i spent all day drawing this






I spent my week being sick drawing the gang! Now I feel much better, haha.

I was just thinking about how cool a movie or series would be about these doofs and did this lil thingerydoo! Hope you like it! ovo 

(Here’s another all egos related thing I did a short while ago that I’m really proud of; http://piligy.tumblr.com/post/163676102276/88-eliminated-full-drawing-series-drawings)

Thanks for your patience! I was supposed to have this done after just one day ahh. ;w;

In honor of it being a year since The Wedding Squanchers first aired, here’s the grandpa busting out of space prison.


“don’t forget the doggo!!”

based on this ask on @randomsplashes‘s blog <3 god i need more doggo headcanons

more doggo drawings

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you're still doing the character/outfit requests, may I request H-4 with Allura? May we use them as icons?

Y’all are free to use any and all of my drawings as icons if doing that strikes your fancy y’know, haha

Date with  D̨͇̄͛a̰͍̱͖ͣͫr̛̹̮̘̘̟͈̫̪̉͝k̻̤͂ͥ͞ȉ̎҉̴̘͔̹͖̥̩p͍̰̪̠̘ͮ͛̽̓l̵ͪ̀̇͂҉̘̼̺̠̺̭͚i̭͇̙ͣ̋̊e̖̎ͩ͋̽ͬ͂ͤ̾̚͘͞r̶̨̻̟͔̮̹̥̫̙ͧ̊̆̂͡ ~

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Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Based on this gem)

@vesuvia - I can’t stop…
@asraaaa - this is your fault <3
@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 


The Frozen AU literally no one asked for, which then ended up mixing in with Altean Lance/Galran Keith AU….


Allura as Elsa and Princess/Queen of Altea

(Altean) Lance as Anna and Prince of Altea

Kuro as Hans (Because I still ship Hans and Anna actually for real and Hans turning evil all of sudden makes zero sense if you think about it- This topic keeps me up at night. My first conspiracy theory.)

(Galra) Keith as Christoph and Red Lion as his Reindeer Giant Cat

Klaizap as Olaf

The Blade of Marmora as the Trolls and Keith’s family (I didn’ get to draw them OTL)

Coran as Allura’s bodyguard giant monster snowman (didn’t get to draw him either ;-;)

Oh, and of course, how can we forget Shiro:

In this AU he gets a break and has a nice little shop with his gay huband and his little sister (and dad)

I literally spent the entire day drawing this…

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Guess who spent all their school day paying attention and studying? Someone who’s not me! 

Happy Valentine’s to

new couples fresh together

old couples back together

couples that are still working things out

married couples

poly couples (triples? quadruples? xuples!)

and to people who are single and like it that way!