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Worth the Wait, Darling

Request: I’ve never done this before, but could I have a Benny x Reader smut, where you’ve known each other for a while and you’re friends and things get smutty. ;) can it be long too? Thank you lovelies <3

A/N: !!! Benny!! I love him! And I tried to make it long XD he’s a little dominant. I hope that’s okay

Author: Jazzi

Pairing: Benny x reader

Warning: Smut

Summary: Benny is your best friend. You worked together for years and have been friends even longer. Things get heated when he comes to your house for movie night.

You had spent all day getting ready for your and Benny’s movie night. Every Saturday since you became friends whether it was movies or just dinner, the two of you made it a point to spend time together.

You get excited when you hear him knock. “Benny!” You giggle as you open the door, you see him standing there. The only thing better than the way he looked was his think southern accent when he said your name. “Hey there y/n.” He says. You hug him tightly and pulls him inside. “you owe me for snacks.” You say. “I’ve owed you snack money for years now. You should probably see that you’re not getting it.” He says. You both burst into a for of laughter before sitting on the couch.

You scroll through Netflix , your legs stretched across Benny’s lap. “you have nice legs” he says touching the bare skin below where your shorts stop. You giggle, “Benny! Stop….that tickles.” He continued, his hands slowly moving upward. Usually this would be when you would stop him, giving him the “we’re just friends speech”; but you didn’t care. You’d been hoping Benny would try something again. He just kept rubbing your thighs and watching the movie.

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