she’d gone in before he got there. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t seem to hear the heels clicking against the stone of the stair steps. There was a tap on his shoulder.

Standing up, Draco whirled around. His jaw dropped as he saw Y/N standing in front of him.

“Draco,” she cleared her throat. “I- uh- I got your note and your gifts. Thank you, it was very nice of you. You didn’t have to do this.” she spoke softly. Draco shook his head and closed his mouth. He swallowed and spoke.

“I’ve been trying to figure out a way to talk to you, but you always seem to be surrounded by your friends. I thought sending you something might be the only way I could talk to you alone. Er, you look lovely, by the way.”

An uncommon blush crept up the boy’s cheeks.

“Thanks. I’m glad you think so. Considering you sent me the dress, shoes, and jewelry, I’m glad you think I look decent.” She laughed and Draco’s breath caught in his throat. He loved the sound of her laugh.

“Well, I’m just glad you liked them. I heard your favorite color was y/f/c so that’s how I figured out what color to get you. I did have help though. Er, Pansy helped. She really picked everything out after I told her what - You know what, never mind. Shall we go in?” Draco asked. He was nervous. She had that affect on him. And he had already said too much.

“Sorry I’m late, by the way. I couldn’t decide how to wear my hair.” she confessed.

“It’s not a problem. I’m just glad you came. Now, let’s go have some fun, yeah?” 

Yuanfen - Part 5

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve (briefly)

Word Count - 1729

Warnings - None 

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ It’s been MONTHS! Yuanfen is back, please let me know what you guys think! A special thanks to @bovaria for reading this over and giving me the confidence to post this.

Yuanfen Masterlist

“I’m not too sure about this, James.” You puffed out your cheeks, eyeing the stunning red dress that hugged your frame.

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Brace for Impact

If the BAU team is busy catching bad guys, who is flying the plane? And how does this pilot fit into the dynamic? Reid seems to want to fit her a little closer to his heart. Oneshot with just some fluff and feelings. No warnings! Unless his beautiful eyes physically pain you like they do with me. 

Inspired by this wonderful post!


With a groan that bled into a curse, Dai rolled from her bed to answer the call of nature. The trail of unseemly words came when she registered another call, two in fact, both from Aaron Hotchner.

She hit redial while she danced around the room to find a clean jumpsuit for use. The one she eventually located under her pile of CD’s had an oil stain on the shoulder, so she settled for tying the sleeves around her waist and letting that server as a belt to the baggy bottoms. The BAU team would have to deal with her disheveled state, though the messy haired boy she had her eye on often appeared looking like he had rolled right out his adorable goddamn bed.

“Enjoy your sleep?” Agent Hotchner answered.

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Avoiding Confrontation

Summary: Taehyung hates it when you shut him out. 

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: Angsty angst and smut (Unhealthy relationship)

Author’s Note: I know I was supposed to write the sequel to bunny boy but I had a dirty dream that I couldn’t let pass. Inspired by this video and dedicated to @roseok

The measly stream of hot water trickled down your skin, soothing goosebumps in the areas it touched while others sprung elsewhere. You curse your landlord for being too cheap to replace the piping. You curse the weather for being cold. You curse your job for not providing you enough money to live somewhere decent. And you curse your boyfriend for still being in the apartment.

Taehyung is the reason you’re subjecting yourself to the harsh weather and the inadequate mercy of the water pressure. You’ve woken up late just like you have for the past week to avoid seeing him, but today you were dismayed to see him still in bed when your belated alarm went off. So you did the next best thing and rushed to the bathroom where you spent the last fucking hour straining your ears for any sound that might indicate he was getting ready to leave but you heard nothing.


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Developer Retrospective: The God of Crawling Eyes

It’s been a while since I did the last one of these, and Jimmy’s progress is a bit slow right now because I’ve been grading lots of essays, so why not talk about another one of my oldies?

What is The God of Crawling Eyes?

When I first found out about rpgmaker.net, it happened to be around October and rpgmaker.net had a little Halloween horror game contest that was about to start up, so I figured entering it would be a good way for me to make myself known to the community and maybe stir up some interest in A Very Long Rope.  I had about a month to crank out a game, and I ended up producing The God of Crawling Eyes in about three weeks because of work.  I had no clue that horror games had a thriving community, so the game that I spent the least amount of time on ended up being my most played.  Here’s some stuff I learned from the experience:

Nobody on the Internet cares about your development time.  Nobody cares about your limitations or if this was your first game.  If your game somehow manages to break outside of your bubble of friends and fellow devs, everyone is going to judge it based on its own merits and weigh it against every other game that exists.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make games to learn and grow, but if you put something in a public forum, people might just end up playing it, and you’re going to need to develop some thick skin; luckily, I’d put my work on the line a bunch in creative writing workshops, so I was used to being under the magnifying glass, but I could see how a younger dev might not be emotionally prepared to have their work dissected by strangers.  One of the most shocking things for me when putting The God of Crawling Eyes was that, within a week or so, I saw someone on Youtube playing it and translating it to German.  It’s easy to forget that The Internet gives you a potentially global reach.

Work within your own limitations.  Experimenting is great, and I think that you should stick your fingers in every part of making a game, but when you’re making something that’s expressly for other people or you’re working against a hard deadline, it’s time to use your past experience to make the best game you can.  One of the smartest decisions I made with The God of Crawling Eyes was keeping everything in black and white.  I built the game around a character who was color blind, so there was a clear story reason for it, and it allowed me to get around my weakest area of game dev (art).  Tiles were pretty simple, and character sprites and face sets were simply generated sprites that got thrown into MS Paint and saved as monochrome.  It ended up looking pretty decent other than a few things here and there (I would have cleaned up the giant monster dog sprite, for instance), and it let me focus more on showcasing my strengths.

Never underestimate knowledge.  Like, seriously: if you’re younger, just learn things.  Hell, if you’re older, you shouldn’t neglect learning new things, either.  And, I don’t just mean learn about game dev; you’ll be surprised how often you can reach back into your knowledge base and pull out bits and pieces and synthesize them into something interesting.  You find ways to use what you know–it’s just how your brain works.  A lot of people scoff at math, for example, but using math and, more importantly, the logical way of problem solving that math teaches, will help you do some really interesting stuff in game dev.  For The God of Crawling Eyes’s soundtrack, I was able to think back to what I learned in a 20th century composition course I took in college and pull from texture/density and 12-tone music.  Those aren’t forms of music I would have been exposed to in a normal setting, and the soundtrack kind of makes the game.  Now that I’m working on Jimmy, I’ve been influenced by way more.  It took me a while to get the track I’m working on now heading in the right direction, but what started making it click was thinking about having essentially two different songs playing simultaneously, which is something Charles Ives was doing forever ago and something I didn’t think I would ever use, but here I am.

Spend a long time in the planning process.  I was on a deadline, so I planned out The God of Crawling Eyes in about five/six hours.  Since I didn’t think about the amount of people who would actually play the damn thing, I wish I would have taken another full day to hammer out some stuff.  I would have designed the early game to have more gameplay to better teach the players how the game operates, for instance.  Or, I would have made the lengthy dialogue-heavy scenes skippable and added more to the game in terms of the effect of your choices so as to further underscore the theme and give players more to chew on for multiple play throughs.

Telegraph the properties of interactable objects to your players.  For the most part, I think that the gameplay side of The God of Crawling Eyes is a little rough around the edges but gets the job done, but there are some things where people got stuck that I wish I would have handled differently.  The big one is that, at one point, you have to push a file cabinet in front of a door.  I made the player have to push an object earlier in the game, but I should have made them push a cabinet for some reason.  If a character was looking for a key or something, and I made a shining spot that you could see peeking out from under a file cabinet, players would naturally push the cabinet and “cabinets can be pushed” would be filed into the backs of their brains.  I guess that probably a better way of putting this is “keep player psychology in mind.”

I think that’s about it for this one!  The God of Crawling Eyes was a pretty short game that was mostly in my safe zone, so it didn’t have as much impact on me as A Very Long Rope, but it was still an interesting experience that opened me up to the horror side of the RPG Maker community, which is something that’s coloring my work on Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass in a more nuanced, interesting way.  I’m super grateful that the community picked up The God of Crawling Eyes and gave it a play!

It’s Easier Not to Fall in Love in the First Place

@waywardtimemachinejellyfish requested: I know you probably have a lot of requests right now, so feel no pressure to get this one done! Can you do an imagine where the reader is newts good friend, and has a crush on him, but sits back and watches him get close to Tina? And the reader feels insecure and thinks he likes Tina, when Newt actually likes the reader?

A/N: wowza guess who’s bakc after like two weeks. i was on a decently long car trip and got in the mood to write and this request stuck out to me. maybe it’s because im actually quite a jealous person so i just relate a lot to the reader?? idk. also,,, does this remind anyone else of ‘ballet shoeos’ (the movie version not the book) when mr. simpson gets advice from thea on how to ask sylvia out???? i haven’t seen that movie in a while but that was like my childhood. requests are temporarily closed but feedback and messages are always welcome

Warnings: none (i don’t think)

You hurried down the street excitedly, imagining Newt’s expression when he heard the news. He knew you had wanted this promotion for months and you were sure he would be thrilled for you. Also probably a little glad because it meant you would stop talking about it constantly. You barely noticed the cold as you broke into a run as you saw the apartment in the distance.

You were breathless by the time you arrived at the door and you took a moment to slow down and breathe. Once your heart had calmed down and your face returned to a more normal color, you tried the the door.

You spent most evenings talking to your best friend and knew he didn’t bother to lock the door until you left. The living room was empty and you looked around in confusion for Newt. You spotted his case on the sofa and knew he had to be home. He wouldn’t have left without his creatures.

You were about to call out to him when you heard voices coming from his room. You crept towards the closed door and the voices became distinguishable.

“Don’t be stupid, Newt!” A female laughed. Tina. “You’re so likeable!”

“I’m not su-” Newt began to retort but he was cut off.

“You are! What’s not to like?”

You couldn’t hear the conversation anymore. A dull ache had appeared somewhere in your chest and you felt your knees weakening. You hadn’t been foolish enough to think that Newt liked you, but you had been foolish enough to like him. Scratch that. Love him. And know it sounded like he and Tina were a thing. You felt tears prick your eyes and carefully you fled from the room and out of the apartment building in the direction of home.


“Are you feeling okay, sweetie?” Queenie asked in concern taking in your pale complexion and the bags under your eyes.

“I’m fine,” you brushed her off. “Just haven’t gotten that much sleep recently.” You tried hard to keep your mind off of Newt, aware that the woman next to you would know if he so much as flashed across your mind. She looked imploringly at you for a better answer but gave up when she knew she wasn’t going to get one.

A cheerful ring announced the opening of the front door and was closely followed by Tina calling, “QUEENIE!”

“I’m being summoned,” Queenie giggled, hopping up and give you a last squeeze on the arm before crossing the living room. Tina poked her head in followed by, you felt your heart miss a beat, Newt. He was flushed from the winter night and his hair had gotten swept up in the wind.

“Y/N!” Tina greeted happily. “If I’d known you were coming…”

“Don’t worry about it!” You put on a smiling facade. “Queenie convinced me to come only an hour ago.”

“I was just on a walk with Newt. It would have been lovely to have you with us.” She replied forlornly.

“I’m sure you still had a wonderful time?” You beckoned her to join you on the couch. Newt followed her into the room and sat in the chair next to the couch. “Tell me about it before I go help Queenie prepare some dinner.”

You tried to focus on the story, but all you could see in your head was the mental image of Newt and Tina laughing and holding hands as they strolled through the darkening park. You imagined Newt pressing himself to Tina for warmth, used to his frequent complains about being cold.

You had never been a terribly jealous person. You remembered when you were at school and all your roommates would complain about some girl or guy that had stolen the ‘future love of their life.’ You had laughed along with them, helping them come up with plots to break up the couple, none of which were ever actually put into action. You had never really felt that. Of course, you’d had crushes. Quite a lot of them, in fact. But you had never really gotten mad when someone else was dating them. You knew realistically that you didn’t have much chance with them so you weren’t that worried about them dating someone else.

It was different with Newt. You had grown close to him. Even though you had told yourself countless times that he didn’t like you, there were those times when you’d catch him staring at you and smiling. And you would blush and look away and, no matter what you did, you couldn’t stop the flicker of hope that lit up inside you. You had someone let yourself believe that there was a chance. How could you have been so stupid?

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Newt’s voice forced you out of your thoughts and you shot up quickly.

“I’m sorry, what?” You apologized, shaking your head to clear it. “I’m just tired.” You responded to the concerned looks on your friends’ faces.

“Queenie was calling you from the kitchen,” Newt explained, still studying you intently.

“I’d better go then.” You stood up hurriedly before you allowed yourself to get lost in those breathtaking eyes of his.


“We have to put it up!” Tina’s excited voice drifted in from the kitchen. You looked up from the book you had been reading curiously. You were over at the Goldsteins as they decorated for Christmas; although, you had to admit that you weren’t doing that much helping.

“Are you sure?” Queenie asked uncertainly. “I don’t want it to cause anyone uncomfortable feelings.”

“You can have Jacob over,” Tina bribed, her voice getting higher as it did when she was trying to talk Queenie into something.

“…Okay,” Queenie gave in.

You put the book down and pulled yourself off the sofa. The kitchen was the only room that had gotten decorated so far. Tinsel and lights were strung up all over the small space making it seem even cozier than it already was. You looked for the decoration that the sisters had been discussing.

You found the incriminating plant in the hands of Tina. The mistletoe was clutched in her hands, probably to make sure her sister wouldn’t grab it. You felt your heart drop into your stomach. That had been happening quite often since the conversation between Newt and Tina that oyu had overheard a fortnight ago.

“Where do you think we should put it?” Tina asked holding her the mistletoe up to the top of the doorframe and eyeing it scrutinizingly.

“It looks great there, Tina,” you encouraged. “It’ll be the quite the attraction.” Your throat closed up as you said that. Queenie gave you a queer look and you realized that your emotions must have been pretty glaringly obvious to her. “I’m gonna go back to my book,” you finished lamely desperate to avoid the conversation you were sure Queenie was about to start.

You turned around and shrieked as you nearly ran straight into Newt. You pulled back just in time to keep from actually hitting him. You grabbed onto the doorframe to right yourself.

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized shakily. “I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s my fault,” Newt interjected. “I shouldn’t have snuck up on you. I was wondering if we could talk, though?” His tone was pleading. “Alone, maybe?”

“Say no more!” Queenie trilled, grabbing Tina by the arm and dragging her out of the room.

Newt waited until he was sure they couldn’t hear before beginning.

“These last two weeks, you’ve been a little off.” His tone was light like he was worried about setting you off.

“Just tired,” you answered. It wasn’t even a total lie. You were exhausted. That just wasn’t the only problem.

“There’s something else though,” Newt said insightfully. “Can you tell me what has been bothering you?”

“It’s nothing, really!” You promised, looking around for something to use as a distraction.

“If I tell you what’s been bothering me, will you tell me?” He asked. You were so shocked that something had been troubling him that you didn’t even think when you nodded. “Good.” He nodded encouragingly. “I’ll go first.”

You waited for him to begin but, even though his mouth was open, nothing was coming out of it. You remained that way for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and actually began. “What’s been bothering me is that… I’ve found someone who I like quite a lot.” The sinking feeling had returned. “And I-”

You couldn’t hear him go on and on about his crush on Tina. You had to interrupt. “Tina? How wonderful! I’m almost positive she shares your feelings! Shall I go get her then?”

“Not Tina, Y/N,” Newt sighed. Those words were enough to keep you from leaving.

“Not Tina?” You repeated quietly. “But then who? Maybe…” You cycled through the names of his female friends in your head.

“Oh for god’s sake! It’s you, Y/N! I’m so madly in love with you and I haven’t been brave enough to tell you.” You stood frozen at his words, shock expressed clearly across your face.

You pulled yourself out of your frozen state as you saw the crestfallen look on Newt’s face.

You couldn’t help it. You threw yourself at him. Your hands found his hair, winding themselves into it. Your lips pressed firmly against the soft warmth of his own. He took it in stride. Wrapping his arms around your waist and smashing your body into him. The desperation and tension of the last two weeks coming out in the fierce, intense, passionate moment.

You pulled away breathing heavily, adoring eyes fixed on the beautiful panting creature that was Newt Scamander. “I thought you like Tina.”

“Why’d you think that? She said I was being too obvious.”

“You were spending so much time together..” You trailed off, not wanting to sound creepy.

“She was helping me figure out how to admit my feelings.” Newt blushed at this. You felt your heart flutter in pure happiness. You closed the distance between you again, this kiss softer and more intimate. Newt was the one to pull away this time and you moaned in complaint, trying to move back towards him.

He laughed at your neediness. “I told you what’s been bothering me these past few weeks; it’s your turn.”

“Well, prepare yourself because it’s quite a story.”

HS!JungKook x ExchangeStudent!Reader

Summary: You are hosted by a lovely couple for an exchange in the city of your dreams. Their son, however, seems to have something against you…

Word count: 2.2 k

As resquested by @wonwooscherie

NB: This is the first fanfic-ish thing I’ve ever fully written, so please read generously ^u^ And send in any kind of BTS/ASTRO related requests if you wish! ;


      Your smile kept growing as the car went through the streets of this city you’ve always wanted to see with your own eyes. You were so excited, and everything was fantastic, from the way the houses were aligned to the color of the sky. It had taken nearly two years of saving up and trying to convince you parents to let you go, but you had finally managed to get into an exchange program to the city of your dreams. The couple who was welcoming you was incredibly nice. When you eye caught them at the airport, holding up a poster with your name handwritten on it and smiling warmly, you knew your stay would be great. You kept thanking them on the way to their house.

       The ride felt both like a few seconds and an eternity. You got out of the car, light as a cloud, and took out your suitcase. You followed the couple as they entered the house. It smelled like cinnamon. The couple told you to get comfortable and pointed towards a guest room near the house’s main entrance. You thanked them again, grinning. You brought your suitcase in the room, and decided to explore the house. You went into the main hall and looked around. You spotted a wall filled with family portraits. You walked up to it and saw photos of the couple and a little kid. In some of the pictures, he seemed to be 11 or 12, and he was only a baby in some others. You knew the family hosting you had a single son. “He looks quite adorable” you thought. When he became a teenager, he’d probably be good looking.

      “I assume you’re Y/N?” A voice asked. You carefully turned around, and proceeded to blink several times.

      “Uh, yes. That’s me.” The person standing in front of you was the teenage version of the kid in the pictures. He looked about the same age as you. He was quite handsome.

      “I was right…” You said under your breath.

      “I’m sorry?” He questioned.

      “I… Nothing.” You were still a bit shaken by this unexpected apparition. Your head turned back to the pictures. He still had the same face.

      “…My name is Jungkook. I’m doing well. Thank you for asking.”

      “Oh. Right. Hi, my name is Y/N. I’ll be living here for 2 weeks. Thank you for hosting me.” You gave a small bow.

      “Whatever.” He replied. As you started to frown, he walked away, in the direction of a staircase that led to what you assumed to be the basement.

      “Well. That was a great first impression.”

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jungkook; when you’re ready to love

❝crushes came in a lot of forms. the boy next door, the cute guy you see in the hallway, your best friend; jungkook was all of them.
►4183 words // scenario
♡ bc i gave a preview to @kookingramyun but i needed to put it on full blast for the effect so here it is! enjoy! >:)

You’d like to think of yourself as someone decent. And by that, you mean… you’re not an asshole. You were polite, you had morals, the years of mannerism ever since you were born instilled in you as a child up until now - you were nice (you’d appreciate keeping that in mind). Whenever people needed favors, heck, if you could help them (and if you didn’t always feel like punching them in the face until they flew to Timbuktu), why not?

So yeah, your karma was pretty good. It was on track. On the A-class list and on God’s section ‘to-not-be-fucked-with’.

But someone didn’t get that memo.

That person, was Jeon Jungkook.

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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 2

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Let me just say how fucking amazed I am that so many of you enjoyed/loved part one of soul mate! I honestly did not expect that many of you to, let alone, want another part/mini series! Thank you so much for the support (?) and I truly hope you enjoy this part. I thought to make things a bit slow here since I may just make this into a mini series kind of fic! Let me know what you think! BTW, the temperature is considered to be in fahrenheit (sorry if you use celsius!) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: Cursing…that’s about it? Kylo nearly punches a whole in a table, but I think we’re good.


“You are mine.” His last words plagued your thoughts, echoing throughout your mind and sending shivers down your spine. “You are mine.” The force he had put on the word ‘mine’ terrified you, as if you had been some sort of…object? As if you were something that he could keep on display in his room for the galaxy–or just him–to see. “Mine.” You gulped at the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the amount of possession being enforced. Those three words haunted you, your heart now in your throat as the amount of pressure from its pounding vibrated through your ears. I am no ones, but my own.

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x

Part: 31/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song 

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs) 

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. 

Warning: cussing

Word Count: 3,472 

Dedication: Lin bc idk how he’s making it thru that neuronitis or whatever he has and how im barely making it thru a cold   

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @kinkshamer2k16, @lukasspresents, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @hosanna-is-the-name, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @theflowerprinces, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @theluckyjinx2170, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @anitheunicorn, @catsouitrash, @creativescapist, @bees-and-shotguns, @lovepeaceandbutts

A/N: Yes, Alex is sick because I am. 

“We’ll be there…it’s just that Alexander is sick. Like, I woke up this morning and found him sneezing and coughing sick. He has a fever too…and I found him by the toilet. But he’s getting dressed. He’s insisting on coming..”

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Alone on New Year’s Eve

Word Count: 1570

Summary: You plan to be home alone on New Year, but Jefferson shows up and.. Idk just read the story

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: Panic attacks.

A/N: my first Imagine, and welp. I mean, i tried. I do like it, but it’s. Idk. Keep in mind that this is not my native language, and it probably sucks at a few points. Also Jefferson is so none-assholey? I’ll try to change that next time. Enjoy.

No. This is not at all how you’ve imagined the end of the year.

Almost everything went great so far. You had an amazing, well-paid job as a secretary, you could afford a decent flat, you’ve made a lot of friends and you even managed to fall in love with someone who might feel the same, despite the fact that you’ve just moved to New York. So why exactly did the year had to end with one of your worst fears?

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No one can have you, except me…

 WinWin as your teacher, smut, you dominating, naughty girl spotted

Requested by one of my followers, I’ll keep her in mind for owing me a Win Win flavor ice cream :D If you guys love it, I can write a next chapter, but maybe I’ll leave it here. PS: I used my all time fav gif of him. 

Enjoy reading!

Your first semester finally began. Before getting assigned to your classes, you had to choose an optional course. College life was more complicated than you thought, because your schedule was really chaotic and even like that you were still obliged to choose one more course… Since you arrived pretty late at your university, there was no free opening for other optional courses, except for the Chinese classes so you had to go with that…feeling a bit bitter since it wasn’t actually what you wanted.

So the day to start your Chinese classes finally has come. As soon as you arrived at your classroom, you saw a group of girls giggling and flirting in the front with your teacher, but you couldn’t see clearly his face.

You took a seat in the back and waited for the class to start, busier to put your textbooks in order and take out your dictionary, choosing carefully pens of every color since you needed to keep a track of the new words you would learn. 

When you lifted your head, you put your glasses to see better the board since you were a bit far and for your surprise, you exchanged glances with your teacher. He was a young and tall man, in his 20’s, named Dong Si Cheng.

He would keep looking at you till he completed his introduction and after he finished, he told everyone to open their textbook and read in silence the first assignment, before he would start to teach you.

You saw him then coming towards you and suddenly you started to feel nervous. What if you did something wrong? Like, what it’s happening? You were attentive and watched carefully every move of him, he couldn’t scold you for any reason.

Other flirty girls turned their head back to see what he was going to do, sending you death glares. You weren’t glamorous and stylish like them, why would their hot teacher even approach a plain girl like you?

Excuse me miss, can you stand up please?” he asked you out of nowhere. What was he trying to do? You were shy by nature, so attracting other people’s attention was the worst thing could happen to you…especially in a classroom you didn’t know anyone at all.

You stood up as he told you, keeping your head down.

Oh now I see it clearly! You can sit down now.

What was that??? Why did he do that embarrassing thing in front of the other students? You thought you would die inside!!

He then approached you a took one of your colored pen (a pink one) and wrote a Chinese character “爱” on your notebook.

“You know, the character on your shirt, it’s spelled wrong, I don’t know where you bought it, but you should go and ask for a refund” smiling while he returned back to his place and continued his lesson.

You were left without words, while others laughed at your funny situation. That was the most embarrassing moment…and it had to happen on your first day. You just wanted to run away and hide.

Back at night when you arrived at home, you searched in your dictionary and found out the meaning of the character he wrote was “Love”. Somehow your heart began to act weird at the thought of how he approached you and wrote that on your notebook…you closed your eyes and imagined only him, without no one around you, reminiscing his mild perfume and strong breath…Ahhh you were starting to have weird things about him.

For some good weeks you tried really hard to keep up with his classes but you were always last. Watching him every time, drove you mad day by day and your mind was somewhere far away…you couldn’t focus at all.

Many naughty thoughts were trespassing your mind, although you were shy in real life, you could swear that if you had the chance you would catch him off the guard and not let him go…because he made you crazy, his gaze when he was focusing on you while trying his best to explain the things…. made you feel hotter and hotter and you had to come out with a plan and make a step – it was now, or never.

It was a stormy day and after your Chinese class ended, you finally took your courage and asked him if you could go to his office later, to help you with some question from your homework, since now you had your regular courses to attend and didn’t have time. He agreed and told you he actually wanted to ask you that earlier, because he felt like you needed his help. You blushed a bit and carried on with your schedule, thinking about how to approach him later and make him yours…

Everyone was in a hurry since there were no classes left and outside the storm worsened. You headed to your teacher office, while people were passing by you in the opposite way…one by one, everyone headed home before the weather condition would get worse. But you had to carry on with your “seduction plan”. You couldn’t wait longer and this was your opportunity since you were practically left alone. As you climbed the stairs, you could only hear your footsteps and the thunder outside. There was no one left in the building. Except you and Si Cheng professor…

You arrived in front of his office and knocked at the door. With a clear voice, he asked you to come in. As soon as you entered his office, you could see it was pretty cozy, decorated with paintings inspired by Chinese art and it was very neat and clean. He asked you to take a seat beside him, as he pulled a chair for you, telling you it was better being by his side so he could correct your writing every time you would make a mistake.

Suddenly you couldn’t think of making any move, he was really serious about teaching you and you were nothing of special, you thought. You were just a normal girl, you had your own charms, but not in a seductive way like your glamorous classmates…your self-esteem dropped down in a second.

You took the seat near him and opened your textbooks and started your study session with him beside you…for some good hours you spent the time only studying with Si Cheng professor correcting your mistakes. He was praising how good you were doing this time and felt proud it helped you to improve your Chinese learning.

As he suggested a short break, before finishing the last part of your homework, you heard a sudden thunderclap sound, and scared, you literally jumped on his lap holding him tight. You were really, really scared because of the sound and your heart was beating fast… Thunders were the scariest things you could not bear in your life…

But you realized after a while you were actually on top of your teacher, grabbing him by his neck, with him holding your hips, surprised at your unexpected reaction…

Before saying anything, you kissed him abruptly…you had to do it before regretting it for the rest of your life. If he made you embarrassed from the first day, you thought you could bear it a little more till the end of semester…

He took your head into his hands and pushed you, looking a bit flustered…

What are you doing? Do you even realize what you just did? I am your professor; we can’t have this type of relationship…

I’m sorry teacher, but I can’t bear it anymore…it was you who wrote the “Love” character in my notebook and in my heart since the first day. It is your fault and now I’ll have to punish you for this. From this moment, I’m not your student anymore. I am just a woman who wants to crush your feeling just like you did it with me all this time” finally you released your thoughts along with your wild self.

He was left at a loss of words… You continued to kiss him back and unbutton his shirt, while your hands were slowly going down to release his belt. He then gave in with the feeling and stuck out his tongue to kiss you harder. His hands slowly pushed you to stand up and undress your pants as you took off the shirt by yourself. You felt reassured, at least you wore a decent underwear this day, you couldn’t face another awkward moment…one more time and you could be called the “Queen of embarrassing situations” …

You stripped all of his clothing and pushed him back on his chair, while you rolled down slowly your panties. He started to touch himself watching you teasing him…your mind has gone blank in a second, like there was another person taking over your body.

Never, ever you would imagine yourself being a dirty and naughty girl…but here you were. Sitting in your teacher’s lap all naked and horny, while he pushed himself into you…

You took the lead and started to twirl while going up and down on him, with your hands grabbing his black moist hair. His mouth opened slowly leaving out shouts of pleasure and you could see clearly his beautiful white teeth…his plump lips were desirable and you started to lick them again, for his pleasure…

I hope you could be the first and the last of me! Promise me one thing, please be my secret mentor… I just want to do everything with you…” you whispered while you were biting his ear lobe.

You…you…you…. just need to lead me, I’ll be here for you…” he stuttered as he felt his climax coming.

You released your deep breathing and slowed down for him to regain his consciousness since you overworked him like there was no tomorrow…

I can take you to places you still don’t know, so please remember this moment…No one can have you, except me…Do you understand what I mean, Si Cheng?” it was the first time you called him by his name.

He showed a pleased expression and nodded as an approval since he still couldn’t breathe properly and talk after all the over-pleasure you gave him.

You dressed yourself quickly, then kissed his forehead. Outside, the storm seemed to have calmed and since it was pretty late you needed to go back to your home.

Tomorrow, come over for your study session, you still need to improve your writing. I’ll bring some good books for you…oh never mind. Please come to this address when you finish your classes, we will have some dinner before… “he wrote quickly on a piece of paper and handed it to you before leaving.  Actually it was his house address…so exciting!

He hugged and gave you a peck before leaving, suddenly leaving you shy about what you did…You were slowly coming back to your normal-self…Did you have any personality disorder? … No, no, you thought better, you actually did everything you have planned all this time…without regret!

When you arrived at home and crawled in your bed, after taking a long hot shower, you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. You were thrilled at the thought of you, as a normal girl finally seducing him for real…Si Cheng was a pretty hot guy, he was young, smart and looked like he really received your feelings in a positive way…he wanted to meet you again…

You fell asleep thinking about what you would do the next day at his apartment…Suddenly you started to dream about him dominating you…just like how you did it with him a while ago…

Surprises: Hercules Mulligan X Reader

Can you do a Hercules mulligan one where they meet at the same time Alexander and Eliza do and just go from there, thanks love your writing (oh and like not au or anything, same time and stuff if that’s cool)

Word Count: 1733

Warnings: Charles Lee being a dick, harassment, mention of alcohol 

You let out a shallow gasp as Eliza tighten your corset. Red skirts pooled around your feet, creating a soft swishing as you walked. The bright color was a bold fashion choice, but no one could deny that you looked great. The Schuyler sisters were helping you get ready for the ball tonight, hosted by President Washington himself. Normally, you would have declined attending in a heartbeat. The parties were quite boring, with rude or unintelligent men asking for a dance. They would quickly become angry when you refused, shouting a slew of insults towards you. “Ungrateful little brat.” “Prick.” “Conceited woman”. These words rarely bothered you, as you knew the men were speaking out of their own insecurity. Tonight, you had agreed to attend merely for Eliza, your best friend. She had begged you to go, hearing that Alexander Hamilton would be attending. She had caught his eye several weeks ago and been dying to meet him ever since. If not for her, you would be spending the night with hot tea and a good book, but instead you were forced into this. Even so, you wanted Eliza to be happy, so you resigned to at least pretend to be interested.

“(Y/N), you look stunning! This dress was practically made for you” Eliza stated. After nodding her head in approval, she pushed you into a chair and began to work on your hair. “Eliza, don’t you think this is a little much? It is your night after all. Don’t worry about me.” She just shook her head, rolling her eyes at your disdain. “(Y/N), I’m going to make sure this is the best ball you’ve ever attended, just you wait.” She spent several minutes styling your hair, then handed you a mirror and awaited your response. “Eliza… I look, beautiful! Thank you so much!” The younger girl pulled you into a tight hug as you whispered in her ear. “Now, you better get ready. I heard a rumor that you-know-who is attending tonight” you teased. At this she turned a bright crimson color, mumbling something about how it’s “not like that” and how he would “never notice her”. Nevertheless, she pulled on her own dress, a stunning blue gown with beading across the front. She looked absolutely breathtaking, and you were sure that Mr. Hamilton would take notice. As if reading your thoughts, Eliza attempted to change the subject. “Any men you have your eye on (Y/N)?” You shook your head. “I’m beginning to doubt that there is any man out there for me. Those who I talk with tend to be unintelligent and argumentative, making me lose any hope that I previously possessed.” After seeing the concerned look in Eliza’s eyes, you quickly added “but don’t worry about me, I’ll be perfectly fine.”

An hour into the ball you were beginning to regret your decision. Mr. Hamilton had asked Eliza to dance, and you insisted that she accept. Although she shot you an apologetic look as she left, she was clearly having a wonderful time. Unfortunately, this left you standing alone in the corner, anxious for the ball to end. Watching Eliza twirl around the room, you began to realize just how lonely you were. What if you could never find someone who would love you? Is this how your life would turn out, watching everyone find their happiness with none left over for yourself? You glanced around the room, taking note of the people you knew. General Washington was there, discussing something in a hushed tone with a soldier. Nearby, you saw Angelica and Peggy watching Eliza, laughing with joy when Hamilton kissed her hand. Finally, you saw a group of three men laughing loudly in the corner. You didn’t recognize them by name, but knew that they were involved in the revolution. There was a man with tight curls pulled back in a ponytail, throwing his head back as he laughed. Next to him was a shorter soldier with freckles dotting his face. You almost looked away, but then you caught sight of the third man. He had dark skin, with short black hair and eyes that you could get lost in. You noticed how his uniform fit, showing off his muscular build. You could have stared at him for ages, but were cut off when his eyes met yours. A bright blush covered your face, and you quickly looked away. It was improper, really, for you to be staring at a man you had never met. Deciding that you needed to clear your head, you moved towards the door to take a walk in the gardens. On your way, a young man cut in front of your path. “My, you look stunning miss. My name is Charles Lee, and you are?” “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” you answered shortly, trying to escape the conversation.

“It’s a pleasure. Would you care for a dance?” he said. At that moment, there was nothing you would rather not do. The man was loud, obnoxious, and reeked of alcohol. “Well Mr. Lee, I’m afraid that I’ll have to decline your offer. I was just on my way out, and truth be told I am not very interested in dancing.” “At least, dancing with you” you thought silently. Lee was clearly not used to rejection, which was evident on his darkening face. “Who do you think you are, to turn down a dance with me? Are you aware of my status, my wealth, my power?”

“Mr. Lee, you’ll have to forgive me, but these things mean very little to me. I myself am simply not interested in you, but I apologize for taking your time.” Lee’s eyes darkened, and before you were aware of what was happening his hand was closed around your wrist. He dragged you to a corner of the room, ignoring your cries of pain. Unfortunately, the other attendants were much to preoccupied in their own pursuits to take any notice of you. “Mr. Lee, please, just let me go!” He responded by shoving you against the wall, your head slamming against it. His hand was pressed over you mouth, cutting off your screams for help. Your eyes closed in fear as he came closer, as you were still unable to move. Suddenly, Lee was thrown off you, and you heard a fist connect with his face. He sprinted off into the crowd, leaving you alone with your rescuer. “Miss, are you alright?” Glancing up, you found yourself face to face with the man you had met eyes with earlier. He was even more beautiful up close, his dark eyes scanning yours for signs of distress. Tears filled your eyes as you attempted to find the words to speak. “Thank- Thank you sir.”

“Please, no need to thank me. Any decent man would have stepped in. Lee’s a coward, and when he doesn’t get what he wants he becomes angry. You were just unlucky enough to be caught in his path.” You flinched when the man gently grabbed your hand, but he just brought it to his lips and kissed it gently. “Hercules Mulligan, at your service.” You smiled softly, caught off guard by his forwardness. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Tell me (Y/N), would you like to take a walk in the gardens with me? You seem like you could use a break.” You nodded, taking his arm as he led you outside. The cool night air helped to calm you down, with the wind blowing gently on your skin. “Mr. Mulligan-” “Please, call me Hercules” he stated. “Hercules, how did you know that Lee was bothering me? From what I recall, you were at the opposite side of the room.” He sighed, realizing that his secret was up. “Well, to be honest I was coming towards you to ask for a dance. When you met my eyes earlier, I was immediately entranced with your beauty.” Oh, how this man could make you blush. “I’m glad you were there to protect me. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you weren’t.” Wanting to turn the attention away from Lee, you changed the subject. “Tell me about yourself Hercules.”

“Let’s see… I’m a soldier under General Washington, but before that I was a tailor. I have many… special… responsibilities in the revolution.” You were surprised at his openness to share something that could get him arrested. “What if I was loyal to the king, hmm? Then you’d be in trouble” you teased. Hercules chuckled, turning to face you. “Forgive me if I’m being too forward, but I feel that I can trust you immensely. Tell me, would you treat me to a dance back inside? You nodded, smiling as the two of you returned to the bustle of the ball. Hercules led you to the floor, placing his hand on you waist. Although you had never been the best dancer, it was easy when you were lost in your partner’s eyes. You could have stayed there for eternity, but your trance was broken when you heard Eliza squeal. Apparently she had taken a break from dancing with Hamilton, choosing instead to talk with her sisters. Eliza was the first to spot you, and as she screamed in joy the other sisters joined in. You couldn’t help but laugh at their silliness, sending them a warm smile. Hercules just chuckled, then glanced over at his own friends. They stood in their same corner, but elbowed each other when they saw the two of you. Suddenly, one of his friends (you thought his name was John), stood up and shouted “GET SOME HERC!” Hercules shot a death glare at his friends, who broke into uncontrollable laughter. “I’m sorry about my friends” you both said at the same time. Wide smiles crossed your faces, but as you opened your mouth to speak you heard Washington announce the end of the ball. For the first time, you were disappointed. “May I walk you out?” Hercules asked. You nodded, taking his arm again. As you approached the Schuyler sister’s carriage, he spoke again. “(Y/N), I know that I’m heading off to fight soon, but it would give me great pleasure if you would allow me to write you.”

“Mr. Mulligan, nothing would make me happier”

RPG Maker Fever Another Episode

Warning:This article may contain spoilers and the content inappropriate for children…or may not contain.But get the children away from the screen just in case.

Don’t mind me,I’m just a peach,who’ve accomplished the quest of gathering materials for my new RMK Fever.What?Who said that peaches can’t do a side quests?Don’t tell me they can’t play RMK games and write reviews on them either-I sure do know they can.Iiiiits feverrrr tiiime!


Yep,that Bury,translation of which caused a lot of commotion quite some time ago.And you know what?I’m really glad I was able to play this game thanks to unknown translator,who made a great job.The only con of this game is enormous maps,wandering on which can be pretty annoying.Other than that this game is great-puzzles designed very similar to Ib and based on famous folk rhymes,story is interesting and really moving,buuut… no happy endings this time.Poor Cock Robin…

2.Midnight Puppeteer

Well this game isn’t a horror,but an adventure-quest.Everything in this game is made on either decent or high level.Gameplay is varied (from quest to some action cut-ins) and really fun,dialogues are well-written-both interesting and sometimes humorous.Puppeteer feels like some neat cartoon or anime show.And the main star of this show is talking teddy-bear-Mister Masper-he’s very bright character,who talks and acts as if Monobear from Danganronpa’ve decided to become a good guy.

3.Capella Promise

Finally we have a game,which can be called RPG not only because of the engine it was made on.Yep,this game is a fantasy-RPG,which despite being made by indie-developers plays a lot like any normal RPG from PSP or DS for example-alchemy,jobs,variety of side-quests-all elements are in place.Also this game has beautiful artwork, good story (turning upside down many cliches from standard JRPGs),interesting characters and good dialogues.All of this makes Capella really enjoyable.

4. Amayado Bus Stop

When it comes to game’s plot Amayado heavily reminds Misao-both games are about a girl,who was bullied at school and after the death has turned into venegful spirit.But if Misao had some dark comedy elements,this game’s story told into more serious tone with more accent on a friendship theme.Overall this game is very quality one-good story,nice puzzles,great designs-everything to neatly spend 3-4 hours playing this game.

5.Headless Prisoner

Finally this game is available in english and it’s totally worth of playing.Basically this game can be divided into two parts-first you play as girl Erina,whose scenario’s gameplay highly resembles Ao Oni,then you play as Red Witch (who you should already know if you’ve played Moonlight Ghost) and her scenario is really fun since it reminds of 2D-arcade shooters,where you kill enemies with magic,and sheds the light on all questions,which appear after playing as Erina.Besides this game has awesome final battle and great True Ending.

6.Cloe’s Requiem

Despite being different games Cloe reminded me a lot of Mad Father-both games have quality gameplay and presentation…and a lot of pretty cruel content and quite non-symphathetic characters.But still this game is very intersting to play thanks to the puzzles,atmosphere and especially sountrack,which uses a lot of famous but not overused classical pieces and the main theme of this game is just beautiful.

7.Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout

This game is made by the same team as Cloe and comparing to her Maiden is a huge step forward when it comes to story and graphics.Gameplay is more simple though,but still very fun.First Maiden is bright and cute,but more you play-darker it becomes.Like Bury this game has a fair amount of allusions on English rhymes and ballads.

8.It Moves

I’m not a fan of Creepypasta,but this game based on the one of such stories is definetely worth of a playthrough.Some places in the story doesn’t make much sense,but overall it’s pretty good-at least the fear of the child who’s afraid to sleep alone in the room and have nightmares because of it looks pretty convincing.The nightmares themselves are amazingly done.All of them has it’s unique mood and atmosphere.If you have a nerves of steel I suggest you to play this game with the lights off and headphones on.

9.The Gray Garden

This game definetely requires a lot of patience.The first hour of the game is all about wandering enormously large maps and listening characters introductions. But patience will be rewarded,since after that a real fun begins.While story may lack originality,characters are well-developed and dialogues are hilarious.Also Garden has plenty of stylish illustrations (I just love Mogeko’s style).

10. Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

And another Mogeko’s game has made it to my list.Comparing to Garden this game is much more well-balanced-maps are more compact,story-pacing is fast and navigation is better.But honestly I still prefer Garden over Wadda.While Wadda’s story is more complicated,dialogues aren’t that bright and memorable. But game is still very enjoyable.For me the best moment was the invasion of Tosatsu Kingdom,which was literally packed with good jokes.

11. Wizard of White Box

Wizard is relatively short game with few easy puzzles,which however is worth the time spent on it.While story is a bit generic,characters and dialogues are nicely done.Additionaly I want to praise artist’s work,since I really liked character’s designs and illustrations.

12.Bevel’s Painting

Bevel’s Painting is a pretty standard rpg-horror game about a girl who is trying escape from her own painting and who is definetely not in the good terms with her classmates.But standard doesn’t meant bad-the game is pretty decent and if you have some time to spare-you can give it a shot,since coloring doors,studying bevelese and discovering variety of endings can be kinda fun.Also there’s bonus mode in which Bevel looks like a…er…mad cactus.


This game is very short (about 10 minutes) and consists from jumpscares and nothing but jumpscares.What did you expected?This game is simulation of Panic Room,where all ghosts are fake…except for one.Efframai is perfect if you want a quick portion of fear.Also the ending is pretty nice.