i spent hours drawing this and my mom got so mad

Look at Me (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hii!! can i have a jughead x reader where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader feels like she comes second to jughead and his writing all the time and she confronts him about it ? thank you!! 

 A/N: I did a lot of thinking about this! I changed it a tiny bit but I hope I did it justice for you! It is a bit long but I didn’t have the heart to make it any smaller.


Look At Me (Jughead x Reader) 

 You knew what you were getting into when you and Jughead started dating. You were best friends for years before. With Jason’s death and all the dark secrets around Riverdale, Jughead wanted to capture everything. 

 You were okay with it at first. It was his way of coping. He was a writer at heart. He needed this project. He needed answers. 

 But then other secrets kept popping up. Which meant more writing on that novel of his. Of course you understood but you were jealous. 

 Your ‘dates’ were mainly at Pop’s and it usually ended with Jug typing away while you stared out the window. Silence. 

 That was another thing that bothered you. Jug used to at least try to keep conversation going between you two. 

But now? Nothing. If you tried, all you got was silence. Or even worse. The little “mhm” or “yeah”. You knew he wasn’t listening.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: transboy!richie where its how every loser found out that richie was trans. It could be set whenever but modern au could be easier! It could be either richie telling some of them or some of them figuring it out themselves. Whatever you want. :)

i fucking LOVE THIS. i really hope i do this justice okay let’s go i went with the modern au

for those who asked to be tagged in all my work: @arielgirly@trashmouth-smashmouth@mzcescapie@somenates27, @reddiesballoons, @cawcawhawkeye, @richietoaster

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Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, fleeting OCs,

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: mention of bullying, implied smut (very very light)     

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Summer

I could share some thoughts with you I had pre writing this fic, but I’d rather let you read it and form your own opinions and maybe share my thought process later if any of you should be interested.

Betaed by my sassy sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics 

 ***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You had been tossing and turning all night long. Usually this day of the year was spent crying your eyes out, knowing that you would hardly see him again until next summer, but this year you had spend it thinking about the life you had and the life you could have.

Jensen Ackles had been your friend and protector all through life. In middle school you were the girl that liked to sit and draw rather than go play sports with your classmates. In high school you prefered to sit alone in the cafeteria in listening to music, sketching in your notebook, while he was the boy that was always surrounded by a huge group of people. He was a popular kid, but not mean because of it.

Actually, you were sure he was the sole reason why you got through your school years without ever really being bullied. Having him wink at you as he passed your table, where you always sat drawing and listening to music, keeping away from the noise that was high school. He stopped and talked to you by your lockers or teamed up with you in the classes you were in together whenever the teacher demanded you to do group work. You weren’t sure if he knew what he was doing, keeping you safe by interacting with you, or if it was simply just who he was.  

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Rules - Elias Lindholm

things don’t often go as planned

for anon

lowercase intended

word count: 2712, this got out of hand and i loved the request

warnings: cursing, steaminess

a/n: bless your soul whoever requested this, I love lindy and this was an amazing prompt

Originally posted by crosbye

your fingers twisted nervously in your tre kronor jersey. you were a couple rows behind the glass, which gave you a perfect view of the ice and thusly a perfect view of your best friend and roommate.

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Remember - Stiles Stilinski

You were a cute little thing, sitting by the vacant swing sets.  Your pigtails fluttered around in the wind with your blue ribbons.  The skirt of your dress was being held down in your lap by your fists.  It was picture day in Beacon Hills elementary, and your mother had forced you to look nice for your first grade class picture.  Your eyes were downcast, lashes blinking every so gently as you kept your focus on an inching caterpillar.  You were in a lonely state of content, and allowed a gentle smile towards the small insect.

But your environment changed from one of peace as a body crashed into you, knocking you to the ground and rolling you both in the grass.  You got up, and brushed yourself off, but tears welled in your eyes as you saw grass stains on your dress, and dirt on your skin.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” A pale boy with a brunette buzzcut said.  “I’m so sorry” You cried, wiping your eyes with your hands.  “Did your class take the picture already?” He asked, inspecting the prominent green markings on your new white dress.  You nodded, unable to form coherent words.

“B-but my mama is gonna b-be really m-mad a-at me” You stuttered out.  The by bit his lip, and yelled over to another student.

“Come on Scott! She’s gonna get in trouble cause you just had to play tag!” The other boy approached, he had tan skin and dark hair that matched his eyes.

“I’m… sorry” He wheezed out to you, and pulled out an inhaler, shaking it before taking a deep breath.  

“Hey! What if I went home with you and explained to your mom that it was Scott’s- I mean- our- fault?”

“You’d do that?” You asked, and he nodded vigorously, earning him a smile from you.  “Thank you so much!” You flung your arms around him and hugged him quickly.

“Recess is over! Time to head in kids!” Your teacher called, and the pale boy turned to you again.

“I’m Stiles”

“I’m y/n”

You remember him taking the total fall and blame for your messy outfit to your mother.  He became your friend that day.


You squealed with excitement as Stiles put up a Star Wars poster in your shared tree house.

“Isn’t it awesome!?” He said excitedly, and dove into the pile of blankets that were used as makeshift bean bag chairs with you.  

“I love it I love it I love it!” You clapped your hands happily, your legs kicking out above the blankets.  It was the summer before fifth grade, your last year in elementary school.  For the past four years since you’ve met Stiles, he became your bestest, and closest friend.  You lived just  few houses down from one another, so when his father built a treehouse in the Stilinski backyard, you’d been invited to come over as much as you pleased.  And you very well did so.

You’d spent the whole day together in that treehouse, until it was so late that the moon shone down on you rather the afternoon sun.  Stiles had walked you home before going back to his own house.  You remember him linking your arms together, and thinking it was rather gentlemen like of him to do so.


It was the eighth grade when there was your first school dance.  Stiles had begged you to go, even though you very much did not want to.

“Oh come on, please? It’ll be so much fun!” He’d begged you at your kitchen table one afternoon.

“Stiles, just drop it I don’t wanna” You mumbled back, focusing on the drawing you were currently working on.

“Awe why not y/n? Just tell me why”

“Drop it”

“I’m your best friend! Just tell me-!”

“Because I asked Jackson to go with me and he laughed in my face!” You blurted, a pain throbbing in your heart.  Stiles quietened down.

“Oh” Was all he whispered out, and you turned your wet eyes back to your drawing.  It was silent as you finished it up, before Stiles spoke up again.  “I’ll go with you” He said nervously, causing you to look up in surprise.


“To the dance, if you don’t wanna go alone.  I’ll go with you” A small smile grew on your features.

“Really?” You asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah of course, if that’s what you want” You nodded, and got up from your seat to hug him tightly.

You remember your heart beating rapidly when he asked if you wanted to dance to a slow song.


Sophomore year, your constant, easy going life, flipped upside down.  A few things were brought to your attention.  One, the supernatural is a real thing, and that Scott is a werewolf.  His girlfriend, and your first girl friend, Allison, was a werewolf hunter.  Two, Stiles was obsessed with this girl Lydia that you’d been going to school with for a few years now.  Three, your parents had been going through quite the rough patch in their marriage.  And four, to make things worse than they were, the high school workload was killing you.

The night of your parents’ fallout, you’d had a rough day.  You failed an important Algebra test, and couldn’t make it up.  You had to pay for a library book because you’d spilled coffee on it.  And you got picked on by Jackson, as per usual.

“You alright?” Stiles asked you quietly in lunch as you silently poked around your salad.  You nodded, giving him a slight smile when he put a hand on your back.

“Just tired and have a lot of work” You’d said, which wasn’t necessarily a lie.

But when you returned home, trying to play catch up in your Global class, you could hear your parents screaming in the other room.  You closed your eyes tightly, willing it to end.  And universe provided.  It ended with your father storming out, slamming the door behind him.

Two hours later, after hearing nothing from your mother, you’d went outside in the dark and cold, walking the familiar sidewalk to the Stilinski household.  Stiles opened the door, taking in your shaking and sobbing body.

“I’m not alright” You cracked out helplessly, and he’d pulled you inside, hugging you close and just rocking you until your tears seemed to slow down, and you were breathing alright.

You remember him letting you stay overnight with him, sharing a bed for the first time, and letting him hold you and cuddle you in your sleep.


In junior year, Stiles seemed successfully over Lydia  Martin.  Because he was dating Malia Tate, a new girl to your pack.  He’d been distant to you, spending a lot of time with her.  This didn’t upset you, not a lot anyways.  She was new to the whole human life, so you found a way to understand him not always being around.  You drew closer to Allison, and even Lydia, becoming great friends with them.  But it was nothing compared to what once was yours and Stiles’ relationship.

You were in lunch when he seemed to realize that you hadn’t talked in weeks.  Malia had gone to buy a sandwich with Allison, and Lydia tagged along.  Leaving you, Scott, and Stiles.  You could see Scott jerk his head towards you out of the corner of your eye, motioning to Stiles to say something.

“y/n” He said your name with a cough, and you looked up from your phone, not answering aloud, just looking to him in question.  “So.. um.. What’s up?” You shrugged, looking back at your phone.

“Nothing” You answered blandly.  That was when Malia and the girls returned, and Stiles seemingly eased right back into a comfortable environment.  You rolled your eyes in secret, then grabbed your things and left the lunch room.

You were mindlessly walking the halls of Beacon Hills High, having no destination in mind seeing that it was still the lunch block.  Your eyes were on your phone when you were abruptly yanked into a classroom.  You yelped, and moved to swing a punch at you attacker, but it was Stiles who caught your fist before it could land on his jaw.  There were tears in his eyes, and it broke your heart.

“Stiles?” You asked in confusion, and he lowered your fist.  You wondered why he would be here, was he waiting for you? Why? What did he want?

“Don’t leave me” He mumbled out, and you took in a painful intake of breath.

“W-what-” You couldn’t even get all the words out before he moved forward and held you, grabbing you and burying his face in your hair.  Your brows knit together in confusion, but it felt so good that you couldn’t question it.

“Please, please y/n I’m sorry I’m so sorry” You shook your head, your hands fisting the back of his shirt and you yourself almost started crying.

“It’s okay” You mumbled into his sweatshirt, and closed your eyes.  “It’s okay Stiles” He pulled back slightly, looking at you, and tilting your chin up so you’d look at him.

“I missed you” He murmured, and you wiped away the few tears that splattered onto your cheeks.

“I missed you too Stiles” You cried, hands holding onto the front of his unzipped jacket.  “I missed you a lot” You looked at each other for a long moment, and slowly, his hands came up to cup your cheeks.  Your eyes never broke contact, and you just barely felt him pulling you closer.  His lips were mere centimeters away from yours, close enough that you could feel his breath on your upper lip.  You’d closed your eyes, and he had too, and your mouths barely brushed together when you pulled away quickly.  “Stiles” You breathed, brows furrowing as you shook your head.  “You have a girlfriend” Stiles licked his lips and ducked his head.

“But-” You shook your head again.

“I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to be that girl” You whispered reluctantly.  He nodded.

“Yeah, yeah of course not I’m sorry that was really dumb of me” He chuckled, and you smiled a little, and laced your hand in his.

“Let’s hang out more again, okay?” Stiles nodded, grinning at you.  You squeezed his hand, and made the last minute decision to step onto the tips of your toes to press your lips to his cheek.  You both closed your eyes for the few seconds, and when you pulled away.

“Movie at my place tomorrow night?” Stiles pulled you back by the hand before you could walk away.  You give a quick nod, smiling wide for him, then walked out of the class as the bell rang.

You remember him having the softest lips, even if it was only a light brush.


“Stiles!” You screamed, running up to him and grabbing onto his arms.

“Oh my God, thank god, you remember me!”

“I do, but I think everyone else is forgetting” You say.

“They’re coming, they’re coming for me, you-you have to get far away from me” But you shook your head and grabbed his flailing arms.

“No! No I’m not leaving! You know I’m not leaving you”

Ever since Malia and him had broken up, you two had been back to your terrible two selves.  It’d been nice, having him back to yourself.  Movie nights, late night fast food runs, everything was back as it should be.

But now it seemed like you were going to lose him again.

“Shit!” Stiles jumped back, pulling you behind him.

“What what!?” You asked quickly, hands still gripping his upper arm.

“Do you see that!?” You shook your head wildly.  “They’re here, they’re here we gotta go” His hand fell to snatch yours, and before yanking you off with him.  You were both sprinting through the parking lot at full speed, until he stopped abruptly.  

“Another one!?” You asked, voice shaking.

“Just- just come with me!” He pulled you again towards the jeep, both of you jumping in on either side.  You were panting hard, mixed with short sobs of fear and worry.  “Look, look they’re still going to get me”

“No-” You whimpered, and he held your hand tightly again.

“They will” He said more quietly, more tears rolled down your cheeks.  “Look, y/n, you have to remember me, find some way to remember me.  Don’t forget me”

“I won’t” You cried.

“You will” His hand brushed away your loose strands of whispy hair.

“I won’t, I won’t I won’t” You shook your head, and he held your face, wiping your tears.

“Just remember” He whispered.  “Remember meeting in the first grade, remember me messing up your dress, and when we would stay up all night in that old treehouse remember? With all the Star Wars poster, and going to the school dance together-”

“God, don’t go” You cut him off, and slammed your lips up against his, kissing him passionately and longingly.  Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you across the console to sit in his seat.  Your arms wound around his neck, and you slid across his lap, straddling his legs.  Stiles’ hands traveled up your back slowly, into your hair, massaging your neck, and ending back on your cheeks, and pulling you back slightly.

“It’s okay, you’ll be okay” He mumbled against your lips, and ducking his head down to rest his forehead against yours.  You closed your eyes, still crying.  “Hey, hey look at me” He cooed as calmly as possible.  “Open your beautiful eyes y/n” He whispered, nudging your nose with his.  Your lashes fluttered open, revealing broken eyes.  “Listen to me okay?” You sniffed and nodded.  “I haven’t been in love with you for the past twelve years just to be taken away forever alright?” Your crying stopped, and you stared at him for a long moment.

“I love you too Stiles” You whispered, and he kissed you sweetly, then slid you off him to sit next to him.  “I love you too”

“”Remember me” He breathed.  Your hands were wrapped into his, and he pressed his lips to your knuckles multiple times.  “Remember I love you”

And when the lightning crashed, and Stiles was stolen from the jeep, you sat crying to yourself, hands desperately groping the seat he once sat in.

“Remember…” You whimpered.  “Remember…”


Your eyes wandered from the pack’s conversation, your laughter dying down slightly over to an empty seat next to you at the lunch table.  Your eyes widened, lips parted, and your whole world stopped.  The drink in your hand slipped onto the table, splashing diet soda all over.  You sucked in a large gasp, looking at everyone with crazed eyes.


I might make a part 2..?
xoxo ~ Jordie

cabin 3.0

in which y/n is not having anything to do with the boy in her bed

inspired by inthepants’ Cabin Three

I hate summer.

now I know some people would think I’m crazy, but in reality, I’m not. I never do anything productive during the summer; normally I sit on the couch at my parents house and watch tv. all my problems would be solved if they would let me stay at university, instead of with them. all my friends are there, having fun and going to parties without me.

to make up for my laziness, my parents got me a summer job. I was to be a camp counsellor at our local adventure camp for middle schoolers. my parents had sent me the letter of acceptance they had received, after submitting an application without my knowledge. I could probably sue them for forgery, but they would probably win. I just turned twenty last month, technically I was still a minor.

so after the drive home for university, I spent one night at my childhood home. the next morning my parents were shipping me off to the humid jungle where I would be spending each week with a different group of girls.

my dad dropped me off at the office building at 6:30 on a Saturday morning at the end of may. the campers wouldn’t be arriving until Monday, but first, the leaders had to teach me what to do.

I grabbed my duffel out of my dads trunk, and waved as he drove off down the long dirt road that led to the camp, three miles from the nearest seven-eleven. I threw my duffel over my shoulder and walked up to the building just as the sun was starting to peak over the tips of the trees.

inside the office building, I found a lady siting behind an aluminium desk. she was chewing her gum rather loudly attempting to keep herself awake.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m here for the summer as a camp counsellor…?”

I wasn’t sure what to do. the lady stared at me for a few long moments with her eyes half closed.

“find ya name on the papa’ ‘ere,” she talked with a slight jersey accent. she pointed to the paper and looked at me. “you’ll be stayin’ in a cabin with other counsellors for two nights 'fore the campas get 'ere. alright?”

I nodded and looked down at the paper. I would be staying in cabin 3 for the next two nights.

I looked back at the lady behind the desk and decided I wouldn’t be getting any more information out of her. I would find my own way around the camp. I walked out of the buildings and walked along a path to the right of the building. after I had walked for about five minutes, I came to a fork in the trail. thankfully, the trails had been clearly marked, pointing me in the directions towards the cabins.

cabin 3 was the cabin farthest back in my “cabin cluster.” to get to it, I had to walk down a short stone path and the cabin itself couldn’t be seen from the main trail. it had taken me a few minutes to find it.

when I got inside, the first thing I noticed was one of my roommates. he was sprawled across two of the three beds pushed together at the back of the cabin. I couldn’t believe that one human being could take up so much space.

“excuse me,” I dropped my duffel on the only empty bed. “do you really need all three beds?”

he finally seemed to notice I was in the room. he sat up and pushed his curly hair away from his face. the first thing I noticed was his physique. he was tall and broad, which would explain why he was spanning two twin beds. his hands were large and his eyes were green.

“jesus. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” he smirked as he talked in a low, raspy tone.

“it was probably the side you were sleeping on, then.”

“woah, love. don’t get all offensive. I plan on doing some mighty fine things on these beds.”

oh my god.

“alright, well, I’m going to be sleeping on this bed so mind your own business, okay?” I set my duffel down on the bed that only his foot was resting on.

“but what if that’s the bed I wanted to sleep on?” he was still sitting and smirking at me. this guy, I didn’t even know his name, was choosing to pick a fight with me over a bed. this was going to be a long summer.

“oh my god. I’m not in the mood right now. just pick whatever bed you want to sleep on and I will pick one of the others. probably the one that’s farthest away from the one you pick.”

he chose the bed closest to the window. I put my stuff down on the bed shoved against the opposite wall. he told me that we wouldn’t be having another roommate. it was just me and him. he also told me that his name is Harry. God, doesn’t that just sound like a dick name?

we had wasted a good fifteen minutes arguing about the bed situation. after we had come to a somewhat agreement, he had left and gone somewhere; he didn’t tell me.


the leaders of the camp spent the day teaching the counsellors how everything worked. we learned the activity rotation schedule, what time meals were, which cabins had to shower at night and which ones needed to shower in the morning.

Harry was there, messing around with a few of the other guys, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. I was busy making my own friends and learning new things.

the next couple of days passed by quickly. they were filled with mock trials, some of the staffers pretending to be campers so the counsellors could practice being leaders. when I had my mock trial, Harry was one of my campers and he was a total pain in the ass, especially when we got paired in a canoe together. he purposefully tipped us, the one day I was wearing my only white shirt. needless to say, he ruined my shirt and my favourite bralette.

if you think he is a pain during the day, it’s even worse at night. he and I are the only two in our cabin. there is an uneven amount of staffers and we were the odd ones out on whatever list they used when arranging the staffers. someone must have cut out names, stuck them in a hat, and draw randomly. and wouldn’t you know it to be me who gets stuck with the asshat the entire summer.

the staffers were allowed to sleep in their own cabins at night. it was something I was two parts thankful for and two parts mad about. I would spend my entire day with middle school girls, laughing and giggling, and probably talking crap about each other. but then I would come to my cabin at night and Harry would be there. sometimes he would even have another girl with him.

the days turned into weeks that passed by quickly. campers had come and gone, two people had been fired for fucking in the woods, and only one person had gone missing for more than eight hours. I was in the groove of things now, I felt like I could do it in my sleep.

as much as I hated it, I had learned some things about Harry. living with a person could do that to ya. he was very much a player. most nights i would come home and find a different counsellor had used my conditioner and my favourite loofa. I learned that he would send the girl away around three in the morning and then he wouldn’t wake up until I pounded his head with a pillow, swearing that I would tattle to the camp director about the number of girls he’s had over.

it seemed like everywhere I turned, Harry was there. he was behind me in the line at the mess hall, pinching my ass and calling it cute. he was supervisor at the beach during the time I brought my girls swimming, whistling when I pulled my t-shirt over my head. he was using the other washing machine at the laundry. we had ended up screaming at each other about the amount of detergent left and who was going to use it. and despite all this, he was still attractive as hell, with his tan skin, hard jawline, and muscular physique. damn him for being so hatable and so lovable at the same time.

on one particularly warm evening in June, I was looking forward to spending a night at the cabin. I had stayed with my girls for the first few nights, but they were beginning to get on my nerves and I needed a break. hopefully Harry would be gone, doing God knows what, but I just wanted some peace and quiet.

my breathing was laboured as I walked up the steps to the cabin. it had been a long day and all I wanted was a shower. I pushed open the door and was greeted with the sight of a shirtless Harry lying on his bed reading a playboy magazine.

I closed the door harshly, causing him to look at me with a smirk. “hey baby girl.”

I scowled at him and threw my bag on my bed. “don’t call me that.”

please call me that. i love the way it rolls off your tongue.

“Jesus, someone didn’t get fucked today,” he sat up and tossed his magazine to the side. pretty sure if the director found him with that he would be in serious trouble.

“excuse me?!” I had such an attitude.

“lets play a game.”

“I want to take a shower.”

“we can shower when we’re done. now, it’s two truths and a lie. except there’s a twist. if you guess the wrong truth, you have to take off an article of clothing.”

“but that’s not fair! you already don’t have a shirt on.”

“and are you complaining?”

I stayed silent.

“that’s what I thought. alright. I’ll begin.” he readjusted so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. he motioned for me to sit down on mine, facing him. as I sat down, our knees brushed, causing a spark to shoot up my leg. “I once was caught in a traffic jam that was so bad, we had to get out on the side of the road and started walking faster than the cars, or my mum used to call me curly when I was younger, or I’ve had sex too many times to count.”

“ah that’s an easy one. you’ve had sex too many times to count. right?”

“wrong. I’ve had sex 19 times,” he seemed proud. “who the hell would let their mom call them curly?!”

“I think it’s cute!”

“of course you would, princess. now off with your shirt. you guessed wrong.”

I sighed, rolled my eyes, pulled my shirt over my head and sent an internal thanks that I had put my good bra on today.

“my turn,” I looked at him smugly. “and what makes it even better is that you’ve already got your shirt off.”

“let’s just play the game, baby girl.”

I blushed and cleared my throat. I wasn’t used to being so forward. “I once had to pee so bad while we were on a hike that I squatted and wiped myself with a poison ivy leaf, last week I found a hair ball in my mac & cheese, and lastly, I always forget to lock my front door when I leave the house.”

he thought for a moment.

“finding a hair ball in your mac & cheese. there is no way KP would let that happen,” he had a smug look on his face, as if he knew he was right and he knew he was all that.

“sorry fuckboy, it happened,” I crossed my arms over my chest and laughed.

suddenly he stood up. I was sitting on the bed so he towered over me, more so that when I am standing. he inched his face closer to mine and placed his hands on either side of me so that they sank into the mattress. he kept leaning in, causing me to lean back to avoid contact with his skin.

“what did you just call me,” his lips were deviously close to mine as they wrapped around his words.

“f-f-fuckboy,” I stuttered, almost completely lain back on the mattress. he had pushed my legs apart so he could prop his knee between them, balancing himself as he hovered over me.

“call me that one more time,” he growled, “and I swear to God I will take you on this mattress right here right now.”

I stayed silent for a few moments. I didn’t know if I actually wanted him to kiss me or if I wanted to avoid any trouble that would come from getting involved with a person like him. he was always on my mind constantly, usually thinking about how much I hate him. But I realized that at the same time, I couldn’t wait to see him. I realized now that when I would take my girls to the beach, I was hoping he would be there. I was hoping he would be at the cabin alone when I would come back after a long day. I realized that I wanted him to kiss me and that I wanted the chase that came with kissing him.

a smile spread across my lips as i smirked a him.


and we were gone.

some mistake, part 5

When exactly is something going to happen in this story, you may ask. Soon, but the pacing will be super weird, I tell you. In other news, to answer a question that I am too dumb to understand how to tumblr-reply to, this story isn’t yet on AO3 because it’s very unfinished, but hopefully someday I’ll get it together! Thanks for reading so far!!

Derek’s first year at Phillips Andover finally draws to an end, and it’s as he’s locking his dorm room closed that he takes a deep breath and decides that yes, he’s got this. He can make it through the next three years.

Summer passes in a blur of lazy days spent lounging at the Met trying to find inspiration for his summer writing assignment and hot afternoons on the balcony looking out on the city. Derek rides four different airplanes and swims in two different oceans; he visits family down the east coast for the Fourth of July and hits up Chowder in early August to see all the local sights in the Bay Area. Chowder takes him to San Francisco where they walk along the wharf and gawk at fish at the aquarium. He drinks milk tea full of custard and eats enough egg tarts to last a lifetime. They go surfing and Derek manages to trip while underwater, causing Chowder to go into heroic lifeguard mode even as he’s shrieking barely censored profanities in alarm. C helps him pick out a tiny orange crab keychain for Dex that Derek wraps protectively under several layers of tissue paper.

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The Seven Stages of Grief | #7 Mitch Marner

So I would totally understand it if you didn’t do it but there’s this thing stuck in my head because Ed Sheeran’s supermarket flowers. Where Mitch’s long-term girlfriend has a car accident and she’s in the hospital and Mitch can’t really deal with it. And his friends try to calm him down but he really loves you that he can’t lose you? And like you’re Connor McDavids best friend since childhood, so you’ve known Mitch for so long? Doesn’t have to be a happy ending but I wouldn’t mind. Please?

…. i hate hospitals… but like this is a good prompt…but like…i really…


also this is like really different and so bad im sorrry but like 

also… like i never made it through that whole song so theres that

but heres this. Brought to you by a very emotional me. 

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(requested by lovely-wagner)

Bonkai Fanfiction
word count : 2 475
summary : Bonnie and Kai are a couple , its been a few years since they had gotten together and now … someone has a surprise ;)
*not my gif

At first when Bonnie started having feelings for Kai , she thought something has gone horribly wrong with her because their history was .. well , complicated to say the least. For a long time Kai had been the enemy and even after Bonnie ditched Kai in not one but two Prison Worlds , Kai hadn’t been able to think about anyone else but her. He came back from Hell and all he wanted was to see her. Things hadn’t worked out well the first time they saw each other again - she sent him to another prison world … Later on Bonnie came back for him to ask if he’d be willing to undo the spell linking her and Elena. Kai had agreed and Bonnie had made him promise to leave town in exchange for his freedom. Shortly after they ran into each other … She didn’t trust him at first but eventually she saw he had changed and fell in love with him.
Bonnie’s friends weren’t too happy about it but as long as Kai behaved and Bonnie was happy - they were fine with it , but they still kept a close eye on Kai waiting for him to screw up… He never did and eventually they learned to trust him too.

About 5 years later…

Bonnie and Kai were sitting in their livingroom enjoying some quiet time. Bonnie was reading a book and Kai … he was enjoying watching her read. He was trying to figure out how to bring up the subject he wanted to talk to her about , specially considering what he had already done behind her back.
“So , BonBon … I’ve been thinking” Kai said breaking the silence. “Why don’t we adopt a kid ?”
Bonnie looked surprised , he had never said anything about having kids in all the time they’ve been together. She wondered what had prompted this…
“You want a kid ?” she asked putting her book down.
“Yeah , actually.” he said scratching his chin nervously. “Never thought I’d say this.” he laughed and Bonnie smiled. “You changed me and you are still changing me… and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I can’t be a father myself because of the vampirism but we can still raise a mini you running around the house. That will be fun. What do you think ?” he said looking very excited about her answer.
Bonnie liked the idea , tho she couldn’t quite imagine Kai as a father. He’d say the inappropriate thing or the kid’s teacher would say / do something he doesn’t like and he’d use his magic on them… Then again he had changed and she had been thinking about them being parents too , specially with all their friends having kids.
“Why not a mini you?” she asked smiling.
“Oh no , I like the idea of raising a mini you better.” he said smiling. “Who would want to raise a mini me ? It would be hell… ” Kai laughed.
Every time Kai smiled , Bonnie couldn’t help but smile too.
“You surprise me.” she said smiling.
“I surprised myself.” Kai said , wiking at her and for a moment a devilish look sparked through his eyes. Kai’s expression changed suddenly and he got all serious.
“I want to be a father , Bonnie.” he said nervously. “I want to give my child all the love and attention I was denied… I want the kid to be proud of me being his dad. I know for sure he or she will be proud of having you as his mom.” Kai said smiling nervously. “You will want to send me flying across the room in a moment … because I may have already arranged a meeting at the adoption agency for … tomorrow morning.”
Bonnie’s eyes widened. She hadn’t expected this and for a moment she considered throwing him across the room with her magic for going ahead with things before even talking to her… Then she saw the look on his face - his eyes filled with hope and love , he was playing nervously with his fingers and looked so much like a little boy who had messed up trying to do the right thing and the corners of her mouth twitched.
“At what time?” Bonnie asked softly and smiled at him.
Kai couldn’t help but smile back. “At 9.30AM. ” he said. “So you are not mad at me for going ahead without you?”
“No.” she said softly , her hand on his cheek. “I can see how much it means to you … and I’ve already been thinking about it too. Seeing Caroline with the twins and now Elena and Damon.” she pressed her lips on his , Kai pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. “You will be a great father , Kai.” she said smiling and he smiled at her too. “… but I am making you pay for going about this behind my back.” Bonnie said winking at him before leaning in to kiss him again.

- -

The next day Kai was awake before dawn , he had hardly slept during the night from excitement. He couldn’t wait for them to go to the adoption agency in a few hours. Kai brushed Bonnie’s cheek with the back of his hand , watching her sleep and still unable to believe things had worked out the way they had. Ever since he saw Bonnie for the first time he felt something for her , only after the merge he realised what those feelings have been and how majorly he had screwed up. The day he finally got Bonnie’s forgiveness was one of the happiest in his life … the happiest however being the day she told him she loved him.
He waited a while before waking her up with a kiss , just like every morning since they had been together.

They got to the angency about half an hour earlier because Kai had been so impatient driving on the way there.
After they talked to the adoption agent for a while before she took them to see the kids playing in the backyard. There were so many kids , different ages - from little ones to 10-13 year olds running around playing tag , playing with a ball or drawing on the ground with chalkboards.
A small ball rolled on the ground and stopped bumping into Kai’s feet. He knelt down to pick it up and when he looked up his eyes saw a little boy , 2-3 years old maybe , smiling at him with semi toothless smile. The little boy’s eyes were blue and he had brown hair just like Kai. He smiled back at the boy and held out the ball towards him.
“Heey. ” Kai said smiling. “I think this is your ball.” The boy took the ball from Kai and in his hands it looked so much bigger than it really was. “Do you want to play with me ?” Kai asked softly and the little boy jumped excitedly taking Kai’s hand in his.
Kai smiled feeling happiness he hadn’t even known existed, the little boy reminded him a little of himself or maybe it was just the resemblance between them. He already liked the kid and they’ve barely spent a few moments together. Kai turned around a gave Bonnie a smile. She was currently talking to the adoption agent about all the formalities and things that have to be done after they’ve chosen a kid.
Bonnie kept looking at Kai and the little boy playing with the ball and laughing. It seemed they liked each other already. He had knelt on the ground and the boy gave him a hug , a surprise hug-attack Kai hadn’t seen coming and nearly got knocked over. He turned around and saw Bonnie laughing , catching a part of the conversation with his vampire hearing.
“He has a sister.” the woman said. “A twin to be more precise.”
Kai froze on the spot and gently pushed away the little kid.
“I’ll be right back.” Kai said smiling, ruffling the little boy’s hair and watching him run to play with the other kids.
Bonnie looked nervous. She saw how much Kai had the little boy and how much the kid liked him , but twins ? Surely Kai hadn’t had in mind two kids let alone twins…
“It’s ideally if you can take both , a separation would be traumatic for them at such a young age…” the woman said , just noticing Kai had joined them. “He seems to like you.”
Kai only nodded in response , his eyes searching among the kids for the boy’s sister … and then he saw her. They resembled each other so much - she had the same blue eyes and dark brown hair. He couldn’t look away.
“What are their names?” Kai asked. The little girl noticed he was watching and smiled and waved at him. He waved back at her and looked at the ground.
“Jake and Katie.”
Kai’s gaze stayed on the ground , he looked very interested in his shoes shifting on his feet nervously every few minutes as Bonnie kept talking to the adoption agent. He wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation , instead he was trying to find a way to tell Bonnie he wanted not one but two kids now.
“Excuse me ..” Bonnie said to the woman and placed her hand on Kai’s shoulder. “Kai , are you OK?” she asked worried. He looked up and nodded , his eyes drifting towards the little boy , his sister and back towards Bonnie.
“Could we have a minute alone?” he asked the adoption agent and she nodded.
“Of course. I’ll be in my office when you are ready with the decision.”
Kai waited until they were alone , looking more nervous than Bonnie has ever seen him before.
“We can’t separate them.” Kai said. “They are family. I know what it’s like to be separated from your family and it hurts , even if my family were a bunch of … ” he stopped himself taking in a deep breath. “We can’t do that to them. I know this isn’t what we talked about but … can we adopt both of them?”
Bonnie cupped his face and smiled. She had already fallen in love with the twins and the effect they had on Kai. Seeing him play with Jake and the way he kept glancing at Katie , ready to jump in to her rescue at any second… it warmed her heart.
“Are you sure about this , because there is no going back later. It will only break their hearts if they get sent back.” she asked softly.
“Yes. I’m sure and it seems fitting , I’m a … I was a twin too. Maybe this is a chance to make up for past mistakes. Plus..” he said turning to look at the kids. “They are so cute ! Look at them !”
Kai couldn’t tear his eyes off the little kids playing tag and Bonnie couldn’t look away from him. Part of her had expected him to back out his idea of adopting a kid but instead he dug his heels deeper. Seeing his soft side had been one of the reasons why she fell in love with him.
“They seem like nice kids and with a mother like you they’ll be the luckiest kids in the world! ” he said , his fingers carressing her cheek. “We can be a family. A big happy family.”
Bonnie pressed her lips against his and took his hand.
“Come on…” she said smiling and pulled him behind her towards the adoption agent’s office.

Usually Bonnie was against Kai using compulsion on people but it sped up the adoption process. He couldn’t wait another moment to bring the twins home. Somehow the little kids had found their way in his heart and he promised himself to protect and love them always.
A few hours later all the paperwork had been done and the adoption agent had called for Jake and Katie to be brought in her office.
Bonnie and Kai knelt down to meet Jake and Katie’s eyes. The little kids looked a little confused and scared probably thinking they are in trouble. Kai smiled and took their hands in his hands , Bonnie’s head resting on his shoulder. She counldn’t stop smiling. Kai glanced at Bonnie and she nodded.
“You tell them.” she said.
“Jake , Katie … We are going to be your parents , you mom and dad and we will love you forever and ever.” he said softly. Jake and Katie’s faces lit up with happiness at Kai’s words , jumping in to hug them a split second later.
Kai wrapped his hands around the Katie , closing his eyes for a moment. She was so small and fragile he worried he might break her. Katie didn’t want to let go of him and he got up with her , her hands holding onto him. Jake was in Bonnie’s arms.
The adoption agent smiled.
“Congratulations !” she said. Kai reached in his pocket to get out his phone.
“Do you mind taking our first picture as a family?” he asked smiling. His eyes were filled with happy tears and he tried hard to push them away , at least for the time being.
“Of course.” she said , taking the phone from Kai’s hands and taking a few pictures - one when they weren’t expecting and another when they posed as a family.
“Thank you for everything.Now our family is complete. ” Bonnie said to the adoption agent and shook hands with her. “What do you say we go for an ice cream? ” Bonnie said and reached out to tickle Katie, making her laugh.
“Ice cream !” the twins squeeled with excitement making Bonnie and Kai laugh.

Bonnie and Kai took them to the best ice cream place in town and bought giant piles of ice cream with cherry on top and sprinkles and everything else the kids pointed at.
Kai took his phone out of his pocket and took a selfie - him , Bonnie and the twins smiling and hugging.
“This is my favorite picture!” he said proudly looking at his phone. “This is going everywhere - Twitter , Facebook, Instagram …”
“Don’t forget Snapchat.” Bonnie said winking at him before pulling him in for a kiss.

* * *

When they got home , there was a surprise for Bonnie and Kai. Well , more for Kai and the twins.
Earlier that day Bonnie had sent a text to Elena and Caroline without Kai noticing and walking in their house everywhere there were balloons and a giant banner saying WELCOME HOME , the twin’s room already ready for Jake and Katie just to hop in there and play with all the stuffed toys and cars.
Later on that night , Bonnie and Kai stood at the door watching Jake and Katie sleep. Kai had hugged her from behind , his head gently resting on her shoulder , their fingers intertwined , both of them smiling.
“I love you , Bonnie Bennett.” he said softly , squeezing her body gently.
“I love you too Malachai Parker.” she said turning her head a little so she can kiss him.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


You’re Etched In Me Like Stone

Part of the amnesia au which I keep saying is finished but man it is a great au that I just can’t quit. First of all, thanks to @novelty-night for suggesting this story line. Secondly, HUGE thanks to @spooky-son-of-rome for writing this with me over text. Dan, you are a gift. A gift that continuously gives angst and sadness and pain. Cheers to you, friend. xxx

  • Percy walked down the street, hands in his jean pockets, as the crisp fall air sent a shiver through his body 
  • his right hand played with Riptide’s cap as his mind raced with what he was about to do– say a final goodbye to Annabeth
  • it had become clear to Percy that what he really needed was closure. To see her alive and well and know that he without a doubt made the right choice by staying away for all of these years  
  • the closer he got, the stranger the air felt and Percy could tell something was off 
  • as soon as he turned the corner, he saw it– a manticore slowly padding around the perimeter of Annabeth’s front yard

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if you already answered that but, at the end of HNITS, do Hannah's and Baker's parents know about their relationship? And how did it go for each of them?

It’s a warm, damp night, and her parents have the air conditioning running, but Hannah has her bedroom window open. Her laptop sits open on her messy desk, the iTunes app shuffling through Bon Iver songs, while she sits on the floor and thumbs through her old high school notebooks. It’s only been a month since she graduated, but she wants to go through her binders and essays from junior and senior year in case she finds anything that could be helpful for her classes at Emory.

It’s the first night in days that she and Baker haven’t seen each other. Last night they’d watched Legally Blonde with Joanie, and the night before that they’d gone on a date, and the night before that they’d sat on Hannah’s back porch and talked in low voices until a quarter ‘til midnight when Baker had left to meet her curfew, and the night before that….

But earlier this evening Baker’s brother, Nathan, had come up from New Orleans for Baker’s dad’s birthday, and so Hannah had spent the evening organizing her old school things and lazily refreshing her Facebook newsfeed.

She’s absorbed in a paper about Dante’s Inferno when her phone starts vibrating on her desk, jerking her out of her thoughts. Baker’s picture–an old one from junior year–lights up the screen, and Hannah answers with that new blooming feeling in her stomach.

“Hey,” she says, more breath than voice, not wanting to wake her family. “How was the birthday dinner?”

“Can I come over?” Baker sounds near tears, like that time she called from the emergency vet with Charlie.

“Yeah, of course,” Hannah says hastily, sitting up on her knees. “Is everything okay?”

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pjo/hoo characters as things I’ve done

is this like a trend now because HELL yeah count me in (inspired by @autisticedwardelric and @novva)

percy jackson: in 2009 I went to the miami seaquarium and threw a tantrum because the manatees weren’t free and, according to me, looked sad

annabeth chase: in 8th grade I had to make a sculpture of a greek god and a monster for my universal history class and talk about them to my teacher and classmates, so I picked athena and medusa. since I’d spent the previous day making the sculptures and hadn’t had the chance to study I improvised the whole thing and got the maximum grade

grover underwood: I cried for 2 hours after I had to sacrifice my betta fish named zeus

luke castellan: almost every day in 2nd grade one of my best friends and I would fight and I’d tell her “don’t talk to me ever again” and I’d talk to her as if nothing had happened the following day

thalia grace: I wore the same panic at the disco tshirt every day for an entire week

rachel elizabeth dare: my mom got mad at me once because while my family was celebrating the new year I was sitting on the couch binge watching legend of korra

nico di angelo: I always walk around my house without shoes and scare the shit out of my family because they don’t hear me enter rooms so when they turn around I’m standing right there making weird faces at them

piper mclean: I was rapping a hamilton song under my breath and my teacher thought I was talking to myself and looked at me with the most serious face ever and asked me “what… are you doing??”

jason grace: I was alone in the kitchen at my grandparents house when I saw a HUGE spider but it was really far from where I was standing so I didn’t mind it, 10 seconds later it sprinted towards me and I ran to the living room screaming

leo valdez: in preeschool I bit a girl because she was sitting on my favorite chair and didn’t want to give it to me 

frank zhang: a stray dog almost bit me when I was little because every time I saw a dog I ran towards it to pet it

hazel levesque: I have 60+ unfinished drawings on my computer and every day I start a new one

reyna avila ramirez-arellano: I got in a fight with my little brother because he threw away our bee movie nintendo ds game

will solace: I was in guitar classes for about 3 months, I have a guitar and to this day the only song I know how to play on an instrument is the star wars theme song on flute

when you tear it all apart (it’s just DNA)

Happy Valentines Day, @kay-emm-gee!

Summary: It’s one thing to have a crush on your best friend’s hot older brother. It’s another thing to have a crush on your best friend’s brother who is also your TA and your tutor. For lack of a better description, Clarke Griffin is royally screwed.

Tags/Warnings: Smut, Mentions of Miscarriage (just for a few sentences), Explicit Language

Clarke doesn’t leave her room the day final grades are announced. She makes some lame excuse to Octavia and Raven to get out of breakfast at Rosie’s and plunks herself on the couch, her laptop in front of her and a plate piled high with toaster waffles on her lap. The grades are supposed to be up by 11 am, and by 10:30 her stomach is in knots so tight she’s scared the waffles are going to make another appearance.

She tries watching old Saturday Night Live sketches to distract herself, but they are no use. The only thing she can think about are her grades- more specifically, that one grade. The one that determines if she is able to maintain her 4.0 GPA. The one that will prove to her mom that she is serious about art. The one that will ensure she passes the class and is no longer a student of-

Her frantic thoughts are interrupted by a heavy knock on the door.


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anonymous asked:

Ok ok but what if Sirius was an artist and when he starts to develop a crush on Remus and he suddenly can't stop drawing him; his hair, his lips, his fingers, so on. Then one day Sirius is drawing Remus while he's reading a book and drops his sketch pad and Remus bends over to pick it up and sees all the art

Considering the number of art history classes he has had to take, Sirius thought that maybe they would spare him European history. The only upside to this drab, repetitive waste of money was a man that sat a row ahead of him.

The first day of class, Sirius noticed him sitting with an empty notebook and pen on the desk in front of him, but a book open in his lap. His sweater engulfed his almost comically tall, lanky form. An equally huge scarf lay atop his pitches messenger bag on the floor beside him.

Curly hair spilled out from under his beanie and dance mad in front of his eyes. The scars that lined his face accentuated the sharp edges of his jaw and nose. He was biting the side of his full, pink lips.

So, naturally, Sirius got the seat with the best view of the cute boy. Sirius earnestly tried to pay attention during the first class, but the crippling boredom of learning the same facts again combined with the distracting boy in front of him was enough to derail his thoughts entirely.

During the third class, he found himself doodling the man’s eye - lid slid halfway down, looking towards his book, his lashes endless, his brow arched and perfectly sculpted, save for the scar that interrupts it near the end.

At that point, Sirius began bringing his sketch notebook rather than lined paper. He would sketch his eyes, his hair, his hair, his lips. His lips so many different ways: smirking, neutral, caught in his teeth, with the tip of his tongue resting between them. He drew his fingers poking through the end of his sweater, the nails sometimes covered in black or blue. The days that the room was just a little too warm were Sirius’s favorite because his Muse would roll up his sleeves or take off his cardigan and he would draw his forearm with each gentile line - muscle, bone, light scars.

Some days when Sirius would sit in the coffee shop near the library he would see the boy walking out as he was opening the door to come in. They would nod in greeting, but that was the extent of their interactions.

A few days after midterms, Sirius went to the coffee shop. He walked over to his usual seat and all of the air left his body. The beautiful creature from his history class was curled up in the chair. What do I say? I have to say something… But he’s reading. Oh no now he’s not. He’s looking at you! Fucking say something!

“This is the first time I’ve seen you actually sitting here, eh?” What the fuck, Black.

He laughed softly, his eyes crinkle and Sirius’ stomach flipped. “My class got canceled, so I don’t have to run this time.” His voice is fucking velvet.

Sirius tried to keep composure and introduced himself. “I’m Sirius, by the way.”

“Remus,” he said, holding out a hand. Sirius shook it, holding back the urge to keep holding it. Of course his hands would be soft.

“It’s amazing that in some of these classes, you don’t even get to know the people around you.” Sirius said, taking the armchair beside Remus.

“I know! I hate these huge lecture classes.” He moves his hand as he talks.

“Yeah. I’ve gotten so used to the nice, smaller classes. What’s your major?”

“Me too, I’m an English major.” He chuckled. “If you can’t tell by this damn thing.” He motioned towards his book, lifting it slightly. “They’re practically a part of me at this point.” Sirius internally yells at his heart to slow down, damnit, it’s a fucking book.

“I totally understand. I’m an art major. At this point, I can’t even make myself take notes in class. It’s all doodles.”

He noticed that Remus was now leaning on the arm of the chair that is closest to him, his book closed on the other arm. “You’ll have to show me some time.”

Sirius laughed and nodded, silently cursing himself for not having anything with him except for the pictures of Remus. Which he was not about to bring out.

They spent the next hour talking about art and books, leading into their family lives. While Sirius had gotten into art partially to spite his family, Remus had been introduced to a love for reading and writing because of his mom.

Sirius’ alarm on his phone started going off, startling the both of them. “Shit, sorry. I have got to go. I’ve got a class across campus in ten minutes.” He saw Remus’ face fall slightly. “We should definitely hang out later.” Is trading numbers too weird right now? Like I can judge that. I’ve got a million pictures of the bloke.

“Definitely!” He smiled and his eyes lit up. There is no time to lament over eyes right now.

Sirius stood up quickly, forgetting that his sketchbook was on his lap. It fell, scattering several loose papers. Shit.

Remus stood up to help him retrieve the book before Sirius could pick it up. Sirius tried to keep himself from screaming.

“These are quite good,” Remus remarked holding one up of an eye - his eye. He held up another of a hand. “Mine always turn out dilapidated.” He opened the book to set the loose pages back in the notebook. His brows furrowed a bit as he saw the page. “This looks a lot… Is that?…”

Sirius flinched, but there was nothing he could do. “Yeah, I uhh, sketch in the class a lot. You just happen to be the best subject in view.”

A light pink rose to Remus’ face. He was still looking at the picture. “This is really great.” He set the notebook down, still open, on top of his book as he fished something from his bag.

A moment later, he clicked his pen and scribbled something in the corner of his picture. “It was missing something.” He explained. He shut the book with the loose drawings poking out like bookmarks and handed the notebook to Sirius. “Don’t be late.” He smiled.

It took Sirius a moment before he could figure out how to walk again. He waved goodbye and sped out the door to his class.

When he got there, before he went to get his paints and find his place by his canvas, he opened the book to the page that Remus had seen. In the corner, bellow a perfectly angular jaw, was a phone number in scribbled writing.

Send me prompts!
pref #6: he gets jealous of your brother (requested)

How about a pref where your brother doesn’t look like you so when he sees you with him he gets jealous because he doesn’t know that’s your brother

i found this absolutely hilarious haHaHAh omg

luke: Your brother, who was one year older than you, had just returned from college for summer break. You guys laid on the couch laughing at all the stories he told you of his college experiences. Luke knocked on the door and walked in. He stopped in his tracks, staring at you. “What?” You asked, confused. He shook his head and walking to the kitchen.“ Luke, what is going on?” You asked.

“Who is he?” He said with his hands on his hips. 

“Luke, you sound like an angry girlfriend.” You laughed.

“Well when I walk into my girlfriends house to see her with some guy on the couch, I’m gonna be angry.” He hissed.

“Luke-” You started to explain. 

“You know what, I don’t even want to know who he is. Have fun.” he raised his voice, walking out of the kitchen.

You grabbed his arm, “Luke, that’s my older brother!” You yelled in annoyance. 

“Wh- oh, wait, really?” He said, confused. 

“Yes. Now go home, I’m mad at you.” You rolled your eyes.

michael: You walked out of the frozen yogurt store with your brother. He was your fraternal twin, so you two looked nothing alike. You two laughed and talked as you ate your yogurt. 

“Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice.

“Michael!” You laughed. “What’s up?" 

"Can I talk to you?” he said nervously. You walked over to him, “I know we have only been dating for a few months, but I thought we were exclusive. I didn’t know we were seeing other people and it would’ve been nice for you to tell me that be-”

“Michael, do you think I’m seeing that guy?” You asked. He nodded his head in confusion. “That’s my brother!” You laughed. His face turned red and he laughed nervously. 

calum: You and your brother, who was a year younger than you, went on a little lunch date to catch up. You guys sat across from each other at the table as you waited for your orders. Your phone buzzed and you saw your boyfriend Calum’s name pop up on the screen. “Hey babe.” You said into the phone.

“Hey, wanna go out to lunch?” He asked.

“I’m kinda busy right now. I’ll just see you tonight.” You said. 

“Do you want to get fries or no?” Your brother said loudly.

“Who was that?” He said quickly.

“Yes.” You said to your brother. 

“Y/N, who are you with?” Calum questioned.

 "Calum, I have to go. I’ll see you at home.

– a few hours later –

You walked in the door with your brother and Calum was sitting on the couch. “Oh, hello.” He said, nonchalantly.

“Hey, Calum.” You laughed awkwardly.

“Am I getting in the way of you two doing what you need to do or what?” He hissed.

“Wh- What are you talking about?” You almost laughed. You followed him into the living room, “What’s your problem.”

“You ditch me for that guy and then you bring him home? Were you planning on hooking up with him? You didn’t even try to hide it!” He yelled.

“Cal, that’s my brother! Oh my God!” You yelled, laughing. 

“Oh shit.” He threw his head in his hands, laughing.

ashton: You hadn’t seen your brother in months since he left for college, so when you finally got to see him, you spent the whole day with him. You guys walked around the mall as you caught up on what had been happening in your lives. You walked into a cute little book store and walked around. You backed up and bumped into a hard body. “Ashton?” You laughed. 

“What are you doing here?” he asked. 

“Y/N we gotta go, we have to make the dinner reservations.” Your brother said, walking towards you.

Ashton looked back and forth between you two. “Who- what." 

"Ash-” You started.

He grabbed the book out of your hands, “You did a horrible job trying to hide this from me. You know what, Y/N, I was here picking out that book you wanted, and I see this. I’m done.” He hissed.

“He’s my brother, Ashton.” You said in a hushed tone, trying not to draw attention.

“Oh..” he sighed.

You pulled the book out of his hands, “ C'mon, Y/B/N, we have reservations for mom and dad's anniversary to make.” You said, glaring at Ashton and walking out.

A Home (final installment)

10 Things Emma Swan Never Had (and now she does) 
Previous parts (though all can be read independently)

Summary: The title pretty much says it all. I’m planning 10 of those, all Emma centric. Also on FF.net
Rating: Raising the rating to a M because, frankly, this one is all about sex (with some heavy emotion thrown in there). Hope you enjoy it!
Word Count: ~3 500

A/N: So here it is. I just wanna say that this has been one of my favourite things to write and certainly the most emotional one. If you enjoyed the ride half as much as I did, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you!


She parks her car in front of the garage, eyeing the gate like it’s a wild bull ready to charge her. The staring contest continues for a full minute before she sighs, deciding that she is indeed too lazy to get her car in and kills the engine. She reaches over to the passenger seat, grabbing the bags full of Chinese (it’s Friday so Emma can let it slide and promise herself that she’d do some baking during the weekend because it’s been awhile and she likes the smell of flour and eggs in her kitchen and the sight of Liam trying to help and ending up with melted chocolate all over his nose and fingertips and she knows how copious amounts of chocolate affect Killian).

“Mm, yes, definitely chocolate soufflés tomorrow.”

She got out of jail a month ago and here she is, with nothing but the clothes on her back and the yellow bug parked in front of the coffee shop she is sitting in, seeking refuge from the cold February weather.

Emma wraps her arms around her cup of hot chocolate, which is a luxury in itself so she tries not to look at the display of different cakes and cookies and pies, gaze sliding to the table to her right against her will. The girl’s giggles and the boy’s sloppy kisses have been irritating her ears for the last half an hour and if it wasn’t fucking freezing outside, she would have left 29 minutes ago.

She feels an absolutely baffling combination of pity and envy as she watches them split a piece of chocolate cake between themselves. Going so far as to feed each other. Are those people for real?

She truly pities them, doesn’t even need to look at them really, she can tell them right now how it’s all going to end, how it always end. But she envies their delusion.

Sometimes she wishes she was still deluding herself too. Still believing that happily ever after existed, that there was a home out there waiting for her.

She crosses her lawn quickly, eyeing it critically and making a note to herself to have Killian or Henry cut the grass, depending on who gets on her bad side during the weekend.

It hits her out of nowhere. She has a lawn. A beautiful house with a huge green lawn and two amazing boys to torture with it when they get out of line and… she has a lawn, ok? Emma Swan never thought she would have a lawn. Ridiculous as that may sound to anyone else, she feels the full weight of it, settling comfortably in the pit of her stomach.

She’s lost in her head and maybe she’s not paying attention and thus has barely opened the front door when her son barrels into her, nearly knocking her over.

“Woah, kid!” the teenager promptly rolls his eyes at the endearment but doesn’t slow down, one foot already out the door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Out,” he mutters, shuffling his feet, obviously anxious to be gone.

She would be amused, if she wasn’t 100% in Mom Mode as Henry himself calls it. Looks like she had a candidate for the lawn already.

“Care to be a bit more specific?” she lifts an inquisitive eyebrow and her son rolls his eyes again.

Who the hell did he get that from? Oh, right. Nevermind.

“I’m meeting Grace and I’m already late,” he says, glancing exasperatedly at the phone in his hand.

“It will be dark soon.”

“Mom, I’m almost eighteen years old. Come on! Dad said I can go!”

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Little Dancer

Fic Request: Lydia purposefully didn’t tell the rest of the pack she started taking ballet classes again. (She took years of classes when she was younger.) She didn’t want anyone to know. The classes were just something to take her mind off of everything. But then she needed a partner…

Rating: K

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Dancer!Lydia

Author: icepopppy

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Meant to Be Yours, Chapter 8

When Regina discovers that Henry has a learning disability, making math more difficult for him, Robin offers to help. As Robin and Roland, and Henry and Regina spend an increasing amount of time together, the two families grow much closer.

This one is pretty heavy on OQ and Outlaw Believer. :)

For @regal-believerxrizzlexaddict, who requested the Robin helping Henry deal with a learning disability; and for then anon who asked for more of Roland and Henry’s and Robin and Regina’s friendships.

@x-wishesonfallenstars-x and @maythavee, it’s up much earlier than expected, LOL. 

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#1 How You Meet [One Direction Preference]


You were in the front row at one of One Direction’s concert.
Your bestfriend was more excited than when her parents bought her a little puppy.
So seemed to be all the screaming girls around you.

You agreed and come to see the most famous band in the whole world because your bestfriend implored you to go with her, and maybe also because you quite enjoy listening to their music.
Although, you wouldn’t admit it.

The keep pushing forwards from the girls behind you, made you want to call a security guard and leave the stadium in a heart beat.
But you didn’t want to ruin your bestfriend’s happiness.

After tons of hours, 5 Second of Summer’s performance and 5 minutes of Macarena, the band you came to see made its way through the stage.

Your gaze immediately fell on Harry, you weren’t going to hide it; to you, he is the most attractive one.

You noticed a few glances from Harry too, and also a few winks.
You just laughed it off, thinking that he did it many other times with many other people.

But when, during best song ever, the security guard asked you if you would like to go to the backstage; your heartbeat increased considerably and your face started to hurt because of too much smiling.

Your bestfriend was a screaming and jumping mess while you were making your way towards the famous backstage.

When she left you to go to the toilet, a pair of strong and big hands laid on your hips, making you jump and stifling a scream.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, love” his low voice sounded from behind you and you were quick to turn around and face that beautiful face.

“No it’s okay” you smiled “I’m Y/N” you said and put your hand out, waiting for him to shake it.

“I’m Harry” he said lowly and, instead of shaking your hand, he pulled you against his chest, hugging you “I’m a hug guy” he smirked against your neck.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him as you inhaled his cologne.


You aren’t that kind of out-going teenagers.
You like to be alone, in a quiet place where you don’t need to talk or have people telling you what to do, or that you should go out more.

So, here you were, in the famous library of your city.
You can tell that it’s your house by now, since you’ve spent more time here than in your real house.

But you don’t like hearing your parents screaming or your sister hooking up with a random guy, so you could definetely tell that this place is how you’d love your home to be.

Your family issues made you shut everyone who cared about you out, forming walls all around you, and not letting anyone in.

Zayn Malik from One Direction loves peace and calm too.

He loves his screaming fans and his loud bandmates, but he loves drawing in silence too.

He has been staring at you for the past few days now, but he couldn’t bring himself to come and talk to you.
He thought you were too pure for him, and that you must have a boyfriend already.

But he doesn’t know that you are the most innocent creature alive, that you haven’t talked to a boy before, that you’ve noticed him staring at you, and you’ve been waiting him for days to come and talk to you.

He looks like your age, a quiet person like you and not a manwhore.
All you’ve always wantes is a guy who can bring you back to Earth.

Today, Zayn decided to make the first move, pushing his fears aside, and act like a real man.

When he approached your table, you could already smell his man cologne. The first one after years.

“I’m Zayn and I noticed you coming here often so I wanted to ask if you..um..if I could sit with you and just get to know you better” he talked so quickly that you surprised yourself understanting what he said.

“I’m Y/N and this seat is free” you whispered shyly and blushed.

Maybe he can be the first positive thing in my life, you thought.


You’ve always loved food.

It is something you couldn’t last without.

Well, everyone couldn’t last without it but you eat way more than the normal.

If a girl of your age would eat a dish of past, you would eat two dishes of past.

It’s been always like that, and it’s no going to change anytime soon.

You thought you would become fluffy or, worse, fluffy with all your eat per day. But you must thank God that you’re far from fat, and that you metabolism is the best thing you’ve ever asked for.

People use to compare you to Niall Horan from One Direction. Because he’s just like you; he eats a lot but doesn’t gain weight.

Although, he doesn’t like it every time. He wants to have muscular arms and hard abs, but his metabolism wouldn’t let him.

But he doesn’t cry or get upset over this; he just wished he could.

Today, you were at the smallest supermarket in your town; you didn’t like the biggest ones, where people would stare at you and every single move you’d do.

You knew that your mom was going to be mad at you for buying chips instead of the type of vegetable you don’t like, but, when it comes to food, you couldn’t care less.

While you were walking towards your car with all your bags, someone bumped into you, making a few of your bags fall on the ground.

He was fast to kneel down and grab the things which fell, putting them back inside the bags.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. I was in the cab and suddenly got hungry. Fortunately I saw this supermarket and I started running because I couldn’t wait to finally get something to eat” he said and you already knew who he was.

“It’s okay, you can go in and have your snack. I’ll make the bags sorted” you said, trying to mask a laugh.

“Heeey! I’m a needy-food man” he laughed at himself and looked up at you for the first time.

He had to try to not swallow too hard or say anything about the way you look; you were stunning to him.

He got up and put his hand out, for you to shake “I’m Niall” he said.

“I already know it and I’m Y/N” you smiled and shook his hand.


You weren’t sure why you agreed to come to the most famous club in the whole London.

You knew that your bestfriend needed to have fun and stop thinking about her recent break up with his two years boyfriend. You knew that she wanted to find a boy and hook up with him. But you didn’t know what it would include this.

You hate going to clubs that are this crowed. You prefer the small ones, where you can dance without having someone pushing you everywhere.

But, today, was just about your bestfriend. So you just tried to ignore the drunk men who tried to get you or the smell of sweat.

By the end of the night you found yourself on one of the club’s couch, with a drink in your hand, waiting for her to come back.

“I found someone really attractive and I think I’ll be able to get him all foe myself” you remembered her saying before disappearing for nearly three hours now.

Liam and his bandmates decided to have a fun night to the famous club in London.

He didn’t want to go there first. Being the clever one and knowing that too many people would recognise them.

But, as always, the lads didn’t listen to him. He came too, just in case that something bad happen; he would quickly find a way to make it good.

So, here he was, in the most crowed pub he’s ever been.

He saw you a few times through the night and he knew that you were here just because someone obligated you to come, like him. But he also knew that you weren’t going to let him talk to you, watching as you shut every guy out when they tried to talk to you or dance with you.

Harry tried to convince him to make the first move, that you were different from the other guys. But he had the strength to do it just when you were about to leave.

You felt someone poking ypur shoulder a few times and you sighed, ready to face a drunk man.

“I’m sorry. I know you’re about to go home but I noticed you and you caught my eyes and yeah” the clearly not drunk man said.

Your bestfriend started pushing you forwards, and whimpering quietly.

“Y/N! Y/N! He’s Liam Payne” she pointed out and you laughed.

“Nice to meet you” Liam whispered and gave you a quick hug

“Nice to meet you too”


“Ugh! Forget it! I’m done with you” you yelled at your boyfriend, now ex, on the other side of the phone.

You never thought he could cheat on you, but he did, and now you didn’t want anything more than not cry over him.

You packed your things, leaving your shared flat, drove to the nearest hotel, and booked a the cheapest room.

You didn’t know that One Direction were staying in the same hotel as you. But, they are.

Menagement thought that it would be better if they’d sleep in one of the less famous hotel here; fans and paps would never imagine that they were here. And it worked, no one knew about it.

At 2 in the working you decided you could go for some Mc Donald’s in your sweatpants and a tank top, to forget about your cheating ex-boyfriend. While Louis was dressing up to meet his bandmates at a club near the hotel.

You didn’t even notice that there wss actual another person in the elevator until it suddenly stopped. So did your heart for a second.

“No-No please” you whispered and ran a hand through your hair.

You are a really claustrophobic person and this is the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

“Are you alright miss?” A voice from behind you asked and you turned around, facing that Louis.

“Oh um well. Not really” you admitted and sighed heavily to calm yourself down.

You two got stick in the elevator together for almost an hour, and you have to thank Louis for entertaining you, making you forget that you were closed in a tiny elevator.

You told him about everything that happened with your ex-boyfriend and he told you everything that happened with his ex-girlfriend.

When you finally could step out of the damned thing, you sighed in relief and started walking towards the exit of the hotel.

A hand wrapped around your arm stopped you and you smiled, already knowing that it was him.

“May I have the pleasure to know your name?” He asked a bit shyly.

“I’m Y/N”