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Request (Anon): Tom and the reader have a fight so she won’t sleep in the same bed as him

words: 1838

Eight months

That’s how long you and Tom have been together. Exclusively at least. You’ve known each other for nearly six years, each of those years spent denying feelings for one other. So, whenever Tom finally silenced the words of encouragement from both his head and his friends and told you how he truly felt it was no surprise to anyone how easily the two of you fell together. Over the years, the two of you have had your share of fights. Best friends always do. Maybe that is why he hadn’t expected your first fight as a couple to have such a terrible fallout.

He wasn’t prepared to be on the other end of words that caused tears to fall from your eyes, or to be the one incapable of making them stop. Throughout the majority of your friendship, he’d been the one to comfort you in times like this. He was always the one to talk you out of moments of self-doubt. Only, today, he had nothing to say.

And that was the problem.

Instead of speaking, he’d shut completely down.

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Request: “Can you an imagine where the reader and Harry (Hook) get into a fight and after the reader storms out she gets kidnapped or hurt by someone who has a grudge against Harry and it ends in fluff (Also I love your writing).”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Arguing, profanity, a bit of angst, and mentions of torture

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

“Leave me alone don’t touch me!” You yelled at your boyfriend Harry.

You both were currently arguing over the fact that you had caught him looking at another girl. You had all the right to be mad because he had no right to do that. You were his girlfriend and he needed to show some respect

“I can’t look at other people now?” Harry exclaimed.

“No not like that! Your fucking eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. I’m surprised you didn’t drool.” You spat as you hit him in the chest and tried to walk away.

Harry grabbed your arm forcefully causing you to stumble back. His grip was so tight that you could feel your arm bruising already.

“Harry what the hell let me go.” You said trying to squirm out of his grip but it wouldn’t budge.

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Sk8er Girl CH4 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
External image

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

(AN: LAST chapter! We did the angst, hurt, comfort, and fluff. Now - smut! Hope y’all enjoyed the ride)

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Buried Alive

Summary: Captain Riza Hawkeye must fake her death and go undercover to infiltrate a group in the east whose goal is to halt the reconstruction of Ishval.

A/N: There will be some Royai bc I am Royai Trash but this is mostly a story about Riza, and it’s a long story. Let me know what you think of this first chapter, and if you have any tips or concrit hmu. This is almost 6,000 words it’s like the longest thing I’ve ever written.

Captain Riza Hawkeye’s fingers glide over the smooth envelope situated in the center of General Roy Mustang’s colossal oak desk. She’s been shuffling from his office to wherever his next meeting would be all morning, so she isn’t sure who’d delivered the thing. She asks Jean Havoc when she bumps into him in the late afternoon, but he only gives her more to consider. He’s been in the General’s office almost all day, he says, mulling over mundane documents about construction site errors and burst sewage pipes, but no one has approached him with anything for the General. She questions Kain Fuery about it next but he just shakes his head at her. “I wasn’t even in this building until an hour ago, sir.” Heymans Breda and Vato Falman were Riza’s last resorts, but they had been running drills at the firing range from the time they got to work to the time she finds them loitering in the halls just before the evening bell rings.

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Gency’s Valentines

The Charming Cyborg

The laboratory was filled with the scent of clean sterilized equipment, cool air conditioning that left no lingering odor of the chemicals that were once in the now spotless test flasks, and the naturally calming ambient scent of the wooden floor that was similar to the style used in traditional Japanese homes. Amidst it all, Mercy sat at a work table surrounded by papers, tablets, charts, and reports, almost all which were generated by herself with the exception of a few correspondents and external researches from others that were loaded up on her tablets for easy access of bringing around with her and comparing data.

The lady in the white lab coat perused over the data that surrounded her, idly taking a sip of the cup of tea that was on a safe area of her table. It would not have been there had a certain someone not insistently bringing her one. While he was not here at the moment, it suddenly felt strange to not have one near her while she worked. Besides, its warmth made her feel calm and reminded her of his presence. He reasoned also that it would be better than overloading her with caffeine if she kept drinking throughout the day and night. Had he insisted on any other drink, she might have have the same in all honesty. However, it was the traditional drink of choice from his homeland, one that he gladly shared with her. As such, she couldn’t help but attribute the familiar scent with him, the loving Japanese cyborg.

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A Night on The Town

My @mlsecretsanta​​ gift for @katswatermelon​! A Happy Holiday to you! Now have some DJWifi fluff!


“I just don’t know what to get her, bro.”

“What about an interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir?”


“Got her that last year.”

“Has she interviewed them since Ladynoir became canon?”


“Seriously, Nino. Stop beating your head against the table.”

“I’ll stop when I figure this out.”


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UPBRAID (Jumin Han Fic) 2

part one here !!

It was tomorrow.

And there’s a color scheme you had to follow and everything. Females had to wear white/cream and guys had to wear black/gray.

“Zen. You’re still going right?” You ask him sat on the sofa in your apartment. “Mhm.” He answers. “Do you have any black or gray for the wedding?” 

“I think so.” He says, looking unsure. 

“I might have one that can fit you.” You bought a nice suit for Jumin once, you saved up for it and everything. You thought that it would be a special suit for him, since you had a few adjustments made. You were supposed to give to him, with that letter you spent hours writing, trying to figure out the words to use. 

You hand Zen the suit, and as he tries it on, there you sat, mind in space.

What was that letter about? Did you ever take it out of the suit? Why didn’t you give him the suit?

“MC?” You hear Zen call out your name. “Are you okay?” He asks. You nod your head and ask why. “Is it okay if I wear this to the wedding? It fits fine.” He lets go of the thought he just had. “Yeah, sure.” You snap yourself back into reality. 

After lunch, Zen makes a call outside the balcony. “Who’d you phone?” You ask, casually scrolling through Tumblr. “Jaehee. Had to ask her about something.” 

“Cool.” You say, still scrolling

“What happened on the fifth of March?” He all of a sudden brings up

You failed your most important exam, the place you were part-timing at shut down and you had just gotten into a fight with Jumin. That was the worst, you were at the bottom of everything at that time. The letter that was in the suit, Zen had found, was messy hand writing and dried tear stains.

You start to tear up. Drop after drop, your chest just ached more remembering.

You explain everything you had to, and you could see in Zen’s expression that the blood inside him was at its boiling point. He helped you calm down as you helped him.

The day of the wedding, sunset afternoon, giant open grass area, peaceful river bank nearby. You had fixed your makeup, worn that pretty cream dress and your ankle strap heels.

Eventually, you find Jaehee. And you two sit next to her for the ceremony.

“I’m glad you came, MC.” Jaehee whispers to you as the bride and groom exchange vows. “I hope Jumin isn’t mad that I came.” You whisper back.

Jaehee all  of a sudden spaced out, maybe she realized something or whatever?

“Mr. Han.” She says under her breath. “He arrived late.” She says. “I have absolutely no idea of his whereabouts.”


You turn to talk to Zen on your left, but he disappeared. He was missing. As well as Jumin Han. You report to Jaehee, and the both of you split up to look for them.

You, searching, but looking at nothing but the ground, jump into a black suit. The black suit had that lingering scent you found familiar. You look up to find the same black hair on the same head that fell asleep on your lap while you pulled all nighters, trying to study.

“MC?” The voice echoed at the back of your head. You met once again with the piercing pair of grey eyes.

And the best thing you could think of doing?

Running away. Which you did. You managed to make your way out of that crowd, away from the tall man. You find an empty table, and sit down. Your feet were killing you. You should’ve worn the flats, the ones Zen told you to wear wile you were at the apartment. Fuck.

“MC, are you alright?” Zen comes up to you out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of you. You nod. “Do your feet hurt already?” He asks. You nod, making him giggle. He hands you the flats you had at home. You look at him confused. “I knew you were going to get tired and want to go bare foot eventually. But I can’t let a princess go around barefoot, right?” He smiles, then helps you remove your heels, slipping on the flats after. He hands you the heels, and asks you to keep hold of them first, leaving to go to some dude who called him.

god why is zen such a cutie help

You drag yourself to the bathroom, miraculously. And like a stupid head, you forget to lock the door. It was a shared bathroom for everyone, so anyone who was anyone could come in. Doesn’t matter, you were just going to wash your hands anyway. You could hear Zen’s voice asking around for Jumin. Uh-oh.

Then the door opens.

Mister Jumin fucking Han

You freak out. “I was just leaving, you can use the bathroom.” You say, making your way to the door. About 1 step away form the outside freedomness,  Jumin gets a hold of your arm, pulls you back in, and locks the door.

“You come to the event, and out of all the people you could have brought, ZEN?” His tone goes out the roof. “Jesus christ, MC! You could have brought someone else!” He basically scolds you. He looks at you, developing a devilish smirk.

“Maybe you need to be taught a lesson, kitten.” His body moving fast, in the blink of an eye, your back against the wall. You were pinned to the wall with his strong hands, was this good or bad?

He smashed his lips against yours and continued that session for awhile. He whispers for you to wrap your legs around his waist, which for some reason, you so willingly did.

“Your dress.” He says, trying not to break up that ongoing kiss. “It looks so fucking great on you.” He sighs, in a good way.

“I can’t believe you made me wait.” He said under a breath. This fucking short dress.” He kept going. “And the straps.” He peeps a smile. “I wasn’t even the first to see you wear it. How dare you.” He says, smiling devilishly again, breaking the kiss. “I guess I’ll have to be the first one to see you take the dress off, hun.”

He looks at you, knowing you wanted that kiss. He once again pushes his lips against yours, pulling away again, teasing you. Eventually, he presses his aggressive lips against yours, once again pinning you to the wall. You could feel the smirk. His hands travel fast to various destinations of your body.

Where was this going?

FIND OUT NEXT TIME HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE is it ok to write smut lol I haven’t posted any nsfw online so idk :> feedback !!! I know its bad :-( meh



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The End

1.3k words, G rated

When confronted by the Dementors in the Voldemort timeline, Scorpius hears his mother asking him for help. That memory had to come from somewhere, and this is my version of that awful moment in Scorpius’s life. 

Beta’d, as always, by the wonderful @bounding-heart.

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anonymous asked:

can i request for a brian scenario where you are taking a major exam and youre getting nearer to your exam day by day but the stress just keeps building up and one day u just cant take it anymore and break down? (ps i really like your writing you write really well :) )

Here you go. I hope this isn’t too late? 

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4 times Minerva McGonagall told Remus Lupin she was disappointed in him

Part of the Let’s Set The Sky On Fire! Verse. (Marauders Era, Modern AU)

Pairing: wolfstar (M/M, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin)

Genre: bit of everything, really? Nothing explicit.

word count: 4552

Descritption: It wasn’t often that Minerva McGonagall told her students straight-out that they’d disappointed her. Especially when it came to such brilliant students as Remus Lupin.

TW: homophobic slurs, bit of bullying.

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Sweet Lullaby

Request: Reader stays with Cas in the angel base where he as a commander prepares angels to fight. She’s only human there and needs stuff like sleep or food. But she doesn’t want to sleep. Even when Cas kisses her and tells her to do so. Once she falls asleep on his desk and when he sees her he smiles and takes her to their “bedroom”. When he wants to leave she wakes up and asks him to stay. He obeys and they cuddle together, talk and she finally falls asleep in arms of her angel.

Castiel x Reader

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2082

Y/N = Your name  Y/E/C = Your eye colour Y/H/C = Your hair colour

I hope this was what you wanted anon!

The angel base was a strange place to call home, even if it was only a temporary one. Stranger than any themed motel room or abandoned building you’d ever had to stay in. But hell, what wasn’t strange in your world? And as long as Castiel was there, as long as you still had him, you could be literally anywhere and it would be the best place on earth. Still, you couldn’t make yourself relax, not completely. Not when Cas was fighting so hard for what he believed in.

Sure, the war hadn’t started yet, but even in the fragile peace of a standstill you couldn’t rest. There was little you could do where you were. Being the only human made you less useful than the makeshift bedroom Cas had set up next to the office you were currently sitting in. Yet you tried to do your part, and you needed to try harder than the rest of them. You needed to read more, prepare more, be more. You didn’t want to just rely on Castiel’s kindness.

You’d made him bring you with him into the warzone when he was called upon to lead the army of angels, you couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. And you could definitely not sleep. Not when the world was so close to crashing down around you. After all, the world had a tendency to do just that when you let yourself relax enough to make sleep pull you under. No, you had to stay awake.

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Taekwoon x reader smut and fluff 'Call me Leo.'

ijoinedthedarksideforcookies said: Can I have a fluff scenario with taekwoon (the color is black btw) and my name is Katelyn if you needed that… Thank u!! (ur my fav blog…) >.<

Anon said: Leo, black, smut and fluff Please :D

Black: school scenario.

Send me the name of your bias and your favourite colour and I’ll write a smut or fluff based on it. (clarify smut, fluff or both.)


External image

You sat in the common room, boredly tapping your pencil on your book. Everybody around was was happily chatting, studying, eating, and whatelse not. All your friends had already gone home, or they had class now, so you were stuck here, alone, untill your next hour or until someone would join you. You got up, leaving your books. No one would steal your history homework anyway in the five minutes it would take you to go to your locker and grab some other books. You walked through the hallways, lazily listening to parts of instruction lessons you could hear from the classrooms as you were passing them by. Turning the corner to your locker you stopped, and quickly stepped back behind the wall. Someone was standing just in front of your locker. You were certain it was yours, it was covered with stickers and notes your friends had written. The person was reading the notes, and you heard a small chuckle leave their lips. You peeked your head around the corner, to see a tall guy standing there. His long black hair was loosely tugged behind his ear, and his long fingers trailed over the letters on your locker. You squinted your eyes, you vaguely recognised him.. But what was his name again.. His pale hand dug in his pocket and he took out a small note. He looked at it for a while and pecked it softly before sliding it through the slit in your locker. He turned the other way and walked off, probably to his class. Suddenly his name popped up in your head, and you almost said it out loud before you stopped yourself to keep him from hearing you. You stared at his back until he disappeared around the corner. You took your hands away from your mouth.

‘Of course, Taekwoon, how could I forget?’

You quickly walked over to your locker an opened it. The note fell out on the floor, and you quickly snatched it, along with your books. As you were walking back to the common room to continue studying your opened to note to read it.

Dear (y/n),

Weeks, months, I have spent looking at you. Every day you grow more beautiful, and every day it kills me a little more inside. I can’t keep on pretending like you’re not the most perfect thing I have ever seen. I can’t keep trying to put my feelings away in the hope I won’t have to admit them. I can’t tell you who I am, not yet, but let me know whether you would be interested in meeting me. If you would give me a chance to show you how beautiful you are. Meet me in the common room tomorrow after school. If you show up I know I have a chance of winning you over. And if you don’t show up… I’ll respect your decision then, and won’t bother you anymore.

Yours truely,


Leo? The corner of your mouth pulled up slightly. An alias. How adorable.. A blush spread across your cheeks as you entered the common room again. You walked back to your table and put you books down, still clutching the note. You felt eyes burn into you, and looked to the side. There, hidden behind a book, but slightly peeking over the top, someone was staring at you. Once you turned the head quickly dissappeared behind the book, but you were certain it was Taekwoon.

You were definitely meeting him tomorrow.

*magical time skip to your last hour the next day*

You sat in chemistry class, nervously tapping your feet as you intently watched the clock on the wall. You ignored the teacher rambling on about atoms and as soon as the bell rung you shot through the classroom towards the door. You tried to get through the stream of students washing towards the outside doors as you went in the opposite direction towards the common room. You snuck in, the sounds of happily talking teenagers being muted as the doors closed behind you. The lights had already switched off, so you stood there for a minute letting your eyes adjust. Once they had done that, you walked into the hall further, until you heard the door open again and someone enter. You turned around, to see the vague figure of Taekwoon leaning against the door.


He whispered, his eyes obviously not adjusted to the dark yet.


You heard a sigh of relief leave him.

'You came.’

You giggled a bit and moved closer to him, his eyes finally able to see you a bit.

'Of course I did, I knew it was you after all.’

You could almost hear Taekwoon’s cheeks heat up, and you grinned showing your teeth.

'B-but how did you know it was me? I signed with “Leo”.’

'I saw you throw it in my locker, you dummy.’

Taekwoon fell silent.

'You did? And you still came?’

He started walking into the hall, sitting himself down at a table in the middle of it. You sat of the table, facing him, your feet dangling down.

'Yes.. I-I have seen you before in school, but you were always so quiet and distant to everybody.. I thought you prefered to be left alone.’

'I do, but I do have a very select group of people I DO want to be around.’

He turned his head away from you a bit.

'That group mostly limits itself to you, but that’s a mere matter of detail.’

He coughed and turned back to you.

'Sorry if I’m a bit weird, most people just don’t interest me.. But you,’

He reached for your hand, and you let him as he scooted his chair closer, still holding your hand.

'You fascinate me, (y/n). I don’t know what it is, but maybe that’s what keeps me coming back to you.’

You smile and subconsiously tug his hair behind his ear with your free hand. He freezes at this, staring up at you. His face is pale white in the little light that’s left, his eyes two black pools of ink. His warm breath brushes your face, and your palms are suddenly sweaty. Taekwoon stands, towering over you, and brushed his fingers through your hair, making your close your eyes slightly.


You look up at him.

'You can hate me if you want to, but I’m going to kiss you.’

He quickly leaned down and pushed his lips to yours, stealing your breath. Both his hands are placed at the base of your neck, holding your face close. He tastes strangely sweet, and his musky smell surrounds you as you throw up your arms to loop around his neck. He pulls away way too fast, and he releases a breathy laugh.

'Just so you know, next time you won’t have to announce you’re going to kiss me.’

Before you can say more he has smashed his lips to yours again, the force bringing you to lie down on the table. Taekwoon leans forward more, his arms strechted next to your head to keep himself up. His tongue darts out to lick between your lips, and you part them letting him in. His tongue licks around yours, and he sucks on your bottom lip harshly, making sure it’d swell later. You pulled on his hair harshly, enjoying the pained and pleasured moan he let out in response. He pulled away again, a devious smirk played on his face.

'So you like that huh? A little pain-play? You’re gonna pay for that.’

He pulled your uniform jacket off, and went for your tie and blouse. His cold hands went under your blouse, lightly brushing your chest. You pulled his sweater over his head, grunting in discontent when you saw he was wearing tanktop under it instead of just his beautiful bare chest. Your nails dug into his toned arms, as he ripped off your blouse, popping the last couple of buttons because he was too impatient to propely undo them. He unclasped your bra, fingers tickling over your breasts. You slid your hands under his tank and over his stomach and chest. He pulled it off for you, and pulled your chest against his while passionately kissing your neck. He bit down hard, causing pain and marks, but mostly pleasure. His hands wandered down your body to slide under your skirt, against your crotch. His thumb pressed down firmly, making you throw your head back and moan. He continued, rubbing in abrut circles, while undoing his pants and sliding them down to pool at his ankles. You smirked when you realised what he was doing, and bucked your hips and bit more to tease and show him what you wanted. Looking up he brushed his nose against yours. His fists closeda round the fabric of your panties and a ripping sound was heard. You let out a single 'ha’ when you realised he had literally just ripped your panties off because he wanted to fuck you so bad.

'Sorry about that.’

Taekwoon nuzzled his nose in your neck, pulling you closer to his body.

'But I like you better without them anyway.’

He kissed you deeply, and held his member at your entrance, slightly brushing against it, asking for entrance. As a response, you tugged his hair again. That seemed to trigger something in him, because he suddenly slammed into you, taking your breath away. He harshly bit down on your nipple, digging his nails in your ass.

'Told you I would punish you for that.’

His voice was lower than before, and he started thrusting into you slowly and deeply, picking up a pace you could move into. Your hips rolled forward desperately, and one of your hands scratched down his chest leaving red marks. He hit that one magic spot inside of you, and your head fell forward against his neck as he angled to keep hitting that spot. The table wobbled as his pace increased even more, trying to give you all you deserved. His breathing was heavy, small moans rumbling through his chest as your muscles starting twitching around him, signing you were close. He kissed your temples, calming you down a bit, even though the knot in your stomach was driving you mad, as he kept ramming into it.

'Tae-hnnggg. TAe-I-I’m ’

He interrupted your endless moaning with a soft kiss, before whispering in your ear.

'Call me Leo.’

With one last thrust you gapsed loudly, feeling yourself unwind under his fingertips. You wanted to scream, to beg for more, but a softly moaned 'Leo’ was all that left your lips. But that seemed to be enough for Taekwoon, as you felt him realise inside of you, quickly pulling your lips to his for a kiss to silence himself. After both of your had calmed down, and the intense pressure had left your body, you felt Taekwoon gently pull out off you and pull his pants back up. You stared at his gorgeous sweat face as he got something out off his bag. He slid his PE shorts over your slender legs, and pulled the shirt over your bare chest. He picked up your torn and discarded clothes and put them in the bag before putting his tank and sweater back on. As he got up again your snatched his face and gave him a long close-mouthed kiss.

'That was amazing Taekwoon.’

You sighed against his lips and he picked you up from the table, laughing at how big his clothes were on you.

'YOU were amazing.’

Taekwoon whispered back holding your hands in his.

'You know.. I was wondering, as it’s Friday, and my parents just so happened to be out for the weekend, whether you ehh.. would wanna stay over at my place.’

He gave you a nervous smile and you cupped his face with one hand.

'I’d love that, Taekwoon.’

He tapped your ass with his free hand and winked, leading you to the exit.

'Told you to call me Leo.’



Missing Sister

Submitted by: http://pink-spaceturtle5.tumblr.com/

Length: Super long

It was over a month since my sister went missing. Mom had all but given up, now only going as far as Craigslist to look for her. Even despite our recent tragedy and the disturbing rumors I’d heard concerning the woods just outside of town, I loved taking walks at night. I didn’t see any reason not to, so long as I carried my knife and stuck to my usual route, well away from the forest. I took the interurban trail up to the tiny circle of restaurants and convenience stores, turned onto the sidewalk, and walked the rest of the way home under bright orange streetlights. Even on the darkened trail, I had my flashlight app see the way. It was important to Mom that I played it safe. 

I won’t pretend that I haven’t felt drawn to the forest since her disappearance, though. Every night, I keep turning the incident over again and again in my mind: 

Eliza gets home from work. I’m sitting on the couch playing Fallout. Mom’s making dinner in the kitchen.   

“We got mail!” She announces, slapping a handful of letters down onto the kitchen table. 

“Anything for me?” I called.

“Not unless you want junk mail.”

I shrugged and disintegrated a feral ghoul. A letter from grandma I’d shake open for money, a bank statement about my savings account, spam letters… those were the rare occasions I ever got mail, not counting the dreaded report card. Eliza had graduated two years ago, and I had just become a high school senior. 

I’ll admit it was fun at first, watching her man the drive-thru window at McDonald’s for a few months, lording over the fact that the prodigal daughter was reduced to a mere fast food worker, but she graduated to Value Village by fall, and then a swanky boutique. She claimed to hate every minute of dealing with middle aged moms, old ladies, and modern-day Cordelia Chases, but I was still jealous of how glamorous she made everything look. This was her first year at college, studying to become a nurse. She seemed glad to take a break from working, and I couldn’t blame her. It seemed like a nightmare. 

But, I thought, shoveling a handful of pork rinds into my mouth, it was a nightmare for Future Riley to deal with. 

She flopped down next to me, inspecting an ancient, cream-colored envelope. 

“What'cha got there?” I asked, my voice muffled with food.

“I dunno. There’s no return address.” She murmured this to herself as much as me, completely unperturbed by my manners. 

“Open it!” I urged, pulling up my Pip-Boy to pause the game.

She fumbled with the envelope flap for a moment, tearing off little bits at a time. She may be perfect at everything else, but my sister was shit at opening envelopes. 

Finally, the letter inside was freed.

“It’s… an invitation.” She declared, falling silent for a moment to read. I didn’t want to look over her shoulder, or she’d elbow me in the ribs.

“To what?” I asked when she looked up.

“It says a dinner in my honor. It’s at that mansion up in the woods. But, like, it starts at 3 in the morning.”

“Weird. Maybe it’s for a timeshare or something, and they just make the letter look all old so people will think it’s fancy.” I said, already returning to my game.

“Yeah, maybe…” Her voice trailed off as she reread the letter, addressed to “Miss Eliza St. Vincent Dupree of 1014 Sycamore Avenue” in calligraphy. Her brow wrinkled, then she shook her head. “You’re probably right. Whatever.“ 

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anonymous asked:

Clexa: karaoke :)

The world pulsed around her with every step, pressing in and out as rapidly as Clarke’s chest heaved. She had to get out, get away, couldn’t stand the suffocating silence of her parents’ home, the suffocating symphony of sorry’s, the suffocating scent of her absent father, the suffocating summer heat pressing against the black of her clothes and trapping this day inside. The sun lingered on her skin long after it set, and Clarke couldn’t breathe.

Wandering aimlessly, Clarke slipped into the traffic of the city nightlife, the downtown area flooded with weekend foot traffic–people hopping from bar to bar, club to club. Clarke could disappear in the spaces between the clicking heels and unbridled laughter of strangers. She could be invisible.

It was well past nine when her feet began to ache and she slipped into the nearest bar, a smaller one but with a fairly large and lively crowd pressed between its walls. Clarke was only a few steps into the place when she realized why–the shrill sounds of three out-of-tune girls squeaking along together through a rather unique rendition of “Like A Virgin.” Karaoke night, of course.

Clarke plopped down onto a surprisingly empty bar stool and raised her hand to get the bartender’s attention. When he made his way over, she ordered five shots of tequila. The bartender’s eyes widened, just slightly, before he nodded and set five shot glasses on the bar in front of her. He filled them quickly and took the cash Clarke pressed against the sticky bar.

“Thanks,” she muttered, already reaching for the first of the five shots. She kicked it back like it water, expressionless and uncaring, and reached for the second.

“Starting off strong.”

Clarke swallowed her second shot and turned toward the voice, finding a bushy-haired brunette leaning against the bar a few feet from her. Her eyes were sharp in the ever-changing colored lights overhead and fixed on Clarke.

“Yeah,” Clarke said, letting out a heavy breath and reaching for her third shot. “Long day.”

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Fighting with Fire (1)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Monster AU
Word Count: 1845
Pairing: ChanyeolxFemale reader

“If he was the Monster, how was she the one left feeling like the bad guy?”


The emboldened letters blinked menacingly on the data screen in her hands, informing Y/N of her charge for today’s shift. An uneasy hum of disapproval worked it’s way between her lips as she pressed down with the pad of her pointer finger, and swiped.

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Open When You've Left Me After 'Visting'

Remember how these are a thing? Yeah. Good times.

I’m sorry these have taken so incredibly long, folks! If you need a refresher, go ahead and just read the other ones, and this one is going to connect to another one that should be out soon! It’s AU and angsty, so you know, you’ve been warned.

(Also, this is the second thing I’ve posted in like, a week. Guys. Who am I?)



“Do you want anything for the road? Can I get you some coffee or anything?”

I wince at my own tone as I turn my back from the shorter blonde, making a show of moving about the kitchen though she hasn’t answered me, providing no point for my motions.

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This one-shot is based off of this prompt from @writing-prompt-s, because I happened the see it while I was in the middle of reading Suicide Squad, and I thought it would be fun to use it to write something about my favorite DC lady.

This was originally just a short practice piece, but I decided to go ahead and post it because there’s a serious lack of Harley/Reader stuff on this website.

Title: The Apartment 

Fandom: DC Universe (comics), Suicide Squad (comics)

Pairing: Harley Quinn/Reader (platonic-ish)

Word Count:  2,069

Read it on AO3 here.

You knew going into this that there had to be a reason that the rent on this place was so cheap. You’d just been hoping it was something annoying but ultimately harmless, like bad plumbing or a mouse problem.

What you definitely hadn’t been expecting was to move into a supervillain’s lair. One that the villain hadn’t even fully moved out of, in fact.

This was what you got for signing the papers before you’d even set foot in the place, you mused as you stared down at the chalk outline on your kitchen floor. It was roughly the size and shape of a man, sprawled in an unnatural position. Okay, so there was a murder in the apartment. Big deal. You weren’t particularly superstitious – it wasn’t like you expected a vengeful ghost to haunt you for the duration of your occupancy. You could work with this.

The stuff in the spare bedroom, however, had you worried.

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“Guilty, Your Honor” (5/7) | Once Upon a Time

Title: Guilty, Your Honor - (5/7)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Words: 10,742/38,894
Completed: 10/04/2016
Summary: Modern!AU Captain Swan. “It was a one-time thing,” is definitely one of the last things you want to say to your new boss on your first day at work. For lawyer Emma Swan, this case is open-and-shut. The verdict? Completely hopeless.

Written for the @captainswanbigbang, with another grateful shout-out to @icecubelotr44 for looking this over (I’m guessing this was the chapter you enjoyed the most? :p) and to @captainswanandclintasha for the wonderful artwork for this story! And to all of you lovely readers: it was super fun reading all of your theories about the ending of last chapter ;) Hope you enjoy this one!

On AO3 here | On FF.net here | On Tumblr under “Read More”

Guilty, Your Honor

Chapter 5

Six seconds.

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Something Sweet

Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Sexually suggestive dialogue 

The sweet spring air tickled Pietro’s nose as he casually strolled down the streets of SoHo, slowly, even by the speedster’s standards. The warming sun caught his bleached hair, almost making it gleam a silver glow in the early spring light. His hands were in the pocket of his worn in blue jeans while he took in the sights the storefront windows had to offer. He knew his and Wanda’s birthday was coming up rapidly, tomorrow infact, and this being their first birthday in New York he wanted to make it special for his sister. But nothing really seemed to stand out…untill the rich smell of chocolate began overpowering the sweet floral aroma of the budding blossoms. He poked his nose up in the air, taking in a good long whiff, muttering in his native language, commenting on how good that smells.

His silvery blue eyes darted from store to store, trying to find a hint as to where the decadent smell was coming from before they finally landed on the powder blue door that you had left open to let some cool air into your little bakery. In the window sat a tower of cupcakes topped with a chocolate cake decorated with a layer of chocolate covered strawberries and an intricate design lining the sides. The window read in pink and white lettering “Something Sweet”. This was more like it! He couldn’t remember the last time he or his sister had a proper birthday cake! And that cake looked more like a work of art than something edible.

The smell that had attracted the Avenger’s sights to your window was actually you making more of those chocolate covered strawberries, a batch had just been hand dipped and was getting ready for decorating when you heard the electric chime dinged signalling to you that you had a customer. You very gently placed down your piping bag filled with melted chocolate, wiping a stray hair out of your face before emerging from the back to help your customer. “Hello there” You greeted with a smile as you began to wipe specks of chocolate from your fingers onto a stray kitchen towel. “What can I get for you today?”

Pietro looked around the shop, filled with displays of slices of cake, cookies, and various other sweets. The scent of sugar filled Pietro’s nose and he reveled in it before finally looking up to you. “Hello.” He replied, his accent thick and glorious as his eyes followed the curves of your body up towards your face, though once he was there he had to stifle a laugh. “So this was the sweet thing I was smelling.” He added stepping to the counter you were encased behind. The Sokovian leaned on the glass counter which doubled as a display currently housing slices of tiramisu and a fruit tart, reaching one hand out to your face.Your eyes darted back and forth as you froze, not sure what this handsome stranger was doing, but you knew with the small space between the counter and the wall you didn’t have enough room to get out of his reach. Besides, you watched the news, you knew exactly who this was, so you knew you were in no real danger. Soon you could feel a calloused finger drag along your forehead close to your hairline and only finally understood what was going on when you saw a dollop of chocolate on the tip of the finger…it must have come from your hands when you were in the back. Relieved you began laughing, finally taking a moment to look over your customer as he licked the chocolate from his finger. “Delicious.” He added as he wiped the hand down his pants.

“Was there something I could get for you today sir?” You asked, still a little freaked out by what had just happened, though Pietro could clearly see a slight blush rise in your cheeks. “Or would you like to sample anything else?” You joked as you used your towel to wipe up any remaining chocolate from your face.”

“Well if you’re offering,” He replied with a wink, causing your face to flush once more. “How much for the lovely cake you have sitting in the window?”

Your heart dropped just a bit when he said he wanted THAT cake….it had taken you hours to put together! “Oh….my display cake?”

“Please?” He asked with a delicious smile. “You see, it’s mine and my sister’s first birthday in this country tomorrow and-”

“Oh, well then.” You said, placing a hand up to cut him off. “Normally those display cakes go for around $50….But…I think today I’ll call it a birthday gift.” You said with a smile before turning around to get a pair of plastic disposable gloves and a cake box. “But only if you let me name one of my cupcakes after you.” You added with a wink

“Oh…You know me?” He asked, now his turn to blush under his dark stubble.

“Of course I do.” You said as you rounded the counter to get the cake down. “Everyone in the city knows the Avengers.” You smiled to him as you handed him the box.

“Alright…but you can expect me back to try this Quicksilver desert.” He said happily before waving a goodbye.

The next day you spent like any other day at your shop…only today you had Quicksilver on the brain. You had been experimenting with a way to make your frosting look a silver when you heard the door chime. You peeked your head around the door, surprised to see Pietro.

“Hello again.” He flirted with a wink as he saw you.

“Well, what can I get for you today?” You asked watching him lean on your counter, his muscles flexing slightly under the sleeves of his t-shirt.

“Something sweet.” He said with a wink.

“I’ve got just the thing…been working on it with you in mind…” You said before disappearing into the back and coming back out with a small sample cup of the silver frosting you had been working on with a spoon, and this time you handed the treat over with your card.

“(Y/N)?” He read looking up to you while he tasted the frosting. “Now that is sweet.” He said with a wink before leaving you alone to wonder what that was about.

Two months later you had come to expect your daily visit from Pietro…Sometimes he’d call you by your name, others he’d call you Sweetness, and others still he’d call you Printesa…Printesa days were your favorite. And every day he always asked for the same thing, just “Something Sweet.” By now you were sure he had sampled everything there was to taste in your little bakery…you even ran out of experimental ideas to try out on him. So when you heard the door chime go off today you were both excited to see your most loyal customer (on the days he paid anyway), but also disappointed you never figured out what exactly the sweet thing was he was looking for.

“Sorry Pietro.” You said with a melancholy tone in your voice when he gave you his only order. “But that’s all…You’ve tasted everything in my shop…I’m sorry I couldn’t find the sweet you were looking for.” You frowned a bit as you leaned on the counter, next to his usual leaning spot.

“Not everything Printesa.” He cooed looking up to you. You could feel his breath on his lips as he spoke and your heart skipped a beat suddenly aware of how close you two were. Before you had a moment to react he brushed his lips lightly against yours, using his tongue to tempt your lips apart before exploring your mouth. His palm cupped your cheek as your hand came to rest on the back of his neck. After a short moment of bliss he pulled back with a smile. “Now I have tasted everything in your shop.” He said coyly as he straightened himself upright, enjoying the blissful look on your face with your jaw hanging open just slightly. “And that was the sweetest treat yet” He added with a smirk. “Too sweet maybe…I think it would go best with a cup of coffee.”

With a smile you crossed your arms under you, looking up to him from your spot on the counter. “Pietro…are you asking me out?”

He smiled down to you with a raised brow. “Is that not obvious?”

“I don’t know…sounds more like you want to eat me.” You teased back with a wink.

“Maybe I do.” He purred, his accent growing thicker as he whispered his post seductive voice causing a shiver to trace down your spine. He glanced over to the hours sign you had posted on your door. “I’ll be back to pick you up when you close.” Frozen, stunned, all you could think to do was nod.