i spent forever editing the photo

Umbrella Beach

“There’s an underwater Ferris wheel, where I found the missing link to our island chain…”

Despite a kinda downer music video and the heart attacks it gave to many a hootowl shuffling their Owl Citys and Port Blues, Umbrella Beach really is a lovely song about chasing dreams, as I tried to capture in this drawing.

Editing Watercolor Scans

Hi again, guys! Sorry again to spam your dashs, but here’s how I edit my watercolor scans. My scanner, like most scanners I’m sure, doesn’t have very good color accuracy, plus I tried out some new brown Higgins ink on this and it bled REALLY bad, so I have lots of edits to show you, lol!

This is what we’re going for with the final colors:

A photo of the painting itself.  I actually use watered down gouache for a lot of my paintings, so this one ended up “thicker” than usual watercolor. (see that smeared Higgins ink!?!?! grrrr)

The photo looks a thousand times better than the raw scan:

Here’s the problem with scanning watercolors: your scanner is probably off in color (mine’s too yellow usually), it flattens out all your cool values that you spent forever on, and the background texture of the white is annoying. If your painting doesn’t have large empty white spaces, editing is easier, but I like spot illustrations that don’t have white-paper backgrounds, so…onto to editing.

Erase the background and adjust the levels to get rid of the paper texture like yesterday (again, it’s okay if there are some fuzzballs the levels didn’t catch):

Now to deal with color correction. This is a bit of a process, and an art, and it takes lots of personal tweaking to find what you like. Because this ended up too yellow, I dropped a layer of red in, set to screen, and then because I wanted to darken her hair, I added another layer on top and painted a dark brown with the flow (under “other properties” in the brush palette) set to pen pressure, and then I set the whole layer to overlay and dropped the opacity.  I used a layer mask on this layer so I could paint roughly and clean up later. (Layer masks are the rectangle with the circle in it at the bottom of the layer palette; click that while selecting the layer you want and then you can erase parts you don’t want of that layer using a black paint brush; using white is like “erasing” the mask).  I also tend to use the hue/saturation tool (image > adjustments > hue/saturation) to tweak either the layers I lay on top to get the right color or the entire painting itself (for pieces that require less editing, that’s sometimes all I do).

Then I fix the fuzzballs and ink smears (thank you Higgins) using a white paint brush and the rubber stamp tool like yesterday:

And after looking at the color rough and seeing that I liked her face better in it, I used the rubber stamp tool to change her face shape a bit.  I also added some black to her eyelashes because they had been lightened more than I wanted by the screen layer of red.


Not all of my watercolors require this much editing, but I learned my lesson with Higgins ink – it does not like thick gouache under it! :P I guess it worked as a demo though because I had a lot to change. Adjusting the colors with overlay layers, hue/saturation, or the color balance tool (image > adjustments > color balance) just takes experimentation and practice, but this is why I label half of my pieces “mixed media,” haha! Anyway, I hope this was helpful to some of you and thanks again for reading! :)


So I met Troy Baker last Saturday.

What a lovely guy! He’s honestly one of the sweetest, funniest, most interactive, and genuine stars I’ve ever met. I saw him perform an acoustic set and his singing was beautiful. He gave a really inspirational speech which really helped me. Then in my photo shoot he was so sweet and got really into the pose and I got to hug him afterwards (he makes me look so tiny!) Later when I met him again at the autograph desk I was still holding my self-made ‘No Pun Intended : Volume Too’  from The Last of Us for my Ellie cosplay when he signed the Joel print for me. He saw it and went “There it is!” as he remembered it from my photo shoot with him and he picked it up and looked through it. I pointed out how I put the jokes in and he was like “Wait you made this? You actually made this?!” and I said “Yeah! I made it from an old quiz book thing I had as a kid. I edited all the cover together and spent last night adding the puns in.” He pointed at the cover and was like “So…” so I explained “It took me forever to line up all the spine, I printed it so many times trying to get it right.” He was so impressed, I didn’t even think it was that wow myself! He was like flipping through it an examining it and then showed it to his wife Pamela who was sat next to him and he was like “Look at this! She made this!!!” and she smiled. I pointed out all the jokes and he quotes one of Joel’s responses to the jokes, I can’t remember which one I think it was either “I don’t know, what?” or “I don’t get it” in the Joel voice and it was amazing. I pointed out the “People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow” as my favourite one and he laughed, he liked it too. AND THEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, HE SIGNED MY JOKE BOOK. I was so stunned (especially since his autograph was £20 so I was getting a second autograph FOR FREE?!?!) and also I could believe how much he liked the joke book and how impressed he was with it!!

He drew the two dots first so I thought he was just gonna draw a smiley face or something but I think he wrote “sigh”, amazing. I love Troy, he’s such a brilliant person to meet. I prepared myself to talk about The Last of Us and how it’s my favourite game and everything but all that went out thewindow and we just geeked out over my book! Best day ever!

 hiiiiii ! so uhm its been an amazing year for all of us and i would like to thank everyone for following this trashy blog, and i have so many lovely people i follow in this website, and i cant wait to brag them all…….so since everybody else is bragging the people who they follow (through follow forevers), well perhaps i should too ! x 

and its time to show off y’all my amazing Editing Skills (i apologize to the experts its really not how i edit photos but idek why i did that) (i used paint btw)

ff starts under this cut

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It isn’t too late to say Merry Christmas to everyone and ealier to say Happy New Year, so I decided to make my first follower forever, I haven’t reached 1k followers and my tumblr isn’t 1 year, but I wanna  thank all the people who is following and I´m followed, for the amazing year I’ve spent thanks to u, behind a computer and I don’t know u in person but all of u are amazing, without u I could be better at school but at the same time without u it would be stressful.. I had a lot of fun this year thanks to your gifs, photo editions,  reactions, videos, etc. 
Thanks, Hope don’t forget anyone, and if I made a mistake with ur url or nicknames, tell me. 

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“I am thankful for the fans who always take pretty photos of us, so I wanted to personally capture the pretty fans’ too, which is why I started it. Through the photos, I’m sharing the time we spent together, and I want to remember the memories I’ve made with my loving fans forever.” -Himchan 

photo cr:

Q- So how long you been in Sri Lanka?

I’ve been in Sri Lanka for just over a year and a half after having lived in Korea since 2002. Moving here with my wife wasn’t all that hard, but we did have some adjusting to do. For example, the internet here is a lot slower, my bandwidth is capped (less jpron!), the power goes out a few times a week, and the kimchi isn’t very good, but our apartment has a killer view of the ocean and it’s a much more comfortable size than the shoe box we were living in Seoul.

Q- How was South Korea?

Seoul is a pretty radtacular place if you go in with an open mind. A sizable percentage of the expat population there bitch and moan a lot, but if you can get past having a shitty job, shitty boss, and less access to recreational substances it’s easy living.

Q- I bet. Where are you from originally? Why’d you leave?

I am originally from Toronto. A few days after graduating, a buddy of mine called me up and asked me if I wanted a job teaching English in Seoul. I asked him if there was any yayo in Seoul and seven days after him telling me there wasn’t I was in a classroom full of ten year old kids teaching English. I honestly thought I’d only be there for six months, but I ended up falling in love with the place.

Q- Did you manage to find any yayo?

I’d never looked for it. I kept busy drinking and exploring the city. The chance did come up about a year into my time there but I declined the offer. Mission accomplished.

Q- You say your work has no message or meaning, why’s that important?

Its not important. It’s just that I am often asked what my message or motive is and answering that I simply take photos isn’t good enough for a lot of people. It’s that de facto question everyone asks of a photographer and from what I can tell, the better a photographer can bullshit their answer, the more attention they get. Last week I was asked more than a few times about it, and it got me thinking that maybe I do need a message and I ended up smoking a pack of Golden Virginia on the balcony talking to myself about it. I concluded that it boils down to me not being able to eloquently phrase “I like capturing what’s around me”. Instead, I am expected to “like exploring the human element by”…I can’t even begin to move forward with that statement because it makes me feel sick. Why must I have something poignant to say about my photography!?

Q- It seems to me like you capture the glance, a seemingly insignificant moment unworthy of recognition - your photos represent the double-take.

I am not interested in always providing the most interesting photos of really interesting things. Cities everywhere, after living in them for a time, get boring. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they’d do what I did if they lived some place more fun, cool, photo worthy. In my opinion, they’re just fucking lazy. Photography can be boring, so those seemingly insignificant moments happen far more often than the fucked up things that get published on FAIL blogs and in Vice. Those in-your-face photographers are trendy now, but they’re shit gets old, their style is unsustainable. My shit is going to remain seemingly insignificant forever.

Q- Wanky question, sorry, what’s your ‘style’?

Another de facto question I cringe at. I pack my bag, go for a walk or a tuktuk ride, take photos, and then edit them. My “style” comes out more after I’ve edited the shot. I’ve spent years tweaking my preset, and I like to think when someone sees a shot, they might know it’s mine. Moreover, I don’t really go out of my way to capture certain things, though I do like getting shots of people reading the newspaper. Seeing people read the newspaper gives me hope that society isn’t completely obsessed with reality TV and pop stars; though realistically, they could be reading about reality TV or pop stars. Fuck that would suck.

Q- Why is Korea trying to hide its ugly side?

I have to generalize to answer this question, but Koreans can’t understand why I would want to walk down a narrow ally in an old neighborhood to take photos. They want me walking through the newly erected areas and they want me to highlight all things shiny, sparkling and glamorous. I don’t actually think I am taking pictures of an “ugly side”. I do walk through shiny areas, but to get from one shiny area to the next, I inevitably walk through an older area that hasn’t gone through gentrification, or is in the process of gentrification. They don’t want me in those areas because development is often messy business and a lot of people don’t want those issues coming to light. Generally speaking, Koreans think my photos make Korea look dirty, poor, and depressing. Their impression of my photos is the complete opposite of what people outside Korea think my photos are showing them of Seoul.

Q- Did photography help you avoid being a lonely Canadian?

Wut? No. Not really. Street photography can be a pretty lonely hobby as I rarely interact with the people around me. I guess it’s less lonely than sitting at home watching TV, but it isn’t a very social experience.

Q- Personal travel photography has exploded, what do you hate about it?

Has it? I had no idea. I genuinely don’t hate most photography. I hate what most photographers write about their photography. In a lot of cases, I feel like they are compensating a weak shot by fucking blathering on and on about this or that. It’s sometimes painful to read.

Q- In a more compact sense; what’s wrong with most street photography?

I know Street Photography isn’t pictures of flowers in your back yard, raindrops on a window, cappuccino art, and photos with inspiring Helvetica text on them. On the whole, the scene is infected by the disease of writing about the photo, or even worse watermarking a photo. In fact, I almost always immediately ignore a shot that has a watermark on it. When I don’t, I try and tell the photographer how much I hate their watermark. Watermarks are for posers and stock photography sites. There is this mentality today that something profound needs to accompany the shot. It is infuriating that so many great photos out there include text that tells lies, exaggerations, and half-truths the photographer comes up with in the hope that their words will resonate with critics, editors, and curators, and worst of all, make their photo more compelling. Making a joke or sometimes writing something is fine, but there are photographers out there neck deep in that fucking nonsense.

Q- Why do you hate watermarking?

I despise watermarks. They’re ugly and useless. When I see a photo with a watermark words that come to mind are “amateur”, “poser”, and “giant ego”. Some might say I am arrogant for saying that, but I’m not arrogant enough to put a watermark on my photo! The only person who appreciates a watermark is the fuck who put it there. Then there is the camp who thinks a watermark is an “artist’s signature” and that it magically copyrights and protects the photo. I laugh at people like that. Most people who watermark put it in one of the corners. This makes no sense because if I really like the shot, and really want to steal it, I can just download it and crop it a bit. And at the end of the day, what is to stop someone from downloading my 72dpi picture, watermarking it, and then claiming it is theirs? The same fucking thing that stops anyone stealing a watermarked 72dpi photo: the original photo! In short, watermarking DOES NOT mean something is copyrighted or protected. It’s just a distraction from the picture and usually some text saying “HEY, LOOK AT MY NAME INSTEAD OF THIS PHOTO!!!”

Q- Instagram?

I can appreciate photography on instagram, and I have a few friends who use it quite regularly. I myself don’t use it very often, but I don’t think services like that are threats to “photography”. I think they’re an additional outlet for people who want to be creative and we should probably embrace them.

Q- Is there pressure to be poignant with photography?


So there it is. The interview was a bit of email back-and-forth and a Skype conversation. To be fair, the dude who interviewed me was a freelance dude just doing his job. He genuinely appreciated my photography and was doing his best to get the interview up, but all his editor wanted was “Korean crime, grime and that shit”. In the end I just said that I didn’t see my photography as being negative, and for the editor to want me to gripe about crime/dirt/etc regarding Korea was a bit much for me. I just don’t see Seoul as a place like that. And to be honest, I have had to argue with Koreans enough about how my photography isn’t highlighting a negative side of Seoul that for his editor to want me to do it was kind of dickish. He understood and that was that. 

Nevertheless, I asked if it was ok if I shared the Q&A with you, and he said “That’s totally cool, go for it!"