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“She crystallised the whole popular frantic interest in royalty […] She was a real fairy-tale princess, delicate, graceful, exquisite.“ - Christian Dior about Princess Margaret.

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

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Hey guys, i was wondering if you could update the stackson tag? I also wanted to say that you guys are doing a really great job!! Thank you for being such amazing people and working so hard for this blog :)


Anonymous said:do you have any fics where Stiles is dating a guy in the pack and it’s fine? no one gets mad or thinks its a joke? for like stackson or steter or something, you know?


Anonymous said:Hey guys, I was wondering if you knew any good stackson fics? no angst please!!


Anonymous said:do you have any loving or affection stackson fics?

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OMG. So much stackson! - Anastasia

First Christmas by hazelNuts

(1/1 I 366 I Teen)

inell asked: “Stiles/Jackson. First Christmas together”


(1/1 I 472 I Teen)

“A complete and total moron,” Stiles continued. “A – a -.”

“Lovesick fool?” Kira offered.

Stiles pointed at her with his free hand. “See, she gets it. Yeah, I’m a lovesick fool.”

I don’t think you’re ready by Fic_Zorro

(1/1 I 891 I General)

It’s a fluffy piece.

But You Are Married to an Asshole by OnTheGround2012

(1/1 I 1,089 I General)

When Stiles wakes up after surgery, he has to face his husband.

Bubbly by LauraElizaStilinskiHale 

(1/1 I 1,459 I Not Rated)

Everything was perfect, everything was great. Heart swelled with affection and they were happy.

He ruined it. He was broken. A camping trip. A sad epilogue.

Touch Me Cruelly by thepistolgirl

(1/1 I 1,643 I Explicit)

what they once were, they can never be again

but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing

aka: library hate-fucking ft. accidental feelings

a little deal by foxerica (ericaismeg)

(1/1 I 1,672 I General)

Jackson keeps coming back to Scott’s vet clinic, and Stiles kind of loves that he’s an over-involved pet owner.

But we get along when I’m inside you by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 1,172 I Explicit)

He and Jackson have a lot of casual sex, but what happens when Stiles discovers that he wants more? 

Chocolate Muffins, Nightmares and Some Xbox by OnTheGround2012

(1/1 I 2,147 I General)

Once Stiles is released from the hospital, Jackson visits him at his house during his recovery. Aka every love story has a beginning.

At Least One “I” In This Team by clotpolesonly

(1/1 I 2,483 I Explicit)

Jackson looked down at the sheet of paper that had suddenly appeared in his lap—bubble letters spelling out “TEAM” with the negative space of the “A” colored in to form the letter “I”, the caption proclaiming “there it is, the ‘i’ in team, hidden in the a-hole.“—then over to the person who had put it there.

“Really, Stilinski?” he asked flatly. “Really?”

“What?” Stiles said, oblivious tone completely at odds with how fucking smug he looked. “I thought you’d appreciate it. You love self-portraits.”

Forest For Trees by eastofoktober

(1/? I 2,540 I Mature)

In which neither Jackson or Stiles grew up in Beacon Hills but they are like 100% sure there’s something strange about this town. 

Move My World by LauraRoseMalfoy

(3/? I 2,267 I Explicit)

Set after the kanima incident, what would have happened if the pack had convinced Jackson to stay?

Also, Scott is already the Alpha.

According to Plan by lydiamartin (dwinchester)

(1/? I 3,767 I Teen)

How I Met Your Mother Father.

Second Chance at First Pack by TVTime

(1/? I 6,946 I Teen)

The last two years have been difficult for Jackson Whittemore. He never found a pack in London and grapples with constant loneliness and psychological trauma from his time as the kanima, but when he reconnects with Stiles Stilinski over Instagram, he finds himself being offered a second chance at a first pack.

Can I Phone A Friend? by damnfancyscotch

(3/? I 9,473 I Teen)

The worst part is that, this time, Jackson actually didn’t do a damn thing to cause trouble.

At twenty one, he’s enough of an adult to admit that he’s been the source of the majority of his problems over the years.

It’s called personal growth and he’s pretty damn proud of himself for getting where he is now.

But, seriously, this time, he really didn’t do anything.

why were we fighting the whole time? by Thatbookishgirl

(5/5 I 17,832 I Explicit)

Jackson comes back to Beacon Hills after things fall apart in London. Derek welcomes him back into the pack, but no one was expecting him to have a daughter in tow. Their presence throws some people off, Stiles being one of them. How will they learn how to navigate their tricky friendship after so much has changed?

Opposites Attract by Pigeonpost

(6/6 I 23,666 I Mature)

"Stiles,!” Lydia tapped her Jimmy Choo clad foot impatiently and tossed her long, strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder, “ do you want to get laid or not?” The determined glint in her eyes was matched by the sharp edge to her voice.

“Yeah,” Stiles whined, he was thinking more of a deep, long-lasting , loving relationship that led to kids and anniversaries. “but……….”

“But nothing,” Lydia balled her hands and rested them on her hips, “Brett has got to go.”

“But,” Stiles protested, “I spent ages finding,” Lydia’s eyebrow rose disapprovingly, “ok, technically stealing, ” Stiles corrected with a blush, “that guy’s photo from the Internet and hours and hours making up that profile, couldn’t we just keep some of it?”

Lydia glanced at the laptop. “Stiles sweetie,” she said more patiently, “he’s not you, he’s a fantasy you made up and you deserve to be loved for who you are.”

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Hey I'm reallllly sorry but I've spent ages looking to this fic and now I can't find it? It was a pastledan/punkphil where Dan wanted to try being a bottom/sub so he goes to a gay bikers bar and punk Phil is the waiter and they flirt and then have sex in the toilets? Thanks I really appreciate You guys!

This Is What It Feels Like - It’s literally just porn, but loose pastelxpunk themes as curious Dan goes to a biker bar and attempts to seduce himself a top.

- Gabriela


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I laugh and rub my nose with the back of my hand. “He’d say thank fucking God.”

“Why would I fucking say that?” Ryke asks.

I repeat what Rose said, “You were fated to be surrounded by women.”

Ryke smiles one of the most beautiful smiles he’d ever worn, and says, “I fucking prefer it that way.”


A/N:  -This request was meant to be an imagine but I turned it into a headcanon instead. I spent ages trying to find a plus size girl, but, it is unbelievably harder than what you think. 

Johnny likes a thicker girl (Head Canon) 

-Johnny had seen you around school, you very hard to miss… and not because of your weight or any other insecure thought that ran through your head… it was because of how beautiful and kind you were.
-He talked to you every now and then and he would soak up the words that you would speak, wanting to remember every aspect of the girl he was starting to have his first crush on. 
-You hated the way your boobs were bigger than all the girls at school and how you didn’t have that desired ‘hour glass figure’ that all the women were trying to get, you had a tummy and your thighs touched… you thought you were hideous. 
-Soc’s and greasers alike would make fun of you and call you names, no one would come to your defense and you would leave the school ground in tears.
-One day Johnny Cade came to your rescue when a soc was making fun of you at school. He had punched the soc square in the nose so hard that he broke it… you had never seen so much blood. But Johnny took your hand and took you to a quiet place, you can remember how hard your heart was beating.
-”Are you okay?” he asked you, his big, puppy dog eyes staring into yours. “Of course you’re not okay” He wiped away your tears softly. “I’m so sorry that they treat you that way.” 
-”Why’re you being so nice to me?” You asked him, wondering if it was another trick- just last year a soc had said he had liked you, only for him to try and get into your pants… he told everyone he did, and he did… he forced himself onto you but no one believed you when you said he forced you…. because who would force themselves on a thicker girl?
-”No one deserves to be treated that way” Johnny pressed his lips to your cheek softly and tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “Let me take you to class?” 
-He walked you to class, in fact, he walked you to class every day from then on.
-When he asked you out, he made sure to tell you just how beautiful and perfect he thought you were… he told you he’d treat you right. And he did- and that’s why you married him.


I haven’t tried ‘drawing’ in a whole long time, but I guess something came over me. So here’s so rough sketches and something a bit more 'finished’, after I spent ages trying to find these characters. I don’t think I’m totally there yet, but I’m closer than I was, to seeing them on paper as I did in my head while reading the books. Whatever, it was fun to get lost for a while!
Damen & Laurent from C.S. Paqat’s 'Captive Prince’ trilogy.

Creation Kit Tutorial for Invisible Activators/Making Static Objects look like Activators

Let us start this blog off by posting my first tutorial! It handles a problem I spent ages trying to solve, but could find no working tutorials for. Click images for closeups.

What this tutorial will do:
Create an invisible activator using a lever and a triggerbox.

And what’s that good foor?
To make a Static appear to be an activator when Nothing Else Works, like:
  - when you want to use a magic effects static as an activator, because those meshes appear to be hardcoded not to be able to replace activator meshes and have the activator still function. So very annoying, ne?

Let us begin!

First you go into your Object Window, you will want to go to
WorldObjects → Activator.

In the Filter box, type in “Lever” like so:

Pick SimpleLever (it doesn’t very much matter which one you pick, but we’ll go with this one for simplicity’s sake) right click on it, and choose duplicate:

You now have a new item in your list, called SimpleLeverDUPLICATE001. This is the lever you’re going to edit. Right click SimpleLEverDUPLICATE001 and choose edit:

An Activator window will pop up- Change the ID to something you know you’ll recognize, I suggest having a naming theme based on your mod. I picked TUTORIALactivator for ID.

For Name, you will want to write the name of the Static you wish to appear clickable. I choose ”Empty Air” becuase there will be nothing there.

The Activate Text Override is less important to change, but can give a sense of uniqueness. I’m writing Touch in mine.

Your activator window should look something like this by now:

Now, there’s a field called Model right under the Name field. If you leave the lever model in there, you’ll get annoying assertions and an error messages upon startup of CK. We don’t want this, so we’re going to clear out that field.

Click Edit next to the field and you should have the Model Data window pop up like so:

It sure is one pretty lever! But we don’t need it, nor do we want it. Click Edit in this window, you should have a display somewhat like this:

I’m in Swedenland, and thus my buttons are in Swedish - Avbryt means Cancel. Click Cancel, and you’ll be returned to the Model Data window, it’ll be empty:

This is good and this is how we want to keep it! To make it so (as captain Jean-luc Picard would have said), you’ll need to click OK first in the Model Data window, and then in the Activator window (as displayed below). This saves your activator without any animations or meshes tied to it.

When the Create New Object pop up prompts you, click No. We already duplicated the Lever, and the original is safe and sound. Click No, and in the Rename Confirmation window:

click Yes.

Good effort! We’re half way there!

What do we have now?
Now we have an activator without a mesh. It isn’t an invisible activator, and it isn’t a marker, it’s just an activator function.

Go into your render window and click the static you want the activating function to be associated with. I’ve picked a mushroom, isn’t it pretty?

It’s no biggie if you don’t get the selection right first time. The trigger box can always be moved after placed.

Speaking of which, we’re now going to put one in – having clicked the little T square in the menu, we get a select form window:

In the Filter section, write the ID of the activator we created before. For me, that's  TUTORIALactivator:

Oh, there it is! We click on it, and then click OK.
And here we have our trigger box surrounding the mushroom:

Looks grand, doesn’t it? But wait! We’re not done yet (unfortunately)!

Now, TriggerBoxes are a bit buggy, as I’m about to explain. They appearantly are not very fond of being Activators, probably because that was never intended to be their purpose in life, or maybe they are just grouchy and deserve no pity for their flaws. I don’t know, I haven’t asked them.

Since this isn’t a documentary on the nature of triggerboxes, I’m simply going to move on with it:

Because of these “quirks”, there are a couple of things you need to do, to get our desired result.

Right click the triggerbox and choose Edit. Find the little tab called 3D data. It should be to the far left in the tab list:

The rotation values are, per default, set to all zeroes. We do not want them to be zeroes. Change all 0.0000 to 0.0001 – it doesn’t have to be a bigger change than that.

Then go to the Primitive tab, which is next to 3D Data:

There’s a little box named Player Activation, that’s unticked. Click it. Click it like your life depends on it:

Ah, glorious.

Now find the tab aaaaaaall the way to the right, called Scripts. I’m going to assume you know how to add a script.

Since I’m an evil person, I’m going to use a script that hurts the player upon activation. I add my script, and I click OK. It is really importan that you click OK regardless of whether you add a script or not, because if you don’t, none of the changes to 3D Data and Primitive will save, and the activator won’t work. So thusly:

That’s it. You’re done! Save your progress, quit the CK, load up the game and:

As you can see, it says “Touch” instead of Activate and “Empty Air” instead of “Lever.”

So the player goes all: I wonder what will happen if I click this thi-


And that concludes this, pretty much.

If after all of this, it still does not work, check the 3D Data and Primitives tabs first. Those are really easy to miss.